The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 14, 1956 · Page 45
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 45

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1956
Page 45
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4-Algona (la.) tipper 6«& Molnej Tuesday, Nbruory 14, Valentine's Day is the day dedicated to love and lovers. Regardless of the number of couples who have vowed in the moonlight that their love is absolutely unique, this softening of the hcart- eries has been going on for a long, long time. Ever since Adam's erstwhile rib, Eve, started casting romantic glances his way we've had love and though the first time anyone remarked that the course of this perpetual emotion is anything but smooth was when they passed through Eden's outside gates, it's still what makes the world go round. And life would be a much drearier affair without it. * » * Thai little guy in the diaper. Cupid, is the fellow to blame. He has a bow and an inexhaustable supply of arrows. He's a deadlier shot than Wild Bill Hickock and Wyatt Earp put together and a person never knows when he's going to aim your way. Sometimes he exhibits some rnighty odd taste in the people he pairs together and they don't always stay hooked after he's shot them. But Cupid is as persistant as he is unpredictable. Though you've loved and lost once, Cupid's dart can come your way again. And as we gals all know, it's romantic to be a man's first love but it's safer to be his last. * * * Love can be most influential. Back in Bible times, it made Jacob work seven long years to win Rachel only to find they'd palmed off her sister, • Leah* on him. So he worked seven more years and got the jack-pot—both of them. During the Roman heyday both Caesar and Mark An- lony loved and fought over Cleopatra, maybe thus hastening Hie fall of the empire. And it was because Pocahqntas flipped her lid for John Smith that kept him from flipping his top forcibly by courtesy of the Indians. * * * In more modern limes, love turned the King of England into the Duke of Windsor, Princess Aly Kahn into Mrs Richard Haymes (temporarily at .least) and Peter Townsend into just another Group Captain. Love turned Ingrid Bergman into Mrs Robert Rosselini and brought me disillusionment about a much admired actress. Joe DiMaggio is currently paying more attention to the pitched curves in baseball than to the phenomenal architectural curves of his ex-spouse. Marilyn but it was the romance of the decade for a while. * • » So many of the famous love affairs in history, fiction and of the present day have a touch ol the illegal, the immoral 01 the tragic in them. Maybe that's what it takes to make the love affair immortal. Perhaps if Mrs Simpson hadn't been divorced and could have become Queen Wailis we wouldn't remember the romance. But then we wouldn't known about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. If Romeo and Juliet had lived longer, had settled down and reared a family would we remembQr their love story? » * * This Valentine season's most famous lovers are Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier. Their romance has occupied almost as much newspaper space as the current low hog prices. "Grace Plans to Give Up Career For Marriage", "Grace Plans Two • Wedding Ceremonies", "Grace Wants Large Family", the head- ines read. After a'll the fuss I hope they go through with the %vedding and that the knot will remain firmly tied. Millions of people avidly follow the romance, but she isn't the only Grace with love in her life. Grace Kelly may have her Prince, but this Grace has her Plumber! * » * Prince Ranier has a casile or tw(o over in Monaco; my plumber has a house on South Williams street, Algona, Iowa. What's the difference? Any man's home is his castle. Grace's Prince has a yacht on the Mediteranean; my plumber has ?n interest in a row boat up at Cass Lake, Minn. get if going, top it Curing Put away a little every payday in an insured savings account with us. The handsome earnings that we add regularly will help build that cash reserve quickly to real security. The sooner you begin, the sooner secure. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. Since 1917 Algona Iowa Srace Kelly's brWal gown is being whipped up by a famous Hollywood designer; this Grace's wedding dress was purchased at a store on State street for twenty hard-earned bucks. After fifteen years of marriage she probably won't be able to squeeze into her Jress, either. » * « The Kelly's ' of Philadelphia have plenty of money and Grace has pulled down a pretty decent salary making movies, so nobody can say she is marrying the Prince for his money. It was different in my case. When I married my plumber he had a car, some furniture and quite a few hundred dollars in the bank. I was after his money alright and I'm still after it now that it's gone. « * * It is very desirable that Grace Kelly and her Prince have offspring so that Monaco will remain a tax-free principality. Grace and her Plumber think having children is pretty swell, also. It doesn't make us exactly free of taxes but we do have those three exemptions on our report to the Collector of Internal Revenue. . * * * Well, who is going to deny that romance is where you find it. Cupid smites the boy-next-door in his beat-up jalopy just as hard as he does the Knight on his white charger. Love has its ups and downs for both the little blond clerk at the dime store and the heiress to the millions made by the guy who founded the chain. A two bedroom, heavily- mortgaged bungalow can hold just as much love as a sixty room palace. You see, you just can't beat love — especially on St Valentine's Day. i ' • A reader who prefers io remain anonymous wrote me a letter suggesting I write something about the birds. There are those v.ho consider this column "strictly for the birds", but this lady's letter \yas a sorious plea about protecting our feathered friends. She says, "We love them and feed them the year round, but some youngsters are not taught how very necessary they are and how much good they do ay eating the bugs and worms that would destroy our trees, shrubs, vegetables, etc—in fact, we couldn't have a green thing if we didn't have birds." * * • "So many boys have been given uns of some kind and they come right to our yard to shoot at the oirds. I don't .know how many they are able to hit, but now and then a pretty little bird falls dead on our porch or in the yard. It makes us think they are trying to get back to us where they know we love and care for them. I'm sure if the parents only talk- eel to the youngsters and got them interested in the birds and explained how very necessary they are as well as how beautiful and so.-very interesting to water) they wouldn't want' to kill them." • • • This le'iier did some good even before it was published. A young man I know has been aiming his gun at and hitting sparrows recently, although he swears he'll never touch another kind of bird. I gave him this letter to read and I think he now has a mind to reform. He's going to take his target practice by aiming at tin cans. My reader recommended a book. "Wings at My Window", and after I read it you'll hear more fiorn me on the subject. So many of you maintain bird feeding stations and I'd love to hear of some of your interesting experiences. • « « Father and the two older children were out to dinner the other evening so Jeanie and I invited her friend Charlotte McVay to cat with us. The table prayer the little girls said ending. "Thank you, Lord, for this good bread", was quite appropriate for the first course was a little skimpy. We went all out on the dessert, though—two kinds of ico cream served in my very best crystal sherbets. This kind of made a party out of it, which delighted Charlotte. "Say." she said, "we'd better pray again and this time thank Him for the dessert". • * » There was another letter from Gh.dy? 'Barker of Cedar Rapids thK week in which she enclosed several excellent pork recipes. One of them is for Pork Chops with cheest.', Rice and ruoiiis. It's this week's recipe. 4 shoulder pork chops, :l i" thick 1 Uibl.sp. drippings or salad oil ! i cup finely cut onions J -4 cup finely cut celery 1 10 uz. can Consomme 1 tsp. salt \k cup cheese spread 1 3 oz. can mushrooms (pieces and liquid) 4.« cup uncooked rice 'Brown chops well ori both sides in skillet. Remove to a plate. Add drippings or oil and brown the onions and celery in it. Add salt, cheese spread, inush rooms and rice. Lay chops on top. Cover and simmer 30 minutes or until chops and rice are done. —GflACE, Hi Jinks * * * oted te> "lihind Th* Scenes" llemi Ftom AlgoM High School. A high school girl is a strange creature. She is a fickle, sassy little brat in bjue jeans. No one knows quite why she was created. But since she was, she makes the best of it. « * * She raves about boys, ears thai run. hot fudge sundaes, new clothes, telephones, Sad movies, earrings, jitterbug And bop, love comics, parties, cashmere' sweaters, steak, young, handsome male teachers. * * * • . She does not go into ecstasy over exams, staying home, black coffee, old shoes, hurrying, text books, writing letters, clothes that are old or hot in style, assignments, getting out of bed. * * . She likes to imagine herself as possessing the candor pf Audrey Hepburn, the reserve of Queen Elizabeth, the haunting enigma of Mona Lisa. * * * Although she loves cokes, malts and candy, she can't understand why she gets fat. * * * She can talk about the latest scandal, styles, other girls, school, male movie stars, things she doesn't understand. » * * Somehow she remembers her first date, names, cheers, when she has to be home; * * * Somehow you remember her as being someone worth remember- ing. e * * A high school boy is a lazy, worthless, conceited blob of nothing, just' another huiriai; being, and a poor example at that. * * * He likes girls, cars that run, cars that don't run, food, old shoes, dogs, bad movies, Levis without belts, fun, sports magazines, parties with food, letter sweaters, steak, young, pretty female teachers. * * « He does not care much for exams, staying home, peanut butter sandwiches, work, walking, text book's, writing themes, ties, assignments, going to bed. * * * He likes to think of himself as having Steve Canyon's knowledge of women, the aloofness of Rex Morgan, the savage tenderness of Marlon Brando. o * * His favorite topics of conversation are himself, sports, other girls, things he has done, past and future girl friends, how good he is. * * * For some reason, he pretends to forget his first date, to study for a tost, to be anywhere on time, when she has to be home. * * » For some reason, you do not forget him as ^soon as he likes to pretend hi ma's soon as he likes pretend you do. — SS. Misted Curve To Tune Of $10 Failure to navigate a curve in his automobile cost Willis W. Mace, Yanktbn, S. D. driver, $10 and costs in the office of C. H. Dstvvinkle. justice of tho peace. Other J. P. court fines were Russell Sharp, Algona, $5 and costs, improper registration; Ralph E. Hall, Sioux City, $10 and costs for drinking beer on the highway, and Thomas J. Laubenthal. West Bend, $5 and costs for not having a proper car muffler. At LaPorte City, Burrell Wilder has retired after 38 years of service with J.he mutual telephone company there. Licenses to Wed Two licenses to wed were issued February 1. only ones in the past week, in the office of Alma Pearson, clerk of the district court. They went to John Bcu- thian, Montgomery, la. and Mary Engstrom, Algona, and 'to Wrn Loss of Irvington and Janice Meine, Whtttemore. NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS Sealed bids will be received bv tjie undersigned Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Burl Community School District, In the County of Kossuth. State of Iowa, until 2 o'clock P.m., March 6. 1056. for Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250.000.001 School Building Bonds, of said District, at which time they will be presented to the Board of Directors of said School District at its meeting to be then held at the school building in Burt. Iowa, and in said School District. Jind after the receipt of open bids the bonds will be sold to the highest bidder for cash. Said bonds will be dated February 1. 1956. of the denomination of Sl.000.00 each, and will mature in installments of S3.000.00 on November 1, 1957, S13.- 000.00 on November 1 of eacl> of the years 1958 to 1962. inclusive, and $1-4.00000 on November 1 of. each of the years 1963 to 1975. Inclusive. Bidders should specify, the interest 'rate or rates for the bonds and all other circumstances being equal, preference will be given to the bid of par and accrued interest or better specifying the lowest interest rate or rates. The School District will furnish thn approving opinion of Messrs. Chapman and Cutler, Lawyers, Chicago, Illinois, the purchaser to furnisn the Pi-intcd bonds, and all bids must bo so conditioned. When tho printed bonds have been niade available, the School District will deliver the executed bonds and accept payment therefor upon three days' notice on or before forty-five days niter the date of sale. Certified check payable to the Burt Community School District, in the County of Koanuth, State of Iowa, for Twto Per Cent (2%) of the principal amount of the bonds is rcnuired with onch bid. The right Is reserved to reject any and all bltla. Published by. order of tho Board of Directors and dated January 30, 1B50. Mrs. O. H. Graham Secretary (Published Feb. 7 and Feb. 14. 1058, in The Alfiona (IcAvn) Upper Dos Molnes) OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MILLIONS .OF HOM£S Cowan's Roto-Rooter Serv. One Year Guarantee Phone Algona 980 — COLLBCT ROTO-ROOTER No fooling! Coccidiosis is real! Just ask any poultry raiser whose chicks tangled with coccidiosis. It's deadly. But FELCO CHICK STARTER with SQ (with sulfaquinoxaline) helps control the reduces the death loss and practically eliminates runts. FELCO CHICK STARTER WITH SQ will help you house more birds from every 100 chicks started. And remember: You^ thare in the cooperative savings. Stop in and see us this week. West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend Farmers Cooperative Society, Wesley. Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt. , Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co., Lone Rock. Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton. Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore. The Farmers Elevator, Bode. Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City. wonderful to Specials in Borden's © THt •OftOCN CO. .%*« »t» 7$onfett$ \&& K- Ice «srea-xj?» %H^ ; Nf .vtf ^>'j>. av^ >^S" ^ ? i%; "'J^aswvw****" 1 wu£ v &* • — •.«**•••« better thin ever Cherry Vanilla You just haven't tasted Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream till you've enjoyed some of this Cherry Jubilee Special by Borden's. Everything about it is distinctive — even the Colonial-styled carton. Visit your Border, dealer soon and get some. In pints ana half-gallons. Lady Borden Lorraine Cherry An "all cherry" ice cream, made with special luscious dark cherries. Just as pictured in the magazines and on television! cup water Borden's Famous Cherry Ice Cream Pies Ready to serve Gives 4 to 6»e pieces. Smart for parties. There's a Borden's Ice Cream dealer near you I I II •• • • YOU NAME IT!!! KQSSUTH COUNTY 100 LBS. O With Each Used Car Sold (1950 MODEL OR LATER) 20 Ibs. ROAST 10 Ibs. LARD 25 Ibs, CHOPS 8 Ibs. BACON 15 Ibs, RIBS 5 Ibs. LIVER 10 Ibs. HOCKS 7 Ibs. LUNCH MEAT WE GOT IT!!! KOSSUTH COUNTY EAT MORE PORK I Yes Si/! You name the car and the kind you want . . . and it's just about a sure thing we con match your desires here at Schultz Bros. Why not try us out and see? ^^^1^^^^^ ^^WH^^ ^^^^P ^^^W ^Hffjljf^ ^^W^^^W ^H^^ *^^PPIH^Hp STUDEBAKER It PACKARD Algona. Iowa SALES & SERVICE Phone 975-W Looking for these choice late models at a price that makes you feel good? Take a trip to Schultz Bros, and see our top array of cars. You'll like what we can show you! EAT MORE PORK

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