The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 7
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APRIL tt, 19t4 •LYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVtll Bottle for Indochina Ho Chi Minh Isn't Popular in Viet Nam But His Political Control Is Extensive By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreifn News Analyst SINGAPORE, April 22 (AP) — Ho Chi Minh has no real following in Viet Nam, said a Vietnamese leader. Ho is losing ground politically in Viet Nam, said a French officer. Ho would win three quarters of the vote in Viet Nam if there was an election tomorrow, said an American observer. All three are more right than wrong. Ho's power was forced on the people in the areas he controls. Many people in the Vietminh ranks have been disillusioned by what he has done to them with his power. In an electipn, Communist terror in Red areas would frighten voters away from the polls. In other regions a combination of nationalism, hatred of the French and the appeal of Ho's propaganda probably would be decisive. The Viet Nam side has only the appearances of unity, at best. There is even a feeling of rivalry . and resentment between the south and the north. The south is a surplus area, the north a deficit area. Tonkin and Annam were protectorates when Cochin China in the south was a colony, getting political experience with its own assembly. The southerners, who pay most of the taxes, are unwilling to accept the appearance of domination b y tie harder-working northern people. That Is only part of the story. Viet Nam has a number of political parties, but all seem made up only of leaders without members. One of the firmest unifying Influences probably is the Catholic Church, but it has only two million members. • * • Religious sects operate their own armed forces. Only about a week ago, some of these para-military organizations announced willingness to place themselves under the national army. It probably took some persuasion and there are no firm prospects of success for the venture in view of the weakness of the Viet Nam government. The oldest and the strongest of the armed sects is the Cao Dai, which actually is an attempt to embrace all religions. Basically, there was no real religion, in the past in Viet Nam except ancestor worship. The Cao Dai has saints from many religions and from outside the religious field. Victor Hugo, for ex- j ample, is a Cao Dai seint. The sect also has a pope in imitation of Rome, and cardinals — including women. : The Cao Dai has had physical control over a large area of south j Viet Nam. Its armed force num- ; bers about 20,000 effectives, regu- j lars and local militia, with author- i ity over about two million persons, j like a state within a state. The Cao Dai, a member of the so-called anti-Communist nationalist bloc, has opposed the government in the past and has resisted having its forces taken into the national army. Armed by the French, the Cao D a i s t s are fairly well equipped. Another sect, the Bunh Xuyen, has about 6,000 troops, also armed by the French and led by Gen. Le Van Bien, who is known as a gambling czar. This organization has control of the area from Saigon to the sea at Cap St. Jacques. It has gambling privileges to finance itself and it is also rumored it exacts tribute from Chinese merchants in Cholon, a city of 875,000. Cholon is 90 per cent Chinese, who govern themselves on 'ancient congregational patterns and are not considered a political factor. * • • The Hoa Hao sect has about 6,000 troops, organized militarily on similar lines to the Cao Dai but far less influential. Over-all there seems no single leader who can rally the whole country, no single ideal, no single rallying point at all. Possibly the only unanimity might be hatred of the Chinese, who dominated the country for a thousand years and whose troops pillaged after the Japanese left following World War n. But the ordinary peasants remain unaware that victory for Ho would mean victory for the Chinese too. Against all this, Ho has a tight organization of disciplined Communists, organized down to the village commissar level. This is being tightened even more with Chinese help in the form of "political educators" who are instructing Vietminh Communists how to teach the' villagers their political manners. The Communist Laodong (Workers') party parallels the government organization directly. Overall control is totally in the hands of the Tongbo, central executive committee of the Communist party. Ho divided the country into military districts with Communists in control of each district. The army is organized on the approved Communist line with a political commissar wielding unquestioned power over, military officers. The best- guess is that Moscow One rood bet concerning Ho — this brilliant, fragile mystery man of the Orient — is that there is no case on record of his having disobeyed a Moscow order. It seems unlikely he would do so now. So it will probably be Moscow calling the turn for, Indochina at the Geneva conference. Ho, son of a ruling class mandarin but a revolutionary since boyhood, long has been Moscow's most, dependable political brain in Southeast Asia. Whether he is now a military brain too is open to grave doubt. More likely the Russians and Chinese have furnished new military brains from the outside. Ho at 19 shipped aboard a French vessel as a cabin boy on travels which eventually took him to Paris, via the United States, Britain and Germany. A passionate student of Marx and communism, he was equally passionate about languages, eventually speaking, besides his native Annamite and dialects, French, Mandarin Chinese, English, Russian and German. Ho started the Indoehinese national independence movement aft- wanted Ho and the Vietminh to beer World War I. Moscow caught victorious without palpable intervention from Russia or China. The fact that the Chinese have now upped to an estimated 6,000 their advisers and technicians and that Russian supplies and trucks are pouring into northern Indochina does not alter this plan, since only appearances interest Moscow. for two years study. Then he went to Thailand via China and from Bangkok directed the Indoehinese underground. He returned to Moscow in 1927 for Comintern world strategy meetings and w»s assigned to organise the Indoehinese party and take over the movement In Malaya and Thailand. In * shift of line by Moscow, Ho turned to collaboration with the >reneh. After the fall of Prance and the Japanese advance during World War II. Ho took refuge in Yunnan province in China. There ne formed the Viet Nam Doc Lap Dons Minh Hoi (League for the Independence of Viet Nam. called Vietminh for short). It was made up of refugees from Indochina. • • » The Japanese were driven out of Indochina and Chinese Nationalists occupied the country to the 16th Parallel. Ho proclaimed the independent state of Viet Nam He entrenched himself because the Chinese were stubborn about getting out of the north, although Allied landings had re-established French authority in the south. When the finally pulled out. the French felt they had to compro- m ^ with Ho. They recognized his state as independent within the French Union. Bao Dai abdicated as emperor and joined Ho's cabinet as an utivlsar. But Ho and the French differed about the meaning: of independence and a clash came in December 1046. beginning the jungle hit-and-run war which has never stopped. Ho has surrounded himself with able, fiercely dedicated and ruthless men. Among them are his power twins, Party Secretary General Truong Chin and Vice President Tham Van Dong. Among the most interesting men in the Ho retinue is Gen Vo Nguyen Glap, defense minister and commander in chief of the army. Giap hates the French. Now 42 years old, a native of Annam. he was a scholar and a history professor as well as a revolutionary, a career he began as a youth. A veteran of French* prisons, his hatred deepened when his wife, jailed as a subversive, died In her cell in 1941. These men handle the party and keep discipline. When necessary they purge and get rid of suspects by shooting them. Gradually the Laodong party squeezed out all other nationalist elements from a "national united front movement." The Communists took that movement over completely. This is me Kind or an organlza- tk«i Viet Nam faces If there Is a cease-fire and the French fall back:. It would be an uneven contest. Tomorrow: What ar« the answers? 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