The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1956 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1956
Page 15
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5U *. 68 ays "i Tidbits From Evelyn B * kken the for a missing finally advertised dav had < . ad tun, she received by mail which when opened . „.- ton »er delight, ,.. c 1I11SS . _ bag. It Was sent to her bv £tf E r ^ th u er Wi !H a . m ' Anderson who had been visiting here and had taken her for a ride He went oil from, here to Hot Springs, Mo. and discovered the handbag enroute. * * w*n lUt * n * d *» lh « Lawrence We k program Sunday afternoon, IJick Hill was announced a singer but certainly he meant Dale, for as everyone who follows Welk's program knows it is' Dick Dale son of Mrs Gertrude Dale and brother of Mrs Harold Cowan who is soloist. Maybe the announcer was thinking "Over Hill and Dale" and became muddled. * *• * Two Algonans have met in San nm e ?T? hsign Edd Lain S an 'd Bill Gudenan, also of the navy. One of, the nicest things about C h r i s t m a s .is hearing from friends. This year 1 had three pictures of interest, one of the three little' '.Cady boys, sons of Dr. and ; Mrs Jetty Cady, of China Lake, Calif. ' Glen and Gary look enough alike! to 'be twins. Dr. Jerry'has ideciilifed/to take a N 2- year G,'P. residency so the family will be moving rto' San Diego Calif., sometime before August 1 • He was made ^Lieutenant in November and is a Flight Sur eon. He had spent some time in Korea and returned-to, the States a year ago. , ' ; . ' The second picture was of Don and Arlis Akire and, .children Dona, Debra .and 'Steven. The letter which accompanied the picture gaye the 'news that Don's sister, Hazel Parr, is visiting their brother, Charles and family" at Arlington, Va.iMr:P.arr'died 'several weeks ago following 'a' ifather long sickness. • .; • ' ;' i The third pcture was of Suzanne McGnnis* Her lap was complete^y filled with the family pet, a friendly looking dog, black and white of the SpanieL breed I'd say. ' ....': ' k '.;' i • A letter from Gerieviave 'and Ed GenricH tre^d 'in| pfart; /'The big event in our family was the birth of ' a wonderful grandson last Christmas day. He was christened Martin Edward Genrich. Martin really iis such a jewel and a real boy—so -alert and bright; big and robust, happy arid jolly. Howard and Dorlyne live in Long Beach which is about 33 miles from us, so we get to see them 1 often; Howard teaches science in Long Beach, They bought a duplex last spring and are beginning toj put 1 down five in is small but cbmfortabli home roots. We moved to California in August of '54.. We temporarily settled in Anaheim' where Geneieve taught and Ed worked in a TV and radio department of an appliance store. When we came to Calfornia we had in mind the purchase of a motel or apartment house but wound up with a trailer park. We took possession May 1, 1955. We are happy that we changed our minds for a trailer i>ark is a lot of fun and always interesting. Our park is in Duarte, about ten miles east of Pasadena. We haye. 26 trailer spaces and two houses. One house is rental and the house we —four rooms and bath The par'k is small but well located and is very pretty with many, many shade, and fruit 'tree's, flowers and . shrubs. The San Gabrie mountains rise directly behint us, always an inspiring view Most of our tenants are the permanent type—many have been here for years. Trailer dwellers are friendly, congenial, helpfu and above all know how to ge along with their neighbors. EC has a TV and radio shop here in the park so he squeezes in.some work oft the sjde after all; 30 odd years of it had become a well established habit. The school room still has an attraction for Genevieve and so she has done some substitute teaching. * * » " Jean Wadsworlh inquires from Denver, Colo., "Frozen up back there?" It is too early to predict what January and February will dish up, but so far, except for that one cold spell; Iowa 1 , has been behaving very, well, I shall answer, her when • 1- can get around to it. - f .' *'..•: * '• « •.- '-,-'•'' Mr and Mrs Max Miller sent a very'.pretty card from 512 East Fourteenth street, Davenport; la. A typical,farm scene as to shock of corn, but a, bob sled is rather passe but looks well on a Christmas card. Young folk don't know what they are missing by not going on bob sled parties. The outline of Iowa with Davenport marked with ,*a star is ,clever. Davenport is st star town-city I should say. The Millers regreted missing being with the Algona grandchildren. They • went to Chicago and were guests of Mrs Miller's sister. -They also saw ,Mr ,Miller's,, brother who was in •a hospital, there.. ' .' • ' ': , ' '* * * . Neva ;, Potter (nee Patterson) wrote from Portland, Oregon. "From; all reports you folks are having a cold Winter. So are we. At least we have had two snow flurries and all my flowers are gone. We usually caivpick a few rose buds up to Christmas, but not .this year." i , \. • "' *•• V * ••• • '' •' Friends of;; Myrtle* Johannseh of Waverly will be interested in her letter. —"I am; walking now, at • lehst around ttye house, but must use a dane wnen I go out. I am so thankful I am as well, as I am. I do enjoy your "Tidbits" so much." . * • • « ' . . i : i. ••,-.This letter from my cousin Lola Henderson Swinney who formerly Jived at Riverside, Cal. makes me'want to visit her again. "Bet you were surprised at oui- moving 1 . (She can say that again) We haye the lovliest home up here in :he Mill Creek canyon. , Beauti- 'ul view 'from every window. Have a roomy house plus a guest louse so it's, wonderful for having company, and we do have of that. I hope to find time after the holidays to write more about our ..home and will send some pictures. Mel (the son, a eology professor at Stanford iniversity) and family .will be lore for the holidays." * * * I am always glad lo hear from he. McDougalls too. They live at Wihona, Minn., and will be well- emembered, as well as the son Bob. He,was married a few years ago. Has a daughter Kristen who, grandma "Mac" says, "Walked when she was ten months old," "What fun," she adds, "To have a little girl to sew for. Weather permitting "Mom" Will be here for Christmas and 'the kids too. (Bob, Holly, and Kristen) Holly's mother. is, corning too. Bob' is so happy with his new job. ' Theylre at Menasha, Wis. He is in Marketing Training, Program with the Marathon Paper Company." • ."' \.< .•'«'« » Lela Slewatl was not in & gay niood when she wrote for she had recently flown to. Long Beach, with her husband George, called there by the death of her father, Bert.Peck, who had been ailing for some time. Mr -Peck Will be well-remembered here. It Was he,,.who rdn a livery stable years ago, later retired and moved, to California; '«.•>«•• » Elsie Glaser Jones (Mrs W. J.) sent such a fine letter. I didn't get to visit with her half long enough when she was here for the centennial and her time was cut short by the news of her mother falling and suffering a broken leg, df Her .she .writes; "Mother as tnade a not uneventful but fairly certain recovery. Her mind is good, fortunately, and she reads with a reading glass and listens to the radio." . * • *- » I left home Decemfcet 19 fe* Iowa City and opened "a few gifts' that came early. Among tMrrt were two handkerchiefs, one from Margaret Hofmaster. Tfle other got separated from the card and for the life of me I d6n't remember who sent it. < If .anyone did who reads this, please let me know so I can say "Thanks". Also a card announcing a two- year's- subscription to Capper's Magazine, but no name of the donor. Please step • forward so I can say "Thahks" to, you too. And thus, Santa Claus stepped into his sleigh, cracked the whip ,OVer Dancer and Prnnror and the *6ther six reindeer and we won't pe seeing him again, for three hundred and fifty-three days. Long enough for everyone to Catch their breath. ^Extension Unit Council Meets * \ And Organizes \ The Kossuth County Extension Council held its, organization meeting in Algona, Wednesday, Uan. 4. The Council directs the activities of the Extension Program, formerly a job of the Farm ;Bureau. Don Budlong, Titonka, was reelected chairman; Claude Seely, Algona, vice-chairman; Harry Naffziger, LuVerne, re-elected secretary and Richard O'Green, Swea City, treasurer. These officers will serve for the year of 1956. Vince Anderson, District Extension Supervisor, Ames, met with the Council. He explained the cooperative agreement that the County. Council has with Iowa State College in furthering Extension teaching in Agriculture find Home Economics. Council members, one from each township in Kossuth County, are: Buffalo, Donald G. Budlong; Burt, Herman Kramer; Cresco, W. H. Bosworth; Eagle, Richard O'Green; Fenton, Mrs Owen Berhow; Garfield, Ervin Banwartj German, 'John S. Rippen trop; Grant, Gene Tokheim; Greenwood, Erwin Heldorfer; Harrison, Mrs Dean Swanson: Tuesday, January 17, T956 Algona (la.) Upper Des M&liyM-3 Hebron, Hugo Melz; Irvington, Edward Arend; Ledyard, Albert Looft- Lincoln, Willie Murra; Lotts Creek, Albert H. Meyfr; LuVerne, Donald Fett; Plum Creek, Claude Seely': Portland, M. J. Trunkhill; Prairie, Herman J. Studei; Kamsey, Raymond H. Goche; Riverdale, Bernard Thilges; Seneca, Paul Bernhard; Sherman, Harry Naffziger; Sprinfield, Maurice Keil; Swea, R, E. Peterson; Union, C. W. Schlichting; Wesley, Fred Asa; Whittemore, William Thul. WESLEY NEWS New Year's supper guests at the Fred Eden home were Miami Mrs Ole Carlson and family of, Ren wick, Mr and Mrs Don Eden, Hugh Haverly and Mr and Mrs Alvin Eden and Judy. Mrs Will Martinek has been ill with bronchial asthma. New Year's Day guests at the parental Carson Simpson home were Mr and Mrs Lloyd Gerber and family of Algona, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Donovan and family of Spirit Lake and Mr and Mrs Bob Lewerke of Britt. Tony Pearsons had as their new Year's Day guests the Bill Blakesleys of Waterloo; the Carl Pearsons of Manly, the Arthur Larsons and Janice Kiewiet of Buffalo Center, COLLISfON A Milwaukee freight train hit a young doe, on the tracks near Tnma recently. The deer wound up in a locker plant near there, in care of the conservation commission, and the meat will go to the needy. CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per 100 Lbs. Gain" MINRAL MEAL Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 8 bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordjnary corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If corn • is $1.50, you can save up to $9 cash per 100 pounds of gains. On a 200 pound hog, that adds up'to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big corn savings RESULTS, because it has the genuine pork buijding ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vitamins, proteins and minrals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big MeaMJuilding Supplements All In One Bag - All At One jU»w Price Pn Sale Also At Algpna Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Go "Makm of F»mou* Sargent F««df" Kossuth County 'March of Dirties' Town & Chairmen The following folks, assisted by many others, are volunteering their services for the fight 1 against Polio. Join with them, with your contribution, in continuing the fight. Let's get the job done in Kossuth ' County, Iowa) Ralph W. Lindhorst, Algona, County Chairman • Craig Smith, Algona Assistant Chairman *" •> * i Town Chairmen Mrs. Melvin Malloy, Bancroft. Mrs J.-C. Geesman, Burl. Mrs John Waile, Fenton. Mrs Jerry Heeilahd, Lakota. Mis L. A. T ernes, Ledyard. • Mrs. Bernard * O'Donneli, Lone Rock. Mrs Bert Ramus, LuVerne. Mrs Gene Tague, Swea City. Mrs Dorothy Nolhweir, Titonka. Mrs Maurice DeBoer, Wesley. Mrs Marion Hyink, Whittemore. Township Chairmen Eagle—Andrew K. Brones. Grant—Lars Skaar. Springfield—Melvin Logerman. Hebron—S. L. Powers. Swea—D. F. Perdue. Harrison—Martin Dahl Ledyard—Ervin Klinksieck. ' Lincoln—Ferd Koppen. Seneca—Mrs H. E. Looft. Greenwood—Albert Kollasch. Ramsey—Leander Vaske. German—Joe Sleper. Fenton—Will Christensen. Hurt—Mrs Ralph Bierstedt Lotts Creek—Mrs Cecil Bjustrom. Portland-^Lloyd Bartlett. Buffalo—E. P. Hansen. Lotts Creek—To be selected. Union—Ouinten Bjustrom. Plum Creek—Stanley Gardner. Wesley—Theron C. Hanson. Whittemore—George Wichten- dahL Cresco—A. L. Smith. Irvington—Howard W. Raney. Prairie—-Louis B, Lickieig. , Garfield—Delbert Beminghaus, Riverdale—Anton Becker. Sherman—Woodrow Johnson. LuVerne—Donald Bormann. WIYoti IN ARCH OF DIMES • I I Give To The Kossuth County %rch of Dimes 11 To Fight Polio Beginning this week, volunteer solicitors - ypyr friends.and neighbors — will visit your home, in town and on the farm, to accept your contribution for the "March of'Dimes." These folks are giving generously of their time to accomplish this important job . . . because they know and realize the extreme need for funds to continue the fight against Polio'. . - . ' .. , ' , , . '' There are some 68,000 little girls, little boys, and adults, too, whose crippled and pain-wracked limbs need constant treatment. Would you forsake them? Lefs all join to put the Kossuth County, Iowa, March of Dimes over with a bang! Lefs dig a little, even if it hurts, to see that our quota is met. Remember — giving in terms of money can't ever hurt half as much as those thousands of "heroic little crippled tots are hurting ... and they need you standing by them! ' When the "March of Dimes' Solicitor Comes To Your Home... Take a tiny moment io think what it would mean io you if a loved 'one — your child — were beset suddenly with the dread Polio. Would you welcome the help and treatment that only the March of Dimes can give? Of course you would. Remember, too, that even with the developments of the Salk vaccine, it was too late for many, So take your place in this noble cause . . . and welcome your county solicitor when he or she calls at your door. Kossuth County, Iowa MARCH OF DIMES National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis Ralph Lindhorst, Chairman

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