Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 7, 1980 · 78
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 78

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 7, 1980
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v i: ,rV--66 f 'C ' ( vX'1'r-'w -r.-V'-V - " -d -- vn-ww-w ' v '-n V " . jr- rr rv.! y y u a- " v -r 1 " ,,i,.; Sunday, CT-r u 107-Cooo9miniwm- TovNlkMHM UKRHORE peduonj- 3905 Grand . - 428-2100 ,..KN 2:30-5 135 CRESCENT 305 X (LIGHT. TOP hMMMKJIKIL LOCATHM. 424-54M NU, .ira425w: MW01 212 sIRaWOLLY REDUCED! ,OM.V -9,90 EQfl THIS .'XkTBk-ATTtt ACTIVE 1 . SOWM.-AOAMS POINT, ? -t Ant JUUA CUR- tis, ayc.tsx i ii -HEDUCED! ,: iftf-SFACOUS, LIGHT I 80PM. 2 BATH SOME VIEW. 2 PARK. SPACES UOk. ADAMS POINT. .itMWylACK- CLARK, OWING 9-IIW tMER CARRY C!rfe-OW CURRENT PMiSf ST RATf. PRESTIGE bulomgl .2 8 A IX, FUL iWPW. CHARMA . jw.'RQR 1400 iTblEWllSIlNGl; ATH ARlTTl a CONDO WITH MART ROOMS. 1 ORMS, ... DEN. PLUS VLr GREAT CHINA LOCATION,' A TOP s-STmtH rcrty-CENIER "LCROM 'Armor ' 2 ft SM.S00 OR i.l BORM FOR I . - t v REQENCY PLAZA PRES Trap -PLUS WITH 24 hrTdoormanJ borm, 2 iTas7w-.0NLV InW 6p space jn THIS CMCEPTIONAL UV- POOUIDR yes, And SSCfc.TEE REASONA-... 'TOR UNIT. 2 t. ADAMS POINT. KINGSTON AVE BEST LOCATION N TOWN ON "THIS ' BEAUTIFUL TRgEp ST. 1 BDRM. .REDUCED! I FOR PRIC FLOOR, BHI IMAGINATION F-18 ..--.lj i. VlOR MB FOR PRICE OP TMEMOP FLOOR, BRIGHT A-LJOHT.'POOL, CiRANO-leWKERBEA. If, livir NEI TO REALIZE TlALOFTMS nance: SI2UIM SiREPiACE? fiANpS0ME,;STONE,XOR-NiXLSOi 2 BORM& 2 BAtriSriHbJ SCREENS MACAR- ktJEPUCED! 1 MATO'WPMD 2 BORMS W'MINTCONDlTION. NEW CARPETING. EXTRA IVATE PATia 3NUW Location i'AMCARTHUR, NR. PCOMONT AVE. LIGHT 1 BORM- WITH BALCONY. MOTIVATED . SELLER. S6t THt OAYTIMt CONDO NO.: -.W100 r jMMMSPT IT OWNER . f i j AtAMEDAITACH 9 ZbOiwil'bothL Al Yaar hMtoA.pooL Sauna Gym OuMauia BaauMuiiY lantf- HMuiiReyamfr . dKAv 6wiwr, 2 bOMUththara AC . RSUC MNLSINL Ms- M 'Tie'- , . .m i ORANGE tJSySJCquality contemporary living in our TPOciDus condominium homes conypnienHy ld in Ihe hills of Adams Point, Oak-Offering many uniquely designed 4lorpldnt, 2 BR with firepfexes. - JCEKDROOM From 57,500 ; iwd BEDROOM From 79,000 1014 jjfsfc Us About Quafifyinf For Oaklands cKiifti Lender Mortage Propam, ,(k,v-r tAodefc Opart Daily 12.-8 1 . C ULN ZB3-7810 MIRAMONTE REACTORS A.;..- w S'V'tOvolity imM1' A UNKXJt WOODSY SETTING ADjXCtNT TO OAKLAND'S lAKCSHOKt SHOPHNQ DISTlUCT Unit. AoOobl From $146,000 2 6droenia, 2 Bathe 2 Btodrooms, 2 Bathe, Dh 0 . 4 . . 0 0 r m 6 VD. C" 531-767 September 7r 1980 107-CbndoffitoitHm . Tpwiihou s - 1074 SUNOi a HAYWARD OPEN SUNDAY 1JD3 beshnskywesl--.: ON the goR cams nm.lv triad canwr unn, ) Mm. 7 MR cuMom touvnred mutters thruouA UBRnudM cvpatv mrc garoiiR aosr, wiinMM Bran. Awing Sl0kS06 Evm 33-2227 ANOTHB BEAUTY IN CASTRO VALLEY Charming tewnhousk 2 iv ban ana unit I CAPITAL realty 6JB-2846 . W V I V-1742 THE OAKS CONDOS 150 Pearl St. OPEN-; Hum-hi 2 to 6 Sal-Sw-12toS , From34900 VPWS A REPLACES STUOOS I BORM I BDRMS ' 763-0588 11.1 ASSUMPJ barny I wfrptc. tauna view. 1 3fh Avk SMkSN m- IQ ft FINANCING 340 VERNON, Oakland Outstanding tocaNan naar Ut Merritt. ExceRent Malum in ovary untr. Two-bedrooms tram 46,950. ANo etudes and am-bed-nm Bettor Value Bet-tor LMng CaO 444-5366 8.75 ASSUMABLE 20' down, 20 yr. mucra imarai SSW pma. tot oaoar-krttv to onlay 2 bdrm condominium wmanv omen-Hm tuch at ftpic, tot an-toanca -skylight, AEK: attached garaga (foma ptamL hof tub A mart. Mar BAHT: fhoaainp aarfe A fwv. Taka Hwy 24 to PtoaMM HM turnotfc toft an Boyd Rd A toff on Ctoavo-tondto 1W Otawiiand Rd. Open H doMy. From ll l-SOl Pot mord ftntormdtlon contact Scott Bondi 942-77HL ofttc or $4-0291, UKESHORE HDMONT 1 3905 Grand '428-2100 . MOTIVATED Mutt mm fhii iparkHng, RdMv polntod t br bunu. with to. ramodetod kitcn. FPt, family room and mark WMk to tfmpf A bu. Only 74vs0l Jaw MaRory, ASSUME 1014 OPEN HOUSE SON 1-3 Ttw Cltv, Tht Bov A Tht Brktock from San Matoo to Maria ara yours to admire evnrydov from your prt-vom patia ThcvTo yours ween you -buy this near now, 1 barm Rif ba kutury 2 story twnhsa In the hMs. Sw It at 17 MISMn H4H naar kawr A Skyline. By owner SI41.QU0 6J5-3SV2 BAU ON THE MARKET JMS2 Country Terrace Framont Dynamite J bdrm j bath canon, siMOiTtirm. Pool etc, ate. Wad Realty 6-1333 ' Kathryn Porter 682427 BESTBUY-OAUANO Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath, Hredace. Security btag. Pool. S9,auo. SUSAN BLUM, or eves. 54BMI1 c i t8tp484 j REALTORS 10 MOUNTAIN HVD. OAKLAND 129-0400 BY OWNER PENTHOUSE Highly motivated seller often unbelievable terms an Dakin 2 Br.. 2 Ba PH top location above MacArthur to bus. freeway A ' Trj SlOUUUOOwn take over carry 2nd below mamat at (mere only. No paints or commimons SliwU hrm. Prin. omy AgtrOwnar 4S-44S462-I1I(J 7X Hodges, Exclusive Agent or ' 339-8888 ff riba nr TOD AY 107 Condominiuif ItoilMUUUIBM 0 I CLOSING COSTS ' PAID'-j Deveiooer mitot sed remaining 2 bdrmy 2 bath moasl homo. Comer loco-kcn wiRi tots at nght and L Moomtments. Eecah :sx St B4B72L aoe- 565 J Colonial Gardens of San Leandro ; FINAL PHAS I bdrm gl Ossa to BART, Butts and Toe duality matortoN and opoMonoM mouomo 8 mo rat wara 4 drvtr, cut p piMnp and pnvM 0Nk Jn tvtry unJt., MODELS 0PEN.DAKY 15 1508 136 Aw lAtloRaafl) . or cal far prtvato thowMa 482-2626 4830700 COMTORTABLE ' 1 bdrm and unit in good location nearLcfce. Sean-tv POOL OOTQOt, Wont li or mzmotTsmml LOCATORS CONDOMINIUM MASTERS 465-8136 505 MERRITT AVE. VIEW VIEW VIEW AH the conveniences of single. family home. Pvt entry, garage & lam-dry in unit. SllOiOOfe Appt wBetsy -Steele. OPEN SUN 1 to 4 . ' 85 VERNON 30 Security spacious bdrm. Owner anxious. $66,500. . CON-DOLL-MINIUM Sharp condo. New crpt, drps,extra privacy. $65,000. CHOOSE FROM OVEif -25 CONDOMINIUM HOMES v. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT . 4658136 CONNIE'S CONDOS OPEN HOUSE SUN 1-3 1353 Lakeside Drive late Merrill, Oakland Three units In this II unit kikurious HFrhe w- 74 hr aearman Wad to BART. Two bdrm, l.bofti igllHew el with lul Lake view, 2 URgraded MIL ALL BRAND NEW 2-bdrm, 2 bath w, formal ntry A ahung room. Vau choow tour capets Aap-pkoncRk Gre vww. Sl4V VCW MT. TAM SP, And Lava bam this 19th ho urge 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Assumable loan. SIHSOO. OPEN HOUSE SUN1-5 85 VERNON 303 ' Two blocks from Lake. TOP FLOOR UNIT. Good VwwN Move-Mi-condition. Assumable loan. Large V bdrm. Trylo'S Oakland eeee ELEGANT HMrm, 2 both w,4t N tod-cany overlooking lake M prestigious btag. Net etod kitchen A baths. Nes Mgr. A 24 hr doorman. Wuto to BART. Bus at do. OWNER WILL FINANCE, 122MN0. CaN Comit HI JackwR f or An Appomtment 839-5654 Horry'A Pgiit Inc, Reakon' EL SOUR ANTE Newl Superb view, bury 2 A 2 barm townnomes only T9 men from if. VfeOUV A up. Hwy Ml to HiWoa eif, east i mi to La Pidoma nght 10 KhAOO GAN NS Cal 222-itWJ or ro IJ47 HAYWARD TOWNHOMES Detune 2 A 1 bdrms puns with Hreatoca 2 car garage- Nef to god ana shup-mra Priced under Ummml toe way Fork. Phone 4h SMI. HAYWARD TOWNHOMES Dtkme 2 A 2 bdrms piuns wim tlreplaca, 2 ctr go-rage. Next to golt mid vtxju-peig. Priced under Siimuou. toe way Park, plane 4a WL Ovraf Cfegonc NowfyCmntfrvctod 15 AdvfbOriontod . Condominium Homoi The Lakewood Wasiey Way of Trestit Ctaii ; .v :v. JAYNE MANOR . 5 DOWN $64,500 aomMum home s . Jayne Manor In the ' Hdis of Oakland's Adams Point neigh- , bomoocL Less man S mn Merritt witn easy accm to Route SW meet ana BART. FEATURES: Features Include: New carpets A drone new GE ap-. pllonces fuch qs Sett-cleantng jsvm , hwHibi riUgBro tor, garbage dlipoe- J L ... QL MnWQMr vlg a vanety of designer .MaM ttxtures, furnirure-timshed kitchen cabinets ana kidlvldu security aiarjn sys- DIRECTIONS: To SI or, from San Francisco lake 540 oner crossing the Bay'. Briag exit right on Grond Ave, take first riefit on EucRd unto jayn Take o left and go to xj IS. From Oakland twe Grand as bKlcaMd or take Perkins uptitH off either Oakland Ave or Grand Ave until Jayne. Prelect Is M yards up hi. Cal US-9312 FORMFORMATION ,835-9382 JUST LISTED SPACIOUS 2 bdrev 2 both untt In a vary we mom toned ful security buMmg. The prica cant be beat. 67171 eves. 4t2tMH Reot-tors. 20S2 (Wn Bhnt Oakland LAKBjjto desperate must UKESHORE Beautiful condo. Quiet mod-am I bedroom located near Loke Merritt. Security Mdg, secluded deck, Ira dining area Lots ot Uoseto A storage. DIANE JOHNSON eves sK-uv? MURPHY I ASSOC REALTORS 638-2785 LUXURY 1 bdrm condo with earth Iona tutor A decorotor Interior. Pool, sauna A secuitv. Sells JUST LISTED Large Dying room w-th wet nr. Light A sunny unit with beautiful view. 2 bdrm, 2 baths Panoramic Bay View Huge lying room with . mvbto fireplace A eat-' In gourmet kitchtA 2 burns 2 bath In very aesirabto rea 11A7 ' .Ft- MANOR PARK. CONDOMINIUMS 10 MOSS AVENUE 428-1698 Located hi quiet, peaceful neigliboifiood jutl bio Fed nont. ful c. bldg eopn ai coariyord aewig a po ftc setting Unbeatable priett, ONE BORMSrFrent IWVO 1WO UUHMS-From s LMU Open Daily 12-6 except Tbwi OR BY APPT. A Development . Chuck Duns Nity me. ' MODEL .closeoiA - A txcRphonal 2 bOrny I bath Uakiand home. Luxurious carpets beautiful cubtoe-try designer ItahUng. spo-clous A erv. SMVU. Ouah-.tws far tO'1 financing. SS JMn M. BM92L M-tm. 107-CendottMnMtws-. I. ADAMS POINT CONDOMINIUMS 1 STUDIOS FROM $42,950 TWO-BEDROOMS FROM$66,950 Check mil than laaturosia Pyimo location naar Lake MawW a All now sppliencsa and axtros in EVERY hansa Super security, tor age and etyle a Eacallanl Hnancina IBWIkdAPR) L Models Open Take Grand to . Parkins to Vernon-' or n 444-5360 4 BETTER VALUEs BETTER LIVING a- 107-Cewlemiitlum- NEAR PIEDMONT Luge I bdrm f ba cand has awarv- Oaen to ok Rndup $35310 Sb-wB KWONMARKETjl I and 2 bedroom rondos 192 Montoclto Ava. now baing returbtshad. Priced from S5MM N SI 2400. Most guUify tor tow Man esl Oauang bond money If ovaUobw. To see cad SF 0000 Lapham GaWary of COME HOME TO THEROCKRIDGE By fteawav, Bart or AC knansjtLAe to an andfing Condominium community to a gre Oddand locanom Stay Mina A play In your own Pooi Soa or Sauna or taka advantage of Shoos restaurants A banks Ml acre the street Con-vemencR Pkifi 2 A ) bech .room hemas kpm ttkW to SM2wmi Super Financing. Elgflto tar Low tntorsfT Oakland Bond issue Leans 2005 Ptoasant Vodey Ave, 452-5271 Open Pony morn-11 to . ONE BLOCK TO LAKE One bdrm Cnntomaorary. Lot of natural Hght. Al amnnHM unto SMOOCi Mr Tios 2l-d4g or 447- LANGLEYTACKES OPEN 1-5 2583 SAN LEANDRO BLVD A Uands shp 2 bn canwr, ABC, carpots Im-medtoto occupancy. Atklng SA7ga Ottersinvlt OPEN SAT. I SUN. 240-3 OAK PARK T0WNH0USES 345862 RICHMOND BLVD. ' OAKLAND). - llUlinUllf NNIRMMI In chunnmg ' looking park onfl creel PiBdmont ono Hand. aiegam units ore not com varsionsl And hwa bain bum with energy coma non in mma. nawsa PGAE awara-wlnnlng kltcnem and hnahng toms Each unit Hl barms H bams Hvmg room-dlnlng roam area combination ' ANamdtotdu plus aoc. loundry and sd with the energetic profession in mind Priced ot SllhUttU. For further in format ion, AOELE LOUISE BERTAUD eves TkMHM . Qtntid ZeUf IB'Semce at aaa(spissesaesee'ee94dais(se 658-2177 OPEN SAT B SUN l-S 303 ADA Mi 404lbuzz897i Bay Viewl Flreotoc Lags 2 bdrms 2 toms eaicany, secuntj omy tuv.vsa CMMiNblL HU4N "INbePFNOENTL. OWNED A OPERATED OPEN SAT-SUN 1-5 22W Wimbledon PI Beautittoly decorated A lanascaped 2 bdrm town-house in San Leandro's Sunamoer. IIJMWUL Owner Agent 22424 MR 7440 OPEN 24 ' 63 VERNON 116 CHOICE 2 bdrm. 2 bath with fireplace! Or- lloor Man! Approx. WUU sq tt. Don't mbs ttus only SIV Ouol LAKESHORE PROPERTCS W-I1UU VIKKI LANDES 531-I26 ORANGE CONDO 2 BR, BA, AEK, newly can petock rehnnhad decs potto, security blog. Near shops A bus Ed Wona vn-noS2l-24 tovesi nilifEUS Q1B HEALTOHS 141 Leimert Wvd. Oak 11-7000 6wmer motivated. O aP lana I bdrm, 1 bans deluxe condk Adorns Pi. Assuma-toa loan. Own w trap financing. Gregson Kity 4e-7132 1) r 9JO&20 OWNER MOTIVATED Must sell tins luxurious MuntcKlIr I BR Lonoo. tiech ic garage go, guae-tv apptiimces A carpers Peawaud necks Assumable loan, unDelievaoia terms kanfl Patel 4W-2ivs ifrnrnWaiS . UliVEB!Nin REALTORS I4SI Leimert Btod. Ock - 3l-7Buu PRIDE Of OWNERSHIP OuaHty mciudod m the 79,-suu. once as saucious J IKtrm eonuo in prime hock-ruge Piedmont area Poos ties Hewn Houk,.RIh S30HH6T- SECURfTt CONOO pen Sqp l- vary spactous oppmg. Lovetv tree-Hneo street. Oiuet blog Layered parking. mJA 22 Moss Ave AJ4 Auams A Huaie 9M-22IJ 107 Cuddtwiniumi QUAUffiCONVEMENCE OMi Point lying 7M Sd ft I bdrm condd ai -OmPoMItc. Jhn gtodiant 5K RP 254 Greva SE BKtutoy - 848-2750 ironniH?- SAN LEANDRO PRIME 10CATI0NI H naw dUM ktwnheuMS Al torga 2 btokeom. Fireplaces microwave pvens tram compactors Acrpia bw'iitp tram cHv Ibnry. Walk to sttoppiiM and BART. Frem Inysa Open Dto II am tor pro. 2to Cation Ava. Agent, pay BS-iiin. evosKMIMw AN UkANDkd 8ioresta Gdens 2 bm 2 baitv ah ' amratoy is z&sm S1ETE CASfTAS 7 Solar Condoininiums 2566-78 Virginia St North Berkeley HHis idHlgnaol I DuKSng craftsmanshla throughout, secluded courtyva Malm spa sorariums hreptacas A San Franctsce Bay views 2 BDRMS FROM $152,000. OPEN SUNDAY 1 to 5 Solw Into 4iai47IIH SUPERSTUDIO Right on Piedmont line. Fantastic un buMing and bcahan. Cal Mon. Dorn K, McGua UNICORN REALTY 547-5890 . THE LAKEWOOD 'AT TRESTLE GLEN Naar Lakashore BRAND NEW . and posh luxury. Woodwy location yet o ' rtahon i 1ESS. Fw Btrifinal rm can D.f,. HOoSS vtT wSb7 , IT NSDPTT BE TRAMATIC I you move into ttus SPACIOUS PENTHOUSE and There's room . -V hunooms 3 I's gooa style and ioiry view, 220,000. D.C. HOOGES eves S3F7IA7 ' 'DOUHOlAe CONDO On Broadway Terroce. WaH to me Ctob hem mis tupsr-oartect I bdrm onto I nas am. II3SJM0. D. HODGES IS 31-7667 EBERHART REALTY 2071 MOUNTAM MW. mn THE LIVING IS Easy in this krge quiet condo in MORAGA. 1700 sa tt. includes (arm dining, family roam with covered deck1 2 sup sited barms, 2 baths. Exquisitotv land-staged ounas and pooL IM Maraga Wav, Maga 1Z5-S1SI Eva 2M-4il TMs exquisite condo feature microwave oven, deck, mirrored aoteH i bdrm. 2 baths A much mar A "must te." Fw an aaot to te cal Mictwto Cociund. e4-iv. TOWNHOUSE 3 bedroom. 21, baths In Sequoyah Heights. Bay vww pws fenced yard. Owner wants quick Mle. flJASUO. 3391174 Eves. 654 1299 Cl CokJwelBankBr HsaiMMiiuaca 6117 LaSaBe Ave., Oakland VALLEJO donau I DOrm, men area tap a sec, AEk, w. w crpt, pooL sauna 14 N Comino Aito haaucea te0 Atsum r,. 17Q71e4H97 tN)71MI4i VERNON GARDENS Located m one Oakland's . finest neighborhoods. Omy t minutes tram downtown SJ. L 2 A 1 bedroom, with tiro-placeN pang balconies, underground Outage, poos sauna transuoriution at your iront dour A more. SUU Vernon to. ' Corner Sunto Uara - Uuen 9-e aaly 547-6186 VCW UF LAKE XothKlTT From urge Deck, 7 bdrm Townhouse, ceramic the known, bam. wet no. Sky ete, Pkn carpets. M apptF ancos -t wasnerdrver, ow. Sec. Mug. Lai Pal 444- WATERGATE boy A gwa view Sev.vsa 4o-f7lV WATERGATE Garden comptox . - . ylond hem and 2 bdrms WATEhGAfE CD 444700 WHEN YOU Man mad In The OasMfwd Ciearmg-houM you give thousands paoaid a chance to Townhome with Bay View LanutoiiB and Affordable 13 large BBumiMc loan. NGgndliinil Bng Wtuf TMe new uwdBRTfuue JUdrnLfilto. J otuiy md untt Jtoiluna r iwltonlrwl xeiUng. BrcpSarw. Inrtw AKK ftodnwtonallg ilrstormd UHvnarx. t tor oarage w-'Oewh totaAmiito.CtoWrw nUnq. 29 min. fnm or. UHCNHOUbM OUL. SiaL. Mas. ffrnra-laiwi Iff bubmnie lly hmwt Aliuqrxi 2T2 po 107 CudominlwMi-Tawtihmisdi wiuYoa MARRY ME? : Youna Attrocttve Condo leeks Msan with wen of OaA7 grog Rm.to u-c shopping A reweatigm enley docenese of LF, SillT A FMl Friends tMnb Tm wee-buKt, wim AEK, pvt bwoonm custom dra- Tm erwata sdCure A dto-creeT Lars start a now ito ju J5L4H Obtocb Ma- ASK ABOUT OUR 1,601 REBATE Came te our idee ofhcl f oetois, THESEVXlf . -C0ND0MNUM HOMES 46 El Dorado Ava Oak 6554302 Ogan Daly 18 AM-4 pm 1 OS-Country land Ranch 20 ACRE RANCHQAY10N And Hem Tit Re. 2fy OOQl 1t wiri flpwt12 InR mbdhRra owmt nnono Ina $8Mni HonWi Own trS numptr j7itt00 ACRE RANCH blroct onUMMcCiurA views Loke A pnvato Uto APPROXIMATELY Mac. 4-ftaariM IM eq tt home, Lenta Rlcn Ca Aeprex 14 BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTRY HOME Rh praxlmately acres Asnl be waking distance Mm run town an l-S A r 26. 4&M6'CI uc (9IM4S6-S9M davi GREVK REALTY 235 56tSlv Cobra, Co (916456-7691 FREE! EacHbig FaWtoHday CataF ogl Over ,409 Country Proaerflas oescrlbak pictured Lank Farrm, Hemes Waterfront, Recreation, Retirement Buy si Vours FREE from ma World's STR0UT REALTY PA Bor mi De. M Ddnvlbk CA 9426 1415)820-4804 LlVERNKW Area (Foaes 1 borm home barn toncea TERMS SI4IMU0 agent 4s- Recreotion lovers OWN YOUR OWN RANCH $8,990. Undivided Interest ,119 acre recreation ranch, tuny aevetoaed. Sportsman's paradise, tiveo. down, n.K)ma ind f', slmpto intaipsl. Hurryl Pot Murphy 41i 428-2800 UiAflikaW Rm 8M4Lai W8Mffl NK RQKMI WMbLANA'jl.'tK stock farm stall barn, wL 1 bad 2 ba home - QIIQ toon -t eq 7Q7-44IH49 1 lO-incotif Propdrfy nnrTjrmis UuuEZKsnr REALTORS 141 Leimert Rlva Oak ui-TOue FULL VfWOf Lake Merritt tram al 16 units. M BP, M BN, 1-J BP. SSIAOU gros income. Owners wil cary. (ai Gu-rue 2-426 5 UNITS Off PIEDMONT AVE. Rents exceptionally low tor waa. One Hock to transportation. Drive by 4 MM terrace Street then can Fred Ferrari e994iA ' .PRIME' " Locatod in a qutot cul-de-sac. Ideal tor own, ocw-picv. hi BR, 2 Ba una, F 2 BR units, l-i BR untt. Annual gross SI4.V96 19.-96 Drive by M Movbetto Wav men tot Kanh Put 429-2 IV. BUILD A dream house on rhs I.S acre tot. Spectacular view. Room tor swimming pool tennis court. John Ldh JJV-veik TELEGRAPH UNITS A 2 BR a w storetram-shoa and cottage in re. PMtoct tar own shop A live-in. Greg Lav IJ4-lto HOME PLUS INCOME 2 BR house and I BR aptrh ment ue I BR house on MkalnRig lots.' LOR Gus Gy ruto 4U2-4S76 OPEN SUR 74 4501 CROVE Com by 401-6 Greva. 4 excellent umtsi includes separata 2 BR homo. Owner w4l hnancc. Greg Gov 634-1 IS. 167 WMh Avk Udk 4 tong tone tenants w 79-, 1 OWC h6ll jvfuuis 9S6-VS2 l Avo (71 2 barm unit bunding hi Rxcanent condition, good xmvestnwnf opportunity, ooa tor own occupant, ur turner xtformanon cue Aon OJiMM CENTRAL REALTY SERVICE ; 60-2177 - MU-JWJ Evev S2F22U6 OWNER MLL FINANCE 4 units, extremely lew rents, pv hxed-ua Fin-tsti the ioa A roup ttw aewR in income a vahw. Dovid Kelsey. 356 JAYNE ST. OAKLAND . 14 units Adams Ft SJ761000 firm. Own hnanct. Aft 621 f or I9IS1 16 1304- UNITS . bt convenient Hayward to-cahan. Eiicedsnt candmoa K6UU.0UU. a ue-jiji e Lew dwn to aud buy e Greet ton sheit .. e Modern budding e 19-19 e " Long term tenants -, ' . Intfytdu parking ' No detonwd moxrtsnance Own 665-4106 I16L6N DUPLEX cottugk Ea Ml LdiaMarTttt 1m 06 Law gown 4-2 bdrm MHiSL $50,000 Fufl Price. Rialto jmxwaw IaA akk wtwiq wnNT Wf RfHOO REALTY V WORLD ED PARKER ASSOC 53D4070 2036 Mvrtto 4 uSZZ$9K Aqt.nooctodto NOS comm Gnorue RgtyS42l6 . 3872 SHAFTS AVE '-t 2 FLATS - 2COTTAGB Own carry. 16406 ' M McGiraii . .- ' ANSI REALTY 6344257 . Jj44 I5TM AVE OOAIOnk 4 2-bdrm units, coln-on mo RVWG STREET. Du-ptoxi 1 2-bdrm, T stuOKL Jum- remoaswk lW bit money ava. SS&S66 LOWE REALTv7s396tol 39 UNITS4.4X GROSS 30, 91 Wet Oakland. Ov S4k090 mcanw. S42V 6w wim 2U aowrv w 465-2706 26 UNITS, 14 2i 12 1't . SUBERB TERMS Gl SetOOti Frkd tOSMtOL Lots Estopm Am Ro-toEvomngst 254-422R 6io- M UNIT lank 27! iwntown Oak- OWC wto On payment 22 UNITS0X GROSS 226 S.W. Bsrkslsy. Ov IWL006 Income US0JW0 with 20 aown. Il) tt- FULLER 465-2706 21 UNITS-7X GROSS 1, 1 Ea Oakland. At SSkOOO ktcomoi ! 6UU with 20 dowry monov avaMbto. Trade X FULLER 465-2706 IT UNITS, c, Hk tram Lake Merritt. " ferred cash flow. Financing avL 42-796 Ow nr. Cenaerahan wbrnrs. 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Lo-canon is sup, s-li, ant studio and own financing 20,600. Eves.- 6$- ' 339-1174 rpb CdVmnN CCommwdty f J Kooky, Inc. SM-ms 12UNIT6 prune East Odi-tandjtontd waa Mea-6UIL Prtnopdy only. Cat Gtonn Brgotow, CRFM BERKELEY T1B-PIEX Victor lai and modern duplex. excellent arose A only BEALTY WORLD Grand Avk Realtors--. -3600 Grand Avk Oddand a I i t V. A s 'V

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