Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 4, 1907 · Page 8
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Deseret News from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 8

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1907
Page 8
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r vt f tfr jj i i > t fi 4 it 1 q DESEHET EVENING NEWS TITDJISPAY A371UL 41907 rrr V tcl i t 1 PRESIDENT w ON U HARRIMAN CASE I J i i Discusses With Callers Various r Features Growing Out oi Publication r of Letters WKES PLAIN HIS VERSION i rttr III Imlicrs IomtiUMit nnil Hi U 1 Vin nr nlC Vuii > rnltniii AIm 111 I i Any Iiiir U I U lultilolIAJI11 PMlWtttt UntlJ > vMl lIsIIJa 111lth i JiuinlHr of 1 > I I llkr today vartou fttUurc of tht otitftY f with Mi Harrimon prow JIClUt of tho iiubllrwUon or tho IcltfiiH 1 7 e them lie itcsfrefl ntH to he ctu ltd i liuwover 4 1 Ills frlotid thc preali1 nt tmula Jt t PM1 fl huLl hlB version U of Mi Harrl nmllI > J lt prccwlltiR the C1CtJOll < > C 1 U AS that JJarrlnmu wilted na Wal1cc from the jiuiloiial Ituimblleau lllll1llc B to help Cliilrman Odilr In 13tB oiv Vorte sltilft CEimiialiii > r > l tIiot epeijfcefl lie eilnirtnwuo JlIll Jml 100OW > The president promlmsu totrtinmuiiloixto Ulh Jlcsurn CorlcJsou nlSD Illli to s < ttliat couNl lie ilone p He dill In llis cafio ho ilcdarerl Just wUiit lt Iiad done In other InsUticM whri he Jind IICTII appealed lo to Iielu InTstnK elminvlKiis i1 lIU1nc of bin vlltora tht prcslaeiit rcZctiol to lie jitttcment niBlo ptibtlo Itt nIght by Judw Alton 33 ParUor Jn jMlinylii hlcli he BtUd hat It lia noV 111oelI denied Iliat StGOflK > WIle turned jvfi wy the iq Hable Mutual and New U Yort tJtcs Insuraneo companies to Mr 1 CQjlclsoun omniltt > e nna Hint Con sres has nruscd lolnldloO an Invest cn ll5h Into the corporate contributions ot MM or tn jiasa A Inw frohUlllns wnch i > ffieilbulta 9 h Vho future On thH Birbjocl tho president referred 1o < lenient which ho ma < lp on Nov 1PQI In ivhtch ha paid In att Tliat contribution hare born mn Ta the JtC1ubllc1111 commllt qs onlrl bntlons liane been made to the Deino irBile wnirjilHeo Is not 11113 tinesllon tIne Sir raikerji assertion IR In er U ffrLt tliat sueli contrllnttioni tune been i niftd for Improper motives either In t Ii oonjitfiiKnce of threats or 1ii eotuie L < iuonce ti Improper promise1 direct or d indirect on llio pail nftlio recipient I 4 U Hut 1I1el < m not one pirtlclc of tnllh In till Btntrnient etc 1 JNeltlKr Bli1 Iliilcer nor his ounport U rij tho iireslilent decUirrd ha Jieen U nhfe to 1raviT or quitfllon the stote I m nl > utflc In that nnicwcr The prcsi ileait Mhl that to JIIJI own liilowlulco Bltinit u ilozon c nililbiitlons iiffered Tnv corporation had bien ftllntil II rjO lrman roKelyml but that olhers nil been eectd A conlrlliutloit by the JVmiaJcan Tohncco < ompmy 3ia giald had IIMH retuinea A prominent 5 > iln hid mad fl a conlrll > utlon or SfflOO 1 tho Kcimblicun einnpilsn fund Suh stdfiuently this Win had made Itnuun his deslro for mi appointment In tlio diplomatic eervko In tho tviit Lhat U 1ho president wnn t1e Utl As ion ns ila motives werr undeulooO the nutlon Al commlttcc ictnrntd hla tonltlbiiUon U Ilir prmldilit asBcrlcd to hi < U < Na Unat 1101 f irt thi curporulrnm inutrlli U U uiluj tn the cttnpalRn ivnd H > lftV h111 t omie tu him Cor Javors clllic < llr llv or InOlMxtly In this onneillnu lilt 111sllcllt 1roOrlc lu tilL leRlsUtlmi clIj 11111 1 htrnll1lfl rllrtIlllI lult1 tin lllK t two > uir AH dlsprovlrtR 41113 iiiikUlrtlletnN that flhInU nfl y xvwnld lit liinn tluni for thrtr rnntriliUtloiiit The htlloAlnjg nlntrmeiit wfl glvrn cUt nJ Hie White House today Tin loul wawni for Mr 3i II 3ltirrl inanw lnlrrFt In Ihe ctirtton ot thn slid 11klt In Xew Vorh In VJH refer enec to hJch WlliS mail In the com tninilciilloiis nliJih 1111 < I batwoccm him iind till lirenMctH vnn that he deBlicd to mUiniro his 0tt31 imbilKnu It IASII wutil flint Mi JJLrii mill ante I llm ixmlllon nf tMialor now Illled hy Mr bfpri and that this nain tlm jeftpon why h vn anxious lo linvo him ni polnle unihMsaador lo Iv rla TJiO In treIIe nt 11111 WhIte ItoUR from Mr 1TtrImiUs attitude xvus that 1C Srn AlOf i > jrfnv rotilit lie Induced to KO i1 Jlr111 I1lld 1 itlEphi WII IIarcd V appoint Mm lo the 1llInY IIA1JKI3IAN WONT TAIH JsVn Toik rt Irll tJ u llsirrlman Mrllni > d in in IK with iicnspnuer lelirr willultvrs v011 rJny Rbolll tlie ulatp inriH lint In h id beeii woikliig lar Ini OKII riftIt tI iiUnniiiiiiipnt In lk1tlr to liw Si imtoi Dtvpow 11Iollllell 111 bwiwiulur ti Prance Mr lIitTlinans nttuntlun WIU < culled to a ilipjmtPti fronv WciKlilnjrion on Hint HI bled hilt he could not be Itulupcd 1o talk nl > out it Mr rrmiltrmn HAH ankrl 1C he liml alDUiliiR to mid to Ills formal slat < inent and lie reviled Dont you think Ive raid ough3 Boennt tt look an ihonjh you hud tt liJft right on jour hand lie vus nslccd 1 dont tblnk f Vo not iiothlnB flue to ilt iliif Aopt tu attend to my btlKltlOBS1 U Shod 11 jour rfpiy la the president unrig out tuioilirr mnUiiionl iioiii him 1I1t1 iOlt inlVkc nu iUlillllonU sill It m 1117 That oulil < lepeni3 nn hal tlin pu Idem lOjolinUi na lint plciise ilont lItIElnll l < > tiny anj inoro ul > out IL lie replied Mr HitrrlniKri mill hi km v nol li tUg U iioout arcpoll thnt the jirralilent would take nleps O cornj > el Jjlnt to nnancr tIn nmstlons he rctused < o UIIUV T In hli rcctiil testimony bcore lilt cimiinlsuloii In this city JIo USIt Unclaimed nil knowledge ofJt p tlllon lielng JII < Hl with the camtntiton by lumber Interests the remt for the ealabllshniunt of A through frolshl lonto 01 PL the IIIU imS Hirrlmun HIICH AH U the complaints fro In lumber hppera Hint they could not ret the nillroada to liandlo till till lImber they wanted to send to market Mr Harrlmm said theio ia been a Brent dpal or ftelfjlit congestion In all pints oC the country AS VXVVJP IN NEW yonx New Voilt April 3 The publication of the UnnimnjiWebstor nnd noane vcltSlictmniiIIaTrlman corrcHpondenco wan wry widely discussed financial and political JrdtJtI today Tho statement Riven out hy Sir llarrlnmn lass night vns eaRCily read especially Iii Vnll street Mr Ilarrltnan was Ill today to be In oonanltatlon with several of his frleiulB presumably with lien of dellninir his tut urn attltUilo and course should the president made n re joJll1lqt In Ms Muteinont of last nigh Mot the Icnat Interesting portion oC Ylr llnril nj > ns presentatlon his side of the ronlioxersy cUM his atatemonL that he eould not vtlhdrau anylhinir wild In tlni leltw 1 < 3Ir VVchstcr ju vhkh lio deilirr that It was nt Uie mfiidcntH Kollcltatlon that ho ISO < I 1JQ4 fur the use ot tho tampalsn In Neu Torlc Mitn in KM and Uiat lio jresident nwecil If fotniil ne < cssirv I o appoint Heiuitoi Btpevr to the irn insysiiloiAhlp to rniner It wall de eUrcd In huiUlns circles flint light < oulil be 1led on lIme UPHtIon of ain miHii contrlliutlonx In 1004 1C tho books or the iiatlimal Itcpubllcan committee were thrown open Hurry S Now ot Indiana lit now aUitiR thalrman of tho cnimiilLte UMUUMAJTS HBIIOKS iiuiv N U t iit arnpcph n I C iiiir uj Jli mo IIL ioiM > l itouii tlto I rimriitloiK iiprM triitvps nli iflntlnu 11 ih < li iigiimim U tor anifadmciU < t tin RHEUMATISM if WORSE FROM YEAR TO YEAR The cause of Rlicmnatjijn as an excess oE uric acid in the blood brought 4 only Indigestion chronic constipation weak kidneys and a general slug islicon liLionof1be cntiic system Tho refuse ami waste suattcr oE the I j body ts tiot carried out as nature itiLctuls Imtislcrt to ferment and sour and U Reiterate ttric acid Tluch is absorbeiUnto the blood The first evidence of Rheumatism usually UtUcivatKlerinp pains in tbcsnuscles joints or ir tender sensitive plnce on 1he flesh These are often so slight that nothing Jr H tbotiglitof tbcia nnd they piss awayj lInt with cachrcctirrence tbe trouble becomes mote severe And ironi slight nanilcnng pains mid excited nerves j I Kucuiuaiisin grows tt > l > o painful and almost constant trouble The longer I i tliejsoison remains in tbclilood the firmer hold the trouble gets on the system ifJ EIcll day the ncid deposit fs increasinfTAtid the discase grows worse S from 3car1o year After awhile the joints become coated with a corrosive I i hubsEajice wbich seriously interferes with their working and movements q and sometimes they become permanently stiff and useless S S S cures Rheumatism by going clown into the U blood and attacking the disease tits head It S neutralizes the poisons and acids mid dissolves U S S tIle salts and irritating deposits making tile I II l II blood stream pure fresh nnd healthy S S Sis made entirely of roots 1lerbs tnt barks and U I PURELY VEGETABLE is therefore a safe remedy When the blood U has been purified byS S S t the paitis and aches pass away and tli cure is permanent Book on Rheumatism and medical advice free TfteSWJfT SPECFC ATLANTA GA a I AEkNtRDAIIX9RLNEWS I Certainty of Being I Correctly 4 FU U Dressed 7 t i I 1 U lieu buying n Siul it U very I j j important to laiow tlnit ths U style I f k cor reel tiplotlak tbjil llu re 4 d M iI BI niaj be no rjucsiinn bout Its tor J 1 ndncbi hi an pi uc t t I Thcac is HTfiit Mvurily ill a Ii < iardncr Suit nf ihe iianlutr i J j llcifl cvitninh that it is coi f i nct in blylc fabin uu1 luuvii t t Thc have ltci rtviiKn < il lviil as for ycnisi and ihi i icons j U I iC crcatioiih more iluw niim1i 1 that rcputuliun 3 n iL 111 h Sti I f 01 01I d m2ttl4 cfcSS i m Destroys Hair Germs I ij i Falling hair caused by germs at the roots of the hair Dandruff is caused by germs on the scalp Avers Hair Vigor J J NEW IMPROVED FORMULA quickly destroys all these germs keeps the scalp clean and healthy stops falling hair The New Kind Docs not change the color of the hair Ir JC AYER CO Manufacturing Chemists Lowell Mm Bouillcd BoveiiWH > ublte utlllilPS lilll Inlllohl Ut I 111 llflirlllR IjrfutC 1llO HCtiaC Juduiaiy t timmltw SiKjUlnn Snt tin storkUulilcrg nnil boml noldnn otrllr iiJs lie raid Hint the tim illty ut JnvcHtuiH lias hrpn Increased Joy Lhr Mppr lih iiMon und i nJer thrf > nt < IIi 1 lie PL Unoiisll hoslll eulslAlloi I HII bin I Iiv cotulniiwl Hint ilwi < ousrhl to II II jiubllf senlco Jai thai it oiiKliHo protect 1no Interests iiftl1 pcntle ittul nlo the Interests of 1I1e bondholders liml Mnckhiilckrs that It shililKl lililkc lini > < lbl < any rrliiU UUIL It should mulw Impo lUo nnj jtiara wnlcrJnp of torus md 1103 morn conditions Iliat cx HUU In Iho ncent HairlrndiLJiciuIca1 aa J nmv call It The Mil under dls usi = loii ho character Ized Ai drastic and revolutionary Tilt clocle licks hum time away ghorteitliiR ut > our lives each day Eat Jrlnk fmd 1 > o imrrj For Romo tUy you ivlll be vihcic You cant jret JJocky Moitntnln Tea JPx o simples riO Z C M L Drug Dept 112114 So llItl1 St WATCH IWSIAIKKVG Not lImO cheapest but niB 1 > cfct at MCCOltllho y Jit Alain St cojrrnuiiva WCCJAU F M nnil 100 hats chiller KftO Me flirty 6 U 2nd So Wlson Betel HMB 4 U PREPARING FOR BIRTH OF HEIR TO SPANISH THRONE Madrid AIM II ITIll Toynl i1cctC lust liHwetl with tlie details ot the ceru mOIlY ot the presentation of tho hero the Spanish throne at the moment < > C Its blcth iaj th ltthQ court oillclaj phall IJoI present also 1ho ministers th J xtsldentH oC the two clmmherH the snlfclita of the Golden fleece the eat liln Keneral the commlHslon of the A 1 1 turln and leprescutatlvig of the civil nuil ill lat7 corporation Member oi tlio dlplonuLtU corps Mil iilfj bi Invitnd to iitund the catcinun > 1C the thllil Is a boy tho JSpaiilsli Jliiff nIH bw hoisted on Hip pulaco and a M lule of 111 KUIIH vrlll bt flKiI 1C Il In ft gIrl a white Jlafc rlll l > o run up and n saluto It 15 Bull trill lid tlroil It 13ic event occurs ut night an electric Uglt In the tiitlonal colors will bo dhpUyil oil the palace 11 n boy mid ot ihllf Ichts tor n girL jlt us omiry decrees ordering a general amnesty tlm rolcatC of prlsoueia condcnineil for minor IrfnRcs tmd 1ho bcAlownl or ret rtirt ieiiHes and decorations upon arloua irisona Imr been iircjiared Tlic Uerte directs anintlon to UK jenmikuliJc publicity jilvcu In nCt oLd LMCO vtth the eliqiitJttc dC JjpanlHti oC tnt hI tlio tnttninto anilni ot lhl oynl ijunlly As liMn AS trident signs if nn > rojehlng confinement ace iiatlccil liusi InvJtcl to titl < nd tIme ceremony I nnst liistcn < the plUie the nwn ut Ired ju miJtanii svmL the VOIIUMI Hi tuurt drew They must vrnlt lu time antocliamlier until thw Infiint la pre pealed AVItli the Icnst poan > l delay ho nlj ilrcpsetl l and plaeeJ In n btis kll ptuudinc on u golden salver The king tataa till bo < lcet holflltij the child 111 Ills bands and tollovcd br members ut the loynl family cnter the salon wl1r llu prcstntiitloa ceiemony hI jeW Ilulblne tho veil ever UK irifitntH Dice tilts ItliiK says J pi e clt to you my beloved son or toiiKlilcr lIme heir to the thioiio oC Bllln the prlnc or prlncefcS oC ttiii as uilua lo whom rny ileai miouhc luu J ust jrlvcu birth Tliiii tlm mliilJtlcr of justice as < lio prlndlab notary ot 1ho tcaliu LPIU < MCI BH und views the dice of tlio child ami nil those ImlUd illc fuisL As Koon us tho prtaentatloH Is omlcd a Hclnnii lo Uuiii III Bung Ju the roaI bUicl DANNUNZIO DECLINES All OrT T Of 11MKW fOL1 lllgllt JXIftlHCH In South IIIUl Horn April dulidel1 1nllun210 ircordlns tu tlK1 MeHiaiuirlot has teru11 sill tT ol ItO lo ilcllur eight Lee inr Ct In South ACIlrlca In ntunliis lan I n 110 to hsM srI Liim lliit he lilt not wluli t < bravo Uio ccOmm1 tee a hoi far IIlnrs orr beIC ties or 1hc unh WIB voted dUlHt Tim infrctr WAS fotiRht nn the RIOUlllJ tlul nilxtikiiuirv tuKkty unda li < Mif IIh i n for n nRdle puiloiM eimiot lx > ur nllMl in tdu itt 1aat inifKmu mid Una iruinillmtlniia likely HOiiUl nrl < 1C tin1 eiliiiitlitnal wont eomprlMlDK nnao n I nrtstlim idllcjrcf In irltnis pans ut t111 rnuaitry Hhoiilil 1 t > j > lnwl In eoiurol at I hr aniMloiiiirr Boriwilpii Jli torn tlie edui < tlonnl noclclj 111 ft MiuilHKK In tlm niimbtr uf inlnlitnia nat Ut 1rlnelil topii It btlnir Rtionn ihAt 1I1r < Jin Hliout lKii > inemLvTr In ih > i injittin ilniMliPH ol tli coil itry ant lIlr nli nut 7 01 inltilutucx Tlie Micnnt > ulnltii nlrond > < iiuinlHT uvcr 2W nnJ Hill niimUiT u cui l inily fticreisiimg TAFT AND AMADOR CONFER ON PANAMAS RIGHTS Ill IUI1II II Ajirll 3 Sfiy Tift von r rinil wevivnil IIOUIN ycstuidny UUIIII Ticeldiiit Amailor und hoc lIf ktt AIIIIH Jlr Tuft iiRtLva that his coin nlNIII itupiiittn > t should niinrt 1tlclclI of Jliht ll nccfimlty rtiUlrud for r nil lg tliu cunul i Jnployca niul lint tin Ilituiir uliotild bf ImparlNJ Tlio iJfnal etijnisiduriers usaureil lnEolctf111 nutllor 1llHt lllM liteLitI4u 1111 protei HUB InnaninV rlKllt In ruisntIli HiiniKKllni nnil lunillllir kloIl Tlu tlio CEincil zniiu voulil IJI vlI l Mr Tat TISUI Inrurmcil Hint noimi III fitllnjr la iirnwilmit unions Pmia iiinn In iniUB or nho dMilnit1iiis inailn by thl lumniliulitnvr 1I1wt1 en Pnnamiitm i Hl Ainarlcuii n hit twtKn mill ovrn Jim I unilejiim eiiMilciyeB nut only rttaLILi HIK iiiuleki lilt In c it oral tJtllllllll Jlif rotary rul < l that hit InrolnllUI i inlulit iint IBIIH Unit ii attop would l > lint to tiny llUu IU < x Hi iindtlun ui Hitipoitntlon or ifi liiiiru MIHI 1KVliiu of ntrevlii hit Vu nut < IJlfll Sltllll I Hit ncijelAk lUcUirotl l1pItQtIQII = c c tlit the conntlon that tha Unlled I fj leg nm rcii on lblo umlcr tile trcuir wllh Panuntiu for cinltao lin 1 > III1 < nts to nrlvnlo jiroperty xrna untewvbtp Ke llstiiieil to many In stinceM of nll < ill Itatdihlp Inquired rip to the cost < > C th < > 4intirovctncnta ro iulicit and was InCorinod concornlnu tho loiiKlU and natuto ot tho nillrusua ICACPS jind other matters lio re < iu < aleil that each complaint regarding sanltHrj matters 1io 3iind on Its own merit mild promised to give thc mutter Ins close attention Tho secretary Jctt tonight for Havana U rQINU 1HIS1XKSS AGMV When my friend thought 1 wet n1 > out to take lenre ut thin Tiorlil on account of Indication nCTyallnellS nnd grencral ae1 > IIHv nrjtpa A A Chlsholin rJrca < lwcll X YI and when It looked ns If thee was no hope left I was persuaded to try Electric ISIttors and I rejoice to Sll s thnt thcj arc curing me Jllm now ilohi business Again ns or old and am stU gaining dallr Best of all tonic mudlcinca Guaranteed 1 > y Z C it r Drug Store SOc you will find friend Blitcher 1J p wU known end jccnlal phuo man at 3 om Ko IW Kcnyoit Hotel duilng ConCerciice RECLAMATION PROJECT rilM Onuln Iciiituni Wll 10 Op < in l So iiu Tlmo In liTlj Dull April ITlic UrsL BoYernracnit rcclnniailon project In Montana tlll b opmcd to settlement ajid the vi liter tuni cit on upon sonic date 1o be filed In 3uly It Is tlio 3Iimtley project a i cw miles oa tol Ullllns and npsiroslmatoly 30W acres wIll bo reclaim Information has liwn recd hero that eUi oratc prep4ritlnm havo horn mall Jor the or > utlon Stcy if the Interior nrAeli will be prcHPiit when 1ho nalerM II1I lRI V aro 101044 Into the tannlH ami laterals tlm IlutUlrj ivroject In July Hit heads of the xarJtniR fVpartmentH or the recUma tlon aorrloe from all purls of iho country wLU be Itl ° nt that stet oC ocntlnla will tuirtlcipiile In the ceremone and a general InillRtlon nlll be iMiiril to the IltI 7PII nt tlie Mate to lio present It in mid thnt niarl all the luni which thn Huntlcj project ivlll mclnlm ha already Iwen Ilunt1l nj > on bj net tiers VVAMS AXT rom JjW lea A1Ielcs April 4tn accordance With his inderanndiijc perfected eorrf thuS afit lbs city utlomey today TC tlitit the city council to enact nn aatl pool MillliiR low which It Ii unilcrstoiKl nlll end racIng nt Ahcot paik Tiie mrus lire urikh was Introduced wwm wVwot park n It s anneied hv the elu ass not JMWol to pajnape bccansu nS an afiroe nient bPtnpeirthi city jtuthorllleM ar < l tho iiit fiffklulj nlii > nbj thvn was to ba no Intntioriiee wltli rstiig until till seaS OU itiet closed had cnJed WALLS OF THE VATICAN Filly Yank II r ihe Iixiorlor 011001 lilp C London ruIlIA illsvatch from TIlm In that m janl of tIe csleiloj wnSl of the atlean colaii e1 j jct nlny o The full of tho wnll Iitroje the courtyard Delia Klttclla It vas planted nllh oraiiRn 1rera and nan the faiorlto bioin cnLde at Polls Leo XJll ST VINCENT VOLCANO It K Inikctlvo smcl ilie lalt Ha J3tC11 licit ninl HiltiRstoii St Vincent B W t April Si TumpecL Anderson who hAS just nado a study of use llton iC tho St Vincent volcano sijs the crater oC the volcano In inactive xcept for it 8inall illsohnrjra of steam In tivo places The ink li restored 1 lId xcisetatlon Is BronliiR uj to UI1 trill lade of JlftlJ feet An uxamlr illoii or the materials thrown out lurlne tho last citipiion ronflrmn tho conclusion PUt Jorlh In tin report ninth 11 Dr till irSOIl to the 3oyal Ueu rnphlcul ticcitIly In J 0i STANDARD OIL CASE Cunrl OrKrs S0 Cmuits In hlllht menU hlrlcUtii Out Chlcntjo April IAll tho renult oC 19 motions for dismissal of eminillill tho IndlctmcntA tijtultist till RtandQKl Oil company of India nu churjccd wltll aecepllne Illegal rutca on shipments of nil J dRO Ltindls today In the Lnltcd SlatiM illitrlct court ordered that asp of Uio counts should bo KtrlcUiii out 1n most Inilincefl ulioro 11113 inn Ilop8 for illsmlmul wero uphold tho cit loinevM for the Kovernmunt admitted Unit ihoriv had btejj cither A inlntuUu In tho Indictment or that Uioro wnu iiHnclhlnsr lacltlnR in thu uvWence Tha KovuinniLiit utturiii cxprcneeU hut I tile con corn at tlm dlyinlnsal of tIme SCO rniints AMnc thcrn mime Htlll in L nm la on which the Indlctmenta cuii htund IHUPXIS CSCTV ItU CU4IJJll l > y luiil apijuullnu AS Uioy uiiniol KICll huh UlHUdlMUt pOCIlUII Llf tilE fUt CIIr IS billy W woy to onto ileufniM lit Hut U 1 y lltuitonal r mcilu9 JJlrllC BH jCIIIII bj mimi Innuinxd tnn oIllllJn ot ill iuui ms lining iC the KUH 111 1111111 TuliP iII > < n thin uiliu li Jinuiii 41 JMI linvu ii rnriiiillnii minnil UI Inipcr tect hearliiK illIll when tt In enllrclj cio it peadtnii In tlm mull mid inilja Utu iiliiininiitlon can lih 1mm ken nut and thli tnliH lIAI ncil to lu nouniii < voniljlton ItmtilnB will ho liMn > p il fonnert nlno innH siltS of ivn inn Caused by PaUnli ulilili It ncitlilru but MII liitljimcil iindl tlun lit Iii mnroui surfmM We will 1Ic On UuiKlreii Dollam for liny taK < at Iio rnesu munfij by raturrli > Hint wiBiii be tnrta i > x bails CullinJI Cur HiKl fur liciiUr free r J UKNKV < co JcMdo Q HI ht rirugIsts 33c TitU Ifalit Hmliy iMIln tClr 10111111 lion PENBQSE BELIEVES I MEN ARE INNOCENT At First Thought Soldiers Had Shot Up Brownsville But Does Not Think so Now INTERESTING TESTIMONY Ilcnl lciiklo Traced COIHO It liil Ila 1ILd hit UItPt iIIIlJUld Xot Come rctnu nnlrllck WAiOhllstcn Vjirll Tfrstlmoin ai uiiUsunl luteiest nas Rlvou today in thc Bioflnsvlllo Jinc tlffaUou bcCoto time acnato committee on inllltajy aitaits the chlei iiItutBScs1 > alns inJ Charles YV roiiross wIre coniinnndoil Hie lot met BOldleia who mc iliuigcd with liar iug shot tt > the Tema city und Lloui H O ocUk wh 1I41Iaont to 1trowto rlllo l > y Geil McCnakoy cumninnder n C department of Texas to Spvustlgat facts connected with the shooting Lluut Lectio tiaccd tile coarse taken hit Ijullela Iliat DeneiuitoH houses In llroWhLpVillO nud tame to till OtilliPLPti tl1t1 t Hie bullets could not IHUC Ivccu mired by soldIers In the lairacks 31aJ Penpnae has 1Wtl notulttcj iy court tnnTllal on ehsirprs uC ueglcit ol duty while the wine iourtninrttal Eound tlij men ot the Tvcntytlfth Initmtiy VTPH gUilty jrollth tanillnB this SIiJ Peniovj osgertcc1 htll conllaonce now In the innvccnco of the men although at first lie thought theta uillj Mel Icinosis said lie nits imvuku whCl the tiring begin on the night of Aug IS 33o hcnnl tti pistol shoU irom the roid 3io thought In the vicinity < the guard house Ho testltlod lo sending Ciua Lyon with company D to patrol tile tovMv end of his return accompanied by Mayor Combe and lug brother foe Combe and of Ihclr state mont tluu soldiers had done the shooting the nitnesra MW Mayor Combo told him Jiotio oC the wen of the Ttven > tyntth liould be r rn > lttea to inter the 1 1n AS hovould not be responsible for nil action oE citizens toivarfl them This ati4 > llcd to olllctfrs ns veil as enlisted men nli ila > ov Combo said that till sight oC n uniform mlsht tntlnmv the people Mnj 3eiiroao snld lie rePlied that lit would allow none or his men to enter tlio town and neither vpultl lie allow a citizen to enter the garrison SlaJ Penrose said he llil not Ijellcrc his luoti hail clothe the ohuothig until 1ho followliiB niornlnir vvlicn Cnpt Mn k him fomxl 1l > Q clips and iholls outjildn the jrarilton wall nt tlio mouth of uliat Is kui > ni US die eOWUI alley The wit nrja dotnllMl his imcthiB vllli n citE tens comnilttoo on jim moinliif < > riiR H wbJI a dnrMiiil was ma < lu for thii surrender lo civil luilhorlllcs C time tier pcinttotH the attncl lie toM the Rommltteo that na Bonn HS the cullty men ould be illscotcred lie would surrender thorn and that In tho ineanUm lie 1011 tahltiK ocry jirecautlon to preen I SL recurrence of the l1r1nr Gymnastics clone cnn never gus that elasticity IMO uuri graceful fliruio iWeh comes l > j > lahlnn Holllstrrs 3 techv Jlountutn Tea 36 cents Tenor Tablet K C M Drug Dept VVICH n gPIH1W Not tha ctn > Hn tt Jiit 1hc best it Conahay M Main HI I 00 OD NEWS i I Uanr Salt rake City ROt rH llavo Heard It anti lrofitetl Tlierclii GIJj news travels foul and the thou and or hn l back aun rers In Salt Ij > h < City tin glad lo learn that prnmjit rellcr Js within their reach Munya lame wealc una aching back is bad no more thanks to Doans Kidney Pills Our rttlreus are telllngr the good ncivs > C thlr esprerice with the Old Quiik sr BernetJ Hrre ie an smraplo north reading ilrc A ClArk of 367 UVat First St SouUi Salt Lairs City Utah BBJH A Irlend did me x great hlmlnres when she not only recomcndcd Deans 1CI3 tiny pills but brought mo a part at it box limit she hntl at linme I wall sOt CorIng terribly with fcflckach and kl < l ty complaint and Wt nndt for any exertion around the hous 1 hail not UstI Doans Klitnej pills for more than a day ivhcn i foil relieved situ by the tlitift I Imcl uU n one hox not an ach II ora symptom of the trouble remained I For sale by 11I11 ilfiilore Pike ED cent F oKt rMllburn Co Buffalo N ew York sole agents for the United StatrJJ Reinenibir the name Don ns unil take no other Nasal CATARRH la all Ui tUze Elys Cream Balm CIMBWS i loollln4b j 11t lUxnucd wtinbrniB o 11 cam CitatrU ui drhM lAiy a coM la ll bud L1I1kI1 Cream Hal nu 1aC1 Iota the lIostrU2IpTtIh over tlio iKmbrana md IHLaorb til Ittlld li Im TOuhUe nrc l A cura otlovi III met Utylnjs ilciui prixliieaintcitni jirjeBlrc WctElant Drag C1l1 orb taLhi Cmlii Slit 10 < mti KIY UltOTUEnS t Warren tIcet NorVott SrKUAh CUOTUINC UAllGAINtt llunilrcilH It ilnt rnion intrto hnnfl Lalloriil Hull iiL l rsivcnctt Itnln Colt IncludIng MiKte iml blue eTltIJj 111101 1lllbNs All tilt latift styles hour hoco c < wertha tG4 1300 S1 4 TIII mm M i vn lmth U TlIg OP SiH Ltiei I Jvotle < i is Ailiiilnlnliiiltir Salt ot 1 HOIIl1 11rl < 4b xy1 is 1111111 Hh tlllll In 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weak shattered 3iervc = i must have something to strengthen nnd build tlicin back lo hcaltlu Dr llileV Restorative Netvine sa remarkable nerve tonic and f stimulant 3t strcugthcns the nerves relieves the nervous strain tIId influences refresh J11g bodybuilding sleep and rest E rsistcjit use seldom fails to relieve these aflltctions 1 was Ukon wall epileptic ills lied cl < s loCI In Im thiui 12 hours My fattier tent for oar inrally phisleJaJi tint ho cotlltl lo w UtU for mf and I grw worpo voty djr and nt lest tlir had three doctors wil1 me and 3 U Btlll srot worse REy father heart ol Dr JJllM mcdltlncs nrnl bouiclit a bottlf oi Keivlno nnd a box r > r Wtrvo niul llvir I IIR 1 had talieit only a few doses until fbcsJ1I to feel better IIk J2 boltlea sad It rod mq BovmJHiid well It has hoe n wOrth all tho vorlil to me I commenel it vvhoroAer t go You may liae Ibll usa llfoloiiK testimonial to 1ha jiiilt of your mtdlclnc for I nm rnjoyros tlia beat of health and fed thnt my life nnd health 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