The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington on December 9, 1987 · 21
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The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington · 21

Tacoma, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1987
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Local Comics B8 Take time B9 Television B1 1 The News Tribune B South King County Edition Wednesday December 9 1987 Sea-Tac area eyes cittyfraood Annex or Incorporate? Leaders mull options By Erik Godchaux The Newt Tribune ' ' Sea-Tac area leaders aren’t sure whether they want to annex into neighboring cities or become their own municipality They are sure of this: they’re fed up with high crime poor traffic management and King County's poor delivery of many other public services Petitions for incorporation are now being circulated in neighborhoods around the Seattle-Ta-coma International Airport But leaders of the effort stop short of wholeheartedly endorsing incorporation as the solution They say forming an incorporation group is the only way to get a county-financed study of needs and services in the area Once valid petitions are submitted to the county the next step toward Incorporation is a needs and services study of the area requesting incorporation according to Sea- Tac leaders "We're not ruling out the annexation option" said Gene Tonnemaker a member of the Sea-Tac Community Council and proponent of the effort for an identity change “We want to be part of an incorporated city We can’t determine what our needs are until we get this study done by the county” “We didn’t intend to go with a City of Sea-Tac (group)” added Barbara Blake another supporter The imposed area is bounded on the north by South 128th Street on the south by the Dee Moines border on the east by Interstate S and on the west by Des Moines Way as it turns into Washington 509 About 88000 people reside in that area Kent and Tukwila officials have said only that they're Interested in discussing the annexation idea but have made no commitment Des Moines has said it would be Interested in talking about annexing a part of the area Some residents in two neighborhoods within the Sea-Tac boundary however have recently ex- pressed interest in Joining the City of Des Moines The two proposed annexations stretch 28 city blocks to the north of the existing Des Moines boundary and east to Interstate 5 The Des Moines City Council will bold a special meeting on these and two other annexation requests on Nov 17 at 7:30 pm in city hall That worries Tonnemaker who said he didn’t know about the newest Des Moines annexation request which is being organised by Anna Bjorneby “I still would hold out that they haven’t seen what we’re really talking about” 1 Those seeking to Join Des Moines said they don’t want to be involved in a Sea-Tac cityfaood campaign -because they believe other cities can provide public services at considerably less than what building a new city from scratch would cost Blake disputes that argument saying the existing property tax base — and rates — can more than pay for substantial increases in many public services But the added she's using preliminary Please see Sea-Tac B2 Incorporation backers launch effort in FWay ' By Stuart Eskonasi Tbs News Tribune About 50 people who support turning Federal Way into a city gathered Tuesday for a pep rally of sorts to root for volunteers and money for the reborn campaign Supporters — who’ve aligned under a committee named Fedep - al Way First! — have marked early 1989 si when the Incorporation plea will again be put before the voters Citixens defeated similar measures in 1985 and 1981 - “The question of incorporation 'has come up before and is still coming up because the problems - are still here and tbevYe getting bigger and bigger said Ros Jennings chairman of the 1985 In- corporation committee - r Jennings said he had hoped for a larger turnout for the inaugural meeting of the 1989 committee but that a lot of supporters had : expressed by phone that they couldn’t attend "December is a busy time of the year” he said Maryann Mitchell chairwoman ' of the 1989 committee said 17000 to 89000 needs to be raised by spring to update demographic statistics and promote the cam- paign Those attending Tuesday’s meeting we’re handed a form in which they were asked to contrib- ute to the cause through dollars or Please see FWay B2 You’ve heard of top-heavy trees? Showing holiday spirit Pierce County fire- moving Tuesday when his truck flipped Trees fighters and others pitch in to restack some of had to be removed before righting the vehicle the 150 noble firs Charley Burton right was Burton’s truck was loaded with a harvest from his Bear Canyon Tree Farm In Morton when It toppled at the East 104th Street ramp entering Highway 512 near Puyallup Rail-link backers may renew their bid By Mika Merritt The Newt Tribune SEATTLE - The state Rail Develop-ment Commisslon may be asked to reconsider its rejection of $1 million in state aid for a proposed commuter rail link between Pierce and King counties But one Tacoma official City Councilman Tom Stenger said the rail link is doomed unless King County’s Metro exits from any role in the project Stenger claimed Metro is trying to grab regional control of new transit projects “The other transit agencies don’t like the fast stuff they’re trying to pull on the rest of us They’re Just not trusted” Stenger said King County backers of the project met privately Tuesday in an effort to put the derailed project back on track No decisions were readied but some key members of Metro’s commuter-rail task force said they favor making a second appeal to the state rail commission The state commission refused to supply 1 million for the project two weeks ago Gary Grant King County Council chairman said he favors making a new bid to the rail commission before the Legislature meets in January He said the rail project’s merits didn’t get a fair hearing at the commission’s Nov 25 meeting "I’d like to see what the (commission’s) questions are and see if there’s any way of changing their position” Grant said “The South King County rail project is not going to die Some people on the rail commission have strong reservations Some of us want to see what their problems are” The rail commission turned down a bid by King and Pierce county transit agencies fer funds to conduct needed engineering and environmental studies of the five-year demonstration commuter project King County’s Metro had proposed a rail link between Auburn and Seattle costing about $1016 million and Pierce Transit was studying an extension south to Tacoma In an effort to broaden the support for the rail project King County officials also sought about 83-4 million to carry out preliminary research for a regional light-rail system serving Pierce King and Snohomish counties planned for the year 2020 But opponents including state Rep Ruth Fisher of Tacoma as well as the state Department of Transportation argued that the rail commission should first decide on statewide passenger and freight rail policies before recommend- tag money for local projects The commission isn’t due to complete Its work until early 1989 delaying the commuter-rail project to 1991 at the earliest The chairman of the Metro task force which proposed the rail project said he doesn’t support making an appeal directly to the state Legislature without an endorsement from the rail commission Please see RaM B2 Pierce plan for garbage irks Auburn City feels beleaguered by King County too By Dan Voelpel Tbs News Tribune Auburn at first glance appears consumed with its battle against King County efforts to build a garbage burner in or near the south county city But from its flank Auburn has encountered a new foe — Pierce County which professees a similar fascination with Incineration as the best method to devour its waste Pierce County officials have discussed sharing an incinerator with King County and one of King County’s primary sites for an incinerator is near Auburn Auburn officials fear because of their city’s location that if they lose the battle with the two counties Auburn residents will suffer the negative health and environmental effects burnt trash creates Consequently Auburn has filed an objection to Pierce County’s 20-year what-do-we-do-with-our-gar-bage plan The plan more formally named the Pierce County Solid Waste Management Plan still is a draft document but emphasises garbage-burning as a primary goal along with recycling waste reduction and continued landfilling - Mary McCumber Auburn city planning director said Pierce County’s claim that no formal environmental review is required violates state laws because the county is committing to burning some of its garbage “Our position is that the whole Incineration technology and the environmental impacts related to it need' Please see Auburn B2 ‘Magic’ pickers get low seeking mushroom high By Michael Gilbert -The News Tribune Those people seen crawling around in recent weeks through the new grass along Ruston Way aren’t looking for lost contact lenses They’re after “magic” mushrooms hallucinogenic tidbits that sprout from grass fields throughout the Pacific Northwest each year when the weather turns cool and wet Al Rasmussen Tacoma park police director said dozens of people have taken to their hands and knees in local parka and golf courses in search of the illegal mushrooms The strip of grass along Ruston Way near Les Davis Pier seems to be especially popular he said “Everybody seems to be coming down to do it” Rasmussen said Fanciers prise their main ingredient psilocybin a natural poison that can cause druglike hallucinogenic or psychedelic reactions if eaten “Most people experience a sense of hilarity or a general feeling of well-being” said Michael Beug senior academic dean at The Evergreen State College and a published expert on wild mushrooms “The effects Please see Mushrooms B2 The steelhead: a mythical fish that hooks the gullible ITJk o you want to be a hard-core North westerner? 1 01 want to be “one of the guys” down at the corner tav? Here’s the Seeley guide to mastering the Northwest art of “steelheading” - Don’t worry You won’t have to deal with any dead fish A while back I made a revolutionary discovery that’s been part of Northwest lore for centuries and which is only Imparted to newcomers as a rite of passage to “honorary native” status: There is no such thing as a steelhead There Is only “steelheading” a game played in the rain Let’s take a look at the “steelhead” Supposedly a steelhead is a rainbow trout that goes to sea then conies back Anybody who’s spent as much time as I have stalking the wiley rainbow with a No 14 Ginger Quill ought to have enough respect for the critter's Intelligence to question things as soon as he hears that absurd claim I mean here’s Mr Trout having grown to about 8 inriips which means he’s no longer potential dinner for his neighbor He lives in a pristine mountain pool surrounded by beautiful trees and rhododendrons Dinner floats down to him on a regular basis in the form of tender mayflies and caddis flies tasty ants and crispy beetles That good-looking Ms Trout lives only a few rocks away Now we are asked to believe that our finny friend would leave thta Clearwater pristine paradise to swim through various industrial effluvia in the Duwamish or the Puyallup and out into the gray and polluted Puget Sound where lurking behind every murky cloud of sewage-plant discharge is a 20-pound salmon thinking our young trout would make a pretty good lunch No it doesn’t wash And sure enough once you’re onto the trick you can find proof wherever you seek it For example when someone says he was steelheading last weekend ask him If he caught a steelhead He will admit that he didn’t That doesn’t mean he didn’t go steelheading though Steelheading is a ritual of passage a sort of Northwest bar mitzvah Here’s how it’s played First you decide which team you want to play on the “plunkers” or the “drifters” Then you wait for a cold and rainy day Snow or sleet is even better In any event the game is called in case of sunshine You stake out a spot on a river bank Remember position is everything If you’re a plunker you want to be upstream of as many drifters as possible or vice versa You especially want to be upstream of opposite team members who have decided to make “steelheading” a family sport They are easy to spot Look for women and children huddling around fins You stand by the river with a fishing pole Periodically you check your fingers by unscrewing a thermos lid When your fingers won’t perform that task on command you’ve earned the right to begin a scream “One on!” and begin a mad dash downstream fishing pole held high You get points for scattering players leaping campfires tangling lines and spilling coffee of opposite team members After a while you hike back up to your spot saying “got off” After a half-dozen trips to “steelhead rivers” I had lots id points but I began to wonder why I was spending so much time on the read After all it’s Just as cold and rainy in my back yard So I set up a “steelheading” situation right at home Here’s what I did First a little background For the past four winters I lived in a tarpaper shack The stove and water heater are propane-fired Two years ago I moved the propane bottles to a position right under the eaves There are no rata gutters On dark and stormy nights Til be taking a shower when the water changes from toasty warm to Just-above-ice This is the sign that it’s time to go “steelheading” I Jump out of the shower and dash to the front door wet and clothes-less Out Into the wind and rata I go wading through the puddles in my bare feet which look blue in the light from the kitchen window I reach the propane tanks Standing under sheets of water cascading off the roof I try to get the bottles changed before all feeling leaves mv fingers If I succeed I get a warm shower If I fail I get “steelheading” prints and an excuse to stay home from work for a few weeks with pneumonia A lot of people don’t believe me when I say I go steelheading right in my back yard but I have a simple way of making them shut up I Just print out that I catch as many steelhead as they da Ralph Seeley’s column appears Mondays Wednesdays Fridays and Sunday h '

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