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The Gazette from Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada • Page 1
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The Gazette from Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada • Page 1

The Gazettei
Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
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GRAND FORKS the Canadian Pacific and Orest Nor-tlwrn Railvayi Pivotal Point Boundary Mining Centre of Finest Fruit and Agricultural District of British Columbia modern city of 1500 THE GAZETTE HESS of Grand Forks arid tributary districts through which it has no equal es an advertising medium Issued eveqc Friday Subscription price 200 per year $350 to points VOLUME XXXV GRAND FORKS BRITISH COLUMBIA FRIDAY JUNE 5 1931 NUMBER 41 JAMES McCREATH DIED AT VANCOUVER SUNDAY SHELL OFFICIALS COMING BY PLANE SATURDAY WANT WORK STARTED ON CANYON BRIDGE SPOKANE BALL itAM NOSE OUTAT FINISH Batting Bally Gava Both Teams Lota of Buna With Visitors Leading At Close of Battle Are Our Churches To Presbyterian Church Fired By Same Method Nine Schools One Known To Be Set Be Burned Used To Burn Schools By Doukhobor Fanatic i bales In which are candles that rest I on tlie chips but exlend above tlie board As each candle bums down to tlie ixiiul where it liaises through the board it ignites a biuu-li of matches tied so as to prerent Jarring when being transiiorted Tliere are air holes put In each end of llie box over the air holes at cither end of tlie box Is nailed a tin so as to form a sort of chimney to drawthc smoke off A close fitting tin un binges forms the cover of the box Tlie whole box Is Uicu put inside a Runny sack presumably to afold detection when I icing carried It was Uio gunny' sack that prevented tlie Columbia stIukiI firebug from accomplishing his end It had covered too closely the chimneys or airholes so that when the candles burned a certain amount they were -jimihered by their own smoke One of the candles lied burned but little tlie ether had burned until' it had Just about arrived at the bunch of matches Fanatical Doukhobors Seen Borne time prior to the fire breaking out at the church a cur was hoard from the home of Alderman Simmons to stop in front of the church across the street and then drive away It is also learned that prior to tlie fire two Doukhobors were seen by two men Messrs and Mason going up the road towards tlie Catholic Church the natural route bf escape Tlicy retreated when seen and as the other men followed them unconscious of anything untoward tlie Doukhobors took an opixisitc course In the opposite direction 400 fed from tlie Presbyterian Church two Doukhobors were met by Armstrong who was on his way to Ills home near the church Advice has been received by McPherson Garage Ca Ltd local distributors for tlie Shell Od Company that I Ross Assistant manager of the Shell Oil Company at Vancouver accompanied by Fletcher of the same Company will fly to Grand Forks in Hie Hliell Stearmon plane on Saturday' June Cth on a trip or inspection of tlie various Company's agencir It is expected tlicy will spend the night in Trail continuing on to East Kootenay points the following day Mr Ross will be glad to meet Shell dealers city officials etc Tlie Stoarman plane is one of the licet operated by llie company for the carrying uf executives experimental work and the promotion of aviation Pilot Fletcher is attached to the avia-lion department of the Shell Oil Co He lias eleven experience and several thousand hours in the air to his credit CONSTRUCTION CREW HERE BUILDING NEW LINE The construction crew building the Tele pi lone Company's trans Canada line tbourgh the Boundary district moved their lieadqusrters from Greenwood to Grand Furlu this week They liave located In the former Mounted Police barracks Construction work has reached a point about ten miles wait of town JONES GIVEN HIGH PRAISE BY BRITISH NEWSPAPER London May 29 "An object lesson in sound Is the Morning Post's description of the policy of Hon Junes Minister of Finance for British Columbia in reducing expen-dturc und introducing a special revenue tax of 1 per cent on all incomes The Post adds: "As far as we are concerned this is an experiment which is unique within the British Empire though it lias long been a feature of German fiscal legislation Mr Jones is a man of courage who grasps tho nettle with both hands and does not flinch from npplying heroic remedies to an excciitional erbus The world In the present Juncture of its affairs needs more men of the calibre of Mr Jones" MUST COMPLETE SPRAY FOR CODLING MOTH Tlint the first cover spray for Codling inolh in tlie Kootenay anil Boundary districts should be completed by June 10 was word received over the week-end by London district agriculturist from Mad II Rultmann entomologist for tlie provincial department of agriculture station at Vernon Mr Ruhmann lias codling moth traps at different points In the Okanogan and from these he is able to know when the moth arc present and laying their eggs District farmers already have applied the calyx spray but must now apply tlie rover spray one 'pound nf arsenate nf lead to 40 gallons of water 3 A I K' Vancouver May Tlie death' occurred today in St Paul's hospital of James McCreath West forty-Piflh a resident of British Columbia before the reached the province Tlie deceased came to Victoria representing a hardware firm of Hamilton Ont before tlie completion of the Canadian Pacific railway Later he lived in Rassluml and in 1808 went to Greenwood In October of last year he came to Vancouver He was bora In New York in October 1848 und came tu Canada 74 yean ago He Is survived by two daughters Mrs A Webb of Vancouver and Mrs Helen Tlxunas formerly of Greenwood and now of this city A son James McCreath of Trail also survives BUSY BEES SEWING CIRCLE STARTED AT ROCK CREEK Rock The tint meeting of the Busy Bees Club for girls organized May 10 under the direction of Mrs Wilson Mrs Graham and Mrs Kayes was most successful The young people take grant Interest In tlio Instruction in sewing knitting and cro-cliet work -Tlie next meeting will be at the hoe of Mrs! Kayes Rock Creek on June Gtli Members of the Rock Creek Women'! Institute are Invited to attend and assist Refreshments for the tea were made ami served by tlie Busy Bees KtARTLING DRAMA OF HITMAN VAMPIRES Among tlie Important pictures booked for early showing at tlie Empress theatre is Universal's strange drama of human vampires one of tlie sensations uf screen history according to an announcement issued today by Manager Downey This amazing story wus first produced as a stage play in New York more titan three years ago and has since created a sensation when shown in a few of the largest cities of the country "Dracula" deals with the startling practices of human vampires those terrible creatures of the "undead" world who rise from their graves ut night and is said to be In many ways the most unusual story ever brought to the talking screen Since the picture is filled with such uncanny mystery the entire setting accords with the mood of the story and there arc said to be remarkable 'si of fog -enshrouded niourtnin posses with wulvcs howling In tlie darkness a terrible storm at sea and a mysterious crumbling castle where much of tlie action occurs It is a startling subject for screen story but it is said to be done with such artistry and such convincing sincerity thut it conveys tlie Impression of actual reality and exercises a powerful effect on tlie emotions of the audience The picture which was adapted from tlie famous novel by Brani Stoker traces the devastating activities of Count Dracula a vampire wlin has been "dead" for 500 years but who lias the power to return from the grave between sunset and sunrise wreaking his terrible Influence on a group of people in whose fate the siicetator becomes breathlessly concerned Tlie cast incliules three players who were seen In the original stage production in tlie persons of Bela Lugosa Edward Van Blcan and Herbert while other Important roles are played by Helen Chandler David Manners Dwight Frye Frances Dade und Charles Gcrrard This special attraction Is playing at tlie Empress theatre this week Friday and Saturday evenings BEATTY LENDS HELPING HAND TO OVERWORKED TICKET AGENT Dorval is a typical little country station about ten miles from Montreal says Jack Puterson of Decrhorn Man In a iiersonality article on President Beatty of tlie Canadian Railway In the June Railroad Man's Magazine its agent relieving a man on vacation and worrying with his monthly balance sheet was crouched over his desk one summer evening No 17 stop here to-night" asked a voice from tlie doorway I believe it the agent replied after a moment's hesitation Suddenly an Idea dawned This man hod spoken as one who knew the iron rood and his face was vaguely familiar Meantime tlie sets of figures looked os hopeless as over Desperation drove the agent out on to the platform "Are you a railroad man?" he asked Receiving an affirmative reply he added "Do you know anything about balance sheets?" Within a few seconds the pair were conning cash book delivery I look anil outstanding sheet until firtccn minutes later tlie noise of No 17 pulling up outside 'brought the partnership to a close ever no much obliged to yon for helping me" said tlie station agent you mind telling me your name?" "Beatty" said the man with a pleasant nod and a cheery which foiled to dispel the agents consternation you the president?" he gusiied answered tlie head of Uie world's largest privately owned tnins-portant the main thing is to get the porta lit tlie main tiling Is to get he balance sheet Tliere was a very large crowd of 1 dancers at the dance at Blncr's Pavilion an Saturday Tlie American dancers were numerous as It was Decoration day on the other side and many had coma to Canada to celebrate Conservative Executive Send Resolution To Department of Public Works Urging Action Urging that early notion be undertaken in at least a start being made in construction of the Rock Creek canyon bridge wux passed ut a meeting of Llie Conservative Association Monday night to be forwarded to the Dc-lrtircnt of Public Works The project has been under consideration by the government for a number of years and a decision arrived at os to the nature of the work Tentative assurance was also received that work would be commenced It being urged rrnm various sources that the canyon roadway Is a serious menace on the transprovinclul highway Accidents have became too frequent and a deterrent to traffic People of tlie Bridesville-Rock Creek dlstrirt have also asserted their readiness tu give voliuueer labor to extent of some $1400 in order that the work be undertaken It Is felt that tlie work Is of sufficient irovincial-wide Importance that tlie approaches at least could be built this summer and the construction work would be of material benefit to that district at the present time JUDGE WILLIAMS NOW EXPECTS TO REACH A HUNDRED Dear The old world Iqeeps spinning around and each revolution brings us one day nearer the end of the trail When one gets older all one thinks about is past performances so I am getting to the stage of the game when I can only look backwards It is with a great deal of pleasure that I read your paper each week and I liave got several letters from obi time Boundary residents who also still gel the old "Family Journal" Most of them like myself wonder If some of the okl business firms are still in ex-Ixlance as they say they do not see their advertisements in your paper Jeff Davis was doing business in Grand Forks before I drove in over the trail The Yah Hotel was there many years oCo but if I went bock tliere now I would not know where to lodge for the night or where to buy a dean collar nr pair of sox We shouhl never be too old or will established to advertise ci blow our own liorn loudly I see by your paper tlie are going to continue their downtown station 'lids sounds good to me for when I visit your clip 1 do not want tu walk Iwu miles in tlie middle of Uie night arul not know where to go when I get there I get some news that may Interest okltiine Phoenicians Dongald Dun-canson one time foreman of the Brooklyn ami Btcmwinder mine made a lot of money in California and took a tour of Europe Ji irony Marshall is in Vancouver doing well Martin McHule Pat Cosgrove and Palma Conk all old Granby employees are also In Vancouver Charlie Hunter John Morrill and Thompson are In big business in Vancouver Got word of Tummy Russell The lost time I saw him lie was running a roullclte wheel at Phoenix Someone stole the bonk roll and so the game dosed up until he could make another touch Nick Po-lorcla "the greatest shoemaker" that ever stuck to his last Is still pegging away at the old game I wish I coiibi see him and have one of ther oldtime feeds of spaghetti Danny Dranne Is still atSilverton waiting for the price of silver to go up Erie Jackson was keeping him company in the winter If faith gets one Into Heaven the old timers will sure get there Billy Porter Is In North Vancouver and is getting realty for a prospecting trip to the Hudson's Buy country The spirit of tlie old prospector never dies For myself I am feeling fine ami as it looks now I may live to be 100 Well old man keep up Uie good work never say die and If we make a million we will sure havo two millions worth of Joy Yours JUDGE WILLIAMS Lester Penn UR A Box io May 20 "DOCKS" GIVEN PREFERENCE OVER WAR VETERANS Editor Grand Forks Gazette: Dear I would appreciate a small space In your publication to register a kick regarding certain conditions In Midway As you are doubtless aware Midway together with other towns of the Boundary is having her unemployment problems When the proimerd digging a ditch to supply water several unemployed citizens saw prospects of a little work However Instead of giving the work to local men who fought for the country and who In the event of another war will be called upon again the work was given to a crew of and their teams It would be Interesting to know how much money these Donks spent In Midway and also whether they would guard bridges and property and fight to protect Canadian interests in tlie event of nnollier war or whether the duty of going and fighting for $110 would dcvolie on the boys who enn not get a day's work now and are evidently not wanted by some of the large rorimratlon whose partiality for Drink Is well known A Veteran Greenwood June 3 1931 Quilc a number of the Masonic fraternity from Colville Wash attended a lodge mseting here Thursday of last week The Snow Flakes baseball team of Siokane nosed out the Forks nine In a frru-hltUng game Similay afternoon with the score of 11-10 At times both teams showed big league stuff Spokane started off with their best twirler who held the Forks to 3 runs in six innings In the seventh they put in another pitcher thinking that tlicy had the game on Ice hut the locals lieard that he liud once played for Republic and they slammed him for six runs He was taken out and another put in but his prospects ns a relief pitcher didn't look very good as the bases were filled so they brought buck the first pitcher again Spokane didn't like to do it because they said lie had to pilch a real game on Tuesday They evidently didn't think this was a real game at first but certainly knew it before the game was over 8pokanc made seven runs in the 3rd Inning and three In tlie fourth Ronald sort of started the team's blowup in tlie 3rd wlien lie overthrew the lull to second and two runners come home Perry didn't help matters any when ha threw the ball past 1st hose and to dropped a-pcrfectly good fly and a few droppeda- perfectly good fly and a few runners more trotted home Every one of Spokane's runs were made through errors Savage took over the twirling job for the Forks from Orky In the 4th inning He received better support than Orky and didn't allow Spokane any runs until the 0th Wally tried to get a runner on 3rd base but over threw tlie base and llie runner eamc home which proved to be tlie winning run as the wore was tied st ten to ten before that The Forks team was bamboozled out of -two runs in the 1st inning Jim Miller hod smashed out a three liaso hit and Ab Vox on second Zeke hit a fly to the left fielder who fell with the ball and after searching all over tlie lot for it finally found it and said that he hod caught It It certainly didn't look like It to us but the umpire agreed with the visitors as he did in several other instances Jim Miller led the batting list with 4 safe hits at five times to hat getting a three base hit and two base lilt Shorty also got a three-bagger add a two base hit CENSUS ENUMERATORS ARE NOW BUSY AT WORK The taking of tlie census In this district was commenced this week A Mason Is the enumerator for the town Kidd is doing the oulsile district Emerson Reid is lining the Cascade and lake area Carl Thomet is doing Greenwood and Midway and Wm Johns Is doing the Rock Creek area Leaf 401 to ward off aphids Lima beans another variety are a hot weather crop and should not be put in until weather soil are really warm The first corn Is an early type of Golden Bantam which is fallowed by the regular Bantam now secured in medium as well as early varieties There are also many of tlie white kernel types auch as Cory and Country Gentleman which maturing slowly will stay In fine condition for eating quite a lung time Both beans and corn prefer luaftiy soils hot weather and continuous Cultivation Big Range In Annual Flowers It Is quite possible to make a complete garden with annual flowers alone thus putting the householder who rents on an almost equal footing with those people who stay in the same place year after year Instead of permanent vines quick-growing annuals such as hops morning glories scarlet' runner brans and other climbers are used In a few weeks these will cover verandahs or other places It Is desired to screen In the place of shrubbery tall-growing flowering plants such as cosmos Mexican sun-flowers castor oil beans African marigolds Larkspur phlox and Giant zinnias are used Tlieso things range from two and a half to eight feet in height Of the medium and smaller sorts there are hundreds from which to choose some especially noted far their foliage some for fragrance some for their ability to grow in shady places and nearly all for tlirir bloom In any seed catalogue heights colors time of flowering atul other essential details in laying aut'u garden will be listed Chemical Weed Killer Tliere are now many chemical weed killers on the market which have proved very successful In wiping out small plots these pests and for cleaning up driveways and patitf For poison Ivy one application any time during tlie growing season has been effective according (o Profmor Ilowiti of (lie Ontario Agricultural College Other weeds eliminated In this way are ox-eye daisy bind weed Canada Thistle and most of these things like- dandelions which make so many lawns Examination of the chureh was made on Tuesday morning and remnants of Uii! box tliat had been the fire plant were found Tlie plant had been laid ut tlie south end away from the street where tlie building is raised off tlie ground Tlie following day a fanatical Doukhobor disraadng possible action against the firebugs remarked "Maybe we barn the town It was when the church fire was about subdued that word was received of the Carson fire It had been discovered by McPherson former A and Howard Flynn who were ret liming from Greenwood by car The fire was then reaching up tlie outside of the building tlie fire plant itself having been consumed With the use of coats Messrs McPherson and Flynn were able to get the flames put out ufter a hard fight Bombs Feared At Columbia When tlie plant at the Columbia school was found on Tuesday inoming tlie children were sent Into wild excitement and It was not until the Killer had arrived and made a thorough search of the structure that tlie children would return to the building They feared that a bomb was hid somewhere about the building Doukhobors Prowling Around Tuesday night fanatical Doukhobors were found prowling about tlie town at various hours and even at 2 am a group were found in the west end all of which is most unusual During tlie ilay a number of them were also fowling about lanes and vacant lots In tlie town Rome nf tlie daytime prowlers even enquired for certain residences the occupant of one bring a policeman RECORD HOLIDAY CROWD ON DECORATION DAY Tlie number of cars and people from tho United States that came to Grand Forks and Christina Luke for Saturday American Decoration Day was nearly double that of lost year Cascade Is the principal point of entry and according to figures furnished by A McLean sub-collector of National Revenue the total' number of cars cleared at tlie lntemutlonal boundary line May 29 to 31 was 674 while for the rame days last year tlie number cleared was 360 Tlie number of passengers for the American lioliduy this year was 3141 while for the same period lost year the passengers cleared numbered but 1164 WORK NOW PROCEEDING ON NEW CITY HOUSE Work has been proceeding this week on a new house to accommodate the punis which force tlie water from the river to tlie city reservoir It Is being buill close to tlie well at lower elevation and it is the intention to have a new pump installed when tlie building is completed This is an improvement that was much needed 5IINISTER OF FINANCE COMING FOR MEETING Hon Jones Minister of Finance at Victoria who Is now on a tour of the Okanagan Is expected tu make a visit to Grand Forks in the course of a week or two and will address the electorate on financial matters FIRST FIRE RAGING ON MOUNTAIN EAST OF CITY Quite a serious forest fire has been raging this week on the mountain above Collins ranch three miles east of town Fire Ranger McParlon lias had a substantial crew In action and the blaze Is now regarded as under control the extreme dryness rendering fire fighting very difficult JAiiFER LODGE TO BE OPEN JUNE 1 TO SFIT 36 Jasper Alta May John O'Brien who for several years lias been Manager of Jasiier Park Lodge the beautifully situated summer hotel of the Canadian National Railways has arrived to assume his duties for the season JdKxr Par Lodge localec! In tlie lieart of tlie Canadian Rockies throughout tho summer Is a magnet for the sportsman and tourist CASCADE NOTES Mrs Lanunrl of Portland Oregon is visiting lu daughter Mrs Owens Mrs A Wilkcning and son spent couple of days in Cascade this week visiting at tlie home of Mr and Mrs 2L Corcoran Mrs Swanson and children and Miss Verona Klinoseky motored to Boundary Falls oil 8unday and are visiting Mr and Mrs Klinosky Miss Myrtle Johnson returned to Simkanc on Monday after spending the week-end with her parents Mr and Mrs Ole Johnson at Christina lake Mr and Mrs 8 Phllliiw Miss Mabel Phillips and Don Phillips motored to Morton Washington on Saturday evening to attend the (uncial of Mrs Pete Phillips whose death took place on Saturday Nine school buildings In this district have now been burned one at least having been burned by a DouLhobur wbo admitted the charge and served a sentence' In addition there have been five attempts at firing fbat failed two bombing eharges that also missed dire Now a church has been fired by identical methods and tho work Is beieived to be that of fanatical Doukhohors The vestry addition of tlie Presbyterian Church was badly gutted by fire Monday night and only the excellent work of an efficient fire department thal was quickly on the scene prevented complete destruction Simultaneously a fire started at Car-son school three miles away but wus put out by those early on the scene and a fire plant was found next morning at Columbia- school at Uic edge if the city presumably been set about -he' same time Both sch6ols urc attended Jiy Doukhobors The usual fire plant a box of chips Willi' dandles and mutdics would appear to have been used in each case aftd Is similar to those employed at other schools whose burnings are believed to liave been tlie work of fanatical Doukhobors The Fire Plants Tlie fire plant retrieved from Columbia school the first that has been secured more or less complete Is a model of mechanical art and eompclc-ncs Tlie box Is 17 Inches long 13 incites high and seven inches wide Oil tlie bottom Is six Inches of carefully selected pitched chips saturated with kerosene over Urn top of the chips Is a board full length with twq CHRISTINA LAKE RESORTS ATTRACTING MANY DANCERS Three dancing floors at Cristina Lake with excellent orchestras are now seeking tlie liatronage of dancers who visit tlie lake for the week-end Blncr's Pavilion long-ostabllMicd has been attracting large crowds each Saturday evening nnd with their increased floor sce lias been growing Increasingly popular The Lagoon Pavilion conducted By Mrs Gustafson was Just recently oxmed and with the splendid flair of linusiially Targe's! ze Is hhiuTo arruinmndalc a very ulrgc crowd of dancers while at Alpine Inn yet another dancing floor attracts attention and recinlly an orchestra has come from Vancouver to provide music for tlie season at the lakeside resort Lost Saturday and Sunday they were all entering to the unusually large crowds of Americans tliat were luiliday-bent and had come across llie international boundary on a pleasure trip- For tomorrow night Miner's Pavilion will have the Red Jackets Orchestra of Trail to provide music while tlie Lagoon Pavilion will have the Knights of Rytliym a Trail orchestra of six members LADIES UNANIMOUS THAT INSTITUTE WORK BENEFITS The monthly meeting of the Rock Creek Women's Institute was held at the home of Mrs Norris last Saturday After the opening rame tlie roll call and In answering the query "What has the Institute done for the members gave some very Interesting replies Tlicy were unanimous In slating that they received benefit and pleasure tliat their Interests were widened and tliat they enjoyed meeting now members and keeping In touch with old friends FEWER CANADIANS NOW GOING TO STATES Immigration from Canada during the month of March 1931 dropped by 87 per cent Only 388 native-born Canadians received immigration visas for admission Into the Uinted States and the close of tthe first six months since the enforcement of the provision of those to become a public charge" Indicates a total Issue of 4261 visas as compared to 10027 in the same period of the preceding year MIDWAY NEWS Tlie Instiutucs will meet on Saturday June 6tli Tlie new line across the flat is almost completed Inxiiector Carter was Jn on Tuesday and paid a visit to the local school Mrs Kerr and Mrs McMillan went to Spokane mi Friday by motor ear Ace Masker returned on Saturday from Nelson where he had been spending a few days Don't forget the dance in the Farmer's luill on Friday June 5th Come und have a good time The many friends of Mrs Thomet will lie glad to leuni that she Is much better after her recent Illness Mr nnd Mrs Harold Johnson and baby returned to Bellingham Inst week after a pleasant vacation spent lierc Through lnck of moisture tlie flat Is fust drying up Some of the creeks around the district have played out and crop conditions look serious ciiseSCLltiSL nthe Gordon Linda Ay £mit Fanatic Douls Try Scare Enumerator With Nude Stuff Fanatic Doukhobors on the North Folk yesterday tried group nudity as a means of scaring the Census Enumerator Kidd Eli says it was some sliuw and although a bit over-awed by -tlre-iiorfuniuinalJiis honor lie lieUl his ground but (ailed to get any census iiifnmiatiuii Arriving at llie ranch Mr Kidd told one uf the Doukhobor men what lie was after The Douk told Mr Kidd lie would give no Information but rang a plough-share uiurni In a short time 71 naked men women and children paraded in front of the enumerator while another 70 or 80 wore clothing Mr Kidd took a seat and fur an hour sought Information They refined to give any but told Mr Kidd be could count tiiem If he wished which lie did They stated that tlicy would give no information to any person except that tlicy were Sons of Freedom Paul Vatkin in Number Paul Vatkin who was accused of the burning of the Spencer school two years ago was one of the number Mr Kidd seeking to get him In conversation said that lie knew him Vatkin said lie was mistaken tliat lie was a Sons of Freedom Mr Kidd cited instances and proved that he knew him wlien Paul used to be at Carson Paul finally admitted that lie was tlie one und only Paul Vatkin but refused to give any Information for the enumerator Mr Kidd will report Uic matter to census commissioner and await further Instructions GRAND FORKS BRIEFS Mrs London has as her guest her mother Mrs 8tewart of Vancouver Mrs Shaunberg of Portland Oregon Is hero on a visit to her daughter Mrs A Docksteadcr Miss Peggy McCallum returned home yesterday from Victoria where she had been attending business college Mrs Brenlxer iepvcs this morning for the coast and will next week attend the Rebckah Assembly as delegate from Banner Kebekah Lodge here Her sizin' Mrs Douglas arrived this week from San Pedro California and will remain during Mrs Brcnizcr absence TWILIGHT BALL LEAGUE SWINGS INTO ACTION Tlie Twilight league was opened on Wednesday evening when tlie Columbia team sawed their way to an 18-0 victory over tlie sawmill aggregation Oil Thursday the town colts 1 leaded by Harry Collins lanced their way to a 17-Ul victory over tlie Juvcnilo team of the of lodgd ArnES FOR EGYPT Canadian apples are being well received In Egypt and according to a report from tlie Dominion Department of Agriculture Canadian apples have not only won recognition as the bestapples on llie Egyptian market but apparently tlicy can be laid down there at a price which innkes them more attractive than other fanry pack Importations from the United States Dahlias and habits that one can readily be "Simple In cultural demands adapted to a wide range of soils and conditions with plants so diverse In size and habits that one can readily be found appropriate for any situation affording a wealth oT bloom over a long season suitable In some of the many varieties for every floral purpose the dahlia now holds high rank as a lute summer flower" writes a specialist from New York State where conditions are practically the same as in a large part of Canada The dahlia will grow almost anywhere but as it makes its best showing late in the summer and early in the fall the chances for a long season of satisfactory flowering are best where killing frosts are not usually early In tlie season However this will exclude few places for many varieties although not set out until the middle of June will flower freely by the middle of August if not checked In growth This means that the plant should be well cultivated and watered during dry weather When set in the garden about the middle of June they uro much better prepared to combat lirat and drought of summer than those set out earlier as they arc more likely to grow without a check and be stimulated by August showers to set a full supply of buds Many of these buds too survive early frosts which kill the foliage and are able to produce good blossoms by drawing on the sap and plant food stored In tlie Juicy stems Plant In Succession Beans and corn are two vegetables which give -especially good results if planted at ten-day intervals rather than all at once In both cases one can sow the first few rows Just before the lost danger of frost hnd continue planting right up to the first of July In Northern districts where tlie sro-son is sliortcr It Is advisable to use very quick maturing varieties for later plantings In tlie beans we liave linth the dwarf and pole sorts and also the yellow or butter type and the green Then there Is tlie brood bean a delicious vegetable very popular in tlie old country This should bo planted quite early and during blossoming should be sprayed with Nicotine sulphate (Blade.

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