The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1956 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1956
Page 13
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January 24,1956 INJURED Gary Coonrod of Manly, 15 year old youth, was shot in the face recently as he and a friend prepared guns for a; hunting trip. He's recovering. . : It It's News — We Wan! Ill WANT ADS BRING RESULTS 90th Birthday For Whittemore Man, Jan. 19th Whiltemore — The immediate families of Mr and Mrs Carl Ostwald called at the parental home to help Mr Ostwald celebrate his 90th birthday Thursday, Jan. 19. Present were Mr and Mrs Gus Berninghaus Sr., Mr and Mrs Werner Gade, Mr and Mrs Timothy Klein of West Bend, Mr and Mrs William Matson Sr., Mrs Donald Larson, Mrs Donald Reimers and son Russell of Burt, Mr and Mrs Theodore Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Ferdinand Ostwald and daughter Leola, Mr and Mrs Elmer Ostwald, Mr and Mrs William Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Save and be turn with tint quality! Exciting toloctlon* Phenomenal savings ALW AY S FIRST QUALITY! AT FAMOUS PENNEY PRICESI FASHION LOVING AMERICA SEW WITH PENNEY'S EXCLUSIVE Regulated Cottons 79< yd. 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A number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs Herbert Sdhtnitt, Tuesday evening of last week, to celebrate Mr Schmitt's birthday. Present were Mr and Mrs Peter Rolling and son Dennis and Mr and Mrs .Floyd Miller and Emmet Schmitt of Rockwell City and John Schmitt of Minneapolis; Ferdinand Ostwald and daughter Leola, Mr and Mrs Willis Struecker and Mr and Mrs Theodore Ostwald of here and Mr and Mrs Louis Wehrs- pann of Fairville. Two More Birthdays Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer entertained Mr and Mrs Willis Meyer Sr., and Mrs Mathilda Meyer at a six o'clock dinner Friday evening in honor of Mn. .Meyer's birthday. ' A number of Mrs Max Meyer's, farnily gathered at the 'Ernie Meyer home, Saturday. '-.'Where, the former is making her home. Mrs Meyer was 76 years old'Sat- urday. Guests included Mrs Orville Ramus and family of Fort Dodge, Mrs Dorothy Hintz and daughter Ruth of LuVerne and Harold Meyer of Swea City. Sunday dinner guests in her honor were Mrs Emma Ristau and Mrs Kenneth Ristau and son Dennis of Nora Springs, Mrs Vernon Ristau of Ventura and Mrs Allen Schumacher of Austin, Minn. Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidcn- jwith and son Lyle visited with Mr and Mrs Elmer Ruhnke und family at Lotts Creek Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt and Craig Espe of here and Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom, Algona, were Friday evening visitors with Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith. Mrs Lucy Besch entertained her Jolly 500 Club last Tuesday at the Lawrence Besch home, Mrs Herman Kollasch winning high, Mrs Mike Mergen low, and Mrs Elizabeth Mergen travel. Mr • and Mrs William Fandcl Sr. entertained their Pinochle Club at ' their home Monday THESE FAMOUS .PATTERNS Not Color Of Skin That Counts... Choose the piece* you need to complete your tervice In ony on* of these famous Community pat* terns. Place your order now for early fall delivery. OFFER ENDS FEB. 29 Place Each Teaspoons 11.10 Dessert Spoons 2.20 Round Bowl Soup Spoons 2.20 A. D. Coffee Spoonj 1.10 Iced Diink Spoons 2.20 Bulter Spreaders 2.20 Piece Each Dinner Knives $3.30 Grille Knives 3.30 Dinner Forls ' 2.20 Grille Forks 2.20 Salad Forks 2.20 Cocktnil Forks 2.20 Table Spoons 2.48 Cold Meat Fork 3.85 Cvavy Ladle 3.85 CONVENIENT TERMS eTHADE.MARKS OF ONEIOA LTP. STORE HOURS: WfcekDay 9?C£P»w, till &90p.m« Friday Night TlH9;06p,m, ALCONA.KM* night.* Francis . Foley and Mrs Hepry Mueller won high, Will- iSra ; Fandel and Mrs Francis Foley, second high and Raymond Elbel't and Mrs'Frank Piekarski, low/ George Fandel Sr. travel. Mr and Mrs Victor Youngwirth, Mr and Mrs Marion Hyink and Mr and Mrs Elmer Steicr were guests of the club. Mrs Anna Wehrspann entertained her Southside 500 Club at her home Tuesday evening, Mrs Louis Braatz won high, second high to Mrs Han-y Schmeling and travel to Mrs George 'Meyer. Mr and Mrs Elmer Ostwald entertained at a six o'clock dinner Friday evening in honor of Walter (Stitz) Meyer, who had a birthday on his lucky day, Friday, Jan. 13. Present were Mr and Mrs Dean Meyer and family, Mrs Dprothy Rosendahl, daughter Kay Frances and son Danny, Mr and Mrs Melvin Heinrich, Mr and Mrs Harold Zimmerman and sons Mickie and Allan, Martin (Butch) Potratz and Orville (Doc) Kressin, the latter ,of Lotts Creek. Mr and Mrs Francis Spilles had as dinner guests at their home Monday evening, Mr and Mrs Frank Spilles of here and Mr and Mrs Henry Reinders of Mallard. Both couples are granpar- ents of 'Mark Spilles who was four years old. Friday evening ? visitors -with the. Spilles 1 were Mr and Mrs\George Cole of Laurens. Miss Joan Bisenius and James Walesa of Omaha spent the week•end at the home of Joan's par. ents, Mr and'Mrs James Bisenius. i. Mr^Waksa is spending Jjis leave '•* ;fr6m Fort-Knoxy,-Ky.' •'-.—-- -. " ^Frank Kollaseh who is a patient at the Mercy hospital in Mason City underwent surgery Thursday in which he had to have a kidney removed. Mrs George J. Elbert and daughter Mary Jo left last Friday for Clairville, .Ohio where they are visiting at the home of Mrs Albert's brother, Mr and Mrs H. ^.'••'Barnes. Mr and Mrs Henry Mueller spent the weekend at the home of their daughter, Mr and Mrs Roger Yarbrough, in Storm Lake. Their sister-in-law accompanied them to Sheldon, where she visit- sd'at the home <?f her son, Mr md Mrs George Mueller in Sheldon. Mr and Mrs Elmer Ruhnke and daughter Jeanett and son Everett of Lotts Creek accompanied Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and son Lyle to Clear Lake where they were Saturday evening dinner guests with Mr and Mrs Donald Hurlburt. Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt accompanied by Mr and Mrs Frank Schumacher, spent Thursday afternoon visiting at the home of Mrs Voigt's father, Edward Tietz near Fenton. Mr and Mrs Roscoe Fuoss and family and Mr and Mrs' Harold Schmeling and daughter Nancy were Wednesday evening visitors with Mr and Mrs William Lauck. DIES Tripoli lost its oldest resident, Mrs Caroline Schellhorn recently. She was 94. She is survived by a total of 223 descendants; 11 children, 59 grandchildren, 139 great grandchildren and 14 great great grandchildren. "I hope you will remember that it isn't the color of a person's skin that's important, it's tha C ° 10 Th°is wns^ne^Mhe remarks made by a Kossuth woman, June Parker Goldman, wife of Rev. Max GoUnXn of T tonka who was the chief speaker at the Webster County 4-H.banquet held re- cenfly at Fort Dodge In the above picture, Mrs Goldman, the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother?" shown second from the left with two Fort Dodge women and two Webster county 4 " H fe?G B o t ld t man lg s5ient her childhood in her mother's native country, Japan, and later came to this country for high school and college education. She has become widely known since com ng to Kossuth county with her husband as one of the outstanding woman speakers in this section of the State Mrs Goldman told the group of about 300 that "it's not the shape of one's eyes that jhould be important, it's the shape of his dreams you should care about" She said that was a lesson .she learned as a child,-and she was thankful she learned it then because it took a long time Her father was a New England school teacher inthe Orient, and he came to meet and many an English-speaking Japanese secretary in the early 20's. She described her father's mtermeni in * Japanese prison camp during World War II, of her parents' leave-taking of the Jar East and of tha naturalization of her mother as an American cit izen. (Cut courtesy Fort Dodge Messenger) CD. Of A. Met At Wesley Jan. 18 Wesley—The C. D, of A. regular meeting was held Wednesday evening, Jan. 18. Grand .Regent Mary Bode read an invitation from the C. D. of A. Court for a Day of Recollection to be held at Bancroft Sunday, Feb. 19. She also read a similar invitation from the Garner Court for a Day of Recollection the same day. The local group Voted to have such a day here later on. A committee reported that they had purchased a number of things for the sister's convent. A husband's party is to be held Sunday evening, Feb. 5. The next regular meeting will be Wednesday evening, Feb. 1. Servers will be Edna Koppen, Marjorie Goetz, Madonna Studer, Emma Olson, Shirley 'Lickteig and Ruth Mary Hrubes. Entertainers will be Erma Kunz, Clara Haverly, Lucille Hirner, Mary Kay Studer and Wilhelm Hughes. Mary Rockwpod received the door prize, Viola Studer and Hazel Studer received high score prizes in 500 and Clara Erdman and Clara Goetz received the low score prizes. Servers Wednesday evening were Ann Richtsmeier, Mary Weber, Madeline Grant, Florence Hildman, Mary Kayo Studer atul Lucille Nelson. On the entertainment committee were Madonna Studer, Matilda Goetz, Agnes Lickteig, Anna Cink and Mildred Studer. Farewell Party Ginger Lee was honored at a farewell party Friday afternoon. Mrs Philip Lee had invited the girls of the first grade at the public school and they had an enjoyable time at games and lunch. Ginger received many lovely gifts. The Lee family will move next week to Granada, Minn. Mr and Mrs John Muehe, Ollie Agricultural Labor Is Anyone Paid Over $100 _ . .PI « * i •_ and Angeline Foertsch attended the funeral of a cousin, Will 255 HP DE SOTO most powerful car in the medium price field Under that hood, you've got 255 horsepower... highest in the medium price field . . . and brother that's a lot of get-out-and-go in any man's language. The almost unbelievable power surge of De Soto's sizzling 255 hp engine makes passing safer, easier. Come in tomorrow . . . test drive the '56 De Soto, the most powerful car in the medium price field. 104 R. J«nw st. CENTRAL MOTORS Uhlenhake, 64, at the Ossian Catholic Church Thursday, Jan. 12. Mr Uhlenhake died of a stroke and left his widow and two children. On the return from Ossian the Wesleyans visited the smallest church in the world near Festina. It seats 8-people. •:.• . Mrs George Osterca'mp and infant. daughter we're brought home Wednesday afternoon from Britt hospital where the baby was born Saturday, Jan. 14. 'She has been named Denlse Marie. Mrs Ostercamp is the former Beverly Price. Ostercamps now have a family of 'two sons and two daughters. •«. The Firemen held their annual oyster supper Monday evening, Jan. 23 in Studer's Hall. A County American Legion Auxiliary meeting is to be held at Algona, Feb. 14. Mrs Neva Tlobinson of DCS Moines, formerly of Wesley, installed Rebekah officers at Algona, Jan. 10. She is District Deputy. Walter Pfeffer was winner of a hum in the January Jubilee of bargains in Algona stores last week. Relatives have received invitations to the golden wedding anniversary party for Mr and Mrs Louis Schleusner at Garner Sunday, Jan. 29. Mrs Schleusner is the former Lucy Studer, daughter of the late A. A. Studers. Mr Schleusner is a brother of Mrs Lou Hauptman. Immediate relatives will attend a dinner at the parish hall. There will also be a reception there in the afternoon. Mrs Joe Kelly und two daughters of Gillett Grove have spent the past two weeks at the parental Mrs Lawrence Smith home. Mr Smith died Jan. 6 and Mrs Smith held a farm sale Wednesday, Jan. 18, George Hanig fell at his home one day last week and dislocated his shoulder. He was taken to St. Ann hospital, Algona, and later to a rest home in Burt. Mr arid Mrs Francis Pfeffer went to Rochester, Minn. Wednesday to get their 12 month old daughter, Joan, who had been in a hospital there a week for medical care. The public is invited to attend a card party in the Legion hall Sunday evening, Jan. 28. A ham will be given as door prize. John Richter Sr. was brought home Friday from St. Ann hospital, Algona, where he had been for medical care. Mr and Mrs Clarence Ward and their daughter, Mrs J. M. Kunz and daughter Julie, visited the Earl Wards at Clear Lake Sunday, Jan.' 15. Harry Hill of Milwaukee, Wis. spent Jan. 18 to 24 with his aunts, Mrs L. H. Kleinpeter and Mrs Elizabeth Hanley, the latter in St. Ann hospital, Algona. Mrs Elizabeth Hanley was taken to St. Ann hospital, AJ- gona, Monday of last week. Methodist women served lunch to 138 relatives and friends following funeral services for Mrs John Huff Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 17. Mr and Mrs P. C. Haynes attended the funeral of Mrs Joe Cook Saturday Jan. ?1 at the Stilson U. $. Church- She die<3 Wednesday mornjntf of ,e»hcer at her home. MJ- and Mjrs Lester Larson visited Mrs Christine Fox oi Britt Saturday evening. Mrs In previous articles in this series it has been pointed out the wage reporting and social security tax remitting responsU bility many farm operators must meet by Jan. 31. This applies to all of them who paid as much as $100 cash wages to any one agricultural employee in the calendar year 1955. ., Right npw we want to define! "agricultural, labpr" US-the term 'applies to social' security'.undez; the old-age arid survivors insurance program. The definition includes services performed on 9 farm in connection with the raising and harvesting of products and the raising, etc. of livestock, poultry, bees, fur-bearing animals and wildlife; services in the care of the employer's farm and equipment if performed for the most part on a farm; services performed in handling, processing, or packaging agricultural commodities produced in major part by the employer; and domestic service in or about the household of the employer if performed on a farm operated for profit. If you operate an agricultural enterprise—either as sole owner or in a partnership—and you paid any one employee as much as $100 cash wages to perform agricultural labor in 1955, you have an obligation to meet before the end of January. Specifically, you must fill out Internal Revenue Service Form 943, "Employer's Tax and Information Return for Agricultural Employees," and remit the social security tax, to the Director of Internal Revenue, Des Moines, la. The amount of the tax is 4 percent; it applies to each of your agricultural employees to whom you paid casjh wages of $100 or more in the year. If you paid an employee more than $4,200 in the year, report only $4,200 paid to that employee. If you paid wages for any services other than agricultural labor, do not report such wages on Form 943. Please bear in mind that the regularity of the employee's work for you is not a consideration. You may employ him part time or for a short period of time; you may engage him by the day, week, or month. It is the amount of cash wages paid him during the year*that determines whether you have an obligation to report wages and pay the social security tax. In conclusion I want to point out that the cash wages you report on Form 943 are credited to the worker's social security account. The Social Security Administration maintains individual accounts for every person —employed or self-employed—in work that counts toward old-age and survivors insurance. Through the proper reporting of taxable wages to your employee's account in January, just as by your proper reporting of your net earnings to your social security account by April 15, both you and he are building old-age and survivors insurance protection for yourselves and your families in your later years and for your dependents in case of your death. Fox is recuperating from a brcn ken hip in her home. Mr and Mrs Philip Lee and three children will move next week into buildings on a farm 3 miles e*st of Granada, Mian. The Arnold Lallier family of AJgon§ will move on the Ferstl f vacated by the Lee family.

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