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Saturday, December 3, 1898
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BOATS C-IXOLI5A tTlU. WAITIXO. have been ITeerei. Tbey are lo bar- For-UGrirre-arJ hfb- D1KILC0 AT I LICE WITH ILL "ILL TRY TO OUST 1'ILUMT. J-7.7susv;ort!isSons TVa tS Dt'taiaai Grl La-, Crya Catsa Barry Orn U La ! Baamaav Savannah. Gu. Dec lTh Second Division, fif tb Mati Amy Csrp. tb Second Division HoapUal and the Signal Corp, and Baitalioa T. SevenU Army, Corp, liar trt ordered to more a aoon ai 'posslbl from Saraa-san to Havana, Cuba, Major General Fluhugh Le Issued aV order to this effect to-day. Tb men will go a aoon ria possible. It will take about li trans ports to carry tbera, That la more than the government baa In aervlc at this time. The Second Division win gx under command of GaneraJ WUilston, : The regiment In the Second Division are the One Hundred and Sixty-fourth Indiana, Second Illinois, Two Hundred and Second New Tor k. Fourth Virginia, Forty-ninth Iowa and Sixth Missouri. Thougb these are la tb nature of hurry orders. It la nof thought troops can leave -here before December 10. , fssBaaaaaaai " ? - ' . TO IA1L HKXT.WXIK, Tb First Xorta CareUaa Ragtaiaat Aaaa tb rfrast Lcst for Bavaaa-rroiB. tieas latasDarhaat feaeaaay. ' ; Special to The Observer. . : Camp Onward, Savannah, Deo. 1 Major Cheevera, Inspector general of the Second Division, la authority for the statement that the Second Division will leave here first; that the North Carolina Regiment will be the first to move. Ho saya the embarkation may take place next Tuesday, certainly not later than next Saturday. Two trans pons are now ner and more are expected every day. Orders to move hav Deen read in the Indiana Regiment belonging to the same brigade a the First North Carolina, sergeant Major Leinster has been sworn in as second lieutenant 'of the Durham company. An examination of the non-commissioned officers win take place for the selection .of his successor. G. H. C. Lent-Distance Telephone Una to Pass Cos cord -Big Boga In Cabarrna. Special to , The Observer. Concord. Dec. 2. Mlss Mary Wilson of Salisbury, arrived hero this morning on ner return irom a trip to Savannah, ua., wnere sne spent about ten days wun ner orother, Sergeant Jas. Wilson, Messrs, D. F. Hall. A, C. Croker and Wm. V. Crane, three gentlemen of New i ork, are in our county for the purpose 91 securing privileges to erect the long aistance telephone line that is now be ing built from New Orleans to Chicago. Mr. Ernest Fetzer. of Baltimore who has a number of near relatives here, left some days ago for Cuba with a detail of 99 men, composing a hospital corps. Mr. Fetzer has been promoted from second lieutenant to this position, wnicn is very creditable to him. I'Mr. Sandy Smith Has two hogs that will net him almost 1.500 pounds of pork. One will weigh 800 pounds. British Warship Ordered to Nanking;. Pekln, Dec. 2. Owing to the presence or a French warship at ' Nanklnsr. British warship has been ordered there to protect the interests of Great Britain. The Question of the extension of the American, and British settlements at Shanghai is likely to be favor ably decided at an early date. ' Overcome vll with good. Overcome your coughs and colds with One Minute Cure. It is so good children cry for It It cures croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe ana ail tnroat and lung diseases. K. H. JORDAN ft CO. WEATHER FORECAST. For North Carolina Rain; light to fresh northeasterly winds. U- 3. Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau, Charlotte, Friday, Dec. 2, 1S9S WEATHER NOTES. The barometer continues low in the west Gulf States and threatening weather prevails over the Gulf States In consequence. The highest pressure is found over the Middle Atlantic States, Light rains have fallen in southern Lou'eiana, on the central portion of the Texas coast, and on the western coast of Florida, Snow Is reported from the upper Mississippi and upper Mis souri Valleys, and portions of the, great 1 , ' ItUlCB. The thermometer reads abefut the same aa on yesterday morning, except at widely separated point. CHARLES DAVIS, Official in Chars. LOCAL WEATHER REPORT. Maximum temperature, 54; minimum temperature, 38; mean temperature, 41; normal temperature, 44. Maximum temperature, S4; mlnlni'jiii temperature, 19; mean temperature. 46. B. & D. CO.'S MI ' 5-OENT CIGAR Is still the best, in the city. ; B0RWELL & DUNN CO., ' Manufacturers, rt'4 teres, "with larxe 8-room dwell. Ing. new barn, HopewtU neighborhood; large amount of fine meadow and bottom land la this tract: 110 dct aer. ICO acres, wun good dwelling. I miles south of Charlotte, 1:9 per acre. -150 acres on macadam, U hour's dxjvt toutnrasi oi nu, per acr. 100 acres. s, muts northwest of rity, on SUtTl" l! wfll llmher4 oak and pine, f" sere. . 134 acre uncoin county; food dwelling on iraci; oaiiy rhaU; wall tim-bcrtsd and watered. It PfT tcft, W'lU sell as whole or IW-acr tracta 10 to 10-acr tract near th city, U lo llw prr . W. S. ALEXANDER Drs..I.MG.f.B!an(l f r trt0Tn ValQable FarmiDg. Lands. SKaBHaBM. roosrsa arj bote la. " Tae I'tlrraJ pr.r!t n la the plti- tlary htrm miu not be seat t Atlanta. Jaa, E. Boyd so wrltea acJ says It will be aeteral yaifa. before the new Federal priaoa at Atl&ata la built Not until then wia prisoners b put tbera. CapL W. B. Keadrtck, who baa been dajigeroBsly alck at bia borne here, la now out of danger. 5 . J.CL Harris. - Oovernor Rasseirs axect, returned from Waahiagtoa today. He did not get the State ciaJir matter straightened out, aa Governor Russell goes to have a try at it. Returna of election for Judge are eanvaeed, but ad&iUona art only made to-night - so far as Hoke and Eavea and Brown and Moore are concerned. Hoke and Earra! rote taken bc.u la free from errors or variaxioB and aa follows: Hoke 177.449; Eaves 151,- tl: thus making the Democratic majority I7,l3g; Oeorge H. Brown, Jr, receive only 144.418 votes; Augustus M. Moor 159,141; Brown thus falling b-hinA vntea. thla benr boaiM over $2,000 an reported aa caat for "Geo. IL JBrown." Tour correspondent asked Secretary Thompson what he would do la this rase. He replied that as he bad no power to correct even manifest error. It appears that he has to issue certificate of election to Moor. Governor Russell was not at hi office, but Private Secretary Cade ald be presumed the Oovernor would have to follow Sec retaryThompson's certificate fcrlsetti-ing commissions, and that then Judge Brown would Institute quo warranto proceedings. The private secretary stated that the Oovernor said he had no purpose to make any use of any such error In the returna, but that no other course seemed open to him,- - The vote, as canvassed by the Secre tary of State, jor solicitors, is aafol-lows: ". First DIstTlctr Geo. W. Ward, Dem ocrat, 11.441: Isaac M. Meeklns, fusion 1st, 12,864; W. J. Leary, 119; W. J. Leary. Sr., 40. -. -- -, Second District: Walter E." Daniel, Democrat, 13.963; R. w. Willlajnson fusionist. 13.460; Robert W. Williams. 41. ' Third District: L. J. Moore, Democrat. 13.851; Wheeler Martin, fusionist, 12,- 835,-- . . Fourth District: Edward W. Poa Democrat, 14,459; Oliver H. Dockery. Jr.. fusionist, 5,929; Oliver H. Dockery, 5,089. Fifth District: Aubrey 1 Brooka Democrat, 18.006; William D. ' Merritt fusionist,' 16,083. V. ""Sixth District: Rudolph Duffy, Democrat. 14.698: Milton C. Richardson. fusionist. 13.92. . Seventh District: CoUn M. McLean, Democrat, 14,144; D. J. Leads, fusionist. 14,246; Colin McLean, 3,562, all cast in Robeson county; H. F, Sea well, 2; John P. Camerson. 2. Eighth District: Wiley Hush, Democrat, 15,175; John Q. Holton, fusionist 12.513. Ninth District: Erastus B. Jones Democrat, 14.642; Marshall L Mott, fusionist. 14,697. Tenth District: Joseph F. Spainhour Democrat, 10,205; Mosea N. Harshaw, fusionist, 10,225. Eleventh Dlstriot: James L. Webb, Democrat, 19,078; Lemuel B. Wet more, fuelonlst, 13,641. Twelfth District: James W. Fergu son, Democrat, 12,293;' Chas. B. Waah-burn, fusionist, 12,002. The Democrats, therefore, elect al! save two Mott and Harshaw. The error as to McLean in the seventh district Is clerical, of course. The canvass of North Carolina's congressional vote, completed late to-night, gives the following result: First District; John H. Small, Democrat. 19,725: Harry Skinner, fusionist, 18.263; Joshua L. Whedbee, 97. Secbnd District: Geo. H. White. Re publican, 17,657; W. B. Fountain, inde pendent Populist, 14,937; Jas. B. Lloyd, Populist 2.277. Third District: Charles R. Thomas, Democrat, 16.008; John E. Fowler, fusionist. 15.819. Fourth District: John W. At water. independent Populist, 19,318: Joseph J. Jenkins, fusionist, 18.486, Fifth DlRtrlct, W. W. KKchln. Demo crat. ?067; Spencer B, Adams, fusion 1st. 18.627. Sixth District. Jno. D. Bellamy. Jr.. Democrat. 23.212; Oliver H. Dockery. fu sionist, 17.359. Seventh District: Theodore F. Klutti. Democrat, 20.673: Morrison H. H. Cald well, fusionist, 14,661. Eighth Dleetrlct: Romulus Z. Llnney. fusionist. 17.376; Edward F. Lovell. Democrat 16.117; John M. Brower, 158. Ninth District: William T. Crawford. Democrat 19.606; Richmond Pearson, Republican. 19,368; Oeorge E. Boggs. Populist, 93. STATE GCAKD OIT1CER9 ELECTED. A Durham M aa Loaee Bis Mlnd-A Mlaaloo-rj AddrMa-Mlaa Carr OtTca a Racaptlon. Special to The Observer. Durham. Nov. 2.-T. J. Winston, of thlK city, was elected major of tht Third Battalion of the North Carolina State Guard at a meeting held in Oxford on Thursday. Henry Perry. of Henderson, waa elected colonel, and J N. Craig, of Reldavllle, lieutenant colonel. Aa effort Is being mad to get Wil liam Shields, a white man of th city. Into the State Hospital. Mr. Shields has been acting very strangely and imag Ines that the Lord bas commissioned him to offer up his wife aa s sacrifice If successful In getting him In, Deputy Sheriff John F. Harward will take blm to Morganton to-morrow. A car load of bef cattle and hogs was received by one of the Durham butchers this mooning from the western part of the State. There were 100 hogi and it beeves, all m the same car. and with not a scratch on them. Mrs. Lindtey Patton, an Episcopal missionary at Toklo, Japan, Is the guest of Mra. W. A. Eralo. Sh delivered a mlmlonary addms at Eldoa Hall, thi palatial homs of Jodie and Mrs. Ft W inton. yesterday evening. 1!!m Loll Ruth Carr. daughter of Colonel and Mra. J. t, Carr, gave a rt-reptkai thi evening at "Somerset Villa" to her visiting guesta. Mlas Nora ratten, of Cowensvllle. Pa., and Mlsa Laura AdaZr. of Atlanta, Oa. utMtOl ryUlaM IM OMtsra Om ! ra MeUg. . gpeckil to Tb Obaenrer. Stale villi. Deo. i-At A masting of tb Kttihte of Pythias yesterday evening officers for eraulr.g term were elect ed aa foPows: C. 8.. C. M. Steel: V. C Sot CUrks: r a Wallace: M. of W W. r. rtitfer; U. of r C. U Pws ton; M. of li, R. I Pmton; K. of ft and It, J. K Wans; at of A, J. W. Harbin. . The present b-nri of county eommls-loner will bold a rci4 ine(ln to morrow to cine up their basinet aM il ready for the new board text Mon day. I). t-Ty has rentad the tor room la i ii.rtei irteii blork recently tacsl ed t lbs ( jmU Gracwy Compasy. anl 4w -40s)fl wJssAMtVl44rf(MffsVsTTTIT Mlas Hartt Ofltjld. of ty.e l'm4 H s atnfin- for moRta with Mrs! r. It Cfcambr, em use CHENEY'S EXPECTORANT. A COME LOT .Is always desirable for a home. I eaa iffer a very pretty place, with, lot about 5Cil5. corner Ninth and North College street. - Hous contains six roc ma and baa modem coneniesce. A very complete home at moderate price - . Ton will do veil to speak quick, fox a this pLac if looking for a home. P. C: ABBOTT, . PIEDMONT BUILDING. ' USE ELASTIC STARCH IN TOUR ... laundry.-1: . , " '.' DONT MISS TOUR BREAKFAST Sunday, morning, but leave your or. defi for oyters at HAMILTON'S. Queen City phone 22; Southern Bell 22-1; 221 W. Trade. Quails received dally Dy the hundred. We can supply you.. --T7.: - : ' - - FOR RENTModern 6-room house, 210 w. Eighth; modern 7-room house, 207 N. Brevard street; '-room house, 214 N. McDowell; 6-room house,- 208 . S McDowell; 6-room bouse on Llddell street, nearC. C. depot; 5-room house. 408 W. Eleventh street; and other nice houses. J. ARTHUR HENDERSON FT IS WORTH A VISIT TO OUR iwarerooms just to see our fish sets chocolate sets and the many, other articles of our . decorated china, , not to mention our line of vases, wedge-wood ware, cut glass, etc. WHEELER. WALL PAPER CO. EXTRA CREAM TUSCAN SALAD Oil from the first running of selected fruit. Price BO cents per pint, at WOODALL & SHEPPARD'S. THE SWEETS AND SOURS OF LIFE alternateSo in our stock, the stuffs that satisfythe appetite. Thls time Dill plckles-r-and all other pickles. J R. VAN NESS & BRO. 23 N. Tryon street. JPtione 68. YOU'LL BE TOO BUST THIS EVEN ing to go home to supper. Drop around at Todd's and get a nice lunch, oyster stew or a quail on toast. You'll Toe pleased with out service. C. W. TODD, Proprietor KEEP TOUR ETE ON PALAMOUN- tain'a space on fourth page of this pa per. Heil tell yeu what to buy for Christmas presents. We are maktag more room at present for holiday goods. WE HAVE HEINZ'S BEST TOMATO catsup In bulk that we can sell at 20c for half-pinti It is cheaper to get it this way, and you can Tiave your empty catsup notues reniied at small cost. Economy is wealth. Try our Mob-jack oysters, for they are simply fine. THE MOORE-ZIRKLE CO 301 N. Tryon etret. ARE TOU CONSISTENT? WHEN you want shoes you patronize an ex elusive dealer; the same can be said of doiena of other articles. When you want a lunch, why not patronize the "National?" No offensive smell or odor; everything clean and bright, and remember that "we nover close.' NATIONAL DAIRY LUNCH, 237 W, Trade St.; new phone 250. ' ONCE TRIED, ALWAYS USED-Elaa tic Starch. DR. C. L. ALEXANDER, DENTIST, NO. 8 SOUTH TRYON STREET, Phone 1W-U, ' 1 1 COAL! BEST GRADES BITUMI nous, Jelltco, block, blue gem, red ash, etc., thoroughly screened. Anthracite, egg, nut, stove and furnace In any quantities wanted. EARNHARDT ft CO. Phone, 27. DBS. KEERANS ft BROOKS. DENTISTS. No. 7 West Trade st Office Phone 15S-I Dr. Keerans' residence phone 1046. ELASTIC STARCK MAKES IRON Ing easy. Health or Sickness ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE. WHISKEY CAN BE toLIED ON IF CARES IS TAKEN TO GET THE GENUINE WITH SEALS OVER CORKS, INTACT AND . OUR NAME3 BLOWN IN BOTTLES. STtlAuS CUNST A CO., Proprietors XfekawMd, Y. Heal Estate Moving 1f yon have a dwelling r vacant lot which 70a would like to sett, I eta And a purchaser. '" ; s 1 1 bar mors applicants to rent bouses then X rait supply, because about all oi my list art rented. f m Cail and list your property with m elibtr for sale or rent ttssuranct and TWt Cjlate Afnt SPECIAL lIQTlCtS. Old Henry "-Ifii-" m(!sy;ori!LlEaiisl6rGo E3TH 7E:HS K3. 28. :v Livery, Silt, ''Feed and Boarding Stable. BEFORE IT IS TOO UTE Place your order for a L 2. 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Dr. W.EWakfield, Will be in his office, at 40 So. Tryon street, all of November and December except Thursdays and Fridays.; His practice is limited to the Eye, Eai. Nose and Throat. Central HSU -AND- NEW ANN! LEADING HOTEL IN CHARLOTTal Superior location and equipment to any other In tha city. LIBERALLY CONDUCTED AT POPULAR PRICES. Sparry & Lucas. Proprietor:. B. W. BFERRT, 1st of Uacon, Oa., , kfanarer. BUY A HOME IN D1LW0RTH WITH RENT MONEY; THE CHARLOTTE NATIONAL BANK Charlotte. If. C. . We lollcit your deposits. Yon hall receive courteous treatment and all accommodation your account warrants. s I. ' . ;; B. D. HEATH, President, W. tU TiTITTY, Cashier. v our claims; "We claim , for th Nlarir - Falls Aretjrler. Gas Machine the simplest mechanism, most durable, absolute! automatic. Eair to clean, as there Is left from ua4 fablde only a vry small amount of Urjr aahes, ron-exploalv. as there ar no rock or ralre to tamper wlthf The Sifbt It produce Is the nearest like sunlifht of ear artificial light pro dc4 . Coat of triachln aa low is any first rlaas acetylene niifMn ard rowr lbl msoy. WORTH INVESTiaAT-IXQ. DOWD & KING. rt'LL LINE OAS riXTLT.n. NET0HI lllliallB W I Wll - IX ADDSXS3E! tbb cosreunrac ssy BU Is BJy t rifM Aay BaUla ti ta Caafca-Tke Bank OmUat CH firssis ASayte mmktimm Tt Btars, ta CtIIm Caaaltlaaa, sf Us rafcUaJUag B HaAay, 4 Caauartag Itaalawiaai BarkM aitA-CWr-a Fraf aarvd mmd m laraailgsaag Ca-SlUa Ar4at4-BU TaaTs faaal tm 4 Bali at traaJaUgtaaw ' - . . . Special to Tb Obaenrer. . Ellaabetb CltyDec 2. Conference met al l:4S a. au,. Bishop Fitzgerald in tb cbmlr. Devotional exercia were conducted by Rev. J. W. Jenkins. ' The minute f yesterday aeaaion - were read and approved. - W. R. Ooley was Introduced to thfl Conference and read a report of tb Oxford Orphan Asylum, . Tb 20th question was resumed. When the nam of J. C Kllgo waa called be arose and said that he bad some remark to make to the Conference. He said that the present year bad been on of conflict with him; that If be had made auiy unkind personal remark he waa sorry, but that he was not ready to retract any matter of conviction; during the year there had been time when be could not pray, when he could not feel he had forgiven all 111 against htm, but that now the time had come when he waa at peace with all men, for the Master's take. He said further that he was ready to fight any other battle for the Church and would plant any of her banners, if given to him, In the front, or die In the attempt - Revs, J. N. Cole and J. E. Underwood, and Messrs. L. W. McMullan and J. G. Brown were nominated and elected to confer with a similar commission from the Western North Carolina Confer ence regarding The Christian Advocate. The special committee on the Publishing House matter submitted the fol lowing report which was adopted: "Whereas, The payment by the government of the United States to the Publishing Houso of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of $288,000 Is regarded by the whole Church as a very tardy payment of a Just cla,lm, due for the use of said bouse by the United States army and acknowledged by all who know the facts to be eminently Just upon its merits, and, "Whereas, After the bill In Congress, authorizing the payment of said claim, had passed the House of Representatives, and while pending in the Senate, one Stahlmann, employed to prosecute the said claim," openly deceived certain Senators as to the amount of his compensation and Barbee & Smith, agents of said Publishing House, when called upon, did not express the whole truth In regard to the' same; now, therefore, "Resolved 1, That the North Carolina Confe'rence hereby condemn the open deception of Stahlmann, and the want of candor on the part of Barbel & Smith. "Resolved 2. That we have confidence In the godly Judgment of our bishops to protect the Church, in this emergency, from any stain of dishonor in regard to this whole matter, feeling as we do that the entire amount Bhould be refunded rather than the Church should suffer any stain of dishonor therefrom. , ; "Resolved 3. That If the United States Senate shall by affirmative vote declare that the said bill would not have passed the Senate but for the deception above mentioned, then we recommend the re turn of the money to the Treasury of the United Stages. "Resolved 4, -That we recommend that proper effort be made to elicit an expression from the United States Senate upon the point above suggested. , (Signed) "W. C. NORMAN, .'r: b. JOHN. "J. E. UNDERWOOD, "H. C. WALL. "L. L. SMITH." Rev. Dr. Tates strongly opposed the committee's' report and Rev. R. B. John equally as strongly supported it Charges were preferred against Rev. R. J. Moorman and a.commlttee of investigation, consisting of Revs. R. B. John, W. J. Twilley and G. F. Smith was appointed. Washington,- Wilmington, Newbern and Rocky Mount were all nominated for the place of holding the next Conference session and the vote decided upon Washington. Rev. Dr. Bays, of Charlotte, arrived and was Introduced to the Conference, and prenched In the Baptist church to night. Dr. Kllgo addressed the educa tional meeting, to-night. Mrs. Xlchola' Ramatna Interred at Marlon A Soldlar-a Body Arrives. 8pec!al to The Observer. Marion, Deo. 2. The remains of Mrs, Annie Nichols, wife of the late W. W. Nichols, who died at Morganton Wednesday, were brought her yester day afternoon and interred In the Marlon cemetery. Private Malcom Jimmersorv, of the First North Carolina Regiment, died recently at Savannah of typhoid fever. His body was brought here this even Ing and will be laid to rest in the old Nebo cemetery. The west-bound passenger train was delayed two hours yesterday on account of the piston rod of the engine breaking, The trouble occurred one mile east of Marion. Another engine waa sent to pull the damaged train to the depot The Claa DrsaiaMBd Wrackad-ST Faopla Drswaad. Lisbon, Dec. I Thirty-seven people were drowned on board the British steamer Clan Drummond. from the Clyde via Liverpool for the Cap of Oood Hope, wrecked In the Bay of Biscay The remainder or the ship' company saved number H. They are on board the ateamer Holbein. Captakj Shurlock from London and Antwerp for Rio Janeiro, anchored off Cascaca, IS milat weat of here.. The Holbein bad ber pro peller shafting broken. Qeatai'S Bprt VUlbla Ctt laptly. New Orleans. Dec Secretary Hes ter's statement of 'the world's visible supply of cotton shows an Increase for the week Just closed of 2CO.U4 bales. against an Increas of tJJ.tTt last year. The total nalbt ta l.W.oso, against 4,Ui.t: last week, anl 1,703,40$ last year, or this in totaj or Amrncatkcoi-ton la 4 U10C0 against 4 KI 7 last week and 1.4M.40 last year, and of all other kinds, including Egypt uracil and India ta. 214.000. against 5v.0C last aeek. and 10,00 last yar. NO RIGHT TO COLINESS. Tb woman who ta lovely In face, form and temper will always have fnanda, but oa who would attrac tive most keep hr beaatb. If she Is vest, sickly and a-'l run dawn, she will b nervous and trritabla If ah baa foostipaUn r kidney trouble, her Impure blood will caus pimp!, blotches, iktn tuptlona aad a wretched ram-pletloa. Elerfri tr.lUrs U lb bt meJirto I tb woril to rfulai aismar. uvr and bUaays aad to psrtfy the blood. It give strong nvrreav anim wrwm. amnom. vlr(r Ttlts, TlN pr-ffrUtlshT.' 1 UnTTnaVs a go4-irlsf. charming warn t a of a rwn-dfvwn invalid. Only 14 eeata at namau 41 yuui co.'i flmf tlora, TaaywnuwWaTwiT waa a- . Mbllai fW ml ClUWHl1 ia) th Ut DttuM-Tta CU IWN OaAaa ArUatUMta4aat t ltJ4-rm. a u4 Dwfcary aar Caasaal rir cmum-tiII at BwMtr tWLaf 0-T Crf. 4 tm aspaia BrMkM t xniury TtHiu-A1T IntM Ottw Wk Ta. Ua BUt a4 Qi -. rttoCsavtftM tk rt4 BflMtl f tka laM x-T Yt far StWi. . ten; Ail DwiewU has TwJI. A. L - XWk4-ta-tk SUt Msehlse niJf ' araiit Ha Wtty M t Ja&ktal Tlckaf-TM CMgrwat! Tt. J I; - Observer Bureau. - C? WMt Barrett Stmt, -, r. (Raletsh, Dec. It U 1eune4 from a Republican of premlnenc thai the plan of the Repub- - Deans ia that the Hous of Representatives ahall stand John D. Bellamy, - Democratic . Conrresaman-elect from 1 tht Blub district, aside when be comes to be worn in. and that at soon aa Speaker la elected, they ahaJl put a , resolution throufh declaring that there ms no republican form of government in the aixtb district at the late elec- . tioo and that therefore Bellamy's seat la vacant. - : r It la no settled that- Congressman Pearson trill oonteat Crawford's election, and that be baa employed counsel at Washington one of them being Cal-derdn Carlisle.. Oliver H. Dockery has also employed counsel to contest Bellamy's election, his counsel being ;W. W. Dudley and Mltohener, of Washington. Oovernor Russell waa to-day Inform- . ed as to the facta regarding the claim of the United States against North Caro-I Una. Ia 1856, $58,000 of bonds of the "Western North Carolina Railroad were bought by the Indian Trust Fund as an investment, with Indian funds. The 1 Btate, after the civil ,w, ceased to pa the Interest, and the bonds were then - transferred to the United States government, which assumed the debt and pays interest on the 158,000. These bonds are In two batches. In one are 740 coupons of $30 each, and in the other ' batch 1,938 coupons, making total interest due $80,340, the grand total be- ' kit; $138,340, which the .government now holds against the Su& The Comp. troller of the Treasury gives an opinion that he has the right to credit any State ' claims on this debt, andttfat all allowances by the War Department will be credited on It. The Oovernor is in-formed that it will be necessary to secure passage of A relief bill by Con- . gfesa, ordering 'the War Department ' to make payment of the war claims without regard to the old debt above alluded to, The fact is further ascertained that while the State Auditor has, as stated, Issued warrants for $23,000 of war claims, none of these warrant . have been paid. , Oovernor Russell decides not to go to Washington to-morrow, because of Mrs. ' Russell's sickness. - There is a rumor here that the Third Regiment (colored) is soon to be mustered out. An officer of the regular army, who arrived here yesterday, said last night that the muster-out was to w take place. To-day CapL Todd, muster-out officer, who is yet here, waa asked . about the matter and gave In reply ' what may be termed a diplomatic answer. Nothing Is harder in North Carolina " than to ret accurate Azures. Hannen- lng to want the vote or-m embers the legislature, inquiry .was made IVf could in any way be obtained. A news paper man declared that ,lt could not , be obtained In less than two years, and ' that he could get the returns from Nebraska quicker than he could those from this State. Judge Purnell appoints William H Cox, .of Laurinburg a United States commissioner. , It ia said that there Is great pressure' '. on Oovernor Russell to get military appointments for the volunteer service for ' Republicans, the claim being that the latter were not recognised. This sort of -., pressure was brought to bear to get Oliver H. Dockery, Jr., a place. It was - the same aa to Captains Wagner and . Cowles. Mention was made the other day that . the young negro man. Shepherd, whc ? was appointed by Collector Duncan one of the three general storekeeper ki this revenue district, had given up V that work and gone to Washington. All . the people of the revenue utile are at dumb as oysters' about Shepherd, but from outsiders lit Is learned that he onl made a few'vfclts to distilleries, some- - thing like three or four only, and thai he was given notice not to return. Tht , hint must have been a pretty plain one, ' that negro office-holders were not wanted, for two at Itsaatyf the distiller v ho told him so were Republicans Then ha asked a Republican official If he did not think It best to change hie base, and the official said yes. ' Cipt A. D. Cowles left this morning for Camp Onward. Savannah, to take command of his company. He walks ' with tolerable ease, though his broken ' leg, In healing. Is bent. He will hardly be able to make a long march for aome " time yet. Colonel Walker Taylor, who was yes-, terday elected, to co-nmand the new First Regiment of the State Guard, was 4 "here to-day to ace the Governor and the Acting Adjutant Oe nen i. The new -. First Regin.ent I componeJ of i'h com-pantee of the old Ftrtt and four of the . old Second. Col. W. B. Rodman, of Washington, ant) John F. Uruton. of ' Wilson, both declined re-election. Ai . 1 lieutenwnt oolong or th- old Second , : Taylor commanded the t roups at Wll--. inlngton duilng tht revolutUei of No-. . .Tember fcth. The petiUenfiary superintendent doei .' not yet know whether (hat instituting Will or will net meet its exnans this year. . Alex. M. row rt, who la a nephew of Ocn. William R. cox. wss lt.-d mayor of Raleigh to-nlrht by the aldermen, to succeed William M. Run. who on Monday m go Into office at Clerk of Wak Superior Court. Id January a Talr U1 be held here for the purpose t raising funde for L O B Jtranch Camp, Crifdrate Veteran. Tba people of tht State should not frrt In the holiday giftt the lomatet f the BoMlert' Home. During Nowo-.btf there ert a Wrtha f M n deaths in thlt city. . Kext Monday the Puprtme Court will hear anruments hi the raaa ef Fltmlnf t!nt Court, frvm nnnrui. IotoIt-Irr t::! ta lb hn(ialiy. Each te- ri?4 vot, Cbtart bt tig tht f iimn and Flftnlnf the Ivnvwratle rj'dit Judre Tlmbrtaka, btforl tnnt the c f rt went, prdr4 re- r '-r,r ana ornai uai toian was -r-f 1 anl from this dctes FUmirg V '("im ii Pearwa arrived brt t :r n aniihtr polirlfal viait. , Tr Psatt Trnurr and Atliniy ' t rf ner t rl -kl-ti-he-a!rt ' " f V rri.l afiicuta4 t r ' !iit;c Tfey-wiM t t 1ae th atal. si . 1 rt V.rjT.ia, lltn Uff It is , -iv

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