The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on May 15, 1980 · Page 18
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 18

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1980
Page 18
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Nancy Drew celebrating 50 years as a detective NEW YORK (UPI) - Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, 87, dosn't like giving interviews. It interferes with her "work schedule of turning out a book every three months. Mrs. Adams is America's most prolific writer, better known by the nom de plume of Carolyn Keene. Her fictional girl detective Nancy Drew is celebrating her 50th anniversary this year, hence the interviews. "My publisher wants me to do them to promote the first Nancy Drew mystery to be published in paperback, so I'm doing them," said the Maplewood, N.J., great-grandmother who wears her ash blond hair Shirley Temple fashion. "But I think of interviews as an interruption in my writing." Mrs. Adams is an ageless charmer with the kind of pussy cat smile you wear on the way to the bank. She's written 183 books (the "Hardy Boys." "Dana Girls," "Tom Swift Jr." and "Honey Bunch" series) and made a fortune she declines to estimate. Grosset and Dunlap, the publisher, is so distraught about her taking her latest Nancy Drew book No. 58, "The Flying Saucer Mystery" to Simon & Schuster that they're suing her and her new publisher. No one likes to see a valuable property with a record of 70 million hardcovers sold in the United States alone get away. Can go anywhere "They don't seem to realize that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled some years ago that an author can take his books anywhere he wants to," she said with a mischievous smile. For half a century Mrs. Adams turned down the chance to be published in soft cover. For one reason, paperbacks were called "dime novels" in 1930 and she didn't want her Nancy Drew series known by that term of opprobrium. For another, the hardcover Nancys have been modestly priced at $2.95. "The paperback Nancy Drew will sell for $1.95, a very low price for what you get." said the author. "So long as it's a good looking paperback I don't have any objections any more." Mrs. Adams thinks Nancy has survived the years, six films (Bonita Granville i, and two years on television because young readers in 22 countries identify with Nancy and enjoy her unselfishness, independence and sense of adventure. There are no murders, no sex. no extreme violence or profanity to get in the way of Nancy's sleuthing. Mrs. Adams has kept Nancy "a wholesome, ail-American girl" but also has kept her up to date, making her 18 instead of 16 years old so she could drive a car. The author sees lots of young people, including her 10 grandchldren and students in schools and libraries where she talks abpout writing. But she does not pick up slang and popular expressions of speech for her books. "That would date Nancy and I don't want to date her because my books are going to last for many years." she said positively. Inherited syndicate Mrs. Adams inherited a writing syndicate from her father, who wrote the "Rover Boys," "Bobbsey Twins," and "Dave Porter" series and produced the first three Nancy Drew mysteries. The daughter follows her father's method of work, outlining the plots in pencil on yellow legal pads, fleshing them out with the aid of writers on her staff, then dictating them on tape for final editing. Nancy may not have changed but her readership has, Mrs. Adams said. "Girls up to 16 used to read Nancy Drew but now they stop at 13 because they're more sophisticated today. I get a lot of fan mail and I know I have nonmni m sW 7:00 9:45 - mvin Filmed RATED X in V H No on under 3 " D TKt admitted DISCO DOLLS IN It 7:15 9:00 A ENDS TONIGHT! J MARSHA MASON JAMES (AAN Chapter Two (PC 7:00 9:30 Guidance over: ir itt im 1 younger readers than ever because children learn to read younger. I even have 5-year-olds." Nancy Drew is probably in every public library in America, but it wasn't always so. In the early days, librarians thought they wouldn't be classics and ft Amusements B-6 The Daily Pantagraph, Thurs., May IS, 1980 TV Tonight A sample of the (For full program listing consult 6:30 3-M-A-S-H 5 Price is Right 9 Carol Burnett & Friends ' Valerie Harper guests. (R) 12, 47-MacNeilLehrer Report 19 All in the Family 31 Happy Days Again 7:00 2,3,31-Comics Special "The Fantastic Funnies" salutes 13 cartoonists and their characters. Loni Anderson hosts. Among strips and drawers are: "Peanuts," Charles Schulz; "Beetle Bailey," Mort Walker; "Hagar the Horrible," Dirk Browne; "Blondie," Jphn Raymond and Dean Young; and "Prince Valiant," John Cullen Murphy. Previewers found the show "a low-key delight," praising its animation of the comic strip characters. 5, 15, 20, 25-Movie "F.D.R., the Last Year," three-hour show with Jason Robards and Eileen Heckart as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, completes multi-year series of dramas about them. The plot is about Roosevelt's deteriorating health, his mistress, and his United Nations work. Kim Hunter, Kathryn Walker also star. Review of show on Page B-7. 7, 17, 19 Mork and Mindy Mor!; joins the Denver Broncos' cheerleading squad. Linda Hen-ning, James Staley, Lorrie Mahaffey guest. (R) 9 Movie "Support Your Local Sheriff," pleasant 1969 comedy western about passing stranger in a gold rush town, stars James Garner, Joan Hackett. 44 The Rookies 47 Bill Moyers Journal A report on what influence political action committees of corporations and labor groups have on Congressmen. 7:30 7, 17, 19-Benson The butler's first days running the governor's household. (R) 12 Camera Three Show on Japanese sword sport of kendo. 8:00 2, 3, 31-Miss USA Beauty Contest Bob Barker and Helen O'Connell host 29th annual contest, a preliminary in Miss Universe competition. Donny Osmond will sing. Illinois' entry is Karen Marie Groat, Princeton. 7, 17, 19 Barney Miller Two brothers argue over a kidney transplant. Bruce Kirby, Ben Slack, Jack Bernhardi guest. (R) 8c, 44-The 700 Club 12 National Geographic Attractive film on Dr. Louis B. Leakey, who, with his wife Mary CnTL THEY WERE WARNED THEY WERE DOOMED... AND ON FRIDAY THE 13th, NOTHING WILL SAVE THEM R 7:00 9:00 under 1 7 with parent I! Tee (ttt cirremn VBBPVBWTTmvBvtrBeerrn refused to order them. But young people kept asking for the series and it was finally put on library shelves. "In June the American Library Association will honor me and Nancy Drew at a lunch, a complete turnaround from the old days," said Mrs. Adams pridefully. evening's fare weekly Television-Radio Guide) discovered in the Olduvai Gorge, Kenya, several human fossils that pushed back by centuries the age of mankind. (R) 47 Sneak Previews: Take 2 Clips from movies that influenced the industry. (R) 8:30 7, 17, 19 The Ropers Helen's mother has decided to have her wake and enjoy it too. Lucille Benson, Dena Dietrich guest. 47 Camera Three Compagnie Philippe Gentry, puppeteers in France, demonstrate their art. 9:00 7, 17, 19-2020 10c Pro Hockey Stanley Cup playoff: Islanders vs Flyers. Time approximate. 12 Upstairs, Downstairs Elizabeth has a romance. Nicola Pagett, Ian Ogilvy star.(R) 47 Masterpiece Theater "My Son, My Son" finds Rory jailed after the Irish Easter Rebellion of 1914. Patrick Ryecart, Gerard Murphy star. 9:30 8c Norman Vincent Peale 44 Room 222 . 10:00 12, 47-Dick Cavett Broadway actress Elaine Stritch guests.(R) ENDS TONIGHT.. ,7l30 9:30 "WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM" R under 17 must be with parent STARTS TOMORROW Like you've never seen them before OILDA KAUlNtK FATHER CUIDO SARDUCCI under 1 7 mutt be with parent FRI. 7:30 9:30 R MAXWELL SMART IN "THE NUDE BOMB" n iviiyhyirfe3 1 $1.50 mam v UMMWMimmhll showing SAT-SUN. 1 1 1 1 - 7tJ I" GENERAL. CINEMA THE AT RES bloomington DRIV'Ifl: vile I em m ENDS I HE JCKlV R TAUICUTI A Ml ft A I UAIIPPO 5HOW AT DU5K ANIMAL HOUSE r -,u with Parent luniunii Starts TOMORROW!- PRAY HE'S OUT THERE! MltAMD BY AIMER II AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL Under 17 oo will 1m L 1 CBS wins weekly race NEW YORK (UPI) - CBS edged out ABC and NBC in the Nielsen ratings for the week ending May 11. It was a close race. CBS scored an overall average of 16.6 percent, ABC rated 16.4 percent and NBC wound up with 16 percent. The top 10 network programs, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., were: 1: "Sixty Minutes" (CBS); 2: "Three's Company" (ABC); 3: "The Jeffersons" (CBS); 4: "Johnny Cash Special" (CBS); 5: (tie) "Alice" (CBS) and "Breaking Away" (NBC movie); 7: "Real People" (NBC) ; 8: "Little House on the Prairie" (NBC); 9: "Archie Bunker's Place" (CBS); 10: "Off the Minnesota Strip" (ABC movie). Tucker Band gets new man NEW YORK (UPI) - The Marshall Tucker Band has a new bass player and says the group will go on lour as scheduled. The South Carolina country-rockers have hired 32-year-old Franklin Wilkie to replace Tommy Caldwell, who was killed in an automobile accident in April. Wilkie grew up about a block from Caldwell's Spartanburg, S.C. home. Band business Manager Joe McConnell says Wilkie will debut at the start of the spring tour, which begins May 25 in New Orleans. Says McConnell, "A decision on the band's future was really hard, but everyone wanted to continue." Wonder, Blake get doctorates NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Entertainers Stevie Wonder and Eubie Blake were this week awarded honorary doctorates at Fisk University here. Eddie Fisher sings in parody NEW YORK (UPI) - Eddie Fisher is making another comeback. The pop singer will perform "As Time Goes By" in a parody of "Casablanca." Set in the 1960s, the show is being done on video disc for sale in Europe. ENDS TONIGHT...7:13 9:30 "EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE" PG Parental Guidance STARTS TOMORROW THE MOVIE THAT MADE HIM A LECEND SAT.-SUN. 1:00 3:00 5:00 7:00 9:00 032 R under 17 mult be with parent PG Parental Guidance WEEKNIGHTS 7:15 9:15 w a k NOTHING can keep out. THE EVICT0RS An American IntemationH Release with Parent jlJ ilk Ij'fclL&d 7 00 9 00 Beverly Hills and the civilized work! never forget them. hum mis m mm ras in in mm m i m m mm mmm mmmmm-ummmm imn Ua M IWW fan i ta lii A in tit Sow l lit mm tststsstttttttttrrrrr At the movies wstttttttttttrtrr Gilda Live "Gilda Live" ended just as I was beginning to warm up to it. The fade-out seemed as if it should have been the first-act curtain. It's a shame, because the early going is strewn with duds and it takes a while for Radner's innate sweetness and zaniness to break through. Radner could possibly emerge as the legitimate successor to Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. She's already revealed a flair for characterization and caricature, although this showcase neglects to work in Baba Wawa which is unfortunate, since Don Novello is part of the troupe and his Father Guido Sarduc-ci might have made a swell subject for her inimitable interviewing style. The rest of Radner's "Saturday Night Live" menagerie is duly trotted out. Adolescent Judy Miller fantasizes in her bedroom. Twittery Emily Litella substitute-teaches in Bedford-Stuyvesant (her use of eraser and chalk stand out in Radner's repertoire of physical gags). Vulgar Roseanne Rose-annadanna lectures in place of Geraldo Rivera at the Columbia School of Journalism. In addition, celebrities like Mick Jagger and Nadia Comaneci get the business for alleged affectations. Novello's low-key, sophisticated presentations (the best is a discourse on how "paying for our sins" will actually work in the afterlife) break up Radner's lowbrow exertions, which sustain strenuous moods rather more effectively than humorous ones. I'm not sure what the comparative exposure would turn out to be if one clocked Novello's screen time and then Radner's, but his three routines seem to count for more. However, it is Radner who is clearly the natural clown and the potentially versatile comic star. While she appears to require a good deal more seasoning and judgment, I don't think anyone attracted to her in the first place will resent indulging some professional growing pains. The opening number, a smugly lewd Rt. 88 HUB BALLROOM- Sun., May 25th 5:00 to 9:30 Champagne Dance AL PIERSON'S BIG BAND U.S.A. Ph. 249-2401 for Reservations 35? rL .v i pi w Teeerei ill. , ' :! A JIJ-. .ISCTI Rv:i.n-i.:ii.iin:):ii.-ni Tonight, 51 of the country's loveliest young women will compete for the coveted crown and a once-in-a-Lifetimc opportunity to represent America at the Miss Universe finals. I H urn ftn B :Jn Hs w w w w. ditty called "Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals," is a facetious pain. The smutty material often sounds so gratuitous that perhaps three minutes of judicious cutting would make a PG version of the unexpurgated, R-rated show. Both parents and theater owners might welcome the choice when juvenile favorites like Gilda happen to be in the limelight. Radner's vocalizing on the closing song is also sweetly evocative, although the lyrics leave one baffled about the intentions of the songwriters. It appears that the impulse to compose a conventional, satisfying romantic ballad the irresistible tendency of the melody was slightly detoured by the fear of sounding soft. Excerpted from The Washington Post Ratings guide To assist parents in evaluating movies for their children's viewing and their own, the following is a list of The Los Angeles Times rating of movies now playing in Twin City theaters. The listing, of movies for family viewing, indicates areas of content (theme, language, sex, violence) whose handling in some cases may be felt inappropriate for the very young or impressionable. Motion Picture Association of America ratings are in parentheses. MATURE May be too intense in themes, language, violence and sexuality for immature or younger teen-agers. All That Jazz (R) Heavy adult drama. Considerable sexual content. Apocalypse Now (R) Graphic violence and sexuality. Ratings for additional films showing this weekend in the Twin Cities unavailable. DEL-VAN ADULT CLUB WDELEVAN 9 Wait to 122 No On Under 1 S "BLONDE IN BLACK SILK" Cont. 6:30 Sat. 12 Noon latt Feature 10 p.m Membenhip At Door 344-7445 Endi Wed Edelstein "r .Si X fjt? " ' V's.r " 4 Tonighl, your favorite comk atrip stare come live through animitJoti, Bulk, and comedy, to celebrate the funnies' 85 yean of cracking the country np. Host: Loni Anderson Special Guest Star: Howard Heaaeniaa (ofWhRP). And animated dtps from aU-ttine favorite comk strips. THE EI8TASII6 FUSSISS 7PM Join all ihe fun and exaiemem. Hosts: Bob Barker and Helen O'Connell with Jayne Kennedy special uuest btar: Universe finals. DONNY OSMOND 8pm V( HtlTPHCTiq J LIVE FROM BILOX1, MISSISSIPPI. WfRf Under 17 with Parent WVOl

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