The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1956 · Page 35
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 35

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1956
Page 35
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One Act Plays Presented At LuVerne High LuVerne *- Three one act plays were presented by the LuVerne high school in the School auditorium Wednesday evening, Jan. 25 under the direction of Mr Thomas McLaughlin. "Nobody Sleeps" with personnel Larry Henderson, Annette Braynard, Suzanne Harper, Karen Harper and Ruth Ann Hinz "Throe On A Bench," personnel Sharon Reddel, Joe Dorweiler Bonnie Fett and Eldon Reddel. ' "Yours and Mine," personnel Dwayne Tobey, Sandra McLaughlin, Robert Kunkel and Kathryn Bockes. Musical numbers between acts- girls sextette, Carol Kinne, Janice Heine, Myrna Northrop, Marilyn Zentner, Linda Sorensen, Vera Hansclman, accompanied by Mrs Ray Stone. Boys quartette Larry Henderson, LeRoy Weber, Donald Baker, Eldon Reddel accompanied by Marilyn Zenther: Trumpet duet, fiwaynfe Tobey and Ronald Stftfte accompanied by Mrs Stone. The musical numbers were directed by Mrs William Littlejohn, music instructor. Honor Roll Announced The si* weeks honor roll of the LuVerne high school is as follows: seniors, Donald Baker, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Sandra McLaughlin, Myrna Northrop, Monte Oxley, Linda Sorensen. Juniors, Annette Braynard. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselrnan, Gerald Larson and freshmen, Delores Leek. The semester honor roll Is a* follows: seniors, Donald Baker, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Sandra McLaughlin, Myrna Northrop, Linda Sorensen .juniors, Kathryn Bockes, Annette Braynard, Janice Heine. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselman and freshmen, Delores Leek. Perfect attendance for semester: seniors, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Myrna Northrop, Jerry Patterson .Linda Sorensen. Juniors, Kathryn Bockes, Janice Heine, Dwayne Tobey. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselman, Gerald Larson and Mary Toohey. Freshmen,- Gerald Awe, Robert enjoy a real PROFITABLE RETURN ON EVERY DOLLAR THAT YOU CAN SAVE! , Every dollar you can put away should be bringing you the liberal return all of our savers receive regularly. Save any amount at any time... earn extra profits with insured safety. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY! HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. Since 1917 Algona Iowa Do:cysaoao:«o.oao:o0.0;o.oao%^^^ ;o o, ,o o Awe, Jane Darby, Howard Eis- cheft, Marilyn Frtfst Geraldine Gregory, Marvin Maass, Eldon Myers, Sandra Patterson, Elaine Rockwood and Rebecca Stripling. Canasta 8 Met Cahasta 8 were guests Monday evening in the home of Mrs Harry Lichty. Mrs Arthur Dimler and Maurine DeWitt were guests and substitute players. Two tables, were in play with awards Maurine DeWitt, Mrs Duane Neal and Mrs Dimler. At the close of play Mrs Lichty served refreshments. ttetent Bride Honored Mrs Cleon A. Prestholt recent bride, was honored with a shower held in the LuVerne high school after school Wednesday afternoon. Hosts were members of the faculty, who presented to her a gift of a steam electric iron and served refreshments. Mrs Prest- holt, the former Janice Kuhlers was married Saturday, Jan. 21. She is teaching sixth grade in school here. Birthday Club Hostess Mrs Hugh Shirk entertained the Birtday club in her home Thursday evening. Mrs Bertie C. Ramus was a gue^st. Mrs C. B. Huff has been welcomed as a new member. The birthdays of Mrs S. R. Baker and Mrs Adam Zweifel were recognized and each received a gift. At the play of bridge honors Mrs Cecil Baker and Mrs Zweifel. At the close of the evening, Mrs Shirk served refreshments. Mrs Charles Hanselman Jr., was hostess to the Bid N Bye bridge club at her farm home Thursday evening. Mrs Jon Nelson was a guest of the club. At play at two tables, honors, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Jack Harris. Refreshments were served at the close of play, , Mr and Mrs George Johnson had as dinner guests Wednesday, Mr and Mrs Henry Geis, St. Paul, Minn., Mr and Mrs Alex Miller Mason City, Mr and Mrs Leonard Ellertsen Northwood, Mr and Mrs Erwin Ellertsen, Erri- mons, Minn., Mr and Mrs Henry Miller and Dennis, Mason City. Mr and Mrs Orvillo Anderson, Corwith, Mr and Mrs Dick Johnson and Suzanne, Ames. The Johnson family were having a farm sale that day. They move to a farm they purchased near Hayfield Minn., this March 1. Mr and Mrs Henry Geis of St. Paul, Minn., aie visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lewis Merkle. Mrs Anna Woodscn of Fort Dodge visited the past week in the home of her granddaughter, Mr and Mrs Ray Agard and children. Ronald Martin, freshman at Bucna Vista college. Storm Lake spent the past week in the home of his parents, Supt. and Mrs B. E. Martin. It was the betweej terms vacation. Mrs Burtis DeNio and daughter Holly Ranee, born Jan. 20 in St. Ann hospital, Algona, returned to their home Tuesday. Cecil Jolliffe underwent surgery Friday morning in the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Lloyd F. Smith report news from Hawaii tolling of birth of Lance Steven, six Ib. and two oz. born Tuesday, Jan. 17 to M/Sgt. and Mrs Robert Deibler. They have another son, Michael and two daughters, Patricia and Robin. Mrs Deibler is the former Beverly Smith, daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith. They have been in Hawaii one and one- half years expecting to return to the states in Juno. DELIVERY POOLS ARE STARTING NEXT WEEK ! We will have extra PIONEER HYBRID seed corn on hand at delivery points to take care of additional needs. CALL FOR YOUR PIONEER CORN PROMPTLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR CARD Pioneer Proved Itself Outstanding In Performance Again In 1955 Eugene Kollasch _________________ Bode Wm. Martinek __________________ Wesley Walter Vaudt ______________ Whittemore T. O. Johnson ________________ Swea City Harold Jones __________________ Swea City Aaron Steussy ______ ----------- Algona C. L Bailey _____________________ Algona R. I. Mawdsley ___________________ Algona A New Daughter Mr and Mrs Clarence Mocllcr, who lived near Algona before moving to Brandon, Iowa, are parents of a new daughter, born Jan. 13. They have three sons, also. The little girl has been named Catherine Ann. LANDMARK At Oscoola, a familiar landmark is being razed; the old railroad water tower, near the station. No one is sure how old tiic tower is but apparently it was built shortly after the turn of the century. The use of diesul locomotives made the tower obsolete. Council Minutes Builder's Permit Foes „ 450 Liquor Tax—Partial 2,000 Unencumbered. Balance 3,800 .otal Anticipated Revenue 20,000 Allocation General Expenses 20,000 total Allocation 20,000 Street Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. ..lfl.000 Transfer from Utll. 15,000 State Road Use Tax 18,000 Unencumbered Balance 13,000 Curb & Gutter Assm'ts 10,000 , Total Anticipated Revenue 84,gOO Allocation Const., Maintenance ..-79,000 Snow Removal 5,000 Total Allocation 84,000 Public Safety Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 31.800 Liquor Tax—Partial ... 2.000 Fire Calls, etc. - 1,000 Unencumbered Balancer' 5,518 Utilities—Liability Ins. 1,282 Total Anticipated Revenue 42,500 Allocation Police Depl. 31,500 Fire Dept. 8,000 Liability Ins. 3,000 Total Allocation „- 42,500 Sanitation Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 23,500 Sale of Bonds ,10.000 Sewer Rental Receipts 7,000 Encumbered Balance — Sewer Rental 10.000 Unencumbered Balance 9,550 Total Anticipated Revenue 60,050 Allocation Sanitary Sewer ...10,000 Storm Sewer 25,000 Comfort Station — 1.750 Garbage Disposal 3,300 Sewage Treatment Plant 18,000 Spraying 2,000 Total Allocation .- 60,050 Municipal Enterprises Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 20,350 Misc. Library Receipts 500 Misc. Airport Receipts 1,200 Unencumbered Balance 4,150 Total Anticipated Revenue 26,200 Allocation Library Salaries & Maintenance 14,000 Library Blclg. . 1,000 Airport Maint. 8.200 Cemetery Maint. 3,000 Total Allocation , 26,200 Recreation Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 19,800 Admissions — Pool 4,500 Unencumbered Balance 12,800 Total Anticipated Revenue 37,100 Allocation Swimming Pool 25.500 Playground 3,300 Park 6,500 Band 1,800 Total Allocation 37,100 Allocation Swimming Pool 25,500 Playground 3,300 Park 6.500 Band 1,800 Total Allocation 37,100 Utilities Revenue Anticipated Soles & Current 320.000 Water Rental 41,500 Unencumbered Balance 342,000 Total Anticipated Revenue 703,500 Allocation Operation & Maint. _..703.500 Total Allocation 703,500 Emergency Fund Revenue Anticipated Unencumbered Balance 3.463 Total Anticipated Revenue 3,463 Allocation Transfer as Needed 3.463 Total Allocation 3,463 Debt Service Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 31.220 Unencumbered Balance 51,861 Total Anticipated Revenue 83,081 Allocation Street Improvement .,; Bond - 2.800 Storm Sower Bond 1.750 Airport Bond 3.090 1049 G.O. Sower Bond 13,920 1049 S.A. Sewer Bond 18,020 1051 Street Construction Bond ._ 12.260 1055 Sewage Plant Const. Bond - 13.730 S.T.P. Bond & Int. i Sinking Fund 16,611 « Total Allocation 83,081 Parking Moter Fund i Revenue Anticipated I Meter Revenue 17,800 J Unencumbered balance 6.000 *'> Total Anticipated Revenue 23,800 Allocation COUNCIL MINUTES The City Couiu'il nu-t Junuary 3, KiSli at 10.110 a.m. tor the purpose of ors.'ini/vitlm]. Hotirnm C'lty Clerk Ivy Sfiilthnm. .•ulmini.sU'ivcl the oath iif offtc'o to Mayor rlci'l Dr. Cameron C'. Sliicrk .iiul newly cU'rli'il CouiU'ilnu-n Kugcnc Fnrst. I.roii !.;md. Arnold Kl- iKMt. .John IX'ivsMKin. V. M. Parsons and Hyron Ku-harctson Tin: following appointmc-nts wore inadi': City C'lnU. Ivy Srul'tham; City Attorney. John R. Carroll: City Engineer, i.ewis Ferguson: S<reet ' Commissioner, .Jes.-! 1 .abhljrook: Byron Richardson was appointed Mayor I'm Tempore; Ira Kohl. Fire Chief; Lloyd Roljm.son and George Selnt m> inbers of the Zoning Commission and Lu'im I.aiid member of Board of adjustment to complete the unexpirrd term of Lewis Ferguson. The Ma\or announrrd Jin 1 appointment ol Clnet of I'olie- Albert Boektl- man. Assistant Clue) Hasmond Ki'c-ljs, Poliee Otlieeis: A. C. Weishaar, Richard Croen. Krnei-t Hutchison and Peter Jorgensoi'i. A HeMilution v.'as adopted lixing salaries for the Near i;iD(i. Mrethtg adjourned to January J-. l!iiii at 7 IlLI jj.m. Dr. Cameron C. Shieik. Mayor Attest: Ivy I) Seutfliam. City Cleik. Tlu. 1 ('it\' t'ouncil met m ad.journcd session January \2. I!i5(> al 7:30 p in wiin the Mayor and all Couneilmen piescnt Biua lor a new poliee ear weie o|>- eneU and lead Tin.' bid ol T.nloi Moi- cuiy for $85!).01) was areepled A htdratilu- loadui '.vili. tnal'-iiil burkel was pureha ed tor the sdei-t depaitim-nt loi S707.0U Mum the Ta. 1 . - It.i l!iipleirn.nt Co The iullovs uif-i Ht'sulutioi^ wa.i ;jdoj^l- cd. Resolution HK IT HKS01 AT.:iJ !>\ the City Covm- eil ot thi Cit;. ol Aluona. Iowa, that ti <• M:\cnLU tor the >eat 195f> lol the \anou.- tuncl:. ol the I'll', be .dloi:aUd a., i./Hows General Government Fund iu. \ i i iue A i it lutpaled Taxes Irom C'n Tie.j.-. 7 DUO Til I n-i'al 1 .K'Cl iM'r. rf)H i lee r Licences 1 .'lull t.'igai et !e Licence'- 1.'MU' 1 Fl , .1 C.,. i , I .:.ii KOSSUTH COUNTY EAT MORE PORK •^^•^•^^•^^•••••^••^^••^•^•^••^^•i^MV PORK Is Your rr Best Buy" Featured This Week At All Meat Counters In Kossuth County Best dressed WITH SALAD DRESSING !| | Salaries & Maint. 23.800 ] Total Allocation - 23,800 I PASSED. ADOPTED AND APPROVED this 12th day of January, 1956. . /s/ Ivy D. Scuffham, Cltv Clerk ! Approved: /$/ Dr. Cameron C.'Shicrk, Mayor A cigarette and a beer permit were granted to Bell's Tavern. Resolutions were adopted approving the schedule of assessments for curb and gutter and sanitary sewer in Sub- Dlstrlcl No. 12. A Resolution was adopted designating the Iowa State Bank and the Security State Bank as official depositories for municipal funds. A building permit was issued to Jens Sorensen. Extending Chubb Street east of Phillips Street was discussed. New rules and order of business of the City Council were adopted. The following claims wet-e allowed. General Gov*fnment Fund Nancy Sands, salarv . $ 81.82 Lewis Ferguson, salary _ 16.94 Iowa State Bank, tax 37.80 la. Employment Sec. Comin. tax 71.28 la. Public Empl. Retirement tax _ 122.29 Matt Parrott & Sons, supplies ._ 40.77 City Clerk, adv. cash 1.90 Swartz Hdwe., supplies 4.32 Advance Publ. Co., legals _ .. 13.27 Earl Grimes, refund 18.75 County Treas.. board and lodge prisoners ..122.20 Herbst Ins., bond 138.81 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, salary ..133.17 Albert Pergande, salary 119.74 Glenn Burtis, salary 114.30 Richard Frambach, salary 93.95 Raymond Metzen, Jr., salary .._. 93.35 Jack Mears, salary , 103.35 Donald Prew, salary . .103.95 Kehneth Frank!, salary 114.34 Iowa State Bank, tax 70.40 la. Employment Set. Comm., tax 268.00 la. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 443.31 Algona Ins. Agency, ins. 6G3.62 Blossom Ins. Agency, ins. 400.00 Advance Publ. Co., legals 140.66 Stanley Wood, mdse. 62.20 Herman M. Brown Co., repairs— 19.33 Continental Oil Co., gas 123.75 Algona Electric, repairs 17.30 Algona Implement Co.. repairs.. 3.96 Chrischilles Store, supplies 8.05' R. J. Funk, repairs 4.13 Greenberg Auto Supply, supp. ... 12.27 Hilton's Service, repairs 11.75 Kent Motor Co., repairs 29.47 Kossuth Oil Co., mdse. 34.99 Miller Lumber Co.. supplies 4.85 Pratt Electric, repairs __ 4.95 Swartz Hdwe., supplies 238 Thorpe Wood & Iron, repairs _ 15.70 Viking Oil Co., oil 72.79 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman. salary 203.10 A. C. Welshaar, salary 142.28 Richard Groen, salary _ 195.07 Ernest Hutchison, salary 20R.10 ppfer Jorgenson. salary 111.11 Albert Olson, labor 15.G8 James Stebbins, labor 15.68 Jacob Godden, labor IS.fiB Robert Steven, labor 14.70 Henry Stcbritz. labor 11.76 Iowa State Bank, tax 48.60 Albert Boekelman, uniform allowance 100.On Raymond Krebs, uniform allow. 100.00 A. C. Wcishaar. uniform allow. 100.00 Richard Groen. uniform allow, i 100.00 Ernest Hutchison, uniform allow. 100.00 Peter Jorgenson, uniform allow. 100.00 la. Employment Sec. Comm. tax J 192.P2 la. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 280.72 Ernest Hutchison, labor 3.00 Bradley Bros., mdse. 39.46 Kent Motor Co., repairs 66.44 Scobba's Service, gas 3.77 Algona Ins. Agency, fleet ins. ..315.46 Ira Kohl, salary 20.CO Algona Fire Co., service 110.00 Harris Janitor Service, supp. ... 650 Hooker Supply Co., mdse. .... 14 70 Stotiffer Fire Equip., repairs .... 18.93 Hilton s Service, gas .. 342 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., ad 2352 Bidders Ins. Agency, ins. 2,800.00 Sanitation fund Harry Ward, salary 5096 la. Sewage Se Waste Assoc., dues 8.00 Algona In?. Agency, ins. 2621 Eugene Diotzgon Co., repairs .. 88,40 U-high Pipe & Tile Co., mdse.— 50.00 Mason City Blue Print, maps 44 65 prandt Buick, repairs •__ 20.50 Hilton s Service, gas . . 22 76 Hulzell's, supplies 4.40 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 Algona (l«.) Upper Dt* Advance Publ, Co., leeals ^ $1.40 Collins, Thompson & Willis, eng. 6SS.1B la. Employment Sec. Comm., tax 181.16 In. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 279.48 Lowis Ferguson, salary 141.75 James F.gli, salary 149,36 Fred Gronbach, salary ...124.41 Iowa State Bank, tax _ 12.40 Pacific Flush Tank Co., supp. .. 3.50 Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., supp. ._ 4.56 P. R. Irons, repairs 7.45 Pratt Electric, repairs 7.30 Ray's Jack Spratt, supplies 2.55 Skelly Oil Co., oil 91.8ft Swartz Hdwe., mdse. 7.50 34.60 ^ Rect«SllAft fund Algeria Reminder, spte*. ..UA; Atwrft Fund ,. Algona Electric, repairs 9.19 Crcseo-Unlon Electric, elec 28.80 Kossuth Oil Co., oil 74.80 Viking Oil Co., OIL 60.28 Plrtrtnf M*M* r«nd Raymond Krebs, salary - 172,18 Iowa State Bank, tax 21,90 In. Employment Sec. Comm., tax 40.82 la. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 70.01 Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk, Mayor Attest: Ivy Di Scuffham, City Clerk. W AklTFD Ml* I klr SCRAP IRON METAL COOK'S SCRAP IRON AND METAL South Phillips St. Phone 848 T, . ML' light is rod and you're 1 ready. It flashes green and you go —hut (/nick. 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