The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1956 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1956
Page 12
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WHERE TO GO •w Pfw ^N Ml J8H ^i| ffii i • • {iH ^SMP^ -• SpdP ^HI0^ Pirigie WAS e 3 M!SHqw»u£l SUR9F CLEAR LAKE , IOWA Fftl., JAM. 20th LEO GRECO And Mis Pioneers SAT,, JAN. 21st SAMMY JENSEN 8t ORCH. MONDAY, JAN, 23rd Garner FSremans Ball JOLES MERMAN And Orchestra WED., JAN, 2Sih Teen'*Age Dance HENRY CHARLES And Orchestra ALGONA^ The thrill story of Jim Stark today's teen-ager .. , • what made him"; tick like a bomb ? .>! ?>".' ':'.."'•: - - , 'i Sunday <& Monday ,'.' •'.-'•'* jf ! -.'•>. •* WARNER BROS, .PRESENT Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON as today's teenager III CINEMASCOPE: WARNERCOLOR *, NATALIE WOOD -SALMINEO^ lam fM fc IKKWI StIK •hMyMH M!» MOUn.feKMIl «WUS W Hollywood, Calif. —'The public will never know how many laughs it misses when viewing a comedy on the screen! — Don'l get us wrong! We're not trying to say that any of the material in a laugh-film will go skimming Into the stratosphere over new Tonis and tired toupees. Good gags are never tailored with such subtlety that they require an explanatory note in the theatre program. — In fact, Hollywood's jokesmiths aim their sights at our risibilities. Ana these, according to all up-to-date blueprints, are located somewhere wetween your mid-section and the South-end of your .most ticklish rib. In fact, the trade- name for a gag that is sure to "wow" an audience is, "a ! belly- laugh!" , * • * If you folks happen to miss any movie humor, it's only because the laughs you -are miss- Marie Boone Saturday Morning 10 'o'clock Geo. "Foghorn" Winslow Richard Widntark in "MY PAL GUS' Plus Three Color Cartoons You can still buy a season ticket for the 5 remaining Sat. a.m. Shows for $1.00 (Single Adm. 25c - 50c) Auction Your Baskets AND HAVE SOME FUN ! ;; Moose Lodge, Sat., Jan. 21,9 p.m. Your Wife will have as much fun as You. ;; DANCE, too! Women of the Moose AlGONA*5t WED-THURS. . H u MO R i LlBERACE JOANNE DRU ^JDOROTHY MALONEJ "SINCERELY YOURS $ FROM WARNER BROS. IN WARNERCOLOR ALEX NICOL WUMM DUUDCST' IOM NCISON • UMCNt TUTTII THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY Marie Windsor Lon Chaney in "THE SILVER STAR" Maureen O'Hara Anthony Quinn in "THE MAGNIFICENT MATADOR" MOOSE LODGE ™w ^^^BB^^^ ^^^^^WJ^^P ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^w ^^^mMRP^^^ Wednesday Evening, Jan. 18 FISH FRY 6:30 to 7:30 P.M. A Barrymore Is Coming To Town Ethel Barrymore Colt, daughter of famous actress Ethel .Barrymore, is the next attraction sponsored by the Kossuth 1 Mutual Concert Association, Miss Colt will appear in the Algona high school auditorium Monday night, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. Miss Colt began her career on he Broadway stage as a dramatic actress, later appeared in light ipera, musical comedy and on •adio, and finally, in 1944 made icr operatic debut, and has been singing opera and concerts since. She has appeared in iTV opera roles during the past tnree years. Her program, as presented during concerts, is one which will offer musical entertainment of the best and has thrilled audiences all over the country. William Schutjer ing just don't appear in the picture. During the course of a day's work on any comedy, the professional humorists, the director, the staff and various crew- members come up with scream- ingly funny ideas and dialogue. Most of this laugh-material is great •• stuff, if only it can be made to fit into the tempo or pace of the picture. Gags thai actually fit the situation are sorted out and "kicked around." Not infrequently, serv- eral ideas are sure-fire laugh- provokers, but, the line of thought that they pursue opens up new avenues of approach to even funnier lines, or situations. In the process of sorting and fitting, the original gag may be lost altogether as it is "topped" and "retopped" by others. This is particularly true on a unit where comedy-lot veterans surround the director. * * • We recenlly spent a day on the Allied Artists "Crashing Las Vegas" company, which Jean Yarbrough was directing. Jean has put more of Filmland's famous comics through their paces than you could shake a slapstick at. He literally "grew up" around the comedy lots. He's been a comedy constructionist— (they're no longer called "gagmen")—a comedy collaborator and a top-notch writer of original comedies. ' * * • To a man like Yarbrough comedy is not just' a means of making a livelihood, it's an all- absorbing obsession. Every moment of the day, ho observes the world through the eyes of a con- noiseur of comedy. If he chuckles at the breakfast table, apparently over nothing at all, something has suggested to him a funny restaurant routine. He lives and breathes comedy! To a man like Yarbrough, On his present directorial assignment, Jean has unlimited gaglatitude. He's directing under producer Ben Schwalb, who wouldn't hesitate to build n replica of the Taj Mahal if he thought liis "Bowery Boys" could get a good Inugh routine out of tearing it down! For that matter, Yarbrough's unit production chief, Rex Bailey, with his countless contacts and knack of diplomatic persuasion, could probably arrange for the real thin?. To say nothing of later pacifying an Indian Rajah with a splintered mausoleum Seine backed by n staff that can furnish him with anything a sudden gag change may require, places a comedy director in an enviable position. Between Rex and first assistant director, Edward Morey, Jr., the more serious side of comedy-making is lifted from Jean's shoulders. As for front-of-the-camcra cooperation. Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall would work all day in a snowstorm while wearing flimsy bathing suits if the situation was providing laughs. * * » With this combination to aid and abet him, Jean Yarbrough turned Gorcey and Hall loose upon an unsuspecting Las Vegas. That's like giving two playful monkeys a pair of hammers and leading them into a dynamite factory. You simply can't end up being bored with the results Las Vegas may recover, if her citizens can ever stop laughing » • » Yes! Many of the best laughs never reach the screen. In the "sh^ping-up" process good gags are replaced by better gags, laughs are discarded for bigger laughs and inspired plot twists "top" brilliant ideas. That's why we say that the public will miss many chuckles. But then, who misses the finest horse-and- Presbyterians Annual Meefingj Held, Lakota Lakoia-—The annual congregational meeting,of the Presbyterian church , was held last week. Tuesday evening, starting with a pdt luck supper, followed by election of .Sunday, school officers and the congregational meeting. Sunday school officers'-elected were Wayne Heetland, Superin> tendent; Assistant Superintendent, Burdeite Hoeppner;'.Secretary, Ronald Heetland; treasurer, Joe 'Rippentropi For the Junior S. S. Superintendent, < Mrs W. D, Ley, Assistant, Mrs Robert Beemer. The .newly elected Elder to serve for four years was Andrew Jansen succeeding I. E'. Wortman, and trustees elected were. John Berschman, Irvin Koppen/ Charles Gutknecht and W. D. Ley. Marine Reserve Refresher ' Robert Hamilton left Tuesday morning for San Diego, Calif., where he will take two weeks training in the Marine Reserves. He was accompanied by his mother, Mrs Maude Hamilton who will spend the next three months in Los Angeles, where she has two sisters. ' Mrs Hamilton will be at the Stillwell Hotel. . Audience Award Winner Dean! 064 Whines Tuesday,January t7, t956' Mts Ernest Welter ed by.Ladies 6f the Ae&rh Club,; will Canvass (the tbtvh, 6t Lak6ta' oh the Mtehttfflfilth^g'f^rbth^S March, tentatively set foi* Jan. 23, , Miss Lavonne Ltlntt has started working at' Rbsella's Beauty Salon at LeSeaeiy-Minh, Lavohrie recently gradu'hied frbm a Mati- kato -Beauty school The Mesdames William Meyer, ;-WiU Mabus and.Art Lester were guests of Mrs Anna Tutton in Buffalo Center Tuesday afternoon, y, •'••'.••: _ .,.; .,. ;, : \^__ . 0. B. kihden- Six Winners Be sure io read this page ih6rou«}hly ; and ,lf you spot , your name individually, you will revive **« ft**^""? to tha "flebei Without A Cause 1 :', playing /Sunday and MeHday at the; Al§6na fhea- left Just 9^8 yaiiif name at lh& box Office.' .' 't'W:;; James Dean, who won the recent National Audience Award poll, is the star of "Rebel Without A Cause," story of today's teen-age violence, starting Sunday for two days at the Algona theater. Mrs Charles Gutknecht attended a meeting of the Kossuth 4-H- committee at Algona Friday afternoon. Barbara Winter had as - her House guests Friday through Sunday- Miss Joanne Bjerkstrand. The girls are both teachers in the Cylinder School. Mr and Mrs Donald Winter moved into the house on the farm south of Elmore which they will farm next year. The farm was purchased last year by Mr and Mrs V. Dorenbush and was tenanted by Mr Hauge. Donald completed a four year period of Navy duty in December. Miss Marcella Harringa of Buffalo Center was a guest 'of her i sister, Mrs Iiyin Schwartz Wed- j nesday and -attended the high' school operetta in which' her nephew, Ronald Schwartz had a part. Fourteen members of the Ledyard Township Farm Bureau Homemakers met at the home of Mrs" Burdette Hoeppner, Friday^ Following the dinner Mrs Elmer Paulsen gave a talk and Mrs Arlowe Blome sang accompanied by Mrs Jerry Heetlarjd. The February meeting will be with Mrs . Henry Steenhard. Eugene Blome has secured work at the Douglas Aircraft in Los Angeles as Flight Testing Mechanic. Morris Wortman who went to California with Eugene has secured other work and both families are living in a trailer camp at Santa Monica. The two couples left for the west Dec. 19 with a trailer house but were delayed in New Mexico because of car trouble. Since arriving in California they have visited Mrs Blome's sister and family the Robert Andersons at Coronado, and Morris" uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Mike Winter in Venice, Calif. The Band Mothers met in the hot lunch room Monday evening with the Mesdames Edward Shcl- dahl, Maynard Hertzke and Walter Sachs as hostesses. The evening was spent in making plans for a public supper to be served in the lunch room, Feb. 8. Mrs Burdette Hoeppner accompanied Mrs Louis Wingert and Mrs Raymond Johnson of Lincoln -Township to Algona Monday where they attended a Farm Bureau Women's committee. Mrs Mary Zoller has received word that her son-in-law, John, Cuneo of Memphis, Tenn. is cri-.' tically ill. : Mr and Mrs Cuneo visited her several weeks last summer and shortly after returning home Mr Cuneo underwent surgery • on-his lung. ' The American Legion Auxiliary, under the chairmanship of Mrs Jerry Heetland, and assist' Bernard Zellar buggy combination in the world when he's riding in the latest model of a swank convertible? PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE. IOWA Friday, Jan. 20 KENNY HOFER Sunday, Jan. 22 CLEM BRAU Friday, Jan. 27 SPIKE HASKELL Sunday, Jan. 29 HENRY CHARLES Friday, Feb. 3 Jolly Lumberjacks Sunday, Feb. 5 TONY BRADLEY No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Barry's Recreation League Standings League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck JDist. Co. & Storz Brewing Ca BARRY'S Monday Men Bode Billiards :.40 KCs — i37Vfe' Miller High, Life 35 Moose 35 Bode D-X —24 Clark Grain Co. —1—22% Don's Phillips 66 18- Schulte Recreation __16 Tuesday Men Hamm's 35 Moose 33 Russ & Ky's 33 Paul Seeley Farms --31 Blatz 32 Petersen's Cafe .: 27 Barry's : ( 23 National Guard 11 Wednesday Ladies Druggist's Mutual 33 Cook's Welders - 31% Thuente's -'—-29% Bancroft Co-op 24 Moose _, 23% Coast-To-Coast 22 United Variety — 16% Welp's . 12 Thursday .Ladies Sharp's 33 Bill's Standard . 29 DeKalb Hood-Winks._25 Van's Cafe 25 Storz-ettes 24 17 22 22 33 34% 39 41 22 ' 24 24 23 25 30 31 46 15 18% 24 24% 26 36 15 19 23 23 24 A.S.C. ,-24 24 Bradley Bros. 17 31 Wallburg's Texaco'' 15 '33 HAWKEYE LANES American League Studers Stock Farm -.57 19 Titonka 52% 23% Brandt Buick 46% 29% Hamilton Hatchery —42% 33% Sjogrens .. 1... -42% 33% Baker's Livestock 41 . 35 Sorensen Motor 36 40, Boone Ridge 32% 43% Robinson Produce -—27% 48% Corwith , —27 49 Lions 27 49 Hefti Lockers 24 52 National League Algona Produce 56 20 Seven-Up 46% 29% West End Billiards —45% 30% Ernie Williams P-C ...43 , 33 Burt Co-Op Kiev. 42 34 Bancroft Oil 40 36 Ready-Mix '.—, 39 37 Ernie Williams J-D —.35% 40% •Koss. Co. Imple. 32% 43% Rood Insurance 27 49 Britt 25 51 Ray's Jack Sprat 24 52 Western League Titonka -—52 24 Swartz Hdwe. 51 25 Pioneer Hibred-- 50% 25% Burt —48 Mutual of Omaha 43 Plantation -42% Sjogrens 42 Sargent Feeds ,_~38 , Albright Aero-Service 32 Rapid Thermogas —.25 Kossuth Motor _ 17 Thomas Skelgas — — 15 Classic League Hamms ?~ — ,.. : 56% Beecher Lane 53 State Fawn Ins. ——50% S & L —48 Plantation • ^- 43 Titonka —140 Hub Clothiers 32% .Seeley Farms 31 Root Hdwe. —29% Scobba Skelly Serv. —26% Miller High Life 25% Burt 20 : Mixed League Sinclair. Oilers '_ 57' Has Be'ens 56 Buckaroos . 42 Conoco Service, 40 Brandt Buick _ .39 Vets 38% Standard Oil 36% Aces 34 Sargent Feeds 32 Farmers Co-op 30 Hutzell's Cities Serv.__26 Strudels —25 28 33 33% 34 38 44 51 59 61 19% 23 25%. 28 33 36 43% 45 46 Vj 49% The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing Co 4ND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst.' Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly ARABERIC/V DE SOTO picked to pace Indianapolis 5OQ the most powerful ear in the medium priced field! CENTRAL MOTORS Come In Nowl Get Our Special January Deal I 56 19 1 20 ' 34 36 37 37% 39% 42 44 46 50 51

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