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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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FAYETTEVTLLE DEMOCRAT, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 3 0, "22. TO ANOTHER k.UHO 1HHUIV GROAT By CHARLES M. MeCANN i tWTJ' iMTK I (L'niti-d Press Staff Correspondent! BERLIN, June 30 U'nitrd Prfs) German scientists, in ssL-ret, are seeking the rait -Ray. which may prove the key to waging of Chapter 111, Portulacca He was twenty-three years of expand. It is a relative of the pus-1 when ht cim Ilorauo Hoitomlcy ley and delights in ihe dry hot days i financier, and he bewail Ui promot.

of summer when other annuals are companiti. Western Australia wa: The Interallied disarmament commission this full well, bul cannot ferret out the exact source uT the experiment, nor can it very well If you have a bare spot in the flower garden or an edge of a bed that has no cttcupant, sprinkle of the silver seed of or rose moss when the days get warm, famel- nlintlt it A 1.. inclined to dtxuu unless the mini: jus of the arc irequcnt. each plant aiiout eight inches )om in which to spread its stems and it will soon later on same hat you will fee I of the flowing caps of the portulaecn the selected as a convenient distance prevent this si-irn- away for the pu-sumed assets of the companies Sunned, and it was not i yjtl ay jSl.f muy or may long before the pioneers of the eount- warlike; it may prove, too, a less Buttumley pigeons begun wing- I 1(1Mm Ul iUmHIniy. Hence the laming their way to be plucked.

mission is jiowcrless to act, but Almost as suon as he began his knows that if German si ieiice keeps company-promoting Bottonili-y he- up its record cf other years it bus gan building fjr his bride what was 'good chance to discover this hiddc-i nver the space. ah. unfolding; to the sun in silky scarlets, golden yellows, -irikine. magentas, rose and striped shades. The double fornis of' rose muss are like miniature roses when they tint to he their dream-home of the fu-1 ray which scientists metallic appearance.

There are sonic forty spe- ies of portulacca, the pusley. as noted, being cue of them. hunting Hire. It was not much at tirst; lit tie nmie than a cottage in Sussex 1 war weapon. with a little hit of ground about it.

The question mark ray lira some When he was twenty-nine, the where between the X-Itay and tii home now named "The Dicker," had ultra-violet ruy. There are, wit grown. St. had Bottoniley, and so rays, a series of octaves, as musit had the extent of his operations. The field between the X-liiiy and th EATS ANYTHING ON THE TABLE SCRIPTURE iilft ray, consist ..1 severe H- nv.ntarl ihr.M.

onlTiiill nieK llll r- i 'tra touched field wiii. i im rrrr viw ia lhc ivst i'eiir' with tolll! AND IXLLo of S.U00'000- Three years lal t.r -r-i vt rrjbl: may contain a ray that would stnk death and destruction to peoples mi iUse cf his legal knowledge when he their THE PIELD Revolutionize Warfare Woman Savs Her Com- was acquitted of fraud in connection Meitihers of the Interallied com an aid as the land of achn ad to West is held at nnd 400 niiiHiitunily. n-re while land in the Canadian. OMAHA, NWl Kadii. Ably, elonoently, craft-; mission believe that there may- t.i empire buibling and as a bearer Uinsda us t.u- lunu cf a message of international Canada, ho said, a-friendship received its first demon-'try voiing piete Kecoverv from rum ily ie defended himself in a harrow.

Yonr Of Sfnmsuh Trouble Is 2 trial a hslf a voting conn- West can be purchased by home- anil an acre. eaid Mr. "Western rCanda is of vast We-t and pre- lent and its tfoVillurful Qgr.cultar:.. nviii one of UiumHtunities have only btee en specially retained lawyers. He so impressed the judge that when he developed a ruy which will revolu- lionize warfare.

So far, howevei. experiments have proven rather fruitless. An Italian claimed eral years ago to have discovered str.iti.iri i re wti-'i. nr. IM 1 livered before the Iw-nl am V.

tier, is til Rue Entirely To Tanlac Bruce Walker of vvmni- t.eiit died a few years ago, old and honored he bequeathed to Eottomk-y bi i Untile are now ur.dcr tulf- his own farm hon could he trans mine-'. i Tanlac tnjot belter tKl, hc haj f' ijuifk independence sn.i povernmrrt survey ifo unproductive switittne the com- through the air to ignite Heaps Mr. Walke worn at it 'Canada's greatest asiet ii lan-1 i Bottomley I London came iln'n'll'el dwell is equal in fo(d rnnteilt to ammunition at a distance. Itivesli gation proved, howver, that he using a time fuse to assist in his "experiments" in blowing up muni heu-th than in years," said Mrs. jMaiy Descn, 101 Chandler To-! reka, Kans.

or four years I suffered dread-i fully with stomach trouble. I had scau-ely any appetite and after ev-1 eiv meal I would puff tip with gas upon the 100 years unbroken the sods of Illinois and town, -t anu rT l.n 1 neaee between lie 1 States shown that the average yieW.w.tb immense stretches of til, land and Canada due he declared to of wheat per ncre in Western Can- utili within reach of the mot mmoo i nJU higher than in i pae Anilo-Saxon ideals and purposes, wheat stoles tin- America his great Wo. tern CanadWB coBD-He referred to the United States I union. Yet lond in the Amertcon I try is ttliured. as a financier whose companies be-j came other companies, the successive invcstci-s being left behind with stock certilicates that might hirvc iieen used as v.

rappeis for the modern wild-cat oil stocks. Still, peupic all over England continued to trust and invest with him. I which pi eared atains.t my heart breath. I vil I could hardly get my kidneys me deal and there was a pair across Altugether lie tloated over tions. That there arc rays yet uncxploit-ed is certain- Whether they possess a deadly power on a tieneficicnt action, however, is still a mystery.

And out of this mystery arises the peculiar designation of the much- snught-ruy the The Interallied disarmament also finds that the arc badly delaying which should long since have 1 accomplished. This information came from member of the commission who BIW.E THOUGHT FOR TODAY HKWARD OF oiever exnlttth himelf shall Iks su.iQd; and ho that humbleth him-si If ali.ill bf. exulted. Luke But in Irii.v!:n: sn of mind let inch tstcem other better titan themssilves. Lr.

jk not every 'man on hilt own things, but every man alno on lh thingB of others. 2:3, i. snuil! of my Lack which made it 000 worth supposed to be worth, i hard for mc to get up or down. Uy 1 At one time some of his stockhold-' head ached neai ly all the time, I had ei were dinning a denunciatory cV-I dizzv spells and could not do rus in his ears. They forced a anv housework.

share-holders' meeting. There was "Tanlac gave me such a fine ap- almost a riot when Bottoniley ar-; relitc 1 now eat anything 1 want rived. it nit with mc. Mv kid- Imperturbably, his huge head high Romans I beseech you therefore, 4 brethern, by the mercies of Cud, that ye present your bodies liv- ing sacrifice, holy, acceptable un- to God, which is our reason- able service. And he not conformed to thia world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that- good, anil acceptable, and perfect will of God.

For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among; you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think sob- 1 evly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of iaith, For as we have many member-; in one body, and all members, have not the Fame office; So we being: many, arc one body in Christ, ard every one members of one another. Having then gifts differing nc- cording; to the (trace that is giv- en to whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; Or ministry, let us wail on our ministering; or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth on bortation; he that giveth, let him do it with -simplicity; he that nilcth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness. Let love be without dissintu lation, Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that whi'h is (rood. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. Not slothful in business; fer- vent in spirit; serving the Lord: Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; Distributing to the necessity of saint; given to hospitality.

Bless them which persecute you; bless and tunc not. Rejoice with them that do re joke and weep with them that weep. perfect condition and I ms mi.ib out that particularly Qt lllUnitlOIIS lUO-ieoo to cheer, to wont to (By Capital Mews Service.) can clo an my nouscwom. i hostile irlares and be heard. But it alwuyn was un-American to maim and kill little DO YOU HAVE allowed to Germany for her present I armv, theTo is a tendency to bulk the entente representatives at every July l''ourlb America or independence.

But not onea in an ehdeavur to show the rest Hot Water r.evc- miss a chance In praise this M.C!)S10na, nd hepin granil medicine." i Spea. Tanlac is sold by all good drug- reaiizc" he said "that in Lont-P'ts- street my name is no longer i one to conjure with He smiled HOW ARKANSAS RANKS almost sheepishly. What could his 4TH EDUCATIONALLY Hearers turn. No loitgef with ninny iires, The central government vf Chancellor Wirth is not blamed blinded. ami h.n nod this proceeding.

In fact, enten.oj of us nl of the community how patriotic one could he, via a (iricraclii'r. r.ur-ky the country which needs no oilier flame on its indi pendente day than, the lire of teal patriotism! officials na.e na.i Jm thp burn- There a-e 10 items which enter Two hours later Bottoniley lett with Ulc ehaiieelb to tne calculation of the state's reh-j the meeting amidcheers with a POw-Wll, an honest, straight frowurd ran lg of much powiiei-, the snooung on i guns and lhecnukere, the lima- hnndlimr of hic'll extlllisi Vi'S. I with Let us help yon oot with a KING Water Heater-It' a "goooW' we'll Touch! W. S. Duggans Plsmbing and Heathg 18 Centw tlk.j study to acquaint ourselves each customer's live standing educationally Upon er-ot-attorney nis pocKet to no i hq haj.

nl(ive thull any (itni i these statistics the position of the what he liked with the stock of the ()fjcial siM.e the war toward ful a few veins tne lea 'seal: -sens, to i mis) to owlhl state can be fjlmcnt of German oliligniions Hottomlt-v was a national figure. I with! toll and the Injured list was- a stand- detail ly. There has been much specula- ing feature in all newspapers on EJATTR liKOTUERH. Uest fierviee Already there were stories ready fori i(j W(jrd Ihe -iiilllosi-for (lie July the fifth. Officers Cause Delay ft Para to Advartme.

Trj It iiient that Arkansas is -16th the use upon ms uoiui nr.u,s -m, union, This does not niqan that that a career such as his could not Vrliansas is making no progress, but last bmg Really, he was just well it does mean thai its progress has away on a career that was to go on Eat officers or the Old school stnl Today Wtf dilfeicnt: In prac-in the army establishment are put- ti. ally all the larger cities and most ting obstacles in the commission t.f tK. -mailer municipalities fire- not been so great as has that of ami up tor twenij-nve yeuii, other states. The following table it crashed against the wall of Bn-j gives the standard of measurement tiah law. used in the study of the educational (End of Chapter III) e.x.cpt they arej rl exports.

iy cannon: and path Thev decline to dismantle i ut)-r puli. plants as rapidly the i su. demands. Ard they act upparcn'ly lfijy ati on the theory that they can pursue aml firtd l.y such dilatory tactics that they w.ll f-0lp Hnial! tire out the commission. tht, chorea showing the state's position laV CARL D.

GROAT 1, til the disarmament work is rotl(Mv lhal into so many pleted, and completed to its salisfn 'urt ftnl up) tion. ir.y enter the tomiiiun- plan put forth by the mi lita lhan ists for converting munitions planus jry jfc Oil stove wic'is, glches, steel wool, etc. light shown following the index number: 0nlKI. i i.

One hundred per cent of the -It 1 children of school age would iitlend srhmil and all would have perfect at United Press Staff Correspondent) BERLIN, (By mail to the United Pruss.) German dreams of a world business conquest hnve undergone radical alteration in the past year. with Mir groceries at RATES BROTIIFtlS. The Convenient Place to live tendant 100 1 1 Ii. will have period of four years; oiiis of thr'e Hum sand Lihool rbil 2. Each child wo iO days caih year The school te to Riverside Park July 4 concessions in chartre of Art Sanford, patent: Capitol uld attend school The dream today i.s to develop miAo.

certain special lines of business so rm would be 200 I that they can stand ulone able to I meet any comers in the business field ind one-third pen rather than to try either for would be in high, in r.ductiun, cheap goods, underselling W.iii. Buy your Tires but the commission is insisting this work- be aconiplished in much shorter time. (las masks have finally been denied the Herman army. This was due hugely to the French fear i stes on the Page, aulhot will read his H. Hanford, Tli, ty-thire phone 312.

It pays to odvertisi yem see ihis Smu on the Tyler i Creed," Chin It I "with ir-Kpim-: Depart- 1 where) cent of the- pupil school 10040 or a flood it weie allowed, it would mc; I those of other anions jiraye. i-ho really et-ite the and lh(. Nut ads est it all villi ivs in high school would I k-s nasi: cheap that -like toy- 100 per cent of the girl oa hcaiery, chinawaie, and a few nK.nt would be undertaken, other things for which the Germany i The navy, however, lia-of the past was noted. I lowed lo.OOO masks, as tl 100 Iirotec! So the eh- eaiaat- arc plan foiird uing on keeping up their present gunners from th- gases of big gun-trade in Europe and at home, and 'There are. besiae, these 1 naitp a nuantity of s'ss ma.k (pile a (uaniny lerlaia -e a i s.el stntments reijuiiing accuracy 111 pi e-s German workers j)U i'.

-1. o- Why Be Skinny? No mailer bow tliic you ma you thouid tiy Irer.i' V- thousands of (bin have t.iri-n i i i reoulls.niorv gaming a ii.ualr. on the fleimany, used in and rtain factories. Intimations that ficrmun chcmi-l were experimeiiing with war ga-c have come from time to time th commission, bu' the latter is rap vinecd that there i- little to fear froi; tnese sources at the moment, cpee i.illv as the outside woild has mad 0. The expenditure wouiu average SI00 for each child in average attendance 100 la.

7. The annual expenditure would-nverage SI00 for each child of school age 100 Id. K. The expenditure would amount to S200 per month for each teacher employed 10017. 1).

Tin expenditures for purpose-i other than tombing would amount for your per chlid aticnilir.g 10. ralaries would average 1 00 pc month for 12 months in the year 100 40. CLOSIVfi NOTICK Wo, tile firms, r.t-rre to nbico of business nil day The Goodrich Tire on a dealer's store vvortb money to. you. It is liioi-c liiin a it is a guaranty.

It "ilerc is a dealer who knu ws the xvAus of the one-ijuality standard of Goodrich. Here is a vxtwhy atnart'd, believes in builuiii permanent business rhroir-h genuliu-iy good service. Here te a place that you can depend upon a place gives you full value in return for every dollar spent." Buy your tires where you sec the Goodrich Tire sign, it means satisfaction in every transaction. with gasc progr. the-e on the world maikct.

In cei-tain of tht--e linos, lfcry would havt almost a clear field. As in this line, so it wiU he ill nth-Li- line.s develepnient of special technical tcipnring can and and in which the work the world maiket Is not now over crowded. In this way, industrialist I elievr ihat they can build up a do msr.J for fie, man produit.s hn-l i he -j Mr Vea- brio- -ui I- tin war. TIlEliVi ire itBienF ei right here in wh are MIEBF are ight here nKtT make a trade witn hntber ion haiC snme- to make a trade hntber ion haic sell, or are thins: looking for employmcnl. Ervtojy reads the Want so put ore in yourself, and vu wi" venvW ant-Md thcj-ll fi" --in.

boy. TEVCHEItS' INSTITUTE Tiie Washington County will held at the I'cabody Hall at the Stale UnivtiHty the weik beginning July 10th. Ail Washing- County Uaihers are reuuired to. attend, other persons who are liilere-ted in education are invited attend any or all sessions of the Institute. O.

W. BASi-i. County of Schools. Hates brotl-rs. Ilitimfield Grocery, Grocery Co.

Krndnek and Goihher. f'tar Gtnccry. fnh Maiket. Moore Cash Grocery. FREE TRIAL! tar, IT tr, Germany ratmn a 1 ii 1).

ll Ki r-CER COMPANY 1 cAirun, Ohio 1 ui Vt "TOWN CORDS FBP.K.e Tl.TlE:i I July Ith ta. Water Sport nnd N'ight Danfr-j Pon't miss it, itmcA Exc-hs O. lazr. Band. Day Hig I'ire Woras.

CU-lOt-i Fayetteville Daily Democrat Tablets itMT TJBI-ttaHUWlY KWtWO job prinliBf a R. I- Rrowi: Grorery. 3( It pays to adverti. f-iU- Try ua for first cl Democrat Printing Co, Try a want ad in Ihe Democrat nil! brinj quick reculU. bbchive IP A PER.

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