Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 18, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1973
Page 22
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Yotir Horoscope By PRANCES DRAKE Look to the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOll THURSDAY, JULYlf, 1W March tl to April t$ (Arks)Some things you thought "impossible" begin to work out now, can be "pushed" by your know- how and dexterity. This is a time for action — and enthu* siasm! April 21 to May 21 (Taurus)Some misleading influences. Don't act on so-called "inside information." Investigate every thing thoroughly. May 22 to June 21 (Gemuii)- Your intuition at a peak. Fol low your hunches and trust to luck. Good results will follow. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer)— You, too, will be extremely perceptive now. No matter how great the opposition, stick to your decisions. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Fine solar influences. A good day for capitalizing on unusual ideas, initiating new systems, experimenting generally. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo)— Personal relationships at their best. In fact, a friend or close associate may be instrumental in helping you solve a longstanding problem. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Much activity and movement indicated. What appeared to be status quo is actually in proc ess of change. Be prepared to improvise. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio)— Especially favored now: Profes sional endeavor, opportunities to increase prestige. You may be given added responsibility but, with it, there's increased potential. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Caution should be day's keynote. Let others take the initiative now. Retain your quiet, efficient manner but don't try to be your own attorney. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — You now have greater freedom of choice and movement than you have had in some time; can also expect some invaluable help from a member of the opposite sex. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — You may be offered an unusual proposition. Investigate with a view to long-range benefits, and consider whether or not they suit YOUR standards. Some misleading influences. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — An idea which comes to you in the a.m. has good financial potentials. But don't make your final decision for 24 hours or you may have to revise. YOU BORN TODAY are a natural moneymaker and a highly practical executive. You have a keen mind, a sharp wit and more strongly marked qualities of leadership than most Cancerians. Generally speaking you are an ebullient, stimulating individual, highly energetic and willing to work hard to achieve your ambitions. While, as noted above, you could be a great success in the business world, you might find a more satisfying outlet for your talents in one of the professions — especially the law, literature or medicine. Birthdate of: Samuel Colt, inventor of firearms. MY LESS FOR FOOD ONLY GIANT "GUARANTEES IT! Ill f AST MAW-ttlttjg&gf tf. BLADE CUT LARGE PULL CAR PERFECT FOR THE ROTISSERIE USDA FRESH GRADE A FRYER DRUMSTICKS Lb 79c FULLY COOKED SMOKED PICNICS -79c LEAN MEATY CENTER CUT PORK STEAK -99c NEW PROTEIN LOADED BEEFY PLUS Enriched With Veg. Proteins & Vitamins * 79c CERTIFIED QUALITY BONELESS STEW BEEF -1.09 Peeled Deveined Ready to Cook SALAD SHRIMP - $ U9 QUICK TO FIX Pork Minute STEAKS * *U9 CERTIFIED QUALITY SWISS STEAK b $ M9 CERTIFIED QUALITY CHUCK ROAST Lb $ M9 Oscar Mayer All Meat Bologna _ 12-oz. 91 e All Beef Bologna 12-oz. $1.10 Braunschweiger 8-oz. 57c Sandwich Spread __8*oz. 55c Smokie Links ___12-oz. $1.12 California Freestone ALBERTA PEACHES 17 £ T SWEET JUICY LEMONS SALAD FAVORITES Endives Escarele Remaine Bibb , 29* SWEET RIPE NECTARINES > 49c nmill.[FRESH BAKED PASTRY ORANGE ICED CAKE DONUTS 12i37 CINNAMON STRUESSEL SWEET ROLL 6 For 39c OVEN FRESH RAISIN BREAD 1 Lb.Loaf 39c OPEN 24 HOURS - 962 E. Moin Sr.. Open • 7-12 • 735 W. Main & Fremont & Seminary je B s 3 oz. Jello Inst. Pudding 3 (VtRYPAY LOW | OnCOUVTPMUS] ALL FLAVORS JELL-0 10 c 15c MACARONI «fc jjj KRAFTflf DINNER 3 oz. Noodles Cascade Inn 12 oz. 33c Wyler Lemonade 12 oz. 39c GIANT TIDE f V CRY DAY LOW I DISCOVim>S/(ls' 79 Cool Whip 51 c L EVEh'N DAY LOW PRICES CANNED FRUITS Musselman Applesauce 25 oz. — _ 42c Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 30 oz. 52c Grapefruit Sections Sealed Sweet 16 oz. 34c Del Monte Peach Halves 29 oz. 38c Crushed Pineapple Three Diamonds 20 oz. 29c Legal Question Q. I remember the day when I walked into.a Social Security office and was issued a card with my number on the spot. Apparency it doesn't work that way any more. My son planned to start work as a grocery store stockboy but when he applied for a Social Security number he was told he would have to wait four or five weeks. How come? A. Times have changed. The Social Security Administration recently switched to a new computerized system for issuing Social Security numbers, one that screens all applications against the record to be sure that a number has not been previously issued to the same person. Now, Ipcal Social Security offices must submit all applications to the national record center in Baltimore, Md., which in turn sends the cards out by mail. So that a person is not delayed in obtaining employment, the local office will issue a "temporary receipt." —Illinois State Bar Assn. Hidden Tribe The Tasaday tribe of Mindanao Island in the Philippines was discovered by an adven-i turesoane trapper in 1966. Hid -j den in an unihroken rain forest, ithe 24 members of the tribe live like man's ancestors did thousands of years ago. SUNKIST LEMONADE EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PHICSS 12 oz. 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We gladiy cash payroll check* with Giant check cashing card or local drivers license. 2. Please present your Giant check cashing card when writing a personal check (personal checks may be written tor $25 over amount of purchase.) 3. lorry, no two-party checks cashed. rDESSERTS AND TOPPINGS! Royal Gelatin 6 oz. 18c 'Canned Pudding Thank You 18 oz. 26c Lemon Pie My-T-Fine 3 oz. 13c ^^BjNB* Hunts Snack Pack 4/5 oz. cans __-58c IT" CEREALS 1 Kellogg Rice Krispies 10 oz. 43c Kellogg Frosted Flakes 20 oz. — 66c fffW* Captain Crunch Cereal 16 oz. 64c CSr Wheaties 18 oz 58c Wheat Chex 15 oz. 44c _ CHOW* 1 " fi mlgerf coffee ? ion | oiscoutn nun 2 Lb. All Grinds Folgers COFFEE i *L64 Max Pax 20 Rings 1.18 r BEVERAGES ] Hi-C Orange 46 oz. —— 27c Hawaiian Red Punch 46 oz. 33c Sunshake Breakfast Orange 41 oz. 38c Kool'Aid .23 oz. 6c '*Muttelman Tomato Juice 46 oz. -36c Maxwell House Coffee 3 lb. 264 gftffm Maxwell House Instant 10 oz. 1.41 WW Brim 1 lb. 1.26 H CE CREAM i FROZEN FOOD! Vanilla Ice Milk Vi gal. 57e Orange Sherbet Hawthorn Mellody Vi gal. _69e MSj^ Snow Crop Orange Juice 6 oz. —--26c Orange Juice Red Owl 16 bz. -_~-53c Asst. Ice Cr. Bars Good Humor 10 ct B9c Libby Cut Corn 10 oz. - „_-23e ^mmmGr. Gt. Corn-on-the-cob 4 ct. _,_-_61c •JiW Smucker Fro. Dessert Cakes 17 oz.,-B4c Ore Ida Tater Tots w/onions 32 oz. ,-,-65e Sausage Pizza Pronto 15 oz. 93e gg00 Fish Sticks Sea Pak 8 oz. „—-~44c HJF Flav-R-Whip 10 oz. „„ 40c r~ DAIRY PRODUCTS I Grade A Skim Milk 2% gallon -96< Velveeto 2 lb. -1.09 Chiffon Soft 2/8 oz, tubs 52e Blue Bonnet 16 oz. 32c Meadow Gold Butter Solids 16 ex. --69c ^gjjjp Kraft Squeeze Snaks 6 oz. --45c Ballard Oven Ready Biscuits B oz. - 9c joflfJ* Colby Mild Longhorn Cheese 16 oz 1.01 iffifir Kraft American Slices 12 oz. 79c Philadelphia Cream Cheese 3 oz. 93c MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: s uy your week '» groceries at Giant. It you can buy the same order for less at any other supermarket bring Giant the prices you paid and get your money back. (Excluding perishables due to difi»r«nc» in quality and grade). 'Trademark & Service Mark ot B.T.C. Inc. (Copyright 1970 by l.T.C. Inc.)

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