The Sun from Biloxi, Mississippi on March 15, 1978 · 14
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The Sun from Biloxi, Mississippi · 14

Biloxi, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1978
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' ' V v Ki L"-‘ P l fc A Page B-l BIloxi-Gulf port-Ocean Sprlngs-Pascagoula Miss Wednesday March 15 1978 v y - PRC doesn’t change method for determining roundball champions The Pascagoula River Con fere nee will continue to determine its boys' ami girls' basketball championships under Its present tournament system according to league publicist Leslie French At a conference meeting Monday night at d'Iberville High School two alternate proposals were discussed The first was a round robin system In which each member would play other members two times during the season Because some of the members have much smaller enrollments than others it was decided such a system would be unfair to the smaller schools according to French The second proposal was to split the nine-school league into Bast and West divisions Under this guideline for instance a member of the East division would play each member of that division two times and each member on the West division one time The division winners would compete for the annual title Although some officials felt this plan would probably create more interest among fans it was also vetoed because it would create unbalanced divisions since the PRC consists of nine boys teams and seven girls teams said French St Stanislaus and Notre Dame do not field girls teams Under the present championship system only the first intra-conference contest is counted as far as a league record and seeding in the tournament staged at the end of each season Other high schools which are members of the PRC are Pass Christian Bay St Louis St John of Gulfport d'Iberville St Martin Vancleave and East Central Bay St Louis — East Central WADE Miss — Lee Goff who doubled to lead off the bottom of 1 the 11th Inning scored on Gary Raines grounder to give East Central a 1-0 win over Bay St Louis here Tuesday In high school baseball play East Central's Tim Faggard and Bay's Dwayne LaFontalne locked horns In a pitching duel of mammoth proportions Faggard gave up six hits struck out eight and walked ‘one LaFontalne gave up nine hits struck out six and with the exception of Intentional walks yielded one base on bolls Goff was sacrificed to third base Bay coach Claude Yarborough ordered the next two batters intentionally passed Looking tor the double play the Tigers got the ground ball — unfortunately a alow tapper past the mound Second baseman Ricky Manieri fielded it and threw home too late Goff and Tommy Cochran had two hits apiece for the Hornets Bay St Louis lost four runners on the bases The Tigers M are at Picayune Wednesday NBA Suns — Bucks PHOSNIX (NS) Davis 17 44 3 Scott 2 44 Adams S 44 I Susa I 44 Wostphal II 44 2 Awtray 2 2-2 Lao 2 44 Griffin 2 42 Brats 2 44 Totals 44 1422 ML MILWAUKEE (121) Engttsh 7 44 1 GrunteM 7 413 It GtanaTli 4 M IX Bucknar 5 42 It Winters II M0 3 Bridgaman 44 1 Walton 1 04 4 l-2 Tot Toteta 4 2432 121 2127 21 14-M4 1 If 25 24-121 Foutad ouf— nont Total touts— Fhotnhi 27 MHwaukat 27 TodwUcal foul Phoanto assistant caacb SlancM A-ltOt Rockets — Cavs HOUSTON (111 Janas 2 44 Said 240 Kunnarl M 1 Lucas 4 44 1 Murphy I 44 22 RaftaH I 40 Dunlaavy 2 42 L Rradiay I 04 t Kupoc 2 4 4 Asiz 4 44 Totals 40 1421 0 CLRVRLAND (119) RutsoM 4 40 Chonos 7 41 1 ESmHti II 40 24 Wolkor 44 2 Carr M 17 Furtow 1 42 4 Snydar I 44 4 BSmttti I M 17 Brawar 1 1-2 Toteta 51 17-22 II Houslaa SBBS-R r 2 17 30 14— Iff Fauiad out— Kunnarl Total fouls— Houston 24 Ctevotand 21 A-04 NFL teams to pay for taunting foes By BRUCE LOWITT ap iroim WHITER PALM SPRINGS Calif - The National Football League voted Tueedsy to clamp down on players who showboat and bait opponents and approved rule changes to open up the offense a more next season 1 By a 36-2 vote (the league refused to divulge which teams voted for or against any proposals) the NFL owners decided to let officials throw the book at players guilty of "baiting or taunting” the opposition It’s a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and could NFL Commissioner Pete Roselle said take the spark out of potentially explosive situations In which taunts become shouts and wind up as punches and brawls 1 "What this ia getting at" Roselle said "la things like deliberately spiking the ball in the end tone at the feet of an opponent or scoring and taking the ball and waving It in front of his face or jabbing it at him — deliberate flagrant acts that can foment emotional problems In the football game The owners felt this type of rule could i help eliminate emotional incidents that could trigger fights In the course of the game "We've had some mail on this in the league office from ' fathers of little league football players saying that the kids really emulate what they see on television that t does cause problems with the kids" Roselle said that "lesser Instances such as needling ‘ an opposing player would draw a warning If it were t sav t isms m (AB-S-M) Cabanta rf M MantarL UFmMih j BS-ti Ota pr M! RumTh ! Parnlctan a Sfran a tfl Porsen c M Marita taAl McCota a M-l Hanry a m TaMi M4 BAST CBNTRAL (II (AB-S-M) Fine ft AS-I Batao rt Mf Samptow ct M1 Cochran Ik Jama Oh M-l Feggar ASA GoH 2 5-1-1 Mtabfc R 4-1 Evan ia 444s FaraaM N 544 Jaduan M 144 FarfanSarry c 444 Totals fl-H East Control SIROSO 1-11 RBI — Ralna IB — Jamaa Oeff 2 as — Wata SB — LaFantaiaa Olaa Gulf Coast track PERKIN 8TON — Gulf Coast Junior College lost a two-way practice track meet to Pearl River here Tuesday Peart River racked up 68 Vk points to the Bulldogs' 53 V Gulf Coast won two of five field events Pat McCowin took the pole vault with an 11-0 effort Brian Dubes threw the shot put 36-4 The team of McCowin Robert Davis Gerald Fowler and Johnny Rogers won the mile relay in 4:055 minutes Rogers Fowler Clarence Bridges and Duane McPeak won' the 440-yard relay In 467 seconds The Bulldogs added two first places in the 880-yard run and 120-yard high hurdles Rick Burdine won the former In 2:178 minutes and Jimmy Ryder won the latter In 192 seconds Gulf Coast coached by George Sekul will make its first regular season appearance at the Delta ' State invitational meet POLS VAULT: McCowin GuN CbmL Height: 114 SNOT PUT: Mil Gulf Coaat Fortenberry PRC Armstrong PRC Distance: 3- DISCUS: Roof PRC Smith PRC Armstrong PRC Distance: 122 HIGH JUMP: Smith PRC Rogers Gulf Ceast Gaddis af PRC and McCowin af GuM Coast Haight: H LONG JUMP: Wyman PRC Groan PRC Jack-son PRC Dtstanca: 11-0 440-YARD RELAY: GuN Coast (Rogor Bridges Me Peek F sorter) Tima: 447 MILE RUN: Amachar PRC Howell GuN Coast Dawta GuN Caast Time: S:Sl 440-YARD DASH: Dunca PRC Galna GuN Coast Kennedy GuN Coast Time: ! NO-YARD DASH: Smith PRC Johnson GuN Coast Wyman PRC Time: NlL 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES: Ryder GuN Coast Time: 102 MO-YARD RELAY: PRC (January Groan Gaddis KMil GuN Caast Tima: 1:201 MO-YARD RUN: Burdin GuN Cooat Duncan PRC Tima: 2:1721 IM-YARD LOW HURDLES: Cartar PRC Rogers GuN Caast Tima: BI 720-YARD DASH: Gaddi PRC Alford GuN Coast Time- 241 MILE RELAY: GuN Coast (McCowin Davl Foertor EogarsL PRC Tima: 4:SL Gulfport track The Gulfport Admirals came out first in their maiden track meet The Admirals totaled 103 points to outdistance Ocean Springs (71) Bay St Louis (32) and Long Beach (31) Tuesday at Milner Stadium The Lady Admirals finished sec-ond In the girls' competition They scored 37 points to finish second behind defending District VIII Class AA champion Bay St Louis (64) Ocean Springs (81) was third and Long Beach (28) waa fourth Gulfport's boys won seven of 15 events Ricky Floyd won the long Jump Roman Grace won the discus and Charles Chapman won the shot put Qarsell Gllleylen won the 440-yard dash Arthur Wiley won the 120-yard high hurdles The Admirals won the 880-yard and mile relays For Sonics — Bullets SEATTLE (115) J JaDmon 4 44 Slfcma 544 1 Wstfster 0 4 17 D Johnson II 47 24 Williams 5 44 1 Santa I 42 W Brown 7 42 14 Wolkor 112 7 Silas 4 M Totals 541420-115 WASHINGTON (111) DandrMgol434Hayos7451t Unsold I 42 4 Grwoy It 42 34 Hondorson 0 40 to C Johnson 1 1-t 7 Kupchak S 411 34 Wright t 44 Toteta 42437-120 Soottte M a 27 17-11 WasMogtad a M M -37—12 Foutad out— Wobster Total touts- Saat-fta 24 WaiMagtea 24 A-7J04 Pistons — Celtics DSTNOIT (ft) Carr 4 40 4 Shumate 5 47 R Lantor 14 44 21 Maney 44 2t Friea 4 42 Douglas 1 42 1 Gorard 144 R Ford 1 41 tTOIais 40 1424 N BOSTON (Ml) wicks 5 40 R Chaney S 44 R Cowans 0 1-2 1 Havlicak 0 M 17 Bing 5 1-2 II Maxwl 2 42 4 Washington 4 2-1 R Stacom 0 40 It DlGraparla 0 40 Bos wall 1 40 t Raws 0 44 tTotels 47 1M4 ML DafroM M M It 21— M RoataR N MM 21-MS Foutad out— Nona Total fouta-Ottrolt R Boston V A— 4414- Lakers — Knicks LOS ARGILS! (IB) Oanftoy 7 I4M 2 Ford 1 47 2t Abdul- ' Jabbw 11 44 2t Hudson 43 R Nlmn S 40 R Scott 0 47 R Abomsttiy 4 40 t Robtach 4 40 1 Davis 0 40 Totals a 24)4 13 NSW YORK (117) Haywood 44 R McMIlltan 2 44 McAdoo II 44 24 Board 11-3 7 Monro 10 44 24 WHHam 2 44 4 Sholten 7 44 14 Knight 2 42 4 Cloamens 4 44 1 Jackson 44 Toteta B 141 117 La Angolas a H 27 5-121 Now Ysril M Si 55 It-117 Foutad out Non Total fouls— Lot Am goto 21 Now York 2 Tsctmicais— Now York Coach Non A-I7N Spurs Kanon 12 44 It Dtafrlck 1 40 1 Faulti 4 44 It Gal 2 4-5 R Garvin M 47 R OhbardMg a 44 0t Groan 4 42 R Domptor 4 42 1 Bristow 2 42 4 H4 4 41 1 Totals 45 242B 11 BUFFALO (ia) McNoiH 1 44 t Samos 4 1-2 It Nater 12 44 R Smith 14 M-11 R Gtonn 44 R Uayd 40 t Jonas 7 1-2 It Avorltt ) 44 Totals 51 21-25 IR San Antonia 27 a 27 11 M-11! annate a a a a M-ta Foutad cut Nona Total fouls— San Antonia R Buffalo 1 Technical— Buffalo Trainer Malchiarro A— 02 Ocean Springs had two double winners Donald Tlllis won the high jump and pole vault and Howard Galloway won the 100 and 200-yard dashes The Greyhounds won the 440-yard relay' Chuck Williams of Long Beach a transfer from Texas won the 580-yard and mile runs Valada Lewis won all three sprints and took part in two of three relay victories for Bay St Louis girls Cynthia Jackson won the 440-yard dash to give the Tigerettes a sweep of all seven running events Sandra Tlllis of Ocean Springs scored wins in the high Jump and long Jump Terry Johnson of Long Beach won the baseball throw - Gulfport will participate in an eight-team meet at Hattiesburg Friday BOYS LONG JUMP: Floy Gulfport Taylor Gutfporf THM Ohm Spring Dlitanco: 241 DISCUS: Grac Gulfport Moody Long Boach Co Saif Dtatanca: M4-74L POLE VAULT: THII Ocaan Spring- CNaaL Gulfport: Oolcui Ocaan Spring Height: 12-0 SHOT PUT: Chapman Gulfport Shawntag Ocaan Spring- Gaorg Gulfport Dtatanca: 444 HIGH JUMP: TWI Ocaan Spring- Nacpta By Taylor GuNporl Height: 411 444YARD RELAY: Ocoan Springs (Smith Cat-amaa Farmar and Galloway I GuNpart Bay Tima: 124YARD HIGH HURDLES: WHoy GuNpart Stephan Ocoan Spriwpi Warn Gulfport Tima: M4YARD DASH: O a II way Ocoon Spring- Got-Oman Ocaan Springs Pag Gulfport Time: ML MILE RUN: WINiam Lang gooch Gulfport Nooty GufporL Tkiw: 4:5 JL M&YARD RELAY: GuNpart (Pag Cbapmaa Whitlock Grace) Ocaan Spring GuMport 444YARO DASH: Glllaylafi GuNport Wolkor Gulfport Lawrtnc Ocaan Spring Tima: S3 4 I0P-TARD LOW HURDLES: Staphan Ocaan gritgu Wo Mi or GuNpart Ohubart Bay Tima: M4YARD RUN: William Lang Beach Dom-brawskl GuNpart Washington Bay Tima: 2:144$ 234YARD DASH: Galloway Ocaan Springs Col-ama Ocean Springs Pag GuNpart Tima: 224 MILE RELAY: GuNport (WaMiar Crate Chapman GIHtaytan) Ocoan Spring Bay time: 1:2 LONG JUMP: THII Ocoan Springs Bay Hargett Bay Distance: lltvt BASEBALL THROW: Johnson Lang 4 SoJiby GuNport Kovach Ocaan Spring Dlsti 224-4 HIGH JUMP: THII Ocaan Springs Wataar GuNport Karma Ocaan Spring Height: 44 444VARD RELAY: Bay (Jackson Harrington Dunhle Thomas) Long Saadi Bay Tima: SI A N4YARO DASH: Lanrt Bay Jacfcio Bay May GuNport Time: 114 7S-VARO DASH: Lavrt Bay TIIH Ocean Spring Tima: St Jack to Bay 444YARO DASH: Jachso Bay Theme Bay Richard GuNport Time: 44 SO-YARD DASH: Lewi Ray Bar no Guffport Moy GuNport Tkno: LL 204VARO RELAY: Say (Lowi Shopper Hargett Jackson) GuNport Lang Bench Tima: 351 204YARD BELAY: Bay (Lawl Sheppard Hargett Jackson GuNport Lang Batch Time: 217 Braves BUFFALO (AP) — Randy Smith scored 38 points and Swen Nater had 30 to lead the Buffalo Braves to a 123-115 overtime victory over the San Antonio Spur in the National Basketball Association Tuesday night Warriors — Bulls CHICAGO (AP) — Charles Dudley came off the bench to score 9 points and Rick Barry exploded for 10 points and caused six turnovers in a fourth-quarter surge that carried the Golden State Warriors to a 103-96 National Basketball As the record Fra BasbathoN At A Cloaca v Tba Assad stad Prats Rsftanal BasbafbaK Anactaftan AN Timas CST BASTBSN CONFERENCE Aftaattc Dfvtsloa — Braves llasdsui fiasMt No games scheduled Tuesday's Gamas Detroit at Bostoa 410 pm San Antonio af Buffala 4:10 pm Los Angst at Now York 4:30 pm Houston at Oavatand 7 pm Soottte at Wash log ton 7:05 pm continued then It would be an unsportsmanlike penalty" The rule doei not prohibit exhuberance or showboating such aa the dancing performed by Houston's Billy "White Shoes” Johnson after one of his scoring sprints or Dallas' Tom Henderson's ball-spiklnff over the crossbar The rule is designed not to wipe out emotion in general but only that kind directed specifically at an opponent with the obvious Intent of embarrassing By a 27-0 vote with one abstention the owners approved a rule change to allow offensive linemen to fend off charging defenders with hands open or closed into fists and the elbows flexed or locked Previously the hands had to be closed Into fists and the elbows had to be flexed The change figures to slow down the defenders Just a Mt and will also make it easier for officials to call (or not call) holding It's still Illegal for offensive linemen to grab opponents but now the officials don't have to try and determine — often from screened -off positions — whether the elbows and hands were in the proper position The narrowest vote 22-8 with three abstentions came on the rule to cut down the times defenders can Interfere with potential receivers' Previously a defender could "chuck" (make contact with) a receiver as often as he wished within a 3-yard sone of the line of scrimmage then the receiver could be hit again further downfield Now the receiver can be chucked only once within a V St Stanislaus track BAY ST LOUIS — Charlie Vincent leaped to first place in both the long Jump and high Jump and ran a leg on the winning 440- and 880-yard relay teams to lead 8t Stanislaus to the championship of a dual meet with Poplarville here Tuesday afternoon A Junior Vincent sprang 19-feet 11 Vk inches in the long Jump and came back later with a leap of 6-2 to capture the high Jump Bubba Graham of Poplarville captured first place in both the 100-and 220-yard dashes with times of 105 and 235 respectively St Stanislaus is now undefeated in three meets and trill entertain St Martin and Pass Christian in a triangular meet Thursday beginning at 3:15 pm Following are the first and second place finishers in the field and running events: LONG JUMP: Chnrita VlnconL St Stantalau Mlkp Orphan Poptarviita Otatanct: 14-1 IV SHOT PUT: Earn William Popfarvllla Scott Sonnor St Stanislau Dtatanca: 42-4 to HIGH JUMP: Chari I VlnconL St Stantalau MHw Graham Poplatvllto Italght: 41 DISCUS: Gant Ragor St Stantalau Grog William Poplarvilla Dtatanca: 1240to POLE VAULT: Kay Andarma St Stantalau Haight: 14 44B-VARD RELAY: St Itnnlslous CSlBQlato Amato V Meant Pflitar) FoplarvHta Tkno: :4t 124-YARD HURDLES: Gordon Boh St Stanislaus Lawranca Yarfeoraugn St Stnnlilnti Tkno: 11 1 100-YARD DASH: Bubba Graham Poplarville Charlie Vincent St Stanlilau Tima: 101 MILE SUN: Tommy Lota St Stanislaus Mark Kach St Stanislao Tima: 4:S7t aao-YARD RELAY: St Stanislaus (Slnglato Vte-catit Pflstar Modi Popiaryllta Tbna: 1:31 444 YARD DASH: ChartM Travta Popiarvlll-Eugane Hugho St Stanislau Tkno: 54 100-YARD HURDLES: Clay Knight Poplarylllo Cardan Boll St Stanislau Tima: 21 M4YARD RUN: Chartas TarrIH Poptarviita Mark Kach a Stanislau Tima: 2:15 224YARD DASH: BuMa Graham Poplarvilla Roger Ervta M Stantalau Tima: 215 MILE BELAY: St Stanislaus (Logo Hugho Lavkott MaadL Poplarvilla Tbna: 3:574 Stone County — Gulfport Gary Miller led off the bottom of the eighth inning with a single moved to second when Johnny Atherton was hit by a pitch and scored on Reed Allison's single to help Gulfport defeat Stone County 5-4 in high school baseball Monday at the Fair Grounds Steve Smith in relief of Mike Freeman gained the mound win work overtime sociation victory over the Chicago Bulls Tuesday night Suns — Bucks MILWAUKEE (AP) — Brian Winters scored 29 points and rookie Ernie Grunfeld added 22 in his first starting assignment Tuesday leading the ailing Milwaukee Bucks to a 121-106 National Basketball Association victory over Phoenix Sonics — Bullets LANDOVER Md (AP) — Mitch Kupchak scored 9 of his 24 points in a four-minute span in the fourth quarter Tuesday night to help the Golden State at Chicago 7:10 pm Phoenix at Milwaukee 7:10 pm Now Or loons at Portland M pm Phoanli at Now Jersey 7:05 pm Los Angolas at Philadelphia 7:05 pm San Antonie at Detroit 7:05 pm Buffalo af Indian 7:05 pm Golden State of Denver S:15 pm College scores NIT At A Stance By TlwrAMS ctetadPraM Tuesday's Gomes Rutgers 57 Indiana State 50 North Carolina State 14 Detroit 77 Goorgotewti PCy 71 Dayton 42 NabraskaR’ot Vaxai 22-4 l:X pm Af Now Vara CNy Rufgor 23-4 vs Nobraska-Ttaaswliinar North Carolina Stale 240 vs Georgetown OC 224 Baseball By Tbo i W L Pci AMRRKAN LRAGUR 5-yard sone then the defenders have to keep their hands off him entirely except to avoid being run over by the receiver By a 27-0-1 vote the NFL owners approved the addition of e seventh official The "side Judge" will stand about 16 yards downfield to the defense's left His addition will provide better downfield coverage on passing situations eliminating a so-called dead sone in a 10-15 yard area beyond the line of scrimmage In recent years receivers and tight ends have been all but mugged in this ares without detection The most notable incidents were Russ Francis' being clobbered In New England's playoff game against Oakland at the end of the 1976 season and Lynn Swann's suffering a concussion after being hit by Oakland's Jack Tatum in Pittsburgh’s 1976 season opener The new chucking rule will make It tougher for sone defenses since defenders will no longer be able to stand back 15 yards and clobber a potential receiver as he comes by If a defender wants to chuck he's got to come up and do it within that 5-yard sone That rule and the pass-blocking change are designed to protect the quarterbacks more by keeping the defenders away and giving him more wide-open targets for his passes And with that combination the league hopes there will be more offense Mike Mitchell started and went seven and one-third innings for Stone in taking the loss Gulfport 2-1 resumes action Friday In the Gulf Coast Invitational baseball tournament meeting host Moss Point at 4 pm STONR COUNTY (4) (AB-R-M) Harr I cf 41-1 Swim 1 440 Ataswortti 2 41-1 S Stan dll 41 R Stan 440 Galloway 1 441 Farmar rf M-0 Scarborough H 4-1 Compote c 400 Brtiand pr-lk 41-0 DorsotL p 44 Total! 27-4-5 GULFPOET (S) (AB-S-M) J Atherton 2 400 Alllioa N 441 Warron cl 1-4- Smith 414 Froomaa 441 Porvla 41 Wattman rf 41 Barna 1 440 ChamMla 1-4- Naldatfar d 1-4- Halitefi p r 4!- AlbarL ph 1-4-0 Uoaoam i M-l Milter 3 41-1 Ray ph 414 Totali 254 Stona County 000 OR 00 — 4 GuNport on 010 21 - S RBI — Harrl Ainsworth Scarborough Alllioa Ftrvht 2 2S - Upicomb IS - Harrl HR -Ainsworth Brainerd — Gulf Coast PERKINSTON — The Gulf Coast Junior College Bulldogs out-muscled Brainerd Minn Community College 12-1 and 11-0 in two abbreviated baseball games Tuesday afternoon Both games were called after five innings because of the 10-run rule Freshman outfielder Johnny Olsen batted in three nins to spark the Bulldog in the opener Winning pitcher Jimmy Ramer went the distance He struck out three walked one and allowed two hits and one run Sophomore outfielder Donald Nelson belted two home runs and drove in three run to carry Gulf Coast in the second game Nelson smacked a two-run shot In the third inning and a solo homer in the fifth Dale Chatham captured the victory He recorded seven strikeouts and one walk while yielding only one hit Richard Garrett relieved Chatham in the fifth The Bulldogs 9-1 will play a single game against Brainerd Wednesday at 1 pm BRAINRRD (1) Sunberg N 1-0-0 Kulao N 441 Bxdooh 1 2-40 Garriso 2 444 Sandbar dh-p 2-4' Rlrctia b 14 Nurnbargtr c 44 Schuatt 1 140 Sboquoa 2 M4 Tidild I 140 Tillman 1 141 Siacl rt 340 Grotlar p 140 Satilfcau i 140 Tot low p 14 Bockboug 44 Totals 141-2 to silence Spurs Washington Bullets defeat the Seattle Super Sonics 120-115 in National Basketball Association action Lakers — Knicks NEW YORK (AP) — Adrian Dantley scored 29 points and Los Angeles pulled away from New York with an 80-point second half as the Lakers defeated the Knicks 135-117 in a National Basketball Association game Tuesday night Rockets — Cavs RICHFIELD Ohio (AP) — Elmore Smith netted 19 of his 26 Boston a Toronto I Detroit Philadelphia ) Now Yarn (N) 1 Minnesota 0 Baltimore R Texas 1 Clnchmett 11 St Louis 10 Atlanta 11 New York (A) I Oekland 7 California 2 San Francisco Milwaukee I Chicago (N) 4 Seattle 4 II tenia Cleveland R San Dtago 0 6 ' 4rN tr GULP COAST (12 Hoppar H 1-2 May n 14- Martin 2 i-M Matt Jormy 1 41 Addlioa cf 42-0 Oita rl 42 Farrta 2 140 MaauL d M-0 ' C 414 Romar 44 Tdtota 14114 Bralnard GuN Cooot 44441— I 7444X-I2 BRAINERD (I) ' Gorrliaa 2 240 Btdook H 544 Sbitenoa N 541 Sandbarg 1 444 T ten Id 1 040 Schuatt d 240 Kua t 54- Gartlar it 440 Sehdquaa 2 140 Sallikar cf-2 144 Sundborg cf 14 Nurnbdrgar c 14 Tlllmaa b 14 SilppdL a 440 RIngwalikl 44 Total 1741 GULP COAST (II) Roovd s 41-1 Ha nay 2 41-2 Martin dfi 41-2 WiHtlf 1 441 Londti rf 41-4 Mlckoy Jormya cf 5-1-4 Notaoa H 42-2 Corr I M-0 Roboriioa c 41-1 Chatham 444 GarratL 44 Totali 24114 Bralnard 00000—0 GuN Caast 4414-11 St Stanislaus — St Martin In a familiar St Martin version of home run derby James Woody blasted a pair and David Wilson and William Rushing each added one as the Yellow Jackets bombed St Stanislaus 9-1 in a Pascagoula River Conference baseball contest Tuesday Kerry Corr smahed a solo shot for the Rockachaws but It was far from enough to offset St Martin's long ball serenade Keith Medley went the distance for St Martin striking out five and walking two in gaining the victory Scott Cox went five innings for the Rocks and waa touched for the loss after yielding six runs Cox struck out four and walked two and waa relieved by Corr ST STANISLAUS (1) (AB-R-H) Hammar cf 440 Edward t 441 Corr 14 1-1 Kari 2 441 Kalth Goroui rf 40 Kaitey Gtrou 2 441 Sotak d 244 Cabril 441 Co 244 Mutaug I 144 HirtNu N 444 Total 241-5 ST MABTIN m (AB-R-H) Jont 2 441 McGill i 244 Salley P 144 Woody c 442 Madlay 240 Ramsay pr 41 Seymour cf 41-4 Rocklay ) 41-1 Wltaoa N 441 Rushing 1 442 Smlt rt 404 Total 2444 St Stantalau 000 000 1 - I St Martin 101 010 a - RBI — Corr Rushing 3k Woody t Rack Icy 1 Jono Wltaon 2B — Rushing HR — Woody 2 Wilson Rushing Corr 5B — Jono Woody Soymour Pass Christian — St Stanislaus tennis BAY ST LOUIS — St Stanislaus-Our Lady's Academy shut out Pass Christian 5-0 Tuesday in a tennis match here points in the first half to spark an early surge that carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 119-98 National Basketball Association victory over the Houston Rockets Tuesday Pistons — Celtics BOSTON (AP) — John Havlicek and Dave Cowens combined for 8 points in the final 2Vfc minutes to lead the Boston Celtics to a 105-98 come-from-behind victory over the Detroit Pistons in the National Basketball Association Tuesday night Wednesday Games Chicago (A) vs Philadelphia at Clearwater Fla 12:10 pm Cincinnati vs Houston at Coco Fla 12:20 pm St Louis v Knasas City of Fort Myers Fla 12:20 pm Pittsburgh v Detroit at Lakeland Fla 12:20 pm New York f A) v Minnesota it Orlando Fie 12:10 pm Atlanta vs Texas at Pompano Beach Fla 12:30 pm Toronto vs New York (N) at St Petersburg Fla 12:30 pm Baltimore vs Lot Angelo at Vero Beac Fla 12:M pm Montreal vs Boston at Winter Haven Fla lfM pm Oakland vs Sen Francisco at Moo Aris 1 pm Son Dtago v Chicago (N) at Sceftsdai Arli 2 pm California v Milwaukee at Sua City Arli 2 pm Seattle v Cleveland at Tucson Arli 2 pm Sun spot OXFORD Mis (AF) - The Mississippi Rebate signed 4-foot-f confer Lane Shout of Montpelier Ohio and 4-foot -I Hiram Green of Bartow Fla to basketball scholarships Totidiy Shout ranked at one of Ohio's best testae performer averaged 172 points end II 2 rebounds par game during the past season Pete Rozelle

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