The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1956 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1956
Page 33
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thefe ars some days, and even some weeks, in which nothing seems to go exactly right. I hate to take a gloomy attitude in Woman's World but that's the way it has been around here for the past several days. I've been upset over illness in the family and in the home of a friend. I've broken 3 glasses, two saucers and the handle off one of my few remaining decent cups. I 'washed the kitchen curtains and when I went to iron them, found they weren't clean so 1 had to do them over again. Somebody walked on the newly-waxed kitchen floor before it was dry and the kids have been sassy and bratly. To top it off, when I sat down to. the typewriter this evening, I-couldn't think of a single thing to write about. * * * I once read some place thai the thing to do when you get into a spell of the blues is to sit back and reflect on some of the nice things that have happened to you. It's a kind of Pollyannaish procedure, but I believe it works. Lest we get too cheerful. I am also reminded of a little item in a sorority program of ;•; few years back. I don't remember the exact wording but the idea was that in the lives of all of us, even the happiest people, there are only a handful of absolutely perfect moments. These moments are to be caught, savored and remembered for they are few and far between. And, come to think of it, even in this gloomy mood I must admit that I, too, have had my moments. * * * The first of these perfect moments that comes to mind right now occurred when I was ten years old. Although I was very aware that the stork was due in the homes of several acquaintances, I didn't dream that the old bird was also hovering around our house. Mama was in bed New Skelly Supreme Power Pair Guaranteed to give you more power and miles per dollar than i any other combination of premium gasoline and motor oil! Off Industry's own rating system proves if... 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When I came rushing home from school, our Aunt Bessie said she had something to show me. There in Mama's room was a brand-new baby sister! I don't know which emotion was uppermost — complete surprise or extreme delight, but it was some moment. • • • Another completely happy moment occurred in New Orleans. I could use a whole fortnight of such moments right now. We were standing near the dock on Canal Street, waiting to take one of those river boat trips. It was February, the sun was warm, the breeze soft and the Azaleas were in bloom. Father and I had a wonderful time the whole vacation, but it is this particular moment that stands out in my memory. My first glimpse of our firstborn was a perfect moment as it is for all parents. He was twelve hours old before I really inspected him and it seemed to me that everybody else had a chance to admire him before I did. When they finally brought him to me, I agreed with the general con- cencus that he was big, healthy and completely iidorable. But what did I do in this perfect moment? I laughed till the tears rolled down my face for this tiny, litllo mite of a baby had such a ferocious frown on his face that it looked as if he were furious with the whole wide world. * * * Another perfect moment oc- curcd on my wedding day. (Don't be alarmed, they all happened in legal and logical order, I'm just putting down these perfect moments as I think of them) The music was lovely, the promises of the ceremony impressive, my bridegroom handsome and the congratulations warm. But there were too many butterflys floating around in my tummy to count any of them as perfect moments. That came when things settled down a bit and someone called me by my married name. For better or worse, I began enjoying matrimony right then, so I went down and ate a perfectly huge dinner. * * * There was a perfect moment for me July 5, 1954. It occurred quite near the end of the Kossuth Centennial Revue, on which so many of us worked hard for so many months. The weather, despite all our fears, cooperated beautifully. There had been missed cues, mix-ups . on properties and all the other general confusion pertaining to the home- talent production, but while Karen Shirley was doing here Fire Dance it suddenly came to me that the audience was loving the show. A perfect moment! Right after that, extreme fatigue set in and all I wanted to do was go home to bed. * * * It was a perfect moment when I saw our first daughter, born to us on my birthday, but I'm sure I've told that one so many times you are bored with it, although I never shall be,, Our littlest was fully as much of a thrill, but we had to wait until we were sure she was going to stay with us before we could allow ourselves the luxury of celebrating. With her, the nearest to a perfect moment came when the doctor said, after she'd been very ill, "I guess we're over the hump with this one." . * * * It isn't always on special occasions that perfect moments can come to us. If you watch for them, they can happen under the most ordinary circumstances. Just the other day we were having lunch. Leftovers served on odds and ends of china, a plastic tablecloth and unmatched silverware—we go for Gracious Living at our house. One of the kids made a bright remark and we all laughed. Something as simple as that can make a perfect LUCKY CHILDREN'S THERMOLITE OVERSHOES moment for as T looked nround the table, I realized that here were the most important people in all the world to me — all healthy, fairly bright, able to enjoy life and by prejudiced opinion, good-looking. Around uf wore all the necessities of life, a little shabby, perhaps, and even quite n few of the luxuries. Can you think of any better composition for a perfect moment? * * * There is a new club in Algona that intrigues me greatly. I'm not about to join it for they haven't asked me and I know I haven't their powers for self-control. They call it the Diet Club and its composed of six young matrons dedicated to the purpose of losing weight. Now. these six gals are not fat. They are rated among the best looking women in town, but they are determined that their charms shall not spread. One of -them tips the scales at a mere 112 pounds but she wants to stay that weight. The Diet Club meets once a week, in the morning. At first they tried meeting for breakfast so they could calorie-compile together but they found that too many of the members were cooking for, and eating with, their husbands before the club went into session. Now they gather together, weigh in and do sixty minutes of exercises, They must pay a fine for each ounce gained since the last session and the one who gains the least, or loses the most, takes home 50c in flesh money. The rest of the loot is used to buy phonograph exercise recordings. It is hoped they will soon have enough irom the project so that each member can have her own album of records to use for exercises at home on her own. • • • When I was talking with May Schenck today, she said she was planning a smorgasbord and that she wasn't completely satisfied with her recipe for Swedish Meat Balls. Now I have five fine recipes for the same from the late recipe contest so I thought I'd share one of them with you for this week's recipe. It comes from Theresa Thilges of Algona. "2 cup fine dry bread crumbs H cup warm cream '*> Ib. beef li Ib. veal V 4 Ib. pork l< 2 cup milk 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten 2 tablsp. minced onion 3 teasp. salt 1/3 teasp. pepper % teasp. allspice 4 tablsp. fat Soak crumbs in cream. Grind meat three times, using fine blade of food chopper. Combine crumbs and meat; mix thoroughly. Add milk, add egg yolk, onion and seasoning. Form in medium or very tiny balls and brown on all sides in hot ft;t. Keep warm until serving time over hot water. Serves 8. * —GRACE. •LAKOTA By Mfs Jerry Heetlbnd Mrs Mary Underkofler anc' son Wiliiam of Marquetle visited Wednesday with her brother anr sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Waltei Leslie. Maynard Rippentrop, son of Mf and Mrs Albert Ripp'entrop. anc David Kienitz left from Masoi City Jan. 9, with a group of en listees. The boys will go to Cali fornia for their training. Harlan Heidecker, son of Mrs Waltei Jansen, also entered Army ser vice last week. Thursday evening visitors ir the Cort Rippentrop home were Mr and Mrs Don Stickjer of Elmore, the Alvin Rippentrop family of Titonka and Mrs Mao Teikamp ' Mr and Mrs George Steinberp of Buffalo Center wore Thurschn evening guests of Mr and Mrs Robert Rippentrop. Mr and Mrs Eclmond Lestei and Sandy of Blue Earth were Sunday visitors with Mr and Mrs Vancie Lester. O. J. Rippentrop has received Tuesday, January 24, 1956 Afgona (lo.) Upper Oes Maine*—§ announcement of the birth of a daughter Janet Eileen to Mr and >VIrs Marcus Rippentrop of West De.s Moines, Dec. 31 and on Jan. -1 a daughter Debra May was ooin to Mr and Mrs Homer Hendricksen of Ringstcd. Mrs flendric'ksen is a grand daughter >f Mr Rippentrop, the formei Rosalyii Rippentrop. Mr and Mrs Gordon Ertyart ind Douglas of Prairie City fn\me Wednesday night for a few days v'isit with Mr and Mrs Wayne ileetland. The men served fqr two years in the Marines to) jet her. Mr and Mrs W. E. Ley received 1 word Tuesday that their brother- .n-law, Albert Smith of Fort Jodge. was in a Rochester hospital again. Mr and Mrs Smith •lad been in St. Petersburg, Fla., with Mrs Smith's mother, Mrs Opal Wheeler intending to spend the winter there but Mr Smith became ill and it was necessary :o bring him back to Rochester where he had previously had surgery, Mr and Mrs Ley went to Rochester Wednesday to be with Mrs Smith while her husband underwent surgery again Thursday. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT II Algona Airport Log Dec. 22—Ralph Campbell, Kansas City, Cessna; Diane Heckef, Flying Cloud, Cessna 140; Jim Standness, Flying Cloud, Cessna 140. Jan. 7—J. D. Mctntyre, Luverne, Minn., Cessna 170; Le9 Rhodes, Waverly, Cessna 140. Jan. 11 — Russell D, Hummel, Alison, Stinson Station Wagon. McCullough's Air Ambulance fliacle five trips to Iowa City, two trips to Rochester, one to Las Cjruces, rtew Mex. and one to Des Moines during the period. judgment Entered 'A judgment entry was filed in Kosjsuth district court, Jan. 14, frotiji Federal district court at Fort! Dodge, on the basis of an action brought by the United States of America versus Ray Gordon. Judgment was for a to« tal of $1,095.08. HONORED At Sabula, George Ulmer recently completed his 30th year as mayor of that city. Over 200 turned out to honor him at a testimonial dinner. Says Elsie, llic Harden Cow: "Get i( in (he Burgundy-colored package where you i the Lady Burden ice cream sign 1" A very special cherry-ripe treat. Extra-good because it's made \vith extra cream! C "M by Th. Borta Cb Illlllllllllllllllll Fur Trimmed Famous Ball Band Quality Sizes 8-3 Y OU'VE probably noticecl that more and more people seem to be stepping into the upper circle of fine cars. And there can be no doubt that "good times" have a lot to do with this. But all by itself, it doesn't explain the sudden »purt in sales of the finest of Uiticks — the 1956 ROADMASTER. For it has always been our experience that folks with the wherewithal to buy any car they choose are apt to be the choo^icst of all. So it seems quite clear that the marked and increasing preference for ROADMASTLU Li in the fineness of the cur itself. We can tell you why very simply, ROADMASTKH aturls (>U witli all the virtues tJiat hate taullcd tlic full line of liiilcks to soaring popular fai'or—lhcn t «/« that acclaim with a tcortliiness all it* own. You sense this especial eminence at once —in tlte individuali/cd styling of this gracefully proportioned car. You recogni/e it a^ain — in the quiet elegance of its custom appi.'iiiliiiciits--utid iu the good taste of its luxurious iahrics and color harmonics. But you know it lor sure iu the lilt and thrill and spirit of BOAUMASTI u performance. highest-powered V8 engine in Bulck history- coupled to the Hash-fast response and absolute smoothness of an advanced new Variable Pitch Dynaflow—most modern transmission in motoring today. And here is Buick comfort, Tiuick handling eas«» Huiek roadability, and the great Buick ride-« each brought to its peak in this Buick of Buick*, In all truth, no man who puts true merit abov« mere symbol could ask for more than is his ia PiOAUM AS IKK. 11 thai applies to you, we'll be happy to arrange an introduction. Will you phone us—or come For here is the obedient might ol the in —for u demonstration soon? HE MCKie OUMON ON W {•OT kwdn «•«*•• ( •••••«»«»** Custom Built Jby Guide WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUIIT BUICK Will BUIID THEM 105 N. Hall BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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