Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 16, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 16, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable Umbrella- Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER THE CITY LEAGUE Opening Games on the Southaide and Westside Grounds. A COAT OF CALCIMINE THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS .OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back 4 if dissatisfied with your purchase. , Stevenson 403 Broadway Klinsick. THE FIRSI MTIONAL BANK, -OK- LOGANSPORT. ." . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,OOO. X 3. Murdoek, frtf. W. W. Son, Oak. J. f. Brookmeyer, -Ant. Cuh. DIBZCTOBS: ' W. H. Brlngbont. DenoU Dili. t. V. Harwood, w. I. Wilson. Banking In »K lt» Departments promptly and carefully done. . , Safety to Ciutomcn and Stockholder* •ought tor, Btronf RMerv* Fund maintained. THEY WILL FEAST. nemhers of! the Border of Lincoln to'plneat the'Barnett , The institution- of the .Order of Lincoln at the ; Elks' lodge hall tomorrow evening will be followed by a banquet at the Barnett. Following is the menu: Consomme,'de.yolalllp. , .....; :,., 0-llv.es. Broiled Whitejlhah/Montpelier Butter. . v .-Saratoga-Chips, • Sliced Cucumbers or Tomatoes. Fried Chicken, French Peas. Brown Mashed 'Potatoes. Sardine Salad. ' .Salted Wafers,Ice Croam In Bricks. Small Cakes. Coffee: Cigars. Judge D. B. McConhell will -preside as toastmaster, and the following toasts will be proposed: ... "Lincoln—The Man". ..Jesse W. Welk "Lincoln—A Retrospect" • Judge Horace P. Blddli "Lincoln—Orator, Lawyer and Patriot," Hon. W. T. Wil "Lincoln—And Humanity". '. Prof. D. C. Pittsburg Pirates Gave it to Cleveland Yesterday. '":'", The opening games of the city league- will be played this afternoon. What the league may. develop Is hard'to prognosticate, • but It will probably raise 'tlie enthusiasm among the partisans of all the, teams ami If the friends of the players take an interest, it will stir the players 'themselves' to .'greater- effort and we may yet see somejgpod, ball this season. This afternoon .the IJnions meet the'Clippers on the South.- j side grounds, and the Boston .iilghtr, and the Orientals will do battle On tfto Westside, After this date the Boston Lights will play at the park, while the other clubs will play on the Westside grounds. ... APPLIED THE WHITEWASH." for McKinley Caps. 50 for Bryan Caps. I inust do riipre business, I don't care for profit, I WANT BUSINESS; 50c for choice of any Straw Hat in the store worth up to $2, ' dollar (cash dollar) to possess the purchasing pqwer at ^the Merchandise Displayed in Front of Store and Show Windows with prices will convince you that we are in earnest p^ilR^^-a' 1 * Comb Case with Mirror, FREE with purchase. ; OTTO KRAUS 4< Of Course" Pittsburg Pirates Put the Spiders out of the Business—Greer Pitched. LOSS BY LIQHTNINQi' Terrible Storm at Grass do Big Damage. Creek E, B. Bl», A. J.-Mnrdoci. m. J. Tintto, Business Change! Jamea Beaheor boa purcliased the Peltoin meat market He now-occnpleg the n«w room Jnet erected to'the west of the old stand, and it to his Intention to run a nrst-chua shop and handle a full line of fresh ania .salt m«ati. DAILY JOURNAL Friday afternoon and evening, Grass Creek experienced one of tlie severest storms that ever visited that town In Its existence. The rain commenced falling about 4 o'clock and Ina few minutes the streets .and roads were covered. Later in the evening barns belonging to' George Hendrlck- son, John A. Barnott and -George' Hickle was struck by lightning and burned to the - ground. Hendrlckson was; the .heaviest loser, four of his horses, almost fifty tons of. hay and nearly all of his 1 farming .-Implements' being consumed: The losses of Barnett and Hickle weft also quite heavy.. Subscribe for The Journal. Read the big add—Golden Role. 0 cents for McKlnley and Bryan caps at Otto's. Geo. Harrison baa the finest line of hammockt In the dty. 50 cents for the choice of Otto's finest hats worth up to ?2m Don't forget the meeting of the Mc- Klnfey-'Club Wednesday evening. Ladies' twentieth century shoes, button or lace, $1.50.—Aaron Greensfelder, Third and Market. • First club talk of the campaign at the McKlnley Club meeting at the rink Wednesday evening. Finest manllla and split Milan braid are InchidVd In Otto's straw bat sale, 1 choice for 50 cents.,'. x '. . .;,-..Ton need Hood's Sareqparina to" enrich and purify your .blood, create an appetite and 'give §weet r refreshing sleep.'' ' ' '.:'.', '. ; -. .'...•.'.; Don't miss the. greatest of all clearance sales this week. Shirt waists 10 cents, 94.00 silk waists,$1.43. Duck suits '75 cents.—Tradc, Palace. The people appreciate Harry Frank's sacrifices on his stock'by.selling It at half price--rather than,-selling- It ..in bulk, ia the so called sharks at same price. THEODORE SllOCKNEY. At The Rink Saturday Evening . August 34. The Republicans will open the campaign In every county in the State next Saturday evening. Theodore Shockney of Union City, and a candidate before the State committee for the nomination of Governor will speak at the rink at 8 o'clock p, m. on above date. While the interests of every Individual and every class of men are the interests of all, and one class of men ought not to be arrayed against any other, for all are necessary yet Mr. Shockney has beotf the especial friend of railroad and laboring men jjnd they should turn out and hear him:' ,, Not content with simply beating the Spiders, the Pittsburg Pirates made it pood and strong and applied a fine thick coat of calcimine to the fellows •from Cleveland. They are tobogganing now sure enough and the loss of three more games will put them down in th^l second division. Charms and.ln- can f mtions would be of no avail at this stafee of the game; all that will save tl,4 Spiders is a little of the, old-time iap and vim that characterized their day in the first of the season. Baltl- .more won as a mater of course, and Cincinnati took a game from St. Louis. Following are the scores of the games yesterday: . .... - At Pittsburg—Cleveland 0, Piits- burg G. " . At Philadelphia—Baltimore. 4, Philadelphia 2. . ' . , ' , '. , At Boston—Brooklyn 3, Boston,.^. At. New York—Washington 9, , New YorkC, At Louisville' — Chicago 4, , Lo.uis- vllle 2. ...--At St. Louis — Cincinnati.. 7,-,.^. Louis 3. ' ' ' ' . STANDING OF THE CLUBS. • Clubs" Won Lost Per Ct. Baltimore ; ,-G5 Cincinnati ..;..'.". ..67 Cleveland ..58 Chicago , ,..... .58 Pittsburg ,-,.:.....-I..5't Boston : .52 Philadelphia . ,• 48 Brooklyn 43 New York .."....'.. ..41 and he said for me. to. get him 1C possible. We will pay IflljOOO for the rest of the-season." • VUncle" Cy bus not yet decided to accept, bur may join the club at Baltimore in time to wipe the saucy Orioles.off the face of the earth in the series of tliree games. 29 30 30 42 - '..41-: 42 51 52 50 ''57- - '.692 . .091 -017 .580 ..saa 1553 .458.453 .423 KNOW HOW TO HANDLE CROWDS. ' * ;. .The Handling of. big crowds Ms beon reduced *> a science by. the Great Wallace Shows.' It proves m]OFe than one ttekcit wagon,' has several enltramces and plcoty' of employes to assM lite patrons In soettoff its. womdera and geMling seote that aroo.' 'satisfactory. TiMe arrangement of ito itogfl a/nd, Stages Is such tliait no.sioalt .to .had. Nor does this circus reserve-nearly all the • sipaoe; only alxnit ^qne-flCtfbi of the seats are extra; Although ithousnndB see the show dally, they aire handled ,'so perfectly ais to avolid all jostling. At Loganisport Monday August '24. r : .'."-••.:./•-.': Washington'.'. St.'Louis" ,.:..20', '."64.... ...312; Louisyllie 1 ... ,.24-. " .07.., .201 ' Rushvllle-won.two. of avserles- -of. three games with ConnursvUle'the''pa9t week. Denny Lyen and .Harry'' Stafts^ fjrej. :wlth tlie Anderson team. Sonic wag has 'proposed ..'.that'J.tjjifv members of the L^gansport baseball: association play a, benefit 'gtuae,,'tQtm-S; ing a team her. There are' some' pf who have played ball, before; v a;n<J '$ might fool some of : the"jb' think .they r wonW- -make .an of how not .to play bail:. •;•.-••-:. .«-.-: The base ball .nine of, Post. F-.fCt A.,,played the nine of the T. P. 1 A": Ft.- Wayne' yesterday afternobh-' won by a close margin/' 1 T-HO-S.B,USEFUL ftONDUITS, The kldu'eys and bladder, sometimes become torpid -and weak from unas- certalunble causes. When this occurs, their discharging function is of necessity, very imperfectly performed, and certain debris, which Is the result of natural bodily waste and decay, does not. escape ns it should .but remains to corrupt the blood aud develop poisonous humors and dangerous as-well as painful diseases. It Is one of the beneficent effects of Hosteler's Stomach Bitters to' gently stimulate the urinary orgins, and prevent'.them from lapsing Into a state of Inactivity, al : . ways .provocative of their inflamatory degeneration and decay. How much better, then, is it to adopt this mild diuretic as a'means of Inciting them to action, than to iu'cur the Ganger of this destruction^. To expel from the system waste matter through the bowels and kidneys, and to regulate and arouse the stomach and liver, are among the chief uses of this valuable remedy. v : ^THE BICYCLE RACKS. - ;l A unmber of business men have pur Chased bicycle racks recently for thi convenience of their patrons antl placed them on.the outer curbing o: jh'e .'sidewalks, in front, of their places 6f"biMn,ess : , Snpt. of Police. Morrissey y'esterddy notified them that they, were .vioiiitlng an ordinance and' would hace ^:o place them'next to" the buildings jwhlcli .they 'occupy arid keep the side .walk;clear for pedestrians.. A petition [was';"circulated .yesterday and. was Blgnfed T)y se^ral of the business men ^lip',wi.ll present it to the.-council at- he'ir'; '.meeting, on next .Wednesday bvenitig., the petition reqiiests . that v thej;,be "allowed. to maintain the racks |aj:"the- : ciiitcr'edge 'of the curbing. Read the top line of. Harry Frank's new ad It was 17 jesterday, 1C to day and only 15 days, tomorrow..--Call and.select what;you rieedior-don't need and take It at half price. . grounds, 'reputed to, ..be one qf "ji estjball parks In;-the. Weisi,-and~thej[fi' was a good crowd out to j struggle. Following were representing Post'F:;' '•' ',''• 1 Fisher, r c; Vau-^HornCi'- p,;; stone,. Ib; Franklin,'. 2"b, .. Kerns,.'3b; 'Taylor, lf^; jieary,'jcfj^ ' '' '''' .; RjpTURN OF.A JRpurteen :years ago while-the Rev. i|Q.!B.7WeHborn,was in a Western State r.miles;from here, he gave a;.little '"twdnty-flve cents. The . piece" of noriey .was colnbd In the year-In'which .(jhe wa's.'borh—1876, and had'the inl- Jtlifls' 'l*oi :'.'the Rev. 'Mr: Wellborn ;en : d "ripon It. 'On last Saturday Riev, Jr. .Weljborn .went ; tp Lake. .Maxin- iucKee'and went into D. A.. Bradley's 4stauriinttp.get a lunch and In. inak- ng'ciiaiige the clerk handed. ,hlm : the iiece'.p'f'jnpney .which he gave, the .girl rears'before.;'it had" evidently'.been vdr'n bn : a pin 'and had been .lost and lithe finder started It : Into .circulation t* n :;W' i <' •••'•' ' ; •' ' ::; i; - • •'•• •" •'' CONCERT, TONI.GHT.. . The.score of 25 to.26,-ln'faTor«t>tl!e! Logansport knights of the'grlp,-:stft»wr. that -there was some" terrlflc'-'fbil'ltfc'g"' done, or 'that the; error 'column'^Tfrajj' well,;fille'd .up', iAs' a' matter-'iof^'.fjet 1 , tho. Logansport .boys^jhad but f ojir.-ep:. rors to^theiK-opponeuts-eleven., -vTh;ejEe will be; a return' game played; 'lnv ; tlijs; city -three weeks - f join 'yesterday'- : the-'Ft, • Wayne ; travelers .will, -odnft? down J6adpd;for; bear.. '" : ' ••••••••••"' : Captain'Patsy Tebeau ... lands, wants to hire : ".Dncle"'-.Cy,"Fa"5- rell,>,to.pitch:for.-lilmi..thl8^season...jjn, a, letter to, Xrank; Downey, • George>£up>. py says "I write to see if you'can't get Cy Paxrell to come dvor and pitch' for us I have told Tebeau about hlia v' 1 The members of. the -Military '. band- ^wiii.',g'lye?a.' : sq.cred -concert a'titbe park 'this eaening^ 'Following -Is'-the.-p'ro- iRellg'ipus; Fantasia.'.......'.•.Rollln'sou feoet 'iind.-Peasnnt.:':, '.'.-.'. .!.;::..Snppe 1 . jjFa-nthsia':''':'.'..'.'.'.....' .'• \ .'::.'.;....Araban j-jhe Heavens are Telling...-.". 1-Ha'yden jEvegtide. •. .;v;.y.;..........,'..'.Rlpley jpy^tjire'...". '..'.".'. >;.'..,.'... .Schlepegrell )oirt, t .pt : re.Ma'rch-....'.;'.v...,.,. ....Fa'rrar 1 '•!:'"' •''';'•.:, R. W, Cramer, Director. .-. , , ., . i HowlIs.your llveri?.. Dr. Hobb's.Llttle iayer .Pills are. truiy r a ,-vyondepf ul mertl- ,cine Thej act directly on the livei p:0 cents a vial Tor snle In Loganspuit iby Ben Fisher and John r Coulson, druggists i THE CHUECHES. Rev, Dr. J. C. Kauffinan will deliver the sermon at the rink services this evening. First Presbyterian church—Rev. Dr. Chns. Little of Wabash will preach In the moruiiig in exchange with the pastor. First Church of Christ (Scientists)—At the-Vnlversallst church today at 11 o'clock. Subject "Blessings of Reformation." All are made welcome. Trinity church—Rev, F. C. Cool- baug-h. Holy communion at 7 a. m. Sunday school at 9:45-a. in. Seij^lce and sermon at 11 a. m. Subject of'ser- mon "Prayer of the Pharisee and Publican." Broadway Presbyterian church—Rev H. Atwood Perclval, pastor. No services today. Sunday school and Bible classes at 9:30 a. m., D. A, Elder, Supt. Y. P. S. C. B. at G:30 p. m. Services at the A. M. E, church today as follows: 19:30 a. m. sermon by. the Rev. H. Harris. 3 p. m. Sunday school Prof. G. C. King, Supt. 7:45 p. m. sermon by the pastor. All are welcome. Li. Pettlford, pastor. Services at the Ninth street Christian church today at 11 a. m. Sermon by the.Rev..W. A. Harp. Union services at the rink at night. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m., G. N. Berry, Supt Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30 p. m. A welcome for all. . St. Luke's English Lutheran church, corner First and Market st.reets.--J. C. Kauffman, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 and church services at 11 a. m. Eastend mission Sunday school at 2:43 .Junior Endeavor at 5:30 and Christian Endeavor at 0:30 p. m. You are cordially Invited to attend any>or all.,of- these service*. SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS VIA WABASH August 18, 1896. Special Train Will Uave LOO AN SPORT at 5 p, m. Intrust 18, arriving Niagara Falls at 6:35 next morning. ONLY $10. For the Round Trip from Lofrant- port. Tickets good on special tralc only, A WILD RIDE. , y Thursday, a 'Mrs. Barnes, a former resident of this vicinity, but who .has llacd at Cynthlana, Kentucky, for the last two years, returned here 'in a strange and startling manner. Her return was on horseback. She was In a famished" condition 1 , her'reason was gone and she presented a wild, weird, frightful spectacle. Some time ago Sirs. Barnes resided near Windfall, but through a case of sickness 1 her mind was weakened and'at, times she suffered, from temporary Insanity.. One day. she,was seized ..with one of these, attacks of Insanity'and before her .husband knew anything about It, she had escaped.'from home and later'on he was. notified that she was In the vicinity ; of -'Cyntulana,, Kentucky. JJir. Barnes, who is.a brp.ther,. of W H: Barnes, who resides here,. wanted to go to Kentucky .anyhow and .he took ad vantage.of the occasion to remove to that State. All went well'.for a time,; until about ten days ago, when Mr6" Barnes was again prostrated. She ;rew worse, and her Insanity Is said :6 have been of a violent nature. Sud- lenly she disappeared' from home. A iprse was also missing and it 'was. soon discovered that the. dememea woman lad started on her unknown journey m -horseback. Yesterday she appeared it the home of her brother, H. P, Kelly northwest of Tlpton, and she told a starting., story. She said. she had en-: Countered much 'country that was under w.ater. '.For two days she claims hat she rode through rriucT and water ml In some Instances the horse isisald b'have been compelled to swim. Strange to say she 1 was not Injured. It corns almost a miracle 'trial she did GRAND FEFE Reproduction of Famous War Seem, . Thrilling Naval Engagement Firework* at St. Joseph Snnday Anpst II FARE $xoo Train leaves Vanda.Ua Station •*;; 7 a. in. Returning train duetoleane St. Joseph at 7 p. in. will be helft three hours so that excursionist*- v knay enjoy .he entire entertainment The Logansport Humane Socletr • (INCORPORATED.) • For the Prevention of Cruelty t» Women Children and Animals E. G*o. W. -Walter.- Src. J. J. Hlldebrandt-Treu. • W. M, Bishop- Humane Oflcer. t. S. Blo* . J. C. Hauler, if. c. coolbouck G«o W.-Waltere, „ J. J. Hlldebrandt, . . . : peekMl JnBtto*, - Isaah A<Un» Mrs. W. D. Pratt Mn. J. N. Ndt . Telep&one No. 90. ' ' Bepatt CUM ol.erneltrto Secretary. ... . ADDITIONAL LOCAL. lot lose her life Her husband has jeen notified by telcgrapnand It Id ex- >ected that he v, 111 come after the nn-1 —Rev W "H Carti r, Pastor, ortunate .woman.—Kokomo. Trlbonei j':B'arnett, Manager. Hammocki at your own price at Gee; Harrl«on'a. . '-. Shoes—Aaron 'Greensfelder, Thlid'. and Market. •.-,: Striped.and white duck pants :at your price at Otto's. •'.'.,' . "Ladies' tan shoes, J&OO and -12.90,, extra fine.—Aaron Grecrisfcidor, ThlBI- and Market • - : .;'••.;;;•..' •..,"''., • Combination mirror towel.':rack aiffl'-', comb case, free at Otto's.,./. ' , ...., LOST.—Black silk handbag laat.; Thursday, night, .between Spencer patfc ' and Second street .Finder .please lew* '. at 203 Market street and receive re-' ward.••'•'•' '•'•'•-'•'• • '-•',, ; ' New goods will .SOOB arrive as Mr. Scbmitt' is .in.the Eastern rnnrke**. Therefore,-to make room,for same..we- .will-slash prices Oils -week at v-tt» : :. Golden Rule. . • A great day at camp meeting t»-- day. Sermon and song service In the, forenoon at 10:30; "See.the "Return of the Prodical Son" in the afternoon at 3:30. The Fatted Calf will be slain aud served.. In the evening: at 7,:30 a sacred .concert will be given by ..the.:.,; •singers assisted by the Loganspoiat•-.';' Military band. The band will ren3er Sislectlp.ps. , Come ,.*«ft tiring your, dinner. Admission 10 cents. A. W. John L. Sullivan. His Farewell Tour. No High Prices. John L SulUYaa^pporfced by an All Star Combination; Don C^fcsdon^Tom Tracey, Tom White, Billy Mutphy, Joe Bertrans, Big Tom Chandler, Big;-J|o^^Apm^trong, and others under direction bf*»f&r ron" J>avies y'«-'i j jj )i t. i BROADWAY RIM One Night Only. Friday Angus! 21sM m w f-'S /na In a /or '-

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