Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 16, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1973
Page 21
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« ni- *f • •it H Problem Of Noisy Toilets Can Be Fixed Noisy toilet tanks are a nuisance. They also are expensive. Tjhe noise often indicates a continuous run of water. But the problem is not a disaster. Parts are easy to find, cost, little and are not too much trouble to install. Often you can figure out what to do just tlrough observation. The continuous flow of water into the bowl is the most common problem. Start by opening the tank on the back of the toilet. Lift the top off carefully and set it down where it will not be damaged. You may find it difficult to replace a broken top and could end up buying an entire toilet. Water will enter the bowl one of two ways. It will enter through the overflow tube—the pipe that stands vertically in the tank and is open at the top. Or the water enters through the opening an the bottom of the tank, an opening kept closed with a rubber ball. Check the level of the water. If it is below the top of the overflow pipe the problem is with the rubber ball that fits into the valve that releases the water into the bowl. Empty the tank by flushing the toilet. Then turn off the water supply so you can work Golesburg Register-Mail, Golesburg, Monday, July 16, 19^ 21 CHECK RUBBER BALL MAKE MINOR ADJUSTMENTS IF NEEDED Bigger Bedrooms Order of Day XTtniir \?r\nir /tints t>:~~** U. ..i i .« -i «• . . ... .. . . 1 in an empty tank. If you cannot turn off the water supply, keep the tank from filling by keeping the float rod up. The float rot' is a metal rod with metal float ball attached to it. When the water rises, it raises the rod. When the rod is horizontal it closes the water intake valve. Hold up the rod with a piece of string tied to a stick. Place the stick across the top of the tank. Work the handle a few times to see if the rubber ball ,is seating itself properly or shifting to the side. A bracket fastened to the overflow pipe guides the rod that holds the ball. This may get out of line if the screws ho'ding the bracket loosen. Adjust and tighten the screws. If the trouble isn't here, check the condition of the rubber ball. Ycu may find that it is worn or damaged. Replace with a new one. Rub the valve seat where the ball rests with fine emery cloth or steel wool to get rid of rough spots that may be causing the ball to wear. It the water level is above the overflow tube, then it is entering the bowl this way. Check the float rod. It may be going too high. Bend the rod slightly ?o that the ball is lower down than it was. Check the float to see that it isn't leaking and taking in water. This will de stroy its buoyancy. Replace it with a new one if necessary. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) There's Long Story Behind History of Rocking Chairs NEW YORK (UPI) - People have been on and off their rockers for centuries, apparently, but the idea of rockin' while sittin' is a relatively recent— 18th Century—development. ' "It was Yankee ingenuity and the American urge to put a little more swing in their furniture that did it," reports a researcher for Pontiac Furniture Go, of Chicago. Yankee crafts- mep cut down various straight chairs — usually' sJatlback and Windsor models—arid set them on "bends." Antique buffs refer to those creations as converted models. It's thought by many that true rockers—chairs that, from their beginning, were de signed to rock—did not appear until the "Boston Rocker," cir ca 1825. Through the years rockers have calmed babies and soothed Presidents. They have been Presidential favorites from Lincoln to Kennedy. Rockers were recommended for invalids BLACK BROTHERS Supplies 3-Pc. BATH SETS Incudes: 5 Ft. cast iron tub, 17x19 China Lavatory, Reverse Trap Stool. Complete with trim. s GLASS LINED GAS HOT WATER HEATERS 30 Gallon Size $ 64 96 52 Gallon Size Electric- 40 Gallon $ Size 74 95 CABINET SINKS Includes; FAUCETS and BASKET STRAINERS* 42" SIZE $102.95 54" SIZE $134.50 66" SIZE __. $166.95 SUMP PUMPS from $49.95 up TRUE TEST SEWER CLEANER & ROOT DESTROYER. 6J lbs , $4.25 KING-OF-ALL SEWER CLEANER & ROOT DESTROYER. 6 lbs. $5.95 KING-OF-ALL SEWER CLEANER 6 lb. con $5.95 We hqve Automotive Supplies « Cor Washers <-< Waves Cleaners -- Waste Baskets ••• Compasses - Seat Covers Car Seat Cushions and Many Mere Items. We Have A Complete line of Plumbing Supplies. Some rockers were referred to as "digestive chairs." By 1860 Americans were exporting rockers to England and promoting ,t5iem as the "American Common Sense Chair." In the Andersen Museum in Odense, Denmark there's a rocker once used by Hans Christian Andersen. As rockers began to move out of sickrooms, kitchens and servant quarters, they took on the curvaceous lines of the Bentwood — designed in Eng land — by Thonet. They began to appear in dressed-up version for their entry into drawing rooms. They had hair-stuffed seat and back cushions and were covered in elegant silks, satins and velvets. Contemporary rocker designs have a fringe benefit good for television viewing — these are the "swivel" rockers with deep six-inch thick latex foam cushioning for the seat and soft cradling for arms and back. They are designed in crushed, brocade and corduroy for living roams. NEW YORK (UPI)-Bigger is better—at least it would seem so when it comes to the . bedrooms in new homes. The demand today is for larger and more luxurious hemes-^and one place buyers are seeking both size and luxury is in the bedroom, according to a recent survey by a company with an obvious interest in the question, the Spring Air Mattress Co. of Chicago. Querying leading home builders across the country, the company found, for all practical purposes, the two- bedroom house no longer is being built. Three bedrooms are the minimum, and increasingly homes arc offering four, five, and even six bedrooms. EVEN FAMILIES, whose Garden Walk Nice Addition To the Home Odds and ends of material have many uses it you know of a use first and keep an eye out. for material that will work in. A good .project to keep in mind is a path through the lawn or garden. A garden walk can be made of many things, is useful and attractive. It can bs made of concrete, stone, broken pieces of cement, wood, gravel, bricks. Keep your eyes open for material that can be used for a path. Ycu also can buy the material for a path as well, but you will find that improvising not only saves money, it makes for a more interesting path as well. Rubble from a building being torn down might serve. There may be a small charge or you might get it for the hauling. A sidewalk that is being replaced is broken up into chunks first. Have you had to have a tree cut down in your yard, or has one blown down? Rent or borrow a chain saw and cut the trunk into two-inch slabs. Most people .think of filagstone when they think of a garden [path. Flagstone is expensive. Cut costs by using them as steppingstones instead of making a solid path. Stones that are placed on top of the ground should be thick and heavy for stability. Better, neater, safer and not requiring as. much .thickness is a walk sleeping needs would be met with fewer bedrooms are opting for homes with extra bedrooms. They can be used as guest'room, study, sewing cr hobby rooms—and they're there when the time comes for an increase in the family, or for resale. Nationally, the Spring Air study showed, the average size of the master bedroom in best selling home models currently amounts to more than 187 square feet, equivalent to a 12 x 15-foot room. Even the newer apartments are featuring bedrooms of this size. This same trend to more space is shown in other bedrooms, also. Just a few years ago. the company said, a 9x11 foot bedroom, big enough for a single' twin-size bed and a chest of drawers was commonplace in new homes. To- cay, secondary bedrooms are 11x11 feet or larger, big enough for a standard double bed or twin beds, plus dresser and chest. The study showed homes in the northeast section of the country traditionally have had larger bedrooms than those built in the west and southwest. Although this still Holds true, it appears builders in the southwest are increasing the size of bedrooms. AS AN EXAMPLE, one Dallas-based builder reported the average size master bedroom in his company's homes measures a spacious 14 x 18 feet, and a California builder *.aid his plans for more expensive homes include library or study areas in the master bedroom. Most significant among the trends noted in the study, Spring Air said, is the emergence of the master bedroom suite. This consists of oversize bedroom, plus a large dressing room and adjoining private bath. Although such suites previously were limit- cr' pretty much to custom homes, they're now common in merchant-built tract homes as well. One reason behind the increase in bedroom size is the growing popularity of super- size bedding. Spring Air says one of every four new mattresses sold now is cither a queen (60 inches wide by 80 inches long) or a king (76 x 80 inches). A bedroom must be larger to accommodate this size bed and still have room for the usual dresser, chests, r.ightstands, and perhaps a comfortable seating arrangement, or a writing desk*. IN MANY FAMILIES, the bedroom serves as a private living room for its octant— a place where parent|Jan enjoy a quiet evening of reading or television or a youngster can study, pursue"*^ hobby or eve n entertain his friends. i In line with this trend, the survey showed, builders are including such bedroom "extras" as his and her closets, lavatories, even woodburning fireplaces, built - in b o o k- chelves, television niches. Where climate permits.,; often sliding glass walls leading to private patios and sun decks. More than ever, thd bedroom is a place to "get! away from it all." ! STEPPlNG-jj'L J STONES yW 1 ^' ft v BROKEN OLA PIECES OF BUTT BRICKS ^^^^^^^ BIOCKS MADE FROM -Sk-- RAILROAD Choosing Trees; — > % Requires Planning that is set into the ground so that the top is flush with ground level. , Dig out enough earth to allow for the thickness of the material plus two inches for a bed of sand. The sand will take care of irregularities in thick­ nesses. Make a wood form for the sides of the walk before you pour the sand. Bricks can be butted together for a smooth walk. Stone and concrete rubble will need ABOVE ALL MAKE IT WHITE'S ROOFING 342-0185 r i i i i H State H' Teiep pr- , saV e. f° r — ^ . custom htfgJ.SB Brow*"' FREE (Mail today) 68 page catalog filled with hundreds of exciting home styles and floor plan ideas. Evans International Homes. Dept. ILL.-16 46th St, at Minnehaha, Minneapolis, Minn. 55406 I own a lot • I plan to build soon • I can assist with finishing work • Please have an E-l-H representative contact me • Name : Address Town or RFD- State , T . con"* 1 * -County.Zip: • I I I I I WATER Problems? Tfce Solution ... A How MIRACLE WATER Loo Swlizor REFINER Mlrl ™- Man "RENT o* BUY Where You Get Service Phone 342-6188 breaking and fitting. Wood slabs —blocks cut from railroad ties —can be used the way you use stone or brick. Whatever wood you use, be sure to treat it with a preservative. Railroad ties are always treated. • Ycu can set treated wood right into the soil for a quick and easy path. The same with stone if you want to dig individual holes and fit each piece carefully. COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (UPI) — Consider, the scale and proportion a tree will have at maturity when deciding what kind of trees to plant around your home, advises Dr. William Welch, landscape horticulturist for Tcx'as A&M University's agricultural extension service. Too often large growing trees arc placed in areas where they must later be removed because they arc too close to a home or ether structure. NEW YORK (UPI)-Building contractors, rcmodelers and homeowners bought 1,280,000 tub-showers and. shower stalls |made of glass fiber reinforced plastic in 1972, according to a trade source. This was about 33 per cent of the total sialics of bathtubs, showers and shower units, said Guy 0. Miabry, general manager of the Home Building Products Division of Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. CHICAGO (UPI)-To find out LENNOX Residential and commercial ducted systems. Electric, RCS , oil. Conversions. Electronic a l r cleaners, humidifiers. Heat Dumps, air conditioning. Complete TOTAL COMFOKT system* or add -on units by factory- trained crews. Prompt service all maker,. Free estimates. 'WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sheet Metal I Heating 213 Grcve St., Knoxvillo. 111. •1448 Phona 219-4213 LENNOX HEATING SYSTEMS if there is enough playground space in your neighborhood, imagine two individuals on a 9x12 rug. Each would be allotted 54 square feet which, according to Encyclopedia BrifiaflAica, is the approximate are^j recommended for neighbortfOfl'd playgrounds by recreation experts. The standards require about one acre of playgrouiWfor each 800 persons in a neighborhood. Although it would be, rare for everybody to show up-at the same time on the theoretical acre, most Americans* i would find considerably less than 54 feot available as urban areas generally arc far from' meeting this space standard. DETROIT (UPI) - Watch those taps! A one-eighth inch stream from a leaking faucets wastes 400 gallons of ••'•water a day according to a! plumbing authority. READ THE WANT-ADS! Him - NOTICE ELECTRIC SERVICE INC. IS NOW LOCATED At: KNOX A S. SEMINARY In Galesburg, Illinois Ready to Give You "FAST" Guaranteed, Expert Service — On All or Any of Your Electrical Needs. Phone 343-9004 USUALLY SAME DAY SERVICE * Telephone Number- BROTHERS BLACK PLUMBING DEPT MAIN & SEMINARY Downtown Galesburg 1 Nothing Looks As Fresh As New Point NOTICE TO GALESBURG RESIDENTS! I am still engaged in the painting and decorating business — Fo* reliability, neatness and gi od workmanship, call us today. 342,6550 — OR — 343-6562 BILLY MOE DECORATING 1273 E. FREMONT — Golesburg, III. EXTERIOR ACRYLIC LATEX HOUSE PAINT The highest - solids latex paint made today. Covers and hides 60% better than the average paint. Custom colors to order, slightly higher 20 GALLON WHITE MARTIN RANTS UNCONDITIONAL^ GUARANTEE?! ——» and Alexander U 'EXTERIOR FLAT OIL HOUSE PAINT Special blister-proof formula for frame homes that are blistering, peeling or scaling. This paint exceeds federal government specifications for blister resistant house paint. It can be used as a primer or finish coat. Custom colors to order, slightly higher. We have everything you need. • • and FREE DELIVERY! ALEXANDER LBR. CO 212 E. SOUTH ST.--GALESBURG--PH. 343-2171 \

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