Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 16, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1973
Page 13
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Weekend Developments t a Would Subpoena • WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. Dahi6l K. Inouye, a Watergate committee member, believes president Nixon is in "trouble" over the scandal and should come forward voluntarily "with his papers and himself" to clear up the matter. Iriouye, D-Hiawaii, said Sunday he would vote to subpoena presidential papers if the White House continues to withhold them: kom the Senate select committee. He said he believed the American people had formed themselves into a "great jury to try the case, and he would favor-letting the people, rather than tlhe courts, sit in judgment if the White House refuses the subpoena. He said he believed a refusal Would bring a "negative response" from the public. Inouye made his remarks in a television interview. In another- interview, Sen. James L. Buckley, the Conservative senator from New York, said ha believed the "White.House ought to be leaning over backwards to cooperate" in providing documents that would be helpful to the Senate investigation. Buckley said he also felt it was important to preserve the "clear executive privilege" *hat attaches to internal presidential memoranda. Buckley is not a committee member. Sen. Lowell P. Weicker, R- Conn., who does serve on the committee i said he would vote against subpoenaing the President to appear before the committee an dagainst subpoenaing ahy documents Which had been signed or directed to the President. But he said he felt Nixon's- handling of the Watergate scandal "has just been miserable" and that Nixon "is not den,t." acting like a Presi- Kalmbach To Testify Inouye was interviewed on CBS' "Face the Nation." Buckley lanpeared on NBC's "Meet the Press." Weicker was interviewed by a New York television station. The Senate committee meets today through Friday this week. Today it was to call back to the witness table Richard A. Moore, a special counsel to the President, who last week rebutted portions of testimony given earlier by White House counsel John W. Dean III that implicated Nixon in the cover- up of the Watergate affair. After Moora finishes his testimony, the seven-memiber panel will call Herbert W. Kalmbacih, Nixon's former personal attorney, who allegedly handled payment of Nixon campaign funds to seven Watergate conspirators and their attorneys after the arrests What Do Many Doctors Use When They Suffer Pain Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues? Exclusive Formula Gives Prompt, Temporary Relief In Many Cases from Such Pain. Also Helps Shrink Swelling of Such Tissues Due to Infection. In a survey, doctors were asked what they use to relieve such painful symptoms. Many of the doctors reporting said they either use Preparation H themselves or in their office practice. Preparation H gives prompt, temporary relief for hours in many cases from pain, itching in hemorrhoidal tissues., And it actually helps shrink painful swelling of such tissues when infected and inflamed. Just see if doctor-tested Preparation H® doesn't help you. Ointment or suppositories. at Democratic national headquarters June 17,1972. Ift other Watergate develop* ments: —The New York Daily News reported today that .James W. McCord Jr., a convicted .con* spirator, "suggested" that 0. Gordon Liddy might break,his silence and talk to authorities. Liddy has been described as tihe ringleader for the break-ifi at Democratic headquarters. Cox Inquiry Expands —Time Magazine reported it had learned that Senate investigators were seriously probing the possibility that Republican campaign funds may have been used to help purchase Nixon's San Clemente estate. The magazine said investigators were eyeing a. sum of .$1.6 million left over from the 1968 presidential campaign and."the secret Public Institute funds" raised by Kalmbach as "possible sources" of money used to buy the California property. —Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C, said in a speech Saturday night at Springfield, Mo., that he had teiked to Nixon the night before the President was hospitalized and ithat Nixon had told him' "the Watergate thing will pass" and that he was not going to be deterred in his efforts to get "the economy of the country straightened out." — Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox officially expanded his Watergate investigation by appointing two men to pursue related inquiries into 1972 election campaign "dirty tricks" and the White House security squad known as the "plumbers." Part-Indian Veep Charles Curtis, elected vice president under President Herbert Hoover, was of Indian ancestry. -His mother was a full- Wooded member of the Kaw tribe. , 3 HOURS ONLY! 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