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The Gazette from Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada • Page 2
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The Gazette from Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada • Page 2

The Gazettei
Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
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FRIDAY JUNE ISO -GRAND FORKS GAZER! McLeod and Hodgson Limited SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Grand Forks Gazette In ewr Tridij by The Gazette Printing Co Ltd Grand Art British Colnmbla A Lnrc Managing Editor jiabor o( tho L'oniuliu Wockly Nirapapa-c' Amormtiaa Advertising Bates Transient display 50c per inch Contract display 40c per lnut '16 rolls Toilet Paper for 45c 9 tins Milk for $100 20 bars and Soap for 70c 3 pounds Butter for 75c THE LATEST IN TAMS Silk Tams in whits black and white blue cream green and mauve at 40c each end of my run I am carefully put away In a huge house along with a flock of my buddies and I ora fussed over by a whole bunch of mechanics wipers and to forth They take good core of me all right which-must be an expensive business" There you are then that ta a comparison and If train services have to be reduced and stations closed look at the purchasing power lost to tho country 1 The article and the Motor Transport" notes taht the Great Northern has served notice on the towns couth of Grand Forks to the effect that unless the businessmen along that line arc peprared to guarantee the railway their business they will be forced to pull up the tracks on the entire branch Now If a Canadian railroad Issued a declaration like that it would be an outcast for evermore No our railroads patiently maintain operations to a good many of their branches at a distinct loss and against a competition that cannot be considered fair It ta refreshing to know there are Journals such as the Orand Forks Gasette willing to portray the case of the rail-railroads In a true light Yours truly WHITE Band on June 21 1931 expenditure during the fiscal year will be about $410000000 With revenue from customs duties and income tax declining new taxes have been introduced to bring revenue up to about $103000000 it is hoped that with improving trade national Income will equal outgo but in any case Canada is looking forward without apprehension to the maintenance of fiscal stability When the Prime Minister Mr Bennett acting also as Finance Minister brought down the budget on June 1 he could invite Parliament to view with cattefoctlon the recent response of Canada bondholders to the biggest finan-cia transaction ever undertaken by the Dominion In the years immediately ahead up to 1934 Canadian war bonds to the amount of more than $1000000-C00 ore maturing The Government decided to arrange a conversion loan asking bondholders to exchange the maturing bonds for new Canadian bonds at a substantially lower rate of interest The Finance Minister asked sniy for 250000000 In this first conversion lean issue The bondholders responded by taking This evidence of public confidence Canada's ability to pay may well be mccuraging to the Government Naturally there will bo no enthusiasm ver the budget measures to Increase But the people of Canada jeiievo strongly in paying as they go along At this time when taxes seem to be going up in most countries Canadian observers appreciate that there are reasons to look forward with confidence to ability to make both ends Christian Science Monitor The Consolidated Mining SSmeltingCo Or CANADA LIMITED Manufacturers of ELEPHANT brand Fertilizers Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate of Ammonia Triple Superphosphate 1 BURNS ft CO LTD -t -Producers Refiners of TADANAC Electrolytic Lead-Zinc Cadium-Bismuth NCE a customer drives away with his car equipped with Goodyear Heavy Duty Urea we him off our list a repair firutf Forks Lodge No 31 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS prospect Special Supertwist Cord construction and improved All-Weather Tread safeguard these extra-sturdy tires against the hardest service on the heaviest of ears Drive over and see our Goodyear Heavy Duty Tires Your size always in stock No service charge for the changeover Bevonstiipe Apartment Hotel r3 II Sialn and Rooms with be RATES FROM UP i by McPherson Garage Co Ltd Grand Forks Pat a neie Goodyear Tabs In ovary new coring Ybu will tnjo th Courtnu Sorvfco ICE ICE Ganoyo Woo soW Ay Di MODEST Mmwfw to keep your food nice and fresh with ICE Delivered by City Cartage 4 times per week for $350 per month PHONE 66 Quality is What Counts With our Bakery the Quality of our Products is everything We know that the people of Grand Forks district want the very Best in Bread and we are going to give it to them Good food is essential that is what we hope to build our reputation on in Grand Forks we thank those who are according us their trade and we solicit a trial from others 3 loaves for 25c at Stores or at our Shop SWARTZENHAUER Bridge Street CANADA ANXIETY? DEALING PERMANENTLY WITH THE DOUKHOBORS The enforcement officers have arrested and sent tj prinn nine Douk-hobors tar refusing information Is the census enumerator Even when laced with a prison term they still refused to give the infnrmaticn There are still five hundred to be dealt wifiv It is impossible that the Gsvemmcir can let the matter stand where it is the law must lie enforced with regard to the rest Those being sentenced are given a term of three months and it Is understood that it Is the intention cf the government to place them in guarded camps All this seems useless unless It is preliminary to definite segregating of tlic troublesome faction of the Doukhobors Ottawa must be made to understand federal responsibility and it should be passible for tho two governments ts get together in some arrangement for the permanent segregation cf these people in widely separated penal comps or compounds as has so often been advocated by The Gazette and which up to the present would seem the most effective solution Those familiar with Doiikhobor troubles heartily agree with the Vancouver Daily Province in pointing out the direct connection of the federal government in the latest offences Under the caption "Doukhobors and the Province says: There is a warrant out for the arrest of six Doukhobors of the Grand Forks district on a charge of obstructing the census commissioner and apparently the warrant was issued upon the commissioner's authority It seemed for days as if thrre might be the making of some interesting politics between Ottawa and Victoria upon the execution of these warrants Despatches from Grand Forks suggested that officers of the provincial and Royal Mounted police the advice ot superiors" had refused to make the arrests But now it appears Attcrnsy-General Pooley has given specific orders to the provincial police officers to execute the warrants says a recent despatch fram Grand Forks "have been given ta SergcaiL William Greenwood who Is getting in touch with his superiors and asking for reinforcements os it is presumed thcro will be a lively time before the arrests are made" There was a highly-hfterestlng suggestion about all this What it came to was an assumption that Mr Pooley was seizing the opportunity to impress Ottawa with a due realisation of the chronic nuisance created by the fanatical tenets aift practices of that particular sect of the Doukhobors which calls itself the Sons of Freedom If that is the true statement of fact if Mr Pooley did actually hesitate for a moment before be honored the writ of the Dominion Government against the Doukhobors we are bound as British Columbians to have a certain sympathy for him There is no doubt about the duty and responsibility in this particular affair of course and Mr Pooley is not the man to need any reminder of it He has to enforce the law of Canada in British Columbia and he has to enforce It even when it is no more than the Census Act and when it is invoked against the defiance and contempt of a recalcitrant sect of religious fanatics We can rest assured if the provincial police have bean entrusted with the execution cf these federal warrants and no matter what the "lively may be before the arrests are made that the arrests will be made and that these Sons of Freedom who spit upon the laws cf Cana-day will be duly brought in But It is all the more salutary if we must have more of this chronic nuisance of the Doukhobors that we should have it on an issue which involves the Dominion Government The Provincial Government has repeatedly sought the co-dperatlon of Ottawa in the troublesome problem of dealing with these irreconcilable people and Ottawa as far as the record shows has always stood aloof upon tho strict letter of the Constitution It was the duty of the province to enforce the law against crime if the Doukhobors were defying the law the responsibility was the province's But this time the ease was a little different While it was a ease of burning and blowing up British Columbia schools or of parades of naked Russian peasants upon British Columbia highways Ottawa might loex on from afar Now it is the express authority of Ottawa itself which is flouted and it is an officer of the Dominion Government who is derided and insulted and It is he who Invokes the protection of police and magistrates If this latest Instance of Doukhobor nonsense does nothing else at least It may have the good effect of securing the attention of Ottawa at lost The Easiest Way to Save fTEPOSlTlNO a definite portion of your earnings systematically in a Savings Account soon becomes a find "REGULAR deposits ei IV though small quickly and reach a sidcrable totaL THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE Cspilsl Paid Up $30000000 Rsscrre Fond $30000000 Maybe yea are worried over a mtaanderstandlng with oat -of town friends or bubnem amoe-iatet Yon can roller yarn mind at one by ariag the long dlttaara telephone For example the telephene is ready at this nUnnte ts cany year voice ta persona In Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Yon eon pat colls thraagh ta these provinces easily qnlcfcly with-est fase or bather over al-1 Canadian lines Jaat ask the Long Distance Bate Clerk for rates and Information TELEPHONE CO 5 STRIKING COMPARISON OF THE BAILWAYS AND MOTOR TRANSPORTS The following ably written and illuminating letter appeared in Tuesday's Nelson Daily News: To The Editor of The Nelson Dally News Sir: The article "Railways and the Motor Transport" selected by you from the Grand Forks Gazette and recently published In your columns was indeed a worthy and timely one A few years ago it was the custom when a newspaper sought to defend the operations of a railroad to libel the offending Journal as "the mouthpiece cf a transportation trust" and all manner of literary brickbats were aimed at the unfortunate editor's head Fortunately times have changed People are becoming more open minded and no longer look upon railway companies as all-devouring monsters The article emanating teem the editorial office at the Grand Forks Gazette is one that could well be published the country over to set forth a problem now vexing all of Canada the truck versus the train Under the inconvenience of unavoidable curtailed train services the public are beginning to realise that they ewe something to the railway companies The fact is at last In" of how closely the success of Canada is related to the successful operation of the railroads In a province such as British Columbia where there are great sections of not overly populous dltsrlcts there 1s room for but me mode of transportation to operate with success If truck and railway are both competing for the available trade one or the other ta going to suffer That it should be the railroad wbo faithfully winter and summer through snowdrifts or cloudbursts keep up their service no matter what the cost seems rather an injustice To illustrate the unfairness of the competition we will personify the services thus: Says the truck "I am a very neat Job worth $2500 manufactured In Detroit At the start of my run I am filled up with 10 gallons of gasoline originating from Oklahoma crude I am oiled up with a lubricant refined In Pennsylvania and I roll along on a set of tires manufactured In Akron My boss doesn't pay a cent of trade tax In any of the towns through which I pass and yet they load me up with freight About all he has to contribute to the up-keep of roods I sizzle along on ta a yearly license to the province for my operation and one for the driver neither of Which are exharbltant At the end of my run I am stowed away In my back yard and the boss even have to pay ground rent for me let alone a tax Moreover the boss has only to pay out wages to my driver which ta so different to the flock of employees a train supports" Says the locomotive: "Well I'm one of the best Jobs ever turned out of the chops in Montreal I set my owners bock a pretty penny too My tender ta filled up with good British Columbia coal at frequent intervals for I'm a terrible eater when I'm working The rolling stock you see swinging behind me are all efficient and expensive pieces of equipment manufactured by a famous Canadian ear company Even the rails that I click over come from an eastern Canadian steel mill As for the ties that support the rails and the poles that carry the telegraph wires why good old British Columbia furnished them all There's quite a gang of employees on this train too see engineer fireman conductor hiokeman all drawing good pay and If I were handling a regular passenger train there 'd be on express messenger a baggageman dining car steward sleeping car conductor waiters and porters "Every town I pass through there ta an agent and perhaps an assistant I see dozens of section men every time I travel and they are all on the company payroll too Why I could go on and on telling you of the people dependent on my staying on the Job "Before I quit however I would like to mention that my company pays taxes for every Inch of land I travel over and they pay trade licenses in the various districts too it seems a tough break to me that they should have to pay for the up-keep of the roads over whlqh my gasollned competitor travels but true "One more thing I hu bring to your attention When I oome to the WATEB ACT MAKE LOOK LIKE NEW DUC0 SPRAY PAINTING I SIGN PAINTING 3 AUTO TOPS MADE AND REPAIRED COMMERCIAL TRUCK BODIES MADE TO ORDER FURNITURE REPAIRING REPOLISHING UPHOLSTERING PRICES MODERATE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED JAMES BERRY Shop on First Street near Bridge NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB THE APPROVAL OF PLANS Keep the wheels of industry going at Home Buy BUTTER TAKE NOTICE that WEST KOOTENAY POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY LIMITED will apply to the Comptroller of Water Rights tar the approval of plans of the works ta be constructed for the diversion of water from Kootenay River Com Linn Rapids under application for a licence for power purpose which application was filed in the office of the Water Recorder at Nelson on the 17th day of July 1930 The water ta to be diverted from the said stream at about 500 feet downstream from Comer of Lot and ta to be used for the' generation of electrical energy at a power site located on Block $6 of Lot 7008 and Blocks 4 and 5 of Lot S333 Kootenay District The locality within which the business of the Company ta to be transacted is 150 mile radius of the Fast Office In' the City of Rowland BC The plans and specifications of the said works mode pursuant to Authorization No 1000 have been filed In the office of the Comptroller and duplicates of such plans and specifications are now open to Inspection In the office of the Water Recorder at Nelson Objections may be filed with the Comptroller at any time prior to the expiration of thirty days after the first publication of this notice The date of the first publication of this notice ta June 19 1931 WEST KOOTENAY POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY LIMITED Applicant! By faith For a Pleasing Dessert on a Hot Day ICE CREAM GRAND FORKS CREAMERY Agents for DeLaval Separators and Supplies CANADA PREPARED TO PAY There Is a certain stability cf character about the Canadian people which is to be seen in the general attitude of the country toward this year's budget statement It has been found necessary to increase federal taxes to balance the budget The Government during the last fiscal year which ended with the close of March exceeded revenue by $75244973 Canadian taxpayers appreciate the necessity of keeping the national debt within bounds Hence there Is general acceptance of the Government's policy to curtail expenditure wherever passible so that another deficit may be avoided without heavily Increasing taxation It is estimated that the Government's Loo for the Water Mar Ever pick up a sheet of writing paper so invitingly beautiful to the eye and the touch that it seemed to say to your fingers You must write on Symphony Lawn is just such a paper It comes in three exquisite finishes and seveiTtl smart tints Sheets and envelopes in the newest shapes Also correspondence cards to match May we show you Symphony Lawn? 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