The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1956
Page 17
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,'s." . •" Earl Kauffman, fill township, Wed Jan./ „ - Miss acy Catlirf of Milwaukee, Wis, became^the bride of A/3C Earl J Kauffman ih a ceremony performed Saturdayj Jan. 7. at Al- gotta. The bride is the daughter of Mr and. Mrs B. H. Catlin of Milwaukee and Earl, a son of Mr and Mrs Earl Kauffman, Eagle township. The ceremony was /performed at,12:30 p.m. Saturday by .Delia Welter, Algona, justice of the peace. Attending ,the couple were Mr and Mrs Jack G. Kauffman of Fairmont, Minn.,-brother and sister-in-law of the bridegroom, The couple spent a few days here, and-left last .week Tuesday for Milwaukee. , A/3C Earl Kauffman reports Jan. 22 to New'York to leave for service in Greenland. His bride will remain in Milwaukee during -her husband's years of service overseas. • Polio Workers' , Plans for the Kossuth County j March : of ' Dimes campaign for the battle against polio is under- f way -and township workers are Eagle, Andrew, Brones; Grant-, Lars Skaaf;,> S^ea, D. F. Perdue. Farringlons Feted Mr and Mrs Chester Farrington and their three children were given a farewell at the Baptist church* hall Thursday evening. A program, led by Rev. Everett Seal, included a duet by Sam Link and Mrs Tom Preston; [ short talk and poems by Mrs Roy Kluger; women's trio sang a number, Mrs Chester Farrington, Mrs Leslie Anderson and Mrs Lowell Larson. Mrs Bernard Peterson presented the Farring- tons with a gift church. Refreshments were served. Mr and Mrs Farrington and family are moving to Arizona. The Baptist Ladies Guild met Friday afternoon at guild hall. Hostesses were Mrs Joe Preston, Mrs Maynard Jensen and ' Mrs Roger Linde. Mrs Joe Fisher led devotions and Mrs Dettmer Thompson gave a book review. • v Mr and Mrs William Thompson and Mr pnd Mrs George Nelson left last week Wednesday for a vacation trip south and to Flor-' ida. Barbara Kluger, daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy Kluger, was" graduated Wednesday evening, Jan. 11, from a practical nursing course at the Swedish Hospital, Minneapolis. She will continue work at Swedish hospital, being assigned to the surgical floor. Mrs Kluger attended her daughter's graduation. • , WJiittemofe G.I. To Infantry Unit FORT BENNINO, GA.—Army Pvt. Alvin F; Riggert, 22, son of Mr and Mrs Herman Riggert, Whitterhore, Iowa, recently was assigned to the 3d Infantry Division at : :fbrt Benning, Ga. After .three years in 'the Far East; th 3d, nicknamed the "Rock of the Marne" division, is undergoing infantry training at the fort. Private Riggert, a clerk in the division's 39th Field Artillery Battalion, entered the Army last July. He completed basic training at Camp Chaff ee,, Ark. Riggert is a 1951 graduate of Fenton High School. , Rdvings CO CHRIS HEESfi A ttHlft bJThU, ^ 61 That) Not Much el, Anylhlhg FARMER FARMER COMPLETE CLOSING OUT AUCTION! As I am quitting farming I will hold a complete closing out auction of all my personal property on my farm located 4'/2 miles north- and 2 miles' east o'f Cylinder or 2 miles' south and 2 miles 'east of Depew or 4,miles. soiijh ,and,4, miles we^st of .Fenton on, , , . . J ) * J Sale; starting! at 12:00 noon sharp? t ' ' ; Lunch served v by Methodist Ladies, Aid of Cylinder j ' Free] coffee' from 11:00 until 12:00 noon'. : 141 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 141 30 «ereforA| feeding- he'lfow. 22] head of ; En»&; (bred), i ; farrow: in Marpjuj 69 feeder pigs. ,";;-'' ;'.'." Super M' .McCormick Peering tractor; 1954 McCormick Deering 4 'row cultivator (438); McCormick Deering F-20 Tractor; 1951 John Deere Model B tractor; 1952 Minneapolis-Moline self propelled combine; 1953 12 foot McCormjck Deering windrower; 1952 McCormick Deering 2ME corn picker; 1954 John Deere 4 row corn planter with fertilizer attachments; 1954 John Deere 14'/2 foot field cultivator; 1954 John Deere 19 foot disc with 18 inch blades; 1955 Minneapolis-Moline 16 foot rotary hoe; 1953 Case 3-16 inch plow; 1953 McCormick Peering 4 bar side [delivery rake; 1953 six section drag with steel folding ovener; [McCormick .Deering 10 in. Hammer Mill; ( ; McCormick Deering [mounted seeder (15 bu. cap.); McCormick Deering tractor spread- ler oir rubber; McCormick Deering 7 foot mower; Western 21 foot [roller; Horn Stock cutter; Farmer's Friend 42 foot elevator with |hoist and speed jack; Case 10 foot Tpndem disc; 1954 New Idea •lorn Loader ana" snow bucket; 2-rubber tired trailers with flare Soxes* 1 "Rubber tired trailer with flat rack; Lime Spreader; iMcCormick Deering dump rake; 1— Rubber tired trailer with F14 x 7 /oot grain box, '16 inch sides; ' 2-Steel running gears; {Bale Loader. 1952 2 TON FORD TRUCK WITH 14 FOOT BOX AND HOIST A-l shape with approximately 22,000 miles. FEED t 2,000 bushel of cherokee oats* 3,000 bales of red clover and wt. 38 Ibs. per bu. alfalfa hay. 500 bales of straw, MISCELLANEOUS 1955 Moz All Lawn Mower. Sickle Mower. Heat Houser for McCormick Peering Tractor. 3 Feed Bunks- 1$5 foot belt. 2 electric tank heaters. 1 wood tank heater. 300 gallop gas tank with stand. g q j e 560 gallon gas tank. 13-38 Tractor chains. Duql wheel truck chains, 925-25x20. TOOLS Air Compressor. Electric Drill Vi H.P. Block and Tackle.- Pipe Wrenches. Crescent Wrenches. Crease Guns. Log Chains And just to show how coffee gulping is progressing ' I done some ayithmatioingj about the metaberihip in the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers as it has Been doing in the past two months arid I am really surprised, astonished, and astounded at the figures showing how folks become gulpers, of the splendid and beloved gulping of Java.- so to speak. Since the first of November r have mailed 1276 coffee gulping membership cards to gulpers in 29. different towns in seven different states, and that's really going some, so to speak. As for distance there was, one dozen-signed up in Palm Beach, Florida, when an Iowa member spending the- winter there , sent me the names of the Gulpers. And the seven states ars Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, 'Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. And it just goes to show that people love their coffee and are glad to belong to an organization of coffee lovers. ; I sure 'vvisn there was some way in which I could procure the number of cups of coffee" which were extra per day besides the.meal cup, and I'll bet the figure would run' intd millions and millions every day, so to speak. /• —o—" ' , , Yep, this is lax : iime and what a 4 mess of figuring and typing ahd so forth it really is. There's the federal tax to draw up,-the state tax to draw up and the local tax -to draw up, and I,'m sure glad I have mine fixed, and I know how much taxes, are charged to me both .by the United .States and the state, to say nothing of the local receiver. 7 , I'm still in favor of the taxing system which takes your total' income' and charges .so much and that's the end of it. And • just look to what extent the federal, the state and the local -tax-receiving treasurers are taking in the dough, so ,to speak. And,, just look to what millions in dollars are. being received. 'Of course the federal, the State; and the. local governments have to have money. But still believe irt the system whereby your share of taxes should: be split understandingly and 'therefore could be; lowered considerably.' Yep, taxes should be considerably lowered, that is, income taxes, and of which I!m in hearty favor, so to speak. —o— >, Yes, fix the income tax on the man who is a daily laborer,' much more reasonable, lower^hem) ; ar\d Igt the g'ght^who-hjis^the ygiiand sort of income.dig up ajbit more proportionally 'comparble to .tax of the laborer, so to speak. Yes, it's my opinion that the com- parison of, taxes }5aid by the gent whose income .nets him thousands In a year'^ time and those of the gent whose income is only thrbugh hand f labor, Is not jyst right. Sure,-Ma'gent cleans up say $10, I 000 a year, Jie should^dig Up a bU higher taxes than the gent whdse top Income in a year is less than $3,000,, S6 to speak. . ; : It was ihe other fright ftf 6 bells and 1 was havirfg .my supper and the phone rang and an Algona gent called and asked 'me had I finished my dinner.! And I told him that I had finished my dinner that Bay at 12 bells, noon. And then he laughed and told me I should look up the pronouncement of meals and .I'd find that I had lunch at 12 bells, rioori, and; dinner at 6 bells, everting. And I didn't need to look that up because on account of I'm not wealthy- and hence I eat dinner at 12 bells,, noon. , And so it was that I checked up and done" some questioning among my 'gent friends and 1 found that those two meals are named according to the size of a gent's bank account. If he has property -and money in the bank which exceeds the $500 to $2500 maybe and lives in his own house and has a big- car then, he becomes : of the type which eats dinner at 6 bells and the supper pronouncement has been abandoned, so to. speak. Maybe you hadn't thought'Of this, before, but check amongst your friends and you'll find that the more of wealth .they may have the more their dinners are servefJ at supper'time, so to speak;' And; now ain't that'something? ' ' And here it is now the'middle of January and we've 'not had any real below zero weather, in 1956. And maybe we're going to experience another winter session like'we,did some'years a§o when January was almost spring ' and 'way into February and then the last week in February brought days and days of below zero marks and blizzards aplenty. Do you remember that? I'm not just sure but it seems that this -hap-; pened in, the late thirties. So, maybe we should expect another such weather in winter demonstration this 'year, because, on account of so far we haven't suffered too much by way of honest to goodness below zero and blizzard conditions, so to speak. SOLVES In Mills county, bounties were paid" on 70 wolves during 1953.;'; COUNCIL MINUTES The City'Council met in adjourned session Dec. 28/-1955 ar 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. This .Was the time fixed, fof .a public hearing on,the adoption'of Spjans; specifications and ' form of contracf/for storm sewer construction known as "Main Outlet Section* 1 and 2." There were no objections. A Resolution was.' adopted approving said plans apd ;specifications. Bids \vere>. opened' and 'ta'bglated from Quaely Const Co., .Fort .Dodge; Serber & Buscher, Alaona and v Luhdellf Conit. Co., Chcroffee*' '• f t- Dodfle; -:CpnsJ.,t. Co., Ft. DodgaVMt?***' BucrjanJ-ieoonSRijpWs, Earl Stille,',-Garner and Schram ffros.? Clear Lake.'A Resolutlbn was adopted, ^awarding contract to .Schram'.Bros.'who submitted the lowest; bid, SI 6,319*5. : . This was also the time fixed -for • pub- EARL BATES FARM Socket Set. Forks, shovels, spade, axes and etc. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 21 Inch Zenith TV Set, 2 yrs. old. 2-Complete bedroom sets. 12 Fopt Peep Freeze. 9x12 Wool Rug- Dining Room Set consisting of Kit£ hen table with 4 chpirs, Table, 6 Chairs. Maytag Washing Machine and China Closet. 1 Book Case. Piano (like new). platform rockers- Lawn chairs. Wardrobe Frwit Jars and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Usual Auction Terms- Not responsible in case of accidents. No Property to be removed until settled for or arrangements made with the clerk. JOHN FARMER Berkland, Bjrpwn 9»d Finn, Auctioneers. The Cylinder State Bank, Clerk. AUCTION Since the farrn has been sold, I will sell the following farm property at public auction to be held on farm 1 west and 4 miles north ot Algona highway junction 169-18. or 4 miles southland 2 miles west of Burt. THURSDAY, JAN. 1 9 1 p.m. • Machinery * 1953 AC WD, Wide front end, lights, starter, wheel weights, fluid in tires, Live power take-off, Heat Houser; 19S1 AC CA, lights, starter, fluid in tires, two-row cultivator; 1945 AC C, lights, starter, fluid in tires, chains, two row cultivator; 1950 AC 2-14 inch plow on rubber, A-l; 1955 Oliver Radex Plow, 3-14 inch on rubber, like new and used very little; Continental Stock Cutter, used 1 year; Case Corn Picker with husking bed on rubber, A-l condition; 16' AC Disc, A-l Condition; 1952 F-2 5' Power Take-off Case Combine, new canvasses, A-l shape; 1951 Horn Manure Loader with snow bucket; 1952 — 290 John Deere Planter on rubber, 140 rods of wire, bean boxes, A-l shape; John Bean Sprayer with 30' boom, tall corn drops, just like new; 36' New Idea Elevator, Speed Jack overhead hoist; 6-section Drag and Everier; John Deere Rollover Stalk Cutter; 2 Rubber tired John Deere running gears with wood flare boxes; 1 David Bradley Running Gear with wood flare box; 1 Wood Wheel Running Gear 4" tires, with straight box; 1 Steel Wheel Running Gear; 8' Deering Binder converted to windrow; John Deere Manure Spreader; IHC 8' Disc. 1949 Ka-TON STUDEBAKER TRUCK 6-ply tires, double overloads, grain box, stock rack, chains, A-l shape. MISCELLANEOUS Saw Rig with 2 H.P, gas engine; Numerous Steel Barrels, 1 — 300- gallon gas barrel, hose and stand, 1000-bushel grain bin on skids 12x14, 1 year old; 300-size Chick Electric Brooder; Feeders and waterers; half-inch drill with Jacobs Chuck, Bits; Oil-Burning Tank Heater; S-gallon Weed Spray; Bench Vise; Jari Sickle Mower; 5 Gallons No. 10 Oil; 3 Bushels 408 DeKalb Seed Corn; John Deere Tractor Tire Pump;- 3 — 650x16 Tires and Tubes, good; Hog Trouqh; *00' of Corn Crib Wire, new; 30 Steel Posts; 50' Oak Posts; 2-20- rod Rolls of 32" Hog Wire, new; Power Grinder with 4-horse motor; 8," Bench Saw; Drill Press; 21"* Lawn Mower, Wi H.P. Clinton motor, new last yeay/ Champion Hand Sprayer. HOUSEHOLD GOODS 20-gal. Colerpan Hot Water Gas Heater; Garden hose; Kitchen Table; 4 Chairs; 8-Piece Walnut Dining Room Suite; 9 cu. ft. Philco Refrigerator, like new; 2 Overstuffed Chairs; Coffee Table; 2 Occasional Tables, Rocking Chair; 1 Bed Spring and Mattress; Feather bed! 2 End Tables, 2 Library Tables; 2 Heating Stoves, coal and wood) 1 Swivel Office Chair. CONSIGNED TO SALE ' 1953 AC Case Combine, motor, pick up complete, very good condition; 2 Steel Running Gegrs with Hayrack, 4 Sheep Bunks: John Deere Side Delivery Rake; 4-section JJrag with evener; 2 Manure |pre|4«rs; John Peere Dump Rake; 700 bushels New Variety iar-A-Soybeans. L. B. WYATT. Owner TERMS: CASH. No property Removed Until Settled For. Not Responsible For Accidents. EARL, BATES * Fraser, Auctioneer,*, Burt Savings Bank, Cle.jfe. fie hearing on the proposed improvement of filters and circulating system for the swimming pool. There were no objections bffered. A Rttolutlon was Adopted ap* proving plans, specifications and form of Contract, Bids were received from Water- lie Co., Omaha and R. J. Furik Plbg. & Htg., Algona. A Resolution was adopted •warding a contract to the Waterite Co. provided the approval of thS State Board Sf Health is secured. £ Written objections on file to the curb Ind gutter assessments were read and considered. £ Meeting adjourned. ;| Byron Pi Richardson, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk i The City Council met in regular ses- fion Dee. 29, t»5S at 1:30 P.M with the Mayor and all CounCllmen present, except Klnsey. The riiinutes were read and 'approved. > Chester Webb was granted a license to operate two taxicabs In the City of Al- fiona upon compliance" of the Ordinance. .j; A Resolution was adopted approving the contract and bond for Schram Bros, for construction of storm sew6r improvement. • • ; • ;.. Builder's permits were granted to Ken- heth Wasseman and Levi Hendren. < A cigarette permit was granted to James Bottger operating Jim's Koffee J<up. , . •' I he resignation of Mel B. Griffin, a member of the Board of Adjustment, was accepted. . The following claims were allowed. i General Government Fund B. P. Richardson, Salary $ 150.00 Ivy Scuffham, Salary 257.88 Nancy Sands, Salary 61.10 Lewis Ferguson, Salary ... 1800 Albert Boekelman, Salary SO'OO R. R. Hutzell, Mtgs. .'. 147100 E S. Kinsey, Mtgs. „_..- i. 10500 Mel B. Griffin, Mtgs. s 15300 Richard I. Cook. Mtgs. , 135.00 V. M. Parsons. Mtgs . 13200 B. G. .Rovn, Mtgs. -1 12?!00 F. L. McMahon, Fees „__., . 50.00 Cr. John M. Schutter, Fees .. 50.00 Iowa State Bank. Tax ^ 7910 NW Bell Telephone, Service -- 8.00 Mrs. Lily Broderson, Refund __ 37.50 Koch Bros., Supplies L 83 53 Upper Des Moines Publ., Legals 53! 17 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Mdse. 139.50 •; Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, Salary 12253 Albert Pergande, Salary 11081 Glenn Burtls, Salary 11722 Richard Frambach, Salary 9220 Raymond Metzen Jr,, Salary .. 8897 Jack Mears, Salary 99 27 Donald Prew, Salary 103'.57 Konneth Frankl, Salary . 10976 Iowa State Bank, Tax 5790 NW Bell Telephone, Service ._ 10.95 'Municipal Utilities, Rent & Services .'.. . 20,643.44 Upper Des Moines Publ., Legals 11531 Zep Mfg. Corp., Supplies 25'.70 Gibbs-Cook Equip., Repairs. 101.58 Sjeg-Fort Dodge Co., Supplies _ 18.67 Skelly Oil Co., Gas 9000 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs . 81 60 H. J. Cowan, Repairs ._ 6 rjO Hovey Impl., Repairs Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies '. Iowa State Bank, Tax Raymond Krebs, Labor Richard Groen, Labor f. W. Medhurst, Test Radio Moe's Service, Gas NW Bell Telephone, Service Ira Kohl, Salary ..._J_. Ralph Elbert, Salary ,. N. Central Elec., Supplies -. Kossuth Motor Co., Repairs „ Sanitation Fund Lewis Ferguson, Salary , Harry Ward, Salary Reiner Helmers, Labor .1 Max Helmers, Labor » NW Bell Telephone, Service 36.40 16.00 13.00 «.«0 96.32 2T.30 20.00 10.00 3.S7 105.13 137.20 75.60' 5.67 2.94 23.10 Tuesday, January 17, 1956 Algona (ta.) Upper De» Upper Des Molno Publ,, Legal> 24.91 Zep. Mfg. Corp., Supplies .... 99.75 Norton Machine Wks., Repairs . 24.50 Kossuth Courtly Recorder, Fees 8 51.20 James Egli, Salary 150.58 Fred Gronbach, Salary 84.34 Iowa State Bank, Tax 11.70 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 16.43 Schulfz BroS., Refund 27.83 Albert Baas, Salary 155.92 Teresa Norton, Salary ..... 66 15 Dr. F. E. Sawyer, Rent 35.00 L S. Muckey, Repairs 14.20 Rttrtatlon Fund 43.66 13.63 Upper Des Moln« Publ.,. Legal Airport Taylor Impl., Repairs —...— Parkins M*Ur fund , Ernest Hutchison, Salary 132.30 Park-0-Meter Co., Mdse. * 842.41 Oabt Service fund Iowa State Bank, Interest 100.00 Meeting adfourned. Byron P. Richardson, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. Published In the Kossuth Cdunty Advance, Algona, Iowa, January 12, 1956. 2.95 23.77 386 2.08 60.16 24.07 143.20 -.£ — MU* 1 l«TTI_, y JUpfJIlt^ „ Kossuth Motor Co, Repairs L. S. Muckcy, Repairs 'Norton Machine Wks., Repairs Percival Motors, Repairs Public Safety Fund" Albert Boekelman, Salary ,,j^u Raymond Krebs, Salary 12572 £-W, C H^- ei5haar 'c Salary ------ '2670 Richard Groen, Salary 13230 Peter Jorgenson, Salary ..... 109'sO .James Stebbins, Labor 3136 Jacob Godden, Labor i i i* Albert Olson-Labor " 3'5 O Root. Steven, Labor .....1.1" 31 '3* Henry Stebritz, Labor .."..I 22'54 Mayor's Proclamation I, Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa, do <* hereby proclaim and designate Wednesday, Jan. 18 1 ' .-';'• ; • ' 'i «k Ground Observer Corps Day to be observed by the Citizens of the City of Algona, Iowa, in recognition of the faithful and unselfish efforts of ;the volunteer observers of the City who have given faithful attention to their duties for the past several years since organization of a volunteer observer corps here, in organizing, scan- • ning the skies of the .community for these several years, complying with the rules and regulations of the National and State organizations, in being instrumental in causing ar new observation tower to be constructed in the City, and in generally being an important integral part of a great nationwide effort to protect our country and its citizens. , . i Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor GROSS ••'••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••«•••••••••* :•• '.. i '••. '',/.;-.! ;. • .;.. •: f ,-1, • ;•{ ; '-• : GROSS As I am quitting farming I -will sell at Public Auction;all of my personal property including my household goods on farm located l'/2 miles south and '/< miles west of Lone Hock or 6'/i miles west of Burt or 5-miles 'east, 1 mile south and '/4 mile' west of Fenton, ori , ' • • p v ' . ; ' TUESDAY, JANUARY 24 Sale starts at 12:45 Sharp MACHINERY Zumach's Lunch wagon on Grounds. 1947— H McCormick Deering Tractor with I.H.C. Power Package — i Asco Lambert ,brakes and new rubber tires. • ; ' Single front wheel attachment for H Farmall. ' J 5 ' Heat Houser for H Farmall. , ' Complete Hydraulic Attachment for H*, Super H, M or Super M, Including bracket for No. 8 plow 2, 3, or 4 bottom. Hydraulic Attachment for I.H.C. 25V or 27V mower. New set of band brakes including drum and cover for H Farmall. 1954 McCormick Deering 440-4 row corn planter with V type rubber wheels— 160 rods of wire. 1953 McCormick Deering Model 24 corn picker with 2 M snoot and adjustable rollers, in best of condition. 1954 McCormick Deering 10 foot 23 tooth field cultivator on rubber. 1953 McCormick Deering No. 8 2-14 inch plow chief mold board plow on rubber. McCormick Deering 4 row cultivator made from 2-238's. 1954 No. 200 McCormick Deering tractor spreader. 1954 John Deere 12 foot grain drill Model B 7x20 with fertilizer, grass seed and marker attachments. 1954 John Deere 18 foot disc with 18 inch blades. Comfort weed sprayer with.hand gun and mountings for any type tractor, 4 years old. 1953 Case 4 bar tractor side delivery rake. Humboldt Stalk cutter with swinging hammers. Wood flare box. H II M II III I! n 26 Head Meat Type Feeder Pigs Long Time Vaccinated 250 YEAR OLD HENS 250 In good production MISCELLANEOUS Household Goods Hgy Bunk (16 foot long for running gear) 12-38 tractor chains (like new) Bunk for Bales Barbed wire roller Pride of the Farm two hole hog waterer with burners Johnson gas tank heater 1 year old with stand & valves Oil burner tank heater Makomb electric broader stove (used 1 year) Excello power Lawn mower 300 gallon gas barrel with hose 28 inch firele saw blade Barrels, small tools, forks, baskets & scoops Chicken nests, waterers and feeders Many other articles too numerous to mention 5 piece blond bedroom suit—complete with spring and mattress (like new) 2 piece living room suit foam rubber cushions and backs (good condition) Zenith 17 inch television (1953)—All channel antenna 1 and rotor Red platform rocker Singer treadle sewing machine General Electric radio L & H Electric range 2 steel beds with mattress and springs Crosley refrigerator Baby crib and mattress End tables, dressers and lamps The above furniture is all in good condition 750 Bales Alfalfa & Brome Hay In barn ancj put up without rain 400 BALiS OF STRAW 400 TERMS: Usual auction terms, no property to be removed until settled for or arrangements made with your banker. Not responsible in cose of accidents. RICHARD GROSS Ay«ti9peer: Uo,y4 First Tryst and Savings Bank, pentpn,

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