The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1956
Page 10
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2-Alsoha (la.) Upper Dot Motnes Tuesday, February 7, 1956 Tidbits From fve/yn Mr and Mrs Ralph Donovan and 'the'.''former's father Robert Donovan have returned from California where they visited Mr and Mrs Ben Knoll at Santa Ana, . ahd others. Lydia and I were dyed in the wool-California admirers some eight or ten years ago and it was hard for us to see 'anything good in Iowa. I gradually got a better perspective and when I talked with Lydia the other day I asked, "And how does California look to you now?" to Svhich she responded, "Too many people, too hiany traffic and too much ; Smog," From which I gather! .that she; like I, has lost her adoration for the Golden State. She said she likes Mesa, Ariz. It is a town of about 7,000 and has a fine climate.' .'».- * *•••.• ' The Donovans stopped at Deming, New Mexico, to visit Mrs Nellie Galbraith, alsb went to El Paso to visit Mr and Mrs Mike Skender. Mrs Skender is the former Mildred Galbraith. With 'her they also went to Jaurez, Mex., Lydia said it .was fortunate she was along else they would have become lost in the confusion of the roads. * * * At Carlsbad Caverns one of the party remarked, "Those people look familiar", and sure enough, it was the L. E. Hpveys, who had been on a California vacation too. * * - . *Several "flying saucers" have been seen in Algona by a person whose reputation for veracity is unquestionable, none other than Borghild Robinson. Yes indeed, she has seen them at rather close range and right in her own yard, so to speak. The saucers are t new kind ot sled used on the hill near- here and they swirl and sway dizzily when the youngsters get in them and go spinning down the hill. The forerunner of these were used years ago when my mother was a youngster. She has frequently told me of the good times she and her playmates and brothers had sliding down hill in big tin pans discarded from the family kitchen, or old boiler tops with the handles removed. ' . : * » * * It was quite a thrill for Mrs adrian Sterling when she read in last Sunday's "Des Moines Register" that Mr and Mrs Lynn Richardson and Mr and Mrs Bruce Erickson were among the guests entertained at dinner by Mrs Gcorgie Mollenhoff, in Washing- ington, D. C. The women are nieces of Mrs Sterling and formerly lived at Webster City, also former home of the Mollenhoffs. Mr Richardson is vice president of the Beech aircraft and Mr Erickson -is with the secret service. "' •-.«.._;.• "J . -, • :, - - *- •>„. * * ; '' • ; , -'; Apologies 'to Larry Kueck and Perry St. John for omitting theii names from the Eighth Graders j who are going to Mason City U> put on square dances over T.V. in a few weeks. The person who gave mo the list of names overlooked them and he is as sorry as can be. And very important is the faqt the boys are going to do a specialty number, a singing cowboys act. Rcinhold Wcd- nian's name was also overlooked und you too, please forgive us. » * * It's a- strange thing thai some parts of the country get more rain than they can manage and other parts are bone dry. I had ;i talk with Mrs Hallaid Snyder the other day and I don't remember how we got to talking about moisture. She has a brother-in- law and sister, Mr and Mrs Floyd Williamson, who live on a farm near Cambria in Wayne county, the county seat of which is Corydon. For over two years the Williamsons have had to haul water from Cambria and a xai- clt-n is a thing of the past. It i.s all they ean do to yet .sufficient water f-ir household and slock u^e. And it has to be paid for, too,- no windmills or wells to fall back on. I have be:-n hearing quite a lot nbout the droiiuM IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT RESULTS TELL THE STORY OF DEKALB CHIX TE ***c Wfi t f {opjS a »» "'.'a^nplo f|!SI:B^ s •MM MISSOURI The DpKALB laying flock of Krnest SchneUler at Kalis- bury set an all-time high record in the Missouri poultry I'lock Improvement Project, averaging 290 eggs per bird. in southern Iowa but gave it little thought until Mrs Snyder gave me the more detailed version. * * « Milion Will has becbme a very good and efficient "housewife". During the absence of his wife Ardis, he has cared for the children 7, 4 and 3, The baby Tommy, 1, has been cared for by Mrs Schattschneider while Mama Ardis has been on Vacation with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr and - Mrs "Dutch" and Evelyn Winegar of Cedar Rapids. They drove to-Florida and other southern points, even Cuba, I heard, but that may be misinformation. At any rate, "Bill" Sr. has learned all about housekeeping, even to the. laundry. Papa remarked to his mother that they have been invited out a lot which helps. One day when the two youngsters were left alone for a brief period, they decided to use the phone. They, left the receiver off the hook, hence no one on the ; line could use the phone. After much persuasion they replaced the receiver and all was .well. Kenneth remarked virtuously, "I must take better care of my little brother from now on." » » « My Esther was given a gift by her niece Evelyn Van Allen Keith of Burbank, Calif. Evelyn's mother, Mrs Nellie Van Allen, brought it back with her when she returned from her vacation there. It is a watch with circles of brilliants, pearls and emeralds and has ;i holder at the top through which a ribbon can be drawn and the watch can be worn hanging around one's neck, or it can be a lapel watch. The face has brilliants at the hour marks and one in the center. It is a pretty piece of jewelry and Evelyn did the adorning. She does a lot of ceramics too. * * * Let's see what was "cooking" back in 1909 — Luster Wilson claims to lead with new potatoes this season the family had some fine ones from their garden Sunday. (June 16) Mr and Mrs Joe rloltzbauer are the happy parents of a fin" baby girf wno arrived at their home yesterday morning. (Kathleen). And arrived "at home" is probably lit- terally true, for few people went to hospitals then, especially to ;rcet the stork. Oh, the Algom lospital headed by Dr. M. J. Kenefick and Dr. E. C. Hartman was in existance ans it is possi- jle Mama Rose was there). Cashier C. T. Chubb of the Al- ;ona State Bank (now Iowa State) was in Waterloo the other day attending the state bankers' meeting. Mr ami Mrs W. A. Duton. Miss v prr (Jane) and Miss Berger ; ..left- last night for a trip o the "Seattle Exposition and a our of the west. * * « Having that bit of news about ho Duttons, I called them to sec low things were going. Mrs Duton, like I, is waiting for spring. Mr Dutton is recovering quite well from a stroke suffered a few months ago. He too is anxious for spring and' a chance to get out doors. Mrs Dutton mentioned spring house cleaning, a subject I know many women are thinking about. My house could do with a complete re-decorating iob. There are those who advise me to buy a T.V. and let the house go shabby. Shall wo take A vote? Many Awards To Whitfemore Boys & Girls Whilfemore — The following boys and girls 'won awards at the Rexall Drug owned by Francis Lonergan, when the winners were revealed Saturday afternoon at 3:30 and are as follows: Grand prize, Donnie Dogotch; 1st, Everett Maahs; 2nd, Dennis Besch; 3rd, Chuck Origer; 4th, James Reding; 5th, Mike Mosbach; 6th, Mike Elliott; 7th, Thomas Russell. Girls—1st, Cathy Eltfert; 2nd, Donna Mullins; 3rd, • Marshia Bauer; 4th, Leslie Brotherton; 5th, Kay .Frances Rosendahl; 6th, Betty Bormann; 7th; Barbara Winkel. ' Pinochle Parties Among those who entertained at pinochle at their homes las! week were at the Otto Bell home Friday night, Mr and ..Mrs .Will-' iam Meyer Sr., Mr and Mis Arthur Heidenwith, Mr and Mrs William Roeber, Mrs Mathilda Meyer and Mrs Dora Faulstich; at the Herman Voigt home, Sunday evening, Mr and Mrs- Arthur Heidenwith, Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl and daughter Kay Frances, Mr and Mrs Harold Voigt and Rosella Voigt and Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and, son Lyle, at the Thomas Dunphy home, Mr and Mrs Erwin Slems and Mr and Mrs Arthur Heiden-, vfith, Tuesday evening; Sunday nfterr.oon Mr and Mrs Elmer Ruhnke and daughte Jeanette and son Everett and Thursday evening the Ruhnke's and Mrs Mathilda Meyer visited at the Herman Voigt's and Mr and Mrs Ross Vaux at the Ellsworth Hei- denwiths as supper guests. Mr and Mrs.DUahe Wallukait and family of Humboldt visited Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs Dora Faulstich. They left their infant daughter Julie here, with her grandmother until Saturday, as the Waliu.kaltsJUst completed their new home and moved into' it the latter part ot last .week. A number of neighbors gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs Cletus Sah, Wednesday evening, for a farewell party. .The Salz will vacate the Pete Baufnann farm and move to a farm near Burt., , ., . , ..,!'•,.. > Mr and Mrs Nick Cfehglerl of. Lott£ Creek' and Mr : and Mrs Herman 'Zumach and son Nortiert were' Sunday evening dinner guests'with Mrs Adelia Meyer, Monday afternoon callers with Mrs Meyer were Mrs Alvin Pot- ratz'and daughter arid Mrs Larry Gade of Fenton. , Mrs Nell Farrell has been a patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona for the past two weeks. Her sons and family, Mr and Mrs Francis Farrell and family from Los Angeles and Mr and Mrs Guy Farrell -of Charles City, have been here to visit their mother. 'At, last report she is <im- provinjg slightly. ; Ralph' Sebers, son bf Mrs Ddrothy Rpsendahl, who spent last week from Monday through Thursday at the Chanute Air Force Base where he took his physical test to join the Air Cadets, arrived home Friday morning. He returned to Aurora, 111. from the base and was accompanied- by .Ronald Hedin, who is visiting at the home of his mother, Mrs ^Myrtle Frost. Both are employed in. Aurora. They returned to Aurora Sunday even ing, A number of relatives an> friends gathered at the Herman Voigt home Friday evening t help Rosella Voigt of Algeria Seneca Band's Concert, Feb. 8 Seneca—The Seneca Band wil! vresc-nt a concert in the Seneca School gymnasium Wednesday •veiling, Feb. !i at 11 o'clock. The 51'ogram will consist of solos, ensemble selections and band num- jers. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. Marilyn Baus- n;.n i.s the director. , DEKALB DEAUR FOR DEKALB CHIX Clem H. Mergen, Whittemore Kermit Fowler, Ottosen * Frank Droessler, Bancroft Cloverleaf Hatchery, Algona Eugene Hood, Algona Homer O. Matthiesen, Fenton we slash COSTLY FUEL BILLS -enjoy a warmer, cleaner, safer home! rt.«k 5 to CHIMNEY SWEEP ———• Feel the difierencefsee the difference, save the difference—when you clean out dirty, dangerous, heat-stealing soot with safe, economical Chimney Sweep! Get Liquid for oil burners and kerosene heaters. For coal and wood furnaces, fireplaces, stoves, get the new improved Powder— each application in handy envelope for easy use. Get Chimney Sweep today and Save fuel, heat, money! POWDER—If. you burn coal or wood I Ib $'.59; 1 - ' •',3|Ibi $1.39 \ LIQUID—If you burn oil or kerosene ' Pt. .$1.39 OK $2.4? CHIMNEY SWEEP Soot Destroyer Kohlhaas Hardware ED and PAT CULLEN Two Miles East of Cylinder, Iowa, on TUESDAY, Sale Starts 1 p.m. 70 HEAD LIVESTOCK 70 50 Head of Nebraska Whitefaee Feeding Heifers 20 Feeder Pigs, Vaccinated MACHINERY 1949 Massey Harris Tractor with P & W Power Pack; Heat Houser for Massey Harris (new); McCormick Deering 200 Tractor Spreader -1954; McCormick Deering Combine 61 with motor; McCormick Jeering Enctgote Seeder; McCormick Deering 3-section Spring Tooth Harrow; Farmer's Friend Elevator, 44 foot with hoist—1950; 2—1955-Five Ton New Holland Trailers with 160 bu. boxes, each detachable to flat bed; Avery 7 foot Tractor Mower and Wind- rower-1950; 15 foot Roderick Lean Disc; John Deere 2-14 Slat Bottom Plow on Rubber; John Deere Rotary Hoe Attachment for 4 row cultivator; 1950-15" Montgomery Ward Hammer Mill; 4 Section Drag; Two Wheel Trailer; 6" Burr Grinder; 14 foot Truck Rack; Meyers Pump Jack. MISCELLANEOUS Approximately 3,000 board feet Select Cotton Wood Saw Logs; 2—70 gallon Hog Walerers; Theiman Hog Wateter; 12' x 16' Hog House (new); 4—14' Cattle Bunks; 3—Sets of RoUaway Nests; Chicken Waterers and Feeders; 350 Chick Gas Brooder Stove (used 1 year); 500 Chick Oil Brooder Stove; 100 Ib. Bottle Gas Tank and Regulator; Heavy Duty Meyers Hay Carrier (new); 60' Carrier Track (new); 160' Hemp Barn Hope (nearly new); Several Hay Pulleys (new); 50' Endiess Belt; Hiawatha Motor Scooter; Electric Fencer (like new); 1—74,000 B. T. U. Oil Burner (like new); 2-3" Oil Burners (one like new); 300 baits red clover & alfalfa; Other Articles Too Numerous to Mention. TERMS Usual auction terms, no properly lo be* removed until settled for. — Not responsible in case of accidents. ROBERT MULLEN d Berkland & Henry Moore, Auct. Cylinder Slate Bank. Clerk celebrate her birthday. Those present Included Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt, Mr and Mrs Hay- monct Volgt and .family, Mr aftd Mrs Joe Nprdseth, Mr and Mrs L. H. Pert), Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, -Dorothy Rosendahl and daughter Kay Frances, Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons, and Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer of here and Ivtr ahd Mrs G6rald Olldrh of Algona. Mrs Forrest Gilmore entertained, a inymber of >small children at her : home Thursday afternoon in' honor of her daughter Connie, on her fourth birthday. Those who were present, were Marshi^ Bailer, Dianne Roeber, Wayne- and Bechy Bell, Lois and Linda Hentges, Greg Perkins, Craig and Ken Espe. Games' were played and a lunch was served later. Connie received many nice presents. Also present were Mrs Ralph Bauer, Mrs Wilbur Roeber, Mrs Vic Perkins,' Mrs Milton Espe and Mrs Dora Faulstich. • New Circle Chairmen Bancroft—The new circle chairmen at St, John's Catholic church are Mrs Francis Arnoldy, Mrs Francis Doocy, Mrs Melvin Finch, Mrs Luke Hamilton, Mrs Palmer Jensen, Mrs Bernard Meister, Mrs Kenneth Mulligan, Mrs Ed Vafke, and Mrs Roman Wilhelmi. There is one more lo be appointed later. Sexton Forsakes T-V To Enjoy Kelley's Party By The Village Gossip ' Sexian—Dragnet's rating slipped in Sexton last Thursday night: An old fashioned neighborhood party will still take people away from TV, even on a below zero night. The town gathered at the Bob Kelley home from an evening of visiting in between some heavy hands of cribbage and 500. The party ended with a self-serve lunch and flash bulbs popping. The host was [dressed up for the : occasion including his shoes this time, To comet any bad impression. Martin Mimbach did not get his black eye at the Kelley party, He came out 'the loser in an argument the next day with a big icicle hanging on his house. In case you have ever • wondered, Martin is willing to say a falling icicle dan knock a fellow out. Another mistaken impression may have been given by all the "blood" in front of Glenn Gabrielson',s place.- Dn that very .icy night last week a car went off the road there and the tractor couldn't even stay in one»place •leng enough to pull it out. Glenn had to use 2f> Ibs of red rninferal salt oh the highway before they could move. When the snow started to thaw later in the Week there was "blood" all over the road. • For such a short time at home Mr and Mrs Martin Mimbach have gotten a lot done. They spent a few days taking care of the Joe Namer hbmestead while Mr and Mrs Narner were visiting in Davenport. Mr and Mrs Mimbach came home to some baby sitting jobs and then'received company ( Mr and Mrs 'Herman Esser fro*i Minnesota. They were ready to leave for their daughter's home in Washington for a three month visit when they received word from Minnesota that Mr Mimbach's sister broke her arm. Mr and Mrs Mimbach plan to stay two weeks with her before continuing' on their journey. Spring must come a little earlier when you have a place with a grove around it. Mack Wise received his garden seeds at the store last week and Ambrose Lickteig has been wanting them opened so he can start planting About the lonesomest job in town this winter belongs to L. A. Copp. 'For a talkative kind ot fellow the days must be pretty long when he can't slow anyone down long' enough to visit on these cold windy days. GAS-TOONS KEN & LEO'S "Never mind, Leo . ,. . I ,foupd the hood latch." • We have the latest equipment to service your car. i KEN & LEO'S Phillips ''66" Service Bulk Tank Wagon Service Phone 967 East State St. STAMP PADS, ink, rubber stamps, daters, etc. at the Upper Des Moines Pub. Cc..' office supply F FRIDAY'S THE DAY Wards Catalog Shopping Center Opens AT 116 NORTH DODGE STREET COME IN FOR YOUR FREE COPY OF WARDS SPRING & SUMMER CATALOG YOU'LL BE AMAZED HOW IT SIMPLIFIES SHOPPING Are you tired of going to a different store for almost everything you need? Wouldn't YOU like to shop for clothing, home and car needs, tools and equipment in one stop? Then, please come in and learn all about the wonders of catalog shopping. We'll give you a copy of our Spring and Summer Catalog, which contains over 100,000 items. See, too, our Catalogs on power tools, farm, garden, wallpaper, fishing, hunting, photographic equipment. The fact that our prices, whenever possible, are lower than those asked elsewhere for the same quality merchandise is important to you. Everything you,buy is guaranteed to satisfy you or your money will be refunded. Come and get acquainted. Take Advantage of Wards Many Services and Save! You don't have to go out in bad weather — neglect housework — just to shop. CALL 1053. Our telephone Shoppers will take your orders, arrange for delivery. et We have new mcrchandisj displays every few weeks. We have ranges, refrigerators, TV sets for you to see. Our Swatch Books show samples of fashions, slip covers, rugs. We're always glad to see you. Trained personnel will write your order, answer questions. Stop in often — but more important, stop in opening day, Feb. 10th. Your order is rushed to our St. Paul Mail Order House. We 11 call you when your order is ready to be picked up at our office. "Will Cull" , saves you 30% of transpor- ' tation costs.

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