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Keowee Courier from Pickens, South Carolina • Page 8

Keowee Courier from Pickens, South Carolina • Page 8

Keowee Courieri
Pickens, South Carolina
Issue Date:

BROWN'S GOT IT or BROWN GETS IT EVERYTI Brigitten Up NORMAN'S DRY New line China, Crockery, Alui Wood en wore, Window Hinwies, 1 lies, lied Spreads, Oil Cloth, Trays, Mats, Hugs; full Uno pretty Dry and Shoes, arriving weekly, at i Respectfully, FOR SALE-One Chevrolet Touring Car. in good condition; only run Tour months. Will sell at a bargain, Apply to J. H. NORMAN, Walhalla, if Interested. one having any claims against Robert Russell will please present same at office. Richland BT. RUSS ELL. EXPRESS your Wool. Mule, Horse and Cow Hides, Old Auto Tires, Beeswax and Tallow to ATHENS HIDE at Athens. Ga. H. Eugene Pant, Manager. 11-28-7 I. O. O. F. MEETING. Oconee Lodge, No. 04, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, will meet Tuesday Night, August 28, 1017. at 8 o'clock. Visiting Odd Fellows welcomed. A. C. PHILLIPS, Noble Grand. ANTON GERBER, Secretary, ad. 4 4. LOCAL AND PERSONAL, ty -Raise your own meat this year. Buy your pigs from W. M. Brown, M. Sit ton, of Beaufort, spent the past week In Walhalla with bis family. Born, tinto Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Phillips, August 10th, a son. Congratulations! -Mrs. Mary Law is visiting at the home ol' Mrs. Kate O. Smith, in Badger, of Greenville, spent the week-end in Walhalla with his uncle and aunt, and Mrs. C. ll. Humphries, -When in doubt as to the kind of monument you want call at our show room and select from our numerous designs and colors. Seneca Marble and Granite -'Mrs. Lena Puckhaber, of Charleston, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brandt. She will be here for several weeks. -Miss Bessie Zuehl returned Monday last to her home at Spofford, Texas, after having spent a month hore at the home of her cousin, Mrs. J. A. Steck. -Mrs. Monroe McDonald entertained most charmingly a few friends at auction on Saturday of last week. A number of delightful games were enjoyed, after which delicious refreshments were served. -Mr. and Mrs. Julien Dendy, after spending two weeks very pleasantly in Walhalla at the home of the former's parents, Capt. and Mrs. S. K. Dendy, returned to their home at Cranbury, Texas, Monday. -Wanted-White girls, 16 years age and up, as knitters and loopers. Nice work and good pay. Apply Hetrick Hosiery Mills, Walhalla, 5. -There are many in Oconee who will learn with regret of the death of Jos. L. Bryant, of tho Woir Stake section, which occurred at his home there last Saturday afternoon. Mr. Bryant had been a sufferer for some time from dropsy of the heart, complicated with other troubles. He was a native of Anderson county, but had resided in Oconee for about 15 years. He was twice married, his first wife being a native of Anderson county, and the last a native of Georgia. Several years ago Mr. Bryant moved from Ot'onoe to Georgia, and while residing in that State his first wife died, leaving him with ono child. He married again in Georgia, and about two years ago returned to Oconeo to live. Besides the one child by his first marriage, Mr. Bryant is survived by his wife and two children. He -was a member of Spring Baptist church, Anderson county, and was recognized by all who knew him as a man of splendid character. Ho was a good citizen and highly esteemed in his community. Funeral services were conducted Sunday morning, followed by Interment in Wolf Stake cemetery. Tho services were conducted by Rev. Jas. A. Davis. Wo Join with other friends of the deceased in extending to tho.bereaved ones sympathy in their sorrow. -Lost-Between Cheohee and Walhalla, 5th Sunday In July, brown coat. Please leave at Moss A Ansel's, Walhalla, and receive reward. Carl w. UNG TO Your Home GOODS STORE. lu II Kimmel, Titi, Glass and Hods, Poles, Curtains, Towels, DoiMirrors, Hells, nil kinds Brusher; Goods, Notions, Clothing, Huts unusually low prices. F. E. HARRISON, Manager. -Huttorick patterns. C. W. Pitchford, Walhalla, S. tf. C. W. Pitchford and John E. Dauknight left Monday for New I York and other Eastern market centers to purchase their fall stocks of goods. They will be absent from Walhalla for about ten days. -Union services will be held next Sunday night (8.30 o'clock) at St. John's Lutheran church. Dr. J. L. Stokes, of the Methodist church, will preach and conduct the services. A cordial Invitation ls extended to all to attend. -Twenty fine pigs, 8 weeks old, ready for delivery. Cheap. W. M. Drown, -Ex-Oovernor and Mrs. M. Ansel, of Greenville, and Willie and Ansel Ostendorff, of Charleston, spent Sunday last In Walhalla visiting at the homes of the Misses Ansel and Mr8. J. Ansel. The people of Walhalla are always delighted to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ansel and the Messrs. Ostendorff on their brief visits to the old home town of the ex-Governor and Messrs. Ostendorff. -Janies A. Lay, of Birmingham, ls spending a few days In this section visiting his mother, Mrs. A. Lay, and among his brothers and sisters. Mr. Lay arrived in this section last Friday and will remain for several days yet this week. He has a host of friends here ana elsewhere In the county who are glad Indeed to meet him again. This ls his first visit to his old home In four years. Mr. Lay is numbered among the prominent business men of Birmingham, in which city he has resided for a number of years. -T. E. Alexander, Walhalla, S. sells land, buggies and harness. See him before you -Tho Priscilla Club enjoyed a delightful meeting with Mrs. Elliott Rhodes on Tuesday afternoon of last week. Tables for rook were placed on the shady porch, where a number of games were played. Miss Norma Moore won first prize, a beautiful box of patriotic stationery, and Mrs. W. R. Craig received dainty note paper as consolation. A delicious salad course was then served the guests by Mrs. Rhodes, assisted hy Mrs. Otto Schumacher. Besides the regular club members enjoying tho meeting there were present as visitors 'Miss Mamie Duncan, of Columbia, and Miss Katie Robins, of Whetstone, house guests of Mrs. Rhodes. -James S. Wilson, a member of the Butler Guards, First Regiment, now stationed at Greenville, has been drawn, along with 20 other members of that command, to serve in the Engineer Corps. It ls thought possible that the Engineer Corps will be sent to France considerably Booncr than the regular army forces now In training. Young Wilson was tho only one of tho Walhalla boys drawn for this service. Ile is a son of Mr. ana Mrs. "leo. L. Wilson. Paul I larkins and Flank Nicholson, of Oconee, are members of Company Engineers Corps, and Norton Strlbling, of Walhalla, ls lieutenant of Company Engineers Corps. It ls understood these companies will entrain to-day for Long Island. -Auto for Sale-In good running order; recently overhauled bargain in lt. Apply to Wm. A. Iletrlck, Walhalla, S. tf. -J. F. Redden and George Morton returned Sunday from a trip Into tho mountain sections of Western North Carolina, where they visited at the old home of Mr. Hodden and and spent a fow days fishing and hunting. Their trip was one of much pleasure, marred only by heavy roads, due to much rain, on their return trip, and an accident on the road. Mr. Morton was driving lils Ford runabout, and on reaching a sharp curve In the road ho encountered a large Studebaker car. Mr. 'Morton was coming down the mountain, while tho Studebaker was ascending the grade. The collision occurred at a point where there was ample room to pass, but the road had been recently worked, and both machines were "hugging" tho bank. Tho ascending machine, fortunately, came almost to a stop Just as the collision occurred. Both cars wero put out of commission, causing considerable delny. No one was hurt, though a lady occupant of the Studebaker was thrown against the windshield of tho car, her head going completely through the glass. Fortunately she had on a large hat, which protected her, and she came out of tho collision without a scratch. olumbus ARE GOOD hy Has Your a Fifth 1 BROWN YOU RIDE -Buy your pigs now and pav for thom this fall. VV. M. Brown, -G. A. Norman is in Atlanta on business for a few days. -Geo. D. Schumacher is at home again with friends. Ho has been given a discharge from Co. First Battalion of Engineers. -Wm. A. Hetrlck is spending a brief vacation at his old home iu Philadelphia. He ls expected to return to Walhalla in a day or two. Frank Brennecke, of Virginia, ls spending several days in Walhalla with his mother, Mrs. Fannie Brennecko, and sister, Miss Marguerite. -Lloyd Brown, a member of Co. 5 4th U. S. Infantry, stationed at Chattanooga, is visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brown. He will return to his command this week. -Dr. J. D. Vomer, of Bullochvllle, is spending several days in Walhalla with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Verner. He is looking good, and is being most cordially greeted by numerous friends. -Master John and Mary and Elizabeth Clarkson, children of Rev. and Mrs. G. F. Clarkson, after a pleasant visit to their grandmother, Mrs. Mary N. Ansel, have returned to their home in Greenwood county. -A small lot of hairy vetch seed for sale at 12c. pound. See sample at Courier office and state the amount you -After spending several days in Walhalla with relatives, Mrs. Carrie Ostendorff and daughter, Miss Carrie, left yesterday for Greenville, where they will spend a few days In tho home of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Ansel before returning to their home in Charleston. -Married, at the residence of i Clerk of Court J. F. Craig, last Sun- day, August 19th, Miss Ethel Bryson and J. J. Quarles, both of whom re-I side near West Union. The young couple have the good wishes of many friends. Tho ceremony was performed by Clerk Craig in the presence of a few witnesses. -Tho protracted services at Pleasant Hill Baptist church, conducted by Rev. T. Abbott, closed last Friday night. Great interest was taken in the music led by the younger people. There were four additions to the church. The baptizing will take place next Sunday, August 2 7. The church was greatly revived. -Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brown and younger children are in North Carolina this week. Mr. Brown's old home is in the Western Carolina section, and tho family will spend a week or ten days making visits to numerous points in thc Breva rd-Hendersonville-Asheville country. Their Oconee friends wish for them a pleasant visit. -We handle only tho very best and most up-to-date line of tombstones and monuments, if you have not tried our line of goods call at our show room and be convinced. Seneca Marble and Granite Works, ad -Mrs. F. E. Harrison spent several days this and last week visiting her daughter, Mrs. G. Jones, at Tamassee, returning Monday. Miss Carrie Darby Harrison, who had been spending some weeks at Tamassee, returned home the latter part of last week. -TI. M. Lovinggood and three daughters were in Walhalla for a short while yesterday. They were on their way to Highlands, N. and other points in the mountains for a pleasure trip of several days. They were accompanied by M. G. Glymph, brother-in-law of Mr. Lovinggood. -Lucien B. Lee, of Columbia, spent a short while in Walhalla last Sat rday, visiting at the homo of and Mrs. W. D. Moss. vir. Lee baa many friends here who 'ere delighted to meet him again. He is now a conductor on the Southern, running between Columbia and Spartanburg. -Mr. and Frank Crawford and throe children, of Charleston, are spending some time In Walhalla visiting at the home of Mrs. J. Hughes. Mrs. Crawford is a sister of Mrs. Hughes and Miss Sue Maxwell, and is pleasantly remembered here by many of our people as Miss Annie Maxwell. -Miss Hatio Harrison was hostess to tho Paul Ilayno Circle at its regI ular meeting on August 10. The following program was enjoyed: French Painting, 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, Mrs. Stock; Memorial Sculpture In France and Italy, Mrs. W. C. Hughs; Gothic Architecture and Cathedrals of France, Miss Gertrude Smith; The Gospel According to Art, Mrs. Bell; Little Town of Bethlehem, Miss Strother. After a profitable business hour a salad course was served. A number of visitors added to the pleasure of tho afternoon. They were: Mrs. Sidney Adams and Miss 'Margaret Walmsley, Rock Hill; Miss Joyce Goggins, Forsyth, Miss Bessie Zuehl, Spofford, Texas; Mlas Alice Strong. Tho next mooting will be with Mrs. Chas. Pitchford, on August 24th, Wagons WAGONS! Not Go Wheel? Walhalla, RIDE: RIGHT." -Wm. Bell and Kirby Covington are camping near Clayton, Ga. -J. W. Vissage is moving his shoe simp to the room formerly occupied by Wm. Lausterer, in thc City Hall building. -Paul HarkinB, a member of Com- pauy First Battalion of Engineers, now stationed at Greenville, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. I lark ins, near town, Shielding Shadow," a moving picture dream. First appearance to-morrow (Thursday) night, 23d. Episodes continued weekly each Thursday. Rex Theatre, Walhalla. -Adv. -Misses Frances and Dede Earle are in Atlanta attending the wedding of their cousin, Miss Hattie Belle McAfee and J. H. Stalnaker. Miss McAfee is pleasantly remembered hero, she having visited the Misses Karie last summer. -MI ss Cora Strong, who has been spending some time at Ithaca, N. as a special instructor at Cornell University, returned home last week and will be here with her mother, Mrs. C. G. Strong, and family for the remainder of the vacation period. -R. Turner Kay, of Gadsden, spent a short while last week in Walhalla visiting relatives. His friends were glad to meet him again. Mr. Kay's visit here was brief, as he was making a round of visits to relatives In other sections of tho State. -There will be divine services in the Catholic church at Walhalla, the fourth Sunday of August (the 26th), at ll o'clock a. m. Rev. A. K. Gwynn, pastor of thc Greenville Mlssions.will officiate and preach the sermon. Seats are free and a cordial invitation and welcome are extended to all. -'Rev. Jos. D. Budds, so well known to many of this section, died iii Charleston August 11th and was buried in the Cathedral grounds of that city. Rev. Budds was well known to many of the people of Oconee, and the announcement of his death will bring genuine sorrow to all who knew him. -Mrs. Joe Brown and little daughter, after an extended visit to the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. X. L. Fant, left last Thursday for their home in Grimes, California. Mrs. Brown's friends wish for her a safe journey to her far Western home. -Dr. B. F. Sloan left yesterday for Greenville, where he will join the U. S. ambulance unit. These men will soon entrain for Allentown, where they will go into training, preparatory for service on foreign battlefields. Dr. CW. Gentry, of Greenville, and Martin Fricks, formerly of Walhalla, but now of Greenville, are also members of the ambulance corps. We wish these gentlemen every success in their noble work, and we hope they will return safe and sound at the close of the conflict. County S. S. Convention. The Sunday school workers of Oconee county are urged to bear in mind the meeting to be held at Seneca next Thursday and Friday, August 30-31. Complete program will be published next week. After All Hie Coal Hogs. Washington, Aug. prices for bituminous coal at the mines were fixed to-night by President Wilson and announced in a statement saying measures would control distribution and set prices, not only at tho minas, but in the hands of middlemen and retailers. Organize Oakway Red Cross. There will be a meetnlg of the citizens of Oakway and vicinity, for tho purpose of organizing a branch of tho Westminster Red Cross chapter, at the Oakway school house on Monday, August 27, at 8 p. m. All the citizens are urged to be present. W. C. Taylor, Chairman. $10 Premium. Colt Exhibit at West Union Next Saturday? August I offer a Promuim of $10.00 Cash to the owner of the best Colt or Yearling (between the ages of three months and three years) sired by my Stallion, "Duke Downing." All owners of Colts sired by him, and ranging within the above ages, are requosted to bring them to Hutchison Bros. Store, West Union, next SATURDAY, AUGUST 25th, and have them ready for judging by 2 o'clock. Sam H. Snead, P. S. Shook and J. h. Duckworth will bo requested to Judge the Colts. I will be glad if the owners of colts sired by other stallions will bring same for inspection at this time. I want to interest the public in good stock. J. S. ABBOTT, Walhalla, South Carolina. Study the Colan Only Internationj WE can demonstrate makes the best this strong, new feature, whi national wagons. The famous fifth wheel on tho tiron, with largo wearing surface, straiu on the front bolster and sand so preventing bending or breakh pulling up offrent bolster and bet The top plates of the fifth wheel protectou and no dirt gets in betw of this feature, tho moro you will s. c. JZ? ROI II SON-A RSON MARR I AGE Hi ldo ls Well Known in WalhallaVisited Here Frequently. (Anderson Mall, 20th.) A wedding of much Interest occurred Sunday morning when Miss Willie Wray Robinson and Lieut. Sam Anderson were married at the home of the bride's uncle, Kurtz P. Smith. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. M. Garrison, pastor of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian church, and the hour was 10 o'clock. This wedding was to have taken place later and would have been 'an elaborate social function, but owing to the vicissitudes of war and the uncertainty of where the young groom 1 would be sent, lt was decided to have a quiet wedding while he was on leave. The young bride is the only daughter of Mrs. W. W. Robinson, and a granddaughter of the late Capt. W. G. Smith, the veteran conductor of the Southern road. She has a most attractive personality, and ls a great favorite in society and recently has taken much interest in the work of the Red Cross. Her wedding gown WOB one of simplicity, Which suited her girlish beauty, was of white georgette crepe, embroidered in beads, and the bouquet was of bride's roses and feniB caught with a largo bow of tulle. Lieut. Anderson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. Anderson, and has just returned from Fortress Monroe, where he has been under training. He has received a lieutenancy in tho regular army, and will serve in the Coast Artillery. Lieut. Anderson has been connected with the public schools here for many years, and is exceedingly popular, a young man who has a high standard of morality and aspirations, and who is willing to work to have those aspirations fulfilled. Lieut, and Mrs. Anderson left by auto for the mountains of North Carolina, where they will spend a week before Lieut. Anderson again reports for duty. Mrs. T. A. Ratllffe and Wilson and Dean Ratliffe, of Atlanta; Mrs. E. E. Epting, of Wllliamston, and Miss Myra Fant, of Walhalla, were here for the wedding. Tho Dobbins Reunion. The annual reunion of the Dobbins family will be held at Roberts church, Anderson county, on Friday, August 31. All descendants and relatives of this family are cordially invited to attend, bringing with them the usual well-filled baskets. An Invitation is also extended to any friends of this family who may care to attend. 20 Pei Reduct Ladies We will cl tire stock of Ul Slippers at 20 duction for Walhalls abus Fifth Wheel Wagons Have It Dw the Columbus fifth wheel still better. Look over ch you will find only on Interolumbus, made of strong, malleable loes these things: lt distributes the board; overcomes pitching of bolster, ig of the king bolt; does away with iding of circle iron, are widest, so the lower plates aro cen. The more you study the merita appreciate its importance. BROWN'S GOT IX or BROWN GETS IT 45TH REUNION ORR'S RIFLES. Meeting Was Held nt Easloy Lust Wednesday and Thursday. Easley, Aug. annual reunion of the Survivors' Association of Orr Regiment of Rifles, C. S. came to a close this afternoon after a session attended by 3 4 of the surviving members and 6 4 visiting veterans. The first and only business session was held this morning, at which oificers for the ensuing year were elected. Col. W. T. McGill, of Walhalla, was elected president; J. W. Todd, of Anderson, vice president, and S. K. Dendy, of Walhalla, secretary and treasurer. Resolutions of thanks to the local Daughters of the Confederacy were adopted, along with a memorial to the deceased members of the organization. A resolution was also adopted endorsing the present administration in all of its acts. Ex-Governor M. F. Ansel, of Greenville, and R. T. Jaynes, of Walhalla, were the speakers of the occasion and delivered splendid addresses. This morning 'Mayor King, in behalf of the town, and Rev. D. Hiott, in behalf of the local camp, and Mrs. Howard, for the U. D. made addresses of welcome. Mr. Stribilng, of Pendleton, made the response In behalf of the visitors. Yesterday afternoon an informal meeting was held at the auditorium and then the visitors were given au automobile ride over the towu, after which they were carried to the Red, Cross rooms and served light refreshments. A reception was held last evening, which proved a pleasant social event. Dinner was served to 100? veterans to-day. All of the visiting veterans were entertained in the private homes and everything tending to their pleasure and comfort was done. Monea Path extended an invitation to the veterans to meet at that place next year, and the invitation was unanimously accepted. (On the second page of this issue will be found the speech of Col. R. T. Jaynes, reproduced in full.) Rainfall for Week. Rainfall for week ending August 19th. at p. is furnished us by H. W. Brandt, co-operative observer. Tho record follows: Date- Inches rainfall. Aug. 13-Ptly cldy.Aug. 14-Ptly cldy Aug. 15-Ptly cldy .1. 31 Aug. 16-Ptly cldy .67 Aug. Aug. 19-Clear rainfall for week .1.99 Cent. tion on slippers. lose out our and DUNN per cent, reSHFORD, s. c.

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