The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1956 · Page 26
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 26

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1956
Page 26
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO 2—Algona (Id.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, January 31, 1956 Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif. — We'd stack Brodcriek Crawford and Doug Kennedy up against ;my of thr old-time, early-west gunsling- crs and back 'cm to out draw the host of tin 1 lot: --- Of course, we're fairly safe in making such an assertion. Most of the men who helped populate the early West's "Boolhills" have long since ceased to be interested in disproving such claims! In fact, many of them didh't enjoy their reputations long enough to get a good start on a personal press-book. Gun fighting titles changed hands faster than :i two-dollar bill at I lie Las Vegas craps tables. The new six- gun champ generally celebrated by rinsing the gunsmoke out of his mouth with a little of the stuff that makes jack-rabbits kick side-winders out of their paths. John Haag In those days, the Grade-A mountain dew had authority. After two or three drinks, the new Dcadeye Dick would discover that every man in the guzzling emporium had a twin brother. This always proved a trifle embarrassing if he had to defend his new title right away. Even when he beat his opponent to the draw, he invariably drew down on the ethereal "twin- brotht.r" while the real challenger used his vest buttons for clay pigeons. Ronald Gardner But, we digress. If Brod Craw- IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACI IOWA ie CLEAR LAKE FRI., FEB. 3rd No. 1 Old Time Band WHOOPEE JOHN SAT., FEB. 4th DON HOY & ORCH. TUES., FEB. 7ih Western Jamboree Square Dancing every hr. DUDE RANCHERS Ladies: Free Men: Sl.OO WED., FEB. 8th Teenage Dance COUNTRY CLUBBERS TUES., FEB. 14 Sweetheart Ball JULES HERMAN & ORCH. Featuring The Four Lads LEAP YEAR ANCE BANCROFT WED., FEB. 8 Last Dance Before Lent For Booths—Call 4101 lord and Doug Kennedy are specdballs when unlimbering frontier hardware, it's no accident. A young army of experts can take bows right along with them. There's the wardrobe man who lies olT their holsters at just the proper height for a fast draw, the special-effects men who filed down the triggers until u sudden sneeze might touch olT the artillery, the property man who weakened the powder charge in the blanks to permit close-range fireworks and. last but far from least, the coach thai M-G-M has hired to teach Brod and Doug the gentle art of blast in}, the daylights through the otjier fellow's gizzard —- before lie can complete his draw! Mrs Gary McDonald All this preparation is being made in the interests of Arts and realism for a film tentatively titled "The Fastesl Gun Alive." In Ibis picture, Crawford and Kennedy stage the fastest bit of gun-, play to zip across a screen in some lime. Which is somewhat of an accomplishment in a community where six-gun coaches seem to be issued wilh every ten-gallon wardrobe-hat. We sincerely hope lhat this action wasn't too fast for the cameras. After all these long hours of practice, it would be a shame if the boys'had to go back and do their gunfighting over, once more, in front of a slow-motion camera. It would be ironic if, after perfecting the speediest ot draws, they had to learn to draw more slowly to make sure that the audience could see how fast they were. Cornelius Larson Director Russell Rouse, who directs this new Glenn Ford starrer, builds up suspense until even the extra players, blase vel- erans of scores of "epic" six-gun duels, seem to sense the electric tension that hovers over the gunfighters. Like Glenn Ford, Brod has his own gallery while working in close, individual shots. Th'.; younger players crowd the sidelines lo watch. And, they're never disappointed by either star. The Ford and Crawford artistry always affords lessons in practical histrionics that are of great value to any studenl of stagecraft. Don't be surprised if, in u few years, every film,you see will have at legist jono male actor whose mannerisms ""bear a startling resem- 'bJance to those of Glenn or Brod. Waller Pelerson Romance In Modern India Douglas Kennedy, with his years of fine performances, is an excellent easting choice for the highly dramatic gun-duel sequence with Brod. Between Crawford's offbeat characterization of the cold-blooded killer and Kennedy's death scene, the young Thespians who watched were given a rare treat. They were privileged to .see practical workaday histrionics thai doparr from conventional theory to employ little personal tricks of effect, drawn from the years of experience. And, don'l forget the drama students a n d Little Theatre youngsters who'll sec this film on local screens. Who knows? "The Fastest Gun Alive' may set Stanislavsky back twenty years with the performances of Glenn Ford, Brod Crawford and Doug Kennedy! Paul L. Richardson and family of near St. Joe and Mr and Mrs George Streit and family of Whittemore. Mrs Edith Taylor and her daughter-in-law, Mrs John Taylor and daughter Debby of Toronto, Canada arrived Tuesday • for a several week's visit wilh the former's daughter, Mrs Dennis Behounek and family. Those from here who attended C. D. of A. guest night and supper at St. Joe Thursday evening were Mr and Mrs Francis Murphy, Mr and Mrs Richard McKenna. Mrs Johanna Smitn, Mrs Clyde Smiili, Mr and Mrs Alvin L.enertz, Mrs Mike Kiscii, Mrs Harold Roethlcr, Mrs Gene- vievc Weydert and Mr and Mrs Henry Strunc. Kathy Cron, baby daughter of Mr and" Mrs Dick Cron, who was a patient for two weeks at the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge, has returned home. Frank Hundetimark, who has been a ill at his home, is a patient at the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mr.--, Herb Cox and daughter of ''Minnesota visited last week here with her sister, Mrs Clifford Raker and her in other. Nick and Mike Altman. They came to attend the wedding of her nephew, Merlyn Altman, and Susanna Richard Burton and Lana Turner share a romance of earthshaking dimensions in Twentieth Century-Fox's Cinema- Scope spectacular "The Rains of Ranchipur" opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. A laic of modern India, the De Luxe color film also stars Fred MacMurray, Joan Caulfield, Michael Rennie and Eugenie Leontovich. SIX WINNERS Be sure lo read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to the CinemaScope spectacular, "The Rains of Rancni- pur," playing Sunday and Monday at the Algona Theater. Just give your name al the box office. Men Of Parish At Livermore Sponsor Party Livermore — The men of Ihe Sacred Heart Parish sponsored a card parly in the parisl> hall Wednesday evening. Bridge, five- hundred and other games were playecl. Over 80 attended. High prize in bridge went to Mrs Joe Sanders and high in 500 went to Mrs William Erpelding. Tin door pri/.e went to Neal Hunifan Refreshments were served l>y the commitlee composed of William Erpelding, Jerry Weydcrl. Daryl Baker, Mike Kisch, Clarence Eisenbarlh, Alvin Lenert/., Lylf Nelson, Cecil Williams and Francis Murphy. Art Club Hostesses Mrs L. E. Kay, Mrs R. W Beardsley, Mrs John Olson, Mr.; Leon Miller and Mrs Edith Johnson entertained the 20th Century Club at a ten o'clock coffee at the home ot Mrs Kay Tuesday morning. B A Z A A St. Michael's Parish, Whittemore SUNDAY, FEB. 5 ROAST BEEF DINNER AT 5 P.M. Adults-$1.00 Children-SOc Minnesota & CO. Aus , n GIO. A. ona - tions in sheep care i Delta Dek Club Mrs Jessamine Miller entertained the Delta Dek Club members and Mrs Carl Undcrberg and Mrs Martin Miller, Friday afternoon. After the luncheon auction bridge was the afternoon's entertainment. High prize went to Mrs Francis Murphy, second high to Mrs Karl BiVessfer and traveling prize to Mr.s.Jdf* Sanders. Frog Mrs Hollow Club James Trau and Mrs Earl Detmcring. ,cr and 'Mrs John O. Harisen were hostessed to the Frog Hollow Club members at the Trauger home Thursday afternoon. They observed the anniversaries of Mrs Arlo McGowan, Mrs William Murray^ < i Birthday Surprise • • '''] Clyde Smith was pleasantly' surprised Tuesday evening on his 1 birthday when relatives dropped in on him with a pot luck supper. , Mr and Mrs Richard Thul un,OJ family of Algona, Mr and Wrf Allen Folh and lamily, and Mr and Mrs Richard Folh and family went lo Ihe home of Iheir patf- ents, Mr and Mrs George toll),} Thursday evening and helped' celebrate their 41at wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs George Davis and Mr and Mrs Tommy Davis HUM son were Sunday aflernoon vis!-' loi'h and supper guests at the. home nf Mr and Mrs Robert Davis near LuVerne. Mrs Robert White entertained Mr and Mrs Lorcn Holmes, Mr and Mrs Harold Frederick and DcVeine Holmes and three children at a party al her home Tuesday evening in honor of Ihe birthday of Mr While. Mr and Mrs Alvin Lencrlx attended a card party at I.lie Kd. Thifgis home near St. Joe Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Elmer Gronbacn and Vernun Fidel-lick attended the Grain Dealers convention al Des Mointiii i;;.-;t week. Edward Bla.sen of While Lake. S. D., who had been visiting Ins uncle and aunt, Mr and Mr., Sylvester Fuhrmann aivl lit the Lenert/ homes, K-fi Saturday for Tex.'> where he will lie employed during '.he winter months. Mr and Mrs Ed Kronber.L; nf Kei-'tcr, Minn, called Sunday morning al the Art Vaudt home. They came to nieel their son, who arrived here Irom Okinawa. He accompanied Francis lierle home'. Marilyn Vaudt is conti hei home. S!u« tore the h,^ in her U'.si while playiiu; ball \vitll Gillnole (Jli.V Little Nine Verne. Shi d to aii: .Til.; l>,i.-i,"i- in li.e lourniimenl a! Lu- has the leg in a easi. lor i ;- K:;mri:> Her .stationed at O .-;x months ;'i' p.:.-.l 1 -i nii'iitl'.s, ;,rri V'.'d S'Hnl.iy morning lor a Uti-day I'urlough. Mr and Airs K:iymoiul Hi Tie and Mr- Anna lle.rle went to DC.- MoilK':, ill HH'.'t i'.llli. Ed Hoover of Bode, father «l .Mrs Edward lianseit p.i.-.M.'d a\va. Saturday OAVIUIIL; .ii a nuis.r. ; in Humljoldt. lie patient for t u o wi.vk previously in Foil D«ULV pilal. 1'UiH' MTviiv.-> Ti:,-.-da.v allel ln.o:i at th.- l hei an el iiiri'ii in lj : ide. I ."in* Clan.-, w:m >A as ill l.n I In 1 i; .tun a. i I J. an M i <• Si: , ;• d ,'.IL,:. 1( : .- nl Ml anil M (..".(•' a-, S: : i ,t i>l ;;.-ar St. J ie v: i! i-.! '..::• '. \\ :•<•',•. '.Vl!h tlmir :4I ail'!':,. ' :!.e: . Mr- .\n:::i H"; !.• ..nd t'.. .. ,:;,!:!. A-Ih - He. te iJ.nni . L-ue- 1 ., Sunda . .1' ; • Mi' .urn , I.i. rt.- iv,:i:e '.-,; , .. PLANTATION WHITTEMOHE,' IOWA Friday, Feb. 3 Jolly Lumberjacks Sunday, Feb. 5 TONY BRADLEY i Friday, Feb. 10 FRANK BUHR Sunday, Feb. 12 DON HOY No Dances During Lent No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Starts Sunday ! of emotion... shattering all harriers of race and , time! ! Mi'.- (.".< !,i .v . ' LANATURNER RICHARD BURTON FREDMacMURRAY JOAN CAULFIELD MICHAEL RENNIE Eerie at St. Joseph's church Tuesday morning. , Mr and Mrs Elmer Gronbach, Mr and Mrs Herman Gronbach, Mrs Dolores Christensen, Mr and Mrs Robert Gronbach and Mr and Mrs Marvin Gronbach attended a farewell party Tuesday evening in LuVerne in honor of Mr and Mrs Earl Gronbach, who arc moving to Minnesota. Mr and Mrs Paul Erpelding and, family and Mr and Mrs Peter Bormann were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Howard Bormann near Algona. Mrs Clifford Baker entertained the Just For Fun Club members Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon was spent in playing auction bridge. High prize went to Mrs Martin Miller, second high to Anna Altman, and traveling pri/e to Mrs Elmer Gronbach. Mrs Herman Gronbach will be the next hostess. Mrs Dolores Christenseri entertained a few children and Mq and Mrs Elmer Gronbach and Mr and Mrs Robert Gronbach at her home Monday afternoon in honor of the sixth birthday of her son, Mike, LEDGERS, LEDGER SHEETS, columnar books nnd bads, general faonkkeeping supplies. Many forms carried in stock, and quick service on those w« may not have. Upper Des Moines, in the NEW newspaper building, Algona, la ALGONA© From the Thrilling Beit Selling Novell . . . . NOW THRU THURSDAY -3 DAYS — ALGONAjrv Friday & Saturday BETTY FIELD HARRY CAREY Plus 2nd Hit The TRAIL Of The IONESOME PINE v Color by TECHNICOLOR ;. A PARAMOUN1 RE RfltASt -" '.' ' With Henry Fonda Sylvia Sidney "You didn't mind him touching you! You let everybody see how much you liked it!" Scarlett and Jezebel has the South produced such a woman! AT LAST! The story of that town called Pompey's Head and its "very respectable" people! 2Oth Century-Fox presents VIEW POMPEYS HEAD ,COLOR by DE LUXE , RICHARD EGAN DANA WYNTER CAMERON MITCHELL wilh Sidntv lloikmtr • Piodvltd. Dlrtcltd ond WHIlin lot ISi bj PHILIP DUNNE Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co, BARRY'S Monday Men Bode Billiards Miller High Life KCs Moose Bode D-G Clark Grain Schulte Rec. Don's Phillips 60 .. Tuesday Men Hainrn's Moose ________ _______ Paul Seeley Farms _ Russ & Ky's Petersen's Cafe Barry's National Guard Mixed League- _______ Cowan Motor Court Chrome Cafe _____ .. K and E Coast -lo-Coast ...... W .-.41 ..41 ..40". .3!) '-23': -19 ..If! W .39 ...:J7 .35 ..33 ..34 .31 ..26 .-14 ...W- L 19 22 22' : 24 44 45 L 24 2(5 28 27 29 32 34 49 -..L. 0 Big Four 2 Phonies 2 Number Four 1 Algona Produce I HAWKEYE LANES Action in the annual city handicap bowling tournament wound up last, weekend with entry lists in the four events shuttering all previous records. There were 42 teams, GH doubles teams, 122 singles and fa'8 all-events entries. Winners were Don Smilh, Sr., ;;l]-rvuits; Cliff Benschoter and Bud Briggs, doubles; Julie Baas, singles; and Conoco Service, teams. Top Five All-Events Don Smith, Sr. 1HG9 Norm Gadc lilHO Hul Lori" 1837 Whitey Voigt 1K24 Louis Lvnk 1H03 Top Five Singles Julie Baas G81 Jack Haag 675 Stan Black 65li Jerry Ferris lib!) Don Winkel Out! Top Five Doubles Cliff Benschoter-Bud Briggs 1247 Tom Foi burger - Ed Weig 1245 Marv Calhoun-Louis Lynk 1241 Hal Long-Stan Black " 1235 Loren John.son-Duwey Shilling 1234 Top Five Teams Conoco Serv. 3050 llamm's 2998 SeverT-Up 2950 Hub Clothiers 2932 Pioneer Seed Corn 2913 Baas -fired a 627 scratch series and 237 line: Jack Haag had a (iOO series count: Bill Johnson topped all single line efforts with a 252; and Hank Geih-nfeld was next in line with a 238. The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing Co. <VND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, ^oo. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly & 12 E

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