Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California on October 7, 1943 · Page 12
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Long Beach Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1943
Page 12
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PACE TWELVE- FOREMAN PHILLIPS, ART SATHERLY, executive of Columbia Recording corporation, and Ella May look on as Spade Cooley signs contract to make Okeh records. Betty Rhodes Named 'Special Girl 1 by Naval Battalion To the boys in the fourth naval construction battalion s p e c i a l , somewhere in the south Pacific Miss Betty Rhodes is more than a motion picture star and a radio singer. She's, by overwhelming popular vote, "The Fourth Speeia: Girl" and her photographs am her recordings hold the place of honor in the battalian's mess hall A contest to choose the "Fourth Special Girl" was concluded on Sept. 12. and Miss Rhodes' award of the title was announced in the Sept. 12, 1943, issue of "The Beachcomber," m i m e o g r a p h e d newspaper of the battalion. One thousand men and officers took part in the voting with Candy Jones, Ann Miller, Betty Grable, Rita Hay worth, Susan Hay ward, Deanna Durbin and Mickey McCormack runner-up candidates. Miss Rhodes, whose current pic- "Salute for Three" is non- shown, has made a series of ture beinf special recorded albums for men overseas, and her radio program on Mutual-Don Lee has been shortwaved to BBC as well. Estimated 100 Million War Bond Sales for KHJ Quizmaster It is estimated that John Reed King, q u i z m a s t e r of KHJ's "Double or Nothing" (Mondays, 8:30 to 9 p. m.) will have aided in selling almost 5100,000,000 worth ANNOUNCER GOES 'ON WAR PATH' Perry Ward, announcer fo "Hollywood Showcase," has large collection of Indian souvi nirs, collected during his residenc in Oklahoma. But he's proudest o his certificate of membership i the Comanche tribe, complete wit an Indian name, Thunderbird. Something New Added To Gentle Art of Milking a Cow Only in radio is it possible t milk a cow in boogie woogie beats Garry Moore proved it CAN b done on the air, however . . proved it on last Saturday' "What's New" broadcast over th KECA network. As his guest star stint on th full-hour variety show, Garry wen into a routine designed to show hi knowledge of cows and the handi ing thereof. The hilarious payof was a milking scene which sti] has folks laughing whenever the; think of it. The effect over the air wa funny in the extreme, but to th studio audience the routine wa downright side-splitting. As Garrj rolled up his sleeves to get abou :he business of milking Bossy, large compressed air cylinder with a hose attached was wheeled ou onto the stage. A bucket of watei ivas placed within reach of the lose--and then the fun began. To the accompaniment of Lou firing's orchestra, Garry shot the com of war bonds when the treasury pressed air into the bucket ol department's third war loan drive water in perfect boogie-woogje figures are tabulated. Since the drive started, the indefatigable King has served as emcee at bond rallies as far distant as Indianapolis, Boston, Atlantic City, Waterbury, as well as innumerable metropolitan rallies. At the end of the first 12 days of the drive King had already helped raise 567,000,000. The Writers Market League Study Group wifl hold their meetings 1st 20. r \wcA, 2 he to m °4 nth p.m! ^itlrt Mrtchell Anderson w i l l give the lesson Thursday. Oct. 7, on "The Physiology of Today's Stories." Fee 50c. Open to all writers 1 I,EAK.\ TO DANCE! Fox Trot Rumba New Yorker I BEN SALLY 518 E. Fourth St' Phone 567-67 I tempo--and the effect was distinctly that of milk squirting into a pail--but in syncopated squirts such as Bossy never e.xperiencec before. Agnes Moorehead Cast Opposite Shirley Agnes Moorehead, distinguishet KNX actress who plays Lionel Barrymore's waspish housekeeper, "Marilly" in the "Mayor of the Town" radio show, is happily "sinking her teeth" into the role of a villainous female in Shirley Temple's new picture "Since You Went Away." She won the New York critics' award in 1942 for much the same type of characterization. DISTANCE During the 12 months of 1942, the army air forces within the continental United States flew a distance equal to 81,170 trips around the earth. Walker's Presents · SERVICE MEN'S CLUB of the A I R Monday thru Friday, 7:30 p. m. over KFOX »··( From ,1,, Municipal Srrr/c,- ," ' (·tub ,,( Long Reach TUNE IN! THE INDEPENDENT * AIR FARE Vice President Henry Wallace will be the principal speaker during a special Yom Kippur observance program to be broadcast this afternoon a t , 3:15 over KNX. Chaplain Max Braude, executive officer of the Army Chaplain's school, Harvard university, is heard from Boston. Traditional Hebrew music is provided by Cantor Robert Segal and the choir of Temple Ohabei Shalom, Erookline, Mass. * # * For years Sam Aldrich has been trying to figure out how his son Henry manages to get himself snarled in so many complicated situations. He finds out the hard way tonight at 9 o'clock when "The Aldrich Family" is heard over KFI. * * * The story of a P-47 Thunderbolt squadron serving with the Eighth air force in England, and how a flight surgeon and an army nurse helped them win their toughest combat, will be told tonight at 9 o'clock when "Wing to Victory' is broadcast over KECA. * » # Bob Burns will shuffle back to the KFI airlanes tonight at 6:30 to resume his "Arkansas Traveler" series with Spike Jones and City Slickers in tow. * * * Flame-haired Lucille Ball, whose switch from comedy character roles and sweet-young-thing parts to musical comedy screenings brought belated stardom, will be present with Headman Bing Crosby at his "Music Hall" this evening at 6 o'clock over KFI. * * * Boatswain's mat 1st class Lawrence Peterson appears on KECA this afternoon at 3:15 to tell of his experiences with the United States Coast Guard in Greenland on the Red Cross program, "Since Pearl Harbor." Peterson is credited with saving the lives of two of his shipmates. -THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1U % Highlights of the Airlines The following programs are compiled from reports provided by the broadcasters. We assume no responsibility for last minute prograia changes on their part, (c)--1943 by Tom E. Danson. THURSDAY 6:15 KFI--Everything Goo K11J--Rise Shine KECA--Tlroo Clock KNX--Sunrise SnluU KHJ-Rlso ft Ghln« t A. M. KFlfCnJ-KECA--Newt LCFWB--Lou Marcell* 7:15 KFI-KECA--Newa KHJ--Rise A Sl-.ln* KNX--Music KFI--March to Victory KM PC--Morning Pickups KECA-K1IJ-KNX--New* 7:« KFI-KIU-KNX--New* KECA--Musical Clock 1 A. M. KFI--Murray Talk* It O'l KM PC--NEWS Period ·KHJ--Haven of Rest KECA--Between Lino* KFWO-Curtis S|irlnEr KNX-CalllnE Collins K FA C--Country Church 8:15 J KFI-KECA--New** KM PC--.Market Report KKWB-- Mus.-He]p Waat'd KNX--Valiant Lady B:30 KFI-ICHJ--Nevra KMPC--Unity Word KECA--Breakfast Club KNX--Kitty Foy» 8:43 KFI--navtd UBroffl KHJ--Music KFWB--New* Period KNX--Aunt Jenny D A. M. KFI--The Open Door KM PC--News, Music KECA--Smile In A. II. · KHJ--Uonlie Carter KFWB--Medlcul KNX--Kate Smith 0:13 KFI--Woman of America KM PC--Musla KECA--Newi Period KFWB--Music KIIJ--Sewing School K-NX--UJfi Sister 9:30 KFI--Gallant Heart KM PC-- Family Bible K E C A -- D k f s L at Bardl'l KHJ--Sunny Side Up KFIVD-- Newi Period KNX--Helen Trent KFAC-- Uusto 1 Ur. 9:43 KFI--Betty Dob Kfc-WB-- Muslo KNX--Cnl Sunday 10 A. U. KFI--Mirth M ' Barbara Luddy Vacations in Filmdom Miss Barbara Luddy, star of KHJ's "The First Nighter" which goes on the air Sunday, November 7, for its 1943-44 season, is vacationing in Hollywood during a ten day furlough oE her husband, Ned LeFevre, chic! petty officer of the U. S. coast guard. Miss Luddy will eave for Chicago, where "The Tirst Nighter" originates, on _ "LT Molly Luddy of the communications division of the civilian tie- 'cnse corps, Miss Luddy will be ;uest at a luncheon to be given by ler former associates of the Hollywood qtaff on Monday, October 11. A former! Hollywood girl, Miss -uddy did her first radio work lere, and was frequently featured KHJ programs originating in iolly\vood. FMCA Discussion Series Announced Economics of war, possible post rar progralms, U. S. foreign policy, nd essentials of world organiza- ion, comprise themes of a scries f meetings at the YMCA, Sixth treet and American avenue, in ooperatioMi with the adult ecluca- depailtment of schools here, larvey Bl Franklin, forum dis- ussion plrogram l e a d e r , an- ounced J'esterday. First rreeting is Wednesday ight at fr:30 with "Making De- nocracy 1 Work," as discussion opic. Outstanding authorities to ead the j discussion include Dr. tinier Ncfison of the University of :aliforniaf and OPA, Dr. Wilbert 'indman 'artley, 1 ENL A natl iordon P he U. S oon leave an Dieg' "lorence urnelt s tudent a cnlly, IK 'eber Lu: and Professor J. Eugene loth of USC. :STS IN MARINES ·e son of Long Beach, oss Hill has enlisted in marine corps and will for intensive training in i. He is the son of Mrs. Duffield of 1602 West treet and was a former t Long Beach Poly. Re- has been employed by , moer company. J THURSDAY NIGHT 6 P. it. KFI--Voice oC Nation KM PC--Music KECA--Terry A Pirate* KHJ--New* Period KFWB--Sin. Hamblen KNX--Cakn Drnho KFAC--Swlns Sbld 5:13 KFI-KECA--News ·KHJ--Supermnn KNX--Texas Hangers 8:30 KPT--Alvln Wilder KECA--Jack Armstrong KHJ--Bound Towncr KNX--H. Planner?. New* KFAO-- When Dill Club 6:« KFl-KTIJ-KNX--New* KM PC--Help Wanted KECA--Captain Midnight B P. Bl. KFI--Musln Hall KM PC--Music KECA-KFWB-- Ncwa ·KHJ--Gahriel Heatlor KNX--Major BOWEB KFAC-- Uuilo to 7:30 6715 ICECA--News KHJ--George Shelley 6:30 KFI--Dob Bui-na' Show KECA--Spolllslit Band* KFWB--Peo Wco Hunt KHJ--You Tell 'Em KNX--Dinah Sharo Siiow : r. M. KFI--Duranle A Moor» KM PC--No wi A Musla KECA--Raymond Q. Swing ·KHJ--Raymond Clapper KM PC -- TTouaewlve* Bxch. KECA-*KI1J-- News KKWB-- Chef Milan I KNX-- Lira Beautiful 10:13 KECA-- Joy Eurnelt "KHJ-- World Series KNX-- Ma Perkins 10:30 KFI-- Burrltl Wheeler KM PC-- Muslo KECA-- Listen to This KFWB-- News Period KNX-- Ncw-s Period 10:43 KFr-- Art Baker Ncw« K ECA-- Gospel SInscr KFWB-- Science at Ailnd KNX-- GolJberES II A. M. KCT-- Guiding Light KMPC-- Chnndns World ' KECA-- DaukhaRO Tutklnr ·KHJ-- World Scries KFWD-- Al Jan-Is 11 Hr. KNX-- Young Dr. ilalon* 11:13 KFI-- Lonely Women KECA-- Mystery Chef KNX-- Joyca Jordan, W.D t 11:30 KFI-- LI R nl o! World KMPC -- Muaio KECA-- Mornlnc Roundup K.NX-- W« Leva * Ltara 11:43 KFI-- Church Hymn* KECA-- New* Period KNX-- Linda's Flrit Love 13 NOON KFI-- Farra Reporter KM PC -- Prayer for Peace KECA-- Morton Downej · KHJ-- World Scrle* KNX-- Reserve 12:15 KFI-- Ma Perktn* KMPC -- Mu.-!c KECA-KHJ-KNX-- N«wi 12 :30 KFI-- Pepper Young Fare. KMPC-- Music KECA-- Old Tlmer't Are. KFWIMvFAC-- New* KNX-News Period 12:45 KFI-- Happiness Rtghl KECA-- Meet the Ladle* ·KILT-- News Period KFWD-- Al Jarvln KNX-- Bachelor Children 1 P. U. KFI-- Dackstaga Wlf,» KMPC-- News, Wax Mtis'm KECA-- News. 1 hr. K I I J -- Harrison Wood KFWD-- Wat Wood* KNX-- Homo Kront KFI-Siella, Dallai -- Al Jn KFI--March of Tlm«i KECA--Red Ryder ·KNJ-San Qucntln KFWD--News Period KNX--Calif. Carry On ?El3 KFWB-- Robert Ardcil KFAC--New* Period fl P. M. KFI--Frcil Waring KMPC-- News Period KECA--World Goe* By KIU--Army Air forces KNX--I LOT* ilyilery KFWD--News A Munlo KFAC--Concert to IO;OO 1:13 KFt--Night Editor KMl'C--William Parlcxr KECA--Lum * Aimer KNX--Harry Jame*' Or. 8:39 KFI-Morgan Brtct, KM PC--Music A Govt. KECA--Gnrtrude Lawrence .iUU ^Reserve KFWD--News. Help Wnl'd KNX--Death Valley Days 9 P. M. KFI--Aldrkh Family KM PC-- Muslo Box KECA--Wings To Victory ·KHJ--New* Period KFWB--Muslo KNX--Astor-Rugele* 9:13 , KHJ--Rex Milter 3:30 j KFT--Ellery KFI-- Lorenzo Jone* ' 1:13 KFI--widdcr Brown KXX--Yrcasury Para.il* 3 1'. M. KFI--Girl Marries, KMPC--News, JIusta KECA--Whats Doing ttA · K I U -- Newsrcel Tbeatn KFWB-IIal Style* *" KNX--Mary llarlln KFAC-llu.lc KFI-- Ju-t Plain Bill KECA-- P.uth Wentwort* KN-X-KKWU-New, , t:U KFI-- Front P. FarreH KMPC-- Voice Undcrer' ·KECA-- Ted Malone KNX -- American Worn* KFWB-- Muslo noa * 3 P. H. KFI-- H. W. TbcatM KMI'C-- Music KECA-- News PerlM KHJ-- Work for Victory KNX-- Housewlve* KFAC-Symphony 1 3:13 KFI-- Road of L4f» KECA-- Since Pearl H KHJ-Or C aa Progr. Ki"\VB-- News A lliu 3:30 KFI-- Vic t Sadi KMPC-- Music KECA-- Ladies. O« Sttlef iS^^Er-*- - 3:13 KFI-Snow Village KHJ-UIll Hay A DIbh KNX-- World Toda. · P. H. KFI-- Dr. Kate KMPC -- News Mu*l« KF\VB-- Bert Flake KECA-My True Storj ·KHJ-Fultoa LewU, Jr., KNX-IIello frooi Q'««4 4 : 1 3 KFI-New. Period KHJ-- New* tha Pwpto KFWB-Gospel 4 Bong KNX-- Sara Ilaye* 1:30 KFI-- Art Uaker KECA-- News Period K H J -- Johnson Family KNX-Easy Ace* KKAC-- Music 4:43 KECA-- rfehinil War K««l K I U -- Was Shop KFlVB-Stu f l a m KNX-- Mr. Keen KECA--Enkln* Jolisa*i I I I I J -- Face* A PUces K F W U -- N e w t A yciJ« KNX--Chats About DcfJ KECA-«KHJ--N«wt" KNX-- Hcadllno Bulldcrt ID 1'. 1C. KFI · KNX--New* K1IPC-- Muta KECA-Aro'r fowa Uerfl KHJ-Dujy Honey KKWll--ftlbla Hour KFAC--llu'lc to I t.*X 10:13 KFI-Third Army - · K I I J . K N X -- N t KF^VU--Orcheitrm IO:3S KFI--New* Period KMTC---Music to 1:30 K l f J - A U - l n o Hey KNX--.Music: 10:43 K FT--CTeorco Olson Or, K I U -- N e w s i rtople KNX--Orean. Piano ii r. H. K F I - K N X -- N e w i KMI'C--JIuslo KECA--Classic Hour K H J -- W a v e s 11:19 Kf'T--TtmrhiJown Tips KNX-Orcliestra KHJ--*,Vinps O%-er Coast KfXVD--Music to 1 *.m. 11:13 KFI--Ne«» A Uoste I tM K I U -- M u s l o to 8 ».m. KNX--Muslo · New* 1:11 KFAC--Music to a.m J BOB HOPE accomplished v/ofcders for wounded American boys on his recent tour of overseas camps and hospital* Medical men agree that his /entertainment helped their efforts immeasurably in lilting tfie morale and spirits of Amen- can boys wounded in Africa) and Sicily. Hope played^ as many as 11 shows a day whi^ he was in Europe and At one time, he did a show in !an open Sicilian gully for men just returned from a battle. He will be heard in "Bob Hope Reports" on a Cavalcade o! America broadcast next Monday over JETT.

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