Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 19, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1973
Page 5
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Walker Casts Eye on White House Gdesbyra Registe^Mdil, Galesbufd, ill Thursday, July 19, 1973 S ((Mtifnted From Page 3) term as governor of Illinois or a national office." "National office" could mean two things. One would be taking on Republican Sen. Charles H. Percy, a power in his own right. But Walker's people don't seem to be talking about that. Tliey dream openly of the Illinois delegation—Daley and Daley's men included—going Into the Democratic National Convention solidly committed to Walker. Walker barely egcaped an "aw shucks" demeanor when presented with such a prospect. "K's idle to talk about because I'm (going nowhere if I'm not going to be a good governor," he isaM in an interview. "I'm not even going to be reflected, if 1 decide td go for re-election, and I haven't decided that yet. "My job is to prove that I can be a good governor and obviously in five months 1 haven't proved that I can be a good governor. I know that." Walker Paradoxes Many, if not most, of the political pros in Springfield and Chicago would agree heartily with that assessment. There are so many paradoxes surrounding Walker. He came into office on a string of promises to wield a mighty axe against taxes, patronage, waste and corruption in government, not to mention what he used to call "the dead hand" of Richard J. Daley. |lllpfip*l^|ipplili|ll ^iiii«iii^iiir i4 TAKE THE COACHMAN ROUTE FOR TOWN OR TRAVEL . . . Easy to step, into, its ready when you are to whisk you to the office, stay in step with a busy day and keep a date for dinner. The two color chervon print gives it a fresh, tailored look. The premium jersey of Arnel® triacetate moves with a fluid motion, washes as easily as your hosiery, drips dry, rarely needs ironing. Select combinations of green with navy or blue with brown. Sizes 10 to 20 and 12!/ 2 to 24%. the Stroller® <22 Dresses — Second Floor MAIN «t SEMINARY CARSON PIRIi SCOn6CO ,GALESBURG,IUINOIS6U01 PLEASE SEND ME THE FOLLOWING: Sin Quantity Color 2nd Color NAME — ADDRESS CITY STATE. ZIP • Charge • Check or MO. • C.O.D. • I wish to open an account Illinois add 5% sales tax. Add 50c Handling for Orders OutsideGaleiburg and for Orders Under $5. Vet tie presented no program of consequence to the legislature and those measures he proposed—a modest tax relief offering and a regional transit plan for the Chicago area*, td name two—were happily carved into pieces by a coalition of Republicans and Daley Democrats. Six of his key cabinet appointments were kicked wit. He promised a government open to. the people. Yet practically his first act was to appoint as deputy governor Victor de Grazia, a veteran of Chicago political infighting who is variously described by his many detractors, and some of his friends, as secretive, ruthless, plotting, impetuous, devious, Machiavellian, bril liaht, stupid, unprincipled—the list grows redundant. There are those who say De Grazia makes more of the hard nosed decisions than Walker; that a good deal of the time he is Ithe man running the state of Illinois, if anyone is-^and doing it behind closed doors Game Plan It is part of Walker's professed game plan to work with Daley on governmental matters, at the very least. That has been the way to gat things done in Illinois, be the governor Democrat or Republican. Walker says, reasonably enough, "Since mqst of the people in the state of Illinois live in the Chicago area, I want to work with their elected representatives, and that means Mayor Daley." Yet intimates say the two men are hardly on speaking terms! One man said even their secretaries aren't talking to each other. It Was a major news event recently tfheti the two got together for lunch in Chicago's Mid-America Club. Walker has a bright' young Daley man, Neil Hartigan, as his lieutenant governor. Walker gives Hafti gait little, if anything, to do. Distrust and suspicion directed toward Walker is bipartisan A powerful Republican state senator, Howard McBroom of Kankakee, took time off from voting against the Democrats to sit on -the sidelines of the Senate floor and count the ways he does not like the man. "This is the most political administration this state has ever seen," McBroom said. "Walker has hired a man to run this government while he goes tearing around this state campaigning. De Grazia—he's the one running things. Governor Or Showman? "He says he's against patronage but he's firing people all over the state It's the same as it's always been and I wouldn't mind it if he'd admit it. But he won't. "In this chamber, I guess maybe he's got perhaps six friends. Go over to the House and maybe multiply that by three. And that's about how many here like and trust him. "He's not a governor. He's a showman." There are Democrats in Springfield who would say much the same. Walker professes he is not surprised, that he is not running in a (politicians' popularity contest. What he is doing is pursuing the ardent courtship of the people of Illinois which began in earnest in 1971 when he bought a pair of strong boots, tied a red bandana around his neck, land walked the length of the state getting the people to know Dan Walker, getting them to call him "Dan." Accountability Sessions He is still at it. The "campaigning" McBroom fumes about consists largely of "accountability sessions" flying trips all over the state, get-togethers in small town high school gymnasiums and meeting halls where he tells what he is up to, denounces his adversaries, and leaves himself open for tough questioning from the grass roots. It works, or seems to. Walker and his aides speak of surveys that show his rating in 'the eyes of Mlinoisans as high or higlier than when he led the Democratic tickets during the 1972 Nixon landslide. Reports are that the secret polls show tip to 70 per cent approval of the governor's performance "The only base I have is people," Walker says. "The only way I can deal with the legislature is for the legislature to know that people are behind me. "Dailey and me, it's a different kind of politics. Mine is much more people oriented— I have to use these words, they're cliches but they happen to be accurate—than the organization form of politics. 'Hi, Dan' "One depends very heavily on jobs. Mine depends heavily on getting through to people so that they understand what I'm doing and where I'm going. In a very real sense it's a more precarious way to go about it. It's fun, though. "I did three parades in the last couple of weeks and the usage of the first name comes phenomenally high. 'Hi, Dan... Glad to see you walking, Dan Keep on fighting, Dan ...Dont' let them get you down, Dan.' It's a very personal, friendly, 'I know that guy' relationship and that's my strength." A large, youngish 50, Walker has both physical and intellectual presence. He talked things over last month, toward the end of his first legislative session when it seemed most of the plans he had backed were being torpedoed. Will It Work? "Every new governor has problems with the legislature," he said. "That happens everywhere. Here it is Republican dominated and the Democrats are fragmented. Add to that the regular organization differences with me' and you have more problems. "It's tough, because we're going against all the conventional wisdom on how you can build a record as a governor. The normal way you build it is to spend money on programs that have high visibility, meanwhile to hire all the people you can because that makes legislators happy—hire their friends and get bills through.. "I'm not cocky enough to sit here and say, 'By God, I'm going to change this whole tiling around.' But you can try. We'll find out whether I can. "The testing time is still to come. My brand of government has not been tried in this state ever and I have to find out whether it's going to work or not." Veto Threat Could Delay- Paychecks for Employes SPRINGFIELD (UPI) -State Comptroller George W. Lindberg says he will not pay bills submitted by agencies whose budgets are being reduced by yeto until he is assured such payment would be legal. The delay, announced Wednesday, threatens the scheduled distribution of some 15,000 to 20,000 payroll checks at state colleges and universities. Many of those checks are scheduled to be delivered Friday, a spokesman for Lindberg said., Questioning Budgets The comptroller said he is questioning budgets currently being cut by Gov. Daniel Walker's reduction veto. He said he has asked Attorney General William Scott to rule on whether he can spend money from such budgets before the General Assembly takes final action on the veto messages during its fall session. "There is a possibility that when .the governor utilizes his reduction power on a bill, I can't write checks using the remaining money until the legislature approves or disapproves of this reduction," , Lindberg said. He said he's asking the attorney general for a ruling specifically on the case of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees' budget. But he said he would apply the ruling, when it comes, to two dozen other appropriations in a similar situation. What's Included Included among those appropriations are ones for most higher education institutions; state grants to public schools; the teachers retirement system; the teachers retirement system, and the state Departments of Transportation, Mental Health and Conservation. A spokesman said no firm estimate is yet available of the total number of state employes affected. "I solicit your speedy attention," Lindberg said in his letter to Scott, "since payrolls are actually being held to determine this legal question." The comptroller said the legal question also involved payment of bills for day4o-day operating expenses of the affected agencies. Cook County Judge Bars Probe of Johnson Firing CHICAGO (UPI) - A Cook County Circuit Court judge has blocked an investigation by a legislative subcommittee into the firing of Illinois Liquor Control Commission Chairman Lawrence Johnson on grounds the Subcommittee was never formally established by the legislature. JUDGE DONALD J. O'BRIEN issued a permanent injunction Wednesday halting the investigation. He blocked further hearings on the grounds that a resolution to create the subcommittee was never formally passed by the House of Repreesntatives. The injunction halted subcommittee plans to subpoena testimony from some of Gov. Daniel Walker's top a'ides to question them about the firing of Johnson. Johnson, 35, former Democratic state's attorney in Champaign County, told the subcommittee last month he may have been fired to cover up an investigation into contributions by Anthony Angelos to Walker's campaign. ANGELOS, A CHICAGO millionaire, was nominated by Walker as director of the state Insurance Department, but withdrew his nomination amid charges lie held state liquor licenses when he helped finance Walker's campaign, which would have been a violation of state liquor laws. Although the court ruling may be appealed, it was doubtful any appeal could bi; acted on before the legislature reconvenes Oct. 15. At that time, lawmakers could form a new committee if they wish to pursue the case. Democrats Rap Nixon Bugs CHICAGO (UPI) - President Nixon's practice of secretly recording his private conversations has drawn criticism from two Illinois Democratic leaders. Appearing at separate news conferences Wednesday, Gov. Daniel Walker and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley were both critical of the practice. "I can only say I'm shocked and appalled by the disclosure" of White House bugging, Walker said. "I just ,can't understand why the President felt it necessary to record every person who talks with him." Daley said, "I don't think that it is a moral thing to do. I don't think it is proper. I assure you that there will never be any taping in the office of the mayor." LOSE WEIGHT OR MONEY BACK Odrlncx can help you bepome the trim slim person you want to be. Odrlncx Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. Contains no dangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercise. Got rkl of excess fat and live longer. Odrlnex has been used successfully by thousands all over the country for 14 years. Odrlncx Plan costs $3.25 and the large economy size $5.25. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded. No questions asked. Sold with this ciunrnntec by: HAWTHORNE DRUG STORE 15 E. Main MAIL ORDERS FILLED ALL HERE, THE WONDERS OF YESTERYEAR J3eauti<fiud TIME 1 WAS ATHLETE'S FOOT HOW TO TREAT IT — Apply quick-drying T-4-L. Feel it take hold to check itch, burning in MINUTES. 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