The Gastonia Gazette from Gastonia, North Carolina on June 7, 1921 · Page 2
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The Gastonia Gazette from Gastonia, North Carolina · Page 2

Gastonia, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1921
Page 2
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. I ,T 3 ' TUESDAY," JUNEi,-1921. 'ACETWC THE GASTOftf A, (If. CJ. DAILY -GAZETTE v - -- CHEER UP, YOU BALD PATERS; NEW YORK AKES UP SCHOOL GARDEN'S s - DOCTOR WILL SEW HAIR ON YOU. i4iah Children Enlisted In the Gard:n Army by the Junior Red Cross of America. a Washington. Mi.1'l-1 nlon ths - of America's school irorden array, the force of I'olish children formed the Junior lied t-ross of America en that nrpaiii'atiori called on ta carry relief and cheer Hi the Idreh of Ksi iu-!;. - jand. Willi the - t warm spring da. "thoiivind of Ministers In Ivifin.-I v;ll taiher up ir roes, rake and p::''- f'" nee upon vacant lot. ieti-nn:i'ei tc pvert tti'-rn into rL, '-,! ami ver pnli'in, ji:t . i'i .vouu? erica. 'f the ninny thins- vh.'-h :l e Junior d Cross I li I rod il i '! to of ai.d, community fr : r ! -h made the jn;:et appeal. Ii riot ..p! ;:a'-r the - Sdrcii n chance to ta'.e up cu'deii-l ilt also pro ided t i " t ! i f : ! 1 reere-ion for thoiisi.h-ls of -i ".'' i .'-f.slied little ...die llshni - mill battle with l;:ie in the crowd- . v. ;f ir fr -: vi f I t s. 1 ' i ... - ' ? i i Dr. J. S. Parsegan, of New York, claims he ha a machine which will make a door knob look like a moss bank. Dr. Parse- gan, a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and a member cf a number of medical societies, has been experi-! mentihg lately on himself and has injected some fifty snips of j feminine hair into his head with his electric machine, the main j part of which is a fast-working needle that thrusts hairs into i the epidermis. The End of a Useful Day. id cnpital of roland, Vnrnw. In addition It lias already lielpeil to kep frfie wolf of starvation nay fn'tn manj a home. The children enlisted in the pardon nnny In Warsaw raise puiaioes. Ptots, fanvts,, parnip a'ld hean. Their fall crop in T.'-'t eninpri-ed P.'i tonH. The success of the Vnraw gardens last year was so iirniKnimcci that they Will be extended to other centers thi pprlng. To stimulate interest in tje garden, they are operated on the oiu-jietltlve basis u in Ahhtich. CADORNA EXPLAINS DISASTER Former Italian Commander in Chief 8ays Orders at Caporetto Were Disobeyed. CRUMBS FOR LAZARUS ' lia Ifip Ii aai ' lh -cm it. 1 Kii li lean. "inr man. In jj:i i inan. tliiet', the tiry has I uri a iotijr as men liae hern rartviay tlirir t ra 1 1 1 inns, an, I the hejrt'rnna n ha Iiit'ii ."skin tli- rrninhs t'reni 1he talile nl hives ami the thief !ia heen i-iiiiunim tn jfet tin' hflnains if mi n 1 1 ha ve ha t In nn i-t s The Wei Kl w hy lie means new. In cany Unman il.'iyj a kirk against tile tariff o! i Ii ier iciit uas an aitive aiinisetiK nt of the people, n iii I in this' feinlal da.v- the h.r.K had the riKht to !;:x all jjoimIs that passed hy their plaees so that riers and Ii'ikIiwhvm were lined with toll (rates to i-o'li'i't transit tariffs. A hundred years a'ci the ehs-tiim of John Taylor, a hi'h tariff man, as speak er ef the house of representatives, e New Knyliiini tna nnfai? nrers their start in a reatniy of plunder that ('oii(jress it triii(; now to fasten more completely than ever on Ihe piiiple liv tlie ofTerind to tlie fanner of the erninhs that are supposed to he swept from the prntiftci tal I,'. BRITISH GOLF EXPERTS WIN MAJORITY OF MATCHES Hy 1 bo Asmif!2-M rrmia (.l.KNN K. M.I. K.. ..e.,lian.. ,l,,. (I dreaT Hntaitf tin- fine' ..'in - , am Yelitioii, run off tiii- t hi i iiuuiL a s part of loday 's interna imia I inali h h. t ueen and Ainerieafi professe ni. jo isi it lea 1 1 i n r-' 're. ....If itatn. He Well til lee A niei iea lis w i i-i an Two of the III Itidie, I'avlai llnffeel Ul il Mil teams. . of til,- tvo nations. Uritish players inatelies. while tin ahle to . apt n r.- a n were halve. I. .1. (j. Mierloek and .losep Cr.'at Hritain. lefeated ('hath- and Willianr Melhorn. I np. .1. II. Taylor and .lames ll.'ai I, (ileal Hritain. l-'red M. I. end and ' !a rem e Harkiiey, Anieri.aiis, all s.piare. A. (I. Havers and .tames l K e.iden , (.lent Hriiain, defeated Willie, I liei.l and (ienri' til.ian. A mr i h a n-, i'i up and .". to 1 1 lav, rue Human : ed AI.e M.lehell, tireat Hritain, vs. ,lo,k II nl. hinsun and Waller lluj-en, m.-riea . ah square. Harry Var.lon and Kiln-ird la, Ureal Hritain. defeated Kininett I'r, nel, a. el Tom Kerrigan, A nieri. a , nj. an I 1 lo I la.1'- WESTERN UNION IS NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGES THROUGH ERRORS IN TRANSMISSION (By The Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, June 6. Contention of the Western Union Tel'ranh Company that it cannot be held liable for damages cauLfd through errors in trans-miftintr pipani.fa uliilA it. ln.. . n es to quality and qimntily of men ami i .a-v oU,. rwi-a. H- the farmer i under government contiol was UDhld to-material. He says that from June, 'to lav, hi, raUed l,v a tariff on jay by the supreme court. A decision 1915, lie hnd recommended unity oft farm stiff. The farmer has protested of South Carolina courts, awarding dam-action by the allies, hut Hint this wast limy that he i heiieved tn he tired ages to S. B. Poston, a cotton dealer, on' I Kome, Italy. The hook cf Lieut. CfD. Count Cadonia, former nun Eiandcr In chief of the Italian army. 1 he farmer is a piodnier of hash- inn-which Is entitled "The War on the Ial- ' 'rial. His n nrket is the world. He is' lan Front," has just appeared. It lap" 1 mnetition with all farms every a history of Italy's preparations for ! '!cre: A tariff ( prot.- him in-the war and the development of He any si hem,, of h ualied rol.lw rv of his ' JllnilS tintil aft(T the Capon-tto disas- pns'oiiii r-. Then I'm,, he has always heen 1 ter. 1 waved aside at the tar'IT eonmiU l.v the . .General Cadorna says that when the 'issiir,' . ihat prcte.-lhiK the mannfai- European conflict broke the Italian Juror allows the iiuinnfai-tnrer to pay the army was Inadequately equipped, both farmer i higher tuire thnn nonhl he the obtained only three years inter. General Cadornn attributed the Caporetto dlsuster, when the AiiMrians pushed back the Italian from the Jsolizo front, chiefly t" the fact that his orders to place all the artillery mi the defence were disobeyed. Jf the artillery had been withdrawn on the offennive, General C'tidonia say the disaster would have been prevented. or limited. But, General Cnpello. he j,, f,, declares, did not entirely w ilbdraw tjn lvj.. the guns, because be planned a counter-offensive, which Cadortia disap-iiroved. lie a!o gays the withdrawal from the l'inve was aeeomplisheil hy ihe Italians themselves, the allies giving them only moral suppn-r. Drank 54.150 Glasses of Root Beer in One Year Because he scheduled S.Ml.r.o in war tax en root .oer duriits 1D20, a I,ithu:nlan .'.v, miiier Of Springfield, 111., was hy John I'iekerirc-, e.jh-.-tui- ni in-ternal revenue, to ....k ..v.-r his income tax a sain. ,f:. r deducting his titiion dues, iPmn-tions to Churches :n,i ehar-ties and war tax on theater tiekeu this man still had si. all :.u tor which to nceoir r. Il: root ., .,-tlilret cut his Inif.n.e to s.ihi, he said. To satisfy his rmvi:..-. ac-cortlins to his iteuivi. th. iM,r.,-r had to driiik 1 IS glasses of root beer a day, or 51.1 rat L-ia-es in a year. if paying tariff on w'aat he l.nys without getting v iMieJ iiiinf in return. So w,. a-e lo put the vrhole I'nited Slates mi the l.a-is of pavii'i; mar.- for evi rv-thia w la:v in order that the man who -ells may eel leore. This mit(ht work all rich! if it aonl! work, l.ut it still ri;n:iias the f let Ihat Ihe farmer has to a m or- for what he l.iiv. but he i-aiin .! rais- Ids pr'n-c lu.-anse he si'I's kets of the World ill eollipcti v ervlni Iv , an. i he mast me-' 'he vvo:hi prn.s. The bi-ii.firent tarif.1" says he may i-aare more. Hut it doe; IMt tell li;MI how to eolhvf til- bill or s-li ti e ooo Is v . ).er, the world will , if bnv. Hut i- d u s prevent him hum buy. inn at worM wide pri.i , for nhi'e he tin. Is m. tatilT on what he -ells abroad hits net l.v a tariff on what he a broad. 1 bves proposes to put a protee. five tariff on the crumbs he throws to I.aaru and expeets 1,; :i7aru, be l.appv and route!!'. That i 'he pria.i- pl. i.f M o'eetioll. this ground, w,i$ revrrred. PUPPY LOVE SCORES AT CANV.r, THEATER Th, 'ativas Theaier was lilled to its a par it hist uiuht to r. in -. tin- Hroa.l av 1 1 i-t i as 1 ' impa a v iii ''I'nppv I.ove."' .'.iii- Il p'lH. . t.. be ll.e be! ,' - this , lev. I'l-ll . tiling t - a me , K.I. In- li In W Han I L' . I I'i .'. HARDING HOME. 'Hv the Ao.-i.Td Press.') ASllINt.TO.V. .lane ii...p iuir lelnrneil to lie white hens. ' "p m today from his v eek 'in- t.i Vain y I'orj;.. 'a . lent ml lllpallv has j , , s, ,ti( siuri lieili) .v. i vai'e s-'i rue to have some-sa; to Manage!- -':ivsii,;v as t hev i I of I in- show a t tel t he ., rfo' in s over. Ve wa,s seen at his best iii the r of .1 ill. Ill v . who was the d i reet ail th.- trouble. Alfred 's il'r, lied to adopt a b,ib in order to ii u-1 in ml s love and I .r i ii ir him h.-i. ha- .limjuv l'o out ami v . .v ha h he The parent. L.abv teli pnane -'..!,- the l.abv .-iie'th.r o other one, and when t iie husband does 1 return he timls thr of' them, when the trouble beniiis. i'i:,. husband. tliinkinK he i the fa' her of iwnis. is the happiest loan en earth, .'ild In- find- out thry are ii I'iiwed babies. Then .limine litis :. ten idle time trvinjr to explain things par I. a: j,,. li aallv l-.'!l. V In. the bal !' the I lllilllV . inouv i! wife that The wife has and then an ,ti Th. Itapti-t 'N'oitiin t'eoph's I'ni-in of the North Carolina Baptist Stale ion veiition will hold its twelfth annual meet ine; in ('harlottr June 14 1(1. (in,, thou sand delegates from over thr State an expeeted and 111. leaders. ( ill be ' artotib ti - I-. Winnie Waliint; as t'a- wit'-. la i-t-'u a- the husband and Kdi'li -on a- Jiuimv 's wite. all s,rm,d I I r r res; 1 1 , pa i t s a- 1 ! we.,, inouhbd illto t hi tii'r ina t iui; . horiM a- ' ari " -ha : r ot' a ppla n-. . ' ' I 'up: . l.ov e ' ' will ! tonight, also Wediie-dav '.- Km tit U)ih tln'V meeting, arrordinji to Cain a Thratrr wiii he l.-s; yet." at rarh t 'Ttoruiamr. n. The prr'tv an uun' i am. in fo repented ajiain nieht. and the doubt be tiihsl s i; - km 1 It - -4-m .-i . i if 3 a cigarette Ul.END fjA. . i i Vtiijtfr IS II! S OrtV.v'Ui- The Camel idea wasn't bora tten. It was the exclusive expert Camel blend that revolutionized cigarette smoking. That Camel blend of choice Turkish and Domestic tobaccos hits just the right spot. It gives Carneb such mellow mildness and fragrance ! The first time I smoked Camels I knew they were made for me. I knew they were the smoothest- finest cigarette in the world, at any price. Nobody can tell me anything different. R. j. HEYNOLDS- T.Wto C. Wlaatoo-Salem, N. C. FASCISTI DRILLING NEAR ROME TO OPPOSE BOLSHEVISTS f'.'ife-.. ' : -r. i y . ' -. . i..s ' FliK&L Uu& A I I! r ir?1 r w I ii '4-t i i Ws5-, wntil When Enplnnd meditate . eoncerniiiK her far flimR empire, ,he doiibtlew wish-es portion, of it hnd lieen flnnjr n lit Me farther. snii I)iego Tribune. If y..5olii xo-4; t tt-? ,V?mMh The Fascist! movement is fast gaining ground in all parts of Italy, and as the day for the general elections draws nearer, clashes' between the Fascisti and the Socialists are becoming more frequent and fiercer. Their purpose is threefold: First, to free the country from her internal enemies and protect her from foreign ones; second, to restore the authority of the State; third, to force the resumption of work .in all fields in order to restore the economic and financial equilibrium of Italy. The Fascisti is organized on strictly military, lines, with iron discipline. The photograph shows some of the Fascisti recruits drilling at the VillaBorgese nearRome to be ready for the com. munists. The only weapons used were canes of knotted wood. For Dysentery, Diarrhoea and otlw Stomal Ii Ami liowel (roubles Adv ANOTHER DELAY IN hlv would ask Referee G lea Mm at the reason for asking for the d-lay, aN de STILLMAN CASE FORECAST he'uriiig in Ponghkeepsie tomorrow to eline.l lo comment on published reports -KV YORK 1t,i fi, ffrant a further lenv. that Airs. Stillrnan liirenue.i niinji over immediate rontinutif ion of hear ill t !.. SLtillntnti !vnrn.i a .. n to ... ....... - - i- (fumes a' . ii mill 11, ,iiT-n nii.u ii.i.i . i f writ' east today. Mr. Brennan statement, naid the, """"" "i.e - .... John K. Breiiaan, counsel for Mrs. banker's attorneys would fight nny at-Anne I'. Stillrnan. the defendant, an-' ternnt to halt the uroirress of the rase. A nlebiseite is nat without honor unless heht Brant a lurliier iemy. "ini -ms. ..oi....... irin Comeliu, J . Sulliran, of counsel for ""PPlemctary .ver na.rmiK several ad fore- .lame A. Stillrnan, when informed of ,lltl"nl """'n n ronneetion wtth he, 'i FOB A0ULT8 (LxLcCy What thi Nmt Impllei) Invigorates the Stomach and Lovvels but does not ronli)alc. Palatable and effective. Also excellent fox digestive troubles. At all Drug Stores i Xuykendal Chemical Co., Rock m; s c. nounred at White Plains that he proba- Bremian. who declined to state his the weaker nation '.ins it. 8 Tax for Bachelors Over Thirty. Erfurt, Germany. In the tnntter ot taxation the town of Kisfohi. Thn rtnia, is doing pioneer v, ..ik by ui poking on bachelor; of more than thir ty years o special fax nniouiitin to 80 per cent of the municipal Inrotnt ttx. " Buy Sheepskin Coats. Wasbincton. The L'nited States public health service lias it bought 2,fiU0 aheepskiti coals for the tuberculous latl.its in Its hospital, so Ihat the? ir7 te able to sii out in the air sad the fcun lbi winter. It's the fresh sir that couaUb It's the persistent advertiser that in, Kttp yoai ad in The Gasetee all ta tils b4 atch the leauita.. HANK ana FETfc PETE USES HV5 V.EAD - FOR H15 HAT - s" s "v; r 1 S , T . i r ic. vv- w. x i fVI "f- X? 'XX II ' SKMs ' t lH s j mm A S . S s , . 's ' S ' S " s S, ' A S S M S ' S s s wr s m KUOJrr, I Bin l Lost irroeHWt ' . ' I L MJOWT tit. ' ' ( rVfWIHi4 oat .4 J s s y s 'A ,HtlA ANY LGNGCL J ' s v , J , s i ' s ' J S ' r S s s S S f r - y ' S y ' ' 's ' n. 'i y ir w YX rr,W.lNtT

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