The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1956 · Page 31
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 31

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1956
Page 31
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January 31,1956 aigotin flter iHoincs Announce 'Appreciation Day' Program " .. . But Everybody Knows Me Bock Homel" If you've ever tried to cash personal checks while traveling, you've learned it isn't always easy — even when you show the most positive identification. Best way to avoid delays or embarrassment is to carry Travelers Checks. Everybody cashes those. Cost is only 75c per hundred dollars — cheap for the convenience and protection. Safe Confidential Accommodating IOWA Algona Member FDIC Iowa Ravings CO by CHHI3 HEESE A Lltlle of ThU, a Little ol Thai; Not Much of Anything II was the other day while having a cup of coffee with an Algona Gulper that we got to talking distances and he made the remark that Iowa was right in the middle of the United States and I admitted that it might be near the middle but Nebraska was also a part of the middle of the United States. And so that night I done some arithmaticing as to distances in this country and I found that the west half of Iowa and the east half of Nebraska constitute about the middle of this wide country, so to speak. I dug up some mileage figures put out by the American Automobile Association and so here we have it — from New York to Kearney, Nebraska, there is a Spread of 1,639 miles and from Kearney, Nebraska, to San Francisco there is a spread of 1,626 miles, so you can see that the Nebraska town is pretty well centrally located in this United States. As for Iowa distance there are 1,234 miles between New York and Ames and 2,031 miles between Ames and San Francisco. So now you can figure just how much it would cost you to drive to San Francisco from Ames .according to the miles per gallon your bus operates on, so to speak. Yep, income tax figuring is the present big business and problem by everybody this month, so to speak. And another horrible, terrific, sorrowful thing about the income tax figuring is the fact that you are digging up more income tax this year, because on account of income taxes are a bit higher than they -were last -year. The state tax commission estimates that the total state income tax revenue this year will be about $2,800,000 greater than the $24,970,773 collected in 1955. So we will kick in a total this time of $27,770,775 and that means an added buck for each man, woman and child in the state, so to speak. The-amount increased for people GET OUR DOUBLE FEATURE OFFER Most New Car for Your Money ...1956 Nash! Most Money for Your Present Your Nash Dealer! "I Got The Best Deal in Town From My Nash Dealer!" Compare Size! Compare Value! Compare Our Deal! Here's your chance to get a big, BIG Nash for small car money! Yes, the distinctive, new Speed- lined Nash—rave car of the auto shows. See it—the biggest, roomiest car in America with the world's most modern construction that puts you years ahead of everyone else—gives you double safety, double strength—and lasts a "double lifetime" to assure higher resale value! Enjoy an extra measure of travel pleasure with new Nash power assists and the best engine choices of all—including new 220 H.P. Ambassador Jetfire V-8. See it! Drive it today! Then get our amazing "Double Feature Deal". American Meters Meant Mar. far American! Prices for America'* Most Spacious 4-Poor Sedan Start As Low As For the Nash Statesman delivered at factory, Kenoiha, Wi»c. State and local taxes, if any, extra. WORLD'S FINEST TRAVEL CAR HURRY IN! SEE THE BRILLIANT NEW NASH! GET OUR DOUBLE FEATURE DEAL ... AND SAVE! IRUSS & KY'S NASH SALES & SERVICE 1023 No- Main Street, Algona, Iowa • Phone 249 f i Tun* in Dlin.ylond on ABC-TV S«» TV lining»fpr lime god channel Tb« onl, used con backed by a J 1,000,000 Bond art Noih Dealers' Bonded Select Died Can I Your wiiwr buyl with gross incomes of more than $4.000 last year and it decreased for persons who had less than $4,000 gross income, as well as for parents with several children or those people having several dependants. Individuals no longer will be permitted to deduct federal social security taxes. However, for those who had heavy medical expenses, the deductions will be more liberal than in the past, so to speak. But, any way you figure it, your tax will be above that paid last year. According to the United Slates Census Bureau the population in this country increased by 10 per cent between the 1950 census and January 1, 1956, five years. According to the bureau there are now 166,280,000 Americans in this United States. And that's a lot of Americans. Of course you understand that whether or not you are a Dane, or Norwegian or of. any' other foreign background, now that you can vote here you're ah American first. In other words 1 must consider myself an American Dane, so to speak. And that's right, I am an American, even though I brag about being a Dane, from a background standpoint. And even though I can sing, speak or write Danish, I'm still happy and proud over my American citizenship. And, on top of that I am also a democrat, and of which I am also proud and bragging. Yep, I was a state senator in the 45th General Assembly, a democrat elected in a republican senatorial district, Marshall county, and there were times when I voted along with the republicans, but I still bragged about being a democrat. Sure, it has been something for me to brag about my being an American citizen even though I'm of Zoology Career Aim Of Arnold Fritz Of Wesley Arnold Fritz Ames —An interrupted education, plus transferring from one college to another, is making Arnold Fritz of Wesley work a little harder for a college degree. Arnold is a senior now at Iowa State College and hopes to graduate this year, with a major in zoology and specialization in wildlife conservation. Arnold graduated from Titonka high school in 1949, then entered Wartburg College for a period of three years. He transferred to Iowa State in 1952, but entered the service the following summer for two years. He returned to school last year to complete his requirements for a bachelor of science. Arnold and his wife, the former Norma Ahrens of Grinnell, live in Pam- mel Court, married students housing center at the college. They have a small daughter, Dawn, who is now 2 years old. Arnold is a member of the newly organized Zoology Club, and has held part-time work at various times in his college career. The future? Well, his plans aren't definite, but he hopes to find a position with state or federal fish and game commissions. He's also thinking of getting a master's degree, but hasn't decided which will come first—the advanced degree or.the job. U-D-M To Give A Free Stage Show March 2 A vaudeville stage show that will run an hour and half will be brought to Algona Friday afternoon, March 2, by The Algona Upper Des Moines and the Farm and Home section of this newspaper. The show will be presented starting promptly at 2 p.m. on the stage of the Algona Theatre here. Tickets will be free, and will be distributed by local firms who represent and handle the manufactured items which are to be found monthly in the rotogravure Farm & Home section of this paper. L. S. BOHANNON I have collected more than once on the "medical payments" of my auto insurance. Is "extended medical payments" now available to cover all family members in the household for any auto accidents, either as a passenger, pedestrian or bicyclist? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to >call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. Danish accent, so to speak. Yep, we're in February the last month of winter, I hope. And this is written last Thursday evening and we're sure still having winter. At the present time we are getting sleet, and I mean sleet, practically raining ice drops and the streets are sure getting plenty slippery, so to speak. Just talked to Claude Whitehill .and he felt that gents and cars should take on skates because on account of the sleekness of sidewalks and streets was getting to a point where walking with rubbers on even was a matter of slip and slide. And Harry Barton told me that if the slipperyness got much worse he intended to have chains put on his shoes to help make walking easier. And Dick Sorensen said he was fixing up overshoes which had been soled -with chain fixings and which made strolling easy for him. Don Sherman said he thought it would be smart for a gent to carry a pail of ashes along and when the walks became too slick just peddle a handful of the ashes ahead of you and that would take care of slipping. And Leighton Misbach suggested that a gent carry some hot water with him and melt the more slippery spots on his way to work. Yep, it was icy and slippery Thursday, and not one bit of fun either. But that's winter for you. The Algona Upper Des Moines fias the largest circulation in Kossuth county of any publication. WHAT MAKES MINRAL MEAL A Favorite With Feeders ? • Top Quality Ingredients • All The Proper Ingredients • The Results You Always Get • The Plus Factors In This Feed • The Quick and Right Finish You Get 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feed*" TITONKA NEWS Mr and Mrs R. L. Krantz left for Florida and Texas Tuesday. They expect to be gone a little over a month. Mrs Otto DeWall is at, Swea City helping care for her new grandson who arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Krantz. Mrs Krantz is the former Betty Ann DeWall. Miss Georgia Godfredson returned home from the Buffalo Center hospital after undergoing an operation for appendicitis. She is recuperating nicely at her home. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Earnest Godfredson. The Lutheran Ladies aid met at the church parlors Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Nick Heesch, Mrs Bob Spear, Mrs Con Schmidt and Mrs Arnold Brandt as hostesses. Mr and Mrs Donald Norland are the parents of a son born Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Buffalo Center hospital. He weighed 7 Ibs., 2 oz. and has <been named Thomas Dean. They also have a son Wayne who has been staying at the home of Mrs Minnie Qesterreicher. Mrs Norland came home Thursday. Mr and Mrs Joe Presthus of Algona are also the parents of a baby boy born Saturday, Jan. 21. Mrs Presthus is the former Lenice Brandt, daughter of Mr and Mrs Martin Brandt. Mr and Mrs Virgil Miller were Tuesday evening visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs Gordon Swan. They had attended a funeral at Pocahontas and stayed over night and returned to Albert Lea the next day. Deborah Jane Sachau was baptized Sunday morning Jan. 22 at the Good Hope Lutheran church with Pastor B. H. Schwerin officiating. Her Christian sponsors were Mr and Mrs William L. Rode. Mrs Anna Swyter is spending two weeks at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Meyer of Cpr- with while they are vacationing in Oklahoma with their sons, Alvin and Wilbur and their families. Her sister Amanda Heesch of Des Moines is also staying with her. Rudy Meyer came to get her Monday evening. Mr and Mrs William L. Rode and Linda Lou were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs George Saohau and family Sunday. Mrs George Sachau, Miss Louise Sachau, Mrs Art Hench, Mrs Elroy Hatten, and Mrs Mary Oesterreicher and Louis attended the funeral of Henry Recker father of Mrs J. L* Intermill at BuH'alo Center Tuesday morning. BURT NEWS A dinner honoring Mr and Mrs Robert Sarchet on their 40th wedding anniversary, was given at the home of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Sarchet recently. Guests were Mr and Mrs Walter McCormick, and Mrs Ashby of West Bend; Mr and Mrs Roy Sarchet, Mr and Mrs J. A. Reid and Jessie Sarchet of Algona; Mr ana Mrs Fred Vogel and Margaret Melville, Davixl Sarchet and Barbara Heise. Robert L. Moore of Story City called on his parents, the R. L. Moores and his grandmother, Mrs Paul Moore, Saturday afternoon. The V.F.W. will have an oyster stew supper at the hall Thursday, Jan. 26. AH veterans an I wives are welcome. Mr arid Mrs Kenneth Cook were in Rochester where Mr Cook was to have surgery on hi* knee. The Fidelia Class party will be at Lurena Soderberjgs borne with Ethel Smith a33istm$ host- ees, Wednesday, Jan. 25. Elsie Lockwood will h«v« games. The Fortnightly Club met on Fridgy Jan. 2Q with Mrs J. L. Miller. Guests were Lillian Fred- Doctor Conrad, Magician and Escape 'Artist Announcement will be made next week as to -where these free tickets may, be obtained. There will be no commercial aspect to the show—it's all fun/ The stage show travels as a unit, and will come here from Mason City. National concerns helping to bring the show to town include the following: Purina Chows, DeKalb Chix, Dr. Salisbury's Poultry Remedies, Minneapolis-Moline Tractors, J. I. Case Tractors, New Holland Grassland Machinery, Firestone Tires, Allis Chalmers, Massey-Harris, Lederle Dairy Remedies, Speed Queen Washer and Dryer, General Electric Appliances, Youngstown Kitchens, DuPont Seed Treatment and Remington^Guns and Ammunition. Hi Jinks * * * * Derated to "Behind The Scenes" Items From Algon* High School. The mystery of the missent certificates of merit has been solved. One of the out-of-town readers of this column reports that the students to whom the awards belong are enrolled at Sioux City Central. So the butler didn't do it. • * » Terse Verse Dept. — Mrs Kalar, AHS lit teacher, came up with, the following timely bit: "Dwight Might." * * * The health test was the most fascinating. It consisted of just one question: Formulate a set of rules by which you would raise a child. According to Doc Spoof, you should help the child to master a good back swing with the left arm straight and the proper follow through. They'll soon be giving you that long ball. » * e After taking the final schol. arship test, students report that times must be getting tougher. This time they took back the special pencils used to take the test. « « • A progress report on the student council newspaper indicates that all is going well. However, the paper has not yet been christened. Among the suggested, names, one stands out as the most inspired: The Blackboard Bungle. —SS erickson, Benita Mitchell, Jean Lockwood and Doris Miller an4 Tunmy. Members of the Birthday Circle met Thursday afternoon with Mrs Carrie Larson. Mrs Clifford Waltman and Clara Van- Steenburghe were guests. The next meeting will b« Feb. 9 witfe Mrs Louise Bleich.

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