Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 18, 1963 · Page 18
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 18

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1963
Page 18
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18 Gofesburg Register-Moil, Golesbuffl, Friday, Oct IS, 1963 Market Reports Today N«w York Stocks NEW YORK (UP!) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 25 Iowa P&L Aldens 22% Johns-Ma 48% Allegh Lud P/B Kennecott 77% Alld Chem 53V4 Kresge 27% Alld Strs 53% Kroger 29% Allis Chal 16 7 /o Lib McN 15V* Alum Ltd 27 1 /* Lockhd 35 5 A Maytag 39% Min Hnywl 130 Minn Min 64 Monsanto 56Ms Mon Wd 3Btt Morrell 24% Nat Bis 56 Nat Can 15 V 4 Nat Dairy 65% Alcoa 69% Am Air 29% ABC Pmt 32% Am Can 45% Am Cyan '58% Am M&F 18% Am Mtrs 21% Am T&T 130% Am Tob 28% Anaconda 50% Nat Gyps 47% Armour 39 Nat Ld 73% Atchison 29% Avco 22% Boeing 33% Borden 65V4 NYC 21% No Amn 48V4 Nor Pac 46% No St Pr 34% Borg War 48% Olin Math 44% Case 10% Outbd M 14% Catplr 44 Pac Tel 32% Celanese 54 % Penney 44% Celotex 27% Penn RR 19% Cent Soya 27% Pepsi Cola 55% C&NW 28% Piper Air 35 Chi Rr 26% Pure Oil 42% Chrysler 93% Qua Oats 66% Cities Svc 64% RCA 83% Coca-Col 104V4 Reyn Tob 41% Colum Gas 29 7 / t Revlon 43% Comm Ed 50% Rexall 38 Cons Ed 86% Rep Stl 42% Cont Can 45% Cont Oil 62V4 Deere 65% Deere Pf 65% Diana 10 Douglas 22% Dow Chm 59V4 Du Pont 246% Eastman 113 El Aut Li 25-y 3 Erie 3Vi Firestone 38% Flintkt 21 Safeway 61% Schenley 22% Sears 99% Shell Oil 45 Simmons 45 Sinclair 44% So Pac 34% Sperry 18% Sq D 45% Std Bds 75 SO Cal 64% SO Ind 63% SO NJ 70 Ford Mtrs 53% SO Ohio 68% Fruehauf 29% StvnsJP4% Gen Dyna 25% Stude Pack VA Gen El 80% Gen Fds 87 Gen Mtrs 79% Gen Tel 27% Goodrich 54% Goodyear 41% Grant WT 26 Gt Nor 53% Swift 38% Texaco 68V4 Tex Inst 86% Un Carb 108% Un El 27% Un Pac 39% Unt Air L 35% Utd Corp 8% Greyhound 46%Utd Fruit 2V/» Gulf Oil 48% Utd Gas 37% Homestake 47%US Gyps 87 Hupp 8% US pla C 25% III Cent 52% US Rub 48 '/4 111 Pwr 38% US Stl 56 Inland Stl 43V4 West Un 33% IBM 492 Wsth Ab 29% Int Harv 59% Wstghs El 40% Int Nick 60% Woolworth 75 Int Paper 35% Yng S&T 125% Int T&T 49% Eggs and Poultry Knoxville Road, Galesburg Red Rowe, Hatchery Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c tOTo-toom POP. CLOOOIO SEWERS i> DRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewoi Call 343-6913 - or Phono 342-6430 FRESH EACH FRIDAY SWEET CIDER 60c APPLES a gal. in your jug $1.00 and up SWANSON'S ORCHARD 4 miles North of Yates City CLOSED ON SUNDAYS 14th Annual Purebred BOAR SALE 55 Boars • 20 Hampshire Gilts TUESDAY, OCT. 29 Bus Garage, Woodhull, Illinois Show 7:00 P.M. • Sale 8:00 P.M. For information or catalog Call or Write KEITH CLEMENT Woodhull, Illinois Phone Day: Woodhull 934-3241 Night: Alpha 529-4481 SEED WHEAT SEED RYE SWANSON SEED FARM RRl, Galesburg Phone 342-8239 Oaloiburg Grain Morkot Consumers Grain & Supply Co. 1 P. M. Corn $1.06 Oats 62c Soybeans $2.53 Grain Future* CHICAGO (AP) - New influences in the grain futures market today and prices showed little Change on the Board of Trade. Most contracts were down small fractions in rather quiet dealings with commercial business slow and speculators apparently inclined to stand aside pending developments. New crop wheat eased major fractions or more in spots following reports of further rainfall in parts of Kansas. Nearly all soybean deliveries posted small losses with trade mixed and at its slowest pace in more than a month. Wheat was V* to 1% cents a bushel lower; December $2.12 %; corn unchanged to % lower, December $1.15%; oats V* 9 % lower, December 69v 2 cents; rye unchanged to Vfe lower, December $1.49^; soybeans % lower to V* higher, November $2.70. Chicago Grain CHICAGO (AP)High Low Wheat Rang* Prev. Close close Dec Mar May Jul Sep Corn Dec Mar May Jul Sep Oats Dec Mar May Jul Rye Dec Mar May Jul 2.13V4 2.12 2.127 B 2.13V 8 2.14 2.12% 2.13^ 2.13% 2.10% 2.09y 4 2.09% 2.09% 1.72% 1.71V4 1.71% 1.72 7 /a 1.74 1.72 7 /s 1.73y 8 1MV* I.I6V4 1.20 1.22 1.23% 1.15% 1.19% 1.21% 1.23% 1.16 1.16% 1.19% 1.20 1.21% 1.22'/ 8 Soydeans Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug 1.21% 1.20V8 .70y 4 .69% .72% .71% .72 .711 /4 .66% .66V4 1.52% 1.481 /4 1.56 1.51% 1.551 /4 1.51% 1.471 /4 1.441 /4 1.23% 1.21% 1.23% 1.21 2.721 /4 2.68% 2.76% 2.72% 2.79% 2.75% 2.83 2.78% 2.84% 2.8O1 /4 2.80% 2.76% .69% .69% .72 .72% .71% .71% .66% .66V 4 1.51 1.49% 1.54% 1.53 1.54% 1.52% 1.46 1.45 2.70% 2.70% 2.75% 2.74% 2.78 2.77% 2.80% 2.81 2.82% 2.82% 2.78% 2.77% Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)-Buying improved in the grain futures market today and prices showed a general rallying tendency in the early afternoon on the Board of Trade. Advances ranged to more than two cents a bushel in rye MIXED HAY WANTED Call o* M»—BUI Bowan. eat* CBfeO STOCKYARDS OalMbura, 111.—Tai 34S-M1S Warthalmar Cattla Co.. Inc.— APPLES CIDER PUMPKINS Boyce's Orchard RR2 — Canton, Illinois 3 miles South and 4 miles West of Fairview and to more than a cent in soybeans. New crop wheat remained weak, however, in a slow and mixed trade. A government report on crops in Communist China was a bullish influence in soybeans. The report said crops there were little, if any, better than a year ago when production was small. Carlot receipts were estimated at: wheat 37 cars, corn 132, oats 1, rye none, barley 5, soybeans 93. Wheat finished %-l% cents a bushel lower, December $2.12%- 7 /s; corn % lower to % higher, December $1.15 7 /s-16; oats % lower to % higher, December 69%-% cents; rye 1-2 cents higher, December $1.51; soybeans unchanged to % higher, November $2.70%-%. Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP)—No wheat or oats sales. Corn No 2 yellow 1.19%-20%; No-3 yellow 1.16%18%; No 4 yellow 1.12%-15; sample grade yellow 1.02%. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.73; No 2 yellow 2.71%; No 3 yellow 2.73. Soybean oil 9n. The American Bowling Congress this season will present awards to bowlers who roll a three-game series of 700 or more. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)-Selective gains kept an irregular stock market slightly higher on aver* age late this afternoon. Trading was active. Volume for the day was esti* mated at 5.3 million shares compared with 6.8 million Thursday. Gains by a number of blue chip chemicals, tobaccos, retails and others kept the averages on the upside. Steels, motors, oils, drugs, electrical equipments and rubbers presented a spotty picture. Du Pont and Woolworth rose more than a point each. Radio Corp., up about 2, and CBS, up more than a point, touched new highs. Johnson & Johnson was up about 4. Gains of 2 or better were scored by Pairchild Camera, Polaroid and IBM. Xerox spurted 7 or more Gains of a point or better were made by Control Data, Reynolds Tobacco and Pan American World Airways. Prices were irregularly high er in fairly active trading on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds were mixed; governments declined. Oklahoma won its last seven football games in 1962 then bowed to Alabama, 17-0, in the Orange Bowl. Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control THE J. D. INNESS AUCTION SALE TO BE HELD SATURDAY, OCT. 19, 1:30 P.M. IS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. CECIL MOORE, Auct. BRATTAIN KNAPP WEAVER ANGUS CLUB CALF SALE Heart of Illinois Fairgrounds Peoria; 111. Saturday Night, Nov. 2, 1963 7:00 P.M. 40 Steers - 27 Heifers Tom Brattain Dunlap, III. Knapp Angus Farm Goodfield, III. Bob Weaver Peoria, III. ARRIVING OCTOBER 16 to 21 781 CATTLE 144 Black calves, wt. 497-550 lbs. 150 Whitefece calves, wt. 480-550 lbs. 154 Whiteface yearlings, wt. 600-750 lbs. 333 Black Branguis steer calves, wt. 480-552 lbs. NORTHWEST CATTLE CO. Galva, Illinois Phone 2-2158 Q Stock Yard DISTRICT 1 WATER BILLS FINAL DATE WITHOUT PENALTY MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st On all water Bills (blue) in the Northeast District (including Pennsylvania and Virginia Avenues.) "Shut-Off" date for this District (blue bills) will be Friday, November 15th, 1963. WATER DEPARTMENT CITY OF GALESBURG Announcing,. % A New Bulk Blend FERTILIZER PLANT at the RAILROAD SIDING IN WATAGA Better Service Better Prices Rex. D. Johnson JOHNSON GRAIN COMPANY 11 ONEIDA — WATAGA Complete Fertiliser Service" Family on Hand As Mrs. Kennedy Returns Home WASHINGTON (AP) - First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was back with her family in the White House today after a 15- day vacation in the Mediterranean. The President and the children, Caroline and John Jr., met her at the airport Thursday night with broad smiles and a present Caroline had made for her in school—a clay bird's nest. And Mrs. Kennedy brought a dozen Dior neckties from Paris for her husband. The First Lady, who had visited Greece, Turkey and Morocco, arrived in New York aboard a commercial plane then flew to Washington on the family plane, Caroline. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m.CDT stock averages: 30 indus 752.35 up 1.58 20 rails 172.34 up 0.34 15 utils 138.84 up 0.36 65 stocks 263.80 up 0.71 SMORGASBORD Spoon Rivor Cafe LONDON MILLS. ILL. — Every Sunday — Serving 11:31 A.M. to 4 P.M. 75c - Child under 12 11 .50 - Adults Market! at a Oltnee By United Press International Stocks higher in active trading. Bonds Irregular. U.S. government bonds easier in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly higher. Midwest stocks higher. Cotton futures firm. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans irregularly higher. Hogs 25 to 50 lower, top 16.00; cattle steady to 25 lower, top 25.25; sheep few sales steady, top 19.50. READ THE WANT ADS! COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Inaurad — rraa Satlmatas POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collaet — Trojan ••1103 Ollion. III. Oalaiburo, 111. — J41-MJ4 Angus Cattle FOR SALE Bulls, cow* with calves, open and bred heifer*. Ross E. Hanna Little York, III. Phone RA 9-2162 Combination Auction Sale ST. AUGUSTINE JUNCTION Sunday, Oct. 20-2 P.M. Consigned household items, wringer washing machine, gas stove, refrigerators, service station equipment and farm tools. 1—7-Can Milk Cooler, electric. 1—Dual Axle Trailer with electric brakes. 8xl6-Ft. Box and other small items. Also: Clay Piegon Trap and Horse Tack. Not R.ipomibl. for Accidtnis Auetiontar—DALE COFFEY Manag.r—D. DILLIN AUCTION TOOLS AND FURNITURE 1393 GRAND AVENUE Saturday, October 19 - 1:30 P.M. As we have sold our home and moving out of the state we will sell our five rooms of furniture as follows: Rose frieze hide-a-bed, mahogany aacraiary, club chair, swivel platform rocker, Early American chair with maple trim, reclining chair with vibrator attachment, platform rocker, walnut kneehole desk, magazine rack, mantle chime clock, copper lined humidor, Singer drop head sewing machine, chrome smoker, chair and ottoman, coffee table, room divider, combination radio and 3 apaad r.cord play.r, hassock, chat bench. Motorola 21" console Television set, mirrors, pictures, pin up lamps, card table, dining table, ch.ft of draw.ri, Mr. and Mrs. dresser, chest of drawers, 2 twin size hollywood beds, blond bookcase oed complete with spring and innerspring mattress, bed, metal wardrobe, 2 hampers, some bedding and linens, 5 piece yellow chrome dinette set, porcelain cabinet base, single door utility cabinet, whlla porca- lain Maytag washing machina, cannister set with matching bread box, like new deluxe medicine cabinet with flourescenti lights on the side, portable air conditioner. Tools ate.: 8" table saw on stand with Va h.p. motor, 1" portable Mall saw with metal carrying case, elactric land.r, large bench vise, heavy duty drop cord, 16 foot ladder, step ladders, new log chain, telescoping jack post, battery charger, nail and bolt caddy, coleman oil burner, lots of good hand tools, garden and yard tools, 2 hand mowers, awning strips, garden hose, yard chairs, lard press, garbage can, fruit jars and tubs, and many other miscellaneous items too numerous to mention. OWNERS: MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR SXRAMSTEAD Corbin'a Auction S.rvlc. — Phona 343-9033 Cook at C. Stack, Auctionaazs Fradrlck Erickion, Clerk Be sure and attend this Auction of exceptionally clean furniture and furnishings as this sale will be held rain or shine. Thermogas for all farm uses Heating Cooking Tractor Fuel SELECT YOOR SHADE TREES NOW YOUR LOCAL LANDSCAPE DESIGNER ROBERT E. MILLER TELEPHONE 342-5549 GALESBURG OPEN SUNDAYS UNTIL 4:00 P.M. Telephone 995-3311 JaytlteDJcme lljiXWiy INC. LA FAYETTE. 1LLINOI Seed Wheat PAWNEE PONCA OTTOWA $795 Mm BU. SEED RYE bu. $2.20 DeForest Feed & Seed Co. Galtsburg Abingdon PUBLIC AUCTION AT "MOOHrS" AttCTIOlt MOUSE - SM E. S©tfT« ST. - OAtCS. SATURDAY NIGHT, OCT. Iffh 7:M p.m. SHARP .„ pen, Hke new; metal high enair, exv, «.-uuu., .. ... .. „ alow Carpal, good eond.; 9 x 12 oval woven rug; 3 pe. sectional livin* room suite; Duncan Phyla Blond Dining Sat, a axtra leave*: alaola tlta flollawa* Bad; porch swing; porch glider; "UlvariOn*" ft) ineh Conaola TV Sal, paflacl eond.; 17" Admiral TV get, perfect: "ttav. theon" 17" table model TV, works good; "Philco" 2V' table model TV Set; 5 drawer chest; mantle clock; table model radios; 24 ft extension ladder; chrome dinette set; 30 gal. elect, water htr.; booth for restaurant, table 2 benches; 2 metal beds complete; dresser" Frlgidaire elect, range; 10 It. Coronado refrigerator; vanity: dlnett* set; 2 door utility cabinet; hall tree; 1954 Packard Clipper; double bowl cast iron sink and top; Coleman Oat Floor Furnace; 3 console radios; Keyirona I mm Movie Camera with revolving heads and ID Projector, ilka new, only used a few times, 1200.00 value; clothine dishes, what-nots tools, articles too numerous to mention. CECIL ft. MOORE, AUCTIONEER Phone Ml-itTi Frederick Erickion, Clerk * Terms: Cash Mot Responsible for Accidents Selling out? See me. We're Selling Every Week. Oood Deals, flood Prices FURNITURE AUCTION As we have sold our home and moving we will sell at residence located 1 block north of Bank In Yates City, 111. on Saturday Morning, Oct. 19th at 10.00 A.M. Frigidaire refrigerator, Hardwick gas range, bedroom suite consisting of bed, spring and mattress, chest of drawers and dresser, 2 other chests, other dresser, studio couch, day bed, oak dropleaf desk, davenport and chair, platform rocker, plastic rocker, wooden rocker, 3 metal folding chairs, several other chairs, 2 foot stools, metal utility table. Electrolux sweeper with attachments, Blssell hand sweeper, base cabinet, fruit cupboard, 8x10 wine rug, several throw rugs, 2 card tables, what-not shelves, ash tray stand, large wall mirror, electric lamps, alJadin lamp, kerosene lamp, Seth Thomas mantle clock, electric alarm clock, clothes hamper, 2 burner hot plate. Ironing board, step ladder, pictures and picture frames, pressure cooker, electric skillet, electric food mixer, Pyrex dishes service for sfx. Other dishes, silverware, and pans, some bedding and feather tick, cut wool strips for braided hook rugs, fish aquarium, canned fruit and vegetables, paint brushes, garden tools, carpenter tools, and other small items too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible for Accidents. PHILLIP OWEN, Owner Walt Llndahl, Clerk. Carl Steek, Auctioneer. KNOXVILLE COMMUNITY SALE INC. KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS "Your First Local Auction. Your Best Local Market." PHONE 289-9213 "SALE EVERY MONDAY*' MONDAY, OCT. 21, 1963 SALE STARTS AT 12 O'CLOCK SHARP 25 Whiteface heifers, wt. 450-500 lbs. 25 Black steers, wt. 600-650 lbs. 16 Black steers, wt. 700-750 lbs. 20 Whiteface steers, wt. 400-450 lbs. 30 Whiteface heifers, wt. 350-400 lbs. 25 Mixed steers and heifers, wt. 650-700 lbs. 20 Whiteface steers, wt. 750-800 lbs. 100 Mixed pigs, wt. 70-80 lbs. 40 Hamp pigs, wt. 50-60 lbs. 50 Mixed pigs, wt. 80-100 lbs. 20 head of fat lambs, wt. 80-100 lbs. Unthrifty Hogs Will Not Be Accepted IF VOL 1 HAVE LIVESTOCK TO SELL — Call Li for An Estimate or An Appraisal W. E. Bruniga Bill Reynolds Knoxville Sale Co. Farmington CH 5-2054 Galesburg, 111. 289-9213 289-9213 AUCTIONEERS Lewis Marks — Carl Steck Moor Man's I have used MoorMan's* Alpha-made complete feeds on several bunches of pigs. I especially like the economy and excellent results. On 80 head of feeder shoats sold at Monmouth Sale Barn at an average weight of 83 lbs. my total feed cost was $5.75 per head. This figures less than 6hic per 1 lb. of gain. -William L. Steele, Little York, Illinois Salesman: Richard L. Hart, Gerlaw, Illinois •Trademark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. REPRESENTATIVES IN THIS ARIA DONALD GRIGGS Onoids, 111.-483-3334 PR1TZ GIM - —RpMville, llllnois-«R4 C. T. CAPPIl Rio, lHinoi«-*34.3715 ORIOW R. HAZEN One ids, Illinois-483-2162 ROGfR URUi Alexis, lllinoij-Hubbard 2-3335 JIM RIXROAT , G«l«*bur«, 111.-343-2935 M00RMANS - Alpha Division Umbert 9-4111 Alpha, IllinoU

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