Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 19, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1973
Page 23
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Market Reports Today Mtrcitttite txehirw CM1CAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low ClwePrev. Live Beef Fttures Aug 51.27 50.25 50<?0 50.00 Oct 51.62 50.02 51.50 50.00 Dec 52.37 51.75 52.37 51.35 Feft 52 52 51.07 52.52 51.50 Apr 51.55 51.25 51.55 50.02 Jiilt 51.47 51.00 51.47 50.55 Aug 50.80 50.30 50.80 49.90 live Hogs J!y 49.12 49.00 49.00 47.02 Aug 50.20 49.50 49.75 48.60 Oct 50.32 49.65 49.70 48.75 Dec 50.90 50.90 50.90 49.35 Feb 50.75 50.75 50.75 49.15 Apr 49.25 49.00 49.25 47.80 Jun 49.40 49.00 49.40 47.80 Jly 48.50 48.50 48.50 47.00 Aug 47.70 47.00 47.00 46.20 Frozen Pork Bellies Jly 59.70 59.70 59.70 58.20 Aug 59.70 .... 59.70 58.20 feb 72.52 72.52 72.52 70.97 Mar 71.60 71.60 71.60 70.20 May . 70.90 70.90 70.90 69.40 Jly 69.80 69.80 69.80 68.30 Aug 69.05 69.05 69.05 67.55 Livestock Mart At Record High By United Press International Livestock markets throughout Illinois today reported all-time high prices paid per-hundredweight on live hogs with prices exceeding the $50 mark in several transactions. The jump was attributed to provisions in Phase IV that removed ceilings on pork. Increases of between $4 and $5.50 were reported at markets in Joliet, Peoria, Springfield and East St. Louis in trade that was described as fairly active to "quite" active. Gritn Future* CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low dose Prev. Wheat Jly 307V4 30 ?y4 WlV* 297& Sep 295% 295% 295% 200 Dec 290% 290% 290% 281 Mar 287% 287% 287% 278 May 280 280 280 270 Corn Jly 259% 259% 259% 249 Sep 236% 236% 230% 226% Dec 220 220 226 216% Mar 225% 225% 225% 216 May 224V« 224V4 224% 214 Oats (old) Jly 104 104 104 98 Oats (new) Jly 104 103 104 98 Sep 109 108% 109 103 Dec 114% 114% 114% 108V4 Mar • 119 119 119 113 May 119 119 119 113 Soybeans Jly 1107 1107 1107 1027 Aug 980 980 980 940 Sep 880 880 880 840 Nov 769 769 869 728 Jan 761 761 761 722 Mar. 755 755 755 715 May 751 751 751 712 I Polyester New King of Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 908.41 up 3.01 20 trans 164.38 off 0.43 15 utils 101.29 up 0.09 65 stocks 276.94 up 0.45 Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI)Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through July 16: Wthdrwls $15,441,751,566.53 Deposits 10,319,508,541.59 Cash balance 6,999,659,680.14 Public debt 456,295,750,613.22 FIT FOR THE FARM SIZES AA•EEE 6-16 Because Red Wing Work Shoes come In so many styles and sizes—6 to 16, double A to four E—they're a perfect fit for most any pair of hard-working farm feet. So, if it's comfort you're looking for, look up your Red Wing shoo man. And get fit for the farm. FRI. Til 9 P.M. £\ a C :,.mFin .4 SH^Q 140 E. MAIN — Two Doors West of WalgfMns By LeROY POPE IJPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - Once upon a time, the South was the land of cotton, and cotton was king of the world's fabric*. King Cotton has been dethroned but the South is the home of the new monarch of the textile world, Emperor Polyester. Business Today Polyester, a synthetic resin that can be made into yarns or molding compounds to encase fiberglass strands, last year surpassed nylon as the world's most widely used synthetic fiber. It passed nylon in the United States two years ago. Derived from coal tar by way of terephthalic acid and petroleum (ethylene glycol, also used as an antifreeze), more polyester is made in the South than anywhere else. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. alone has six plants in the South making polyester resins, yarns and tire ingredients. Other tire companies and many chemical and basic textile producers also make polyester products in Dixie. In the fabric world, mixtures of polyester and cotton or wool or all-polyester fabrics such as Dacron, now hold a dominant position even though continuous filament polyester yarns appeared on the market only in 1962. Before then, polyester was Factors Indicate Expansion Lies Ahead: Company NEW YORK (UPI) - "Economic factors, on balance, continue to indicate that expansion lies ahead," according to Harris, Upham & Co. None- thelesss. The rate of expansion should slow a bit, the firm adds, and depending on the shape of Phase IV, a recession could loom in the future. "Regardless of the outcome, however, we feel the stock market has been in a discounting phase in anticipation of some form of economic contraction," the company says. The Argus Research Corp agrees there should be a slowdown in the GNP during 1974, but the slackened pace probably will fall short of meeting the criteria for recession. "Considering the tendency of the economy to snap back quickly from any slackening in growth and the sensitivity of the Fed to signs of recession, we believe that current levels of stock prices have more than discounted the seriousness of the 1974 slowdown," the firm adds. available only in staple (chopped fiber). Even then it made inroads against nylon, rayon and other synthetics for mixing with cotton or wool in knitting yams arid fabrics for women's dresses, men's shorts, underwear, hosiery, sweaters, carpeting, upholstery and pile fabrics. Polyester also has captured the market for boat sails, except for spinnakers, still made of the lighter nylon. Polyester's more recent triumphs have been in industry. Yachts, trawlers and small boats, some automobile bodies, many tubs and shower enclosures and many other fixtures and furnishings are made of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibers. Brush bristles, paper machine screen belts, magnetic tape, film or prepackaged food bake and boil hags, V-belts and hundreds of other products are made of polyester because the material is stronger than steel in proportion to weight and far "It looks like we've got a genuine old-fashioned summer rally on our hands," Alexander Hamilton Institute, Inc. says. Besides an oversold condition, some signs.of dollar strength abroad and encouraging second-quarter reports from key companies have helped buoy the stock list. SCHLITZ 6 Pok MEISTER BRAU 12 CANS *1.85 STAG O CANS •1.12 24 Cans Warm Blue Ribbon — 13.89 Falstaff - $3.89 24 Bottles 11-O*. Returnable Bottles Wisconsin Club $2.79 Blue Ribbon $3.49 Old Milwaukee $3.48 Plus Deposit Va GALLONS Paul Jones $7.95 FLEISCHMANN'S GUI , „..._ $7.99 FLEISCHMANN'S Vodka'-.— $7.29 M PROOF OW Taylor $995 Calvert* ._ $9.69 WINE Mogan David —— qt. $1.29 Zapple - Vi gal. $1.49 Mateus —- $2.99 Pobst Blue Ribbon —12 pok cons $2.24 Falstaff , 6 pok eons $1.05 Falstaff 12 pok cons $2.05 Wisconsin Club 12 pok cans $1.69 Old Chicago 6 pok cons $1.05 Hamms 12 pok cons $2.29 Andcckcr or Michelob 6 pok cant $1.69 House of Stuart Scotch 5th $3.99 J & B Scotch 5th $5.99 King William Scotch Qt. $4.79 Ten High & Imperial 5th $3.49 Seagram 7 Crown 5th $4.29 Paul Jones Qt, $4.39 Kessler Qt, $4.39 Four Roses 5th $3 99 Walker's Gin 5th $3,19 White Tavern Gin or Vodka —5th $2,99 Smirnoff Vodka 5th $3.99 Antique 5th $3.89 Walkers Deluxe 5th $4,89 Gilbey's Vodka - 5th $3.49 Southern Comfort 5th_$4.89 Open Sunday Ad Good Thru 1-8 P.M. Saturday, July 21,1973 BURKE'S 273 N PRAIRIE ST Drive In Package Liquor 342 2616 I Kt L r AKI". if Over As lie World more inert end corrosion resistant. It is in the tire industry that polyester may play an even mere beneficial role. Riibber tires originally were reinforced by cotton cords. Rayon succeeded cotton, and nylon succeeded rayon. Now the industry has moved to polyester cord for ell but the cheapest tires because polyester has greater strength and dimensional stability. These make for longer lasting tires and easier riding cars Polyester belts reinforced by fiberglass are proving to be equal or superior to steel belts in the new radial tires. The new double knit fabrics that have changed garments so much would have been impossible without polyester yarns. Polyester makes them hold their shape, resist wrinkles, creasing and endure stretching. Polyester fabrics also are easier to clean, dry faster than other fabrics and take a wider range of brilliant dyes. Qalesbtira,jSoJesbuflkjjl, _ ^hufsdaVi July 19.1 975 81 "Gas shortage? Let nit put It this way: I'm closing up and going into thi buggywhip businessl" Read the Want Ads Legal Notice *j NOTICE OP PUBLIC : HEARING ! Notice is hereby given by thd Board of Trustees of The Spoon Valley Lake Sanitary 15Rtf let- located in the County ^'JKrirjt and State of Illinois, th'$'i tentative Annual Budget /and Appropriation Ordinance M.said The Spoon'Valley Lake Sanitary District for the fiscal year beginning July 1,1973, attending June 30,1974, is now on file and conveniently available ibVpubtic inspection at the off ice;,of the Board of Trustees, (InfojWhation Center, Oak Run), Persifer- Township, Knox County,, Illinois, in said District. Notice is further hereby given that a Public Hearing on such Budget, and Appropriation Ordinance will be held-, at 8:00 P.M. on the 7th day of-August, 1973, at the office of thV Board of Trustees, Information Center, Oak Run, Persifer Township, Knox County, Illinois, 'Ih said District. " ''• ' DATED this 28th dayofrJune, 1973. . BOARD OF TRUSTEES. OF THE SPOON VALLEY LAKE - ' SANITARY DISTRICT By: Garry L. Sechawer- • (SEAL) - Clerk 7/1R8; 2T G78-15 G78-14 F78-14 F78-15 C78-14 B78-14 E78-14 95$ TO pertireonwhitewalls ' ,. If wo should sell out of your size, we'd give you a "Ralncheck" assuring future delivery at theadvertlsed price. SILVERTOWN BELTED Selected as the "new car 1 ' tire on many of America's finest 1973 cars HURRYIH WORT! VCHECK YOUR SIZE /£m CHECK OUR LOW PRICED 4-Ply Polyester Cord Tire FOR CAMPERS, Jwm VANS, PICK-UPS if Offer* as shown at B.F.Goodrich Stores; competitively priced »t B.F.Goodrich Dealers. QUINT'S TIRE SERVICE 642 E. MAIN ST. GALESBURG, ILL BFGoodrith If you wan < t Goodrich, you'll just have to remember Goodrich

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