The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1956 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1956
Page 16
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^ I I BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. lifter D0i Mdlntt ;Tuestl6y, February'7, i.' ,\ «.7-i •-- --.-•>--». ...--.- " .. ,J.i 3uL.t.t.\- t*-* - < • i ' 1 >• ! 0 ^fO- 1 •Vj;, Botsford On The Occasion Of Your ! Grand Opening Event It is always a pleasure to be associated with a progressive and efficient organization such as ' • * yours. May the years to come be as fruitful as yoi/r past record of achievement. Republic Steel Corp. : • ' ' ' ' ' * ' * ' " Manufacturers of ELECTRO-GALVANIZED FENCING 6/ffS, kefwh'm'ent- People in this area will have an opportunity Friday, Feb. 10, (6 inspect and visit the recently completed new building of the Botsford Lumber Co. located oh South Phillips street in jAlgona. The In'vit&tion is extended, to;>'all in, celebration of aigrahu;open- ing. The doors will, 'be tfpen from 9 a.m. ,to 9 p.m. As a token of appreciation of business, Botsfords Will be giving favors to all; vlsi-i . tors, and several hundred dollars worth of 'free door prizes which will be given from" regislra'fidri ihougribuf ' Ihe dayi Refreshments, ioo, ; •= will be furnished. WfTf j New Home Nuptta|s, Ledyurd - Building 1 Ml? .-/ftd {Mrs? ftoui Fa John. Farrtftf w!eve united' ... marriage at the Ledyafd Sacred Heart Rector^ (Jan. 22, Their 1 attendants' Were jpbfina Olsoh of Algona and AlbeYt, ttflHleS ,dt Bancroft. The 'iteWly weds 1 Were' both members <df trfe 1995 firad-** uating class of r mkqta,' Lirryds, employed ill EstHecvllle/ fMr and < Mrs Lappe aYelat- hbmje,' iri rfrle.f*" Albert Bosnia) {i|usejih south ,La L '? Jtota." , ; •. < ' ; ' . ; full pa bulldir! > .ICOAMi'WM Wifjta^w"" 1 — — J"" — Sb ^r»» . ^*J «j.1ii.. &J it*A tt*4din*d t.iiftf tter G6.' Gr&nu Opening 01 lh6 Inl buildiflr*fii«Ws stfire hew ftl&y It the ige to this Ustiedi*oi*fl io a Completely nsw home _in&-pW^^^ Bdflfdrd tUmbet -" '- tA ''"~ ihe plw;'Seo?dtttf."S» laiU will bft given l i north West 1 for 100 years*. Manager of the Algona yar Tom McGraw, has been with Botsford's, since 1937 ..when , he joined the 1 'Gaylbrd* Minn, firm*: He-spent three years in the n#vy' during WorJ'd War 11 'an'd then cams ?to Algonfe in- 1946-^asi-ialH* sistant r ,t.o M., J. Pool,; wno^was manager tMen". He remained -here T, , ... . . : ., , - for.,seven years • and/.-then waS • _ Business will not be in opera- appointed manager of'the •.•*»»" tion for that one day and em- js-^i .,— .,• IL. /^__j.. tni.,: TMe pld-'jBotsfordfTiardj, •, h '! J * 'S^j r ' '* vt *' ' ^ ' >< ' ^ "' .' r ' spent as manager, fortl yard - Good i ThUndBC, . ployees of the local firm,, plus Minn Aft t years there, Tpm - • - 'to ™ ;§ Jinks *."."••". '"*"." ' ',"* • * Devoted Jo -''Behind The Scehes"' Items From Algona High School, i many representatives .of sup- ret u rneid > to AIgona ^ st/ fall'lfo pliers, will be on hand to escort become irhanager here^ upon -re- , Algona's affirmative debate visitors through the yard. tirement of Mr Pool who assiim- team debated one of the weirdest • Designed . Locally: ' . ed new duties as district supe v r>- '-rounds in - history J at Gustavus Botsford's new building,-which "visor for nine of the Botsfpr^ Adqlph,us. A member of the was iri the planning' stage for yards in Iowa and Minnesota,) ' opposing, te'ani, having previousT, several years, was designed and With .the ,new-quarters,.'Bpls-^ ly,conlplained,of a sinus ailment, drafted by the local employees ford has been able to' enlarge ifs* went .into a'nother room while and blue printed according to'the 'service :and < merchandise'; {to-a the debate was going on and lay owner's specifications. .The mam- great extent and this,expansion down on one of the beds. Not moth brick structure is 20'2 feet x'gives 'the yard as '_complete'a the 'sinus, but-her- weak heart 95 feet and includes lumber stor- building program as* there is was bothering her this time. At available in north central; Iowa. . 26 Years In Algona 3 .Botsford yard ,in- its 26 ' pf, business in Algona has Annual Elevator Meeting' • The W6sley. Farmer's 600 live Elevator-Company wjll.hold" ' their anjiual' 'meeting Monday afternodn,' Feb. 20,' iff Studer hall. rea oy IIIB jju»a»v«»« ....... r>' h«*s has exeldsive futflchiss tot jrri MfcOraw, manager, and full de* lo all IntSiested persons flt the Gtand ouowihg ifeat fluent. McGraw staled that the- oatani* which gives 6dsts on house building right • aown 10 &« frenny, hastenJtiitiiuted io provide oppofturn, .lies for hbtne ownership on A sfcale heretofore not available, Not a stereotyped,plan, the Botsford program offers wide opportunity for origindlUy in design and floor plan, yel is sef up to prpvide, ieeording to McGrav, a lower price basis on which fo build. All materials Used irMhe program —, ihe LU-RB-CO system — are .standard stock as always sold in IKS local Batsford yard. . The firm is providing illustrated booklets which give additional-details which are free for the asking, age space, a millwork- room, sev- era! small storage v and display rooms, plus a large, front office and display room. '• ' -.. . Construction of the ultra-mod' , jrhalo cartra'firm any rate, the debate ended, and Algona won (You've Gotta Have Hear l ) " . .'.--• ; ^' '" "' • ' ' , ' of hearts, here's rao cara'rm ern building was ' completed ( in Qvlr M] homes hve bfeen bum ?tpry. J to warrtvtte^ coldest. ; When en u . . Botsford 1 Mews ince 1932 In the sophomores studied Rudyard to Tomes! there have Kipling's poem, "Danny Deeyer" the fall of 1955 and business started there about Dec. 1. The new location is on the right-of-way- .been .several major .commercial th ^, y made , a sm f u clay of 'the Northwestern railroad buildings constructed too and a model gallows, complete there - tracks and affords ample space for .customer parking. ' - ; One of SS Yards; a .. with trap door. ford its "s They hung Dan- the clay was pre- The loc'al Botsford yard is one t6n Maclffie , e , vt of 55 located in three states, Don.Nelson, Loren Larson, Leon- te " rly to iest Nelson,- Mark McGuire and Iowa, Minnesota arid South. Dakota. The home office is at Winona, Minn. The/ Botsford Bob HoltabjfUer horiies. , jffi^ Best Wishes , one of the biggest company has been building in the contracting '.services for which Botsford is well known is that of farm structures. ,This has been a major lineall through the years and still is an important part Coal, too, keeps the yard active during the slack winter months and comprises, about 75 per cent of the,, firm's -sales during the TO BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. your beautiful new lumber yard is truly an achievement that you can be most proud of. We are happy to be a supplier to an agressive organization such as yours and our very best wishes to you for a pros- perous future. Fort Dodge Wholesale Distributing Co Fort Dodge, Iowa Distributors of: REPUBLIC STEEL - CELOTEX JOHNS-MANVILLE - OLD AMERICAN neck Ed Wbfcott, Pared-.though, casket. 'f *» -** 11 - - -• '<• & Capsule—The Bull- went to press; mixed Mr Carver, on, rersary; ; cherrl-' had a slight blow-up; and English Lit class learned that the moon does not affect the tide, but the untied. chrus " peak .winter season. yards 'are located' across 6 „„._ To raise money for ihe March The coal °^ D' me s, student council placed the a large glass jug filled with racks, to the east of the new water in the upstairs corridor. fflildingV '"• ' - '. Tne J U 8 was 'hen supposed to be * '' ''•<:'-. '" ,"" : '' filled with money. At last report, the two goldfish placed in the jug to add interest seemed to be dying. —SS. Botsford Payroll $65,000 Yearly, 12 To 25 Men While Botsford has a regular crew of 12 men in addition to Manager McGraw at. the peak of the building season there are from 2£> to 25 on the payroll. During 1955, the Botsford payroll totaled $65,000... Employees are: Tom Dailcy" construction superintendent, Neil Lamb, assistant manager, Cecil Burtis, second man, .tjarm.' Mel^t mers, second man, D. D. Hent- Ses, driver, Jack Ketelson, driver Charles SchmidJ, driver, Bill Weiner, cabinet shop, Paul Dremmel, Cliff Haase; John., Hennessey and Alex Reefer, construction crew. Several of these men have been associated with Botsforcts many years, too. Tom Dajley has been with the firm in Algona for 23 yen:;;; Harm Helmer.s, over 20 years; unci Paul Drermnel and Bill Weiner. 15 years. Although not directly conn*V£ ed with the local .yard anyjnore, M. J. Pool, has had the longest service with Botsfords 'and is no-,v in hi.s 43rd year wjth them, Twenty-six .of those years Were STAMP PAOS, ink, rubber stamps, daters, etc. at the Upper Des Moines Pub. Cc . office supply WISHES BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Your beautiful,*new lumber yard is an asset to ,• the community, of Algona and shows what agressive, honest business ^activity can accomplish over a period * *.' .*',,.• .. of years. M/Ve sincerely wish a prosperous future far you in this splendid new structure. \ Painting & Decorating i, .' . . > of the new Botsford building was both a privilege and a pleasure. Our skilled workmen took pride in doing the decorating. Mergen & Webster .;;;•:.: ^ : ' \, . ' .' - :; PAINTING & DECORATING CONTRACTORS' • Leo Mergen Phone 562^J Merle Webster " Phone 756 afulations BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Your new lumber store is an excellent example of how business enterprise contributes toward civic welfare. We are hqppy to have two of our msn assisting you during your Grand Opening event. StOft BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. FORT DODGE, IOWA Barrett Roofing REAP THE WANT ADS—IT PAYS *-'*!'."''•-- .•>'•• •• • Wishes To Botsford's Congratulations' on the completion of your beautiful new yard and office. We're sure it is one of the finest and most modern in Jhf area. It has been our privilege to furnish the wall panelling in your ultramodern office. Thq people of Algona can point with pride to lhisj?uilding which contributes to the beauty and progressiveness of Algona; """ CITY HARDWOOD LUMBER CO. Wholesale Only ST. PAUL, MINN. "Bruce" Hardwood Flooring "Veriply" Plywood HarUwood Lumber and Panelling JOS. INC. WEIDENHOFF Procikicing AyfVrnptlve and Aviation Testing Equipment and Related Products of the Highest Precision , . . Distributed and Used In The United States and Foreign Countries. > ALCQNA IOWA

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