The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington on April 3, 1991 · 38
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The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington · 38

Tacoma, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1991
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v V' ‘X i' B2 The Morning News Tribune Robber wielding knife hits FWay yogurt shop the News Tribune A 17 'Way froxen-yogurt threatened with a dark at a Federal hop wai knlfa during a Saaday afternoon robbery King County police The unidentified robber who wae unahaven and smelly bran-diabed the pearl- " knife and demanded the of the cash register after initially asking for change to make a telephone call police said The thief escaped on foot with an undisclosed amount of money after the 1:30 pm atickup at TCBY 1430 8 310th Place The teenage clerk who was alone behind the counter at the time wae unhurt police said Excent for use of the knife the holdup was similar to a thwarted robbery attempt Friday afternoon at another Federal Way store In that incident a clerk apparently cared the thief away from The Clotheeboree 1414 8 334th St A man whoee description was aimilar to that of the yogurt shop bandit had approached the clerk at The Clotheehorse with a dollar bill in hand and requested change to make a phone call As the clerk opened the cash register the man abruptly demanded an the money police said The dark who at first couldn’t believe what she’d heard asked Aim to repeat himself When he jdid she told him she wae not alone and he’d better leave The nervous-booking would-be thief did so and gone by the time police at- Iri other news reported Tuesday bypolice: ' BA 13-year-old Kent girt was to the face resulting in a Uncle charged In leaaon’ that burned boy's hand A former Auburn man who told he was Just trying to teach ‘ !w a lesson about playing with fire was accused Tuesday of burning the 4-year-old child’s hand with a cigarette lighter The King County prosecutor charged Nick L Allen with one count of second-degree assault for hunting his nephew's so severely that the young i Runway it ' t Continued from B1 After all 5000 hotel rooms to the Sea-Tac community many of them catering to visitors who pass through the airport The committee which was created by the Fort of Seattle and Puget Sound Council of Governments to look at the short-long-range needs for air traffic to the region has narrowed its options to three: Build a new international airport to the Fort LeurisSpanaway ar Olympia Black Lake areas and then close Sea-Tac Build a second smaller airport — probably north of Seattle — to complement Sea-Tac and build a third smaller runway at Sea-Tac for use by smaller propeller-driven aircraft which seat about 15 to 30 passengers Build a second smaller alr-as well as a third runway at Tac Airport In this option the third runway would be long enough to accommodate large Jet aircraft But such a runway would be so Dr Charles GHubbell is phased to announce the reopening of hh dermatology office on April 1st alter his return from mis AFB hsuooortof OpmtionDeserl Storm cbm3s0e uaoexa IK — SMBpMon 4M So-Taaoma Way SlBplJ ©find) SEBOG0O Wednesday April 3 1991 nd a black eye after she refused to have sex with a Seattle youth Monday after-noon wing Comity pytjf said The attack occurred after the boy known only by Us first name kicked in a locked bedroom door at a bouse in the Federal Way area policesaid By the time police arrived the boy was gone The girl was treated by Federal Way paramedics but refused to be to the h—pMsi police said ' An Auburn man’s sise proved advantageous Sunday night when two men were caught trying to make off with his recreational vehicle police reports show An alert neighbor in the 1400 block of 30th Street Southeast watched someone start the vehicle near midnight warm it up and drive off without the lights on Though he wasn’t wearing his glasses the witness knew that it wasn’t the owner behind the wbeeL The owner weighs 300 pounds about twice the sise of the stranger police said After officers pulled over the ve- hide within a few blocks of the home and arrested two occupants ages 10 and 31 they discovered that the vehicle had been hot- wired An Auburn mail carrier reported that Us truck was struck by a pellet from an air rifle as he was making his rounds Monday The carrier said he’d seen a’ group of boys aiming a pellet gun earlier in the day and when he the same area on his way he heard the whis of a pellet past his open door A pellet struck the side of his truck at Just about head level according to reports Police located a gram of boys who said they’d been snooting at birds in the area A 16-yeer-old was arrested for unlawful aim and diacharge of a firearm after admitting he was the one who’d accidentally struck the mail track ster required hospitalisation The child was admitted to the Harbor-view Hospital Bum Center Jan 6 and discharged 17 days later said court papers accompanying the charges Allen 33 who reportedly is now living in South Dakota is to be arraigned April 10 At that time proaecutors will ask that he be held on $50000 baiL the existing runways that : planes would have to tabs landing on them The seriousness of the down Sea-Tbc” option is a of conjecture But members have said they frit nMigoH to mniiihir it “It would be radical and it would take a lot of time1 conceded “But yon cannot rule out anything and a replacement airport falls into that category” fYrnimwtmi members uriD again on April IS to make their final —"""""ndstions on which options deserve to be the objects of further in-depth environmental Stoner study After the ci the environmental study the committee will forward its re- to its parent organisations the Puget Sound Council of In a related matter the Federal Way City Council passed a reeoto-- tton Tuesday night opposing any addition or expansion of the runways at the Sea-Tac airport Council members said they hoped airport planners would abandon the third-runway proposal once and for all and coma up with better long-range approaches to the region’s air traffic SKC ‘Mysteries’ Byi The News Tribune After snail hliig nearly five years for does to the fate of her father Kathy Clem ents is pinning her hopes on 19 : tonight on the TV show “Unsolved Those 10 will chronicle rious 1M M disappearance of C University of Pnget i Rice Members of R Clement’s father football Rice! family still star Jim live in Tacoma ' Clements is convinced her father met with foul play Since Ms disappearance she has spent an estimated (301000 trying to find out what happened to him to no avail Tm hoping the (TV) show will get somebody to come forward to tdl about my fathers murder” Clements said Tuesday in a ' telephone interview from her home in Danville Calif “1 Just hope something will come of It" - The NBC television program “Unsolved Mysteries” airs tonight at I on i 9 A retired contractor and rnflnrcir Rice last Ruling on challenge to Auburn’s police exam delayed By EMxabeth Moore The News Tribune Auburn’s civil service commission Tuesday delayed ruling on a police fitness exam that has been rtisllrngmi torsnsc it sets different standards for men and women Job lpnliPiittK Police guild president John Calkins told the cotnmissinn there wore “obvious inequities” to the test developed by the Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas Guard Continued from B1 legations against his client not guilty of any offense” Browne said “Mr Kendall’s position Is he need reasonable force to quell a disturbance” Wallenstein — ' that the that he hoped the public dose not loee faith to law enforcement officers In the second incident Ktoc County police officer Karl Calhoun is accused to a UK District Court lawsuit of using excessive force Budget Continued tom B1 the next tiro years each reflecting the projected cost-of-living increases Both employees groups were unhappy with that level of 4 J percent the first year and 3J percent the second year Locke gives across-the-board pay bikes of 11 percent and 13 percent the rest of the red of the money to nay for first-vear trsrfwrs and to give extra pay hikes for state workers whose salaries are farthed behind their counterparts to the private sector Locke provides no more for and state i did ployee groups claim that the LockfrGardner level means either out-of-pockd workers or fewer health 1 "We’ll be $56 million short of what we need for health benefits” said Gary Moon executive director of the Washington Federation pf State Employees "State employees will get a modest pay increase and that will go away through medical costs-” Karen Davis the lobbyist for the Washington Education Association said the union appreciates efforts by Locke to restore program reductions that appeared to Gardner’s budget request But she objected to the distribution of salary to focus on ex-UPS football star was seen alive on St Croix in the UA Virgin Islands where he owned a home His second wife Astarte Rice-Davis tdd Rice’s family that he had left with another woman to go fishing in Australia Clements i said Rice was never heard from again When she spoke with her stepmother about her father’s whereabouts shortly after he va ished RieoBavis gave vagne answers Clem- Mysteries” the myste Rice-Davis vanished herself in 1U9 around the time she was scheduled to stand trial on eonqriracy charges related to Federal prosecutors alleged that less then a day after Rice disappeared Rice-Davis began trying to transfer the bulk of his estimated (1 million to (3 million estate to her vs- ’h Federal proaecutors said the conspiracy ! also involved forging property titles attempt-: fog to steal $300000 in certificates of deposits 1 and cashing forged checks Rice-Davis was a fugitive until last January when she was arrested in Santa Barbara The new tests are slated to become an entrance requirement for the state police training academy and Auburn adopted the test fo hiring this year to assure all recruits would have equal i admitted to the i But the test of requirements according to and s ex Women taking the test must do fewer sit-ape and need not run as fast as men it the Auburn police guild has corn- against two men and of falsely arresting a woman while he worked to the North Bend area The three claim that King Coun-:: ty police destroyed records to the V caw and failed to investigate their allegations that Calhoun struck Anthony Boyle with a flashlight James- Wren and grabbed falsely arrested Sharon Hill he to r’aWmm witnessing hh touting Since November 1909 six com-i of excessive or ind he from being a patrol officer to North ted to a traffic officer to Federal Way In an internal police “We with beginning is a problem salaries Davis said “But to do that at the expense of senior teachers with limited dol lars it’s not the right time to do that" Davis wouldn’t say how the' Locke budget would affect threatened teacher Local — totaling about 55 percent of tbs' state's teachers have voted to strike this T"g i— the Legislature moves to Improve pay and mmnEUDsiD wmm To Train Factory Siding Applicators (under supervision — fuNy guaranteed) TO APPLY VINYL SIMM Oft VMYL REPLACEMENT WMDOWS i WtilB Of Coot IIADILAO UCsCAICEXTQ 3908 10th St SE 300 flAfLAAAfi Puyallup WA 98374 OOiWMIUU Despite agreeing with the department’s new emphasis on hiring mom women and minorities “We would like to see an applicants regardless of age and sex pass a certain level of performance to be so there would bo no dis-at all” be said - The police guild has favored exactly the opposite position in previ ous years countered Chief Jake Evans In 1983 the guild had pushed for a test with a scale by age and in 19(6 it I investigation five of the allege- for five days : y 15 1996 incident he by two fellow officers a suspect by the head yelling profanities at him In a 3 1996 incident he was ae- of striking a suspect to the groin with his flashlight Calhoun' 39 a two-year King County veteran who served a year on the Kent police force was unavailable for comment Tuesday Kina Countv nolice Butt the police department destroyed original documents or tried to cover up the allegations again the officer a aaa— MMZItS Locke said he didn’t craft the budget to avert a strike “They have to do what they fed is right But we have to do what-we fed Is right" Locke said He noted that half of the state’s teachers and state employees gd annual raieee to addition to cod of living adjustments to reflect increased experience And he said last year’s budget allocated extra money to give raises to teachers with 14 or more to the classroom Janet Free Insulation Package MAIL COUPON OR CALL I Nemo I Address jetty — State I My Home Ik Wood Brisk Cement South Hill & Tacoma Eye & Skin Associates Lawrence J White MD and Barbara Fax MD art proud te announce the return of USUI P FOX IX Do FeACS eye physician and surgeon to ear practice after serving with the US Army's 50th General Hospital During OPUtATUKI DESIST ST02M I ACOUA 2702 S 42nd Tacoma WA Calif for allegedly emhessling (10000 from a construction company in an unrelated criminal case Rice-Davis is scheduled to stand trial on the conspiracy counts after a trial to the embezxlement case - - jj The "—g man’s stepson Nobel David? -also pleaded guilty in March to being involved in the conspiracy to steal Rice’s assets Devis also pleaded guilty to attempting to corrupt a grand Jury witness scheduled to testify his mother He is scheduled to be I in the late spring - Rice was a Little All-America guard for UPS from 1946 to 1948 He played his high school football at Tacoma’s Lincoln before ' entering the service in World War H - i dements an only child said she won’t reef -until she knows about her father’s fate £ ' Officials for the show said Tuesday they have a 34-percent success rate in solving1 - crimes - “The Lord has taken us this far” dements said “And we haven’t come this far for noth-1 fog-" J " a test similar to the one it is now challenging Evans said Further Evans said results of the 1991 test showed that only 14 percent of women applicants passed under the new standard while fully half passed the 1990 test Meanwhile the state trailring mmmission has notified Evans that the test is so hard that 66 percent of recruits already in trailring at the academy have failed it -The test is under review - v- n ' 1 1 1 - U o Burtt acknowledged that copies of police reports filed with the to-1 temal Investigation unit were do- etroyed but said originals were on file and available to Browne and his clients elsewhere in the police department The department has since changed its policy of destroying copies of police reports after 30 days They are now kept for three years Despite the numerous comnlatots against Calhoun Burtt called him an “excellent” police officer “He’s very hardworking a dedicated officer” Burtt said “He has a tremendous amount of positives” who no longer receive seniority pay hikes Advocates for children were eon-: ceraed that the budgd does little to improve the position of the poor While they've been asking for a $30 million program to fight hunger Locke proposed only $19 million Another example said Peter Berliner of the Children’s Alliance is the leek support for out-of-home care for abused or i children drug dependent Mans Gssafe HaipM ' Y Sponsored by The Ban B Chorny Foundation Ferguson Ftuttst 1-800-845-71 1 1 I -Zip Hook Stueeo Other Mall HAIL FLAIA CHUBS St 114 A7E0flfl 98409 liaIYWU T7

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