Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 18, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1973
Page 21
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\Auto, Tavern Occupants Die From Bombs ; BELFAST (UK) - Erplo- aiom el bombs planted m a car aftd an apartment Tuesday in / and near Belfast killed three mm arid wounded at least 18 other persons, the first Northem Irish fatalities in a week. One man died and at least 16 other persons were wounded when a bomb-laden car exploded outside a crowded bar in Aghatee village, five miles west of Belfast The explosion wrecked the bar. Takes 'Credit' Earlier, the extremist Provisional Wing of the Irish Republican Army said it planted explosives in an apartment complex in Belfast that killed two soldiers and wounded two others. IRA sources said the explosion was the start of a new offensive against the presence of British troops in Northern Ireland. I The deaths raised the ton in four years of political and religious violence among Roman Catholics, Protestants and security forces to 848. "The past 24 hours have been the most violent for some months/' a spokesman for the British army said. ; Another car packed with 200 pounds of explosives caused extensive damage but no injuries at another'Belfast bar late Tuesday. Authorities said a customer's- warning enabled bar customers to flee to safety before the explosion. In other violence Tuesday, a bomb destroyed a bank in Londonderry and a sniper wounded a soldier in Belfast Packed With Explosives The worst explosion was at the Silver Eel bar in Aghalee, where police said a car packed with 150 pounds of explosives went off without warning. "It was sheer bloody murder," a policeman said. "We found one elderly man Scrabbling around in the wreckage looking for his wife, completely oblivious of the fact he had lost an arm," a fireman said. "Some of the injured were so badly hurt they would have been better off dead." One villager, Fergus O'Neill, Said he and his wife were babysitting for their son, who took his wife to the Silver Eel fffor a party. "We don't know where they are," he said. "All we can do is phone hospitals," New Zealand Won't Assist TJ. S. Yachters By United Press International New Zealand said today it will not go to the aid of a U.S.- 1 Jwned yacht boarded Tuesday ay French sailors aboard a ninesweeper guarding a nuclear test site in the South Pacific But Prime Minister Norman Kirk said New Zealand considers the boarding illegal and will ceep one of its navy ships and a cabinet minister at sea near flie test site to protest tests France says it will conduct toon. Craft Boarded French sailors from the ninesweeper Dunkerquois Maided the yacht Fri, owned and skippered by David Moo- lie, 30, who reportedly lives in Alstead Center, N.H., and rdered it from a restricted cone around the Mururoa Atoll where the tests will take place. In Paris, officials refused to jomtmient on the incident In Wellington, members of an ' Organization protesting the tests <aid France was guilty of •piracy" because the boarding lectured in international wafers beyond French jurisdiction. France earlier ordered ships Hid aircraft to avoid an area of .2 miles around the atoll, which (s located about 700 southeast of Tahiti, but the Fri ignored the irder. The Fri boarding inci- ient reportedly took place 22 rules off Mururoa although France only claims a 12-mile jurisdiction limit The yacht if as reported carrying 13 to 16 ersons of several nationalities. Sailing Outside Zone The New Zealand navy rigate Otago, carrying a cabinet minister drawn by lot, ras reported sailing just jutside the 72-mile belt French radio announced the jests, the latest in an annual series that began in 1966, were imminent. It said weather conditions were excellent—a >rime factor in the testa France has repeatedly said it ivill ignore growing international protests and go ahead with the tests. j REATKI^WANTLADSI 7^ CepyfilGHT*' 1§?3 By eagle Stores. All Rights Reserved. The True Discount Supermarket! DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS CHECK & COMPARE Harvest Pay clireler Hamburger Buns " 35 HARVEST DAY - LARGE White Bread HARVEST DAY SO-oz. loat 27' Sandwich Bread s &*37< J EDWARDS - NUT KR1NGLE Coffee Cake ••eh 79< HEINZ Cider Vinegar 1*1" 1-gaL jug HEINZ White Vinegar 1-g »L Jug J LADY LEE - CUT. ALL GREEN Asparagus 9DEL MONTE 4 Sweet Peas LADY LEE - PEELED Tomatoes J KRAFT - INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Am. 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