Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 19, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1973
Page 22
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22 Caoltiburfl taoister*Mail, Golesburp. Ill, Thursdoy, July 19, .1973 Market Reports Today dAiMmmc ORDER BUYER* Sledryafds .$*4s.00 Ifo.iS: *»» ... "mm ... Mm... * fc e^48.50*$48. /5 ..$47.56449.50 Packing Sows: .$45.75447.50 $39.00440.50 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 1,200. Butcher Trend: $3-$5 higher. •No. £1 200-225 .... No/M: 1*0-246 .... 240476 .... : 280-300 .... Sow tread: 300-500 Boars: 350 lbs. up .... $37.75438.25 $49.75'$50.60 ,.,..$48.75-$4975 $43.00449.75 $46.50447.50 $344 higher. $43.00445.00 GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co Market may either go up Of down by 1:30 pjn. when final bid "Wives. 11:30 O'clock bid. "No.- 2 Corn (old) $2.40 — New- Corn $2.08 No. 2 Oats 89 LARGE YARD SALE OalMfcufg Head Vt nUi E. el Oalet Formerly Sienna Coffee the* Melted milk mixer, milk glass, crystal, dishes, puzzles, clothes St many misc. items. FrL. July 10 — I A.M. - 4 P.M. ~ ; JACK YARD SALE * 427 OAK ~r»i., July 10 — l A.M. -1 P.M. 2 Bain er thine it* tile, bike, clothes, toys, (•1. aquarium, craft-made animals, odds & ends. EMENT SALE XnOAINI GALORE S I094 N. West St. rL, July 10 — It • Dark .., iitf.. July II — t - • othing, lamps, B/W TV, tools, ysveome antiques it many mis»^ % SSl^'ARD SALE » 25* 21J GROVE July 10th — I *jn. - T &<UMsr it chlldrens clothing, miasuaalzes 6, 8, 10 & 12, ladies — SfOvHO & IS. BKIVEWAY SALE m. Z £5 209 HElARD * **» XNOXVILLE Lo H, i., July 20 — 8-5 girls clothing size 7 to w puzzles, games, etc. No. 1 Beans (old) ...,-$9.50 New $7.29 VIOLA AVCTtOtt REPORT July II, 1171 Receipts Cattle Carres Hoes Sh *ap This Week 298 14 264 333 Last Week 352 4 430 362 Last Year 498 18 177 219 CATTLE: Receipts 10% slaughter classes; balance mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Slaughter steers and heifers .90-1.00 higher. Cows steady. Feeder cattle steady. SLAUGHTER STEERS it HEIFERS: Choice and Prime 1100-1250 lb. steers 49.50-50JO; Choice and Prime 900-U0O lb. heifers 48.0048.80; Choice 150-1000 lb. 47.00-48.25 •COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cowl 33.00-37.60; Canner and Cutter 37.50-36.00. FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 350-500 lb. heifers 52.75-55.25; mixed Good and Choice 350-550 lb. 47.M-53.00. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices .50-1.00 per head higher, SLAUGHTER BOARS: 250-500 lb 34.00-37.20. FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-3 30-30 lb. 21.00-39.50; some 45 lb. 3455; tome 80 lb. 42.25; all sold by the head. SHEEP: Choice and Prime 90-110 lb. slaughter lambs _34.75-87.10; Choice 90-110 lb. 31.00-35.00; 60-80 lb. feeder lambs 29.00-3755. MACOMB AUCTION - REPORT July 17, 1173 Receipts Cattle Calves Hogs theep This Week 542 11 612 64 Last Week 446 10 468 49 Last Year 730 18 567 140 CATTLE: Receipts 35% slaughter classes; balance mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Slaughter steers and heifers .75-1.00 higher. Cows 50c higher. Feeder cattle 1.00 higher. SLAUGHTER STEERS it HEIFERS: Choice and Prime 1050-1250 lb. steers 49.00-49.80; Choice 1000-1250 lb. 47.50-49.00; Choice and Prime 850-1000 lb. heifers 47.00-47.90. COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 32.75-37.90; Canner and Cutter 28.75-36.00; bulls yield grade 1-2 1100-1600 lb. 40.50-45.00. FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 350-550 lb. steers 59.75-64.00; 550-800 lb. 53.00 56.00; mixed Good and Choice 550 900 lb. 48.00-52.25; Good 600-950 lb. 44.75-48.25; Choice 300-500 lb. heif ers 51.00-59,00; mixed Good and Choice 550-800 lb. 44.50-40.00; Good and Choice replacement cows with calves at side 400.00-500.00 per pair. Hogs: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices-1.50-2.00 per head, higher. SLAUGHTER BOARS: 300-600 lb. 34 25-35 75 FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-3 30-40 lb. 25.00-29.75; 40-50 lb. 29.50-35.25; 7080 lb. 43.25-47.00; all sold by the head; bred sows 140.OO-180.0O per head. SHEEP: some 60 lb. feeder lambs 34.75; Good replacement ewes 16.7524.00 per head. .; Prior to the 1931 Major League season, a batted ball that bounced into the 'stands was a home run, but is now called a groundrule double. MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE 517 N. Cedar St. FRI; - SAT. - 1UN. /1 A.M. - ? Dishes. ; furniture, ironing boards. TV, trays, clothing from toddler to adult sizes. Ntw York Stdckt NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral lo% AlldChem 34 Alld Strs 25 1 /. Allis Chal 10 Alcoa 58% Am Air 10% Am Can 31 Am Cyan 24% AmElPwr 26% Am Mtrs 7% Am T6rT 52% Anaconda 21 Ash Oil m» Atl Rich 81& Avco lOYs Bea Fds 22% Bendix 35 Vi Beth Stl 28 '/4 Boeing 18% Borden 23% Inland Stl 29% IBM 314y 8 Int Harv 29H. Int Nick 31V4 Int Paper 34% Int T&T 31% Iowa P&L 22% Johns-Mn 22% Kennecott 27% Keys Cons 15 Kresge 36% Kroger 17% Lib McN 5% Litton 9% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 27 Maytag 30% Merck 88% Minn Min 83% Mobil Oil 59 Cap C Bdg 46%MonsantO 53% Catplr 5W* Celanese 33% Cen *Il Lt 21% Ceri Tel 24% Cessna 21% Chrysler 24% Cities Svc 42% Nat Bis 43% Olin Corp 14 y4 Outbd M 36% Owens-Ill 29% Penn Cen 2 Penney 79% Pepsi Cola 84 Coca-Cola 141% Pfizer 49 Colum Gas 27 %Phil Pet 51% Comm Ed 30% Procter G 106 Comsat 50% Cons Ed 22% Cont Can 25% Cont Oil 29 CPC Intl 28% Dana 29% Deere 43% Du Pont 167% Eastman 139% Exxon 90% Falstaff 3% Firestone 19% Ford Mtrs 54% Fruehauf 27% Gam Sko 27% Quak Oat 32% RCA 25% Rep Stl 24% ReVlon 64%, Safeway 32% St. Regis 39% SanFelnd 25% Sears 98% Shell Oil 50 Simmons 20% So Pac 31 Sperry 44% Std Bds 50 SO Ind 81 Stvns JP 27 Gen Dyna 19% Stude 37 Gen El 61% Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 65% Gen Tel 30% Gen Tire 19% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 24 Greyhnd* 14 Gulf Oil 22 11 Cent 19% 11 Pwr 25% Texaco 31% Tex Inst 94% Un Carb 37% Un El 16% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29% West Un 24% WStghs El 37 Weyerh 62% Woolwrth 20% READ THE WANT ADS! MOVING SALE * 1080 N. Prairi* Z THURSDAY and FRIDAY *» JULY II and 20 £ • a.m.. • pjn. Used 2"x8" lumber, bicycles, stoves, cabinet base sink, misc. GARAGE SALE 1700 N. West St. mi.. JULY 20 — 9 -4 20 inch girls spider bike, Girl Scout uniform, Avon bottles, childrens & adults clothing it toys, electric shavers, misc. items. i i i NEIGHBORHOOD Z GARAGE SALE 1141 BRIDOE AVE. :* THUR. It FRIDAY « July II It 10 m t.a .ra. - 5 p.m. Lots of clothing, toys ic miic. Items ... : BASEMENT SALE/ Z 1172 E.BROOKS Z FRIDAY, JULY 20 China, crystal, silver, tape recorders, table TV, bedspreads, old bib overhauls. LARGE YARD SALE 1072 Grand Ave. Fit, July 20 i - ? Sat., July 21 9 - 7 J-J Painting Contractors Free Estimates Reference Phono 342-6036 BACKYARD SALE 1575 Florence Ave. FRIDAY, JULY 20 I A.M. - S P.M. Clothing, nic nacs, jewelry, little bit of everything. BACKYARD SALE 1024 E. Brooks Fri. & Sat. 10 A.M. - 7 Lots of Everything Backyard Sale Z 1471 S. Seminary FRI. A SAT., 20-21 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Dinette set, end tables, coffee t&ble, chairs, rugs, canvas roll awnings, lots of clothing mostly girls Jr. size 7-9. Many other misc. items. «—— BACKYARD SALE 305 E. NEWMAN ~ (JUST OFF S. BROAD) I KNOXVILLE, ILL. ' THURSDAY EVE l-l P.M. * FRIDAY 9 A.M .-S P.M. ."SATURDAY 8 AMU NOON •* HALF PRICE ON SAT. This sale has some very un- ugual offerings — many things ript found at most sales, twin ijpd frame / maple headboard, hand painted cold ceramics, draftsmans tools, nice selection of old coins — we also buy old cohjfc & silver — grow lamp, lots vQi. curtains, all sizes clothing aa)e> misc. n • „ GARAGE SALE 1647 Willard St. 1 - • P.M. THURSDAY • - 4 P.M. FRIDAY Antique chairs spool cabinet, trunk, mantle clock, books; picture frames, silverware, lamps, dishes, adult clothing, carpeting, meat 6licer, sewing machine, tires, 1957 Chevy wagon, misc. Wanted To Buy Japanese German Civil War Swords, Daggers, Uniforms, Medals, Hats, Helmets, etc. Coll 343-3818 After 5 PM YARD SALE 400 N. Seminary St. WHITE ELEPHANT. No reasonable offer refused. DISHES, costume jewelry, new charcoal burner and accessories, large mirror, clothing. SATURDAY, JULY 21«J, 1973. Or if weather conditions are bad — sale will be continued the next day. HUGE BREEZEWAY SALE Fri., July 20 I A .M. 681 LANE AVE, Lots of nice girls school clothes, including chubbies, few framed pictures, medium sized men's clothes, girls good shoe roller skates, lots of nice dishes, nic- nacs and many other misc. items. JUMBLE SALE Dorothy Templeton Kathy Zefo ART WORK BY: TOM ZEFO 45 LINCOLN ST. XNOXVILLE, ILL. FRIDAY EVE. 4:30 P.M. - ? SATURDAY I A.M. - T Broiler, bar stools & clock, charcoal grill, clothes, coats & shoes, copper boiler, new guitar, ice chest, power vac sweeper, radio, tires, tools it ladder, shag rug 8x11, fan, picnic table, furniture, odds & ends. PtBrli Livttfock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle sales insufficient to establish market. Hogs 3,000; 4.00-5.00 higher; No 1-3 190-250 lb mostly 50.00, few 49.5049.75; few No 2-3 250260 lb 49.5049.75, 1 lot 300 lb 48.00, Jolitt LiVMtoek JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle sales insufficient to establish market. Hogs 600; fully 5.00 higher; No 1-2 195-230 lb mostly 50.00, few 50.50; No 1-3 240-250 lb 49.50. Friday estimated receipts: 600 cattle, 800 hogs. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: .Hogs 1,600; mostly 4.00 higher; No 1-3, including No 1-2, 195-250 lb 48.5049.50, 40 head 50.00; few No 2-3 220-295 lb 47.0048.50. Cattle and calves 200; not enough steers or heifers for test; load choice steers 48.50; load choice heifers 47.00. Sheep 100; lambs steady to strong; choice and prime spring lambs 36.00-37.00; lot good 35.00. Interior Hog Prical SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - In terior hogs: 15,000; unevenly 4.50 - 4.75 higher; No 1-2 200-230 lb 48.5048.75, some 49.00; No 1-3 200240 lb 48.0048.50; No 2-3 240-260 lb 47.0048.00. Wanted CONCRETE WORK ' PHONE 343-1494 OR 375-6590 FOR SALE by OWNER CAPE COD HOME Heated garage, concrete drive, family room, 2V& bath, central air, 3 large bdrms. Basement. 1299 BRIDGE AVE. Shown By Appt. Only PHONE 343-1084 GIGANTIC TREASURE HOUSE BASEMENT SALE 476 N. Pleasant Ave. FRIDAY, JULY 20 8 A .M. - 8 P.M. Excellent selection of chil­ drens clothes, also adults, record player,. H.O. train set, rock tumbling set, oak card table, car stereo, dolls & doll clothes, sleeping bags, large rocking horse, many misc. treasures, velvet bedspreads: twin St fuU. TECH SEAL Crack Filler Easy To $2 75 Mix Per Gal. in- Perfect for filling cracks in driveways. Easy to follow instructions for all types of installations. Ideal to i stall in warm weather. Builders Supply Co 600 I. MAIN STRICT FLEA MARKET COURTHOUSE PARK — KNOXVILLE, ILL SAT., JULY 21 — 8:30 a.m. - ? ? ? HORSE and BUGGY DAYS CHUCKWAGON MEALS Serving 11 AM - 1 PM and 5 PM • ? PARADE - 3 PM Horsemen — Ponies — Wagons — Mules — Etc. Welcome For Information Phone 309/289*2731 BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Privatt Household Sales and all other sales of this typo mvft be in our office by noon the day before ad>1| to bo published. ,y GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL MSPLAY ADV. — Phona 343,7181 July Clearance Sole Vz off on all Summer Wearing Apparel MITCHELLS' Rt. 34 — Oneida, III. 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. MONDAY - SATURDAY FREE PARKING LOT Chieaf* Prwfuea CHICAGO (UPD-Cheele: Processed loaf 70.J5-79.25; single daisies 70-82; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A M42.50 B 87-90,50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Strong; prices unchanged to up 6; extra large 73 up 6; large SO up medium to up 4; pullets 48 unch; standards 59 up 4; checks 42 unch. Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPI)-Wheat and corn were substantially higher and soybeans irregularly higher at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat Jly 3.07V4 Sep 2 .m Dec 2.90% Corn Jly 2.5914 Sep 2.36% Dec 2.20 Soybeans Jly 11.07 Aug 9.40 Sep 8.40 Nov 7.69 up 10 up 80 unch. unch. up 40 FOR SALE GOOD MOMS OBOWH SWEET CORN ALSO HOME OROWN GREEN BEANS 1108 Grand Ave. MRS. LANE Palm Reader and Advisor 1S9 N. HENDERSON ST. (Next to Seutedi Realty) 9 a .m. to f p .m. If you have any problems MRS. LANE can help you! All readings confidential. For appointment! Call 342-6639 Watch for alga Teams in Contest STRONGHURST — 1m judg ing teams from Southern High School competed recently in a contest at the University of Mi hois. Members of the teams were Joe Brokaw, Roger Lt- beck, John Link, Jack LaFayette, Wayne Lam and Dan Ketyey. READ THE WANT ADS! FOR SALE OeanpMt aaw it teei tiiiteafttnf ttttlftManl, Ilk* ttff Condition. Over SlUe worth 6f machinery for S10M. Phone 667-2100 Do It Yourstlf Rtody-Modt Sidewalks 2'x3' Sidewalk Sections. 2' and 3' Sidewalk Corners. V Sidewalk Trim Blocks Specially Designed Surfaces. GALESBURG CONCERT! MATERIAL CO. 10S0 Monmouth Blvd. Ph. 343-3111 CAR WASH INSIDE and OUT Sponsored ly GALESBURG RAINBOW GIRLS Fri., July 20, 9 AM - 7 PM Shell Service Station Main & Chambers PUBLIC SALE As she has moved to a nursing borne the personal property of Mrs. Dalton will be sold at the house located at 106 W. North St. in Knoxville, Illinois. (1 block north of public square) on Saturday, July 21, 1973 at 12:30 P.M. ANTIQUES Large oak hall tree with seat and mirror; very nice square oak table with swirl lefs and extra leaves: very old oak rocker; very old oak stand table; 4 dining room chairs; straight chair (hai been caned); 6 leg stand table; flower stand; nice wood porch swing; small oak commode; small oak night stand; wicker sewing basket; 9 stone china bone dishes; set of rose pattern dishes; 3 nice kerosene lamps; coal bucket; 3 pieces of pink Depression glass; green Depression glass pitcher; old stoneware sugar jar; small stone crocks: 3 iron skillets; set of W. S. George dishes., ant. egg beater; other ant. items. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Very good G.E. refrigerator only 8 mo. old; good dinette table and 4 chairs; good Hotpoint 40" elec. stove; good matching double bed and dresser with large mirror; very nice matching double bed and dresser with mirror (could be maple); good dresser and mirror; very good matching davenport and chair; vary, nice smaU swivel rocker; very good large swivel rocker; good lrxl2' rug and pad; good D'xlS' rug; 2 hall runners; Singer, elec. sewing machine and cabinet; good Singer tredle sewing machine; Underwood elec, adding machine; old Maytag wringer washer; small elec. broiler oven; 3 good radios; small glass top stand table: nice end table; throw rugs; metal ironing board; double rinse tubs; mangle ironer; floor lamp; 4 wood folding chairs; 5 ft. stepladder; 2 metal lawn chairs; other articles. Mrs. Mildred Anderson Conservator For Mrs. Carrie Dalton Auctioneer—JIM FOLGER — Williamsfield, 111., Ph. 171-2373 Clerks—LESTER and IRENE JOHNSON (Terms— CAIH) (Not Responsible for Accidents) Antique Sale ited In the large-Community Hall In Victoria. Illinois Sunday, July 22, 1973 at 1:00 P .M. ANTIQUES Good round oak table and 4 oak chairs; oak sideboard with carved back; very .nice oak love seat; oak bookcase and drop front desk comb.; commode with towel bar; good wall telephone; old dish cupboard with glass doors on top; oak buffet • with mirror; oak glass door bookcase with storage below; walnut gate leg table; 4 oak straight chairs; 4 bentwood chairs; Lincoln rocker; 1 other good rocker; Gilbert 12 day wall clock; coo-coo clock; Sessions mantle clock; New Haven kitchen clock; horse clock; glass front shelf clock; old Lionel train set with all track and transformers; old organ stool; kerosene stove; radio on pedestal; small carmel slag glass shade umbrella lamp with figures on base; Germany china lamp; cresolepe lamp; gas lamp; kerosene lamps; beautiful carnival glass dish with 3 legs and holly and stag design; some marigold carnival glass; 1971 Fenton carnival glass Christmas plate; 1934 Worlds Fair milk glass bottle; very old N. Currier picture dated 1848 (pre Currier and Ives); some very old movie films by Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian Gish, Charles Ray Wm. S. Hart and several other actors; 25 cup and saucer sets some are Limage, Australia, Havalin, Bavaria and many others; pattern glass pitcher and 6 glasses with wild goose design (perfect); pattern glass compote; pattern glass vase; 2 other pieces of pattern glass; large 2 piece vase; small metal jewelry box; cut glass dish; large ink well set; Bristol vase; foot warmer; old hand blown glass pitcher; hand painted sugar and creamer; some good vases; signed green Northwood dish; unusual glass basket; 4 pieces of old jewelry very old English china scenice plate; 3 wash boards; some Depression glass; some Heisey glass; pair of old ice skates; very old Mohawk sales- mans sample button collection (approx. 500 buttons); glass shoe; small Doulton Lambeth pitcher made about 1891; Coca-Cola tray; 10 nice English china souvenir plates; large glass Easter egg; pink glass ewer; goofus glass dish; stone crocks; stone jugs; bottles; silver birch pattern creamer and sugar bowl; tea pot; misc. glassware; lots of other items. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Good 3 piece bedroom outfit with bed; dresser and chest of drawers; 2 maple end tables; dresser; bed frame: tredle sewing machine; 2 metal folding tables; end tables; other household Items. Campbell/ Salisbury and Others, Owners Auctioneer—JIM FOLGER — WilUamsfield, 111., Ph. $79-2373 Clerks—LESTER JOHNSON and LAWRENCE COOK (Terms—CASH) (Not Responsible For Accidents) — LUNCH SERVED — NOTE: Several people have combined their merchandise to make this a very good and clean sale of antiques and collectors items. Most of these items are in excellent cond. and there are some rare and unusual pieces. Plan to attend. ESTATE AUCTION To settle the Estate of Forest M. Oafc«i, Deceased, tie fellow, tag personal property will he sold at Mi fofiMf residence located t mile* East of WllllamsfWd, HI., «k Laara Mack- Saturday, July 21, 1973 STARTINO AT 10 A.M. ANTIQUE ft COLLECTOR ITEMS Good 48 in. Ant. roll top solid oak desk with pigeon holes; Large ant. book case, 2 glass doors Ic shelf on top; Ant. oak glass door book case; Small dropfront desk St bookcase; oak glass 2 door stack book case; Everett Cabinet Grand Piano; Piano bench; Mahogany ant. secretary table; Oak love seat; Mahogany dining table with extra leaves, chairs, buffet; Ant. wooden rocker with arms St cushion; Good large solid oak buffet; Rocking chairs it straight chairs; 2 ant. Victorian type chairs; Round oak table; Oak library table; Old kitchen cabinet; Ant. wood armed chair; Ant. sofa; Ant, recliner; Post type bed with spring- & mattress; Old treadle sewing machine; Ant. bed, spring St mattress; Ant. vanity; Ant. chest of drawers; Ant. dresser; Ant. cedar chest; Ant. trunks; Small dresser; Camel base trunk; Very old Ant. flute: 2 Madonna pictures; Numerous Ant. pictures St frames; Books; Tin type pictures; Mirrors; 9mne Haviland china plates, saucers, platter St dishes; Other saucers St & lates of good name brands; Ant. glass pitcher; Cut glass berrv owl; Other glass items; Cut glass sugar it creamer, large relish tray, large painted French platter; Other large French platter; Large German painted bowl; Etched glass sherbet dishes; Small etched glass basket; Creamer it pitcher sets; Old glass goblets; iSlverware including some Roger Bros. 1847 knives, forks St spoons; Ant. Silver cracker bucket it Tea pot; aCrving knives; 9 old ant. Hamilton gold Case men's watches; Elgin gold case man's Watch; Crowder & Sptvey gold case watch; Fur muff; Ant. Tux coat; Coppef boiler; Old Civil War posters; Kerosene lantern; Ant. copper boiler; Fruit jars; 10 it 6 gal. cream cans; Old cattle tattooing set: Large grinding stone. OTHER HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Amena combination 2 door refrigerator St freezer; Good General Electric set of Automatic Versatronic washer St dryer, Used very little; Bed spring St mattress; Cabinets; Wheel chair In good condition; Card table; 4 metal folding chairs with padded backs St seats; Lawn chairs; Small electrical appliances; Numerous dishes St pans; Philco table model radio; Vases; Hoover vacuum cleaner; Bedding; Desk lamp; Throw rugs; Electric heater. Other household items. TOOLS & MISCELLANEOUS Other Items loo Numerous lo Mention. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is a large sale with many good Antique St Collector Items that have been in - the family for 3 or more generations. TERMS—CASH. No properly to be removed until paid for. Not Responsible for, Accidents Lunch by Laura Church Ladles HAROLD F. OAKES, Executor CARL STECK, Auctioneer • LAWRENCE COOK, Clark Maouon, 111., Ph. I7S-3S7S DAVID OAKES, Caahlsr FURNITURE AUCTION We will sell the following articles at Auction, one block East and one block North of the Park, London Mills, III. SATURDAY, JULY 21st 1 PM Norge automatic washer; Norge electric dryer; Magnavox console color TV; Four piece bedroom suite; Admiral electric stove; Dinette drop leaf table and four chairs; Corner cupboard; Kelvinator refrigerator; Daveno bed; Console AM- FM radio; GE tank type sweeper; Red recliner; ANTIQUE OAK COMBINATION DESK AND CHINA CUPBOARD WITH ROUND GLASS; ANTIQUE BOOKCASE; ANTIQUE BED AND DRESSER; ANTIQUE DRESSER; iron bed; Library table; Old picture frames; Kitchen cabinet, good; Utility cabinet; Ping Pong table; Cooking utensils; Dishes; Odd chairs; Electrical appliances; Quilts; Outdoor grill; Record cabinet; Two lawn mowers, one with snow blower; Lard press; Coleman heater; Coleman lantern; Fishing equipment; Hand tools; Lots of electrical supplies, wire, plugs, plates, etc.; Battery charger; Car vacuum cleaner. Many other items. At the same time and place the following articles, belonging to Neola Hale will be sold. Sears four burner gas stove, extra nice; Dinette set with four chairs; GE console TV; Kneehole desk and lamp; Rex- aire sweeper and attachments; Living ro6m suite; ELECTRIC CHORD ORGAN AND BENCH; Iron bed With new box springs and mattress; Dresser; Chest of drawers; 9x12 wool rug. and pad; High back rocker; Platform rocker; Bridge and floor lamps; Set of dishes, service for eight; Window fan; Oscilating fan; ANTIQUE COMMODE; Camel back trunk; Treadle sewing machine; Presto electric oven; Scatter rugs; Philco clock radio; Costume jewelry; Pictures; Flower stand; Other dishes; Seth Thomas clock, strikes; Wall mirror; Bedding and blankets; Numerous other articles. TERMS - CASH. Not Responsible For Accidents. Lois McAtee & Neola Hale, Owners Lowell Buck, Auctioneer. Keith Webb, Clerk. PUBLIC AUCTION SALE of Antiques, Furniture & Automobile , Saturday, July 21, 1973 . COMMENCING AT 1:00 O'CLOCK P.M. (D.S.T.) Located 1 Mile East of Biggsville, Illinois on Route 34 As we have moved into our apartment In town and have rented our farm home, we will sell all of our good .antiques and furniture to highest and best bidder, consisting ttf ;— FURNITURE FURNITURE— Very good dinette set; Magic Chef range, like new bought last November and used very little; G.E. 15 cubic ft. refrigerator, bought new last December, used Very little, both l "of these appliances are of the very best; nice Davenport; 2 tier leather top lamp tables; real nice 4 -piece bedroom suite; smoking table! smoking r stand; magazine rack; nice humidifier; 2 clothes hampers; floor lamps; table lamps; pin-up lamps; 3 electric fans (all good); electric heater, good; straight chairs; dress form; 2 pressure pans; electric toasters; platform scales; check maker; cameras; diet scales; 2 good riding lawn mowers; lawn chair; yard tools; garden tools; feed bunk; 1963 automobile, Ford four-door, runs good, could use a little body work, would make a really good second car; and othflr articles not listed. ANTIQUES ANTIQUES — 1 real old Germany bisk doll, head in good condition with open mouth and teeth; 2 leather bodies, real nice; 1 blonde china doll head and body; 1 doll, cloth body without head; 1 6-inch all biques doll: all these doll parts are valuable collectable items; good cedar chest; oval walnut table; oval oak table (refinished); large oak library table, good; walnut love seat, nice; walnut small table; 5 cane walnut chairs; real nice; 2 upholstered walnut chairs; 1 small caned walnut rocker; 1 oak cane rocker, real nice; coffee table; very old walnut drop front desk; 2 walnut night stands; 4 good chests of drawers; 1 oak cane straight chair; child's high chair; old wagon and sled combination between 65 and 75 years old; old but real good pictures and frames; Indian axe; some other artifacts; stone jars and jugs; oak commode, real nice, and lots of other pieces not listed. Apathecary jars, collector items; 7 pair of different type scales; nice old doU cradle, good; real good old wicker doll buggy with parasol; doll trunk; metal hump back trunk; old perfume bottles; old kerosene Alladin lamps. 1 metal, 1 custer glass, both good condition; Rayo kerosene lamp, good; other kerosene lamps; lots pf old drug books; some depression glass dishes; 4 mortar and pestle: collection of old wrist watches as Dick Tracy, Hopaiong Cassidy; 2 Anne Oakley, all watches work good; 2 old cork prest, sulphidt marbel. NOTE— This is one of the finest sales with refinished antique pieces you'U ever find around, so if you are a collector or dealer, you can't afford to miss this sale. TERMS—CASH Not Responsible tor Accidents EARL and LOUISE MILLIGAN, Owners BIGGSVILLE, ILLINOIS Auctioneer*: JACK BISHOP. Oquswks, Illinois, Phone 867-6991 DWAIN BISHOP. Gladstone. Illinois. Phone 627-2621 EDWARD BISHOP, Biggsville, IUinoU, Phone 627-2126 Clark k Cashiar—BARRON ft COOPER

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