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Nebraska Advertiser from Brownville, Nebraska • Page 1

Brownville, Nebraska
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sO 'LJA. in iiiimihiihiim hi mini ii mi jn'wiwri1 uaw nwww HATES OF ADVLllTIilMCi. Cn lists or Itu) i) Each aJiitional icsertioa IS) Basiae eardsia lice crlie-i Jf 1JO Oaci.IaE:a ccsear Caabalf onajcr 5) CI Oas fourth! cla3r3or9 jear Cdo column caa jr 21 Od half eo'ama taootha -t Ona fourt'j eiJumo n'u 21 One colutnn -ix tuubtLi Ii C3 Oae coiaiaa tarse uidntht 3 Qae hlcoSuiDn six months SI 8oe fourth moDih 15 CJ ae eighth column three 13 fl Annuuaoin canJiijs'p 6 CI All tricsieiit csit ia ai-aioce. Yearly qnirterlr ia 3rasc. Ail kinds cf Ji b.

Uk au Car rintisg. don ia Kr v' -nrt TZttUW XTIET THrRSBAT IT. -t V7n. MILLER. Block, llain B't Between lit 2d, i I i year, in advance, -w on, must advtnce( Work, and Plain and Fancy Jb Work, ft style, and on short notice.



1NEY.AT LAW TILLE, NEBRASKA. 1 n2-6yly 1A3I UCAYW, NBY AT LAW, CITr, KEBKAEKA. all 'be Ourta of Nebraska. T-ix-l-6ui Pd- BVART, M. AH AJJD SURGEON.

aer of Mia and Firit Strceta KEI2RASILA. 7 to 9 a. m. and 1 to 2 and to ebrs-ka, Maj 6th, 1864- No 35, ly. BURNS, M.

IAN SURGEON! City, TNT. T. JK AT IllS RESIDENCE. H. n47-v3-pdly C.

TI1URMAN, illMIHI "VILLE, JfEBRJSKJ. vol9-c2-Iy-pd M. C. eStern of BrQ-iTille House, WNVILM5.N.T. Ay anno'ince to tlie 7-LiKlit Gallfry.

ami is now areU and style of pit" mre ktn.wn fiiel and must iprwel slylf. a thai) any oilter west of 5-. ifhaif )iuure will Cud It creatly cjiiI anJ exauiipe my upeiuicn and Pictures copied into Photo-grophs. l7-3ina 0. HARE'S GHT GALLERY pet ynwr Pictnre.

IT If preparpd to itt PKture Urge tUea FUotogcaphk, and a well-selectM atock of Albunu g(MKlH. ery i north ride of main Stieet pure. Persons will do well to re getting work done eUewhere. ins taken witb fhiidruu, aUu in Copyin? Drk red, black, green, or plaid are children' Jrefea. Dress-making SS Im IIARRJS, nform the UJies of Brownville and she baa jut comtntfDcod a RY DRESS MAKING iirbedin with cret ear anl fter t'ue Eastern Btyles.

repairing done in the very bent iOtt nctice. riae call at the resi-ccupied bv J. W. Ooleman. Uy 1864.

5SnIl I. ROY, 7 AXD IIAIH-DRESSOS, site P. 0. Building bet. 1st and 3d.

to big iatrorj8 for former liberal i ia it iil on hand ready to abare, 'res Lair in the Lett stvle. April 21, r.33-8-ly. 'aper Wall 1 hand at Marohu's Tailor ty VIS ITALUTEII, d'Ma in tte moat approved atyle, and orma. b. una 2 IS64.

6w IIS TISIE EATES KI2JE." loprrloria all work.par- IMiiDting.glan.and paper hang-not and tba m.Bt approred a call, -reel, cat of Atkinson's Cloth 1 7, iy. THUQLD STAND! WATCHES. A5D II SHUT I inform his old customers that he nnweweirj onopiu bis old ai and on a siae, two Goors esst 01 the Brown-s keep on band a mleudid aMrtnwnt his Hue of business, wlilch La will irrois ier can and Jewelry dyna on fh phort WARRANTED. May Ith, 1S64. portri) Sberldan.

September 19,1864. Sheridan, Him of the horses a.nd sabres I sing Look, how he drove them 1 Look, how he clove Sabred, belabored, confuse 1 and confounded, Tlie whole rebel route as they fell bark astounded At the fierco ttr-de and swing Of our men gallopicg Shouting with vengence, roaring with laughter, Cheering with vitVory, ploughed after Sheridan, Sheridan, cavalry Slieridanl u. Ah fair Shenandoah, then test of the robber, Ilow fciarid the count with thy people to-day Viere the fire now, SLowin.jtby ir now, while gcz-g vritb fear and amszement; As ou it crept swiftly froia door-post to casement Weeping pale dismay? Stood maids and matrons gray lias it r.a sr-eBd t0 end of the valley? Did it not follow thee in thy grand sally, Sheridan, Sheridan, cavalry Sheridan I III. CbsmtenWg, Chambersburg, Smouldering' Cbambersburg, it in thy ruins, corjtent with thy lot 1 Lo thy desrV)ilcr. Snared by the toiler, Retreated, defeated, torn, pieced, slashed with gashes, And what tby homes their bodies are-ashes ()h 1 be pricf forgof, fvcry bright laurelled spot, Ou thy fair hill-sides wait tnttron and maiden With cbaplcts of glory; to welcome and laden Sheridan, Shcridun, canlry Sheridan.

IV. 0 Early, lmd Early.thoo ruthless invader. Ler'f are the troops who fullvwed thy raid Look at their corpes, Soldiers and horses, Whiten and brighten with bones, shining gr'mly On ail the wide plains they rode over tnmljr. What has the raven said Where ha the red fox preyed What is bnanrd declaring, Iu Richmond's whit, upturned face, of thy warfar- Sheridan, Sheridan, cavalry Sheridan? V.Sheridan, Shcridsn, rayalry Sterdan, When thou shalt come to thy people gin. Crowns we shall twine for thee' And the rip wine fr thee.

"nd Shall whirl round the iyoi eio iuem A he essays in vain IIomg to make it plain How the great heart of i he jub ilant nation Swells toward thy pwn in its fiill admiration, Sberidau, Slicridrn, cavalry Sheridan I George II Roker. "iXiistdittficoiis. 1 jJ HOUSE! D. AUGUST, FI6T AND SECOND ST3. Cinfw iread, etc.

arv4 ia $kr U-4-lf pcath of Sam Mcdary. Semuei Medary, lorgthe editor of ihe Ohio Statesman, died on the 9th inst. after an illness of eleven weeks. Mr. Medary has been for a longtime one of the forraost Democrats in Ohio.and as the editor of the Statesman has been regarded as one of the best men of the party.

'He was a man whose native powers were very considerable, as is clearly shown in ihe large influence he exened upon nis Itjioy uuinia, had not many early advantages of educa- lion. His editorials ana ne wrote iuy innHs thpm were never polished literary performances; there were often 11. 1 1 or. sentences that wouia not dkav t- aminaiion as to their grammatical structure; but they were never lacking in something of force bearing the marks ol 1 1' If) a stron understanding rjiciici public atlairs, and the resolute oictaies nnflmrlm." will. He did not shrink from saying the bitterest things of opponents, and did not spare uiem ca-sonally.

or take pains to soften the first harsh ords in which his displeasure found expressions. So in his long he life he made many enemies; but we rlipir it wns cbaraciefitic of him to be as quick to forgive as to offend. Iu his domestic and social relations, he was gen erous and kindly; the luarl ot an inte estmg and amiable family, and as tender at home as he was rugged eisevin'ire. The Ohio Statesman says he was tooiu in the year 1801, the day before the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States, and states the circumstances of his death as follows: "After an illness of abe eleven weeks, during most of which was strong enough tp travel an a brief journey for his healih; he v.i 'tacked, with his old complaint at his kfast table yesterday morning, and at 5 o'clock last evening, sqrrounitd by all but three members of his family. The exact nature of his disease remains un.

known. He was among the many poisoned at the National Hotel, in yashing-ton, in 1S57. and it is believed that some remnant qf the old poison prompted his death. Another theory is that pancerin his stomach was his diseas.e. He was faen suddenly ill while delivering a speech on th Court house steps last Aug.

and as we hare said, never fully recovered, fie died fully conscious ol his approaching devolution, and met his fate with the serenity of one who falls to sleep after a long and weary journey, where there was nothing to disturb him yt wa tiiui 1 Eeported Kkpreesly lor the NebraRka Advertiser. New York, a Pennsylvaniav-Alleghany'-countyLin-coIn majority 9,000. Philadelphia city gives Lincoln 10,000 majority. Return: from the State show almost invariable Union gains. FranVlin 8.

Three of McCJellan'a votes have ben hrownoMt. This returns his vote to 21. pisia-gives Lincoln 496 2S7. Mattoon, Lincoln 211, a gain of 200; Dwight, 65 majority for Lincoln; Townada Lincoln maioritv: Atlanta 154 rraiority. Aur- rora city 813 majority Mammouth 295i majority, Mornstown UU majority, vnei-bowrs 185 Lincoln Semont, McCIellan 160 majority Jolliot 640 majority 2J20, majorily, Wisconsin; Ktnoshot, Lincoln 61 majority Lincoln received 200 votes.

Indiana, Michigan city, 20, Union gain of 13 eince Naperville Wi. 8. This placft gives Lincoln 137 majority. Elpaso 111. 18 Union majority D.ekalb 1C2 for Lincoln, Champaign 229, a gam of 8(3, Janesvillc city Lincoln 334 Uuion majority Harmony 133 Union majority; Prairie 119 majority; tovn of Janenville 65 Union majority; Rock 5 Turtle 179 mnjoriiy; Tjwn of Winfield Co Ills.

ISO majority City Gallna 114 McClellaii majority, a gain of 1124 majority, the town of Scotland 265 Union majority.a gain of 14, D.xon 220 Union majority. Franklin gives 212 Union majority. 'Ogle Station 63 Union majority. Neelly 166, Union majority; West-port 95, -a -Union -gain of 22; Scales Mound 7 Union majority, a loss of 1 1 Rockford 1050 Union majority a gain of 212; Henley 969; Galesburg 300 Kendle county two- towns gives McCIellan 40 majority'; Parly1 always gives 96Union majority; 'Pe-ora 175 niajor for McCIellan. Paola 237 Fulton 40 majority, Albany 2Q majority, Goodn 13 majority Eight towns in Lane county gives 931 majority Genevie gives 143 a gain Carrol county 122 Union majority; Darien 200 Unifn Delana 330 Union majority.

Clinton 156.Bloit Wis, 613 Arrora III 813 a gainof 74 Ambory ofljcial 151 majority a gain of 21. Township of Fairfield whiteside county 2c Union rmjori'y Bourboabis 176 for the Union a cain of So, Wheatland 114 Union, Pekin 11S for McCIellan. Mac lacan 26 Drm Honry74 Junction 12 do Chicago about 165 Union cnok coun'y about 3500 maj ritv for the Union; Desota Mo. Union 208 Dtii. 1, Jefferson Barracks 8.

The soldiers vote here, thus Missouri for the Union 20S; Mac none. Kansas Union 15; Pern, none Ohio Uniqn29 Mc, 1 Iowa Lincoln Mc 12. Oswego. 8th. There is reported a disturbance at Sackett's harbor, a small squad of men with one gun have been sent there from Ft Ontario.

Union 168 Mc 11. Boston, Nov. 8. Voting proceeds quietly, partial re turns from several wards in this citv at noon foot up Lincoln's maj 11Q7, Alac, 353. The U.S.

Stearqer Kearsarge arrived last night, she brings in as prisoners ot war the chief engineer and iatswain of the Alabama, a surgeon and 16 men of the pirale thi arrived at Botio Bay, San Salvador, on the nisht of the 7th: The' Wachusett was also in harbor waiting for coal. Capt Colliu determined to sink the Florida in port a id at 3 o'clock started for her, her on. the without doing much damage, he then called to them to sur render. The Jst jieutenant of the Florida replifd that uuder the circumstances he would surrender. The was then towed to sea, and 12 officers and IS men werp captured, her captain and the rest of her crew beinf ashore at the time escaped.

Phicago, 8th. The startling developments of yesterday have had a most salutary effect, A large number of men were nrrested this morning on the Central R. R. frqm Shelby; GhristianT Jasper, Fayette and counties and examined befoie provo marshal Jones and Commissioner JNielliker," many of them confessed that they were senthere to vole. the copperhead ticket or fiffht jf nqt allowed to yote and that thnir expanses were paid.

They were to be furnished pistols by parties here on their arrival. Walsh has copfessed, implicating some leading epppearheadshere in a diabolical plot to liberate the "'prif-oners at camp I)ougIas. Chicago; 9. Illinois' giver Lincoln 20 000 majority. Cook county Union 225 'Union niajorjiy.

White-aide 1,800 Union Sangumon 500 Democratic majority. Peora county 400 democratic majority, McLinn county 1.00Q Union majority. Grundy county 600 Union majority. Lee county 550 Unijn rnajo i y. EeTvalk, 2,000 Union majority.

La-alle 150 Union Kane, 8 to' 941 Union majority Will, 360 Deinucraiicraajority. Kankakee 500 Union majority. Davis Halena, "114, Democratic majority. Winnebago 1.400 majority for Lincoln. Kendal county 40 Lincoln's Ogle er mty Union n.ajority 500.

'Nieoln niaj- ri 500. Knox county, Gale'turp; 1.033;Uiion majority. Tazwell county, Pekln, 118 Democratic Mar-shall county, Lacon, 16 Drtinocratic majority. Henry county Union majority 14U0. Bureau, county, Princeton, 267 Union majority.

Coles county, Mattoon, 453 Union. Lake county 1.077 Union. Carrol coun'y, Savaunaa, ,122 Union. DuP.ige county 600 Union majority. Ale Henry county, Woodstock, 112 ynion majority. county, Quincy, 114 Democratic majority. Springfielci. 8. The State has gone ynirn, and will, probably gire small majority in the Legislature. Democjtits lose Congressmen in Sth, 13ih, and 7m districts, and probably Harr.s in Coun ter Quincy district.

Un-ioniots elect Statw Senators in Madison and St. Clair ctwinties. This indicates Union majority iu State Senate and United States Senate from this S'ate ia place of Richardson. Springfield 9, 3 a. m.

It is now belief ed that Republicans have a majority in both branches of Legislature, and elect three Congressmen. Later. Kane county. Union majority McLean county Union majority Alacon county. 400 Union majority.

Bureau county 1.500 Union majority. Sangamon only 100 Demociaiic majority. Effingham 1 ,000 Union majority. Returns from indicate Uniou majority 35,000 in the State. Heavy Union gains in parts of the Slate over October Marion county; gives Uuiou about 9 000 majority.

Return from 5th district show large gains. La-porte has gone 269 Union mqjp.rjty. Indianapolis gives 1,000 Union majority. Wabash county 620 Union majority. Elkhart county 300 Union ma- jority.

JNoble county ouu union majori ty, yniqn county bS Union majority Returns thus far show large Union gains over October election. Union majority will not be ess than 30,000 in the State. Des Moines, 9. There seems to have been a full vote judging from returns now received which indicate larger majorities than that ot ast year. We c.arry every Cjngcesion- al district by increased majorities.

Keo kuk 430 union majority, Dubuque and Juliau township 350. Democratic majori ty. Wisconsin Unionists carry boih branch es of Legislature, and elect 4 of the 6 Congressmen. Sixiy-six towns, aud cites including Milvyaukie give Union 5234. Democratic 4.4(;6.

Milwaukie city 2-. 4Q0 Democratic Gen. Payne is ejected to Cougrcss iu Milwaukie dis trict. Minnesota will give ynion 3,000 majority, judging from few returns receivt 'Michigan return received indicate Uniqn majority of 15,000, on home vote. Democratic majqrity.

Wayne county 6 )0 Democratic majorily. county 1.200 Uuion majority Calhoun 1,000 Union. Calamazoo 1,000 Uuion. Iowa county 800 Union. Detroit 9.

Republicans claim lo have carried the State by 15,. 000 majority. Ohio Siate is estimated 75,000 mnjoriiy for Union. Toledo city gives Union 247 majority. Oberlin 421 Union ma-jority.

York township. Sandusky county, 172 Union. Geneva, Ashtabula county. 344 Union. Scion, Portage, 103 Union.

Windham 181 Union. Willougby 239 Union. Perry 122 Union. yria 3:20 Union. Yellow Creek, ColiiDib is county, 15 Union, gain 23 over October election.

Paynsville township 333 Union, gain 41. New Heron county, 195 Union. Vermillion, 57 Democratic, gain of 14 Connecticut, Ashtabula county, 534 Union. Newburg 2hH Union, gain 37. Cuyhoa Falls 204 Union, gain 47.

63 Uuion. Bureau 139 Washington township. Wood county 145 Union. Carlylington 214 Union. Masselton 104 Union, gain 48.

Mansfield 96 Union, gain 22." Wellington lbO Union gain 13. Johnston 46 Democratic, gain 7. Sandusky city 29 Union. Newark 229 yniou, Defiance township goes 114 Democratic, loss 13 NewYoik, 8. Gold.

There having been no meeting at the gqlti room to-day, transactions were quite limited, and fluctuations in prices much, less marked. i--. New'A'ork, 8... (iuotat.ions were 2-47 and 2-4S, and latest 2-47 1-2. Columbus, 9.

icali6ns. are that the PJnioa majority will be 30.000 on home vote. Four wards of this city give 420 Union majorily. Hamilton county' 5X)00. Union.

Returns troin southern Ohio show Union 'The foil jwing are Union majorities in Ohio: ty Ifamilion county 5.C00. Clark county 1.500,' gain 2.00 Green 2 gain 300. 1 Ashtabula 105. gain 200. returns from 15 countfes in Pennsylvania show a gain of.

1,200 over October, vote. Philidelpbra all But two wards e200 Union maj y. Erie city gain I.Philadelphia, 9. Later. Returns from State fhow almost invariably majority for Unioq.

3 districts cf'-Westchester Borrough shows a Union gain of 40 over October election. Springfield 311 union majority. -Alle ghany district, including Pittsburg and Alleghany cify, give onion raajortty 700! asa over October election. Erie coun ty 3,000 union. XilusniJl union rranklm 177 dunorratu.

L.inesville 104 union. SpareVreek 15 democratic, Alleghany 79 district 1 155 union, other towns western Dortion of State give un ion psins. Delaware, Little district ha gon fur I I rirtli union. Wellington gives cuu union. gain 500, 1 Maryland, it is has gone union.

We have no returns. New York, Essex county 150 a gain of 100. Legislature 6 union and 3 democratic. 'Massachusetts, 176 towns give union 79.C0Q, democratic 36,000. Boston, 9, In 3J and 4th districts, Rice and Hooper, union candidates.

for are far ahead. Boston give 5.00Q union ma-jority. Rhode Island gives about 5.000 union majority. Fifty towns give union 16 6,61 democratic 4.667. Uuion majority will probably reach thirty thousand.

'Vermont gives thirty thousand union majority. New Hampshire. 1010 towns give democratic 20,271 home voe. Soldiers' vo'e will largely increase majority. The state 2,500 majority on home vote Cincinnati.

Two counties, union 5276, democratic 5,047. Bridgeport 93 union. Narwalk 26S. union. New Canada 93 union.

Hartford city 3S3 democratic. Later. Connecticut claims twenty thousand union majority. Thirty-one tovyns including cities of New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury, Norwich and New London gaye. 159,.

union majority. I Maine Twentv-eight towns, union 13,261, democratic 7,984, gaiqs over October 3S0. Later. Twenty-eight towns in Maine gives union democratic. 7,794 Maine goes union by increased 1 Nashville, 9.

Union 1,307, democratic 21. Gallatin inion 109, democratic 12. Clinton county, union 105, Massilon township 25 Oxford township, Jones county, union 84. Wyoming township union Si. Linn county Franklin township 295 democratic 64.

Clarence, union. Witt, Clinton county, 109 7 Chicago, 9. Union 1703 majority. Chicago, 9. Lr.

S. Telegraph office has a report that Gen. Sherman has destroyed Atlanta by fire and seot all, his supplier to Chattanooga, and is marching on Charleston with forty thousand iruop. New York, 10. A correspondent of the Charleston Mercury regards the expression of Steph ens, Boyce and others as intiuiaiing surrender, and have fallen upqn reflecting minds with a shock electrical as lightning.

The Montgomery Mail urges Congress lo propose a convention of all the States. The Macon Confederacy regards the decision of the Peace Question as impolitic on the part of the rebels. The anticipated attack on Wilmington i discussed by all the papers, who claim the defences are very strong, but regard the solution with axiety- Ttie barbarities practised on Union prisoners at Ander-sonville, were repeated at lorence. South Carolina, Head Ves" Army' Potomac, Potomac, Nov. 9th.

A. flag of truce was asked by the enemy and yesterday to bury the bodies of those killed in the attack Saturday night near the centre. rh'e enemy acknowledged 200 killed and wounded. The election yesterday through this armv off very quietly. Thirty- eiirht Pennsylvania regiments give Mc- Clellau Lincoln Albany, 10.

Nothing more definite here to-night as to the result in this State. The Demo crats claim it by a few hundred, and the Unionists insist that they nave carried it by at leasf 5,000 majorily. Harrisburg.Ta 10. The majority in Pennsylvania will be from fifteen to twenty thousand withoui the soldiers' vote in the field. (Signed) SJMON CAMERON.

1 New Yorktl0. Wright, just elected to Consress by the Democrats for the ih STew York districtdied this morning. New York, 10. Herald says New York and Pennsyl vania have both gone Republican. The indications are that, defeated Fenton appears, to have been' 'ahead, of Lincoln in severaf Thus far Clellan has carriid three States N.

rsey, Delaware and Kentucky. The next Congress will be overwhelm-ingly The Cqrjgressional delegation from the States yet, to elect members to Congress to stand the same as Et present will be three mor than a two-thirds vote on a joint ballot in New York. The Legishuure will be Republican by 37. (j New York has gone Republican by 5,000 majority. Pennsylvania by 10.000 majority.

The Republican gain jn this State since 1S62, so far. as absolutely known, is about twenty-two thousand The Atlas and Argus insists there is two hundred to Qftesa hundred majority for licCiellin-- New York, 10. It has been ascertained that the 5ih corps has been represented ia 65 including acnons by rejiraents that belonged and now belong to other corps. The Times', Martiusburj says Gen Sheridan has so far recovered from his recent indisposition as to be able to ride on horseback. Capt.

Moore of his staff is better but cot well enough to, ride. New York, 10. Fort Monroe special says all regulations for the exchange of ten thuusanch prisoners at Savannah have been completed. The first installment ebel prisoners, sailed from Hampton Roads on Monday for Savannah River on Monday. Qn thei.r arrival mere, ten thousand of our men will ba received in return.

Tbe 'World's New Orleans letter of the 29th says Backner, commanding Confederate forces in west surprised the garrison at Morgansra the 26ih, and held the place several hours; captured 1,900 prisoners, carried off the field artillery, disabled the seige guns and all war materials. From the Chicago Journal 10th: Cairo. 10th. Everything pissed off quietly Tuesday. Cairo, city" gives Mac 354 maj.

Mat ion coun'y Mac's maj 100, Centralia union nnj 300, Williamson county small union majority. Union county Mac 450, Massac county uuion 625, Paducah, union maj 227, Columbus union maj 20, Hickman union maj 45, Clinton union maj 60, Alexander county dem maj 100. ftew Tabor, dem, elected in 7ih Congressional and Sarfield. dem. in 10 and 11th districts; Hubbel and Toodicor in 12th and ih 'districts.

Present congressional district stands 15 union to 16 dem. Later Albany Journal claims New York State by 5000 republican majorily. It tays returns are very scattering and do not justifiy possible estimate. The Albany Argti3 claims. the State a3 gone democratic' The Tribqne claims all New EnglandPennsylvania, Delaware.

Ne.w York, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin. Minnesota, Iowa and "Kansas for Lincoin, 190 electoral yqies, independent of the Pa cific States. Pittsburg, 9th. Alleghany county union maj 9000. Armstrong union maj 200.

llartford. 9th. Union majority in Connecticut in all but 13 towns is 2594, Providence, R. 9th. Returns from all towns in S.tate but one g'veoQll union majority, soldier's vote will increase this.

Wheelmsr. Col Phelp3 is elected in 3d district of West Va. Columbus. 9ih. Returns indicate inciease union majority over October vote of from 10 to 15 thousand.

Baltimore, 8th-City gives 12,000 uuion majority, the State has undoubtedly gone Union strongly. Swan, elected Governor. Concord, N. 9th. Vote of 132 towns foot up 25.745 union, 24.6S7.

Louisville, 9.h. Nashville, Tena, 1267 union majority. St Louis. 9ih. Canby and.

Brig. Gen. Davidson came from New Orleans I lo mouth ol White River, on steamer Magenta Uhich arrived at Cairo yesterday, destination Little Rock. (Jeq. lerron recently at Little Rock on tour of.

inspectior reported unfavorably of affairs in Ark This visit of Gen Canby in person i-strongly indicative of a supercedure of Gen. Cairo, 10 h. Gazette this morning published the following from YJ; We think the State safe for th ynion ar.i Fernado Wood and Jim Brooks are certainly defeated for Congress, we gain 3 Congressmen in ihis city and 7 in the state. New York, 9th. have doubt of the State by 5 to 7 thousand majority for Lincoln.

Seymour runs behind his ticket considerably. It is feared that Jim Brooks is chosen to Congress, but official' returns must decide. A dispatch received at Cincinnati from New York yesterday states Commercial. Advertiser's Washington special says "M'CIellatj's 'resignation a Maj-Gen'l in U. S.

rmy was received by the' War Department Tuesday. New from Pa. was tq the, effect Lincoiu carried the State by ten thousand on home vote. l-i Nashville, 8th. Reports from Johnsonville represent orrest as retreating tne direction ot Corinth.

i Philadelphia, Bulletin. estimates. Rep majority of 10 to 15 thoa'iand will be sweljeof. I "Newark, 9th. Gives McCIellan 5500 maj.

Wilmiogton. 9th. "McCIellan carried tha State by four huadred and fifty. Baltimore, Republican have pajority in the House, Senate doubtful. State union by abiut'seven thousand.

Rock Island. 111., 10. This county 600 union rnaj, Mercer county 500 unica maj. Cinciucati, OfSceri from Chattanooga report Sher-saaa returntd Atlanta list week with 5 corps, of his army leaving 2 corps Tennessee under, Thomas to watch (ico. He destroyed railroad from Chaacorga Atlanta and sending iron to Chattanoo-go, Atlanta was burned and Sherniaa noy marching directly -for, Charleston, c.

Just previous to, entering upon tha present mavement Gen. Sherrrsan wrote; IIxd has crossed the Tennessee. Georgia and South Carolina are at my m'erty and I shall strike, do not bs anxious about me, I am right. New York. S.h.

Detailed nws by City of Baltimore; Hong Kong advices Sept. say fleet of British ships, mounting IS 4 3 French ships and 5 Dutrh, were nearjy ready to leave for Japan, a merchant Steamer has been chartered by the Am-rican Miuister to carry U. S. flag into the action in order to be represented, the object is to force the opening of th inland sea according to treaty. New York, 0th.

Herald's FtMnrce dispatch says tha Pirate Tallahasse was fired into by 5 ships at one time as she ran out of Wilmington, 5 fast vessels are in pursuit. Columbus. 9-Numerous scattering returns show heavy Uuion majorities. The Bjck-Eye State is good for 50.000 Union on h-nne vote, soldiers' vote will make it dq ble. In Missouri Mitchell isdouhlesa elected.

St. Louis give 4,000 Union on home vote. Blow is re-elested te Congress by a majority. Twenty-eight counties' in Kentucky give a Union najority of 250. Louisville Union 1,817 Democratic 4.S73, Cov ington 601 Union.

Falhnouth 6j5, Ua ion. Lexington 10 Uuicn. Paris 13 Democratic. Returns seem to indicate the Derao crals have carried the State. Louisville.

9. Later. Partia returns from 23 coun ties in Kentucky, excluding Jeffersca, go 250 Unjsn. New York, 9. Returps show etectiqn to Congress of Darling over Fernando Raymond 19 elected in 6 districts for New York City, and, Humphrey for Brooklyn.

Taylor democrat for 5th, and Chandler democrat in 7ih are also elected. The vote of If6w York City 13 Lincoln 36,442. For Governor-- Republican 35,122, Dercocratic 73.722. Returns from 105 towns and 2 counties give Union 20,704 majority Ia S3 towns aDcj Albany, Bjf- falo, Troy, Schenectady and Utica, also 3 counties, McCIellan has 16.094 mijori-ty. New York Herald mtes the city 37,500 majority for McCIellan, with a the wards in.

-Union men claim the State by 20,000. Elmyra union maj 205, Buybartoa union maj 353, Kinsrs co dem maj 3000. Joneston union rriaj 469. Randolph union maj 115, Oswego (jem maj 738. Syracusa dem maj 24, Aurora union maj 254, Well-ville twp.

union 154, Cuba union maj 116 Bellville union 25, Alfred union 151, Oswego union 145, Addison union 125, Fanby union 10, Ithaca uniou 150, Corning union 243. 4 Later, New York, 9th. Total vote of City for Mac 75 319, for Lincoln 36,448, Mac's maj 36 SS7. Alleghany give 2,476 Demopratic ma. jority.

Seymour's majority 'is 2,473. Troy gives 7,58 Democratic Little Falls gives 227 Democratri; majority. Niagara Falfs 72 Democratic ma jority. Suspension Bridge 1,37 Dcmn- cranc. Harnelsviile 96 inoTaiic Schenectady 229 Democratic' Iud.oa 217 Di-mTraiic.

Lyons 94 rn ratir. Rochester 4 Democratic, gain 2U0 Amsterdam 139 Uuioi. Saratogi 221 Ua-lon. Mechaniciville 1 Uniou. The peace sentiment in Alabama seems to be gaining ground.

At a recent session of the Legislature, a introduced a resolution offering con-cilatory terms to the Federal Government, and askiqg a cessation of hoitili-tics, which has caused muchdissention. The Governor called upon the Leis-laturefor aid in strengthening the de-tenses' of the State, but that body adjourned without acceding to his demands. After they had refused to make the ap- propriaiion'ihe Governor demanded, sent th.e,a a message, scolding the members which was returned to him ia black envelop. The militia of Alabama is virtailly disbanded. Another fight "Between Prjca an Blunt, occurred at Newtcnia, 3lo.

cn th 2th'of October, in whfch Price was defeated and beaten from the ace witb a loss of 200killed- Our loss was only 119. and about 175 horses killed- A rebel Surgeon, who came into out liner. under a flag- of truce, repartel anf said that Price has yet about 40t) wagons loaded with stolen plunder, and a large number of uaaraei conscripts. Price expected when he came to Missouri tq make his Headquarters at Kansas City for this winter, ani would have done so if possibfe. Oatha 29th Rosecraos orderprf the troops under the command of Pleisanton to' abandon the pursuit of Price aud the District whers tbey 9.0ugti.

i i.

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