The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1956 · Page 54
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 54

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1956
Page 54
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^ / First Annual Report of Progress o * » • Of t/ie Algona Community Departments Highly hide under control, passing at intersection, reckless driving, failure to yield : right-of-way, having the scene of accident, illegal turn, drinking on highway, improper equipment, improper registration, overload, vagrancy, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and defrauding an innkeeper were other violations lis't- <_u uuring the period. Officers investigated a total of 123 accidents in the city. Estimated damage to autos was $27,284, property damage was $1,095 and 22 persons were injured, although there were no fatalities. Policemen on the parking meter beat issued 7,843 overtime parking tickets and revenue paid in to the city coffers by violators totaled $2,092.55 for parking violations. 4-Algona (la.) Upper Dei Maine* Tuesday, February 7, 19S6 The biggest piece of equipment in Ihe Algona fire station is the pumper shown above, which was purchased in 1953. The locaf department has 18 volunteer firemen on its roster, and the fire chief is Ira Kohl. The red trucks answered 64 fire calls during 1955 including 38 within the city limits and 20 in the rural area were battled in four business places, the most serious being the fire which destroyed Hood's Super Valu and Finn's Bakery, Jan. 31. Farm fires were numerous and several serious during thc'oeriod 38 Fire Calls In City With 26 Rural Area Police Travel 24,000 Miles During 7955 Change Coming Inpayments On Wool, Lambs Incentive Payments For Unshorn Lambs Effective April 1 Algona's six-man police force around the week . 000 miles were rung up on the speedometer of the police car 'cy officers on patrol within the confines of the city limits. Al Boekelman was named to the chief of police post following the resignation of Albert Weishaar, who remained on the staff, and one policeman, Leo Cpunley, died suddenly, just as officer Abner Egli did the year before. The present staff consists of Boekelrnan, Weishaar, Richard Groen, Ray Krebs, Ernie Hutchison and Pete Jorgenson. During '55 a total of 353 ar- reyts were made on a variety of violations. Stop signs and school ijasher vio-aters headed the list Ll'ivers -in. those categories Beef Producers To Tour, Feb. 3 The Kossuth County Beef Producer's Association is planning a tour Friday, February 3, according to Dean Barnes, county "extension director. The tour will begin at 1,30 p.m. at the Frank Rotterman fargi, four miles north and one-half mile west of Lukota. Various different cattle feeding programs will be visited, as well as a hay dryer ic-U'-fecdt-r. The hay dryer self-feeder is a newly designed structure- and Gene Shove, agriculture ongintcM- from Iowa State College, who is, working on this project will bt present to discuss it. Tiie beef oroducer's association dnectors who plan values ban- _ quets. tours, etc., to help thejs Cfct'f larmers of Kossulh County H trs were next, as a 'total of 89 appeared and paid fines in mayor's court. Intoxication arrests totaled 33 and 12 persons operat- vehiele flcrs, OMVI, failure to~~have ve- MHillllli Algona's fire whistle sounded 64 times during 1955, according to Fire Chief Ira Kohl, who released figures on the department's record Saturday. The red trucks answered 38 calls within the city limits and 26 in the rural area surrounding the town. Of the calls in the city, four involved business place's. Major conflagration occured in January when Hood^s Super Valu grocery store and Finn's Bakery went up in smoke. Others were at the Johnson House, Pete's Standard Service Station and the bituminous plant. There were 1C residence fire calls, including one Dec. 16 which destroyed, the 'hoine of Mr and Mrs Levi Hendren, five car and truck blazes and the balance included grass fires. Loss on farms by fir's'..diifittg 3955 was perhaps the heaviest in history. Major losses listed included the WilJianr Kuhn farm where the barn, corn crib and several email buildings were dc- . ... slroyed; thu Gilbert HargrcavesJ^ a motor ve hiele without a farm where a barn and large corn 'A 00 '" 150 were arrested. Loud muf- crib went up in blazes; the Chris Jensen farm, large corn crib; Sam Mogler .farm nenr Whittemore, large barn; and Hanna Ranch near LuVerne, large barn and machine shed. Algona has 18 volunteer firemen, and on the average 15 men answer town calls. Two trucks go out on these calls, carrying 550 gallons* of water, 2,000 feet of hose, ladders and other necessary equipment. Two trucks, and not more than six men answer calls in the country. One truck, carrying 300 gallons of water, and the old fire truck, (Tarrying 7, r >0 gallons, are taken to rural fires, leaving a complement of men, necessary equipment and the big truck for any emergency in town. A numbering system, to be used for more prompt location of farms, is being investigated. There has been difficulty ut times finding the exact location of fires in the rural area, and some sort of system is deemed necessary jor uiuire use to speed up the department's action. There is a distinct possibility a new truck may be purchased to allow the fire department to haul a larger supply of water to farm fires. The truck used at present for this puipose is 18 years old and ca:ries 750 gallons. Before any such purchase could be made, an election must be held in each township to make way for the tax levy necessary. According to Kohl, the levy would be very reasonable, considering the amount of protection offered. A change will be'made in the Method of making wool incen- was kept busy investigating ac- tivc payments for lambs market- cidents, break-ins, issuing park- cci wit h tne w ° o1 on in the 1£ ? 56 wool marketing year which starts April 1, it was reported this ing tickets and making "arrests during 1955. While on duty ' Roh1 ' ................ , . , clock every day of the year, 45.- a ", cr of tlie Kossiith county ASC The change will not affect payments to be made for the current marketing year which ends or March St.- he said. Under ths new mclhod for the coming marketing year, each producer who :>elts unshorn lambs will be eligible for a payment, provided he has owned them for Sfl days or more. Payments to each producer will be made on the weight or weight increase of the animals that occurs during his ownership. This is in contrast to the method for the current program of making payments only on animals marketed for slaughter. The new method will relieve livestock marketing age n.c i e,s *-&tt.+,\*At*A3*&*£-* ° •*"•' fciiwau vaLt-'KU.L iva . . . ' , ~.-, " -• •'. .4vji.^i. Pcrtd^nes"9uring;the year. Speed- -slaughterers, and .others of tWfe. burden of certifying that tlie animals were purchased for slaughter, which is required under the current method. The original purchaser of lamb.i, under the new method, v.'iU bo eligib'e for a pnyment based on the full live weight of the animals at the time, he sells them. Each subsequent owner will be eligible for a payment only on that portion of weight produced during his ownership. In the case oi lambs* purchased before April 1, 1056, and marketed later, payment will b'e mafte on the full weight at the time of sale. This is designed to. prol- ect feeders and others who buy the animals bofore April 1 on the basis of tins year's program. Ownership of 30 days or more will continue to be an eligibility requirement. The method of determining lamb payments will not be changed. The rate Will be based on the incentive payment for shorn wool converted to a flat rate per hundred pounds of live weight of animals marketed. An additional requirement for the coming marketing year ;any shorn wool incentive pay- first. provides that payments will be fnent applied for. ,• —' --* '*. —~~' . The new method is Intended ySDCUCRS, LEDGER. SHEETS, ••» entourage. ;tho_ normal prac- co i umn%tr books nrtd made only on unshorn lambs. Under the new method, eadn applicant will be required to make an accounting of the number of head and pounds of ant* mals purchased and s<.ld, and his payment will be made on trie poumts gained while he owned them. Payments to producers who buy unshorn lambs and later shear them will be subject to a downward adjustment in of marketing lambs with the eraT'boiikkeepmg'Vupi>llfts. ' Wool 'on and to assure original producers'of lambs getting their full share of the incentive payment. •County ASC offices have been advised that they will receive^ complete Information on the new* method of wool incentive payments on lambs aefore April .'Mafly fot . ms carried in siock, and quick on those w>« may not naVe. newspaper bulldim*. Alaoria. Ju N££D work at PRINTING? prices at From Blueprint To The Final Finishing Touch We lake pride in offering a complete planning and building service at Wegner Construction Co. ... a service which has as its recommendation Ihe completion of many of Ihe most disJinctive homes in this area. We take pride, loo. in Ihe fact thai a "Wegner-buill" home is sound and modern in every detail. > Our complete building and remodeling service is at your beck §nd call . . . we are here lo give you helpful information in the planning phase, and lo render you estimates on any job you contemplate. Our future lies' in the future of our community . . . we pledge our efforts to aiding the growth of our community . . . and lo lending our part in its future development. New Homes Remodeling Ready-Made Steps Septic Tanks up on new developments are — Wm. R. Phelps. Eagle; Wm. Elmers, Seneca; R. W. Chris- tensun. Fi-nton: Wallace Reynolds, Grant; Ernest Heiqccker, I _ Lincoln; Don WarmbuT. La-i s Verne; R. L. Kiantz. Buffalo and ]m Adams. WhiUeniuro. j g These men have made every j = effort to plan a successful tour * & ami thvv ur^. ;.H K>x-- ->.'U. Kcijl i (vtUCClS tO uUUld. * i ?V CONSTRUCTION CO. Telephone 486 1014 North Main * Algona, Iowa ^iiHiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM I A Report on Its First Year of Service NATURAL GAS Natures Greatest Gift To Modern Living TO ALGQNA CUBIC FEET OF GAS USED IN ALGONA W 1955 r > Enough Gas to Heat The Average 6-Room House for 3,000 Years! Following the first full year of Natural Gas service to Algona, we have compiled a set of interesting statistics, as follows: ° 67% of the Homes and Business Structures in Algona Are Now Using Natural Gas. • o 46 Miles of,Pipe Have Been Laid Within The City to Bring Gas to Our Algona Users. 10 REASONS Why Natural Gas Is Your Best Buy in Fuel Cleanest Heat in the House Fastest Fuel for All Appliances Most Dependable Fuel You Can Use Most Economical Fuel You Can Buy Most Automatic Fuel You Can Use Gas Is Completely Silent — Always Gas Is the Most Faithful of All Fuels Gas is Pure — No Gum-Forming Gas Is the Most Work-Free of All Fuels Gas Is Always Available — You'll Never Be Short Our Present Gas Users Comprise the Following: RESIDENTIAL (Non-Heating 350 RESIDENTIAL (Heating 637 COMMERCIAL (Non-Heating) 13 COMMERCIAL (Heating) 137 Total 1-147 • Average Cost for Heating a Home in Algona with Natural Gas for the Year 1955 was $120.47. • Average Cost for Those Customers Using Gas for Other Than Heating During 1955 was $3.'04 Per Month (Cooking & Water Heating). The .facts and figures above give in a nut-shell the progress of Natural Gas in its first full year of use in Algona, and indicate the ready acceptance this modern fuel has received in this community. We are confident in the anticipation of adding many new Gas users this year, and believe the potential number of Gas users here is approximately 1,700. The Algona system is designed to grow with the community, and we can efficiently and at low cost bring this modern fuel to any and all who desire it. North Central Public Service Co. — your Gas company — takes pleasure in giving you these facts on Natural Gas usage here, and we make special note of the splendid cooperation given us by the people and business firms of Algona, in the past two years. We look forward to long years of service in the future — and to providing Natural Gas for a growing and expanding community. North Central Public Service ny "Your Gas Company" 109 SOUTH MARL AN 24-HOUR SERVICE Telephone 1231U lilWKtKtWWMHIMWHWl-WUIWmMIWIIHIKWIHIMIHHfllif IH«IIHM!HWWH«WI»HH«II«MIM^ ALGONA, IOWA

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