The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on April 10, 1917 · 1
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The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 1

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1917
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Empire Motors Ltd for tho ft mou Chalmsrs and Gray-Do rt Automobiles' In osr can before buying 10011 Kind Bt 'Phone 4164 VOLVU No 290 EDMONTON ALBERTA TUESDAY APRIL 10 1917 TWELVE PAGES ! PRICE FIVE CENTS Prisoners 44440 444440 444444 444444 United Coal Co miTED Nut Coal $350 Lump Coal iM-00 l'HOXM IISMIK i Famed Vimy Ridge Which Long r Great Offensive Has Been Launched On 12 Mile Front Which is Shattered (llr Moraine IlulIrllB Leaned Win) BRITISH HEADQUARTERS IN FRANCE April 9— An advance of from two to three miles lias been made by the British troops on a front of about 12 miles north of Arras which point is the hinge of the great German retirement in the Somme region The famous Vimy ridge which has defied the allied advance for over two years and which cost the French 100-000 men in their offensive last year was carried by the Canadians who now hold it The British penetrated far into the German lines and inflicted heavy casualties upon the enemy Over 6000 prisoners have been taken and great quantities of war material have fallen into our hands The operations continue to be carried out successfully in accordance with the plan Our troops have everywhere stormed the enemy defenses from Henin-sur-Cojeul to the south of the outskirts of Givenchy-en-Gohelle and our advance continues The enemy's forward defenses on this' front including Vimy ridge were captured early in the morning These defenses comprise a network of trenches and fortified localities — Neuville-Vitasse Telegraph Hill Tilloy Lez Mof-flaincs Observation Ridge St Lauricnt Blangy Lcs Til-leuls and La Folie farm Subsequently our troops moved forward and captured the enemy’s rearward defenses including -irrtiddition ‘ to other powerful trench systems the fortified localities of Fcuichy Chapclle dc Feuchy Hydcrbad redoubt Athies and Telus Up to two pm 5S16 prisoners including 119 officers passed through the receiving' stations and many more remain to be counted Of these a large number belong to the Bavarian divisions who have suffered heavy casualties in today's fighting The captured war material includes guns and a number of trench mortars and machine guns which have not yet been counted Heaviest Fighting Took Place Around Vimy Ridge The heaviest fighting today developed along a line a few mile southeast of Arras In the northerly direction to the neighborhood of Lien but the actions extended ti ir In the direction of BL Quentin The French had fought desperately und valiantly in an endeavor to wrest Vimy ridge from the Germane tho battle coating both belligerent untolil casualties llack of the northern und of Vimy ridge lie- the principal coal field of France which are attll in German hand The fighting on Vimy ridge wue eorrleU out by the Canadians who had retained a footing on tho ridge all winter hut always higher up was tha enemy On either side of the Canadians were Kngliah and Hcottiidi battalion end In toduy'a battle there wan glory enough fur ull The irrepreeelble "tanka’’ aleo shured In the honora of the sueemful amuiult One lKwItion cnntureil to the northeast of Arras wus a an-t of lubyrlnth of trenches enmeshed In multiple band of wire railed “the Harp" because of It shape Prisoners hud proclaimed this strong point practically imassall-able but sweeping over It today the British took within It noarly a thousand prisoner and they captured also during the riuy three Gorman battalion commanders who compare In rank with colonel In the British army - Tho (’iimuliuna took two thousand prisoner It was said everywhere along tha attacking line that the Germane appeared to have been taken by surprise and only In a few Instances did they put up a strong fight On reaon for ihl wna that they had been fairly daiod by the Brlllsh artillery fire of the put ten duys The concentration of gun for this operation was probably the greutent for a given amount of front alnee the war began Almost countless guu hud taken part in the bombardment since the beginning but It was not until lust night thul many masked butteries Joined In the bombardment For First Time British Used Twelve-loch Guns Along the grtulrr part of the front the advance of the Infantry was strenuously opposed Near Arras the Germans offered determined resistance und a large pucket of the tiemiuna was reported to be ell II holding out at mlil-day although entirely surrounded The famous redoubt named the "Harp" only n little less formidable than the noted "Labyrinth" was captured with virtually tha whole battalion defending It Several "tanks" had much to do with the surrender of this position Along the railway running through to the valley of the Bcorpe the llrltlsh made good' progress white upon the Lens branch of the linn they captured Mnleon Blanche wood The enemy put up a stiff fight at Hill 14G which hud been provided skillfully with concealed machine gun position Long after they had been driven from the surroundlnsr ground the Hermans on the hill continued to sweep points of approach with their manhlne gun fire Knentiraged by this show of resistance on what otherwise wue a stricken field the enemy begun to send up reserves In trains from Lens and Ttaual and iierhapa a greater distance with the intention of launching a counterattack Thut ntinck wa never made As reports aims in from the front and from the avlstnr of this massing of the enemy beyond Vimy and tho trenches in the vicinity u tremendous barrage wue turned on by our heavy guns the range bring too greut fur field artillery Probably far the first time In the war 1 1-iuch weapons were used for this purpose at very long range This splendid ao-operellun rf the artillery arm in preventing 4 heavy counter-attack did much to lessen our casualties on a difficult part of the front On the southrrn end of the Canndlan sector the Gennune yielded ground more readily than In the north Mnny prisoners were taken and an fur Thrhm which had been strongly held before our guns hammered It to pieces It did not long hold out liy IS 'SO o'rlock seven hour after the bnllle begun no organised body nf the enemy remained on Vimy ridge save the neat of concealed machine gun nectlone on Hill 146 Of the casualties It can only he said at this moment thut they are surprisingly light especially In view or the Importance of the ground won Several Day’ Bombardment Prepared Way For Canadifuia The attack an the Vimy ytdge crest was preceded by a boniburdment which continued for several days and in which gun nf the heaviest calibre formerly usad on only the biggest battleship took part Ths results or thla nrtlllcry concentration as revealed by ulrial observation were the same as In the battle of the fonunr Airplanes flying low could find only shapeless mnase of churned up esrth where the enemy's firs tins had been By Rultirdny nfternoun Thetua tCoutinucd on Page Seven) 44 Scene of Fighting Til: AHOY!-: MAI’ GIYIX an excellent Idea uf the Vimy Itiilge where the Canadians have wan a groat victory Hlnce this ninp wan prepared parts of the British lino have been greatly advanced especially la the lower part urouml Bapaume and Pennine CANADIANS MAKE ESCAPE FROM HUNS Complain Bitterly of Treatment While Held Prisoner! of the Germane Illy Morning Jlulli-tla Trawil Wire) LONDON April — Three Co tin-dlan eeraped prisoner huva rearin'-! London: l’rlvutca II H Kenyon of Vancouver captured at Ht Kiel in April 1IK (i Lnnglula from Montreal captured In April 191 S and li B Gray mounted rifle from ilm west captured at Vpres June 114 "In ons prison four of us" Kenyon raid "were put in n dark cell 7 feet by IS It was filthy They turned on tho steam till the plure was so unbearably hut that we had to take off all our rlothea and lie on the floor even then w could hurdly breathe Fur the first twenty-four hours uf this we had neither fund nor water Then they gnv us each a ration of alniut seven ounces to lust three days" 1’rlvate Lnnglula ws taken to Zul-tau from where many men were sent lo work In the suit mines "This" he said “1 terrible work I have seen our lad come hark from the 1 mine with their hnnda eaten away hy lh Mil Crippled men are forced to work st the point nf the hnynnet whirh the German are not elow to U M' For the greater part nf nine month' ImprlRuniiient Gray wns working In a railway carrlnge shop st Duisburg rear Puaseldnrf There was a particularly brutal doctor who Invariably refused to allow men to go nwny rick Conditions at Ihilshurg Cray raid were very Imd Kvcryltody was hungry Frequently German officers would beg the British prisoner to sett them a small tin nf fund fur which they were ready tu psy almost any sum All the men complain hliterlv uf 111 treatment by their rnptnrs and agree in describing the food Inadequate nn1 fit only for pigs Had it not been for a continuous supply nf purrel through the Ganadlin Ilrd Cross they would have been hulf starved In rag and bootless Fourteen day in th pell on a bread and water diet wn the punishment for nlleiupts lo cap 044 444444 PLAN TO BUILD I 000 WOODEN SHIPSAT0NCE President Wilion Formally Approves Scheme to Help Defeat Bob Campaign illy Mumlnir bulletin Lcuoil wind WAHIIINGTOX April — The shipping buurd'a program nf building a fleet of 10U0 wooden sliliai of a 000 or 1100 tuns each to meet the lose of tonnage by submarine operations anil tliua help to defeat the German undersea ranijuiign has been formally approved by President Wilson The first ship will be ready within flvo months and the lourd‘wlll cull upon tin trausury for from 6100011000 to 61-1000000 within the next few days Fifty million dollars ulrendy has been oulhoriscd by congress for thu work of the board Chairman Denman announced tonight tliuL tlm board's pinna hnd been virtually completed and that the preliminaries to Hie construction of tho big fleet were In full awing The great fleet will fly the American fin mid rnrb vessel nulling to tha war sunn will bn armed The program call fur tho building of SOOonu tons of shipping monthly Tile present program call for lousing tbe ships to private firms DOMINION""-' ELECTION IS IN SIGHT Forecast by Toronto World — In-' dependent Vote in West May Save Govt The Toronto World nf -April 2nd baa furecest regarding n Dominion election The World look fur an early dissolution of the House of ('amnions possibly before the date sat for its re-assenihllng namely April 19th In support of Mils idea It points to the fuct that the Ontario legislature — In float) touch with the lloi-den government�� has provided for tho rapid enrollment of tno voter of the province Including tho women neSrly enfranchised The World sav: "The ceiuiuilgn in Ontario may largely be on of emotionalism mid iuveutivo against Quebec” In oilier words u rrgitltr old-fashioned race Nnd religion lamimlgn in which the true Tory so supremely delight The World hunds oiiL its dope sheet as follow Hixty majority for ths ('nnsrrvutives In Ontario Fifty mulnrlty for lh Lbrntls in Quelicr An even break lietween the parties In the mart lime lirovlnces Neither parly the Woi'l-I thinks-will coin to th head uf the lakes with a majority of more than four or five ('The went therefore-can and we think will control the next luiuse" The World allows tho Burden government six seats In British Columbia subject to Hlr Itichnrt McBride iielng taken Into Die cabinet: nnd having in view the eireiiKth of the Hoclttilst party In the province “Hog the compass and we always come bark lo the same paint nsiniely Ihe election will ho derided by the fbrmera uf Manitoba Hm-knlchcwun and Alberta" The article concludes: ‘The Liberals are in possesidoii if all three provincial governments Their candidates for- tlie Dominion Parliament Is lug opposition candidates can promise slmnsr anything on Ihe tariff duration V hat ran the Conservative do? ‘They wll nut lie nl'le-to run loony candidate s nut and uut supporters uf the Burden government but they may none the lens elect a cer-Isln number of members The league ol Kngllsli-spenkliig voter now being formed In the west look like a cover for some pollllrul move The government might In many riding put up no candidate but quietly support Ihe candidate of tho league" FULL CONFIDENCE IS EXPRESSED IN NEW GOVERNMENT 4 MINIKIN April Tho Itus- 4 4 slatt official news agency in a 4 4 despatch from I’eirugrnd say 4 4 that the runstiinllnnnl democrat 4 4 th the dunm have unanimously 4 a nil opted n resolution rxiirrsslng 4 4 tho fullest rnnfidence in tlie for- 4 4 sign potter of thu provislonhl 4 4 government bawl upon fidelity 4 4 to nil present alllunce The re- 4 4 solution rails upon the whole 4 4 nation to unit In support nf the 4 4 government in order to bring tlie 4 4 war to a victorious end 4 4 4 4444444444444444 UNDYING G Defied Attacks Captured 4 r Austria Hungary Has Severed Relations With United States Situation Is Precipitated Which It la Believed Will Lead to War-Safe Conducts For Austrian Diplomatic Corps Are to Be Asked Prom British and French Governments — President Wilson Announced Threat Which Hu Been Served on States (Ily Morning lliiltetlu tAiinl IVin-l ' WAHIIINIITHN April U— Austria-Ilungury ranging herself unreservedly with Hernmny has severed diploma ile relations with thu L'nlled States precipitating a situation which generally i expected here to leuil to war llaron Krclil Zwiedlnek the Austrian charge asked the sluts department today fur luiasinirls lor liliimelt his staff and tho Austrian consular fore In-thle country pmd Hitiiiiliunc-onslv l'nlled Htate MlnlxU-r Hlovall reported from Berne Hint An-t Hull u usury Imd announced the break III relailon to l lie American embnusy In Vienna yesterday Wlint Will iMls’r Bo Whether Bulgaria anil Turkey arc preparing lo follow suit still in unknown but offielul generally Im-IIi-vo that sooner or lalrr they will do so 1 1'iilgariun Sinister rinaretoff called on Secretary of Klites ionising late today to sk If this gori'miiieul had any Infnriiiiition Ti-om Hufln but w-is told none had liern received Teleerarns- ptepnred a - week sun In nrtlrlpsllnii of today' developments have been sent to American diplo-iiiRtld if nit ' COnkulnr officials abroad lesUrnetMnr-thetn U wind np-tfietr conduct of entente merest In Austria GUELPH YOUNG MEN CALLED ON FOR SERVICE Three Hundred and Fifty Who Signed National Service -Must Report (Ily Morning Bulletin Leaned Wire) tlCKLl'II Ont April 9— Throe hundred nnd fifty uf the young men of Guelph who elgtied National Berviue cards several months ago received letters from th militia authorities today tht their service were required for overseas service and asking them to report at one to LleutColonel klutrie chief remitting officer for Wellington county A number of them hve presented themselves at the armories to go lief ora ths medical board Home In the list received had already enlisted while others hold certificate stating tht they are tihysleully unfit The majority however are able-bodied FORM BOARD OF MUNITIONS Frank A Scott Cleveland Manufacturer Hai Been Placed In Charge III y Morning llidletin Icnw'tl Wire) WASHINGTON April 9— 4'reutlon nf a general liosrd of munitions wns announced today by the rnoneii of UHliunul defense Jt will be headed by Frank A Hcuit a Cleveland manufacturer and will lie e It urged with siti-plylng the army and navy with munitions and equipment one of Ha chief li ur'IniiH will be In deride lietweeu llie cuuntry'a military and Imfuelrlnl need The hoard's establishment put Inin the liamls of a group nf nrmv and navy officers and industrial lender rirtnnllv tlie some tank given the Hellish minister of uiunllltiii It erea'ev trneliinery for a government department of munition Its bend enbliiet minister it rondiitl of the wnr lirinqs the need Active military ami tiuvi' IHirticipaiion In the rnnfllei ninny believe will produce thul nercssily ARTILLERY BUSY ON FRENCH FRONT ' Illy Morning ilnlletln Leased Wlrei PARIS April 9—-"From tlie Nomme In the Alsne" said llie nfflelal rom-municulion issued tiy the war office tonight “our uriillery energetically hnnilinrdeit the Gerinan piumimi The enciny enunterod psriicnlsrly nurlli of the Aisne and nn the town of Uheinis whieh suffered an intense luinburdmeiil several civilians helm killed “In Die I’nrroy forest our greimd-' throwers repuLcd h'I rnemy miempt ngninsl one of oar Rilrniired pI:'" St'GAIt PltlCK ADVAM IJi TORONTO April !— All grades of Canadian refined sugar were advom ed it cents per 100 pounds today with ihe price revision coming Inin effort at 6 pm amt uf Austrian inlere' In entente countries Simla will laLe over American Intervals In Austria and Hwcdoii will assume Austrian Interest here Will Ask baft’ CiMiiliiiis Kafe conducts fur the former Austrian official mi their trip liouie will lie sought fur from the lli-itlsli sml French governments with them wbl an Count Tnriiuw Tarnuwskl lh newly HpiMiintcil Austrian amluissjilur who arrived In New York mi the day Germany aiimmurcd her campaign of ruibleiisnesN but whose credentials I resident Wilson hus refused to uc-rept while ui-gut la I tons proceeded to develop Imw fully the Vienna govern-in nt enduipcd Hie submarine policy of her ally In a iiaipinent tonight reviewing the negniMiluiis tho slate department revealed that on April 1 liefnre 1’rvsl-dent Wilson went liefore congress to ask for divlariiton nf a state uf war with fjrriiiany Austria nerved nut ire thiiL such a declaration would mean a break between the Washington ami Vienna- government This notification brought to ur nliriipt end Hie stale dupnrilbenl's efforts lo dissuade l he "Austria ii' foreign1 office front adhering fully tu the German siiloniirliia Pol ley BRAZIL READY TO MAKE WAR Brazilian Foreign Minister Declines to Receive German Ambassador Illy Morulng Ihilletla Leased Wire) 1-10 JAN Ml ill) April ! — Dr Jatnro Muller foreign minlglrr has refused to receive the Germun minister Dr Muller then guve urgent order thut n steamer in ttln Janeiro Ini nindo ready nl once fur t mission abroad WASHINGTON April — In lailin-American diplomatic quarter her it wa Hold lute today that Pr Muller’ refusal to receive th German minister lo Brasil undoubtedly meant thut tlie government definitely hnd decld-id to sever diplomatic relutloiui with Germuny : fir Ain lier’s order that n slonnier bn prepared "at one for a mission nbroad" was Interpreted as meaning that tho Brasilian government also bad determined to urrang for tint Immediate departure of the German olhrluls It wa considered doulrifui (hot 49 Germun ship in liraxillun porta would be arlxed nt thl time t-nloe it should apiwur thut the vessels might attempt to escaite or there were danger nt their being damaged or deetroyed by their crews Dr Muller conferred with the war minister and the rhief of stuff H also urgently requested a report from the Brasilian legs! Inn In Pari - PARLIAMENT MAY ADJOURN AGAIN UNTIL NEXT MAY Question of Further Adjournment May Come Up When House Meets Illy Mnrnlns Ilnlletln Leaned Wile) WINNII'IOD April 9— The Ottawa currespundant of the Winnipeg Telegram says: Kir Hubert Burden will not be in lillcmlimr when parliament meet next week linr will he probably return uni II some tiiie in May As piirllsinrnt adjourned to permit nf tlm prime minister's attendsnee nl the Imiicrial conference it d prob-Hlile Ihst the qm-Hliun of a further adjournment will he discussed when the house meets An adjournment fur unol her month Would permit of the prime minister completing hi work in I'nrbmd and preparing this necessnrv legidiillnn for luirliniiieiii Thera Imre lieen no sleim taken to secura mini her adjouriiinent Inn Jl Is lielicv-nl here that some sueh nciion is coil Icuiplated SIIU'KIMTDN TO IIXII'IIK KAN FltANCIKCO April 9— Kir l-b'iicit KliMcklclun Antarctic rxplin'-er un-vi'il imbiy front AuMlruli llo will lecture here rf-NAItn MXFlt AIUMVFS NI-jW YORK April 9— The Anmcl sted I'res announce that the Cun urd Lin ateanishlp Ausonia arrived I ere tonight from a British port wit a purM'iigere and mail STATES TAKES ‘ 14 AUSTRIAN SHIPS IN PORT Quick Action Follows Break of Diplomatic Relations TONNAGE SECURED IS ABOUT 67000 Largest of Fleet Is Martha Washington at New York (By Mnraing Bulletla LetMd Win) WASHINGTON April I— FourtM Austrian merchant ehlpe In American ports were taken over today by the government coincident with tha so-iinuni-rmaiit that Austria had broken eff diplomatic relations Ths vessel thus taken Into tha government pea-sessiun were all at Atlantia or Gulf port s fnllowa: At New York: Ths Dora Himalaya blartlM Washington and Jda At Boston Tha JSrny -A At I'hilndrtphia: Tha FranaeDls At NewjKirt News: Th Budapest At Pensacola: Tha Lucia At Tampa: The Bcrnsa: ' At New Orlrane— The Anna Clara and Teresa- At GalvastuD— The Campania and Norawlts The tonnage nf th fourteen veasels Intnl approximately 070111) Tlie largest uf tha fleet la tha Martha Wiisliinglun at New York of 0112 tuna and puasengrr acoommodaiiua fur 11t0 iaengra: tha smallest la the Anna at New Orleans uf 1676 tons The second largest Is ths Dora uf 7017 tuna Mual uf ths others are between ICIM and 6000 tons register and are freighters All have been self-interned silica tho beginning of the war APPEAUNGF0R i WIDERMARKETS Alberts Guttle Breeden Also Ask For Lifting of British Embargo f By Morning Bulletin Lftwd Wire) ' CALGARY April 9— An appeal for wider market through 4b lifting ut British ambnrgo agalnat Canadian caltle and a determined stand foe more sd situate restrictions lo prevent bovine tifberculorin was tha sense of ihe resolutions passed hy th members of tits Alberta Colt Is Breeders' AsaoulNtlnn assembled in convention him today The emtsirro has been an loans before the cattle men for a decade and meniliera lined tip on both rides Dr J G Rutherford led the advocacy of the embargo explaining that In hi opinion the embargo had proved a blessing In disguise II urged thu members tn make nn effort to change th lew 1 The speaker also said that the plsn to lift th embargo he originated with Harry Mullln Winnipeg live tack dealer who expected to profit by having icgiiilatlnn brought about to lift the emliargo The majority nf the breeder clamored however tar wider market The Albert breeder say that Within a few yours they will be raising tqur stuck th tn th farmers eon buy buck s well ss a surplii lean Mark Officers elected for 1917 were: Wm Hlmriie Isicomlie president Frank Collemt Calgary first vlra presided end Thoms Leycock Calgary second vlrt president Director: J L Walter Clive Frank Collecutt Csl--niy: h Hutchinson Dlsbonul 7r J (1 Kulherfocdd Clgry A W 1i timer Howden K 1 Msee Belenko J Phiirpe L com be Tho Lay-rock Calgary: Wm Kttarp Locombe It Nes Dc Win ton: It Knight Csl-u ry: J F Diy Red Deer: 1’ F Ilniitley Union Luke and J Wilson Mlllierlun - PLANS CEREMONY FOR BOY SCOUTS Hiy lliir:“v puitctle LM-ed Wire) 4 OTTAWA April 9— It t an- 4 noil need that th' 'boy aCnots 4 4 throughout Canada hv been 4 4 requmited by their leader Hlr 4 4 Itoliart Baden-Fowel) in Join this 4 4 year In an observanct of 81 4 4 George's iMty as tha anniversary -4 4 of their pntrun saint Helming 4 4 the flag reading ths scout law 4 4 rhuroh parades and vfan renew- 4 4 Ing nf promise ef loyally and 4 4 helpfulness will 4 features of 4 4 tlie obasnmnoe' 4 4 4 4 4444444444444444

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