The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 10
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»AG1 TEN •LYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 • . . D«il Main Str««t . . . This club meets each Tuesday night This group felt a need for a Scout council to govern all the Girl Scouts of Dell and to use the money raised By EDNA BROWN (Courier News Correspondent) Dell is one of the friendliest little towns that it has been my pleasure to vi»t. The residents have been most co-operative in helping. me father information for this article I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. This a' very civic minded community. The mayor, J. C. Dobhs, and other residents of the community, met on October 8th of 1953 and organized the DeH Community Development Council. With Mrs. John Miller as president. Other officers are, A. E. Galdwell Vice President, J. P. Tate Secretary, Mrs. Linnie Totter treasurer, and Mrs. A. E. Caldwell, reporter. 2 delegates from each organization in town are also members of the official board. The principal project for next year is getting a water system for DelL They are currently engaged in re-surfacing and paving their streets. When they totaled up the score to enter the statewide community development contest, they found that in a short time these things had been accomplished: j Signs had been erected on the! highway. They had aquired a resident physician. They had induced a druggist to move into town and re-open the drug, store. The barber and beauty shop have been re-opened. A new post office building has been erected. Scout troops have been organized. The theatre is to be re-opened soon. Council membership is open to all interested persons in the Dell community. AS TO THE exact time Dell was first settled, has not been decided upon. But several of Dell residents today have ancestors that lived these as far back as 1870. A few of the old settlers were Bu;d Ray, Robert Peterson, James F. Mooney, James Haeman Koehler, Jones Meader and many more. They bought that land for around fl an acre. Today it is considered to be some of the richest land in the world, ranking with soil in the 'Nile valley. It was in 1898 that Dell was named. A school teacher by the name of Kincannon had a son named Dell and his name was the one that was drawn from a hat to decide on a name. Dell was incorporated in 1905. in the school cafeteria and is served each time by church auxiliaries. W. B. FISHER, Dell's science teacher, also is the Scoutmaster. The troop now has 20 members, with the enrollment more than doubling during the past two months. The troop is currently working on first aid and going on weekend outing trips. They meet each Tuesday afternoon. Have three patrols. Jimmie Chandler is the assistant scoutmaster. Because of the feeling of need for organizations for the younger crowd and because Mrs. R. B. Crawford has two daughter, Thelma Louise, (Lucy) nine, and Barbara Joan, six she thought Dell needed a Girl Scout troop. After many futile efforts she finally learned that with the help of Mrs. Glenn Ladd of Blytheville' by the project for both groups of girls. A small donation was made to both the Boy -Scouts and the newly- formed Cubs. The council is composed of both leaders, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Wilborn along with two mothers from each troop. These include Mrs. Garfield Lewis, and Mrs. John Stevens, Jr., of the Brownies and Mrs. Earl Brownlee and Mrs. Tidwell of the girl Scouts. Other than the financial project conducted by the Brownies, Mrs. Crawford says that D»H High School rosr Office that this dream reality, and did could become a so Nov. 1, 1953, with the investiture of Dell's first Girl Scout troop. There were nine the usual procedure is followed with. hour. The company employs 12 reg- emphasis stressed on character buil- • ular men and 30 during rush sea- ding and parlimentary procedure, son. One of the beginning of Dell. Frank Meadors is perhaps one of the oldest men in Dell. He is 84 years old. Lives with his daughter and brother, and does odd jobs around the house, helping with the chickens and garden. The Meadors came to Dell from Tennessee in 1890. Vernon Inglehart is the blind man of Dell who is known and loved by all. Vernon, who has been blind The J. L. C. <Sc E. railroad had come through from Blytheville to Jonesboro in 1902. Dell is located on highway 18 about seven miles from Blytheville, and has a population of about 400. They have an active Kiwanis clab, which was organized in 1949 under the direction of A. E. Caldwell, who is now lietuenant governor of Division 12 of the Missouri-Arkansas district of Kiwanis International. The Dell Kiwanis club has 22 members, with Oral Hormicutt as president. They are sponsoring the Boy Scout troop and the health center, both using the same building. This club also sends a boy to Boys State at Little Rock for eight days' each summer. This year it is to be A. G. Moody. A turkey shoot has been started recently, one before both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Money derived from this goes to help the underprivileged in the community. charter members with two others joining later. Mrs. Crawford's' since 1929, he is now 31 years old. His blindness was caused by a brain tumor. He had three operations and the pressure was removed but his eyesight wasn't restored. Vernon lives with his parents and family. He attended the School for the blind at Little Rock, and can read braille. But he only gets a meager amount of literature. He He spends most of his time up town talking with his friends, or listening to the radio. MRS. W. E. POTTER, has been postmaster 12 years standing, with Mrs. D. W. Crawford as clerk. This is a third class office with 264 boxes. The mail comes in by star routes from both Blytheville and Jonesboro daily. The building belongs to Mrs. Potter, who drew the plans and had it built about two years ago. Dr. J. L. Tidwell has moved back to DeH from Blytheville. after being away for some time. His office is located in the Greenway building with Mrs. Clara Walters as office nurse. The Tidweils have one son and three grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Elzey have recently moved to Dell from Lepanto, and reopened the drug store. It is known as Elzey's drugs. He has been in the business for 30 years, 25 of them spent in Lepanto. Mr. Elzey is a registered pharmacist. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Sloan from McDonald, Kan. are new residents of Dell. They reopened the barber and Beauty shop. M. F. Brownlee and R. A. Greenway are both merchants and farmers of Dell, They have many business interests, and are long-time residents. Luther Moody, who is 72 years old and manager of the Greenway store, is a native of Dell and one of the oldest members of the Methodist church. He told of tearing THERE ARE four gins in Dell. The planters gin is owned by H. R. Crawford and Cob Bowers, and is managed by H. R. Crawford. This known as the old Martin gin. Dell Gin Co. is owned by a group of stockholders, with E. A. Stacy as manager. They operate a bean elevator in connection with the gin. Farmers Gin Co. of Dell also is owned by a group of stockholders and is managed by Earl Magers. Stevens Gin is located just outside of town, is owned by John Stevens, Sr., and John Stevens, Jr., It has been in continuous operation for 25 years. All these gins are equipped to handle machine-picked cotton. . During World War II, John Stevens, Jr., was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. While mak- a parachute jump ovei- Nor- R«v. E. H. Hall youngest, Joan, being too young for a registered membership, participates to make an even dozen. This group sponsored a project in February, raising $396.84 to alleviate financial worries and to give to any girl of Dell the opportunity to belong to this group. Being interested In older girls, Mrs. Crawford felt a need for an intermediate group. Having her hands full with the Brownies, she asked Mrs. A. E. Caldwell to be responsible for getting that group started. Mrs. Caldwell with Miss Ella Mae Dixon, third grade teacher, and Miss Peggy Blair, assistant, through Mrs. Ladd's help, started the intermediate Scout at that time all the organizations of the church come together for a prayer meeting and a study course. * • « THE DELL Methodist Church has hal the distinction of having been written up in Life Magazine because of its beauty and having been paid for when it was ready for use. The $65,000 was raised within a short time and the church was dedicated Feb. 19,1949. This church has a spacious auditorium. «r for a number of years. • This year she is teaching home economics, with 50 girls enrolled in her classes. They are now engaged in sewing different pieces of wearing apparel. The Future Homemakers of America president is Sylvia Byars. This group attended the State meeting held in Little Rock recently. They are an Honor chapter this year, having met all the standards and goals. They won 10 ribbons at the district fair last year. This year the major project is a long-time one of improving the cottage. Eventually their plans are to do a complete redecorating job. Mrs. Caldwell organized a Beta Club for honor students. She thinks it has helped the school scholastically more than anything else. It has stimulated the students to do their best, for they have to be past the ninth grade and make a B- to be eligible to belong to the Beta Club. This club started with 12 members. Carole Ann Ladner is the president of the club which now has 22 members, 20 of whom attended the state Beta convention iis year. Trenkle Paint Co. Oral Hunnicutt Luther Moody 13. troop. But they were not organized | down of the o]d church in 1899, dur- until February under the present ! ng a meningitis epidemic and us- leadership of Mrs. Larnar Wilborn mg tne matenal fc ° make coffins to 1 bury the victims of the disease. He said 11 men were buried in these caskets, as they were unable to get any others. * * • THE MARTIN TRENKLE Co., Inc., is one of the industries at Dell, And is operated by Martin Trenkle. with Mrs. Caldwell. Mrs. Floyd Phillips, Mrs. James Tidwell as mother councilors. There are 14 girls in the troop. » * • MRS. CRAWFORD is aided by Mrs. Lewis Hatton fourth grade teacher, as J. T. Tate, chairman, and Mrs. John Miller and Mrs. John Stevens Jr., mother councilors. paints of every Methodist Church leader, airs, j this paint was organized in 1948 at the Blythevlle air base and moved to Dell in 1952. They operate a complete laboratory under the direct supervision of Mrs. Martin Trenkle This company has all the equipment to manufacture kind. One of their new paints includes a new latex oil wall finish for the interior. They also manufacture a complete line of exterior paints. This company is doing research and development approved by the Navy Department, and are constantly experimenting in new paints. Having recently developed some new paints for the theatre industry to be used on 3-D screens. It employes an average of 6 persons yearly and sell both wholesale and retail." The Dell Compress is the other industry located at Dell. It is owned by a group of farmers of the Dell community, with R. B. Crawford as superintendent. Built in 1939, it has a 37,500-bale storage capacity, five sheds, both standard and high density presses sprinkling system. The scales will handle 150 bales per Germans and held as a prisoner from June, 1944, until April, 1945 Other than being hungry and no getting sufficient medical treat ment, he faxed well for a prisone of war. It was during this time tha his first child was born. * * * HIS MOTHER, Mrs. John Stevens. Sr., is known over the county and state for her hams. She tola 150 for me she sells an average of hams yearly and gets calls many more. She has a special process in curing them, to make them of prize quality. She has been curing and selling these hams for around 20 years. Mrs. Stevens is an avid flower grower, raises all the varieties of beautiful roses and many others. She has a large vegetable garden and does most of the work herself. They have a beautiful country home that they have been adding to since moving there in 1931. However, the Stevens moved into the community in 1918. They also have a daughter, Mrs. Eddie Edwards (Martha Francis to her friends) from Kansas City, Mo. Dell has three churches, all of brick construction. The Church of Christ building has six classrooms. J. H. Brinn is Sunday School superintendent. The church is temporarily without a minister at this time." The Dell Baptist Church also 4s without a pastor but they hope to have one within a few weeks. They have been- having a visiting preacher each Sunday. Their Sunday School superintendent is A. E. Caldwell. W.M.U. president is Mrs. C.\ A. Smith. There are circles headed! by Mrs. Endeli' Newsom and Mrs. Will Morgan. Training Union leader is Mrs. Marie Motter and the Young People's director is Mrs. Ed Harding. Each Wednesday night is family robes, organs and chimes. It has two stories with nine class i ROBERT EDWARDS has been rooms upstairs. The complete kit-Dell's coach for three years The chen is equipped with the church's pattern in crystal, china and silverware. The building is full air-conditioned. Other than this property, the church recently bought and remodeled a parsonage at the cost of $5,000. After the old Methodist church was torn down and used for coffins for meningitis victims, a church was built in town and used by both the Methodists and Baptists, until the Baptist Church could be built. The Rev. E. H. Hall, pastor of Dell Methodist Church has been there for almost seven years, coming there from Leachville where he served 11 years. The Rev. Mr. Hall preached the first sermon to be given in the new building. He is one of the best known ministers in the county and is constantly in demand throughout the district for speeches. His hobby is photography. He takes school pictures for the children and the school annuals. He has his own dark room. There has always been a Methodist Minister in the Hall family it seems. His cousin, brother, nephew, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great great-grandfather were all ministers and all of them served in Arkansas. BESIDES being of great help to her husband in his ministry, Mrs. Hall helps him with the pictures, and goes to Blytheville to help her son who has recently opened a studio there. She teaches in the Sunday school, and is treasurer of the District W.S.C.S. There are 56 members of the W.S. C.S. with Mrs. John Miller as the new president. Oral Honnicutt is Sunday school superintendent. Mrs. Charles Kennett is organist. Noble' Gill is president of the official board and choir director. Mrs. Fred Kelly is a conference officer. There has been a Koehler in the Dell Methodist Church since the first church was built. Earl Magers was one of the men who were instrumental in getting the schools consolidated. He is a long-term member of the school board and a business man in Dell. Noble Gill is a former superintendent of Dell Schools. It was under his direction that the grade school grew into a high school. He :ias always worked with and for the betterment of the Dell schools and community. He resigned as superintendent to go into an insurance business of his own. He also is a farmer and businessman of Dell, and is a graduate of Hendrix College and on the college's board of trustees. Re has held every office n the Dell Methodist Church and recently was named to the board of directors of the National Cotton Council. gym, considered the second best in the county, is spacious and well- equipped, with a recreation room upstairs. For those who can't take strenuous exercise they offer, ping- pong, darts, shuffle-board, and many other games. A physical education program is offered from 7th through 12th grades, including track, softball, volley ball, table tennis, badminton and many other major sports. This is one of the few schools that have a baseball team. The Dell team plays a schedule of 10 in the in his third year as a pitcher. Coach Edwards says he shows great promise in baseball. The boys' basketball team was beaten in the quarter finals at District 3 tournament this year, by Luxora. The boys won 25 games or 12 games with teams district. Billy Shelton is and lost 10. The girls won 14, lost after winning first 1951 and 1953. The THE AGRICULTURE department is headed by W. L. Bollen, with 36 members in FFA chapter. This .group took third place in parliamentary procedure in the county this year place in both FFA has chosen for their chapter sweetheart Shirley Peterson. This chapter participates in all phases of federation cotnests.. The 36 members of Dell chapter made a total profit of $3,546.71 from productive enterprises .carried on in 1953. This included pig chains, improvement projects .and supplementary farm practices. The 1 chapter members helped to beautify the school campus, painted.and repaired the Scout hut, vaccinated 1 185 hogs, 58 cattle, culled 200 head of poultry and pruned 52 tree's. One of the highlights of the year for them, their father and son banquet, is to be htid soon. - Dell Compress night at the Dell Baptist Church, A. E. CALDWELL is m his sixth ear as superintendent. Principal f the grade school is L. T. Moore. This school is a member of North Central Association and has 625 enrolled. The Negro school building was erected in 1949. It has three teachers with Nina Smith as principal. There are eight grades with 210 children enrolled. Negro high school students go to Blytheville. Dell School has five buses, employs adult drivers, has a full time mechanic and a fully-equipped garage. Mrs. Ed Hardin Is president of Parent-Teachers Association. The major project for the year has been and still is purchasing robes for the band and chorus. A band mothers club has been organized this year and they also have helped in obtaining robes and instruments and other needs for the band. J. B. McFerrin is director of the band and chorus, and teaches public school music. The band consists of 35 members and four majorettes. They march in all parades in Northeast Arkansas and go on tour in the spring, playing in different schools in the county. They attended the band festival held in Searcy recently. The final and big concert of the band and chorus is to be presented on the night of April 23 mt Dell High School Auditorium Mr. McFerrin's first, second and third grades have presented the operetta. "The Boy and Billy Goats Three." The next three grades are to present "The King Sneezes" April 30. • • » MRS. A. E. CALDWELL has been the high school English teach- SHWT/T The BIGGEST selling job in town Here in tht classified section of your newspaper . .. you meet personally those people who are really in tht »arkpt for what you have to offer. They read voiir message because thew want to hire or be hired, to buy, sell, to rent . or to do you a service. Within minutes after your paper appears YOU GET RESULTS THROUGH THE WANT ADS! Ads placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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