The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on September 3, 1927 · Page 11
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 11

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 3, 1927
Page 11
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-·* THE BRIDGEPORT "TELEGRAM, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER V, 1927 E ACTION FILED BY WIFE OF EVANGELIST Gypsy Pat Smith's Wife Seeks Freedom; Forty- Five Actions Filed. A dhorce started several weeks ago by Karin TJader Smith, of Darlen, fgainst her hUsband, Capt. Gypsy Pat Smith, -war hero and evangelist, was filed yesterday In Superior court. The action « companion suit to another brought by Mrs. Smith seeking $10.000 and a return of Tokeneke property Is based on allegations ot cruelty and misconduct. This divorce petition. \v^h seven others filed yesterday brings the total filed this week to 45. Mrs. Smith cites that she was married on April C9. 1920. She charges that for years Smith was cruel to her She names one Jane Stiles as co-respondent, and asks the custody of a minor son an award of alimony and the right to resume her former name of Karin TJader. .Mr*. Sequin Sues. I'»ne Nelson Sequin, of this rity, bi/ ngs an action against her husband Dudley H. Sequin, former automobile sales manager of this city and now of Newark. She alleges habitual intemperance and cruelty and asks also alimony and custody of a minor'Child. Cruelty is charged by Klua Gerlack Heldllnger against Karl Adolph Held- Inger, both of Stamofrd whom she married on June 13, 1915. Mary R. Schlhz. of Stamford charges that Phillip J. Schlltz, of New York, city, whom she married on April 11. 1909. deserted her on Decemoer 17. 1923. Cruelty and misconduct are charged by Salvatore Delaventura. of Stamford In hla action against Rose Delaventura of parts unknown, whom he married on May 17, 1926. Stamford Vtoman SUPS Tomassina Hotelli. of Stamford charges Joseph Rotelll. of parts unknown with cruelty. They were married June 18. 1824. The plaintiff also seeks the right to resume her former name of Tomassina Lazzaro. John Wahlowlck, of Stamford, charges that his wife, Hilda B. Wahlowlcfc, of Cape Cod. Mass.. whom he married on April 15, 1923, deserted him on September 8. 1923. Alimony and custody of a minor child are asked by Marie Belle Wilson Fraker. of Greenwich, In her action against Eugene Porter Fraker, also of Greenwich, whom she married on April 2, 1907 and whom she claims deserted her on June 1. 1924. Auction Bridge I BY MILTON C. WORK The InternatloiU Authority The pointer for today Is: IN AUCTION B R I D G E A COl P IS THE MAKINU Of SOME I'M. SI'- AL A N D BRILLIANT PLAY. Yesterday's hand woe. THE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL «36 FA1RFIELD AVE. College Preparatory; High School, Junior High, and Upper Grammar-School Courget, The thirty-sixth j c a r begins J Wcdnesda\, the 21st of September, 1927. The opportunity is Mere : we vork for you and w i t h \ o u : we are coach and coxswain, but \ o u m u ^ t pull vur oar. VINCENT C. PECK, H»ad Muter. Call B 642, after Sept. 5th. , 4 A-10-4 9 K-J-10-7. $.10-8. (5 4 8-7-S 4 J-8-6 9 4 4 4 j-9-6 4 K-J-10-5-2 ' NORTH ^- m ^* » H SOL'TH 4 K-Q-:t V \-Q-2 ^ 9-7-3-2 ^9-8-6 ^ 7-5-.? 49-4-3 + A-K-Q-1-2 BALDWIN TAKES OVER DUTIES AS Single Court Case Comes before New Official in Stratford Court. South Declaier. contiacts, No Tiump To the first trick West led Jack ol Hearts, North played Trey of Hearts. East. Six of Hearts, South, Queen of Heart*. To the second trick South should lead Trey of Spades: West play Four of Spades; North Jack of Spades, East Deuce of Spades. South's lead to trick 2 is an effort to "steal a grand slam." He has five Club, five Diamond and two Heart tricks assured. a total of 12 tricks. There Is no chance of obtaining another trick In either of those three suits so It would look ns If the the Ace of Spades must win and that a small Slam would be the maximum If, however, one Spade trick can be won before the adversaries take In their Ace, a Grand Slam can be made. Of course, this could not be done if the adversaries realized the great strength of Declarer's combined hands, but It Is made possible at the start of the hand by leading toward Jack of Spades in Dummy. If West have Ace of Spades he naturally will play small, hoping that East may take the trick with the King, and lead a Heart which would establish that suit with the Ace of Spades left In the West hand as an entry to make the long Hearts. If the Ace of Spades be held by East It will win but In that event the attempted larceny v.ould not cost anything as. South would then have a show down for the small slam. Mostly players with Declarer's twenty-six cards would face their hands conceding the Ace of Spades and claiming a Small Slam but It Is foolish to concede a tilck to the adyersaiies if there be a way In which it may possibly be obtained. This hand Is another evidence of the advantage of planning before playing. STRATFORD, Sept 2.--(Special) Attorney Raymond E. Baldwin, newly appointed prosecutor In the Stratford town court, appeared for the first time Thursday In his new role, taking a part In the handling of the single court case that came before Judge Henry Harford. The case was that of Milton McDonald of 226 Sixth street. Bridgeport, who was charged with reckless driving and violating the rules of the road. McDonald, who was represented by Attorney Ivan L. Morehouse, was not guilty on the reckless driving charge, and was found guilty and fined $10 and costs on ihe charge of violating the rules of the road. He took an appeal. The case was presented by Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Kmetz, but Attorney Baldwin, whose appointment st prosecutor went into effect Thursday, appeared In the case for a few minutes, thus officially assuming his new duties. Ta\ Lists. Director ol Finance John C. Wilcoi- son announced that every person, firm or corporation, icldent or non-res!- clcnt, liable to taxation on real or personal pioperty In the town of Stratford on September 1. 1927, must file with the Boaicl of Assessors a sworn statement of all taxable property some time dm Ing the present month. Failure to do so will compel the assessors to make out the lists from the best information available, to which the penalty of ten per cent will be added as the law requires. Failure to tile a list deprives the owner of the right to appeal to the Board of Relief. Lists will be received between the hours of 8 30 a in. and 4 p. m. during the month. The office will be open on the evenings of September 20, 27, 28, 29, 30 and October 1 from 7 to 9 p. m DeC'esare' In Runhlng. Blaglo DcCesare, who was reported yesterday to have withdrawn as a candidate for councilman In the Fourth district, said today that he has decided not to withdraw, but Instead will run for the office of councilman us an Independent candidate. He will oppose Nicholas Fedorko. the present councilman, who has received the endorsement of the district civic club for reelection. Legion Meeting Members oE Anderson-Dunn-Kochlss post. No. 42, American Legion, will meet Tuesday evening, September 6 Plans for the Fall bazaar of the post will be one of the matters discussed at the meeting. Motorist Injured While engaged In making repairs to his automobile which had broken down in Stratford center, William Mc- Lsughliii of 481 Ogden, street, Bridgeport, received a severe cut on the hand He went to Police headquarters and was directed to a physician's office where he could have the cut attended to. DEVON G. 0. P. TO NAME SLATE SOON \ SALE Caucus Will Be Held in Town Hall on September 9. OF 1 S W E A T E R S For Men, Women Children An advance sale of just the type of sweaters you'll want to wear when Winter ccmes Warm wooly sweaters, beautifully woven of soft fine selected wools; made in the rich soft colors obtainable only in pure dyed wool Ladies' New novelty slip-overs with collar, V I or square neck . $1.98 All wool jersey coat in b u f f , Harding navy, black and brown ... Men' DEVON, Sept. 2.--(Special) The caucus of the Hepublican party for the nomination of town officers on the Republican ticket for the coming fall election will be held on Friday evening September 9, at the town hall The Democrats will meet at the hall on Monday evening September 12 for the same purpose. Announcement has been made by the Superintendent of Schools, Carl Maddocks. that the De\on and Beach schools will reopen for the Tall term on Wednesday, September 7. Mr. and Mi 3. W H Potter accompanied by Mi Potter's two 'liters will motor to Mansfield over tl.e week-end. The Harris lawn on Bridgeport avenue was the scene of a very successful food bate, Wednesday evening, given for the benefit of St. Ann's church. Last night marked the final meeting of the Blvercliff Community Club of Devon, one of the most active social organizations in this section for- the past few ysais Thif, was made necessary by the selling of the "Mansion House" wheie the club meetings and social timos have been conducted. To mark the disbanding of the organization a banquet was enjoyed by about 35 members at Wllcox Pier restaurant at Savin Hock, Last Saturday night, The club, during its existence did much for the welfare of Blvercliff section and it is the hope of residents that this action of the society Is only temporaiy. Mr and Mrs Thomas Martin have iflurried to their home on Bridgeport avenue after enjoying a week's vacation in New York city. Heavy Shaker crew neck all wool Maroon, ^ £* navy or black PO« Heavy Shaker coat sweater with collar. All wool. Reg price $9.00. tfi ft A Sale Price «J)D.UU BAKER SUES COMPETITOR FOR CONTRACT VIOLATION Lumber Jackets Sweaters For Boys and Girls Just the thing for school or play. $1 00 to $2.98 Violation of an agreement not to enter Into the bakery business In this city is alleged by Michael Mlchalka, In his $10,000 damage action filed yes- tei-ciay in the Supeiiov court against Nicolay Hubcnko, also of Bridgeport The plaintiff claims that on Novcmuer 22. 1926, he purchased the defendant's inlet cst In a baking concern and that at the time the defendant agreed not to start la business again In his city. It is claimed that on February 1, 1927, In violation of this. Hubenko opened a bnklng shop near that now owned by the plaintiff. SHANNON SUES FAMILY FOR $3,000 SERVICE FEE HANKEN KNITTING MILLS We Retail at Wholesale Prices 1478 Main St., Near Armory 1114 E. Main St. OPEN EVENINGS Attorney Henry E. Shannon, of this ( i L y . yesterday filed an action in the .Superior court to recover »3,000 from William Q. find Mary E. Shaw, of Norwalk: Ella E. Shaw, of New York city; Godfrey C. Bhaw, of Wilton, and Norman B Shaw, of Calgary, Canada, for whom he claims lie rendered services The defendants are the heirs of the estates of Thaddeus and Esther Ouyer, ol Norwalk. Bridgeport, Connecticut Snturclnj, September 3, 1D27 The Wi«thi» F«lr and Warmer. STORE CLOSES DAILY AT 5 P. M.--SATURDAY 6 P. M. Fresh from their boxes! Transparent Velvet trimmed Frocks $15 Transparent Velvet is the newest of the season's many smar: faorics. Soft, clinging, light in weight wiHi a sparkling lu- tie, it Brings new life to the ot. erwise ;'tosaic Black rr B'own Dress. However, it is rarely used for the entire Frock, rather it fashions the front of the bodice or forms coquettish tiers on the front of the circular skirt. While the skirts of the Fall Frocks remain 1 7 and 18 inches from the ground, they are considerably fuller, especially in the front, where all the trimming congregates. Other new Models are priced from $10 to S3 5. SECOND FLOOR Campus and Classroom Fashions for the College Girl $25 and $35 One and two-piece, straight Frocks of conservative Wool Georgette, Wool Crepe. Wool Panama and finely-woven Jersey. SECOND FLOOR Snug fitting' sleeves, small collars and wide belts. Only at Rowland's Jack Tar Dresses for the School Girl Novelty Sweaters $2.95 to $7.50 We are f e a t u r i n g all the newer weaves and styles-the student neck slip-on, the brushed wool Cardigan and the all-wool Norfolk and Tuxedo. Smart also are the fine Jerseys in the Wood-Brown shades. Every conceivable color and color combination and every wanted Model are here, so you may be sure that you will find one to suit. SECOND FLOOR at $2.95 '1 here's i vaiicd assortment of one and two-piece Tub Frocks as well as those made on tailored lines in the two-piece button effect. Also the one-piece regulation Sailor dresses. at $7.50 Novelty two-piece a f f a i i s with pleated plaid or plain- colored skirt and button-on Broadcloth blouse. Fine one- piece Jersey Models. Sizes 6 to 14 years. 'SECOND FLOOR-REAR Why not a box of How land Chocolates? 42c Ib. Rain or shine the week end ,ind holiday will be much more pleasant if you have some of these delicious chocolates to nibble on. Assorted flavors with soft and bard center, covered with a heaping- coating of rich ·chocolate. By the way, have you ever tried any of Lovell and Covel hand-rolled Chocolates? They sell for 80c Ib. BASEMENT HERE- AN OPEN MIND Newness, new ideas, new methods--all get a fair trial, and a helping hand. Therefore, each man and woman in this store feels free to suggest and to experiment--confident of judgment that is unhampered by tradition, and unprejudiced. Hence--the steady progress of this concern and its constantly modern methods. There's no doubt about the leading shoe-It's Simulated Alligator Reptilian Leathers first made their appearance last Spring, in response to the increasing demand for something other than Patent or Satin. So satisfying have they been, both in the matter of wear and appearance, that Alligator now leads the mode in Fall Footwear One-strap Pump with Military Heel or the three-eyelet Oxford with cut out side and i \ . l i t a r y Heel. $7.50 MAIN FLOOR Flexible Felts $3.95 Soft, pliable Hats that one may shape and dent to suit one's own personality. Fascinating Autumn shades with plenty of N a v y and Black. Trim - looking oft-the-face Models and Ihe universally becoming rippling brims, that cast an a l l u r i n g shadow over the eyes. All head sizes SECOND FLOOE Men's New Fall Two-Trouser Suits Styleplus Make $35 $40 The high quality of the fabrics and the workmanship is easily noticeable, but immediately, your eye will be attracted by the handsome new patterns in Browns and Grays. Twisted and Worsted materials, that will stand plenty ol wear. College Students, Senior and Junior Business Men will find the three button Coat much to their liking. Emerson Hats 1 $5 Soft Felts with Welt'Edge ( Snap Brims, in new Fall shadings. MEN'S SHOP CANNON STREET ENTRANCE They're Made Right! Men's Yorke Shirts $3 Main and Printed Broadcloth and Madras shirting of an excellent quality and tailored by Yorke into Shirts that particular men want. Collar attached or neckband styles. MAIN FLOOR--FRONT Fall Fashions for the School Boy ·fM -jty vV s 4-piece Suits $12.50 3-button Coat, 4-pocket Vest and two-pair plus 4 knickers. Grays, Browns and Tans. Sizes 8 to 17 years. Other Suits from $8.75 to $25. Caps to match--sizes 6 5-8 to 7 1-8 $1 and $1.50. Extra Knickers $3 Plus 4 Golf Knickers in a good assortment of colors and patterns. Sizes 7 to 18 years. \ Fine Quality Blouses $1 Scotch Madras and fancy Silk striped materials. Sizes 6 to 16 years. . - .Colorful Ties SOc Four-in-hands. Silk and .Cotton Crepe. BASEMENT--FRONT Now! Get a Brownie Camera \ $2.50 to $5 The simplest Camera made--press the release and the picture is yours. We are also equipped to give 24-hour service in developing and printing. Developing--roll lOc Printing 4c to 8c MAIN FLOOR--REAR I

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