The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1956 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1956
Page 25
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First Annual Of TfceJWgoncr Community -;'• •'» . > i. ••'. . • - .' . -V\fe§!*$Ufc. v .V -/' *..-i-" ^'-. ,'>'-•-.' **:•-. \- : J-. « ^*r Tuesday, February 7, Algeria (la.) Upper De* Moines-3 Universal Natural Gas Now Going To 1, s 353,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas came into Algona in the year of 1955, and was distributed to the 1,147 present users here — both home and commercial — through the 46-mile pipe system thus far installed by the utility - firm, North Central Public Service Co., of Algona. These interesting statistics were presented for the "First Annual Report of Progress of the Algona Community" by G. J. Donovan, manager. In .giving facts concerning the company's first full year of operation here, Donovan stated that 67% of the homes and business firms of the city are now using natural gal. 1.147 Users End of '55 . Gas was first turned.? on here on Sept. 21, 1954, after construction of the system, which bsgai. on July 9, 1954. Numerous hookups have been made sinca the . - the total ,'riun her of customers at the close 01 1955 to 1,147. Of these, 330 are non-heating residential, 6U7 art- heating residential, 13 are nniv- heating commercial, and 137 aro commercial heat. Large users are the Algona Municipal Electric plant, which runs its engines on gas, and the Algona Creamery Co. The gas distributing system here is of the intermediate pressure type, which reduces the p/assure- automatically HS tne gas is distributed to customers, via the 'pipe lines. Gas enters tha town border station at a pressure of • 350 pounds, and is there reduced to fifty pounds oi pressure. At the district regulators within the city, of which there are three, the pressure i; further reduced to 15 pounds. and at the meter of the us,er it is reduced to four ounces of pressure, ample for use in any way. There are 132 district valves in the system now in operation here. New Name Last Year The Federal Power Commission approved allocation of natural gas to Algona in May, 1954, and the local franchise had been granted two years previously, in Sept., 1952. The name "North Central Public Service Co." was installed for the Algona utility last year. In describing progress made thus far in supplying natural gas here, Donovan said that the present distributing system is designed to "grow with the city", so that service can be supplied on call to all prospective new users,, whether home, commereia' or industrial. Percival Motors Adds Equipment 1955 was a year of improvement for Percival Motors, Dodge and Plymouth dealer on Souih Phillips street in Algona. According to Clayton 'Percival, head of the firm, the following steps forward were taken in the year just r>ast: Re-arrangement of shop facilities; installing of new II.YT draulic hoist; construction of new pit for wheel alignment; addition of one more mechanic; new equipment for "trueing" tires; shop supervision by foreman. Percival Motors has been h,pus- pd in a modern garage plant on §outh Phillips for several years, and the steps taken in 1955 were additions- to their already com- set-up. Jr. Ml Banquet The Kossuth Farm Bureau sponsored a banquet Jan. 20 for the Farm Bureau Young People <jt the IJurt high school to help gain new members. Lois nuene- mjyti. state president, was guest weaker/ followed by square 2 School Systems Plan Expansion, Improvement The rapidly growing Algona Community School District, , ;' whose elementary enrollment doubled during the ten'year period, .1945-1955; riook a huge stride towards solving over- .':'' ' crowded- classroom < conditions ..when voters in the district decided overwhelmingly .in favor' ofc spending $544,000 for new additions and improvements during a special election \ Dec. S., •'••', . • :••' •, <: ; . - ; ; . }-'•'"' , . ' The vole was preceded by months of study by a 32- member citizens' advisory committee, ihe board or education and architects. . - . '. As a result of ihe accepiance of'ihe $544,000 bond issue, construction of additions to Bryant arid Lucia Wallace, schools and a new. east side school was assured. Sites for ' present elementary and future high school needs, including senior high school building and athletic field were included in the plans and vote. ••,„'• _Several years_ago, before Ihe area "was reorganized. a high school i'aftrWSg and ihe Lucia Wallace Schael were built through separate bond issues. The annex houses vocational agriculture elasMobrn and workshop, a band room arid large basaniirtfe s school lunch program, while Luela^Wftll«eejB6ui*ri|l6ifH6lil8 of kindergarlen '16 fourth grade' inclusive, • Eyerf possible -attempt has been made to utilize- all space in ihe; present, buildings by the use of partitions and rebuilding interiors, but in most cases the renovations failed io solve the pifoblerii, \';*f, • , ' It is not known when w6rk on the additions and new building will get underway. ' E*pan*i6rt6f facilities 81 Si. Cecelia's Academy was an' nouhced early in Ocibbeft 19SS. ' . According io the siaieniehi, issued by- Msgr. P. P, Gearen/bids,for a new catholic high school aw to be let early this year, due ID an increase of 27 per cent in ihe number of students at the local - school. . A total of 4S3 enr6Ued for the 1955-56 scliool year, more than a fourth more than In 1950. ; Plans call for ihe present school building to be main- tamed and used for grade school students. Construciion of the new high School building:may begin early this spring. Production has now reached 675 .pn»ii es , anc j approximately 9,000 .small parts per month. •'• The company now services all of Iowa, Nebraska and one-half of South Dakota in reconditioning of engines and parts, and • maintains warehouses in Omaha and Des Moines. Rolling stock consists of ;Seven trucks, two . Semi-trailers and three passenger i cars. . . ! In commenting on the Algona j community's progress over the • • P4st twelve months, Metcalf ...stated: "We are. thorouehly sat-1 isfied, from our own experience in this community, that all of the elements for continued progress are here. Though our business is secured in three states, our manufacturing and processing work is done here, arid it is a source 5: of pride to us that the caliber of • work done by people of this com- :munity has resulted in a fine growth for our company. We are , happy that it has been possibld 'for us to contribute to the growing economy of this area." Assisting Metcalf, president, in the company's management are I. (Pudge) Miller, assistant manager, and Walt Lichter, plant foreman. Exceeds Milliorii In Sales total I 'A Vrecord' high • of 'sales, totaling $1,250,000.00 was . reached; insfthe* year J955 by'Universal Iftariufac'-* luring, Co. here, it has'-been announced by. M, C. (Oscar) .Metcalf, president and general man-,' ager of the local firm. This an- nb'uncement was made in conjunction with the presentation of -the Upper Des Moines "First Annual Report of Progress" of the .- Algona community. ';,, Of interest, locally is. the fact that.the company's roster^ of ;e~rri- ployees rose during the year to seventy people, as compared with 45 in 1954. The payroll for 1955 exceeded $220,000.00. ' '-• Universal -Manufacturing, one of the 24 authorized Ford engine . reconditioners. in i the i :i Unf ted States, during the year past added General'Mo tors and Chrysler engines to its regular Ford line, and to accomodate growing volume in its .over-all reconditioning business, erected a 30 x 50 foot' •addition to the main building. liiiiiimiiniiipmimiiiiniimiiiiniiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiniitniniiiiiiiiM COOK v WELDERS SUPPLY CO. * First Independent Manufacturer of Acetylene Gas .in Iowa ADVERTISING in The Algoni , Upper Des Moines, readies more families in Kossuth county than any other nubllcatloa ' * Yesterday Above is shown the original Sargent Feed plant, as it existed in Algona for many years, The structure served well, but expansion became necessary at ihe site when more and more dealers were served with Sargent Feeds from this plant. It was just a case of outgrowing our "britches". Today With 2QO feed dealers in three states being served from the Algona plant, recent additions . to the plant became necessary. Photo at left shows the Sargent plant here today, except for'another new addition that in recent years went up to ihe south of the structures shown. Much modernizing of plant equipment went . a'ona with the building development. ; FEED SARGfNT F||^- that familiar slogan has come to appear In an ever-widening area in the middle West, and we of the Algona plant are proud to hnva shared in this expanding use of Sargent Feeds. We are now serving wrne 200 Sargent feejl dealers in northern lowg, southern Minnesota and eastern South Pakofq from the Algena plant - o/»e of fo«r Sargant feed manufacturing centers. Our new addition, measuring 65 x 85 feet, Is used for warehousing row Ingredients, and we-are now mgnufsictyring and distributing from Algone 50 different types of Sargent feeds. We are pleased to report our part in theV community's progress, and te pay our sincere respacts to those many, many formers who know and use Sargent Feeds - and find them everything they want in top quality feeds! ALGONA PLANT & RETAIL CNW TRACKS AT STATS STREET Sqrg^nt Feed» Alto Sold Here By Algona Flour ft Food ALGQNA Manufacturers arid Distributors OF One of The Main Spokes in tha Wheel if Industry. M • In 1955 we recorded the biggest year in our history. • We produced and distributed, in the past year, over two million cubic feet of acetylene gas. • We distributed oxygen and medicinal gases to many of the city, county and state hospitals in northern and central Iowa. • We produced and distributed hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, cyclopropane, nitrious oxide and other gases for industry and business. • We supplied several of the lake regions in the summer with compressed air for skin diving. • Besides the gases, we handle a complete line of welding supplies, including farm and industrial welding machines, gas welding and cutting equipment, a full line of band saw blades and many other related items. • As the first independent manufacturer of acetylene gas in the state of Iowa, we have seen our business grow year by year, until we deemed it essential to have larger quarters, which resulted in the erection of a new plant (pictured above) north of the Milwaukee tracks in Algona. Our former quarters on South Phillips street are also being utilized. • We look forward to continued progress — to continued perfecting of our products — and to -being a parr of this growing community.

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