Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin on October 20, 1880 · Page 1
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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin · Page 1

Janesville, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1880
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Samuel ,T. Tiblon. To S2o.0i0 in Indiana, but OlX) w,rtlirf sutisfiiotiuii n Now York is sum he lost ivthiiij; else than i the explanatory i the public to oxi',! il.,- Deiuorr&tii! flattened at the polls. don't fffl v I it, fori find I It wnld ha hardpr, than t Sherman. A could not hnv than John Sh. e been better for Wade it mule httd kicked a little at lu should luivH entered .o-uleiiiv -with Secretary evert" r kid; rjf the mule, been mure fatal to him The aggregate amount of failures dins far for lSSi), are tj million dollars. Tor the same time last year they were 81 millions. The year be ore, when resumption had not taken place, they were 137 millions. These tacts jivu the country the ohesriliK news that the business men or the will V, uder why the Dcm e of chalking ;n tl.e shbaivaiks riinl doors ol the residences of Keiniblicans. They expected to continue the practice until November ik but a little event took place, in Indiana last week mid seems to have interfere .1 with this sort of a emu The Republican demonstration hist night at Madison, was one of the largest known in Wisconsin for years, ex-v-ptiw: the one (riven m honor of John Slvniv:!:, in 'Milwaukee, lust week. Over seventeen hundred torches were in the process-.,, u, Jndge Touree, who has gained a national fame by his book entitled "A Fool's Errand," was the chief speaker. The Madison Itepublicaes are wide awake, and will currv the c.itv for Oar-field. .It. be, and dnii;:)i!i It i til to stay bis pen for the rest ot the campaign. Ol iO, HuilOOCk doosu't know .my . of tho principles of protection and free trade, than W. H. English knows of e''-i.t.o.;sity, aud every letter be writes on ttie subject makes a "ridiculous iiiuiuler of himuud tills the pai'ty with disgust, THE ALPHENA LOST. The Washington Tost this ives hi:n the. followinir sharp sount of his practical ehal- lc:u.-C t S-wt irv So. rt duel: " Senator "Wade Huiupti Oarolina, insists upon tiirm into a Hepubliean campaign The Steamer Alpheua Ooets Down in the Great, Gale of , Saturday. npolls VlMlr the . 1 Cleveland, Oct. Mer.'s dub .,f 1 H;o l about 4D0, paid 1 .t hi . hi rt From Sixty to Out1 Humlri'il Poisons Go Down With the Wreck. - The Slieliigiiii Shore of tl ! Strewn with tho WiTck. An Indiana Democrat's Proposition to Fuss with tlie Nationals. The Grand Uepnhliriin Rally and Torch-Light Procession at Mtiflison. Over Seventeen Hundred Torch Hearers in the Procession. One of the Largest Political Demonstrations Ever Held in Wisconsin. The Business Men's Club, of Indianapolis, Visit General Garfield, at Mentor. The IV11 tint's of the irand .Hilitury Reunion, at Atlanta, Georgia. There is a K'-'od point to this story which is beiiifr told on Gabe Bonck, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the Sixth district; Meetin- one of hii plain sneaking constituents in Osl.kosh one Saturday uijiht, Boiutk accosted him in hii eustonsary rourl: milliner, and ask-liini what he wast thinking about. "I was thinking," .-said the jean, "that if your father hadn't been Governor of .New York, instead of you beinf a member oE Congress, you w.ml 1 1)3 ,'oirur horns tonight with your sawbnek and saw on rour shoulder and a sab coiir.t-O: nwl. r your arm for your Sunday dinner. lion, iweorge F. Kihuiinils Ulevt- od I nitfd State senator From Vermont. Fifty Thousand lollar Rlue in Portajjc this Morning. 1!) The Jin; polls and tlii'ee-coi TetTer.- 1 Clock, and Mtoppeil hrenkf: ut at the Unit. vitc dndei'li our JJl 1 it palaoti ."it: -h-i'i-i', .: avdeld .r.pune.d ol tho most prom-men of the capitol of I11-1'iiforms tire linen dusters ered straw hats, tho cos-take -oil" on tlie Democrat-club ol Indiana. Vin- i Olev-elitud shortly bef. d.r nlcl. t . This tram reaeheil Gener il i ,:.i-.U-V.i tat in it ; bc-.it 10 o'clock, and by liriii.r a ear. noli which t'oey had n-i ' tyi. t with them en 11 bi.s'ixnin.' car. Hsmii' Uiiht..ti au-1 t.irnwJ into lim; itji.lt r the leadership "" their Cioudn 31. M. Met.-iiti. Kh.., and headed by their .1 the 1 ififi' lI'h lions.".. Tine t.inji .1 1:1 Crotlt ot the residum ;.)hi. ecu (. i.e.- il t .iii-Jcjlii mi 1 'art .1 uin e the p; 7.7, 1, three round 1 -f riricoe chners -1 made a s)eeeh, detailing the iuloKistic of the ie llepubliean in 1NIUANA. lanterns, tn.uspereneiHa, etc., the i'.lniv.i-n.itioit of luiiiiy place.'- h.eiuc" cte.tat t:e-yond description. Not one man ot this large. procession could gam admission to the Assembly !, nrc'l.c T to listen to .lild;.'."-'leiitreee's Kpacah. 'the hall was densely packed leu';,' hefore the precession reaehi d the cupitol park h,itid:ed, an-1 awav, nnubla to gain tnlvnissuce J ei,;e Tonre-ce -rech- a apeceh similar to the one made ill Chicago. The was etiev-t ly Ic'tiiou to by the enormous crowd, who ire-enicrly mterrnptod him by otdlte.sir.s-tie applause. ALPENA. Tim Y.i8cl tSoes Dona In tin- l.n'iil litlu or Snt ii ill ay. Holland, Micli, Oct. l'J. The steamer Alpena has certainly gone down. The debris is floating ashore near the harbor. At BauKtituek also some of tho wreck e-nne ashore, atnoiif,' which WHEW I But Didn't it Gome With a Rush! life-boats. Her piano was murium:, with life-preservers berless bits oE furniture, pa wheel, etc., nil from one to north, of Holland harbor. Up ment 0110 body h found, -Mrs. Bradley, sui be. the wife of a rti of Now Mexico. More wrocki ed no hourlv, an 1 the rhiem lativea of the lost ones dcepe. nth edtn;.; Governor Smith has isbued an executive order officially announcing the death of. Chief Tustie; Kyr.rt. Co the order the ef the cebtle -crvice. lias f.-.lllT. whs He. ..." i.ir..- e.f n (ri-'i upon his - .nlJers. Liu than he rr-o i.-i ltl the lK!:i.!h .-UK! Jill aj dicr.-.fy hi-i'h.L:.'h"jiul'it;iLt Mi . h;. hob'riih- It is ordered that a a mark of tt-p to tba memory of Judj-o Kyan, the supreme court room will be suitably draped in mourning, th-i (lar upon the capitt.d hsplaycJ at hattenas-. and on the day o the funeral the Stat; closed. The case of Ke7. Dr. Thomas, in the lie,, -h. Hivtr ei.'t-iferetiee hias oeea ihaptio'd of for the present. The eoti'erei ice took the sTound pretty J irtiily, that his disbelief in the atonement, in the inspiration of the scriptures, mid in literal hell fire, placed it under the necessity of withholding an appointment from him. Ac cordingly, when th THE ALPENA. Bpeoia.1 to 1ho Giselle. Chicago, Oct. 20. The lives lout by the Alpena are estimated at from sixty to 0110 hundred. The body c a boy has beer: found near Holland, to-day, and that of a woman, last night, both unidentified. Mr-. McCet.r-.etl-s trunk with letters has been found. Dwellers alonp tho shore are enriching themselves with the wreckage. V0HTA1IE. A fkfiy TIiou-iuihI nnlloi' t li Morn Int. Madison, Oct. 20, A fire .ut Portage this . morning, destroyed Pettiboncs block. It first caught in Goodman's wil- Hnop: destr ved (4 aa.not'.u's ehithiac establishment, J. E. Wells & Co., la.rd- ware store and 1 in slva l.M"ns. dal-lett i-Brecse knitting works, which uni-p loved firty hands; also a pniut shop, Odd teUow'a hall, the armory of C'nppy Ouards, nnd several other smaller shops. The loss will reach RYAN'S FINER AJ1'. A Ileumeratli: Froiii4iti mi to Viik Ls-OtASAPOLin, Ind., Oct. 19.-Tlic negotiations looking to r. fusion of nationals ar.o leinoerats on the electoral ticket came to a head this afternoon. James Buchanan, otherwise "The Plan," while in the office ot Secretary of State jhiuik-liu, was approtiehe.l by Jiweph W. Nich-olT 11 defeated candidate for the state scuttle from this county, and nephew of Senator McDonald, with a proposition to combine the votes oC the Dem wrsl ;c oel national parties ou a split electoral ticket. To this Buchanan responded: "I do not propose to entertain any such proposition as that, and if I did it would not bo from the Deino- erntic party. Of what avail was your iirmnfjonif-tit with ; '-!': ana Jfurkcr fnsi.'.i. "that can be urr . ovil with the I )on, a; rats In any one pretending li to your ticket. The national j , n ,t. rite'-i.l to at:. he terms with either (if the old parties and cannot be mtrolled 111 their interest. This was toe snoiito if the oenversauom svl.ich, as as n.e,aally the ease ivlien -'t !-.e i'lan is riirii-el. was nimir.att'i.l almost sahdy be hum Tins olT'er, comttiu' from tint iujv it did. mid right 0:1 the heels of the c-onfi renec of the leaders of the oarb lash icphb ti'is rev. 'all .1 nu .1 i ha '.if: ml for v. eaam.-s aeaoltp the I.'emKrits. There can 1 ie but little expoeiat.e njou their part b ear-vnm the Slice if rhev are wilhug to sell half a'-" their elee-oi-al votes to tlie nationals for h is than lit '.ecu rnmmand votes. beach. Captaii in person this pfl.err.oon, mid has n the beacii to superintend matters, terrible disaster lias east a gloom the whole coast, and even old - h ma m hfteen nf twenty-nine paasetipers. la pe t ha any i .f t.i.ne. mi tins it the re-s wtlh the We art' Very Thankful to "Old Prob." OUH BUSINESS! LESS BREEZE ! Bl SALES REMOVAL I REMOVAL MEW QUARTERS TBULSON & t PETERSON BootsaShoes SATISFACTORY PRICES ! ice at this session, rs who are certain of their present returned home, The eal in i.i t bet n i CHIEF -II STICK II VAX. , the Thomas did ind appear. This tnakes but boh ibttereuce to him. Ho ranks among the foremost ministers ot the West, and it will not be long before he will be called to some independent church. A Congregational church at Springfield, Illinois, has tendered him a call, aud several other prorahicut and influential elmrchoH have avi eye on him. Ho it will be seen that Dr. Thomas will not be left out in the cold. s for the 1 Dr. H. W, funeral ot our eminent citizen, Judse Th -balance of the Dcnim-ratio campaign will be taktm up by TTaiteock in writing letters explanatory of those he Las already written. This will alTord amuseniD.ut for the lie-publicans, but will keep the Democrats in hot water. When lie wrote Ins letter ol acvprmvc, he was- called o:i by his "friends in Jersey," (you know they believe m a t n-itl to explain that. So ha wrots a letter osplnimng his letter of acceptance. The explanatory letter did DDt sesm tj be clear to the ' minds ot lus "Jersey friends," and be was called on t -write utiother letter which was sent to Senator Randolph. The Bscond explanatory letter muddled things in tire than eve-, and made the Democrats still m ire disgusted with their superb general. Ho made himself out a Republican which was not very pleasant to the Democratic mind, and not content with this xec. u.; exp'.aua'wr;. letter, aomo . of bis Ujinoeratiu friends who have no respp.tt for him and little hope ot th? party, piip isy he shall write a third expluu'itiry letter. San Democrat should be appointed inittce of on! t.i mill .n tlu-stipc Ryan. A special train will be Curiosoed nr -; - meet; ,. m Prnlav t i C0"ivcy tltC body to Milwaukee, which will be escort ed by State officers mid .Tu-itices ot the Supreme Court, the Bur Association ot Madison, and other prominent citizens, reaching that city about 11 o'clock, whero tho tuneral will lirtiibuai eii-tree; by the Ear Association ot Milwaukee. The body will lie in state at the 1'lankir.t.titi House for two hours. The funeral services will take about 2 p. m., at St. James1 tdiurch, mid the remains interred in Forest Horn., cemetery. Tito Finiernl of llhl. r ,IHt- ice Bi-Hii in Milwaukee. MiHYAC'KEr, Oct. lib The remaiits of (Jhn.'r Jiisblce llym, who died at Maui- son tlibs morniiii,', will bn broii-rbl here by sjiecinl train l-'riday. A meeting of the Milwaukee bar lite, been called for to-morrow foreuo.ir. to take formal eorr-niztiiiec of his death. The Hon. A. 11. Butler, will deliver nu eiiloiriuiu upon tliedecntisoi:. The body will lie in state at the riiHikinton ou Friday, ' the. funeral will take plttoc. Bi Welles, it is thought, will conduct ": trial services. F .cs -. re it ha ioeasl hem mid in ' t mi v. isi-i.ni.-tt ,-it es, Milwaukee ha:; been tho homo ot Judge llvaii mnce Jsps, ami he is ,-, a , " ml . i 're . t with tecli igs of the utmost respettt by the eonimuuity in icnb. The I n thi u.l iii-a tal epiahrie-ii ivhieh have renbered lean fitmons t.ni'oiielaini the- a.1ion were developed hero during the many years which be practiced before the "local THE METHODISTS. Appt.etox, Oct. ID The business session of the conference to-day was devor. ml entirely to eominitteo work. bint little a hbtior.al business will be broutrht bef. n e the confere Many of tho mmiste boiuf.' returned t locations have having become h.'imlb !' the- ses-m m not vet heid any snierea. iiuh ueniy is an owing ro tin J; raart trial, as. than must tie settle S be fore an;,- of tlie appointments can bo made. ' It is reported ou good authority that bat -hart as -muritig his own case, iih-hap Harris lias become tired of his wav ef m m dncti n e his defense tml aas put be-foot. on. it. It is the general opinion of outsiders that a majority of the. committee will find him i:iltv of near y all the cb.irge.-i prelerred maeimr iiil i The C'.inini.ttce In hi three ses.neis 1 lily, d'h" trial will last until Saturday . d his e'veit'im the m oiferenee w a ailih-t'ss- eil by Rev. Mr. McGnrmack, of iV.i.ipi'.n. MI LIT AH Y HEIMON. At last a, Oct. 19. -The feature of the military reunion to-day was the grand parade. Tito troops marched through the. streets amid createtitl-usiastD. About 10 o'clock the military reached Oglethorpe Park, where Gen. W. T. Hunt em or, re, hint, of tho Atlanta Barrack- b : ib. formi'.! oomtictnd of he bn.-m.m. A t 2 o'elodt Gov. Col.iuitt. and stall rode nit'i the park, and were: g; --of.-d with a saint-- b snv.mba n gum, by the K lib Art.-Urn i oL the rej'-Ui.r i rev.. 1 ;c- 1-1.0 ernor reviewed the brigade. R661 II Dart Our Day-lightStore One Price System, SUPERIOR GOODS, AWE Immense Display Smith's One Price, Square DealinG Clothing1 Store. U Please Read This ! 1 .n8urance, General Election Notice ! ST.aTIt OP V.lSltilNSlN, i il ot the 'Smiooi ,bi si-'.f Ni" n di.eja,,- 1. v. turn, ih'c f.,11 VKliiK. i.f I'm .f the. Uiiii-Jd Sialvs. A b : 1 a. in 1 elect- Pre 1 U. Willian-i. l;e!.r.-,.aieol.o-. la I -el.cre-- ft.r tile l'o I , U-r ill 1 O 1 1 1 1 1 . ' the e so "I bim.iume. Cl.ninlme .lie V.-a-Jlincte wi'll'l'ipirVoi t!iJ fimrtii' Xay'toftCM"rSli, j 11. .el biHlp.e. 1 ..nil ma Jan. Plielaijeall 1 ,1 y .. , !.-,. r 1 . iiisj1!'1;v; 'a it. '--r -. ntiiiivL' in CuncresD for tlict Pe; ... ,, ;P l.li - 1 O e 1 nf " 'C (I),.. iS.I.I V, em Pin'.'..''ll,iiPia'ae' "p .":'!' Koe,a,o i 1 1 o ' ll irl'a'ij Vice ESTABLISHED IN 1858. Represent sound did companies only E.irks written t best rales finil losses iiromptly ad-iusted tind paid. Houses and Lots for s.-ile. Farming Lands in the city for sale. Good bargains Houses ;ind Lots for rent, ami Money to loan on good renl estate ter;urity at low rates of interest, DIMOGK&HAYNER AGENTS. SMITH A- . ACKM.WS JtLOCli. janesviijjl, wisroxsiN . llllttOdly o o 3 Afiams, JIr."nciic, 'i-lk.',iluSt, llTy. I, in iLaccaf Thaddc-f oBiiii; will eniiito oil m. e' MP, I 1.1, "ntwSrdii'urihe" f likiw'LHyde, wlio isoao, I A Hla: Senator ia the Ninlli Scjifitt If o i Viiin ii place .if H iro oil tie cW iloiiday ut Jauuarj-, A. D AStatc3ciiatoriii liic UWonth JJciiato Dii C.aik." boh-. la 'boierl 1'nee, Had Weed, ! all i-i pirc en l.ti'i hir.,i Monday of Janu&ry, A. A Stat.- S rlli , P ci'i'b II n, - In',, Ji.iae'.'bh Paee.'Vi'-oia,- TLirtcentli Iscnate Dla- m, Clymau. Elba. .. Hublwrd. HuistiB. imira. Lowoll. Oak (tr.o.a IPellaaJ lie: e,i- w;.rd ef tile village . ' apt. Pa- e.voe, ot Jtnbioull. Mi.ili.lo '1 Idea j on lea lie sou'tl -van of Pie e.ty or '.".uunir., and llai l.uiisu! We.-tard Had Wil- .aeael 1. :a tie .-aanlv ef ..ile- la I. bo .lace ut iooara b M a Pel r iilp'. wa..oe -era, ef ottor vol , n,mi tin tin- Bn llouduy of January. A. AStatcSunatorintho Fifteenth SvnaM Diana -. , ..asi-aili- i Mi.j .!!!) '-f Miiul...'e III olh. n.ia moo ' Moiidaj ef January, A SKNATOlt ED3IVNDK. FIRES. In la lto-F.lected iscnntor bytliu 1 MoxTii'RMBii, Vt.. Oct. 19. The two lloio-es to-.lny 'I'Lieeealeii se 1 1 lira t ely eleet a United States sdiaiter. In the ' House Ooorjjfo F. Edmuiuls, the present aountor, wan u...;u'.fut.-.l by tho Republi cans, rml Brmlley W. Hmiilley by the lieiao-rats. '.flic vote mmltcil: Eil- -,iu,a.ls. hil, Sinalaai, lib not votnor, l-. hi the- Senate hMnocais was theoi.lv civi'le late in'ese!it.-ih and received all the Siiitoial tn tbe Gazette. Piqua, O., Oct 20. O. W. Leontira A Daniel's oil mill imtl warehouse vi-;is burueil this morning. Lobh S100,00ti. C'lN-ClSN-ATI, Oct. 2,1a 'lie 1! 1 a Pi V b S' ,0, lb dy ivnrehouo vus burned this morning. Madievok, Out. lt. five women wero burned to death mid litionl demonslratio' others injured. the Capital of Wii A UKAM) It ALLY. UEPUBIilCAN EXTltrSIAKll. -, 111 lion. Olmrlew I',, WillitimB uddreKsed a lnrge and on-tlmsiastic audience in Jtanu'ii hull thin evening. This is be- second To pubb.ean r.ioetiiig oT the campaign, mid from the spirit that KemueJ. tu enp.ti de te.e l';,-i,nb lieanf iti tliia tti-ctioii a lurir-a iin.j-.rsiv may be counted on f it Garliehl and Ar-thiir frotn the old time Democratic crnni-' y i ii W'nukcsha. CHICAGO OOSHll. Oct., 16, 1SS0. The Republican county ticket, is ei sidin-c 1 In Loth parties to be bm est over pnt forward, and no doubt terlnineJ but it will be c-leele.l by n majority . Ulimy IDcmocrnts any will vote for it. A l.irj.'e bnihliug will soon be ei for the liuaiuf actum of carriage Lint on npritif.'s, by Micliig: Abend lalikilledmecii! ployed. This will be a materia! addition tti our manufacturinc interests. The fine new depot of the C, fr N. V. Railwt.v, now ueiirinc e m.i pi c tion, will h ive a hire..; clock in the Pover vrlitnli can re niily be seen a . pi arte" ol u mile. II will face four wave ami be a great att-c.cn. ntodato ni to t ie public at. lat'-e. ! A lady residingon Blue Island A wn ae started from her residence last Wbsbies-rlnv. t purchase Home P'roeeri. s. hire -.be arrived at. her destination, flip gave hLJ ui HM J COjE M LUMBER ' FSFIELD BRO., .liimo Klsiiv, i On JiwW.,. , Sli-.n l. in rear .,f ihe Old Hy.vi. LUMBER! FURNISH EVERTTHING eiiii.ir in tb Nineteenth Senate Du ..mi,- "I be' . uu.il ut Vibueebaso, in isl-ew Hat... a, oli.ee aa la of .-tt.ee "11 the tn,: t'P.n In v , .'. January, A. 1). e aba" alaf s' Lumber Line. , :3s At Kualoin Sfme!. I .K; jiri lev'.:; ;u:;" j 19 I Mr. tli .'ie --'a '"i'o viallaiiaraew'ua.--i.'1c'i'l "'! 'stal r bioait -r oijhr Tl ri V-first SeaKteUi- I I ' 1 ! plaee OJ liN-aerl Via, Pie.aovk, Wilut.fi term of i,.cM (:rrel"..aollt. B "" I I'll I S,l,l IMIiXI :lKKl-tl.. whr, hus " il 1 rf ,n i e -, , P... ;, ytead , of J .,,o,- t ! " "'''leol.anr'" '''" ' l',.' 1-ltdKPl".'. si-m.o t'li'le -rcmi !ay eh Annuo, A. I.i. -'H IIICT BE'nCIUFn i hruiiiMiau "' ,uKa iPofltDlin Q KtnPP 49 west Milwaukee sr. ' ; , , - y bbUlbUUmiOlUlui COLLISION. Specini tufnc Guzctti'. Cincinnati, Oct, 20 -A coUisi. plaee on the Dayton road at Jon tion to-day. Twenty people were but uone fatally. WADE HAMPTON. Washikoton, Oct. 10. -Wade I-b & Kiving tho De.uiocniey i by his uliHiirh The ginudest o-ever witnessed at jnsiii, occured to- of the visit of .Tndcc A . W. Ti-.irp;ee, tcib ior , if ".V lb . u"s Errand.' .1 lie b r--i,ha-ht pr"iec-sst ni started at 7 o'clock from the City Hall, nod ncri-iii'd reonni Capoteil bol; alio Lbri.e.-crh tla. priunipal rcsnlenee '.piartera. Seventeen hundred and fifty torch-bear- ur worn in bite cnibraema bub) fi'oni hh,e probnlbe future h'resn.lcnt. of ,,. - this it'i-e.it .PtiaoiPbe, reab jnotlK-r tire drnti well.' 1 CS llenr tl e eib 111 C 1 ' o, ill tlw Verb bvision. Inst, bidnrilay, pa;-inp- She, dan m I' o'i. dhie salmi piece of pre. pmrt v V, ,ieS lid ,,, l.s.?.. for 82.71K), on time at '. per c ut; i i IhVh, it was said for S.sOO. part. cash, and jiart on time at S per cent. A St. Louis merchant purchased three bits on the west side, psiybtc Sh'd'b'l fel fin: Eiiii.e; he intoly . ir.ved to (.' :n eapei aud will erect a handsome residence Some of our first class machine shops are very busy getting pnt wn'ti nuih it.c m-iti r: d an i ni.T'lnne)-'. . n hil ir sbo.-e the Caiid.iil city una "oil from Miuio- enpacitv. One promiueut linn is c.ci,-innntc Stoupld-no bar, b: nani: the Po-.n s i ,ro-n,o . . l,,r .,..nhh or ,, , i, iljaeeut to -Madison, The trar.snaten- tvr 'raaebmery, for tbe Toi t be eeal ivn- riri'ss eoinpatiy ol b nub bafoima. ami e-ve:ia..,loiL-b. h and prunteil. His brass bands - ' ' ' ' ' ' i bit I iPt l t in in li ,n0 i ' i ' ' ' i , Ih 1 lnl"1 (intuit; before 1Tul.e 1,i-,,fUsel;, dcemated with Chiueae L. Moi'AX. 20 Dozen of the Celebrated Re-en forced unlaundred SHIRTS! These Shirts are all finished uml wurrunted in every respect the bant niiide, and will be sold ftt Si 00 . each, or $11 00 yer tloXinn. II all dozen for S5 50. I. A IK HltK. II I WHO IWrh-naiiiCi,, N"V 1l"cAi'l'le (.he.-. iltDESXlsT0N-9- jOtSTON Fish Clmy an. q. piDMilUCIilaf, BuQQKTi'iUispic,,b, al uUiiSiaTQH'B. SARmKE3inM,iKl.ir.ISu,-sI9TQS,& pKEgHOclory daily. t vmslsT.s trHAltlt'S.lS ,p lo .'Lbl.XS Pteo Poo- An- gtiItoo,. .yNN1BT0H.B- CANNEDBbrb,..,s.Sii:a,a. ggc. QHOICE N'v IT,.,ervcs. ,1 "IsrCM. j CA,jI1ORN,A ' 1"'1 n'BNNllJTON'B. P'l P,r 1 Jaaler'v-wai'r'ca ' lly. Union and Ihuldlv f lieloit. ulncc of Edward Huj . buld. -e ol Wdip'.n, Tajforl .njiire on tbv lirtt MoEdny of Jurlu a tu is eianiueU'd, the vutin can- m ii- imide ran-sD.iUt lu ll.w. rmj- band m my elite. , ni lie iilo, (bi il) du ut Ausru.it, A. I). FOB At Gazette Counting Boom, lABBCMorflKiMMaciiiM

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