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Journal Gazettei
Mattoon, Illinois
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THE BIATiaON AlLT.JOt7EkAI,.GA2XTTB iWD C0K2EItCIAX-BTA3l 'AGS ciir, Where tyindstorm Killed Three I DMTDUffi mm Brings Crisis Iran of -m, mi 4- CREW SAVED -i' 2. Try Qolden Grain cereal, Iced. You'll like It. i i .119 Miss menetta Capen Is visiting with Miss Jessie' Jones in Loxa. r'V" 8y tht International News Servlee.

MATTER If AT NEOQA PKKX-m Mrs. Vernon Brown and daughter JuanlU and Mrs. Otis Shores and Mrs. Orln Bhutzbaugtr ot Paris spent Key West, June 15. A thrilling rescue of the twelve memwrs of fie 7 ednesday with friends in ths city.

crew of the former United States sub daughter Katharine went to Neogt this afternoon to attend a party given Mrs. John Sanders, of Paris Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Thomas Knight. C. Enterllns of Sullivan is visiting marine chaser 205 and her captain, E.

T. Sulzer, and his wife, was1 accomplished oil the Florida Keys today as at the home of Mrs. Harry Sparks lnj! hir daughter, Mrs. William Oakes, Young, a graduate nuns of St. Luke' and other relatives in tho city.

Did Not Authorize the Change in Gaming Charge, He Says. la regard to the statement In which it was said that he had authorized McKlerojr of the police depart-neat to change tb 'charges of gam- Hospital, Chicago, flames enveloped the boat, 'burning her to the water's edge. Wireless calls for help from the burning: vessel were answered by the two-masted schooner Champion -of Miami, whose crew effected the rescue. -j v. nit 1 1 pswj.

WITH MR. AND MRS. O'BANNON-i Paris Beacon. Miss Ada Clements, Athletic and Knitted. S'NoOther'V Just As Good Try Golden Grain Cereal, it's bot ter.

6-19 Miss Bernics "Patterson is 'visiting with1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs.

E. Walters 'and daughter have been visiting for a few Clinton. Fred Lemons has gone to Mr. and Mrs. L.

E. Oetman and two sons of Champaign, Mrs. Oscar CBan- .1 HEALTH CONDITIONS non and son of Chicago, Sarih O'Bannon of Seward, and MUi Nellie Moffltt of Meti, are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Bau- N.

for a visit with Mr. and Gharlea Lemons, 1 7 TN aa4 non. IN THE SCHOOLS GOOD Miss Margaret Votaw, the school nurse, reports that for the month of May she visited ninety-seven liomes Mrs. J. M.

Mires, is home from a It if Three people were killed when the Buckeye Lake bath house, 'near Colum visit with ber daughters, Mrs. John ing preferred against Tom Langston, Henry Hunt and Sol Barber to charges of disorderly conduet, when the men's trial came up Tuesday. City Attorney Hannah today placed a somewhat different light on the matter. When I was first told of the mat-er by Chief of Police McKleroy. I was advised there was a possi- Wlity of Barber and Hunt entering pleas of guilty to the charges of gam-.

ing and of Langston entering a plea Ct guilty to running a gaming aid City Attorney Hannah, "but later I was told by the chief that the men YWol I I bus, 0.. was demolished by a Scores were Injured by the windstorm The employes ot the Adler store 11 Zlmmer and Miss Fern Munson, In T) Le with an estimated property loss of more than $100,000. Picture shows ruins nilsabecl Chicago. and a few guests drove to Riverview park on Wednesday evening after six of the bath house. Mrs.

John Pike and daughter Doro- o'clock for a picnic. Those in FA8H ION fARK CtOTrllst 18th: AND BROADWAY r. U.I. I o- Reis, Mar and made a total of forty-six visits to the different schools of the city. Twelve children were sent home frcm school after complaining of illness, three having contracted chlckenpjx.

two sore throats, three Itch and four pink eye. party were Misses Mary or her aunts, Mrs. Ed Glover and garet Rels and Marian ALLIED SUPERVISION Mrs. John MoFee, Messrs. F.

O. Finfrock, Earl Ross UNEMPLOYMENT NOT INCURABLE-LABOR Mrs. O. W. Talley, and daughter.

SEBASTMNvGELABrJRT, Former secretary of tha Cuhan treasury, those resignation precipitated the present crisis. "Cuba, cannot avoid bankruptcy," Gelabert Is said to have declared. OF GERMAN FINANCE Henry Conlln and Ted Adler. SO MR. AND MR8.

NICHOLS HOM6, by the International News Service. Mr. and Mrs. dnarles Nichols ar rived on Tuesday -from Shattuck, Miss Mildred, and Mlsa Joyce Trae-ger were guest of friends in Charleston on Wednesday afternoqn. Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Cadenhead of Winnetka will arrive Friday for a visit with Mrs. Cadenhead parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.

H. Jones, In Loxa. The Okaw Building and Loan Asso- By the International News Service. Pans, June 15. Allied supervision of German finance already Is under way, according to the text of tuo interallied reparations commission's Miss Votaw reports that for the month of May the general health conditions of the school children was unusually good.

A number of cases where the child had Infected or enlarged tonsils and adenoid growths came under her notice, and parents were advised that an operation was Cincinnati, June 5. Tne American Federation of Labor convention today reiterated its declaration that unemployment Is "not Incurable'' and where Mr. Nichols had been engaged in business since last tall, They made the trip by easy stsges in tkelr campor car. Mr. and Mrs.

NlchoU recent note to Berlin, made public pledged Itself to continue its remedial MEETING SUCCESS IN ROAD PROJECT B. J. Ashmore, tbe well known farmer living southeast or Mattoon, who has Interested himself in the proposi clctlon has moved "to its new home. here today. had started to California last fall The note instructs Germany to ne tHREB MEN, BELIEVED 'f -S KLANSMENr ARRESTED Hi the International News asrvlee.

Chicago, Juno 5, Thrss on of whom is said to bays admitted" ha fas a member of the Ku Klux Klan, were arrested on the outskirts of Chicago, today as they Were returning la an automobile- from Morris, -'HI, where they are alleged to bavo gone to chastise a promlnant physician there. The physician, they told tha police, saw In town and lied with the Intention of passing a year or 1624 Broadway 6 5tf J. A. who has been confined cad refused to do this and were going to stand trial. "Chief McKleroy Informed me that the only evidence that he had against the men was that they were In a room together at house known as the Big Four Hotel and that (here was a ileck of cards on the table, but they were not playing nor were there any or money In sight nt the time the raid was made.

"On hearing of this evidence. I frankly told Chief McKleroy that in tty opinion a conviction could hardly be secured on the evidence he had stated he possessed, but that I was perfectly willing to go ahead and try ktbe men on whatever evidence or his men could furnish. No Such Authorization. .1 more in the West, but when they reached Shattuck a business opening to his home, 1(00 Edgar avenue, for necessary to eliminate the trouDle. WJiere parents have not been fli.

ta-clally able to pay the costs of opera-lions, Miss Votaw reports that physicians hare done the work gratis, jr have taken It on such easy payment that the children secured the? necessary attention. several days by eye troubles, under caused them to change their plans, and they took up their residence there. went an operation on Tuesday for ro ller. tion to oft a two-and-a-half-mlle strVca of road south of the Monroe school Bouse, has met with success in his effort. He, telephoned to The Journal-Gazette thl morning expressing bis- efforts.

By unanimous votes, the convention adopted the executive council's report on unemployment and asserted that to alleviate the unemployment situation It will be necessary to: Create a federal employment'serr-Ice through immediate legislation; Provide employment for each person at his preferred trade or calling; Expansion of public works as a means of stimulating industry in periods "Of depression. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Conklin ENTERTAINS CLUB have returned from a visit with re la Mrs.

C. E. Crookshank was hostess gotiate Immediately with a committee from the reparations commission regarding receipts and expenditures of the German government. Furthermore, Germany is warne3 against the exportation of capital. Germany is requested to give further statistics on her economic position and is told that she must bring about a forctd loan during the current year to rafso 40,000,000,000 paper marks.

There are two other demands: 1. Germany must make more definite proposals as to how she Is 'going gratification at the reception Mattoon I RI8H IN THE okaw on Wednesday afternoon to the mem bers of the Prlscllla Club at ber home lives in Louisville, stopping off In New Albany, enroute home for a visit. COO Lafayette avenue, the members of QUESTION STORY OF WOMAN SLAYER business people gave hlrf. He statodt Mr. snd Mrs.

Stewart Bsper Rev that the success of the prcject Is as-1 and. Mrs. R. B. Roberts and' their sured, although ha has hot completed I guest.

Miss ziia rVftvInt Dna Miss Beatrice Crlmmlns Is home the club having their sewing, to which they devoted their time while visiting. Mrs. Crookshank, assisted from a visit in Champaign, being ac his solicitation for funds, and the big vllle. Mrs. Vernie Morgan and engine and grsder used In Lafayette Miss Sophia Chism were members of companled by Miss Nancy Coghlan of WILL MAKE EFFORT by Mrs.

Robert Crookshank and Mrs a fishing nartr en th Cium (. bicago, a classmate of the University of Illinois. River Orin Sflutzbaugh of Psrls, served a Wednesday, VIrdcn, 111., June 15. The stolid silence of an unidentified man held in connection with tha shooting to death of John Clark, 32, by Mrs. Minnie Becanham today led police to question the story of the woman that two-course luncheon.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keepes and TO END COAL STRIKE to meet the postal and railway deficits; 2. There mud be clarification of the law guaranteeing the autonomy of the relchsbank. woo id wont mis morning to get the highway' in condition for oil The rotJ to ba treated is from the end of the State road pavement at the Monroe school house south, to the Illinois Central ThoBe present were Mrs.

T. J. Hap children have departed for Creston, Iowa, for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. CARD OF THANKS.

The officers and members of Mat- "When the case was cauea on 1 ues-' day I was busy In the city court wi the Kingman assessment case, but I did not authorize Chief McKleroy to advise the police magistrate that I wished the charges to be changed from the original gaming charge to the charge of disorderly conduct I was given to understand that when the men were arrested they had all agreed to plea guilty to gaming, but that when the story that they bad been arrested for gaming became generally known they decided to fight the charges, John W. Baker, former residents of tww Unas' Mm ac. a crossing, a di.t.nce of two and a half this vicinity. miles. exnress their thnnka a k.

Ray Baker, who has been In a gov a wv vuuiuijbwiv Mr. Ashmore also Informs The the funds, the various os nal-Gasette tb citizen, ot Lern. are SSnKtLo fostering a. proposition to not only oU contributed to th the Mef the road from Lema to tha Illinois moriai Day exercises. ernment hospital at Maywood, elnca February, taking treatment, has returned to the home of his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. Baker. By the International News Service.

Cleveland, June 13. "There will bo a Joint meeting of miners and operators within tho next two weeks, at which steps will be taken to end the coal strike In the bituminous fields," a leading operator said here today. "Operators -In Ohio, Indiana and IlllnoU are seeing their markets taken -by nonunion operators and our entire northwestern coat trade will be ruined for this year, unless the end of the strike comes soon." rington, Mrs. Harry Saverns, Mrs. W.

Storm, Mrs. J. W. Lagman, Mrs. A.

V. Morrison, Mrs. LonHite, Mrs. Clint Campbell, Mrs. Harold Champion, Mrs.

J. F. Ballentlne and Mrs. Ida Ray, the last named of Terro Haute. TWELFTH BIRTHDAY Mrs.

William F. Conklin of 1316 Broadway entertained on Tuesdsy afternoon for ber son Russell, it being the hitter's twelfth birthday anniversary. The guests were members of she shot in self-defense. The man was interrogated all through the night but refused to tell police anything of himself. Mrs.

Becanham admits killing Ciark, said to be a former Chlcagoan, but asserts she shot after he attacked her for spurning his advances. Police believe the killing was precipitated by Clark's Jealousy over the alleged suitor of Mrs. Becanham. The man was caught In a yard blocks from her home. Mrs.

Becanham was tried several The Okaw Bulging and. Loan Asso uenirai crossini Move referred to. i "Chief McKleroy stated that he be but to extend their road oiling pre ciation bs moved to its new borne, TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY, 1824 Broadway. g.jtf (gram from Lerna south to Janesvillo. ttered ho could secure a plea of guilty from the three If the charges were FOR SALE Commpnrlnr tntnrtivnw Miss Helen Watson was a guest of LERNA EASTERN STAR STRUGGLE SEEN.

FOR CONTROLOF RUSSIA by the International News 'Service. London, June 15. Reports thai N'lcolai Lenine has been granted, six months' leave of absence and, that a triumvirate has been established at Moscow, to wield executive power, were believed by British officials today to be a forecast of a struggle among Bolshevist leaders for control of communistic Russia. There was considerable comment upon the fact that Leon Trotzky, commissar for war in the soviet government and admittedly chief of the communist militarists, Is not a uiemV ((Friday) morning, a. three bed banged to disorderly conduct.

Believing, as I did, that they could not be HONORS RECENT BRIDE.U1ln one fining room suite. irienas in tne city on Wednesday while enroute home from Champaign where she attended the ball ot tbe senior class of the University of 1UI- Russell's Sunday school Class ot the Methodist Episcopal Church, each of convicted for gaming on the evidence the chief ttated he had, I told the chief I was willing for them to plead years ago for the fatal shooting of nois. that -way, but I again told him that Jerry Coffee, a farmer, but was ac Quitted, according to police. I was willing to go ahead and prose cute them on the original charges. thought that it would be better for iwra lumuure, Riicnen cabi- Special to The f1 Btov.

Bew' Lerna. 111., June Order of Extern Star held a social, meeting after tho business session on Friday storage tank, several ladders, lawn evening, Mrs. Kate Tewell Tate, a on Platform and pan scales, recent bride, being the guest or honor. Jar" nd mttr other of which she IS a member, James A. lOgt Charleston' Ave" vaTis' Walker, past worthy patron, in be- FRIDAY AND SATURDAY specials half of the society, presented Mrs.

Lewellen grocery, 820 DeWlU Tate with a linen table cloth. At the rpll.ed PM 0O1 or rotv close of the social hour refreshment. whom presented him with a pretty anniversary gift. The boys spent tie afternoon playing games, aftdr which Mrs. Conklin, assisted by her daughter, Mrs.

Florence Obtnlt, served refreshments, the table' being placed in the yard. Pink add white flowers decorated the table, from which the refreshments were served. Tbe guests were Russell Conklin, BONUS BILL FIRST sen. iranp SAYS By tht international News 8rviee. Washington, June 15.

Chairman McCuinber of the senate finance coin mitte served notice.on Senator and oiher administration' leaders thlsr aftesnoon that, despite "President HarUing's pronounced opposition, he was going ahead with his plan to HIGHWAY LEADING TO RESERVOIR OILED of the triumvirate. Mrs. John Powell has returned from a visit with Mr. and Albert Lovett In Chicago. Sb was accompanied home by the three-year-old daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Lovett, for a visit at the Powell, home. Mrs. Frank Kern left Wednesday for Ann Arbor, to attend the commencement exercises of the University or Mlcblgsn, her, son Armstrong Kern, being a member of the class. Mr.

Kern will Join Mrs. Kern there Sunday. Miss Norma Richardson, who attends Otterbeln College, IRISH PROBLEM 13 SATISFACTORILY SETTLED the city treasury if the men did plead guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct rather than see them be discharged altogether. 1 did not authorize him. however, to state that I wished the charges changed.

I was willing to go ahead and prosecute them on the charges that were originally preferred against notwithstanding the fact that It did not appear as though they could fce convicted." CJ mini mnA -J'ZZT'J wuU Kiinu usiKiiiii Fiiiwri ar fill I FwMint a John Monroe Richardson, Donald Ohmlt, Joe Pape, James Wade, John Miller, Carl Owens, Leo Miller. Olen Dawson, Arthur Conklin place tho tariff for the soldier bonus bill. ai a local cafe can. 13c: CamnbeU'a nork "nl and Glen Fluckey. Motorists will learn with considerable pleasure that the dirt road beginning at the end of the brick pavement on the way to the reservoir has been oiled, the work having been completed Tuesday and the road now open for traffic.

The road was oiled for a distance of almost a mile, ending wi'hln a bundred feet of the gate at the en-fince to the reservoir gronndi. Tho work cost about $300. Claude L. James, of Those present were Mr. and i0c: beP- Garrison Tate Mr Imi C8n 10c; vour coupons and when barnaon Tate, Mr.

nd Mrs. Perry you get $10 worth you get ten lbs. of Hardwlck. Mr. anVMrs.

Will J. Walk- sugar lor 40c or 4c per not only er, Mr. and James A. Walker. Du any times ss you et By the International News Service.

London, June 15. The Irish constitutional problem, which for i time threatened the reoccupatton of Ireland by British military forces, has been satisfactorily settled, It was learned from an official source this afternoon. There are still other differences pend TARIFF BILL LAID ASIDE FOR THE NAVAL MEASURE W.C. T.U. MEETING arrived home this afternoon for The June meeting ot ths Woman's tha summer vacation with b-r parents, Mr' sm Highland.

Om. Al- Dr. and Mrs. E. 15.

Richardson. Sbe M- Welch. Mrs. Pearl 2f Christian Temperance Union "as ay the International Nws Ssrvles. Washington, June 15.

The tariff bill was temporarily laid asldeln the ing, however. wirson. Mrs. Samantba Tate. Elwood tor fenairlna- n.w rrS.

i'or repairing, new cores Installed: I senate today for the $298,000,000 naval held at the home ot Mrs. E. J. Grant, 81? Wabash on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs.

E. V. Robertson, the was met in Indianapolis by Mrs. Q. O.

Richardson apd Miss Zelda Pape, who spent the day there. guaranteed work In all our depart nuuu ana lusrione Wlleon. VOTE OF CONFIDENCE FOR FRENCH the city waterworks pi int. stated this morning that the road frim the power plant to the dam at the reservoir was appropriations bill, after Senator Poindexter, Republican, of Washington, acting chairman of the senate na PREMIER lit gt.Phone 536. FOR 8ALE House "at 181T Edgar SUNDAY SCHOOL PRAISED opened Sunday morning, although the BY PRESIDENT HARDING modern except heal; president, was in charge of the meeting.

"Some Glad Day," a song by the union, opened the meeting, followed by devotions in charge of Mrs. Charles Fickes, after which another song In unison by the class was sung. By The International News Service. Paris, June 15. Tha chamber ot deputies today extended a vote of con- val appropriations committee, voiced a warning that the measure must be passed by the beginning of the'next -iw uiio-iaiuuia wasninK mapnina Intention of the water board had been to delay opening for uw until today.

HOSPITAL NOTES. n.i..K.. tn 50 feet Karden hoan linrl'rMl mnnA mm Si The road was opened, however, after noence io premier I'oincare, su vo.w ngcai year (July l), or the navy would it was seen that it had absorbed the be left entirely without funds. CONDEMN CONDITIONS IN WOMAN'S PRISON By The International News Service. St.

Louis, June 15. A vigorous attack on conditions in the women's department of the Missouri penitentiary at Jefferson City featured the report of the special committee of the League of Women Voters which investigated the institution, made public late yesterday. The report attacks in vigorous language the sanitary conditions obtaining, and denounced the use of "blind cells" as punishment, as "a telle of barbarism." Recommendation was made for removal of the women's department to Mis. Ruth Bolin of Windsor ee convenuon or mahogany, oak and walnut finish." ill oil completely. I Lli a IlllllUlfll 1 1 Tl It sinnnni a mmi ak a a Am mltted to an appetdlcltis oneratlon'.

lerraa fa oown ana Is During the business' meeting it was planned to hold an Ice cream social in the near futufe, and It was also decided to hold the annual picnic of this morning in Memorial Hospital. Other Side in WarcLCase taRS. RIDGLEY'S BODY NOT TO BE EXHUMED Mis. Esther May1 Buk'tfr. 1601 Wa- baah avenue, submitted to an opera- ttn t.l.

the society on the July meeting date, the second Wednesday In July. The picnic and meeting will be held at "Th'e properly, conducted mj, seems to me to be a very to'ifiJlra-' portant feature of religion, woS be- raAWW? cause it serves the young people at one or two-one dollar bills. Finder a time when they are moat 8l 6-U Uk.M. Bit V'fc 'A 1 11 11 I wvu mi. uwruju'iur loo removal or her tonsils.

the home of Mrs. W. Easter. Mrs. Allie Wood was chosen to conduct the Assumption.

111., June 15. The body of Mrs. Ora Belle Rldgley, suspected ly some to have been the object of foul play at Hot Springs, on June 4, and placed in the Downs family mausoleum in this place last week. C. J.

Benolken left the hospital this UP I SSSSJ 1 1 I'Jjy aiuuauis parucuOTiy Because It UOlea COUU afternoon where he has been for the monthly concert for June at the Old affords them opportunity for intl- y'lJ! qualify offer at- SZ2Z K2JlS 0f D't8 Qlntanoa with monu'- RiiKJ'jaS! SLY 4H Folks' Home, it being on the yearly program bf the society to have an en ni.n nf ikiiinii, m0 uioie. i vroen, alien, f.d AiD resbyteriw' tertainment of some sort each month for the members of the home. lUD um YBiue vug wm Rjve an ice cream suppef which no other work can be com- ing, June 1, on church Mrs. J. D.

Fleenor and Mrs. Oma iyuuia lever. win visit for a time In Chicago, after which he wlU return to his home at Freeport, Minn. Mrs. J.

V. Nelms, 201 Piatt avenue, who underwent a major operation two weeks ago, Is considerably improvod. Mrs. John Barelther of R. F.

D. No. after convalescing from the effects farm site, with physical, mental and technical training. Between 90 and 95 women were Imprisoned at the penitentiary during the investigation. Fifty-seven were Federal prisoners, drug addicts, and seeded hospital treatment rather than punishment, according to the report.

I jgPLJyOTecprdlally Invited. g-H y-. FOR RENT -To wnrfnfhL nartla. 1 Kirkpatrick assisted Mrs. Grant In serving refreshments during the so v-l 1.1 will not be exhumed and subjected to an autopsy, if Mrs.

Lacy J. Rockey, a sister, adheres to her present purpose. This was definitely learned yesterday when In the face of strong recommendation by friends and newspaper representatives', who suggested that such a course might serve to allay all suspicion of foul play and set the minds of both relatives and the cial hour to the forty-two member; and guests present. UHlliAliOMAMEfS cabin and camping grounds on Okaw; i2fl.J?h,deJ!.nd ter. Car-tlngton's.

Phone 12932. I e-15 FOR 8ALE OaiTCoinial bed room suite, a rug. mattress, prings, featb. VL bed wrrobo; 1 Piatt Ave, Phone 1807. e.g.

During' the social session a de YOUNG WOMAN CLAIMS SHE IS HELD PRISONER of a major operation, left today for her home. Mrs. J. L. Wallace of 2409 Lafayette avenue," who submitted to a major Chicago, June 15, wag.

lightful program was given. A piano solo wa given by Miss Luzelle Kirkpatrick, a vocal solo by Rer. E. L. Banta, an address on'CIvic Right FOR RHNT-Store room at 1818 Western recently occupied by Day-Lite bakerv J.

A T.vnh Phi public ft rest, Mrs. Rockey said she felt that such a course would be "Inhuman," and she was not disposed to tbke it. operation- several weeks ago, Is great- 112 i0i 1u-m ly improved. Sept. 113 H0H 111 Mrs.

Oeorge Crume and newly born Dec 11694 lie. 1144 eousness" by Rev. Banta, two duets 1157. infant Will be able tn return hnm. by Misses Merlda Hoseney and Margaret Douglas, a talk on "Law En Mrs.

Rockey did say, however, ihat July I 1 MeirafisiI1 svanna likl- a.uuo, W.JtUlD WW Cakvv Ben- Hur lodge at K. of P. baU Fri- if the newspaper men or others cared fc-roemenrvby Miss Katherlne Mc- 62 66 604' 63 62. 66 66 61 64 4M, it 1 VDV) t. pay evening at 8 p.

m. Dancing. -l ELECTRIC FANtUVAll ia. jcuwara surse, lllf jcagar ave-i OATS take this action and would bear th.9 expense, the family would remain passive and offer no objection to the nue. I.

noinBWAII. fntlnwlnir an nn. 'Jilna Hi, 91 9011 tlfu slses; see them In our Window. Cv Hon several davs an. Uuly sstt ssu iThompson 117 8.

17th at. By the International New Service. San Francisco, June 15. Pretty Miss Monte Huckshorn, who several months ago caused the arrest of Phillip Whitney, said to be a wealthy Kansas Cltian, came from El Paso. Texas, late yesterday to prosecute him on charges of uttering threats against her life.

Ills attorney said he was in Kansas City. At the time of Whitney's ar-test. Miss Huckshorn claimed 1 had held her a virtual prisoner at a local hotel and that she effected her rescue by summoning her lover from Los Angeles. She charged today that her arrest had been caused in El Paso on faka warrants at the alleged instigation ot Whitney. A.

H. Stucke, who ha. been In tha tapt- 87: 87 '85 experienced took, one Intyre-and two readings by Mrs. Fred Marxson. Mrs.

J. J. Stephenson, chairman ot the Antl.Narcotlcs department of the union, gave an outline of the work of this department and what It Is accomplishing, these numbers making up a varied' and interesting program of entertainment. ho-pital for severarVeeks. Is report-r80" IrLJ-r wof Apply at SEARCH FOR NEGROES LIVE STUCK MA HKET I iBI2E.

W- 6-19 ed Improved. I WHO ATTACKED GIRL HOGS Receipts strong and r0R RENTThree rooms, furnished jwuiw Dieum or Mills steady: top 110.651 Butchers 810.35 to'or unfurnished, at 1516 Piatt a 110.50; Pigs 19.50 to .810.50. iPhone 1807, Is improved, following a major opera By The International News Service. Richmond, June 15. Fifty po 6-20 wants work iri CATTLE Receipts steady! HIGH 8CH HIGHSCHOOtTK CONDITION ALARMS FAMILY.

tion, some time ago. Mlsa Myrtle Kimbrough, a graduate business house durina vara inn iicemen and detectives are scouring A report as to the condition of Mr. Phone 749. top 89.20 to 19.86 i Beeves 8.25 to 110. 7 i range on lambs, f6 to 8J2.76W i 1 4 Wiv Rf WW eWctrlo Irons, Corle tho west end of the city for two negroes who attarked a ten-year-old girl about one o'clock this afternoon and Mrs.

J. S. Goodyear today is that Mr. since suffering a severs hemorrhage the first of the week, Electrio Co, 105 8. 17th St.

Phone id I A nurse of the hospital. Is Improving urder a course ot treatment. 1 Mlsa Olive Upton, 1820 Dakota avenue, la Improving from a major operation. Mis. Evelyns McGlnnl.

of Neoga is EGGS Ordlharles 20e to. 21c; firsts 20c. has been confined to his bod. His condition is rather alarming to mem-bors of the family. Mrs.

Goodyear, LIVE-l. POULTRY Fowls duck. 20c to 25c: broilers 32c to 40c! 30-gallon galvanised hot water tank and gas heater. Phone m- x6-l fHit "ECEIVED-FFesh car of Ken. tucky lump coal.

Phone 180. much improved, following a major. Seese 12c to 25c; 25c; roost while feeble, has not been confined to ers HC. II operation several day. ago, FOR RENT-VModern .1 am SasluieB)Aiu UL BUUL1I SSI iinwn.

I 9 i. at jit waDasn Ave, 1, muub receipts 6oo: marKet Sc who wbmltted to an emergency op- 'hJgher; top hogs 610.90; heavies FOrrsTTEvrr- ner, dQ since arriving nome irotu they passed tbe winter with their rsnddaughter, Mrs. O. Bv'Qrider. One of the most beautiful of all MRS.


T. McMahan, who entered the Barnes Hospital -at St. Louis a Weeks ago for an operation, as Operated on Monday morning for the removal of a tumor at the base of th Word was received from Mr. McMahan on Wednesday afternoon stating that Mrs. McMahan was resting easily at that time.

While the operation Is a very serl-tus one. the belief la entertained that she may recover. 1700 XC-18 Piatt Ave. i. WE WANT YOU To know that the Industrial Roofing Contractors are carload distributors for the Williamson Heating and carry a complete line of pipe and pipe-less furnares.

This buying power enables lis to sell furnaces at rock-bottom prices. Cssh or on easy payments. Watch for our big demonstration week, INDUSTRIAL' ROOFING CONTRACTORS. 1D13 Broadway. 'Hello" 2500.

C-16 i-rauou iot appenaicitis 1. reported 10.80 to I10.8&: lights 110.85 to much lmproved. i10.90-.pfsa of sales Edward Baker of mi DtWItt iWViltiu Insects is tbe "diamond beetle" avenue who to an operyot steady VndToo lot choice for the removal of her appendix. Is 88.76 to 89.60: llahts 87.60 to 98.75: t. Brazil, i cemrorts, BianKcts, doing i.j heifer, ffilje to 19; cow.

83 to 87; i heifers to 49; cows 93 to 87; The famUy rf Oaiwe Psters of Haverhill, demands fullest prosecution of Walter 8. Ward, millionaire baker, who shot Peters to death in Westchester county, N. Y. Tha slain man's brothers and sisters-tot to right, Kenneth, Morton, Doris and Leslie. Inset, his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Eldredg Peters. Porto Rico's new commissioner of Mrs. Oliver Warrem.

810 South Sir- BUII Jil I5: calve. 65 to 89.50. t. bulls 94 to 85; crtve. $5 to 9.60.

education I. tbe nrtt nsyve ever teen th street, Is recovering' from 1 major operation pf a Jfew days ago. Coueh Covers, Peri are UV'- lae. CurtahS SwehX 5 i SHEEP-Rocelpt. -600; market 60c Ermlsch Dyeing A CUsnlno "el i prime sheep 2 to S.60j lambs Phones 151 and Ma .16.60 to 112.

V. v' 4 1 1 v' 1 appointed to the P0t 'II 1.

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