The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1956 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 8
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WHERE TO GO M| asm ga jam «• im «HH ' IWIgf ^ ww WJ1T TO 2-Algono (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, February 21, 1956' James R. Vipond Movie Sets iV'iVi .••,:••['{ WTTH • ' ' V BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif. — A current cycle of cyclonic gun-fanning has fostered a fusillade of fantastic fanfare about the pistol-producing prowess • and pistol-packing proclivities of parties participating in movie duels. Speedy draws hold the spotlight at the 1 moment. Six-gun coaches hold a strong lead over six-horse stage-coachcu and even dramatic coaches at the latest; quotations and shpotin' irons''were going into a- spin on every movie lot at closing time. Speed-championship claims were sky-high with more takers than delivery warranted. . ,;.. V * . * Hugh O'Brian swears he can unlimber a six-gun in two tenths of a secohd, while Audie Murphy lays claim to faster time. Clint Walker, ex-Nevada 'deputy sheriff- says the only time tjial counts lies between "reachin 1 arid hittin'," adding, in a slow drawl, "Speed, only counts when YOU don't miss!" Actually, a Finnish lad named Arvo Ojala, who coaches stars in the art of gun-slinging, draws- fires-and hits a man-size target up to 25 feet away in ONE SIXTH • OF' A SECOND, while Ronald Sabin We Want Your Old Unsafe Tires! ,.'; 6/G TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE \ NOW ON TH/S NEJrV, EXTRA-SAFE TUBELESS TIRE! Get built-in safety now — with de- prevent air from escaping around pendable new Skelly-Hood "400" the rim. New treod deiign guards Safety Tubeless Tires! Hood's Blow- against skids. And right now—there': out Shield protects against sudden a big bonus trade-in allowance on blow-outs. Patented Rim Seal ridges your old tires Drive in todayl Available in both black and white sidewalk... Drive in now for fast insfa/fafionJ Join our tubeless ttre Trade Parade! being-timed. Others may be faster, but both shots Would come so close together that the only honor you could bestow updn the winners would be to bui'y him FIRST! * • . » * • .; Remember Claude Jarman Jr.i the little boy who tied himself to your heartstrings ini "The Yearling" as Jody, some; years ago? Vvle hate to say anything to remind you that (he sprinkling of white under your fedora isn't dandruff, Pal, but this year they , stopped chasing the kid away frorri the polls at 'election time! — What's more, if Claude Jr. rode a motorcycle under a clothesline -that was strung six- feet, two inches off the ground, HIS next fedora could have a crown an inch short&r and .a flat top! Perhaps Claude's . stratospheric 6'3" was waiting for Cine- mascope so that the screen would be big enough to hold all four dimensions of the new-economy- size "Yearling!" We still think Walt Disney's Cinemascope cameras had to use wide-angle lenses to get both Claude AND a locomotive on the ;ame screen. Otherwise, Disney's "Great Locomotive Chase" :itle would boil down to "The Great Yearling Chase!"—AncU- you can't just leave star3 like Fess Parker, Jeff Hunter, and TWO puffing locomotives lying around on a cutting room floor. FOUR sizzling stars constitutes a fire hazard in Burbank! ; V * * ' • ' What we started to say, before Parker, Hunter, "The, Texas" and-"The' General'! derailed our train of thought was, that you can't tell the "Yearling" from the other actors without a program and, after filming a high-budget locomotive thriller in Cinema- scope and Technicolor, who can afford programs? Anyway, we'll give you 8 to 5 that the first man to win the Congressional Medal of Honor in Walt Disney's Civil War spy thriUer r diller, "The Great Locomotive' Chase," is "The Yearling" we iclockedjin his first start, Claude Jarman,' Jr.— That .is, if the film editor doesn't double-cross us and ring in a closeup of Mickey Mouse taking three paces forward after the citation is read! » » » Another grown up youngster you'll want to see, is Alan Ladd's son, Laddie, making it a pair^of Ladds who'll appear in Wai'aer Bros' -"Santiago." Watch Jor tfiil Cubah guerilla who leaps frBrrT a tree to kill three men! In the same picture, is Willard Willingham, now a grown man. As n youngster, Willard doubled for Jackie Coogan on his first trip SCOBBA'S SKELLY SERVICE Corner East Stale & Colby Sts. Phone 788 Monle Scobba NOW THROUGH THURSDAY Thoroughly delightful entertainment for those who like the bestl Mrs Nettie Rich Friday - Saturday GRACE KELLY (The Princess soon to be) IN TWO OF HER GREATEST HITS! • "Rear Window" with James Stewart — plus — "Bridges of Toko-Ri" with William Holden At Algona Grace Kelly, the soon-to-, be,princess, is starred in iwo of her greatest hits at Ihe Algona theater 'this Friday and Saturday. James Stewart .is co-starred with Grace *jn "Rear Window", and William Holden in "The Bridges at, Toko-Ri." ! SIX WINNERS : Be sure to read this page ; . thoroughly and if you spot J your name individually, you j will receive fre'e admittance ( to the two hit movies, ;"Rear Window,"; and "The Bridges |. ai Toko-Hi"/ '., playing Friday; and, Saiwrday at the jjAlgona | Theater.•'-'• Just 4 'aide your,'.' name at the box office. j. out.' That's THREE good ^tips in one day. Better parlay 'em! *'• * * » |,, By the way, lovely, ? lovely lovely Roseanna Poclesta adi considerable scenic i beauty the • "Santiago'l past, < ' S i n <3l( ."Helen pf Troy'5.she's really bef %flfeg placed fast.. 'She?rhust salvaged that Trojan horse! LONE ROCK NEW$ Mrs Leslie Johnson, Sue Anji and David were Friday evening dinner guests of Dr. and Mr| C. A. Geer of Fort Dodge. ' j Mr and Mrs Merton Larson anpcl family spent the weekend at Decorah visiting Mrs Larsor^s mother, Mrs Idelia Hallman, wlio is in the hospital there. I Mr and MJ-S Henry Kueok spent Wednesday evening at toe Don Miller home at LuVernfc. Thursday afternoon,' Mr and Mrs Sis Orvick of Elmore, MinVi. visited the Kuecks and Friday the Kuecks were supper guests at the Leo Sankey home at Britt Word has been received here oi the: death of Mrs Raymond Schult/ of Alameda, Calif, who passed away Friday evening, Feb. 10. Raymond, a former Lone Rock boy, is in the navy and stationed at" Alameda. They have fiye children. Mrs Emil Person, Patty aad John spent Sunday with her daughter and family, the Carlos Eh- aolb.y.3 nt Ledyard, ,,, Mr und Mrs "Bernard Miller and family spent Tuesday evening .at West Betid helping j Bernard's grandparents, the H. E. Millers, coh;bral(; tiieir sixty-fifth 'we.d- din;> annivei'.sar.y.- j T. J. Fisher r FRIDAY, FEB. 25 (11:15 p.m.) LEAP YEAR'S MIDNIGHT SHOW CO SIARSING ROBERTSTACK »ii»Kipp Hamilton • Robert Ooujlas Peggy Knudsen • Marshall Thompson COLOR by DE LUXE AND THE MIDNIGHT SHOW IS "TWIRP NIOHT" On "Twirp Night", if the girl friend buys the tickets for her date, SHE will receive a free pass to a coming attraction. JANE AU»0 RAY Mr 'and Mrs Ralph ttarnrner- strom and family, and Mrs Selma Harorrterstrom were Sunday dinner guests at the Lavere Harrt- merstrom home at Ware. Mr and Mrs. Roy Ennen, Mr and Mrs Leroy Ennen were' Sunday visitors at the St. Olaf: hospital in Austin, Minn, with Roy's sister, Mrs John Miner., Monday, Mrs. Jasper Steetthard and sons, Mr, and Mrs. August 'Dontje and daughters of Swea City visited at Roy Enhen's. Thursday, Mr and Mrs Henfy, Ennen and David of Elmore called at the Roy Ennen home in the evening. . . Mr arid Mrs Junior Hurlburt arrived home Sunday from Arizona where Junior received his discharge after serving ,two years in the army. Sunday morning they visited at the Alfred Schadendorf. home. Mr and Mrs Herman Kramer attended the annual meeting of the Humboldt County R.E.A. and were . luncheon guests of the. board of directors on Tuesday. Mr Kramer served as , president of, the organization before moving to Lone Rock and helped organize it in 1936. . : Leon • Marlow, student at the; University of South Dakota at Vermillion, came home Tuesday evening to'attend the funeral^of Clifford Behrends. , • . 'Mr and Mrs Robert .Mitchell and family, Mr and Mrs Ferdinand Bierstedt of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Joe Kemna arid Kenneth of Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Merlyn Bailsman and girls of LuVerne, Mr and Mrs Orville <Kressin and Mrs Ed Kressin. and, Ortvin all pf Lone Rock, called at the Howard Bierstedt home Thursday evening to help Mrs Bjer-| stedt celebrate her birthday. Mrs FranMin Mueller and boys of Fenton visited Mrs ' Bierstedt Friday afternoon. . Mr and Mrs Glenn Teeter and .Gwyneth of, Burt spent Saturday evening at the Wallace. McArthur home. Mr and Mrs Melvin Putton visjted there Friday afternoon. . :' •••'.., David Radig, son 'of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Radig, had his tonsils and adenoids .removed at St.'Ann hospital in' Algeria Fri-. day. He .returned home Saturday. ' Mr and Mrs Hugh Lewis of Lakota visited at the Radig home Sunday evening. ; Fred A. McCarly NOTICE TO BIDDERS SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by the Board of Directors o£ the Algona Community School District, Algoha. Iowa, at the Office of the Board in the High School Building in said District, until 2.00 p.m.. Thursday, March 15, 1050, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud, lor furnishing all labor and materials necessary for the erection and completion of an Addition to the Lucia Wallace School, in accordance with plans and specifications prepared by Tinsley. Higgins, Lighter & Lyon. Architects, 528 Liberty Building, Des Moines, Iowa. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check drawn on a solvent bank, and made payable to the Treasurer of the Algona Community School District, in a sum equal to at least live (5) per cent of the amount of the bid. Such check shall not contain any condition in the body of the check nor endorsement thereon. Bid bonds will not be accepted. Should the bidder fail or neglect to furnish a satisfactory surety bond, refuse to maku a contract on the basis of his bid. or lall to meet the requirements of this notice and of the contract documents regulating the award, his certified check shall be forfeited to the School District as agreed and liquidated damages. All bids shall be made upon forms furnished by the Architects, or copies Ihereof. Separate proposals will be received lor the following classifications of work on each school: (1) General ^Contract Work; I2> Plumbing & R. P. Laing SUN. - MON. TUES. ALCONA4 They're on the trail of tlw» n MARY BIIH HUGHf. PLUS CO-HIT The S*ory of Jhe CJloyy o| the fighting C. I. "TARGET ZERO" Heating^ Contract Work; (3) Electric Wiring Contract-Work. ; > , Plafts arid ^pedlflcatloris may be seen at the office of the Secretary of the Board ahd may be obtained from tne office of the ArcHMects. By- virtue of statutory authority, n preference #111 be given .to produdu and provlsiofis gro<vn and coal produced within the State of Iowa. The provisions ot law as contained in House File 288, enacted by the Fifty- fourth General • Assembly ' 'ot Iowa, which provides for the. termination 'pf contracts for the construction of public Impi-ovements because of a national emergency will be a part of the contracts.for construction; of,this bulld- • Each 'proposal milst be enclpsed In a sealed envelope bearing the name of the bidder, the name of the building and the division of ,tlle work* bid upon in accordance t Wish the above classifications,'must be addressed to the Board of Directors, Algona', Community School District, Algona, Iowa, and filed with the Secretary of the Board before the tirrte set fpi* opening the The Board reserves the right to hold all bids for a period of thirty days after, the date of the opening before deciding upon the award. No bidder may withdraw his bid tot at least thirty days after tM scheduled closing time for. the receipt of bids. After the bids are opened and examined by the Board of Directors, the Board may by resolution declare who Is the lowest bidder.-and may defer the award of the contract pending necessary details. IOWA'S WONDER SMOWPLACI The SURF CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FRI., FEB. 24th ANDY DOLL And The Ridge Riders SAT.. FEB. 25th JULES HERMAN And Orchestra WED., FEB. 29th Leap Year Dance Ladies .Choice HENRY CHARLES ORCH. All Men — FREE Coming SOMETHIN SMITH and The Red Heads DON HOY ORCH. SAT., MARCH 3rd All Red Heads FREE Reservations Available - The board reserves the right to re* Ject -any or all bids and jo waive any informalities in the bids It it ba deemed lo the interest of the OWndt to d6 Dated at Algona, Iowa, this ijftli day #F"-fibHifdfiK ' $88"". totf arde** of tho Board of D!fect6fs t Al&6n& CfcrtYfftlin- ttv School' District, Algona, JoWa, (Signed) PeTry. M, Colltas, president 1 • Inez Wolfe, Secretary 8-0 OLD FASHIONED BEAN SUPPER AT MOOSE LODGE Wed., Feb. 22, from 5:30 to 8:00 with Cheery Pie , - Price: Adults 75c, Children 50c Sponsored by Women of the Moose MC0 #»»»»memo»m<a3m$&^ NORTH CENTRAL VOCAL MUSIC FESTIVAL at Algona High School Tuesday, Feb. 28 7 P.M. . Featuring 280 Voice Massed Chorus of Students From Clear Lake, Eagle Grove, Humboldt and Algona ' ' ••'-"'"•••§ Admission: Adults—50c Students—35c § 1 " ' ' ... ' 8 ?k8msrxoaea«Kwa»imo»s»^^ Barry's Recreation League •' Slcindiirigs Hawkeye Lanes League 'Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co, BARRY'S Monday Men W Bode Billiards 48 Miller High Life 47 Moose 45 K of C .., 43te bode D-X 32 Clark Grain 29% Schulte Recreation --24 Don's Phillips 66 19 Tuesday Men W Hamm's .- 43 Blatz --., 42 Paul Seeley Farms 41 Moose 41 Russ & Ky's 38 Peterson's Cafe 35 Barry's ..-, 32 National Guard 16 Wednesday Women W Druggists Mutual 38% Cook's Welders 35Va ^Huentn's - 33% Bancroft Co-op 28 Moose . 26'/2 Coast-to-Coast - 23 United Variety ----- 17% Welp's Hatchery —- J3% Thursday Women , W Sharp's _.l-... W Bill's Standard ->---- S3 DeKalb Hoodwinks -- 27 Van's Cafe 28 Stou-Eltes- 26 A. S. C. _-- 20 Bradley Bros. .: 19 Wallburg's Texaco .. 17 Peggy Castle L 24 25 27 28% 40 42% 48 53 L 29 30 31 31 34 37 40 56 L 15% 18% 20% 26 27% 31 36% .40% L 17 21 24 25 28 28 35 34 Mixed Doubles W L Cowan Motor Court _.'— 8 4 Coast-to-Coast ,~- 10 5 Chrome Cafe _- -— 10 5 K and E .— — 7 8 Big Four _.-- ---- 7 8 Phonies 80 No Goods --,.: .7 8 Algona Produce .... 2 13 HAWKEYE LANES American League W L Studers Stk. Farm -.59 25 Titonka 59% 28% Brandt Buick - - - - 53 % 34 % Hamilton Hatchery _- 51% 36% Sjogren's - 51% 38% Baker Livestock 48 36 Sorensen Mtr. 39 49 Boone Ridge 38% 49% Robinson Produca -_- 33% 54% Corwith 31 57 Lions 31 57 Hefti Lockers 28 60 National League W L Algona Produce 63 25 Hurt Co-op Kiev; --_ 53 '35 Seven-up 52% 35% Ernie Williams P,C -- 52 36 West End --48% 39% Ready-Mix..---. '48 '40 Bancroft Oil'Co. 43 45 Ernie Williams J-D .- 42% 45% Koss. Co. Imple. 36% 51% Rood Ins. 33 55 Britt 29 59 Ray's Jack Sprat 27 01 Western League 'W L Titonka — '61 27 Pioneer Hibred 59% 28',i Swartz Hdwe. 57 31 Burl _. I --•_ ; 56 32 Siogrens 50 .38 Mutual of Omaha „.'_ 47 41 Sargent Feeds — 45 43 Plantation 44% 43% Albright Aero-Serv.-. 38 50 Thermogas ' 34 54- Kossuth Motor 19 69 Thomas Skelgas 19 69 Classic League W L Hamms - ^ 66% 21% State Farm Ins. 58% 29% S & L ---- 56 32 Beecher Lane 54 34 Plantation 54 34 Titonka 49 39 Seeley Farms 37 51 Hub Clothiers - 36% 51% Root Hdwe. 35% 52% Scobba Skelly Serv. ,. 29% 58% Miller High Life ••„.,. 28% 59% Hurt ----- 23 65 Mixed League W L Sinclair Oilers 63 25 Has Beens .,- _-,. 60 28 Conoco Service 51 37 Buckaroos 48% 39% Brandt Buick- — -.:_--48 40 Vets .- — -43% 44% Aces 40% 47% Standard Oil 39% 48% Farmer's Co-op 37 51 Sargent Feeds 37 51 liutzell'b' Cities Serv. 30 58 Strudels 30 58 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of "-.•' • MORCK Distributing Go *NQ THE STORZ BRiWINO CO. Like 0 refreshing dip, Storz hos what it takes to satisfy yoyr tHirs*. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly AMERICA

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