Boston Evening Transcript from Boston, Massachusetts on September 25, 1848 · 1
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Boston Evening Transcript from Boston, Massachusetts · 1

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1848
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PUBLISHED HY DUTTON St WENTWORTH. PRINTERS TO THI S STATE. NO 3T CONGRESS STREET, BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS, AT FOU1 DOLLARS PER ANNUM. VOL XIX. BOSTON, MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 25, f848. 557 5. SE4L1XG WAX. The brat ofEnxiish Sealini Wnx-Mwki red nnd colored for .ale by N. D. COTTON, 13 Tremont Row. te 30 C'l EXUI.VE FARINA COLOGX E, from the S' celebrated house of Franx Maria I'orinfor .al3 by the case or at retail, by JOSEPH BURNETT, NoSj Treinont Row. i. No 115 Washington street DEALER IS SHEET MUSIC AND PIANO FORTES. tc mhll AAT HITE FLANNELS VERY CHEAP. Fine H 4-1 Unshrinking Flannels at 371 and 42 cents -all wool. For sale by RAKER & URUCE, No 321 Washington st. tc sept 20 HV. WALKER A CO. French and Ainer- icaii Millinery and lionnet Store, No 357 Washington street, I doors north of the Mrlodenn. Ladies Rich Dress Cap, Swiss do. Also plain Mourning Cans, Flowers, Ribbons, &c. jy 27 tc II. W. WALKER A CO. ATEW DRESS GOODS. N. W. PERRY, No A. 2 Treinont Row, has just receive: a fine assortment of Milanese, Pailors snd Laniniiiiue Stripes, Mohair nnd Silk Lustres, with a Inrge variety of other very beautiful goods; 4-4 French Dinghsms and Prints 12 cts; Fine Stripes changeable Silks 42 cts. tc sept 16 ftAMELIOV STRIPED SILKS. JEW-ETT PRESCOTT, Milk street, received by the packet ship Splendid, just arrived at New York, 2 cases rich yar I wide Caincliou Striped Silks, which laities and gentlemen will please examine at the Milk street Silk and h iwl Store, next to the Old South Church in Milk street. tc nug 22 Itrush fur the toilet and nursery;'also 50 Silforenl kinds of toilet, nursery nnd shaving Soaps, for sale on the RjVINE BRUSHES, Ac. Every variety ot fine ? Itrush I'i ' oftoile,, ,,, most reasonable terms, by JOS T. BROWN, Family Medicine Store, jo 3 tc 293 Washington, corner Bedford at. k ETONS IMPROVED UNIVERSAL PILLS. This is an entirely Vegetable Pill, nnd is equal ns a family medicine to any in use. Sold, wholesale and retail, hv the General Agents, PUILURICK A TRAFTON, je 30 tc liM) Washington st UP 1 1 0 LST K R Y . A tine assortment of U phnls-terv, consisting of Embroidered and Drapery Muslins; Curtain Materials of the most elegant patterns, DainasKs, Turkey Red, Ac; also (lilt Cnrniccs, Rands and Pins, Tnssels, Coni, nnd every requisite in the Up holstery line, for sale at low prices at RAKER 4c BRUCE'S. 321 Washington it. lm aug 28 w. II. PRENTICE VXD ENGLISH, ANTHRACITE AND COALS, WOOD, BARK, Ac. BROAD STREET. W. II. Prentice, Obo W. Prentice, TilEODORK PRENTICC. tS SONS SMITH'S d.el SILK AND VELVET BAGS. Just received by t lie subscriber, a large assortment of Silk and Velvet Rags, of new and beautiful styles. Also, a great varieiy of rich Pittses, Porte Monnaies of pearl, ivory, shell, steel nnd Papier Mnche. For sale at ihelowest prices by JOHN E. ABBOTT, 222 Washington street, 2d door north of Summer st. tc sept 19 RAZORS. Just received, a nrge assortment of Joseph Rodgers Jb Sons and Wm Greaves A Sons Fixe Razors, comprising among other patterns, the Boston Razor, Chinese Unzor, Frame Rack Razor, Military Razor, Damascus Razor, Ratti.rr, Ixdia Razor, Aes with Pearl, Ivors, Shell, and Horn Han dies together with Razor Straps, Brushes, Boxes. Cream, Ac Ac-at MARTIN L. BRADFORDS, 112 Washington st. tc sept 12 Removal, n. w. perry, late or the Arm or Ames k Perry, would inform his friends and the public that he has tnken the large ami commodious Store No 2 Treinont Row, where he will lie happy to show them nu extensive and well selected variety of every article usually found in a Dry Good Store. Ha would hIso say that every article has been purchased for cash within the past ten days, and will be sold at the very lowut possible price. tc sept 14 BOTTLED WINES. The subscriber has on hand a choice lot of Old Bottled Wines, of various kinds, 'formerly belonging to the slock of Messrs Blake A TrumVill, since Francis Blake.) very line and of the rinhnst quality they were selected from the most respectable so irees, ami has been bottled man; years. Having a large stock of these Wines on hand, and wishing to reduce it, he will sell them at a very low price. Those wishing to prneur.i a good article are invited to call and examine the Wines. ii ID tc. J. II. MONROE, No 47Federal at. PHYSICIANS PRESCRIPTIONS. The subscribur will lie constantly supplied with all the new and valuable Prescription Medicines recently introduced and made use of hy the faculty. N. II. The same enro and atleuiion will be given to the compounding ami dispensing of Medicines which has this estalili JOSEPH characterized years. js6 tc establishment for the past sixteen If T. BROWN, Apothecary, 2)3 Washington, corner Bedford st. NOTICE. The suhsr.riber nas taken the store tor-innrly occupied by Francis Blake, and purchased his entire stock of Choice WINES, TEAS and GROCERIES, comprising an extensive assortment of articles for f.uiiily ami cabin stores, which he will sell on tiie most reasonable terms, nnd solicits the patronage of Mr Blakes friends, also that of his own and the public. Otlicers of the navy, masters of vessels, or passengers desiring private stores, are invited to call. Cahin stores carefully put up, and will keep during the longest voy-e. III. MUNROE, je2fl tc No 19 Federal street, Boston. rp I). HONGS C1IEA1 CASH STORE, Le 415 Washington st. May he found as above, a beautiful assortment of FALL GOODS, received by the latest arrivals, which will tie soM at the lowest cash prices. Ladies are invited to call and examine them. 2 cases best A A Thibet, of every shade and color, fur Ladies Clonks and Dresses; plain Cashmere Cloths, lieantifol shades, changeable plaid lustres; and other very desirable Goods for Ladies wear. T. D. BOND, 415 Washington st, sept 13 ic Opposite Essex st. would inform the La-vicinity that they are now prepared to offer at their new store, No 208 Washington st, (a few door north of Summer st,) a choice selection of English nnd French Dry Gonils; consisting ot every style of Long and Square Shawls, rich dress Bilks of every description. Also, Silks for Visiles and Cloaks, Thibet Cloths, fashionable dress goods, fine Bombazines, Alparcns, and a handsome Rssnrtment of l.nce Goods nnd Embroideries. All of which have just been selected lor the Full trade, and are offered at retail on the most reasonable terms. tc sept 7 T1TEEN FUN the celebrated Chinese Skin low-der. The ladle of the higher classes of Chinn, Japan and Persia, have for ages been noted for the ex-cooding delicacy ami whiteness of their skin, attributable to the ase of u cosmetiqne until recently preserved w nn hereditary and inviolable secret ainon a certain sect of the Chinese priesthood, designated "Teen See, or Celestial Doctors. Our recent intercourse with this nation has elicited many important coiiiiiiiininn-tions respecting their hnhiln and citsioins; amongst the number, the recipe of their long hidden cosmetique, called by them Meen Fun, or Celestial Skin Powder. The great vnlae of this truly elegant cosmetic is that the ingredients, being solely herbaceous, the most delicate complexion can apply it without injury, while rough, roil ami moist skins speedily experience beneficial results. Gentlemen will find this an agreeable addition to shaving. Wholesals and retail nilfBl Washington at, 4 tc PUILURICK A TRAFTON, Apothecaries! DR CARO, CIT1ROPED1ST, FROM BERLIN Instant ax nous and kffrctual Curn for HARD OR SOFT CORNS, Bunions, Callosities Nails orowino ixTb the flesii, Swollen Joints, Warts (on face, hands or that,) nnd svsry disorder o ' the feet, without causing the slightest pain, by an Ex perlnaced Practitioner, and Author of a Practical Ex position ofthslluninn Foot. ft Dr C, the sole inventor, assures the public that he performs the operation lit so expert a manner that II does not exceed ten minutes even lithe Corn he ever so deep or (irmly rooted in the llesh, and that without the least pain nr detriment to the patient, who may follow hie usual avocation without pain or hindrance. The application of the German Corn Plaster after the operation will in almost all cases prevent the return of the corn. Ills treatment will be found, on trial, to excel all others tn;ismunh as it will enable them In wear tighlshoes with out causing the least inconvenience. Dr c. has got several recommendations from the most eminent Physicians of this city, and trom Ladies of the highest respectability. N. H. Shnnld any further operation lie found necessary within oneyenrfrom the time the flrstoperaiion hasbeen mail", such t u rther operations will lie done gratis. Office No 5 Franklin street; or will be happy to attend on patients at their own residences if required. sept 18 FOR NEW YORK, VIA FALL RIVER AND NEWPORT. Fare Reduced. On and alter Monday, May 8lh, Cabin Fare $4; Deck, $2 50. tc GEO HAVEN, Supt. my 8 FALL RIVER RAILROAD ACCOMMODATION THROUGH TRAINS ran daily, except Sunday, as i (o' lows: Ijcave Fall River for Boston at 6 A. M. and 3 P. M. Leave Boston for Fall River at 6) A. M. and 4P. M intersecting the trains of the Taunton and New Bedford Road at Mvricks. Express Freight Train, with passenger car attached, leaves Fall River ftir Boston and New Bedford at 8 A.M. Returning, leaves Boston at 1 P. M, connecting with the train from New Bedford at Myricks. NEW BEDFORD TRAINS Leave Fall River for New Bedford at 5, 6j A 8 A. M, and 5 P. M. Leave New Bedford for Fall River at 7 A. M, 3 and 5 BRIDGEWATER TRAINS Lenve Bridgewater for Boston at 64 A. M. l.eRve Boston for Bridgewater at 5 P. M. NEW YORK AND NEWPORT TRAINS I .cave Boston every day but Sunday, at 5 P. M. Local Freight Train will leave Boston every morning, and Fall River every afternoon, except Sunday. GEO HAVEN, Supt F. R.R. R. Fall River, May 8, 1818. tc FITCHBURG RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS. On nnd after Monday, Sept 4, 1818, trains will run as follows : UP TRAINS. For Fitchburg at 7 A. M.,t 12 5, 2, and 4.40 P.M. West Townsend at 7 A. M, 2 and 4.40 P. M. Lancaster and Clintonville, at 71 A. M, 12 5 and 4 40, P. M. Concord at 71 A. M, 12 5, 2, 4.40 and 6 P. M. Waltham at 71 Sc 9 A. M, 12 5, 1 25, 2, 4.40, A 6 PM. Fresh Pond, Mount Auburn anil Watertown, al9.l0 A. M, 121, 2.20, 4, nnd6P. M. West Cambridge and Lexington, 8 and 11 A.M, 2.30 and 6.30 F. M. DOWN TRAINS. From Fitchlinrg at 7, 1 8, and 9.40 A. M, 4.10, P. M. West Townsend, 6.50 aud 9.40 A. M, 4.10 P. M. Concord, 6.50, 8.23, 9.45 and 10.53 A. M, 5.21 P.M. Waltham, 7.20, 8.48, 10.15 and 11.18 A. M, 13.5, 3.45 5.45 P. M. Watertown 7.20, 9 45, and 11.15 A. M, 1.30, 3.15 and 5 P M Lexington 7 and 9 A. M, 12 M, 5 P. M. These Trains connect with the Vermont and Massachusetts and Cheshire Railroads. t Market Trains, with Passenger Car attached. Omnibusfare to and from the olBce No 45 Brattle at, 6 cents, or 20 tickets for one dollar. Coach fare to any part of the city, 25 cents. The Morning Up Train from Boston and the last Down Train from Fitchburg, will not ttop at Stony Brook, West Acton anil Lunenburg. The 2 P.M. Train Up and the Middle Train Down, wifi not stop tit Weston, Lincoln nnd Lunenburg. The Morning Train Down nnd the Evening Train Up, and the Market Tridn, will stop at all the usual Wat Sta tionx for Passengers. (nr Fare reduced to SI from Boston to Fitchburg, nniTin proportion from Boston to Way Stations on the Fitchburg Road. Coal, Plaster ami Pig Iron, ill quantities of live tons and upwards, is reduced to 81 5U per ton from Charlestown to Fitchhnrg. sept 2 to 8. M. FELTON, Superintendent. BOSTON TO PORTI. AN 0. Through Lynn, Salem, Beverly, Wenhani, Ipswich, How- ley, Newhuryport, Salisbury, Seahrook, Hampton Falls, Hampton, Greenland, Portsmouth, Elliot, South and North Berwick, Wells, Kennebunk and Baeo. Fall Arrangement. . , On and after Tuesday, Sept 5, 1819, Trains leave dally, (Sundays excepted,) . . Boston for Lynn 7, 10, 11, A. M, 12, 2, 4, 5 6, 7 Boston for Salem 7, 10, 11 A.M; 13,2, 4, 5, 6, 7, P. M. Boston for Manchester 10, A. M; 12, 5 P. M. Bosu n for Lawrence, stopping at South aud North Danvers, 7 A. M, 2 P. M. Boston for Gloucester 10, A. M; 13, 5 P. M. Boston for Newhuryport 7, 11, A.M; 2, 4, 6 P. M Boston for Portsmouth 7 A. M, 3 and 4 Boston for Portland 7 A. M. and 2 P. Portland for Boston 7 A. M. and 3 P. M. Portsmouth for Boston 7, 91 A. M, and 5F P. M. Newhuryport for Boston 71, 9, 10, A.M; U, 6 P.M Gloucester for Boston 7 A. M. and 8, 5, P. M. Manchester for Boston 7, A. M. and 3, 5, P.M. Salem for Boston 7, 8, 8, 9, 10, 11.40 A. M; 2, 4. b, 7- P. M. Lynn for Boston-7, 8, 9i 10), 11.55 A. M; 21 4, 6, 3, P. M. Or on arrival from the East. The DANVERS BRANCH connects with the Boston and Salem Trains. MARBLEHEAD BRANCH. Msrblehead for Salem 66, 8, 10, 11.25, A. M; 2, 5, 6, 61, P.M. Salem for Marblehead 71, 9, 101, A.M; 12, I, 51, 6, 3 P. M. Passengers are not allowed to carry Baggage above $50 in value, aud that Perxonal, unless notice ie given, and an extra amount paid, at the rate of the price of a Ticket for every $5X) additional value. Freight train each way daily. Oiiice 17 Merchant! Row, Boston. Depot in Boston, Eastern avenue, Commercial st. sept 4 tc JOHN KINSMAN, Supt.. Brass and hell metal preserving KETTLES, for sale at the new House Furnishing Warehouse, 16 Bromlleld at. tc aug 18 EN ETIAN BLIND PATTERN. Prill v ed Shade Good in imitation of (he Venetian Blind of various widths for sale by BAKER A BRUCE, No 321 Washington st. tc sept 4 SUPERIOR MEDICINAL HERBS. Just received, put up in ounce packages for our re tail trade, and warranted fresh and superior to any in the market. Sold by PHLLBR1CK A TRAFTON, 160 Washington st. tc Jn30 CACHOU AROMATISE, OR CACIIUN- DES, FOR THE BREATH. In this article is combined the fine flavor of the choicest aromatics, and they are particularly useful for imparting an agreeable odor to the breath, and disguising any unplensant taste or smell resulting from decayed teeth, the use of tobacco, nauseous medicines, nr other causes. A small lot extra quality for snle hy JOSEPH T; BROWN, Apothecary, 293 Washington, corner Bedford st. ' SUPERIOR HORSE HAIR FLENII RUBBERS, in the form of Gloves and Belts. These nrticles, for neatness, efficacy, and convenience of application, are superior to any others in use. They are recommended hy physicians to all persons of sedent.try habits, and to those affiicted with Rheumatism, for promoting a healthyoctinn of the skin, and invigorating' the system. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN I. BROWN A SON, Apothecaries, 425 pnsito Essex) st. tc Washington (op-sept 13 jlOR PRESERVING. BALLARD A STEARNS have received . a complete assortment or superior Enamelled or Porcelain lined Masiin Kettles, of all sizes; Stewpnns, Saucepans with nnd without lips, from T. A G. (Marks celebrated tnaiiufoctory, imported expressly for their own sales. Also, Brass nnd Bell Metal Kettles, Preserve Spoons an excellent article, Apple Oorers and Peelers, Jelly Strainers, Jelly Moulds, Stone Pots and Jars all sizes, Scales and Weights, Steelyards, Balances, Ac, for family nse which are for sale at the new House Furnishing Store, 16 Bromlleld st. tc aug 26 TC UJ JiO V ES! NEW H GLOVES! The subscribers "Zurich their first fall arrival, cc first qusiity . NUMBERED PARIS KID GIJ)VE8, with the new fhstenlng, comprising the usual assortment of seasonable colors. Also in part which we shall receive in a few Fays 200 dozen in netp colors. HORATIO E. DAVIS A CO. .281 Washington st. N. B. The above Gloves nnd all others we sell are manufactured expressly for us nnd we guarantee them to be equal if not superior to ANY imported or xotd in E. D. A ' Paris. ts3t os2p CO. sept 20 JIAIR-DRESSING AND WIGMAKING SALOONS. The subscribers respectfully they have - - . - - w iw.w.'vuv auv .wwvaaaJlOdRtiOlU ofgenllemen. The most experienced Artists will he employed, and no pains or cost will he spared hy the proprietors to render their Saloons the genteel and fashionable resort of the city. BOSTON ANnNEwYORKrRENIUMVRXTILATINQWlOS axd Top Pieces made in a style unsurpassed. In the world. N. B. The LadiesITair Store, No 4 Tlanorerst, has been newly improved, where ladies can find the best ndcheapcslstockinthe cltyL no city. A. GILBERT A CO, Corner Hanover and Court at, up stairs. BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE RAILROAD. Sumxek Arrangement. On and after Thursday, July 20th, 1818, the jns will run as follows. STEAMBOAT TRAIN Leaves Boston every day bnt Sunday at 5 Oclock P. M. ACCOMMODATION TRAINS Leave Boston at 7 ami il A. M. and 4 P. M. Leave Providence at 71 and 11 A. M. nnd 4 P. M. PAWTUCKET TRAINS Leave Boston at 7 nnd 11 A. M, and 4 P.M. Leave Pawtucket at 7.25 and lt.K) A. M, and 4.25 P. M. DEDHAM TRAINS Leave Boston at 8 A. M, 121, 31, 61, and 9 P. M. Leave Dedham at 7 and 91 A.M; 21, 51 and 8 P.M. STOUGHTON TRAINS Leave Boston at 11 A. M. and 5 P. M. Leave Stoughton at 7.10 A. M. and 31 P. M. All baggage is at the risk of the owners thereof. jy2U tc W. RAYMOND LEE, Supt. BOSTON ft LOWELL KAII- ROAD. Passenger Trains run ns follows, vix- EXPRESS TRAINS Leave Boston at 7 A. M, 13 M, and 5 P. M. Lowell at B A. M, 13 and 6 P. M, or on the arrival of the train from Nashua. The trains from Boston at 7 A. M. and 5 P. M. do not stop at all. Passengers at way stations, wishing to go by them to the upper railroad, mast take the train connecting with them at Lowell, which leave Boston at 6 A. M. and 4 P. M. The other express trains stop only for passengers to and from the upper railroad, and not at all at East Cambridge. ACCOM MOD ATION TRAINS Leave Boston at 61 and 9 A. M; 2, 4, and 6 P. M. Lowell at 7 and ID A. M; 2,4, ami 6 P. M. WOBURN BRANCH TRAINS LeaveWobum Centre at 6, 71 and 9.5 A.M; 1 and 4 P.M Boston at 8, 11.40 A. M; 3, 5 and 7 P.M. On Saturday night the last train leaves Bozton at 8 P.M. Also, a train leaves Woburn Centre for South Woburn at 6 P.M. and returns immediately, to connect at South Woliurn with the train reaching Boston at 7 P. M, nnd to carry to Woburn Centre passengers leaving Boston at 6 P. M. WALDO II LOGIN SON, Boston, Miy 33, 1818. tc Agent U. A L. R.R. Co WESTERN RAILROAD. On and after Friday, Sept 1st, 1818, the Passenger Trains will rnn dally, (Sundays ex- cepted.) leaving as follows: Boston at 7 and 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Albany at7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Springfield at 8 A. M. and 1 P. M.for Albany. Springfield nt8 A. M, 1 P. M, and 2 P.M, (or on the arrival of the Train from New York.) for Boston. DAY LINE TO NEW YORK. VIA SPRINGFIELD The Steamboat Train leaves Boston at 7 A. M, and ar rives in New York at 5 P. M, by the new and splendid Steamboat Commodobk. Returning, leaves New York at7 A.M, and arrives in Boston at A P. M. Tiiistruin will notgtop at way stations. NIGHT LINE TO NEW YORK. Leaves Boston at4 P. M. and arrives in N. York 5 A. M. ALBANY AND TROY. Leave Boston at 8 A.M, Springfield 1 P. M, and arrive in Albany at 6 P. M; or, leave Boston at 4 P. M, Spring-field next morning at 3. and arrive in Albany at 1 r. M. The Troy Trains connect at Greenbnsh. The Crains for Bnffiilo leave at 7 A. M, 2 and 7 P. M. FOR NORTHAMPTON, GREENFIELD, &c. The Trains of the Connecticut River Railroad leave Springfield at 8 A.M, 2 and 8 P. M, and passengers may proceed to Urattleboro. Windsor, Bellows Falls, Walpole, Hanover, Haverhill, Ac. FOR HARTFORD. The Trainsleave Springfield on the arrival ofthetralns (Yam Boston. The Traine of the Pittsfikld and North Adams RuLBOADle&vePittsfield on the arrival of the traiusfrom Boston. N. U. No responsibility assumed for any baggage by iparel not ex-iree- the passenger trains, except for wearing apparel not e: seeding the value or 50 dollars, unless by special ogre meat. HENRY GRAY, Agent W. R. R. C. A. READ. Agent, Railroad Exchange, Boston. aug 31 OLD COLONY RAILROAD. Dkpot corner of South and Knzbland (streets. Or and after Monday, April 3d. .Passenger Trains will leave Boston and Plymoulhdaily, Sundays excepted, as follows: Button at 6 A. M, 2 and 5 P. M. Plymouth at 6 anil 9 A. Mi and 41 P. M. BRIDGEWATER A E. BRIDGEWATER TRAINS Leave Bridgewater for Boston at 6 A 9 A.M, 5 P.M. " for Plymouth at 7 A.M, 3 A 6 P.M. Returning From Boston at 61 A. H, 2 A 5 P. M. i Plymouth at 6 A 9 A. M, 41 P.M. BRAINTREE TRAINS and 3 P. M. Leave Boston at 9 A. M, 7 and 9 P. M. DORCHESTER AND MILTON TRAINS Leave Dorchester and Milton at6,8,and 10 A. M; 11, 1, and 6 P. M. Leave B iston at 7 ami 9 A.M; 1, 2), 5.36 A 7 P.M. South Braintree and Dorchester A Milton Trains will stop at special stopping places as follows: S. Braintree Trains ai Crescent Avenue. Savin Hill, Sqnnntum Road, and South Uuincy. Dorchester A Milton at Crescent Avenue, Savin llill,and at Special Stations on the Dorchester A Milton Branch. ACCOMMODATION TRAINS FOR FALL RIVER RAILROAD LeaveBoelon al61 A. M. and 41P.M. Merchandize Train for Fall River and New ork, with Passenger Gars attached, at 1 P. M. The Boston A Plymouth and Bridgewater Trains will not stop at Dorchester and Neponset, going either way, except for passengers to and from Stations south of Neponset. The Fal River Trains will stop at said Stations only for passengers to and from that Road. ap 1 tc JOS II. MOORE. Snpt. BOSTON AND WORCESTER ; RAlLROD. Autumn Arbzxobmext. To begin Friday, Sept 1st. THROUGH PASSENGER TRAINS lamve Boston at 7 and 8 A. M, 2, 4, 5, and 6 P. M. The 7 A. M. train will stop only to take up passengers for New York. The 8 A.M. train willland no onoeast of Framingham. The 4 P. M. train will not stop east of Framingham, except to take np Wextern Railroadpaxxenpcrt at Brighton on Thursday. The 5 P. M. train is the New York Steamboat Train to Norwich, to run as heretofore, without stops, except at Framingham. Pnssenxerafor Millhnry and TTnllistnn, Ac, will take , the 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. trains. Passe iters for the Nor-1 wich Railroad will take the 8 A. M. and 21 P. M. trains. N. B. The 7 A. M. nnd 4 P. M. trains take passengers at Boston for New York, via New Haven. Leave Worcester at 61, 9, 10 A. M; 3.40 and 4 P. M. The last, on arrival of tne New Haven Train. Passengers will leave Milllmry at 6 A. M. and 3P. M. Passengers will leave Milford at 6.50 nnd 4 P. M. The f P. M. train will not stop at way stations tofafte up passengers oKLipjE SPECIAL TRAIN3 Iiave Brookline at 7, 8, 9 and 11 A. M, and If. 3, 5, 7 nnd 9P.M. Lenve Boston at 7, 8 and 10 A.M; 12), 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 P. M. NEWTON SPECIAL TRAINS Leave Lower Falls at 6 and 8 A.M; 2, 41 A8P. M. Ixiave Boston at 7 A. M; 13, 3, 6I and 9 SAXON V1LLR SPECIAL TRAlh Leave Saxonville at 6 A. M, 1 P. M. Leave Boston at 8 A. M,P. M. PARKER, Bapt. is2p ostc Boston, Ang 30, 1818. MEMORANDUM HOOKS. Metalic Memo-J-TA ranil urn Books, warranted if written on with the accompanying pencil to be as plain and as durable as ink. These Books will be found of great advantage to travellers, and all persons who wish to preserve their For sale ny N. D. COTTON, No 13 Tremont writing. Row. tc aug 3 RMTIGS. To those persons who are so unfortunat H as to he bald, we would recommend to call and examine the largest end best assortment of Gossamer Wigs aud Toupees in the city. For lightness and beauty of finish we know of nothing that can so well supply the Slaee of the hair as the Wigs manufactured hy GILBERT : CO, Practical Hair Cutters and Wig Makers, corner Court and Hanover streets. tc je 10 GTKEL FRAME PORTE MONNAIES . JAMES II. WEEKS ft CO, at their new store. No I 133 Washington st, have just received another invoice! of Leather Porte Monnaies with polished steel frames lined with leather, a variety of shapes and prices. I Also, a fine assortment of gentlemens Cigar Cases, with and without s teel frames for sale low. tc eept 7 . P WEWftt,SfiWK5Ste; Is prepared to execute Daguerreotypes of the same clear, strung and bold character as those exhibited at the late Mechanics Fair, for which he was awarded a Silver Medal, (the highest given for Daguerreotypes) and would particularly ciul attention to family ana other groups, which worepronouneed"deoidsdltsuperior to any exhibits f. le nov 24 " ,cTlLYS1'l7TremonatR(, Jy I POLKA. A new and Fk n (be Piano Forte, by BfflSg-Jlul vabuhed jy w- marsiJj i Bpsss- H.-. is b. u. macfakland. tbmiTliSetjf rtSyrupa? ,t0"e Fifty tickets for one dollar, as nsuat. I.90 JOSEPH BURNETT, J3 S No 33 Tremont Row. BKt8egBatiiPia7igb5!i.s k" k,- FULL AND FRESH ASSORTMENT OF DRESS CAPS. siSple Mining Capi. SWii i;apee,&c, just received at 2al Washington st, up stairs. JliS is e. o. macfarLand. FKNCII LACE STRAWS. A fill ansnrl-o-i rnwr1?, J'" opeped; also Ribbons aud Flowers; at 2al Washington st, np stain. mFa7 to E.Q. MACFARLAND. LONDON BEARS OIL no riLu?k rS2 ,veJ! re'1!1 uPpll of this genuine Bears Oil lor the llair. For sale by ORLANDO TOMPKINS, Apothecary, corner of Washington and Winter sts. JS sept 7 JFiffiffi L BUCKLES. A few line pat- I"? rt ,S,0CuB,,ve,,, ,iew !. Also, a line assort- bl j mm iiBuwiPSK,m TJX rich- For to wry low by J AMES II. WEEKS A CO, 133 Washington st. 5 - sept 21 B SMJ LR??roRS(,TlVl,S'.RZ1S sept 5 A U,I GUITARS At ICE SELECTION OF SECOND HAND PIANOS. FOR SALK BV V WTSON, Il a Washixqtox strkbt ap 22 tc rpilE i,'u l"J anicie ror l.adies to remove Tan from after they return from the country. It is also ;6,nedlifr pimples, freckles, and all eruptions AnnihiS-ri w "?! bT oiiLANbo Tompkins, Apothecary, 371 Washington st, corner of Winter st. ,c sept 6 SCHOOL. JOSEPH WM.. i AiiTPd JENKg a. M, receives in the parlors of his house, N o 67 (71) 6 Mrn, '"toburg etinare. Dr Vinton, Rev Mr Bartoi, Hon D. P. Parker, lion Theophilus Parsons. 1T mill! FEATHER DUSTERS. The sub- in 8.Cib?.!ve receiV8l per Splendid from Havre Fancy Duxterx with colored feathers, some very soft and delicate for nice furniture, for sale very low, by JAMES II. WEEKS A CO. lc sept 4 W ed, a smart, active, business Man, to take nniM nuI2i on cxleusivo Clothing Establishment; fhTth11 i iHpp aniens lie can bring recrmimeniiaifiona hubei in every respect capable of filling the plnce. Also a Book-keeper at same establishment. Address Q. If. A Co. this office. tc aug 23 TO"EV CUTLERY Jmt received by recent i, largo variety of Pen Knives and Pocket Knives, Scissors, Razors, Knives nnd aadylne loon Table Cutlery, from the man n-uriC of Joseph Rogers A Sons; Wm Greaves it Sons, Richard Bralthwatt and others. For sale at wholmale or retail by MARTIN L. BRADFORD, 1 Washington st. tc sept 5 subscriber has just received another supply of this ccle-hraled Pomade lor the II lir. Also, the Chalybeate Hal Wash, prepared for the cleansin t and beautifying of th human hair. For sale by JOHN E. ABBOTT, 22 Washington st, 3d door north of Summer st. tc a 17 WATERMAN'S KITCHEN FUU- 0 NiSIIINtl WAREROOMS, 83 St 85 CouxitiLL, GAS Brattle st, and 13 Court st. One Store fronting on three etreelx. All the essentials ofa well appointed kitchen will be found at this establishment of the best quality and at the lowest prices. 13m mh 31 PLAID LONG AND SDUARE SHAWLS, AC. JEWETT A PRESCOTT, rfiik at, have tne very best assortment of these desirable Goods, in new styles, that have never been surpassed in beauty or quality. N. B. We have received some very choice styles, manufactured at the Bay State Mills, Lawrence city, which every one should examine if they do not buy. Elegant Dress Silks, Shawls, and a complete assortment or French mid German Merinos, just received. Goods at retail as usnal. wept 9 tc Milk st, next to the Old South Church. IV IlfUS ULTRA DESKS, The subscribers -r. mB JDl, received a fine assortment of Leather Travelling Desks, of 12, 14 and 16 inches, covered with light nnd dark morocco; also, some with Drawing Case combined, making a coinpleie combination of articles for writing anil the toilet in a small compass. Also, Ladies and Goiilleinens Travelling Dressing Cases, of every variety and price, front 2 to $311; Wicker Flasks; Brushes of all kin Is; Combs; Fans; Travelling and Pocket Inkstands, etc; which are offered very low. by J AMES II. WEEKd A CO, 133 Washington street, tc sept 1 BLANEYS PATENT FUK.VACIfi, fob Warming tub air in Churches, Stores, Dwel lino Houses, Ac. The subscriber purposing to relinquish his present business is desirous of disposing of his stock on hand, nun slating of FURNACES FOR CHURC1IES- An article superior in efficiency, durability and econo- ' 1. and occupying less ap-ice, than any other furnace now in use. They are in use In some or the large! churches in this city and vicinitv. and In every instance have answered the purpose intended. FURNACES FOR STORES. For this purpose they are unequalled for their effliien-cy, compactness, and the fkeiuly with which they can be removed, (if necessary,) when their use is not required. They are in se in most of the first class stoics In the city. FURNACES FOR DWELLING HOUSES, Ofsizea suitable for thssmaile t to the largest class o houses. These Furnaces have been in n e nine years, nnd It la confidently believed that with them, with the same amount or ftiel. a larger spnee can be warmed, and lime, than with any other Furnace now in nse. Builders and others wanting Furnaces, will find It to heir advantage to call at the manufactory, as the peasant a than they can be hereafter BENJAMIN ULANEY, stock will be sold much lower than they can be herei purchased. BENJAMIN . Jy 1 1 te Office No 1, Water street, 2d store. ILLIAM HOULE. PREMIUM WIG MAKER, ANI) PERFUMER, No 877 Washington Street, has always on, nand, and is constantly mannlhctiiring for sale, a varied and beauilfnl assortment of LADIES AND GENTLEMENS II MR WORK, ViZ: V BVTlL ATI VO AND GoSaAMEB WlOS, HALF DO, Top Pieces, Friesttes, Bands, Ac, of the very highest finish and lowest prices. W. B. would also call attention to his well selected stock of CHOICE PERFUMERY, and every article connecte I with the toilet of either Lady or Gentleman, and amongst others may particularise the following : Bandoline Fixatbuk, Lily White, Tooth Powders, llOl'OEt Hair Oils, Ind Veo Hair Liquid, Lavender, Cutlery. of Razors, Razor Strop Meen Fun, Haib Dye, Rau db Cologne, Soaps, . , Also, a superb selection . . IPS, Brashes, Combs, and Portable Travelling Dressing Cases, of all descriptions, from the beat manufactories in the world, warranted. And, although last, the most essential, HOULES IIIPERION FULID, OR HAIR RESTORATIVE, acknowledged to he the licit article known for the hair. Noone should lie without U at this season of the year; itschemical qualities resist the bail efforts of perspiration. which destroys and rota the hair; it is cooling to the head, and the beautiful lustra it imparts to the hiar, mikes it indispensable to those who value a good hsadofhair. tc y26 EVENING TRANSCRIPT. MONDAY EVENING, SEPT 85. ARRIVAL ot the ACADIA! 7 DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. The Royal Mail Steamer Acadia, Capt Stone, arrived at this port yesterday morning at i past 5 o'clock, after a passage of 14 days from Liverpool, haying experienced severe storms and very rough weather. The news is of some interest, bnt not of the highest importance. She had 63 passengers from Liverpool, and 21 from Halifax, among them Mr Macready, Mr Ryder, and Mrs Barrett of the theatre; and Capt Murdoch, late of the ill-fated ship Ocean Monarch. The Acadia arrived out in 12 day and 4 hours from Boston. The United Stales steamer left Cowes on the 3d with 80 passengers, and a large cargo of fine French goods. When 24 hours out, near the Scilly Isles, her condenser got damaged, and she was obliged to put back to Southampton for repairs. About half of her passengers came out in the Acadia, which had every berth occupied. The Hermann, which left New York on the 21st, arrived off the Isle of Wight on the 4th, where, in consequence of a thick fog, but whilst in charge ot a pilot, she got on shore on Gurnet Bay, near Cowes, on the top of the tide. After discharging her coals into lighters, she was relieved from her awkward position by the aid of a tag steamer from Southampton, aided by a small steamer which was near at the time the accident occurred. The Hermann immediately proceeded on her voyage to Bremen, without, it is said, haying sustained any injury. The British and North American Royal Mail steamship Canada was so far advanced in her machinery, &c, that she will be at Liverpool likely by the end of October. Capt Douglas remains in Glasgow to superintend the fitting oat of the companys other ships, and Capt Judkina takes the command of the Canada. The New York packet ship Yorkshire arrived at Liverpool on the 8th, after a passage of 22 days from New York. Markets, &c. The fine weather which prevailed at the sailing of the Europa continued. The most favorable reports were received from all parts of the kingdom, in regard to the crops yet to be harvested, which promises to be nearly or quite an average one. The demand for Cotton had been steady , but prices cannot he said to be higher, if any change it is in favor of the buyer. Fair uplands 4 1-8, fair New Orleans, 4 5-8d. Sales for the week 26,730 bales. The excess of stock on hand over last year 161,860 bales. Wheat has declined 3s to 4s and 6s per quarter. Flour was languid, with sales of U. S. at 28s to 31s. Canada 28s to 30s. Indian corn had receded, and the current rates were 36s to 38s per quarter. There was an increased activity and better prioea were paid for cotton and woolen fabrics. There is somewhat greater demand for money, but the rate of discount continues at 2i to 3 per cent. Consols for money have fluctuated from 85 6-8 to 86 1-8, closing on the 8th at 86. England. The Queen prorogued Parliament on Tuesday, the 6th. Her speech contains nothing of importance. The session has been an unusually long one. Among the distinguished gentlemen present in the House of Lords during the ceremony of prorogation, were the representative of the new Republic of France, M. Beaumont, Count Andrian, the ambassador from the Central Government of Frankfort, and the envoys from the various courts of Europe, together with Mr Bancroft, the American Ambassador, who came from Scotland for that purpose. It was, says the European Times, a spectacle of unexampled interest, heightened by the presence ol the Princv de Joinville and the Duke de Nemours, who stood between the diplomatic tribune and the foot of the throne. The Queen, Prince Albert and three of the children, left London on the 6th inst, for Wool -wick, where they embarked in a royal yacht for Scotland. They arrived at Aberdeen on the 7 th, and great rejoicing took place. Lord John Russell was in Dublin, bnt made no public movement. He was to leave for Scotland on the 10th. Ocean Monarch. Capt Clarke, of the steamer William Penn, which arrived on Saturday from Waterford, reports having seen the heel of the bowsprit and part of the head of the Ocean Monarch above the water, which appeared to be held firmly to the spot by the ship's anchors and cables. The wreck ties in the track of vessels passing the Ormshead. The contributions received from all sources up to this evening amount to about 6000. The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society have awarded to each of the officer of the Affonso the societys silver medal of the first class, and to each of the four teamen a silver medal oi the second class. A silver medal of the first class has also been awarded to Mr Jolham Bragdon, the chief mate ot the Ocean Monarch, ana 15 to five of the hip's crew. A gold medal has been presented to Mr Da-ney, master of the Prince of Wales, a silver medal to Mr Batyr, his mate.and 23 for distribution among his crew. The committee for dispensing contributions to the passengers of the Occan Monarch have paid for their lodgings, and provided them with clothing. They have also paid their passages out, and given orders la Boston to such as sailed by the Sunbeam to re-

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