The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on October 6, 1949 · 12
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The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 12

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
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'16 EDMONTON BULLETIN Thursday Oct fl IMP LORDLY Thanksgiving turkey roasted to perfection is surounded by cranberries white onions squash and other traditional dishes Many Novel Ways To Serve Cranberries To give thanks is traditional But a little novelty in the Thanksgiving menu is a good thing too Try serving your cranberries in a rich dessert that's as bright and cheerful as it is delicious Traditional Turkey Thanksgiving Treat Changes in Theme Will Make Meal Interesting to Taste and to Cook Traditional Thanksgiving turkey and fixin’s are not to be tampered with but a few changes here and there on the old theme can result in a very interesting and happy holi day meal BAKED CRANBERRY AND WALNUT DESSERT (8 servings) One-half cup sugar 14 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 lea- - - spoon cinnamon 4 cup chopped hl raisins m Omit allspice and add 14 tea- walnut meala 1 3 cup mailed but- Str in lh0 cranberries n season-lp00M grated orange rind to ter or fortified margarine 1 tabic- 1 our nt0 Pastry-lined pie pumpkin mixture before baking spoon grated orange rind 3 cups ' Pn cover bh pastry top crimp The Axt is on the punkln and that's a good sign for pumpkin pie is perfect for all fall festivities Maybe you take your pumpkin pie Puritan-plain but U you like it lavish with ginger a peak or whipped cream or a crunchy top here are some variations PUMPKIN-RICH PIE Unbaked pastry shell S-inch sugar 3'S cup salt li teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ginger 4 teaspoon alapice 4 teaspoon (optional) egg slightly beaten pumpkin canned 14 cup milk 1 cup Combine sugar salt and spices add egg mix well Stir in pumpkin add milk stll until smooth Pour Into chilled pastry shell Bake in hot oven (425 degrees) on shelf Just below centre of oven for 45 minutes— or until cake tester or small pointed knife inserted In centre comes out clean Cool on rack If you prefer molasses: Decrease the sugar to 4 cup and add 2 tablespoons molasses If you like extra mellowness: Make as above but use 2 eggs and add 4 cup light cream If you want a tang of orange: Whales have a larger amount of! than oilier mammals according foi Ayuthla founded In 1357 was thewhcn ft blood in proportion to their slxelthe Encyclopedia Brltannica I ancient capital of Siam until 1761 troyea by tne Bn aiese CBOSS-GOBOTQY mUCtITI PUMPKIN CUSTARD PIE Unbaked pastry shell Mach brown sugar dark 4 cup salt 1 teaspoon ginger 4 teaspoon doves 4 teaspoon nutmeg 4 teaspoon eggs slightly beaten 3 pumpkin canned 14 cup evaporated milk X cup water 4 cup Combine sugar salt and apices add eggs mix well Stir in pumpkin add milk and water stir Until smooth Pour into chilled pastry shell Bake In hot oven (425 degrees) on shelf just below centre of oven for 45 minutes— or until cake tester or small pointed knife j Inserted In centre comes out dean Cool on rack e e ' e TEMPTING TOPPINGS Sugar Walnut: When pie Is done sprinkle with a mixture of 13 cup dark brown sugar 4 cup chopped walnuts and 1 tablespoon butter Return to oven continue baking 7 minutes Pecan Pattern: Before baking arrange a ring of pecan halvas on filling dose to edge place S or 4 in centre (You’ll need about 4 cup) Toasty Coconut: After baking pie for 20 minutes sprinkle 4 cup shredded coconut over filling and continue baking I9LI — Fancy Seckeyo— deep rtf Sp color finest soimoo for CAL every uso £ § —fancy Cahee Salma C 1 1 medium rod color A salmon S C A L of many uses fill SESL-nm and Wave n f uf— is salmon you’ll onoy using In your favorite recipes for fish foavos parties scallops and casseroles It'o delicious In all ho i salmon dishes cup cream : the e(iSw together slash the top ! 1 1 dreoratively Hake in a hot oven 1 cranberry sauce 4 whipped i 425 degrees Fi 20 minutes then s— ’—I “ “ meats and melted butler or mar- °f8ree F' ancI 10 25 min-garine Pat 2 3 of this mixture ul more unti the cruit is into well-greased large yellow dish Ul’iclt‘n-of heal-resiatant glass refrigera-1 tor-oven set Add graod orange rind to cranberry sauce pour on top of crumb mx:we in d:h Place remaining crumb inixiiirc on top of cranberry sauce Hake io moderate oven i350 degrees F) for 30 minutes Cool and decurale top with whipped cream GLAZED CRANBERRY CREAM PIE One package prepared vanilla pudding 2 cups milk 1 cup eran- CRANBERRY SNOW One envelope urilavored gela- j tin 4 cup cold water 1 cup hot! waicr 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 ccn jellied cranberry sauce 2 stiffiy besten egg wnites Soften gelatin in cold water dis-i solve in hot water Add 1 table-! spoon lemon juice end cranberry ! sauce which has been beaten with' a fork Chill until partially set : Beat until frothy with rotary berries IS cups water 1 3 cup beater Fold in stitfly beaten egg' sugar 4 package 3-j table- white Pnur into greased custard spoons) ursnge-fiavored gelatin cups Chill until fi:m Unmold 1 3 cup orsngc juee 1 baked 8- Serve with inch pic shell Custard Sauce Combine 2 beat-! Prepare vanilla pudding as di- en egg yolks dash of salt and 3 reded on package (If dt-sired 4 tablespoons sugar Gradually itir teaspoon grated orange rind may in 1 X '3 cups scalded milk Cook be added to pudding after remov-'over hot ‘water until mixture coats ing from heat) Cool stirring oc- a spoon stirring constantly Re-casionally To make glue: com-1 move from heat: add 1 teaspoon bine cranberries and water in I vanilla Chill thoroughly before saucepan and cook 5 minutes or -serving until all cranberries have burst open Add sugar and continue ' cooking to a temperatur degrees F or until mixture and syrupy (Thu takes about a minutes' Remove from heat and add orange-flavored gelatin Stir until gelatin is dissolved then add T? T? J orange Juice Chill until thickened lOT A eSttlCli Pour cooled pudding into pie shell Cover top ufpwth gue ChiJ Sof:en 1 envelope plain gelatine in 's cup of cold water Combine in double boiler 14 cups canned1 pumpkin 4 cup miik 3 egg yolks envelope unflavored gefe’tinTVt cup bM:en' 1 cup wn sugar 4 tea-cold water 4 cup lemon juice spofR — 1 l“P°cn cinnamon 4 1 '3 cup sugar teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ginger 4 teaspoon allcan jelLed cranberry sauce 2 egg PC:e- n! ' teaspoon cioves Cook whites 4 cup granulated sugar 4 ur't!‘ mlxur thickens stirring con-cup heavy cream whpped ’ sUn-v- Slir softened gelatine until Hake pie sheli and cool as filling lnixlure hcB'" io congeaL is being prepared Soak gelatin Whip un'il stiff 3 egg whites in cold water 5 mmis U in- Add 2 tahlespaons augar Fold in-over boilug water Li-molnc li-mon ' juinpkn mixture and pour into juice 1 3 cup sugar and salt and oiked tart shells (This amount stir into ciannerry saui-e that has M 1 9-inen pe shell or 18 been crushed wi-h a fork Add dis- shells) Chill garnish with solved gelatin Luo! and place in shipped cream and nuts refrigerator until mixture begins — to Jell TURKEY TWISTS Beat egg whiles unti! stiff but Make one recipe of baking pawnor dry Slowly add '4 cup sugar der biscuits and roll out to halfwhile beating Fold this meringue inch thickness Spread with the whipped cream into cooled follow ng filling cranberry griatn mixture and Comone 14 cups chopped tur-pour into siii-11 Chill until firm key 2 3 tup condensed mushroom toup 4 cup chopped celery 1 tea-: spoon nunced onion 4 teaspoon 5fit and 4 teaspoon poultry ses-l st-ning Koi: up as jelly-roll arid cut in-to orit-inch lengths Place on greased baking-pan and bake at 4uOJ for 15 minutes Horoscope By FRANCES DRAKE 1 Ocioaer M is Nttimbtr tt 'Scorpio i 1 Look In the section in wmcii vour u Si u ""n memoo w - Known motfibOA ti lj “ ImUv ”t up judat tndo ipv birthday coiner And find niist yuur fnvi urifiiiuiAii buiiitu eutitok is according to the stars ‘? 'r ton tm rno ssinv nr-r i nu tA r kwv ' R IDAY OCT 7 1349 Novambpr 23 V Lpcmkr fVsu Maicfc 91 lo April 2A Arsi -Ymi a-iriiAi tuu: to uk iiAV tw iNicn lur x foti: ir (’Xijfitiiir riCrffv iii anil MW adiantHi even n Al'r‘rl I'1 io:-Jee nut I in- on- p cieLeient - AUl ilr If il iwtAtiU' OUi's lsft L lhVU' C I and raanurvriuiM en u- tww Unnittr S3 u aur 1 rc-J April n a Mav M IIJIUI- Var cun In- iiii'uid! snull but ?ir-' nu and arveia pnew im 1 pr'n! n-'dij -0 ui — — Sd iur extra unetiix III!I-!A n to'l ir" VVliaUvar srour dulir five tnem I ihIw : or bVr(dd youra-L' eurla and Inouguw Med smiil au- win u:int-ry talks Du on vhii r ' ilions YimiII aam ' Vice aussnliuiis VihiII sain Miip l lo June tl (Geniinil-Sew Jnary H loPcarnarp W 'Aouartiai ' idea and ciesiivc biausiiU inc iiot —Not wpei-iiiy advanuseour lor revi-1 Iw ao prevalent now Out you car or uniaiiuM- ir!itu- mmo-iait improve on wiial la sins n Familial Uu’Pv air— atientim and NOW A metier usual rutilinr can mote (food nrurm ajd lnurw will aooeia--anead armiuUier wilh your atraoy ale a-tn and retail kmlse' ‘"jUm M la Julv tl 1Camcn-11 tPu—i- anal deuirm Im lavotod Mum inter- ££5““ ‘“fiiiSI' ! eata eenoarnlns general busmrwi go-1- -rnment civic and family aftaii ora'r- °'t §"n "°d omnljTlIiiwu" yuur own tiionglit-i 1“1 B"B ludJV-oeab courte-l able smooth ossy-lo-lisa and lulneau and ablli'y la make tiM mu1 af1tie f°nd i 4hat dries quickly 0 beautiful Jr? iTkur Staffifew "toTss wou'd si r'ror1n nd5in®1 uM I tadsy UU IkiriMd ' V“ bdea aaU wit" 1 your wunii raaponalblllliai Vou hava UVOI R ORItFR mf ri1ar°l tiol liwnad building faming nuking uULIt WKUfcK i ami-a-S-ven oiowaitlun amt a oiuerful cu- ’lr t lTt lS1 mwraHea aiutmla ImpmUnt for ’ eeevote'a beoafit and la Inaure gel-j dale- n ill1 U ting week's work done quickly Make puel June Allyaon actraaa rradv fnc a lupp)' week-end a bu (Lupyrigiit W King Faatur weak W ouoi Work your salad magic around Canned Salmon and be sure of wonderful eating plus exceptional food value Every pound of Canned Salmon ou buy yields a full pound of nutritious food rich in essential food elements ' no wastem Canned Salmon —it’s all edible and that makes Canned Salmon FINISH Phono 2734S aeum A u a bn Wa'rt working m An NEW JEWEL REQPE B00K1 -Many thanks to the thou Hand of people who tant ma radpaa for tha naw raviaad Jewel Recipe Book Wo re working on the book now and your free copy will be rushed to you oe ooou ae it to oS the preieee" Swift Ceoadiee Co lieiBod Producto of pure cane luger Coltlrn Yellow and Brel Brown Sugar ore rirli in quirk energy and add flavor and goodnnxi in all cooking

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