Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 16, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 16, 1896
Page 6
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^ The highest claim for other j tobaccos is "Just as, good as Durham.", Every old smoker ' knows there is none just as good as Blackweirs DURHAM CCO 81 You will find one-coupon inside, each twoi ounce bag, ana two coupons inside each four ounce bag of Black-well's Durham. Biry a bag of this celebrated tobacco and read the Icoupon—which gives a list'l * of valuable presents and how1 * to get them. J ISO. RICH AND ELEGANT FLAVOR ABSOLUTELY PURE Such Is tho "OLD PROCESS," SOUR-MASH, the K. CUMMINS-& Co. Sold Oniy by Druggists Which for 35 years has been made at the old-fashioned dls- HMcry at Loretto, Ky. • Each bottle bears the certificate of Chemist Hurty, of Indl- nnapolls, as to ABSOLUTE PURITY and HIGH MEDICINAL VALUE A. Kiefer Drug Co. NO AUTOGRAPHS FOR HER. Girl Had No Hi* for the Cheek She Received. A certain family, whose home is in suburbs of London, have in their ; (employ, «iys Amusing- Journal, a |oook, whose .ways ore. invariably so {methodical and her cooking-so near perfection, that, were she to lenvc her prcs- .jent home, one-half of the mistresses in jtte district would be eager to secure [her services. Never by any chance has [jUgner been late-at the Myrtle villa, or jthe joint under or over done.neit.be,r lias •' any policeman crossed its threshold. CBut, treasure tliat she is, sha came near :'- [to jnaVJnp a change of residence at the ' close of her very first month Vstay. ..! On the morning of the day upon jwh-ich her wages become due, her mistress requested .her to step into the ', study, where her master was waiting to |p*y her. In a few moments she rushed (from the study to the. kitchen, where • |*he h<ul left her mistress, and in less • jtime than it takes to narrate had jjflven that astonjshed lady notice. !", . "But whatever is the mntteir, Mary?" [Inquired her nftstress, "What has lyour 'master said or done to annoy Jyou?" -.: • ., . : "He hasn't _aid nuthiri',",-replied (Mary, ns she flourished a.cheek in her anifltress' face, "but he's on'y .given me (this for a month's slavery. Not me; I Uin't no ortygrttpt collector, I ain't." Cabinet Change In Germany. Berlin, Aug. IS.—TheKeichsanzeiger, the official journal, announces that the emperor has accepted the rosig-natirm of Gen. Bronsnrt von ScheLlendorf and Las appointed Gen. von Gossler, corn- ^nander of the Hessian division, as minister of war. Xennotiieo I<egl>tature Called. Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 15. — C/ov, ll'urney has called an extra' session of the legislature to meet September 7 for the purpose of providing against a threatened treasury (Jefieit. ' . TTpliold Kaffei Ncav Oxford. Oxford, Ind., Aug; 15.— An epidemic of typhoid fever.-exists two.miles'wcsl ,pf here. Nine of the.family of William pttibbs have beetrclown with the disease. |Six are still sick and the mother and one son have died. HIS LOT AN EASY ONE. . 'Bit the F«t«red .Butler Couldn't See It That Way. :•:•„, A butler -who had been 25 years in '•'i (the) same family went, one morning to ;:' hi» master and »aid that t& ,-wanted to •'. |lcave, says the Weekly Telegram. The •'•', boaster, much astonished, asked what ' ihin rcaxo:i was. . ' • "Do you -ivtnt your wages raised, - John?" •''". "Xo.sir." "I« it the food that you're complaln- •;angrof?" 'i "Well,- what Is- it, then ?" : ".I'd rather not say, sir." . , .-.-';. "Now, John," said his master, losing Jii« patience^ "you've beea a long- time. ; tin.my employ, and I insist upon your "Well, sir,'! laid tfhe butler, finally, "if |:|'''.y«u itnust know,.It's all -along of. the •fe,ml»sus. It's nag 1 , nag, ting from morn|^ ilng 1 to night, and I can't stand it any ' longer.'.' . His master sighed a.nd then said, solemnly: "John r go upstairs to yon-r bedroom, lock the door and then go down ( ,upon.your bended knees and thank : (Heaven that you're not married ;to , • . , C'oid eiupporc. . . . Larikln—Your candidacy is not awakening much enthusiasm. . • Mullins—My constituents are solid forme. ' larkin—Yen, fro*en solid. — Dp-to- : .--Date.-'- -.' •' -' : ' :'•.•.•••.-..•. Death* of Two Floneen. La Grange, Ind.; Aug. 15. — Samuel Parker and George W. Coplin, two of ,La Grange county's pioneers, died at their homes here on the same daj'. i)ne to the Ho»t New York, Aug. 15.—During the nme days preceding Saturday there were 538 (death and almost 2^000 prostrations due ',to the excessive heat. . ' Tho Cold Beierve. Washington, Aug. IS.—The treasury gold reserve Saturday stood at $106,070,- i05G. The withdrawals amounted to 141,700. ," . THE MAEKETS. Grain, -Frovliloni!. Etc. . Chicago, Aug. 15. 1 WHEAT— Rather quiet but unsettled. September, -W^@55%o; December,. BRIGHT'S DISEASE can fee cured by using Or, J,H, MCLEAN'S LIVER IND KIDNEY BUM , Tne Peerless Remedy Iw Ui •« "M^.»eo hr Itidi .THE DM. J. K. MeLfaN MioioiHt Co,' « :, , IT.-l.OUia, KO. • . . CORN— Steady. No. 2, 22^@2294c: No. I Yellow, '22%@2214o; September, 22%(S22%c; December, 23%@24c; May, 26?4@2674o. . • ; OATS-rFklr trading and steady. .. No. 2 cash, 1C^4c; September, 15%@16%c; May, IS @15%c.: .Samplos steady.' : No Grade, 9® »Ha; No, 3, :3@19c;.No. 3 White. •K'A&ZO^c; No. 2, !C%@17c; No, 2 White, 20020HC. RYE— Was quiet and higher. No. 2 cash, 2PVi@28i4ci No. 3, 22c; -September. delivery, 20»4c bid. • .' ' . ........ .BARLEY— Old Barley moderate sale and firm, bufnow'at the same time rules dull, New .Barley, . 20@24c for. No. 3, according to quality. 'No. '3 old Barley, 2C©35c. • MESS PORK— Market moderately 'active ; and prices' easier at J6;OC@C,05 for cash; 16.0006.25 tpr September; »5.95©6.0ti for .October, arid $0.90©7.0B& for January. ' LARD'— Tra'dlng moderate and ' prices lower at. $3.22^(5)3.25 tor, cash; J3.22'/i@3.25 for September; $3.30@3.32i4 for October, and J3.62W<g>3.65 for January. • : -BUTTER— The market Is ruling quiet, with .quotations at 10©lDc for crqamerle* and 9@12c for dairies. . . LIVE POULTRY— Fair- demand. Turkeys, 8<3>10c; Chickens,, 8@8}Jc; Ducks, 8® B14c per pound; Qeese, per dozen, J3.00 . WHISKY— Steady on the basis of J1.82 for hlghwlnes. • • . - . : ' ' New York, Aug. 16. FLOUR— Steady, unchanged. .. .,. WHEAT— No. 2 Red firm and quiet. September, 62@C25-16c; December, 64%@651-10c; ' MANY FAILURES.- Big Bunch of Collapses Esported in Ohibago. . ': Five Concerns with Assets Aggregating 8800,000. Assign—Firms In Other Places Go to the Wall. , Chicago, Aug. 15.—The Chlcag-o eon;, solidated iron and steel works assigned In the county court Saturday morning; to the Chicago Title & Trust compa'ny; The assets are placed at $300,000, with the liabilities about the same. The plant of the company is located at Har- vey.Ill. .. .-.-.. ----Chicago, Aug. 15.—Louis Sieveri <£f Son, wholesale liquor dealers, assigned 'in the county court Saturday to Frank" P. Altman. The asests are $25,000, and the liabilities given at $30,000.' Chicago, Aug. 15.—Failures of. three large firms having.intimate: financial relations' occurred Saturday, involving liabilities'' aggregating $320,000. The concerns are George Oberne & Company, hide and leather dealers at 401 North Halsted street, assigned to William L. Gray; Henry M. Honick. one of the best-known nnd oldest wool dealers in the city, located at .193 Michigan street, and the Chicago & Western soap works, with factory and oiTice at Kingsbury nnd Superior streets, who assigned to F. S, Goshorn. This last named concern was formerly known, ns Oberne, Hosick & Company, but changed its title in the early part of 1S04. • The,asests of George Oberne & Company are placed nt $200,000, with liabilities of ?12,'!,000. The same figures are given for Henry M.' Hosick, while the Chicago & Western soap works report liabilities of $SO,000 nnd make no statement of assets. The cause of. faih-.re iri each oase is the same: Slowness of collections nnd the prevailing ha.t'cl times. .A Texan Bunk Sniicuuib*. Washington, Aug. 15;—The Citizens' national bunk of San Angelo, Tex., capital $100,000, failed Saturday, Its liabilities are $72,000 and. its capital is impaired. Bank Examiner Gannon has been placed, in charge. .. - . . Cauitcx! by Poor ColloctlnnN. Milwaukee, Aug. 15.—The Telegram Cycle Manufacturing company, corner of East Water and Erie streets, -was closed by the sheriil! Friday afternooii on attachments aggregating about S55,-. 000, The Telegram company have suffered, from.the effects of poor collections for some time past. . Real- Estate Didn't Pay. Columbus, 0., Aug. ID:—John J. Nelson, real estate-dealeivmade an assignment Friday afternoon. The' assets are estimated at $30,000. nno the liabilities at $ii,tiUL'. . »ndv clear - he.ided J udge doesn't al- ow himself to be biased by prejudice.. Superstition doesn't affect his decisions, Merc tradition hag no place in his reasoning. Facts are the-only thin;r* which he considers. If the intelligent men and women who make up this great, country. of ours will simply bring.'their reason and common.sense to.bear on the problem of curing their sickness, we will soon be'a nation most remarkable for health and longevity. , The plain, undecorated-facts about Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery arc all that is •necessary to convince fair-minded people of its transcendent;.merit.. . They ;»re as follows: . • All diseases come from germs. The germs get into the .blood, propagate and increase in the blood, which .carries them all.overthe body. When they find a 1 weak spot, they Btiqk to the weak spot. It becomes :a; diseased spot, and the disease is called by, the name 'corresponding to its location in the body., The cause ia the same, for nearly all disease*. . All impurities are germs, or breed, germs. Impure blood means germ filled blood.- Kill the germs, .eliminate |he impurities, enrich <he blood, and it will force itself into the diseased spot and strengthen 'it; an'd give it power to throw off the germs that exist there. Dr. Picrce's Golden -Medical Discovery is designed to do this—that Is the theory. The facts are these—tens of thousands of people have used the "Dis- tbvery," It used to be sold wiUi the understanding that if it didn't cure, it should be returned, and the money refunded. Nobody ever asked, for the nionej', and so that clause was dropped. Thousands of people have written voluntary letters of thanks to its discoverer. A few of these letters have been included in Dr. Pierce's great thousand page' book, Common Sense Medical Adviser. It will be.sent absolutely free on. receipt of 21 one-cent stamps 10 pay for mailing onlv. Address, with stamps, world's Dispensary" Medical Association, No. 66j. Main Street,- Bufialo, N. Y. JUDGE ADAMS' ESCAPE. Perilous Experience of a Mall Carrier in the Southwest Barbed Arrow! Flew Thick »nd Fait. Bn • the Captive Tooth W»« Jletcued Juit In Tim* by Brave - Bergeitnt Graven. TO SOUND THE POWERS. '• KILLED IN A QUARREL. A Shooting 'Affray Xakei Finer Hr>»r . ! • Cl*rka<lalfV M1«H, . , < Memphis, Tciui., Aug. 15.—Thursday nig-lit ricar Clcirksdale, iliss., iu a shooting affray, RV L. Howard'lost, his life, J. ,M. Howard -was. mortally wounded Will Howard was slig-htly.wounded and'' W.-P.--Woods was shot in the arm.: A lew years, ago Woods married a daug'hr; ter of - J.-M. Howard. Several weeks n#o she left him,, and.he accused her fa-. ther and brothers of attempting to separate--them. , The shooting; occurred us a result of a quarrel between'the rrwn. Strike of Expre'umnn. ' " ' .New--York, Aug. 15.—The employes of:the 1 Adams Express company in this : eity:and in Jersey Gity went on strike •e-t-one o'clock Saturday morning. The linen complain that they were.made to work too many hours in the day, and that old employes were discharged for 'no other purpose than to reduce'wages. Between 500 a«d 600.men-are affected. ; A Suicide a Day. '• '.' Eutte, Mont., Aug. IS.—The record ,ol ,6 daily suicide in Biitte has" not yet ibcen broken. Saturday's victim • of the epidemic-was Blanche McGaxvin,..pro- Iprictress of ; the Richelieu, a. Mercury street sporting .house. .She took mor-, •phine Saturday inorning and. had been jdead several 'tours "'when found. No particular- cause-for 'the act appears. • Tailor*'Strike'About Over. New Yorkj Aug. 15.—Leader Schoen- : feld, of the Brotherhood'of Tailors,'snld (Saturday that he expected to cull the: .strike off-In-a few days, as a sufficient •number of contractors has signed'.tlia jnew agreement to afford employment tot most of the men, and the remain[der hod found work in cooperative Spain Wants to Know If the Powe-rf Would Ueip Her Agntnit America. London, Aug. 16.—The Standard Saturday morning- publishes a'dispatch from Madrid giving further details regarding' memorandum recently prepared by the duke, of Tetunn, minister of foreign affairs, anent tho condition of uttairs in Cuba nnd the relations of Spain with the American republics, especially the United States in connection with Cuba. The dispntch say's-that the duke of Tetuan, tardily following tKe advice of the foreign.;diplomats to who.m he had read the memorandum,: summoned the American minister, Mr. Hnnnis Tnylor, and informed him of hid design"of presenting the note to the powers. Mr. Taylor straightway warned the duke that the document was' likely to seriously affect the relations between .Spain and the United States following so closely upon President .Cleveland's neutrality proclamation, and implying a desire to produce European interference in the diplomacy of tlie.'nevs- world. 'Mr..Taylor was so resolute that-he elicited a, pledge-that .the note would not.at that time be-sent and thnt if the matter was again mooted Spain.would take care that the United ' Stiltes were not kept In'the dark as in this case. i.- It is added to the foregoing in-official circles in Madrid that the. . duke ! ''of Te't'uan told .Mr. Taylor .that he did not intend to cominit an.offense against the Cleveland government, whose friendly disposition Spain- had so often recog- plzed.but Spain had determined to sound the powers with a view to contingencies that might arise from the American presidential flection. ' : WILL HELP SOUTHERN. STATES.'' Short Route to Pittsburgh for Maryland and Weit. Virginia Coal. Washington; Aug. 15!*-A special from Cumberland, Md ; ., says: A certificate of incorporation of the Pittsburgh & .Totomao: Railroad .company, in Maryland,, has been, filed with-the secretary of state.. The proposed road is to bcgitt on the north" bank of the Potomac river, near'the'mouth'of Gloe Run, in Gturctt county, and run. in a northerly" direc tionl through 1 Qarrett count}' to 'the Mason and Dixoit -line at a point where the' Youghiog-heny river • crosses • /the Maryland, line, into-the state, of Penn< •sylvanio., It .will'open up great coal fields and bring into the Pitteburgl ronrkeV'by 'a short route,' lumber and .other products of a'part of the states of Maryland and West Virginia, DURRANTS CASE. Judge Francis Adams, now a San. Francisco, attorney,- was one of the early pioneers of the great west, one few of the old-timers have witnessec more thrilling events than he. • • • "Perhaps the most narrow escape ; ever had," said the .judge- a few days ago, in recalling scenes that antedate the gold discovery, "was iu an encounter with hostile Indians in the year 1S+7." And here is tho story. It reads like' fiction after the lapse of 50 years: In the iibove-inentioiu'd year, Adains, then a boy of 17, was enfrngod in carry- iijg military niuil between lil Paso, Tex., and Albuquerque, N. M. The greater portion, of .the .country Uiroug-b. which he passed was a desert waste. One piece of the way was particularly dangerous, being- in the vicinity of a frequent rendezvous of Indiana, and for the mail carrier's safety and protection a small troop of soldiers was regularly detached from the midway post of Mnn- zana, on the Rio Grande, to meet tie mail boy at a certain point of rooks, at which he always halted, and to escort him over 'that part of the rood which was considered unaafe. The spot in question, was generally reached after nightfall. It so happened that the officer In charge at the troop was Sergt. William J. Graves, who afterward became prominent as a lawyer in California, and who has longs' ince joined tbesileut.majority. Young- Graves was of Herculean build, brave as a lion, and as recldess ns li« was brave. Young' Adams had or, several occasions been h'ard pressed by savages, but he was well mounted, and liis steed had always carried him nhrocg-h unsrathed. No Incident-worth mentioning:had occurred for quite a little period, so that upon one occasion Sergt. Graves felt inclined to take matters rather leisurely. Then, concluding that he would miss the mnil carrier if he rode to the jpoint of rocks, the sergeant resolved to IN DESPAIR. A. PEN PICTURE. Many Women Will Recognize It. " Oh, I »m so nervoui. \Vo one ever Buffered as I do ! There isn't a -Weil inch In my whole body! I bonestly think my lungs are diseased, my che»t;J pains me so; but I've no i cough: I'm so weak • at my stomach, and have Indigestion horribly. Then I have palpitation, and my heart hurts me. How I am .losing flesh! and this headache nearly kills me; and tbe backache — Heavens! I had hysterics ' "yesterday. There Is a weight In the 1 lower. part of my bowels, bearing down all the time; and there are pains 'in my groins and thighs. I can't sleep, walk, or sit. I'm diseased all over. The doctor? Oh! he tells me to keep quiet. Such mockery! Inflammatory and ulcerative conditions at the neck of the womb can produce all the above symptoms in the same person. :tn fact, there is hardly a part of the body that can escape those sympathetic pains and aches. No woman should alloiv herself to reach. such a perfection of misery when there is positively no need of it. Lydla, E. Pink/tarn's Vegetable Compound acts promptly and thoroughly in such cases; strengthens the muscles of the womb, heals all inflammation, and restores that unruly organ to -Its normal condition. Druggists arc selling carload* of it. Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., will gladly and freely answer all letten asking for advice. • Mrs. E. Bishop, 787 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, KT.Y., suffered all the abova described horrors. Now she is welt Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound cured her. Writt her about it. .J before, , POZZOM'S -, he Idwl oomplezlon powdcr-txxntlfrliur CORN— No. 2 quiet and. firm. No. 2, 28}4 ®2914c; September, 28%@28V4c; . October, 2»Kc.--.: -•-.-••• : • OATS^-No, 2" dull, uteacly. State, 21©2So; WMtern, 21@2Sc; September, 21c asked, BEEF— Quiet. Extra mess, GOflc, . • PORK— Dull, ' steady. New mess, |8;009 S.75; old mess, J8.0008.26. ..- . LARD— Dull, steady. Steam-rendered, _ BUTTER — Qiilot and firm. Western dairy, 9@12c; do. creameryi UMi@lSc; El- fins, UCc. •• - : " : . . -.- . .-.-. ";..-• - : 'CHEESE — Firm; demand moderat*., Part Bklms, 2@5c., • ';,,u ~ • \, ."' ' • t, easy. Western, llig>12c. I.lvc Stock. ....-,-.' .Chicago, Aug. 16. •" CATTLE-^-Market steady. Fair to boat Beev««,' $3.00@4.60; stockers and feeders, B60@S.GO; mixed Cows and Bulls, Jl,25(3> |,25; Texas, $2.30©3.00, . HOGS-^-Markot active; .prices ayoraged 6 cent* higher. '.Light, $3.1003.40;.''rough packing. $2.70@2.S5;.'/mixed and butchers', I3.0008.33H; heavy^.paoklng -and;shlpplng. fo.80<8>3.26; Pigs. $2.we>3;35; Ban Into an Open Switch. Washington; Aug.- 15. ^— The Chesapeake & 'Ohio ; train ; wh'ich left-Wast- •ington:at midnight:.Friday night ran Into an open switch about 20 mil«« south of here, derailing all but the//wo rear .cars. But one man .was injured, 'and he only 'slightly. The track waa cleared Saturday mornig;' ' . . UUmliied for HaitnK* , • 'West Point, N. Y.', Aug. 15, — Cadet Giles Bishop,' Jr., an'd H. S. Comamger, both members -of -the 'third class,' who' were recently tried by court-martial for hazing, have been 'dismissed. --This is the first dismissal 1 for :hazlng that liaa taken place'at the academy ; for years. New JflTe-Dollar Certlucatei. Washiiigton,' Au'g:' : 15. —• Treasui Morgan has received a supply of the new five-dollar certificates from the bureau of engraving and printing, and has put them: in circulation f or tte redemption of old worn-out notes and in govern- men,t transactions. • . -• Mluloa* at Pctrlro Attacked. London, Ang; IS.'-^A : .dispatct.: ftoxq' Bangkok to the Globe ,,says that. large [bands of brigands: have attacke<V<th'e missions.at Petriin and plundered .'tne houses,: Several;'persons .who: restated,the brigands were.wounded. '•' : Orde'r'od Two:New Boati.'-• :r.-' v Madrid, Aug. 15.—The- Spanish-go ^ ernment hns ordered the -construction? of ouii .ironclafil battleship and - plus Kar Try the Inianlty Dodge In Caie Sen- I, tence It Conflcined. . ; San Francisco, Aug.' 15.— It.is statrd that should -the 'supreme court decide his- case against him, friends of Thee*- dore Durrani, convicted of the murder of 'Blanche. Lament In Emanuel Baptist |church, : Tvlll. bring, the caso up again, on the grounds'of insanity. They, say that Durrant, who was also 'accused of . the mnrder : of ''Minnie' Williams, wa^;sick ;Jpr. six weeks 'prior to the : murd erg, during which tlmo he was delirious, that he was never .himself after the sickne's* and was, therefore,. mentally irreBpon- jlble .when!. the crimes were committed. The case will probably not bcjheard by; the supreme court before January next. DRUGGED .AND ROBBED. Prominent Penn»ylT»nl» C»pltall§t Fonnd . v De»d »t Llocoln, Neb. ' ">' Lincoln, ;Meb.. AufiT-- 15.— W. F. Ey«' , .. ter, 'a. prominent innn of Chnniben- burg, Pal, railroad .'director and capitalist,' was' found' dead 'in an alley . late Jri day. night, having been. drugged -and robbed." He' left his hotel' four -hours before being found with a rough character who has not yet been arrested. He. wai on his way 'to Colorado and , -stopped here to visit friends. -.-'.;, .. H»rd on Old 'M»ld». .'-.•••..•-.•• .. Thie- North Frisians are very, unmercl-i' ful to. people who don't marry.' One of their legends'sayn that after death" oW|- maidB are doomed to cutstarscmt of the,. Bun when 1 It has sunk below the hbris»»v" ond the ghosts of the old bachelor,amu»t , •blow ihcm up'iffthe east; running; like; .iunplig'hters, all night up and down. » ladder. : ••' .-.'.' '-. .- :-.'V . -.-: • -. ! itrike 'ahead and meet Adains on the highway. • .. ••- .'•'•' • • •;• '•'• , - ; : Aa usdal the mail'carrier halted.- It was. after., nightfall, but'the big silver noon mode the night radiant, and objects could be plainly distinguished for a considerable distance. 't The horse was allowed to graze .about, and A'doms 'sat dowii to rest Then he looked toward Manzanafor-Uie troopers, but they .were nowhere to be seen. Soon the horse pricked up his ears- and moved in a fTightebed waj' toward its roaster. . Adams knew what that inennt, a.nd, Iwiding tlic nnimal to the cover of some,rocks, peered about and discovered that the'redskins were qujetly closing iii on him from all sides. Delay : me«nt' den'tb. Adams put ; Li» carbine 'in order, spro-nsj into his.sad- dle, selecU'd an piien.inif in hi* Indinu. •line. und." dr'iviii-r his spurs-into the .horse's, sidcl jc«fl o a' desperate .dash foi: life. The Inclinns ' were momentarily disconcerted by the bold • movement. Adaius'-usccl his corbhie on the nearest of .the enemy, and, despite a rf»in,of arrows,-plunged through thc-Jine. Juist as-he tliought.himself fairly in- the-race to (save his scalp, he maw ahead of tii.m in the pole 1 ig-ht another band of Indians that he had' not calculated oo. He whirled to one side, and then_ a. cbuse against heavy odds began. For teh ; miles the painted warriors pursued him, gaining on him every minute. ••••.; .'. .". • > • : The arrows, pierced liia clothing;.the Indian yells almost, drowned the noise of ithe "hoof:beats of his steed. His- horse was wounded, but the faitHful Manhood Restored. ---- -. irfbl. Romui Remedy, if loid wlibt. - • the Gtner»tl . h.u. • .oak Memory, LOBBOC- • Bnln ..Power. Hu4-. .«!.», " WnkctalneM, Loat Muiiood,, Ner»- - <ra«nc;i. f , irophir, - 'J£mtMluni, V nrlcocele, ltud<H. all • df*Jn« • !ow ot pi-wer. of Mx- o of eo. opium, or 3tliaulmt«. which yltlSiotoly Jrad » Inkrmilj.ConBumptlou and InMnliT- Put »«>•« «?»• renlont to-ni to carry In tbo rent JK/ekot Price H J, c»ckiK<s, o»«for». -VfiUi mvory K oi-dor wcyl« a irrlttea niarmnte*. to err* at ytttm* !*• •wn«T. fe«b7 -I'll to »ny «^ fl " !1 ^. c i I JS l rf H!* ra pinh enveloro. A;l^rq«i lto\»?.«;HB3JICA1E.CIK, 3. F. K - , iu , LOGANSPORT. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC beoiet still struggled on. The 04 rounda by' the rider The horse fell of ammunition.' carried were almost exhausted. dead.: -. : :..-•.••.•.:••'•.'.••'• • •• . •'• At tiiis : jutucture ;firing was heard afar. The Indiana were stayed by eud- den, terror.. • ••-..' "Fraink! Frank! Where ar.e you?" come a: powerful voiced . : "Here!" cried Jtlie prisoner; .And through' 'the -hostile ; tand Graves had burst bis way, knocking Indians to the right and to the-left. The savages scattered: like children. -before him. ; , "Quick! "^cried. 'Graves, leaning far down, from' his saddle, extending' his strong 1 ' hand and locking it around, the enfeebled ; hand 1 ; of -young Adams. "Swing up behind:" ' '•••• ,. _ The -Indlains'-ditdn't" recover from their BurprlBC and the shock of the young giant's charge until they were:aware of twowhites:onJa:'R ingle horse ridingaway In tbe moonlight at Bspeedthatmockod pursuit — riding away! to be joined by the troopers. ';.-'.. . Big Drum Saved; Her. ' i ^ ..-i An English woman coasting dowri the Bteep hill above Dover lost control of her .bicycle nnd ran into a regiment of volunteers recently, But a serious accident \vafii :iyorde'd''by:; her . ' collldirg ftr6t..wij>tli;'tnc;tjp' D ' MACKINAC DEl-RQIT PETOSKEY CHIOAQO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers tbcanktwt P»rfcc«o« yet attained la BM* CoaitroctlM— Lanrioa* Eqalpmcnt, Artlftle PvrnUklnc, Dwontioa and EHIcltnt Servic*. inmrln. the hlchat decree t>f : : • • COnPORT, SPEED AND: SAFETY. FOUR Tnrt KH Wen Btrwtu Toledo, Detroit^Mackinac PETOSKfir, -''.TH* 800,».MARQOeTTe, -AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Plctur»«|B« ft.turo. Indudln- riMli ud Bjrth.. fnm Ctov«|ao<. »i8; from Tolnto, *I5 1 <"» OrtNU, , •"*•••• E y ER y EVENINO _., ..''... Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting- at Ctemlandtrith Karllelt Train* for all point? Bait, South nod Sonthweit and at DetroliforfrUpoJiiU North and- Nortbweat. • EVERY 0»V BETWEEN . Cleveland, Put-in-Bay /Toledo Send for Illuitrated Pamphlet. Addrcsi • A. A. BOHANTZ. *. f. ... OBTKOIT. Mlbll. nttttnllulcin-WIWla.Ci. A GOOD IN VESTMENT. m riPE-LISK CERTIFICATES. ..... luuedindenomloatloniot. 950., $100., *250.,yf500., 81,000. Tbe interest I« guaranteed for S years. They net tho purchaser 8 per ct. per annum. The interest fa from earning*. The coupons are payable nemi-Mraually. ' They ore (farilai to 'Collateral Trust Bond*. ., Tho principal H rapidly cnhanotog in value. . They are xtttf inve«tmcnt. ' ' unpiPii.inE BTirrE,_ Manhattan Building, Chicago, DOT-

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