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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 18

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

s' THE DAILY BRITISH WHIG SATURDAY MARCH S3 1922 18 FKRSOJIiL a I THE FORUM GRAND To-Night The Rex Stock Co Preicnting LONG LEGS" MILLER'S SICCKSS 0 HFXKY UHKAT VA I DRYIIIK IXCLl 1IIXO 1 1 14: MKCITATIOX PM ICES i pir See- See Iallrry Nr Saturday Maiiaee Nr aad 2Se -s i jiflamaar FOUND FOR SALS millix ft sox Real Estate aaft laaeraaec Urekrra SEE DISPLAY AO OX AGK TWO A SQtAHR PI AXO S2S SPLKXU1D for children to practice oa Apply) Box X-25 Will Louis AYaycr presents -ftChild Thou iGavest Me The Ktoi? of a Faithful AVlfr Yet a Loci et Slot her Ttrfd Willi True Artistry ami Crowned by a (Umax o( Power KOI HIES WED ssscasssr DARK OAK DIXIXK ROOM SIITEiTHE WORLD'S LKADIXG MATRI-and a fear odd pieces furnitute or 1 roonlai club thuuaands worth to I4W4V0 willing to marry list seal Ire a Honorable Ralpn Hyde IS Ban Francisco Calif FORD COCPE WITH EXTRAS! FIRST I STRAND MOX TIES ED RETURN VISIT OF Wit RliEOLPi lllMIillO Hi ACHES HUS PRICE FOR THIS I'HTI'IIEl ATI EE Chllitrca Mr Adults 23 KYEXIXGN Children 2bc Adults 33c (Tax included LAST TIME TO-DAY (I A I A la A ft'HlXCK THERE WA" Dancing Instruction gives la the Uardva Halt All he latest da ares Cue every night from 7 ts fill hy 111 llrork Sirs Ukee la-struetur Hall phuae 337 Resldeaee phune IS7K' American trout planted (n Austral-1 lai) water grow to enermou Vibrant ((SDRSIKn ADVBIITIMSq HUE Fliei iLKinun le a word Eaca cua uuiivi HJcrUuB thtrwUsf n-i C9nt Wuni Minimum cn artfc tvt Lt insertion Sic ihre iLHriwu Tbesbvve rare ara for easit on!) wnrn ourrril they iloabla 51 HK1I WA-YTKU E1PBIIIKMRO OKXKH1L HiHVlkT small lainiy- Apply J- Kftnuyj iss Kina street 1S Kina street LOOK WltTKII OXK WHO CAN BOj cooking Apply to Matron! Hma for tbs Aged 12 Montreal direst FIREMEN 1111 HRAKKMKN MKX for firemen brakemen beginners 110 later 259 Hallway Boa K-4 Whl Office RL4lIMKn fMKFAK MAKER WAXT- ed for Clear hprlng Cheese factory near Portland Apply to U-lis It- No Portland On I EXPERIENCED GKXKKYL PKHYANT must undsrstand piain coobmf small family no washing Wages 111 per month Apply Boa HI Whig Offce FARM FOIIKAt A iMARHIKDt of (Skin full char of dairy term cinmieiics immediately Apply It VanLuveu Lake Shore iUiad L-4IIIK WANTED TO 1M FLA IX and llht aewln at huiue whole or eita re time Bod pay work sent any distance eiuirges paid Bendi stamp tor particulars National Manufacturing Co- Muntreal MARK KOXKY AT HONE 13 te paid weekly for your spare time writ In show cards fur us No can-vasaln Wo instruct and supply you with work AVst-Aiius bhuw Card Service 17 CoTborns Bid To- roato WK WANT A lAELlAltlK BALKS agent for each uniepresentsd coun-- ty or territory Kxciueiva selliiiu rghls good pay to energetic representatives our agency la valu- able Write Felhani Nursery Co Toronto-OnL 1000 WAGE FOR IIOMK wa need you to inuks socks on the last easily-learned Auto Knitter experience unnecessary distance immaterial: positively no canvass-in: yarn supplied: particular xc i stamp Dept Is-C Auto Knitter Ca 'I'orontc WALK IX AXO LOOK MB STRAIGHT In the eya 1 can usa an honest man who la clean In every way who wants to get a better Job than he has now To- tbo man who can impress ms as genuine 1 will spend time and money and take a per- aonal Interest in training and plac in him where ho will be reward-' ed for honest principles and uod hard work Bee me to-day Room Royal Bank Chambers top Boor AGE-Mtl WA3TEK AGENTS WAXTED TO SELL XOX-- friction aa liter SUvsv prom Thompson A Mcliwaine 712 xutri Lisina Btreet Montreal LADIES DO YOl OWX HKMSTITCH-ing and uicotitig Attachment fits any machine Buttonhole I Agents wanted Btephtnson 22 Quincy strset Chicago UESPOXSIBLK SELL K1T-chsn ariirte of escentlonai merit Bure meady seller tloud profit Bubstantlal article Exalueive ter-i ritory Host Offlcs Box 661 Toronto 5000 WKKRIY SELLING BlflXE Spiral Curtain Rods Agents coining money For particulars and free- sample write 4k Manufacturing Company Dept London OnL ADVAXCK DOOR LOCKIXM HANDLES makes Ford cars thief proof Replace regular handles Easy sell-era Big proms Sample pair 469 Haven Co 601 Ex-- change Bldg Windsor Ont GET IX A FHOPITABLE all year commission business ol your own Every property owner needs some of our nine hundred varieties of hardy Red Tag trees and plants No capital needed Complete equipment and Instru--- tlon free Writs Dominion Nurser-- les MontroaL IF YOL'R DAILY' OCTtPATIOX brings you in touch with farmers Spu can make extra mousy easily collecting new and renewal sub-( scrlptlons for Canada's biggest and beat farm Journal Address Box III Family Herald and Weekly gtar MontreaL 12 BXERGETIC RELIABLE HE- apunalbla man preferably with large acquaintance both business and eoclal to handle old eetab- Halted nnoduot in continual usseby over 69 of the population Steady inciwna and good preSts A quick seller to both the retail stores and consumer Address! Mr West J4 Pearl HtreeK Torunto SITUATIONS VACANT IF IOV HATE WOMK DOXT AXSWP1R this ed But If you would like to earn sight to ten dollars a day you can do eo by selling Gold Medal Government Tented Garden Seeds at ttn cants a packet the biggest and best looking packets svsr sold for the money Every householder a prospect Bmall outlay big pro-- lit Good work for men woman boy or girl whole or spare time Credit given If you can show good references Johnston 111 Jarvis Btreet Toronto FANCX GOODS IIEMalTTCHIXO EUGIXU AC-cordion knife and box pleating Hours to 6 29 Mrs A Card 4 Victoria Ttrraca Montreal St opposite Aftlllar Park I LUVIVB LITTLE 3MIUIM WORTH I I it 0 will marry Uxford Fla Boa IS Club GET ACRIAIX'TKO AXO MARRY well Bend stamped envelope Chi- cafo Priendabip Club 2ft2k Broadway Chicago yyoild you white to a weal-thy pretty girl Stamp please- Lll- Iiaa Sprout Btatlog Cleveland (hum CATHOLICS WISH1XO TO MAHHY wanting Introductions bookiet flee Write Catholic Correspondence CluR Grand Raplda Mich SOAR ri'TLHB FUHKTOLUi BEX II dime birtndate (or -truthful reliable convincing trial reading Haxal Ha use Box 211 Los Angelas LARRY IF LONELY FOR RKBLLTS try me beat and must auccvsaf jt Maker-" kundreda rich wlsk i marriage euen stifetly eunfideu-tial must reliable years expert-! anas dcecrlptiuns free "The Sue-: cesefel Club" Mrs Nash Bog 441 Oakland Calif HAIR ROLES WART MIRTH- marks skin cancers scars eta removed pcrmaaeaily Balia factory glasses fitted and furnished after ulavra nave failed Goitre removed 24 year experience Dr Elmer Lake aye Kar Nose Tnruai eklu 26 Bagut Btreet phone sol "THE LEAD ING MATRIMONIAL Club" Best largest establish- 17 1 years Thousand wealthy irm-bars wish marriage ConfJsntiil descriptions ires only honorable sincere people of bum sexes need write The Old Reliable Club I Mrs Wrubcl Box 2 Oaklarg Calif HJLUJfKltY MR MrLAt'GHLlN 112 LOWER William btreet will take orders for making trimming and remodeling bata Terms moderate ITHOLBRim CALL OK DROP A CARD TO Uavine upholsterer 21 Hague be AV HAROLD FOH YOLK IP- bolstering and general repairing Leave uruera at ur arop a card lu 104 Clergy street COVERED BUTTONS MADE TO OH-der In all popular shapes and slice Upholstering and repairing dune Gootiridge 244 Cnivereliy Aveeua Phone 1XUJ CHinOPHACTIO IV A lUktkLls iu: Pfe corner Princess and Karris blreeta 2nd door Barrla bL enirtnea Klngatoa UDL Consultation Iras Telephone IliJ Hours to 12 am 1m pm IlH GKORGK LUC PH JENNIE A Lucy wuruprsuliu bpvcianeis anJ Uradusls Nursu 22 bagut str between Princess and Brock Tele-phone 45w Hours 10 12 am 1 to and 1 to pni Spinal aialysi and ciiusullaiion' Iras Hehidautlal calls by appointmanL FAINTING AND PAPER HANGING WHEN WANTINU PAINTING OR i'aperhangiug dons drop a card la A ftiuuntser k4 Arch BtreeL BARGAIN IN WALL PAPER I MOOR papered 109 per room including paper neat patterns to choose from also dons at rrason-- able prices Rowley Phone llllw or call at 112 Bay Street MARRIAGE LICENSES CHARLES ADAIR tint Issuer uf marriage licenses I'huun 217 12 LEGAL CUNNINGHAM ft SMITH UARRIS- tars and solicitors 79 Clarence Street Kingston A lJ Cuunlng-bsm KC 14 Smith AHHHUMK SHEA RA MAKH1STKII and bolluitur Lsw uurner u( Xing and Brock over Loyal Bank Money iu loan Phuna 1999 FINANCIAL XKK II CHLMLKt F1IIK ALTO mubllo and Casualty lneuranca 42J Karl strsst 17k26L XTHANUE ft STIIAXUJ5 IXCUNCh agents eaiabliabad In 14C0 only the must reliabis cuuipshlua-repr-- Sootil Ufflca 6 Clarence attest oppuaile tna pual office LOAN AXD INVEST-msnt becleiy invurpuratrd lkl -Vicsls KC vice president A Cunnmgnsni Money Issued on city and -arm prupvrtlea municipal and county debentures mortgagee purchased Investment bonds for sale deposits received and Interest allowed 11 Cartwrlgnt manager: 37 Clarence airekt Kingston MKDICAI (m HOUIXSUX MD 53 IIAIIKIK btreet Hours 1U2W-12 a pm 7-Y30 pm phune 14 WHEN VUII WANT THE L'AHPKXTKH see James beiby Coaractor gig University A van- phona I vkw flU8lVES8 OrrOUlX'NITIFS PAKEXTtj HAVE YOU A LICK baby In your hems? Provide for baby's future buy few units Lucky Raby Syndicate worth investigation Write Itux 9L Meals Texas DOMINION -EXPRESS SMONEYJlOROERr? t-VAYwietaP HTsrnsMumtL' Svrit rr '-S mu ca aTgTisss "xnb rpasMBiearxppttaerFicts" TENDERS For Church Property or purciTlof CMgriguV'I! I cSTureh nru'eto tBf 1 LDUfCo prupf tty cut (nt Nortn wci( (ur I ner of Wellington and Johftson si reels1 If i- IkinfelOB A lHltlr Wfty IOf imp I or mor of the hereinafter mentioned parcels but a separate price must be put on earh parrel tendered for Parcel New The church building 0 th a SIXTY-SECOND ANNIVERSARY SERVICES QUEEN 8TREET METHODIST CHURCH Sunday March 26th 1922 SPECIAL PREACHER REV BROWN BA BD4 ANNIVERSARY SUPPER and CONCERT MONDAY MARCH 27th 1922 Supper at 6-39 Tickets BOc WASTED GLMSKAL TO BKTiT Bl' BAY lab HI OB SKYEY room bouse south aids of Princess modern Improvements small Xam- liy Apply phone 21uF UMf OF 931 MAft OY FIRST MOMT-(( of improved farm land val-il at I4kw400 Fur particulars apply Hu 1-21 Whig Office To IIFXT a HALL HOt HE OH BIX- giluw wltb modern conveniences by May 1st: married coupler no cildr Bo h-22 Whig Office BY lOIXG ttllARH LADY BOARD and room In private family where hums privileges may be bad statin rates to Boa B-14 Office Apply Whig HEgFKCT A niK HKFIXKD LADY DK-alree Omforiably furnished room wltb board In private family or lady aluns Address Mrs Moors kl Crescent Btreet Peterboro Ont CL'ITUMKH FOR SHOE REPAIRING work duns quickly and neatly Robber -Heels put on while you wait Your patrons solicited Workmanship uaranteed A Goodwin Charles -Btreet -near Montreal Street AIKhMFX All MALKHLAIHKB IX Krstern Ontario to tell an electrical mrd'cal apparatus knuwn ax Violet Hay highly recommended for rhru-1 inatlsin nervousness headaches colds aathma bronchitis wanted In every home Send for literature I Demonstration free Attractive proposition Apply Smith 11 Coiuurne Street TO LEt A F1HXIB1IKD FLAT IX (iVU IV-- callty to rant in May Apply Hu K-24 hi Office LODGE ROOMS OX KIXO STREET formerly occupied by tha lOOF Apply to Cunlnham ft Smith MUST CLASS ROOM AXO UOAH1H all Improvcmsii's centrally located Apply 241- University Ara BRIGHT APAHTMKXTl MODERN ALL conveniences May 1st for couple only Apply 1(2 Princess Btreet SS HIIIKAL'- STREET STOXK HOCSE eight rooms throe piece bath gas furnace Apply 47 Itldeau Btreet BY APRIL I at FOCII BOOM APAHT- mvnt heated electric light gas foi cooking Apply IN Barrie Street SrOHAGK FOH FLHAlTtlRE AXU msrchandisa olsan and ary McCann Agency IS Brock Slresi Phone 22 UHOIXD FLOOR FLAT ALSO PART cf second lloor: storage -room if de-sired all modern conveniences-Ap-" ply Hox 51-21 Whig Office FARM OF "AIIOI IN ACRES 12 iiiilt-s from Kingston Rents at 2l9 a year im taxes Apply the Carroll Agency I Brock Bt irorhK at lis joiixsox street ton moms hardwood floors hot wa ter furnace electric lights In first class condition Apply 10 Barrla Btreet FOl'R ROOMED COMPLETELY FI'R-- nlahed flat: own bath room heated electric light gas for cooking Ap-- plv'vet King street or phone ISIlf evenings APARTMENT OF OR POtll ltOOMSf Sentry ground floor- hardwood nora hot water heating- large verandah: possession 1st of April Apply evenings 12 Clergy fit West HAY 1st SIX ROOMED APAUTMEXTi three-piece bath heated private enl ranee electric lights excallsnt lvcation Apply 40 Princess cor University Phone 22I6F APARTMENT OF FIVE ltOOMg PAX try ground floor hardwood floors hot water heating large verandah possession 1st nf April Apply evenings 91 Clergy Bt West STORAGE FOH Ft RNITlHK CLEAN dry airy rooms and spaces your own' ioclt and key Frost's City Storage 229-306 Queen Bt Phone 630 Ilea Otlw CORNER STOUK IX GOOD LOCALITY doing good business rent very reasonable possession May 1st Apply Hutchinson A Co real estate egents IltVL Princess Btreet TEX ROOMED MOPSK- BROCK ST hot water furnace 250-00 Heven- roomed house Clergy street no fur-' nace 12000 Both electric lignts Pusaeeaion May 1st Apply Box 71-20 Whig Offica MAY 1st APARTMENT OF ROOMS- kitchenette I fir places I piece bathroom Prlua Includes electric lighting hot- and cold water hot water nesting larga recreation grounds King street west A' dress Bos 113 KIttNB SIGNS OF ALL KINDfi GLASS WORK largs or small Posters Showcards displays a specialty by Shaw at III Princess Btreet DENTAls DR A KXAPF DENTIST OFFICE 256 Princess Strsst Phono C6lw DR SPARKS AND SPARKS DEN tlats 150 Wellington strsst corner of Brock DR Rl'FERT MILLAN DENTIST 4 Princess BtraeL Phono 150 Upon evening by appptnUUML UK- AYKROYD DENTIST (IAS HR-sumed practice at 2 Prlnoaaa fit ever Bank at Nova be oil Phona iRilJ ARCHITECT POWER SOX AXD DHEVER ARCIII-tecta Merchants Bank Chambar corner of Urock and Wellington EVERYTHING Poy Warwick Bros IT KMTl'RK I IM61IMH CALL OR DROP A CARD TV DMIS cvlL 2 John blrsvL WOODRA CHEST cAXTAlXIXtt clithea on Fcnland Koau rviiier may have same from MVles Ore er Klgiuhur lUHttlK JOtmABOA AXI liagot streets a lady's brown kla glove for right band The owner may nave same at me IV In omce BIX4il RB1S OX COHXEK Km and Clarence streets owner can have -same by calling at Dew Drop Inn If Princess Btreet FOLXTA1X FKX OX BAR RIB tract Friday morning uwn-cr may hare same at Gilbert's Grocery GENTLEMAN bLVTE FICKKU np on post office eieps Ap- ply to Postmaster Stewart A PAIR OF GLAEM FOOD on Princess Street near University Avenue Apply at 21 Karl Mteet or phone 1(4 GEN'ILaJiAV SL'amF OX Clergy street between Princess and Brock' Owner may iwe same at HraJ-snsw's ottice court iiuuse LA Mil GALNI'LET picked up on the street The wner can have same at tha police station SMALL Rfe1 I'JLKEU it xeaii corner of Wclllnfc ton and Rrock street- Apply Whig OH Ice FO LX II ARTICLE ADYKU TISKO FREE 'Anyone ttnuiug anythin and wishing to rescu tue owner may do ao uy reporting tna tacts i-i Ton Dntisu Wuig The advertisement will i printed in mis cuiwuiu flee ut cliarge "Found articles" mi nut include lost dugs cattle horses etc' Tn--se it lost may be ad-lerllavU tor la the "Lost column LOST A FAIR OF GLASSES IX case un Juarcn lath Reward lor return to 166 Montreal BtraeL LOST Silver Pencil (Fyncpolnt) be- 1 and oivluvn Bt Reward for return to 22 Dlvi- ain Btreet or Vt big Olllce FOH KALB rs PIECE SKT OF DISHES COCOA avt tollot Bet- Empress range etc-Phona 14(2J WHITE WICKKII BABY 1 CARRIAGE In good condition' May be seen at 22 Queeu Biraat- AWXIXGB TEXTS FLAGS BOAT COV pro eta -Pbons 42 Frank Cooke 211 Bagut Btreet tiXIVEHMITY AYE FRAME DWELL-ing well located for 22300 Apply Carroll Agency 61 Broca bt AWXIXGS ALL KINDS ALL rUICES For prices and eainpMs apply Frank Cook phone 42 or address 21 Bagut etreaL HATCHING EOGS FROM RRKD TO lay Uarred Rocks "Canadian-Ring- let" strain 200 sitting of 12 Ape1 ply 47 Division Btreau SHEETS OF WHITE NEWSPRINT FA- per site 17" by 22" 60 aheete for 40c Bultable for many purposes -Apply Urlilalt Whig Office CHOICE Hl llDIYU lOT CORNER Alfred and Elm airceta also sera farm choice good buildings west of Puriamouth lake ahora Apply Mills Company ONE- HLNDHED USED BICYCLES all sixes ladies and genia-at low prices to make rdom for our 1 spring stock Agent for Perfect Columbia and ilyalop Bicycles Bicycle Worxa 171-172 1 King iti Phone 1022W CORDWDOD 10 ll AND 012 PER card stovswuud split 4500 per cord nut epllt 46o all measured and delivered Alan hard and aoft coke in any quantity Phune Kiln Yard in rvar of 244 linlverelty itrutoii 2(1 UniversUy BARGAIN IN FIHXITIRE One Refrigerator 21900 1 1 One Combination Bookcaaa and Writing Desk 11 9 Cook Btoves with water front 1000 1100 2000 Kitchen Cupboards 309 200 1 Dining Hoorn Table solid oak with leaves 1009 LESSKS ANTIRVE SHOP 07 Priacess Street Pheae 104Sw I HH1CK 1IUISK SINK HOUMS IlOTt water heating electric lights goud dry cellar hardwood flour in dining room outbuildings inciuutng ban house 7 irult trees all bearing front verandah and back pure 11 storm windows ana duors A guud house for f(7v Apply car roll Agsncy 6 Brock Bt lUIEIUS' BEAL KSIATE FARM -FOR 1M ACRE ALL good land 1 gcrea bush frame liuusa with furnace bank barn aud IE house mile from Kingston FOH SALE FRAME BLNGALOWi ROOMS nearly new FHAMKi ROOMS GOOD CEL-lar and targe lot with fruit and garden (lfoa A ROOMS I IMPROVE-menta garage and duubta lot HEW BRICKi WEST END ruums nil utipruvsnienu harowood ttuura lot 4xI99 IS ilMICK- BI NGALOW NEAR University I rooms furnace: elec-1 trie llghte I niece bath electric If Heater hw floors ftfetlt ItPBA 4eYt If Auil wnulJ Ik -a 1 out large Iul die 29v would ksat FRHK FOL'R elec tile light orth end ROOMS ft! good esiiar IIM-mtM HOI IB WITH OCT- building and lot'll 13L Macdoa aid atreec IIOISF TO RENT DWrLIIXGi ALL MODKHXi roiima central garage TEX GARDEN LOT LARGE Dll SMALL APARTMENT I NFIR IWHED and 4 rooms an convenience UATKMIX'S REAL ESTATR SM ta uiliuueua SleauL clau condition Apply 8 Asset atine 242 King Street OXE GOOD HILCH COW THREE-quarter Jersey and calf Apply 3 Hickey College atreet OXE BICYCLE IX BEACTIFI COM-dltion newly enameled Apply Storage Queen Street rorRTFKX CHOICE MILCH COWS to freshen In AprtL Apply to William I'rtor No 1 Howe 1s-Iand TUB MrGILlIVRAY HOMESTEAD AT Washburn For full particulars apply on the premises to Annie Mc-(illlvray ntnr carriage English style u-hle heather upholstering In excellent condition Apply Box J-23 Whig Office UOiniF FRAME HOI'SE OX RAGIAX Roarl between Barrie and Patrick streets Apply to Dutton 16 Raglan Road FIRST CLASS FRI IT AXI1 COXPIIC tlcnery hnelneaa on PrlnceM fit Apply to Hutchinson A Cn Princes Street or phone 1207J AM HnD STOVE WOOD CI'T AND split any length you want Tr our 1400 load also 1200 team load Muller and XUdala Barrlefleld Phone loilw CHEVROLET 10S1 TOI'nlXG CAR AXD Ford touring ear: first clnaa condl tlon cheap for quick sale or will exchange for real estate- Apply 44 Victoria Street DOt niE FK AMR HOI'KIC SEVEN rooms each north of Princess at and gas for cooking newly decorated Inside and out Apply Box 0-20 Whig WHITE WYANIIOTTFfii BRED FOR egg production end to win hatch-ing rgga from Ottawa winner 1100 per 15 All star pen $500 per 15 Joseph White Portsmouth Ont SMALL FIR SCARFS FOR SPRING one tie black shoes No 4 never worn white ilmee coat suit feixe 2x40) skirt electric grill all in good condition Apply 170 Division Btreet WELL ESTABLISHED GENERAL store can be handled with 2109000 -aeh A splendid business nnpnr-tunltv For particulars apply to Cunningham A Smith 70 Clarence Btreet Kingston OnL YVr: II AA FOR PALE A I I KINDS OF good eecon 1-hand furniture and stoves Any person having atov-a and fiirnitura to dlsposa nf we will nay hlghsat prices Thompson 213 Pr'nceis Btreet Phone lltOw DOI'RLK Itnif'K VENEERED inge bolh have hot air furnarea three piece bath gas- for cooking one hae electric light the other gee West end Price Apply 1C Carroll Agency 6 Brock Bt NINE ROOMED FRAME norSEl electric llgh gas for conking 2-nlece bath and hot air furnace 1 hardwood floors downstairs: alM a good barn with xtable Apply to 21 Victoria street near Mack Street DIVISION STREET LARGE FRAME house of nine rnnms hot air fur nace large lot with a frontage nf 45 feet running back to back en-" trance on another atreet Good barn targe verandah Price $262 Apply Carroll Agency 61 Brock atreet THAT ISLAND CALLED IIIG ISLAND in tha centra 'of Loughborough Iftke containing over thlriy acres of mixed valuable timber and having many beautiful sites for sum-- mer cottages Tha Island is the targest -In tha Lake and about one mile from the village of Battersea Offers received by -Messrs Xlckla Farrell ft Day 14 Ontario Btreet Kingston Ontario THAI Alr AltlE PROPERTY ON limits known ar the Murdock Farm containing forty-three arres more nr lesa now 1 owned by the Kingston Brick and Til Company For part 'cull rs as to price end term apply tn the underalgn- ed solicitor for th- company I 1 vision Street within the city Walknm 1 Clarence Street USED CAR At pre-war price KtS MclAughlln Roadster 1 D4S McLaughlin Touring Ford Touring Magwell Touring 'Ford Truck (delivery) 1 Ford Chassis Chevrolet Touring Automobile feed Parti New Tire and Accessories: GEO A PALMER I aed Car and Balvaga t'e Ltd Corner Bagut aad (4 sec a Streets THAT DEBIT A BLR PROPERTY CAII- ed The Kamparta picturesquely situated on the highest shore of Loughborough Lake eighteen miles from Kingston Ontario consisting of Frame House with wide double verandah containing ten rooms 1 two nf them having II re pit re lathed and plastered walla and pl-lahed hardwood floors throughout The views are eatenslve and beautiful and tha best fishing pools are nearby The house Is suitably and comfortably furnished and the whole furniture-If wanted can he had at valuation Besides the 1 house there are Ice house boat house and bathing house and slant twenty-five seres of cleared of undergrowth and full nf fine mixed trees Bass and salmon fishing urk shooting Of fer win be received by Messrs Nlrkle Farrell ft Hay 194 Ontario Street FOR SALE Sharpies Cream Separatum hmad 30 lbs rapaefty Will aril rheap Apply at Clarvaeu fireet Garage Phune 1M4 FOR SALK OR TO KENT LARGE (TONE DWELLING PS EARL at-set lately paluttd and decorated McClxry furnace 1-piece toilvi good garage stable and yard opei grates upstairs and down make a una rooming house or could be uxda Into two dwell- logs Terms reasonable Apply at Clioert'a Grurery 194 Barrie bi CIVIL KNGINFL'KIXG fader the Dbnlagulshed Fatrua-ei of Their ICaerllearlea the Guvrraer-Gmeral aad Is Drag aad the Klwaate (Yah of Klag-atoa MURIEL KERR 11 -Year-Old Genlua at the Piano MEMORIAL HALL MONDAY MAR 27th KM pm -ADMISSION Adulla 1M Children Tirhrte ua sale at fiargraCa Drag Starr Harauma Bakery Smith Ilrsa MG Jewellers Karrlsaa ft Co Lift JM1II1 Mims TALE UNIVERSUY UNIVERSITY- 1 HOUND BOXING WRESTLING DOITS JOCK II ARTY ARENA SATtKDAV MARCH 2th Kl Reserved Seats' Rash SI (AVer tax extra) Beats on sale et Imoketri and Queen' Uyinnsslum' on LOOK! LISTEN I Spring Time la Italatlng Tims Let ua flgare un that Jub imn 1 fir will save you muuuy Prampt stteailsa aad first claaa wark guaranteed II FRANCIS 55 SIXTH ST PIANO TUNING PIANO REPAIRING and PLAYEll riAXU ADJI 9TING NORMAN II DI TCHER 27 PI YE KTIIKHT PIIUXK INIw KENT MACh EE uank of Lumiaercs Building Scock bj King Htrseia Phona 791 or General laanraaep Agency Automobile Firs Aecldan filcknets Plate Ulass Burglary sta atsprasentlng Only Rsliahis Cumpanlsu Try Osteopathy The science of healing by adjuaf-ment of Ihs body imte--pathy ad-Jutta nature cures 1 The Osteopath trained through four separate yearn of -nine months each hi all th medical science neept drugs "Heal tk Without Drugs" Is our motto Twelve success la Klngetea Reekssu-Tkerssy -Elertru-Therapy DKS IIOKKIIT aad FUYA ASHCKOIT 24 Klag Rt belwrea Karl ft Gaea 447 Dominion Taxi Service PHONE 116 24 Hour Day Service J) Specials For Saturday JVsmt I'lvalm Ik Xllv4 rlM! 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