Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 14, 1973 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1973
Page 12
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Highli By C. W. ORtt By United Press International John N. Mitchell said he was going to have a drink. former attorney general end manager of President Nixon's re-election campaign in 1972 spent 15 hours in public testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee this counsel (or thfc committee, then for Mite bell, asking assurance that he was The Week In Review Me had kept the (truth from Nixon ©bout the Watergate cover^p, he told the committee, because foe did not want to ruin And chances, ask Mitchell his re-election Nixofi did not about Watergate, he testified. But the plans for the bugging of the Democratic headquarters were dreamed up by G. Gordon Mitchell did not Liddy and them in (advance, approve Mitchell said. Samuel Dash, the chief grilled some telling the truth. "Since you may have given false testimony under oath in prior occasions, is there really any reason for this committee to believe your testimony before this committee..." Dash asked. Dash said that in order to believe Mitchell, the committee would ihaive to 1 'disbelieve'* earlier witnesses, including deputy campaign manager Jeb Stuart M a c G r u d e r, former Commerce Secretary Maurice' Stans and former White Hoiise counsel John W. Dean III. ! Mitchell said he disagreed with those witnesses and asked the committee to hear from still other witnesses before making a judgment* At the end oif Mitchell's appearance, which spread over work in his hospital three days, he wanted seclusion. He said he was going to his hotel room and have a drink "Scotch preferably." President Nixon was hospitalized this week at Bethesda + Naval Hospiital in Maryland, suffering from viral pneumonia. Doctors predicted he would be back in the White House in about a week and said he could do his suite. Earlier on the day he was hospitalized, Nixon agreed to meet with Sen. Sam J, Ervin Jr., D-N.C, chairman of the special Watergate Committee, to discuss the committee's request for access to White House documents. The meeting had been expected next week, but with Nixon's hospitalization the (time now is uncertain. In other news this week: KAMPALA—More than 100 members of the U.S. Peace Corps were heM nearly two and one-half days in Ugahda on orders of President Idi Am in. Amin had sfcid he suspected the 112 volunteers on a flight to Zaire might be Zionists or mercenaries. PARtS—A Brazilian Vadg Boeing 707 crashed into a field 90 iseoonds from a landing at Orly airport, killing 122 persons on board. Twelve persons survived, including the pilot. BUENOS AIRES — President Hector J. Campora resigned to allow former strongman Juan D. Peiron to return to power. NASSAU, The Bahamas — The Bahamas became an independent nation after three centuries of British rule, WASHINGTON - The General Accounting Office said in a report to Congress that last year's wheat sales ito the Soviet Union forced up the U.S. wheat price from $i.w in My iffi to |3 a bushel in May 1971 GAD ateo saki the Agriculture Department may have fcwsffcid subsidies. The Justice Department said it had found no evidence of wrongdoing in the grain Irons act ion. WASHINGTON Hie Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to reject nomination of G. McMurtrie Godley to be assistant secretary of state for East Asia because of his involvement in the Vietnam war. KANSAS CITY-Por the first tims the death of J. since Edigar Hoover, the FBI had a permanent director. , Clarence M. Kelley was sworn in as new director in a ceremony attended by President Nixon. NEW YORK — Robert Ryan, who played tough guy roles in more; than 75 films, died at the age of 59. Victim of Lion in Surgery RAPID CITY, S.D. (UPI) "We- all did as much as we Cowden could," said Judy whose 22-month-old son, Jason, was mauled by a mountain lion at a tourist park. "We love Jason so much we wanted that thing to take us instead of the baby." Jason was to undergo surgery today at St. John's Hospital here. A hospital spokesman said doctors were watching for signs of brain damage or infection. The boy is listed in serious condition with bites on the back of the head, neck and one shoulder. He is under a painful, 16-day treatment for rabies. Jason was attacked Tuesday while riding in the family's motorized camper on a trip through "Bear Country," a r fenced park holding bears, buffalo, wolves and mountain lions. In a telephone interview Friday, Mrs. Cowden said r Jason was in her lap when the 120-pound lion pushed his way through a partially open window and screen to attack the boy. The animal was killed by the boy's grandmother, Mrs. Peter Underdahl, with an eight-inch butcher knife. She thrust the knife into the lion with so much force that the blade was badly bent. Nix n Wracked Brain 9 Clue Decepti KNOX COUNTY DEMOCRAT CLUB Fish and Chicken Sunday ENTERTAINMENT FIREMEN'S PARK -- WATAGA, Serving 11 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Adults $2.50 - Donation - Children $2.00 RAIN or SHINE WASHINGTON (UPI) When the President finally realized he had been deceived, Richard A. Moore recalled, he "wracked his brain"- to see if there had been "some clue, some hint" that should have tipped him off to the Watergate cover-up. Moore, his aide and ally, joined President Nixon on May 8, 1973, in (thinking back, searching for clues. They concluded there had been none. That was seven weeks after the date Nixon has said he learned the truth had been hidden from him. Sen. Sam J. Ervin, Jr., D- N.C., fidgeted at that testimony before his Select Watergate Committee Friday. Finally his turn came. i He reeled off 15 news accounts that had been "proclaimed" in the two months following the break-in to everyone capable of reading the papers or watching television or hearing radio. Ervin: "You take tfie W*sh- Dorta ingtom Post, don't you?" He Takes Two Moore, with a smile: "You know something? I take two copies." Ervin, scowling: "And you reed one or the other?" Ervin said he could not understand how Nixon or Moore could say they dad not know of high-level Republican involvement in Watergate when the papers were full of it. Moore stuck by his guns. The j hie to matter was under most inten -1 House specialist Segretti is said to be the author of a phony letter that was sent out during the Florida primary under Sen. Edmund S. Muskie's signature. He Hopes To Meet Nixoi Ervin told reporters he hopes to meet with Nixon next week and work out a compromise on Nixon's refusal to make available committee White bearing on si ve FBI investigation; "citizens true" on the er^nd jury had indicted none but the to subpoena the original defendants. And one!touch off doesn't rush to the Presid* "with pure gossip." papers 93; Watergate. The committee appears ready papers and ia constitutional confrontation between branches of "Who would think anybody in his right mind—as you say, educated and smart—would authorize it?" Moore -asked Ervin. He will return Monday, to be followed by Herbert Kalmbach, Nixon's former personal lawyer, who had admitted paying between $30,000 and $40,000 to government relent. two if * h Presidential aides said Nixon does not plan to meet with Ervin until the President gets out of the hospital—possibly in a week or 10 days — and that he is net budging from his position on official papers. In the Senate Friday, Sen. Carl T. Curtis, a conservative Republican from Nebraska, suggested the Watergate hearings be suspended. "I do not think it is serving any lawful purpose," Curtis said. "The purpose is to attack the President of the United States." i - J F Senator Baker Is Shutter Bug At Bug Hearing WASHINGTON (UPI breaks in the Dur- Senate ing oreaKs in Watergate hearings, Vice Chairman Howard H. Baker Jr., R-Tenn., often stops to talk photographers and for 17 "I Earn % to % On Little One Dollar with news J. examine their cameras. A photo enthusiast years, Baker said Friday finally gathered the courage to act foolish," and in full view of the audience he held up a borrowed camera and snapped a couple of quick pictures from his committee seat. "I hope doesn't see Sen. it, (Sam) said Ervin Baker REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS EARN % when told a UPI photographer made a picture of Baker using the camera which would likely be widely published. 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