The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1956
Page 17
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fine Act Plays LuVerije High tu Verne — Three one act Lu school In the school audi- n Wednesday evening, Jan 25 under the direction of Mr Thoiflafi McLaughiirt. ''Nobody Sleeps" with person- Bra^S±rlSr P ^K « «-— r an d R u th Ann'Hin z On A Bench," person~-— v ..,.. w ,i rlGduGl. JOG Dor\vpi1pr Bonnie Fett and Eldon Reddel ' Yours and Mine," personnel •««— Tobey, Sandra Mc- v ,c -r, "P® 6 *"' Kunkel and Kathryn Bockes. Musical numbers between acts- girls sextette, Carol Kinne, Janice Heine, Myrna Northrop Marilyn Zentner Linda Sorensen, Vera Hanselman, accompanied by Mrs Ray Stone. Boys quartette Larry Henderson, LeRoy Weber. P.°2??^,?f k .er, Eldon Reddel u. Marilyn Zentner :y Dwayne Tobey iur.. eY~ J£ ne accompanied Mrs Stone. The musical num- " TT5 di £ ected b y Mrs Wil- i^ittiejohn, music instructor. Honor Roll Announced The six weeks honor roll of the LuVerne high school is as follows seniors, Donald Baker, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Sandra McLaughiin, Myrna Northrop, Monte Oxley, Linda Sorensen Juniors, Annette Braynard. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselman, .Gerald Larson and freshmen,*De* lores Leek. The semester honor roll is as follows: sentors, Donald Baker, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Sandra McLaughiin, Myrna Northrop, Linda Sorensen juniors, Katbryn Bockes, Annette Braynard, Janice Heine. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselman and freshmen, Delores Leek. Perfect attendance for semester: seniors, Vera Hanselman, Suzanne Harper, Myrna Northrop, Jerry Patterson Linda Sorensen. Juniors, Kathryn Bockes, Janice teine, Dwayne Tobey. Sophomores, Audrey Hanselman, Gerald Larson and Mary Toohey. Freshmen, Gerald Awe, Robert WHY NOT enjoy a real PROFITABLE RETURN ON EVERY DOLLAR THAT YOU CAN SAVE! Every dollar you can put away should be bringing you the liberal return all of our savers receive regularly. Save any amount at any time...earn extra profits with insured safety. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY! HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN' ASS'N. Awe, Jane Darby, Howard Eis ehefi, Marilyn Frost, Geraldine Gregory, Mafvin Maass, Eldon Myers, Sandra Patterson, Elaint RoCkwood and Rebecca Striping Canasta 8 Met Canasta 8 were guests Monday evening in the home of Mrs Harry Lichty. Mrs Arthur Dimlei and Maurine DeWitt were guests and substitute players. Two tables were in play with awards Maurine DeWitt, Mrs Duane Neal and Mrs Dimler, At the close of play Mrs Lichty served refreshments. Recent Bride Honored Mrs Cleon A. Prestholt recent bride, was honored with a shower held in the LuVerne high school after school Wednesday afternoon. Hosts were members of the faculty, who presented to her a gift of a steam electric iron and served refreshments. Mrs Prest- holt, the former Janice Kuhlers was married Saturday, Jan. 21. She is teaching sixth grade in school here. Birthday Club Hostess Mrs Hugh Shirk entertained :he Birtday club in her home Thursday evening. Mrs Bertie C. *amus was a guest. Mrs C. B. luff has been welcomed as a new member. The birthdays of Mrs S. R. Baker and Mrs Adam Zwei- fei were recognized and each received a gift. At the play of bridge honors Mrs Cecil Bake and Mrs Zweifel. At the close o the evening, Mrs Shirk refreshments. Builder'* Permit Pees .. 450 Liquor Tax— Partial .... 2,000 Unencumbered Balance 3,500 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation General Expenses ..— ,.20,000 Total Allocation __j.._^ Street Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes fnrtn Co. Treas, —19,000 Transfer from Util. —..15,000 State Road Use Tax ____ 18,000 Unencumbered Balance 13,000 cut-b & Gutter Assm'ts 19,000 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation . . . Const., Maintenance ...W.OOO Snow Removal .. ...... 5,000 Total Allocation ......... Public Safely Fund ' afel ed Revenue 'Anticipate Taxes from Co. Treas. 31,800 Liquor Tax— Partial ... 2,900 Fire Calls, 'etc. ...... „_ 1,000 Unencumbered Balance 6,518 „ Utilities— Liability . Ins. 1,282 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation ' Police Dept. — ^ ___ ..... 31,800 Fire Dept. . .......... ... 8.000 Liability Ins .......... . 3,000 Total Allocation 20,000 84,000 84,000 .*'• *** 42,600 Sanitation Fund 42,500 served Since 1917 Algona Iowa fettomaaomoa<»»s£omc^^ DELIVERY POOLS ARE STARTING NEXT WEEK! We will have extra PIONEER HYBRID seed corn on hand at delivery points to take care of additional needs. CALL FOR YOUR PIONEER CORN PROMPTLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR CARD I Pioneer Proved Itself Outstanding In Performance Again In 1955 Eugene Kollasch „_ Bode Wm. Martinek __„ Wesley / ' Walter Vayclt Whittemore T. O. Johnson Swea City Harold Jones Swea City Aaron Steussy Algona C, 1. Bailey _ _. Algona R. I. MqwdsJey T Algona Mrs Charles Hanselman Jr was hostess to the Bid N Byi bridge club at her farm home Thursday evening. Mrs Jon Nel son was a guest of the club. A play at two tables, honors, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Jack Harris. Re freshments were served at the close of play. • _ Mr and Mrs George Johnson had as dinner guests Wednesday, Mr and Mrs Henry Geis, St Paul, Minn., Mr and Mrs Alex Miller Mason City, Mr and Mrs Leonard Ellertsen Northwood Mr and Mrs Erwin Ellertsen, Emmons, Minn., Mr and Mrs Henry Miller and Dennis, Mason City. Mr and Mrs Orville Anderson, Corwith, Mr and Mrs Dick Johnson and Suznnne, Ames. The Johnson family were having a 'arm sale that day. They move :o a farm they purchased near Hayfield Minn., this March 1. Mr and Mrs Henry Geis of St. Paul, Minn., are visiting their on-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lewis Merkle. Mrs Anna Woodsen of Fort 3odge visited the past week in he home of her granddaughter, VIr and Mrs Ray Agard and Children. Ronald Martin, freshman at Buena Vista college, Storm Lake pent the past week*in the home of his parents, Supt. and Mrs B. E. Martin. It was the betwee:< terms vacation. Mrs Burtis DeNio and daughter -Holly .Jlanee, born- Jan. £0i,in St., Ann hospital, Algona, returned to their home Tuesday. Cecil Jolliffe underwent sur- gery'Friday morning in the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Lloyd F. Smith report news from Hawaii telling of birth of Lance Steven, six Ib and two oz. born Tuesday, Jan 17 to M/Sgt. and Mrs Rober Dei bier. They have another son Michael and two daughters, Pat ricia and Robin. Mrs Dcibler is the former Beverly Smith, daugh ter of Mr and Mrs Smith. Thej have been in Hawaii one and one- half years expecting to return to the states in June. Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 23,500 Sale of Bonds ...... 10,000 Sewer Rental Receipts 7,000 Encumbered Balance — Sewer Rental 10.000 Unencumbered Balance 9,550 Total Anticipated Revenue 60,050 Allocation Sanitary Sewer __„ 10,000 Storm Sewer ... 25,000 Comfort Station .... 1,730 Garbage Disposal _„•„ 3,300 Sewage Treatment Plant ..18,000 Spraying 2,000 Total Allocation _—.... 60,050 Municipal EnierprUes Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 20,350 Misc. Library Receipts BOO Misc. Airport Receipts 1,200 Unencumbered Balance 4,150 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation < ; Library Salaries & Maintenance . 14,000 Library Bldg 1,000 Airport Maint. 8.200 Cemetery Maint. . 3,000 Total Allocation — • Recreation Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 19,800 Admissions — Pool .._ 4,500 Unencumbered Balance 12,800 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation " Swimming Pool 25,500 Playground 3,300 Park i 6,500 Band 1,800 Total Allocation Allocation Swimming Pool 25,500 Playground ; . 3,300 Park 6.500 Band _ 1,800 Total Allocation TM» Tota fM this AH * **«lnt. 23,800 Allocation ... „,„,,.. D, ADOPTED AND APPROVED th day of January, 1958. . /s/ ivy D. Scuffham. citv CI^HT Approved: HI Dr. Cameron c.'Shierk, . . . Mayor A cigarette and a beer permit were granted to Bell's Tavern. ..Resolutions were adopted approving ;,„! **, cl l? dul<i ot assessments for curb District " a - d sanitar - v sc^er in Sub- - 1SSUed to l!n<»« lips Street was discussed. ti« 6 rit ru o es an ,? order of business of TI,» ? .foupcll were adopted. The following claims were allowed General QovfttnmenJ Fund Nancy Sands, salar^ . $ 8182 Lewis Ferguson, salary * jgju Iowa State Bank, tax ...._" "" 3780 la. Employment Sec. Comm tax -..__..__„« . 71 on la^^Publlc Empl, Rellfement""" n/tnt* tT^r«n~r~""»"'~*s~"'"•---——---;— --.122.20 26,200 26,200 37.100 37,100 riv i , City Clerk, adv. cash ... i on Swnrtz Hdwc., supplies ... 432 Advance Publ. Co., legals ...."" 1327 Earl Grimes, refund .... In 75 County Treas., board and lodge" prisoners . 15990 Herbst Ins., bond ....'!"".". 138 81 , Slreel Fund s Lashbrook, salary 133.17 A bert Pergande. salary .. 11974 Glenn Burtis, salary ... ~."~~1143 Richard Frambach, salary .""" os'q Raymond Metzen, Jr., salary "I" 933 Jack Hears, salary 103 3 Donald Frew, salary ...103.9 Kenneth Frank], salary .'"" 114 3 Iowa State Bank, tax 704 la. Employment Sec. Comm""" ' tax . nog 5 AV- Publ J c En ?P*- ReTirement""tax 443.3 AlBona Ins. Agency, ins. ... 80362 Blossom Ins. Agency, Ins. .. "400 0( .Advance Publ. Co legals —."IlHO.'GS Stanley Wood, mdse. .. e?2i Herman M. Brown Co., repairs" 19.33 Continental Oil Co.. gas ... * 123 75 AlRona Electric, repairs III" 1731 Algona Implement Co., repairs!! 3.M Chrischilles Store, supplies _ 895 R. J. Funk, repairs 41; Gfcenperg Auto Supply, supp. .. 12.21 Hilton's Service, repairs n 75 Kent Motor Co., repairs """ 29'47 Kossuth Oil Co., mdse. ...... ~ 34'99 Miller Lumber Co.. supplies !!!! 485 Pralt Electric, repairs . 495 Swartz Hdwe., supplies ...."'" 238 Algona Fire Co., service Ho 00 :~ ; 1 In,A Vd 23.52 Ins. Agency, ins. ____ 2,800.00 ,, Sanltnilon Fund Harry Ward, salary . en OR AlefnTtK ^A WflSte A «"~ ' ° & - 8.00 Brancit Buick, repairs 20 BO : Tuesday, January 31, 1956 Afaona (Id.) Upper Des Mo!nw-S Advance Publ. Co., legals 81.48 Collins, Thompson & Willis, eng. 853.76 I«. Employment Sec. Comm., tax 181.18 la. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 279.46 Lewis Ferguson, snlnrv 141.75 James Egll, salary ...'. 149.36 Fred Grohbach, salary 124 41 Iowa Stnte Bank, tax 12.40 Pacific Flush Tank Co., supp. 3 BO Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., supp 4.56 P. H. Irons, repairs 7 45 Pratt Electric, repairs ". 7.30 S, ay ,. s J 2£, k s P ra «i supplies 2.55 Skclly Oil Co., oil 81.88 iz Hd*r -'••••- _ Recteailon Fimd Alffona Reminder, *p*c«. 54.60 Airport Fund Algona Electric, repairs 0.19 Citsco-Unlon Electric, elec. 28.80 Kossuth Oil Co., oil 73.60 Viking Oil CO., oil ,. 60.26 Patklhfr Meier Fund Raymond Kfebs, salary .-...172.18 Iowa State Bank, tax 21.90 la. Employment Sec. Comm., tax 40.52 In. Public Empl. Retirement, tax 70.91 Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D| Scuffham, City Clerk. 37,10) Utilities Revenue Anticipated Sales & Current .320,000 Water Rental ... 41,500 Unencumbered Balance 342,000 Total Anticipated Revenue 703,500 Allocation Operation & Maint. _ 703,500 Total Allocation 703,500 Emergency Fund Revenue Anticipated Unencumbered Balance 3,463 Total Anticipated Revenue Allocation Transfer as Needed ... 3,463 Total Allocation ..:Debt Service Fund Revenue Anticipated Taxes from Co. Treas. 31,220 Unencumbei-ed Balance 51,861 'otal Anticipated Revenue 83,081 Allocation Street improvement Bond 2.800 Storm Sewer Bond 1,750 Airport Bond 3,980 1949 G.O. Sewer Bond 13.D20 1949 S.A. Sewer Bond 18,020 1951 Street Construction Bond 12,260 1955 Sewage Plant Const. Bond 13,730 S.T.P. Bond & Int. Sinking Fund 16,611 ""otal Allocation 83,081 Parking Meter Fund levenue Anticipated Meter Revenue 17.800 Unencumbered balance 8,000 < 'otal Anticipated 'Revenue 23,800 illocation A New Daughter Mr and Mrs Clarence Moeller, who lived near Algona before moving to Brandon, Iowa, are parents of a new daughter, born Jan. 13. They have three sons, also. The little girl has been named Catherine Ann. LANDMARK At Osceola, a familiar land- nark is being razed; the old •ailroad water tower, near the station. No one is sure how old he tower is but apparently it vas built shortly after the turn of he century. The use of diescl ocomotives made the tower ob- olete. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met January 3 056 at 10:00 a.m. for. the purpose of rganizatlon. Retiring City Clerk Ivv cunham administered the oath of oflice to Mayor elect Dr. Cameron C Shierk and newly elected Councilmen Eugene Furst. Leon Laird, Arnold II- bert John Deesman, V. M. Parsons and Byron Richardson. ,^ T l le o"," m A r , ilie , appointments were made: City Clerk. Ivy Scuffham; City Attorney, John R. Carroll; City Engineer, Lewis Ferguson; Street Commissioner, Jess Laslibraok; Byron Richardson was appointed Mayor Pro Tempore; Jra Kohl, Fire ChieT Lloyd Hobfnson and George Sefrit members of the Zoning Commission and Lu-pn Laird member of Board of adjustment o complete the unexpired term of Lewis Ferguson. The Mayor announced the appointment of Chief of Police- Albert Boeke . p u i?' A A^ tunt Chiel Raymond Krebs, Police Officers: A. C. Weishaar, Rich- Jor '?""' Ernest Hutchison and Peter A Resolution was adopted fixing salaries for the year 185B. '""»B KOSSUTH COUNTY viking oni co.Toii .::..: — %•% Public Safely rind"" Albert Boekelman, salary . 20310 A. C. Weishaar, salary . 142'28 Richard Groen, salary 19507 Ernest Hutchison, salary . ZOo'lO Poter Jorgenson, salary '. ""lll'll Albert Olson, Jabor ... "" isna James Stebbins, labor ~~~~.~ 1508 Jacob Godden, labor .. 1588 Robert Steven, labor ... 1470 Henry Stebrflz, labor n'7fi Iowa State Bank, tax I "" 4860 Albert Boekelman, uniform allowance 100 00 Raymond Krebs, uniform allow"~JOo'oo A. C. Weishaar, uniform allow. 100.00 Richard Groen, uniform allow 10000 Ernest Hutchison, uniform allow, loo'oo Peter Jorgenson, uniform allow. 10000 la. Employment Sec. Comm. tax ^ 192 P2 la. Public Empl. Retlfement,"tnx"28o!72 Ernest Hutchison, labor _ 3 00 Bradley Bros., mdse. 39'40 Kent Motor Co., repairs 66 44 Scobba's Service, gas . 3 77 Algona Ins. Agency, fleet ins7"Il315'4B Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 METAL COOK'S SCRAP IRON AND METAL South Phillips St. Phone 848 EAT MORE PORK "—"•^••^'•"••••'^'"•W PORK Is Your Best Buy . .. . P 1 '- Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D ^Scuffhara, City Clerk The City Council met in adjourned session January 12, 1950 at 7:30 p.m present ai ' a " d a " Cou » < - 1 l lm eii Bids lor a new police car were opened and read. The bid of Taylor Mercury for S839.00 was accepted P A hydraulic' loader with material bucket was purchased for the street department for $707.00 lrom the T " 1 ior Implement Co. } The following Resolution was adoyt- Resoluiion BE IT RKSOLVED by the City Council of the City of Algona. Iowa, that the revenue for the year lase Cor the 1,790 General Government Fund Revenue Anticipated laxes from Co. Treas. 7,000 General Licenses ________ 050 Beer Licenses ...... 1300 Cigarette Licenses .. _____ 2 DOO Fines & Costs _____ ...... Oog Licenses .......... Featured This Week At All Meat Counters In Kossuth County .••.»•• i two t 5 ) ; P H Best dressed WITH SALAD DRESSING JLiiE light is reel and you're ready. It Hashes green and you go —but, And that's when you discover the Number One news about Buiek's new Dynailow .. That it gives you brilliant new getaway response for city traffic at only part throttle — even before you switch the pitch of tin's airplane-principled transmission. (And think of the big gas savings that means!) Next comes the Number Two discovery— out on the road. For here—still without switching the pitch—you have plenty more nimble* acceleration to surge, or spurt ahead, to climb hills, to do with almost Hlortless case all the things normally railed for by highway drivin". But comes an emergency —the need to get out of a tight spot —and you discover the Number Three news... That yon can i\o u-Jiat a pilot docs. Thai you can steitcJi the pit eh of your Dynafhw blades — just /;// flooring the pedal. And lluit you gel, instantly, a full- pou'i-r take-off from cruising puce—an electrifying burst vfacceli'i'u/ivn — tlic most thrilling safely measure on four wlicels today. This is performance too good to pass np-and you really ought to try it. It's performance sparked by the whispered might of big new 322-cubic-inch V8 engines raised to record highs in power and compression. It's performance that goes with the best ride yet, the best handling yet, the best interiors yet, the best styling yet-and, literally, with the best Buick yet. Come in and see-and be shown —and learn, in tha doing, about prices that make these '56 Buicks tlia best buy yet. *\'cw Aili-cinrctl Vuriiiblu Vitclt Di/niiflnw is the only Di/iiii/l,nv Hiiick htiild.'s liHlmj. li it itdiulatd tin Uoudmastvr, Sii;>t-i- and Century-opliu'nul at tnutlcut extra coat on tha '' {^J SEE JACKIE GtEASON*'-.. AI a new low prite— 4-S«qjen Comfort - in yuw »ew Bvitk wih frlgidaire Conditioning . • WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBHES ARE BWIIT BUI« Will 6UIIO fHEM"- 105 N. Hall St. BRANDT BUICK Algona, lowq

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