The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 2, 1922 · 6
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The Edmonton Bulletin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 6

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1922
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TTTrwFnW NOVEMBER 2 1922 PAGE FIX' EDMONTON BULLETIN '”T— — — " — ilj: ' NEW t FILMLAND - — i r 2- Phone 2-1-S-5 TONIGHT AND ALL WEEK Ev-ftirp 8:30 — Matinees Tliunday and Saturday at 2:39 Miss Verna Felton and The A'len Players j Offer the (!omedv Dc Luxe Three Wise Fools yroTF— siwvn RAirnvr ry vra- nr misravn ron KUTVnVAX— NU LXTH V t UAJIGi: ‘Love I an Awful Thing Allen Theatre Last Half of This Week Victor TT— rman (has mala enml-er laughing hit In tha Hrlamrk Firture "Love la An Awrul Thine” w him la rlavine at tha Allen thwat-e ih laat hsif nf this week This young unan a ho dl-em-d Owen Mnnr !ti tha hilarious RTton f areas "Tin Poor Blmp" and 'Tha (Thick an In tha (Sane" has an tsniUHial knack In dulng this sort of thins While hie -xc-ptlona'ly keen sens of the humorous accounts for mum f hla sucrea a sreat deal of credit should also ha given to tha tratnins received ty him whan work-ins under hlack Bennett Ilverman Oiaa In a way improved on fha Bennett style mors nearly sp-prnarhlnp the stasa farce In plot and situation and sotting away from tha alapailck manner of lauvh producing In “Love la an Awful Thing" which also features Owen Moor as In Hear-nian'a other ftuisnick pictures there has 8-een devised ea clever a series of situations aa can be Imagined Tha production has all tha neeeaasry elements for St complete play unit hut underlying It all there la only one thins In mind— -the producing of ' laughs Saving Baa Been Made By Economies Put Into Effect At Institution The statement of receipts and ea-penaea of tha T U C A shows ho result of a determined tttottrt on the part of tha board of directors to reduce tha overhaad and bring tha -penaea within the eurrent rece‘pta Tha comparison of tha statement for 1121 with thet of 1122 publahed below Illustrates clearly what bus been done In this way The comparative statement la aa follows:— When (Manager Or1?? Barnett or the Jdtlrupoillaii 'layers selected Fred Jackson a hilarious farce-comedy "A IXill Houaa' aa this a nek's offering at the Metropolitan he made a ten-sir ke Wtuailone aunh aa only a master- rafumian could drviea follow oua an-ofhar in rapid and bewildering auc--eaeicn while the lines are fairly ai-rUIng witn thi- well known pep and icbaecc "A Full Mouse" was not written wi'h tha Idea of preaching a acr-mun or tainting a nioraj but rather for laughter purposes only and seldom has auch orlinie-huarted merriment Iwen aecoalored at the popular Jasper avenue plavhouee The plot? Why of rnuree there is a pint introducing aioien getua IticrlminaUng love lvttara datecLlvea ltifurlaied wives and romantic maids All In all every ingred-eat la utilised that makes dor comical eltuatioui and all those who have a mild attack of bluea ovar the approach rf old man Winter are recommended to irv a treatment of 'A Full House” aa a aura cure for their il'neaa Ale sis B Luce and MUe Jane AMbrey are cast aa Mr and Mrs Howell the newly-wada whose matrimonial ship asm sail on a stormy sea Fred Sullivan elicits a genarcu portion of comedy f-m ) role of police inepactor white Muw Marguerite Klein gives a splendid representation of fhiaia tha maid who la anxious to return to Hioux City Tom Sullivan Mlaa Kathryn Card Cliff Dnnitan and Mlaa Margaret JRcbinenn a-c all at their beat In this comedy A number of well known Edmontonians aaaiat 1 tba minor roles "A Full Hnue" will be repeated at tha Metropolitan eve-y evening this week wl'-h a popular-priced matinee on Haturdey afternoon Beats can ba reserved at the box office for any per formence METROPOLITAR "A Full Heine" ww r versa "Tkcea Wise reels” ICUU umai (laces of tee Tnef" AXLE' Owes Moore la "Lav la Awfnl Thlrg" Lnvers of tha hone those who Ilka : fast -moving melodrama on the screen thnae who admlrs a dare-devlt young woman aa courageous as ghc la beautiful and those who love the thrill and tingle nf the gee course on derby day will find plenty of enjoyment In "Queen o' the Turf” the big racing drama released by B-C Fir t urea and scheduled for showing at the Empress theatre the last half of this week "Queen o' the Turf' has been described by turf and screen critics who have reviewed pt aa another "Checkers’' because k lhae all tha big punch elements of that great old melodrama of tha race track that thrilled the world on aha stage mors than a decade ago HEAD THE CTJUmriED COLTMX9 and have your wants supplied TODAY to SATURDAY Tope Is An AsvMTlunsf OwenMocre Th ifei'S’ ri wv firtiT pr--n HAROLD LLOYD in “THE NON-STOP KID” TOMGHT AT 0(1 'K The Alien Symphony Orchextra A FRtTKIX Conductor “Three WUe Foolt” New fmpire All Week Matinees Thursdiy-Saturdxy — — Cne year lu Mew Tork big anc-caaa on the road a phenomenal hit In London and Ilia rage In Australia that's tha record of "Three Wiae Fools” tha master comedy bv Aust'u Strung urg naily produced by Jehu Golden which is being presented all this week at the New Empire theatre by tha Allen Flayers 'Three Wise Fools" stands In a class by Itself It la a clean whole-gome story of American life- It has heart-throbs and thrills and la built on a foundation of laughter The author haa au'Tcfcded in spreading a mantis of romance over tba clever pict of hie comedy and blended theea in a masterly fashion with tha charm that lifts hla play head and shoulders above the average Tha Allen Flayers are giving a aplendid performance and Manager F 31 Allan does not heella'e to nil It one of the best things that has bean dora by his players In many months The story of 'Three Wise Fools” revolves about the three old bachelors the young nephew of one o ( them and the grl who becomes the'r ward The cumplbatlon with touches nf drama that are evolved from this situation a-e idlest And in addition to this there Is a great big Idea back of It a'i This afternoon the bargala matinee will he given and patrone who ho'd season's reservations are again warned to come for thcr neats before two o'clock If You Have Neuralgia Rub on “Nerviline” Apply Newline tc the nr spot Vcti'-e the warm srow that spreads deeper and wider as N'e-villna'a sooth-It g lituence Is tarried deep Into the sore ' Khw oulckly the pain la eased In a livi wble ynu have forgotten i' the snrens haa actually gune f--r N—iralgla f'-iatica Pfaeu-"latlsrn Nrv:!-: is a I non Largs llc lu-t S'-id everywhere iOR CONTROL BILLHFOil Expected that Bafcnndun Will Be Takas Early Next Summer On The Meoiun Winnipeg Nov — Details of tha proposed government liQuor oostnl hlU which the Moderation League trial present to the Manitoba legislature backed up by petitione and on which It In expected that a referendum will ba taken early next sum- Q HATWAKD Ckalrass Flaaaea Cammlttaa “TREAT OR TRICKS” HALLOWE’EN SLOGAN WAS OUT OF PLACE mer are announoad today It Is proposed (hat a cowrmlaoon nf three msmtara should admltuMf-i tha act and that adults living in th province and tourists should be entitled to purchase liquor on production of a permit which would ooot ono dollar and hi ouch quantNIaa aa tha aommlaalon should detormlni Local option areas In which there should he no government store are mada poa olble Them would bo no drinking legally In public places and no provision la made for oala In taverns or restaurants aa In Quebec province U Is provided that beer might ba porehaoed direct from the breweries on producr-on of the purchaser's permit One half the prottta earned under the proceed set would go to tha province and the balance to the muntc-pal I lee “in accordance with their aassee-men!” ayu bMsFiSx-i' ALL THIS WIIIJC AliFXI II ITCH JAK AfflMT and MiTIUilDIJTAN I’LATLltK la the fsp-a f Exi-iord us-y A Full House HIKliT n all 'VTi'r slii- up Fso PnlHil KfiMn up ut ml fi Mi miMli UMl -IMr UVT M It’ll Ilk4 'IV Hut lT” j today QusenoftheTurf A Git EAT It ACE DP AM A LEONID3FFAROCCE DANriRS BOBBY VERNON —IN’— “HICKORY HICK” LAFFlY ASI HIS BAND Fire Loises in 1921 Showed Increase Over Those of 1920 O-lawa Nov — Canadian Press) —The amount of flip premiums written in 1M1 wee S50III 111 and In 120 a54TedXRl the decrease there fev-a being tt 024 Itt or 7 IT pet rent of the ftfO buienevs says a report of the government superintendent of Insurance The figures being 180264241 and t24872X40 respectively The ratio of losses incurred lo premiums written for 121 lc therefore f El per cent con-pared with 6 42 per cant for 1829 SO 21 pe cent for the laat five years and ITl par cant fur tha satire three yearn aver which tha departments raaordt extend "Treat up or trioka” tha ultimatum on the part of young Canada whUb lo usually associated with ILsllow-s en was on Tuesday evening apparently n the same classification as those proclamatono broadcasted to tha Turks — no one took particular notice of it "It wag the qulstast Hallowe en in tha records of the city police" say those who watch over the destinies of the clttaeng as they sleep some few gates wore removed from their rightful position and draped on talaphono poles and various ash cans waro upset this being about the range of Imagination on tha part of tha youthful paradarn Deep its the quietude the kids managed to enjoy themselves aa lo usual with their kind fond parents' neglected garments were utilised to "dreee up" and with a plentliuda of masks and noise the childten certainly produced tlw saturnalA of sound for which they have been aching f jr weeks Innocent merriment was tha order of the hour Many visits were paid to houaeholdari whose generosity and varying degrees of tamper erg previously plumbed in secret conclave and as a result bands of kiddles e-turned homeward havng divided the loot in the shape of sun apples aud aome ooln of tha realm - Backyard alley erections this year trembleid not on their rickety fouu-dat'ons chalk marks on dwelling were not and In general though tno your get era apparently put In an n- j Joyabie Hallowe'en they confined their hilarity to noise and avu ded ! m'achlef which though displaying' commendable qualities must have proved Irksome WOLVES HOWLED IN UNISON ON TUESDAY EVENING 98 Out of Every 100 Women Benefited An Absolutely Reliable Statement Important to Every Woman Remarkable Results ‘Shown by a Nation Wide Canvass of Women Purchasers of Lydia E Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound 50000 Women Answer For some time a circular haa been enclosed with each bottle of our medicine bearing thil question: “Have you received benefit from taking Lydia E Pinkham’i Vegetable Compound?” Replies to date have been received from over 50000 women answering that question 98 percent of which say YES That means that 98 out of every 100 women who taka the medicine for tha ailments for which it is recommended are benefited by iL This is a most remarkable record of efficiency ( We doubt if any other medicine in the world equals it ? Think of it— only two women out of 100 receiml no benefit-98 successes out of a possible 100 Did you ever hear of anything like it? We must admit that we ounelves are astonished Of course we know that our medicine does benefit the large majority of women who take it But that only two out of 100 received no benefit is most astonishing It only goes to prove however that a medicine specialized for certain definite ailments— not a cure all— one that ia made by the most scientific process not from drugs but from a combination of nature’s roots and herbs can and does do more good than hastily prepared prescriptions You see we have been making improvingand refining this medicine for over 50 yean until it ia so perfect and so well adapted to women’s needs that it actually has the virtue to benefit 98 out of every 100 women who take it It’s reliability and recognized efficiency has gained fer it a sale in almost every country in the world— leading all other - Such evidence should induce every woman suffering from any ailment peculiar to her sex to try Lydia E Pinkh&m’s Vegetable Compound and see if she can't be one of the 98 THE LYDIA E PINKHAM MEDICINE CO Cobourg OnL and Lynn Mass LG Huntley Says That 40 Cent Rate For Natural Gas Should Show Profit at End Third Year THREE SHOTS AT woman Rnjru nr MIKMH Itl TOKHAJJO I vi)h Cl'y Mo Nov 1 — One women vt kll -d IS other person were iijjred eovtrxl aerioualy and about iliirr hoiteeo were demolished bv t- rnedo which struck this city early todey One hundred persons were made homeless Four pa-aone were i mi cron rued for and It waa thought they were killed and hurled under d-hr e City’s Expert Submits Statements to Utilities Board on Basis of 40 Cent Rate For Domestic Gas and 30 Cent Rate for Industrial Gas — Evidence by President Of Calgary Gas Co BtatemenU were made to thn Board of Utilities Commissioners on Wednesday morning by L G Huntley tha city's gas oxpert that with a rata of 40 nenta per 1000 euble feet for domestic gas and 19 cents per 1000 cubic fast fir industrial gas the gas company oould show a surplus at the end of the first three years for which it Is asking a rats tn lie struek Mr Huntlsy figured on a capital investment of IS 726141 and a total Income of X7II1T6 a field depletlun fund of two cents par 10M feet waa provided and an amortisation fund of 4 rents per 1000 feet Two statements wars presented one breed upon n bond issue nf threa-and-a-half million dollars at par cent for 16 years and this shows a surplus of 161610 at tha and of tha third year In the other statement baaed upon a bond Imua ait 7 per cent for 10 years there ii shown a surplus of $416(1 at tbs and of tha third year fhaaen lor OIL f prev'oualy Held might i ir i Bow Isand and was asked If ths to bo In a favoaM poril-nn Mr j hrld !n the 1Wlt of lh Huntley iSld that ha d-d as they had: man 0f the last witness ascalisnt chanaea lot gasoline and Mr Huntley said that ths situation nil as their operations would be ex-! at Viking was d Iterant to Bow ls- j lend at e very stage of the game Bo lanoea I (ay as th reserve of 10 Mil on euble Mr Huntler admitted that ho had fet r oncer-d the Vik ng field not prepared the whole of tha figures 1 was proved and oocepted Also other lu tha statements Those la connau- reserves wore Indicated by wells that pd I SJrL?S- JLSvr? £ tftmUar lita r tuppiitd M tU ' - Tonight at 8:15 — In The First Baptist Church A LECTURE FOR MEN ONLY Will le lifld in I’oim-pEion villi IIliALTIJ WEEK Moving IVtun wi’l 1 w Hi- oripin of life ind (the d-if’oj'jneirt nf vonerritl (’ia-sm'S ui the liunoan body All men are urged lu tli k jiioMirvs Short adJrt'MiPfi on sex (liar son will be delivered lv dndors A hliort mu- t aieal prugram will precede the i-iri-:rs ADMISSION I’Kl'K neves soreness by worming mti tbtuLting bimd Smp thnee dull bwifirnt achsa by relieving ths painful coo-gfi'ion bloan’i doss this without rubbing It quickly pentttares the sort spot Stim-uiatihf tli rirculstksi lo and thnmgh h Ccngsatksi Is reduced soretirM allayed tha pain relieved IIihi'i nii-M on erMet earls htnMhM lh eM JimeiiM an ennawa ka eiU In tkaM hnma aHllnet— oh Mtdtm fmnmdo Sioxni liniment paint Fifty wolf cubs of ths human variety howled In unison on Tuns-day evening In the board of trad rooms the oeeason being a Cub's psry tendered to the Wolf Feck at- I cached to the Flmt troop of Bov ’ Bcouta In addition to the small hoys about fifty parents also turnad out which la regarded as a heaihy acn and denoting that mora intersat la bo i log taken In scouting by tlia grownups The B T rooms w-r suitably decorated for the event and In an a'-mosphara of f re-crackers songs itid gsneral hoy ah huliaballo aa aiusUant program waa diapsnasd under bs chairmanahlip of H V Mcflreedy district Uubmastsr The first Item was ths Cub "Howl'' which was voted Lv all present tn be one of the moat me isfytng and ear-eprvt'ns variety next arms talk on Cub work by Fat Hnl way fo’hewsd Ay lantern alldss of thla ysar's Boy Knout namp at a 11 Jake by Dr Maieolmson John B us who It Is apparent hae not forgotten that he tno was nos a boy gave llie little rhapa a talk nn "Ternary" this being followed by oh or uses Is whlnh sperial mention was made of "Foggy WNoill (Son- fettl was then cam hither and yon email boys gladly duckad their heads In bowls Of water In search of apples enffee and cake brinalns the t-rueJ-Inge tn a eallsfadtory il je lmring the sven'ns the ltv -rtuuidlns aiipeared and ronvule0 hn small folk wth funny einrlee mt rh of the credit for the aueoeee t ibe entenalnment being dn tn tbo rk put In by K Jackson wvl'- a eetls-fartnry iha-s of the get’eri'x ues the formation nf a Parent' aee'iolat Ion which will act as an auxiliary tn tbs mnveincn' and help the nxm who ars helping the bovs miy eClcjkjM Tim Olgary bujiply Called a a witness by the gas oom-pany H B Feurvoii presulaut of Ihi Cautery ties company in Uiuairatiag tha uncertainty of uatural t-e soiiru-ua sad that in tbs Bow iMnd fleU No 4 wail gave an enormous volume nf gus alien first lapped amounting dry holes SUGGESTS MEETING OF EXECUTIVES OF BOARDS OF TRADE A convention of ths executives of to some’ to” million cubic leev opeu the boards of trades lu Alberta to flow dai y But a reduinuia began 'a deal with aome of the larger ques-l wo years time aud altuough tits wall 1 t0na Kffsrt'ng ths welfare of lh was atU giving some gee thern ha I ' province has baan suggested by the bran a tremendous fatting off :n the gnuary of ths Calgary board n Hirw Ths original rock pramuro was trade Such questions aa traimtiorta- 1111 pounds and it wea aow 212 pounds Mr Bennett— The gea floe Party in Colorfd Settlement near Athabaxca Zstempted by Bhootinf Affray At 1 10 on Tuesday evening Thomas Lttacomb of Donatvilla soar Atha-basoa bsisg annoyed at receiving ns invitation to a dance given by his eon tok down his 1166 Marlin -rifle from ths wall proceeded to scene of the festivities and fired three shots at his offspring As a result he la In the A Fip cells st Athabasca while ths eon is lying in ths hospital at the northern town auPiering from a shot wound In the right forearm la addition to tho loss of ons finger on tho rhrht hand From information received by In-spsrior Piper of tha local headquarters from cone'mb'iS Haachoock of ths Athabasca A-PP detachment It would sqipsar that there has been had blood between LUsaomb and his son who both llva In a colored settlement thirty mllae north of Athabasca As detallod the father who Is (I years of ags arrived at the party held at the son's farm a mils distant following whleh various "names' wars passed which resulted in a violent quarrel Then Ihe old man produced his rifle firing three shots but ons of which took effect On being advised the constable Immediately proceeded to th scans of th sffray taking both father and son to Athabasca where LBaoomb sanlo Is In Jail walling a trial for attempted murder fallen eff aa (ho rock preaauro dlml tlnn coal and markets for Alberti j products oould b mors effectively 1 handled by such a body llt'B MllFTH AIJi TlttlNW I'atrone of Mia Hoyal fianrgn bo -1 will be lntereWed in (he new cadliac-hus recently acquired by thla eorvie-n whleh nieeia all trains Th car la filled wnll a fine unholel-r-d rrrerh-1 il I II body Ih wurk nf n tdnioniun firm It la sum e'ectrkally lh"d inside Mr Fsaraon — Most dsnldedly Previously th cltys expert Mr Huntley had aaA Uiat In -eumstin what might happaB in ths future n cum action with the Viking gea Held th b-story of adjacent feiOa auoh as that at Bw Island ahould ha taken lute oons1-deration guppiylng further details of tba (lagary fied Mr Paaaun aald that In till there were 11 wella at How Island w th an upon flow of IIOOUU-kOO cubic feat par day The! average rock pramur was 7X1 pounds This year there were 12 producing wel and the rock prus-auts waa 241 pouuda Thkty wu'l had been drilled In all tba operation silica 1811 lo alh there were ala dry boles and two wells were abandoned owng to drllllig d iffiiiu t lee Mr Pearson gave some date Is nf ths mag of tha wella tliae showing that (he h sheet coat waa $4108) th low eat $17608 and th average about I29UOO Aak-d how th coat or dr'U'ng and operation today compared with prewar t lines Mr Pearson said that ! s rust was nearly doubts Invited tu give hs opinion of me Vlkiig n-ld Mr J-'-Hr-cn seld that 't waa a good one and could ba exiend-d Huwavsr lh Unw Island field i hed beuu exieniltid to contain 1X0 blllim eubc feet nf ga blit ' had nut com up to ex pe-t lions Viking FPId Proved Xfr Hntrt -v lh- rliy'e -xp-rl n-xl subm'tl-1 h s'h)dul-e for a 4li-cn rale 11s was reminded that hs had While no defln'ta action has basn taken by th Kdmonton Imud f trade it Is not anticipated thet any ohie-rions will bs offered to the NEW MEMBERS ARE SECURED FOR BOARD OF TRADE The board of trade mem bars Vp campaign lg already beginning to bring aplendid reeu'ta B nc Monday over 100 new members have bean cured and H ' exnec ed that the next tew days will show good rsulta “I Had Terrible Backache From Kidney Disease” Mn M A McNciO Ca- 5ta N2 writasi 1 wsi troubled for years with terrible backache mulling from kidney diaesac At lime in each month I remained in bed the pain was more than 1 could stand and to walk was almost impossible 1 used about $5000 worth of other medicinet bat with little results Now 1 mm completely better after wing only five boxei of Dr Chaie's Kidney diver Pdk Dr Chase’s Kidney-Liver Pills g)oo pill a dose Ibota a bod All d Ievlevs or KdiMMsoo Batca 4b (' I(d 1'iimato

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